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Children of the Renewal Messages

August 20, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus.  It is so good to be with You.  I adore You oh Christ and I praise You, love You, and serve You, my God and my King.  Thank You for allowing us to be here with You, Lord.


Jesus, I pray for all who are ill and especially for those who will die today.  Comfort, console and take them to Your Kingdom.  Bring those who are ill close to Your Most Sacred Heart.  Lord, I pray for my family and all my friends, and ask for those who are outside of the Church to be led back to Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  I pray for my children and grandchildren and for those who have not been baptized, that they will be soon, Jesus.  Lord, please bring Your peace to the hearts of our brothers and sisters.  Help them to see more clearly, Lord and help them see Your face in others; even in those who have wronged them.  Help us all to forgive those who have wounded us, Jesus, just as You forgave from the cross.  Lord, You make all things new.  Renew the face of the earth, Lord and begin with the renewal of our hearts and minds.  Make us new, Jesus.  Jesus, help us to forgive as You forgive.  Help us to love as You love.  Help us to have mercy as You have mercy on us.  Help us to be holy as You are holy.  Prince of Peace, grant us Your peace. 


Jesus, have You anything You wish to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  Thank you for reading My Word.  There are many things you do not understand now, but you will understand later.  I will explain all to you one day and then you will marvel at this (that you did not understand); for then you will see clearly.  Still, seek to understand My words for there is merit in seeking.  My child, what you need to understand now and in this time, in order to carry out the mission I have given you, you will understand.  My Spirit will enlighten you in what is needed.  Trust in Me.  I will provide all that is needed.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Lord, please protect us from the plans of those who desire evil.  Protect us from the evil plans to destroy our nation.  Please help us, Lord and bring about conversion in the hearts of those who do not know You; do not love You.  Jesus, please protect our President and his family.  Give him wisdom and right judgement so that he is not deceived by those wishing to do evil.  Place a wall of protection around him, Lord and spare his life and the lives of his family.  Jesus, bring evil to light and give those who are good, the wisdom to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing.


“My child, I hear your prayers and I hold each one in My heart.  I see all that is troubling you and I assure you, I am with you and your family.  I walk with you, My daughter.  I am yours and you are Mine.  My child, the dream you had this morning was significant.  It is significant for it shows you the type of assistance you will give to My people.  Those who come to you will be distraught and they will need your love and reassurance.  They will need your faith, strength and peace.  They will look to you as a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a friend.  They will seek refuge with you and in your home.  They will be in need of My son (name withheld) protection.  He will be father, brother, grandfather and protector to them.  They will be stripped of every worldly belonging, including a place of shelter, but you will provide this for them and for all who come to you.  Do not be concerned about who presents themselves to you.  Treat them as you would treat Me and welcome them with open arms.  I have spoken to you of this in years past and I remind you now as the time approaches for your mission, the mission My Father in Heaven has given to you.”


“Many of My children are being prepared for the Time of Great Trials that will culminate in deep persecution of My Church all over the world.  Today, you hear of persecutions in specific countries and places or regions of countries, but then there will be no place free of the persecution.  You are even seeing the early warnings in your country, the pockets of insurrection and violence.  This is only the beginning, My little lamb.  This will spread throughout your country because the people of this once great nation no longer worship and fear Me.  They have set up idols in their hearts and satanic statues in cities who once bore holy names and once worshipped and adored God alone.  The adversary wants to make a mockery of all that is holy and the people of God, the Children of Light either are asleep and do not see, or they see but do not want to rock the boat of their complacency.  This is the lukewarm Christian who stands for nothing and therefore will no longer stand for anything.  This is the lukewarm that will be vomited from the mouth of God.  Hear this, people of God, you must repent of your complacency and stand for your faith or it will be taken from you.  A void in goodness will always be filled with the power of evil.  Read Scripture and you will see this repeated time and time again.  You are marching down the same path as the early Israelites who were conquered by their enemies after turning to false gods.  You will go the same way as the Roman empire who at the time was the wealthiest empire in the world.  Where are they now, I ask you?  Repent and turn from your sins.  Return to the One True God who created Heaven and earth out of love for you.  Return to the God who sent His only Son to die for your sins and who rose again so that you would be restored to the family of God and the gates of Heaven would be open to you when your earthly lives end.  I, your God have given all that is good to you, My beloved children.  Why do you insist on squandering your most precious souls to follow that which will decay and rot?  Seek My Kingdom, your inheritance and then your souls will live forever with Me in paradise, My Kingdom.”


“Oh, My daughter, I lament for what is to come, for so few are heeding My words.  My Mother comes to Her children for so long because the times are desperate indeed, yet many do not listen and those who did listen at first have fallen away.  So many children of Mine who followed Me and were confided the secrets of the age have become lukewarm.  Is My mercy and the mercy of My Father too great that it causes My beloved to grow impatient and fall away?  Do you not see that the hand of God is withheld out of His great love and mercy to save the souls of those who are lost?  Have you no mercy, My children?  Pray, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Pray, My children, for when the hand of God is withheld, Our children take Him for granted and squander the reprieve He has given and then a greater calamity shall befall you.  For when you who once walked with God, turn away from God, you are no longer under protection.  To disobey is to walk away and to disobey and to no longer walk with Me is to leave the very shelter and protection of God.  Woe to you who are lukewarm.  Woe to you.  Pray My children.  Pray, pray, pray.  Much more prayer is needed for those who are lost (and they are great in number) are in desperate need of your prayers.  You must also pray more because of the many souls who love Me, but are slacking in these days also are omitting their time in prayer.  They no longer pray for they have grown weary and therefore, Children of Light, Children of the Renewal, you must bear the load for them.  This is a great work of mercy (prayer) that I request of you, My children.  Heaven stands waiting and ready to assist you, My children.  I am counting on you.”


Jesus, Lord God, Son of Man and Son of God, save us.  Save all those who do not know and do not love You.  Save all those who once walked with You, but have since grown weary.  Save those who are evil now, Jesus, but who once were little, innocent children, who for various reasons fell into sin and then fell into evil.  They did not know any better, Lord for many of them were not raised in holy families and did not have the advantage of being taught the Faith.  Have mercy on us all, Jesus.  Renew our hearts.  Give us the great grace of a worldwide conversion.  Bring us all, all mankind, to Your saving, redeeming mercy.  Grant us peace, Jesus; Peace in our hearts, peace in our families and peace in the world. 


Lord cover us in Your Holy Blood, shed for us on the cross, and save us from our sins.  Shelter us, once again, under Your protective gaze and bring us all safely into the ark.  Protect us from the judgement to come and the calamities that will soon come, Lord Jesus, I beg You that if there is still time and if it is Your Holy Will to mitigate the coming calamities.  Your Will be done, Lord. 


“My little lamb, I have given My people the remedy, My Holy Cross.  I have given them My Word, both the Old and the New.  I have given them My Church which their forefathers died defending.  I have given them My Mother and She has been sent to the world many times since Her Assumption to bring Our children to conversion.  I have sent prophets of old and prophets of the current age.  I provide messengers, young and even the old, dream prophetic dreams, have words of knowledge and all the gifts of My Spirit manifested to them, miracles of healing, both spiritual and physical.  I provide My Sacraments to give graces for conversion and healing and continue to bestow My Spirit upon and in My people and yet this day I tell you again is worse than in the days of Noah.  My child, I am not speaking words of condemnation to you, so do not fear and do not be disheartened.  I am speaking truth and light.  This is a most evil age and without a full and sincere repentance from My people, the hand of God will no longer be withheld.   My Father can no longer look upon this evil age, for now, in this time, the longer He waits the more souls are being lost.  I told you before that this day would come.  This day has now come.  My child, watch and pray continue to love and be love to others.  Be mercy, My little lamb for mercy is an act of love from the Father Himself.  Be like Your Jesus who risked everything for others. 


My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), you will soon see all I have told you (and more) come to fruition.  You—have no fear.  Re-read My words to you for you have been given all that will be needed to carry you.  Do not be concerned for your family.  I will see to everyone.  Focus on what I give you next, each person who comes to you.  I will give you the insight needed to assist each one.  Remember that each person who comes to you, whether they know it or not, will be directed by My Spirit to you.  Do not be anxious that you feel unprepared.  There is truly no preparation one can do for what is to come.  You have done what I asked of you.  I will provide the rest.  I will protect My Children of Light who love and follow Me.  I will protect My holy priest sons and many of My little children.  Some will come to Me with their parents and siblings, but many will survive because of My mercy and My Father’s plan for the future of His Church.  My Mother is with you and all of Her children; those who desire Her to be with them.  When you feel you are isolated, alone and can do nothing more, remember I AM with you.  I can do all things and I will do great things through My followers.  Take courage.  Have faith in Me.  Pray, fast and live the Gospel My children.  Use the spiritual weapons My Beloved Bride, the Church, has given you.  Prepare for the battle, My children.  All of Heaven stands beside you.  Now, be at peace, and know that I, your Jesus love you.  All will be well.  Be at peace and pray for the graces to love heroically.  I bless you in the name of My Father in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace.  Be love and mercy to others. “


Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God.  Help us Lord to do all You ask of us and to live within Your Holy Will.  I love You, my Jesus.


“And, I love you.”


Amen.  Alleluia!



August 13, 2017   Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus hidden in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  It is good to be here with You.  I love You, praise You, adore You and thank You, Jesus my King.  Thank You for all that You do for my family and me, Lord.  Last Sunday’s Feast day for God, the Father of all mankind was very beautiful!  Praise God!  Jesus, I bring all of those to You who are in need of prayer; those who are seriously ill and those who will die today.  Jesus, please bring all people who are away from the Church, back in union with Your Church.  I pray especially for my friends and family members who are outside of the Church.  Thank You for holy Mass this morning, Jesus, and for the opportunity to receive You, Lord.


Jesus, please direct our footsteps so that we go where You want us to be.  Lord, the storms are raging all around us but You are the One who walks out to meet us, just as You did when Your Apostles were in the midst of the storm at sea.  Calm the storm, Lord.  Take our hands and help us to keep our eyes on You, Jesus.  Be our navigation, Lord.  Guide us in the way we should go.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, have You anything to say?


“Yes, My child, I love you.  Be not afraid.  I am with you.  I am with all of My children.  I will not abandon you.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Lord.  Help us to be love to others.  Help us to notice our neighbors in their need and be a light to them.  Work in and through us, Jesus so that we may bring You to others.


“My child, you are correct that the storm clouds are gathering and the wind is picking up momentum.  You continue to observe this and sense this, but remember I am in control.”


Yes, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.  Jesus, when the Apostles were in the midst of the storm and the sea was very rough, You did not allow the boat to capsize, though I am sure it was tossed about.  Your Word says that the Apostles were afraid.  When I am tempted to be afraid, help me to remember that You did not allow the boat to capsize.  Please, Jesus come into our boat while we are being tossed to and fro.  The Church and the world are in the midst of a terrible storm, but with You in the boat, I know that all will be well. 


“Yes, My child.  All will be well, though it will not appear that way until just before I calm the storm.  It will appear to grow worse before it grows calm.  Do not lose heart, though My daughter.  Trust in Me.

Yes, Jesus.


Jesus, please protect Your holy priest sons, our Bishops and all religious sisters and brothers.  Hold them close to Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Most Holy.


“My faithful priest sons are in imminent danger, My little one.  I entrust their safety to My remnant.  You will take them in when they seek refuge.  You will see to their needs.  Pray for them, encourage them.  Be a sign of hope to them when they are in need.  It will no longer be safe for them, and yet My children are in need of the Sacraments.  They will provide the Sacraments to My remnant, but it will be unsafe for them to do so.  Many will give up their lives for the sheep.  Others will risk everything but will not be harmed.  My faithful little ones must protect My holy priest sons, just as you would help Me, your Jesus.  They will be weary, hungry and in need of a place to rest their weary heads.  Do this, My children.  Provide for them so that they may continue to bring Me to you in the Holy Eucharist.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, it seems that Heaven is very somber again, and quiet.  I am here, Lord if You wish to speak to me.


“My little lamb, I have already spoken much, but My people do not listen.  I have invited all to return to the Sacraments so that they remain in a state of grace.  Most of My children continue on the path of indulging in the culture, living a life of pleasure and materialism, praying very little and going to Mass only as a social activity.  They do not realize that I offer Myself to them as a living sacrifice.  They do not even believe that I am truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Those who do believe are not many and even they are often bored and distracted thinking about the many other activities they would rather be doing.  What more can be said.  They do not listen, even to the One who is the Word.  I have said much.”


“I have invited and even pleaded with My children to live, truly live My Gospel.  My children prefer to live as part of the world.  The world is self-serving.  It is cold and harsh.  My children, you are called to be the salt of the earth and yet even you have lost your flavor because you fail to pray, to read My Word and to frequent the Sacraments.  What more can be said, My children?  Your brothers and sisters are dying and they sell their souls to evil.  You… what is it you do?  You ask for signs.  You ask for prophetic information, My children and yet you do not love.  You do not pray.  You do not act to be leaven and salt.”


“My Children of Light, you must take My love and My peace to the world, but first you must be filled with My love and My peace.  You must allow Me to heal your wounds.  You must forgive.  How can you bring My love to others when your hearts are bitter and you are filled with anger and judgement against your brother?  How can you be mercy when your hearts are hard?  No, I have nothing more to say than has already been said, but soon you will pray, for the storms will grow more threatening because there is a lack of light. You who do not bring My light to others will see the darkness grow to a pitch black.  Then, you will pray out of fear.  Oh, how I wish you would pray out of love for Me.  Your words now are empty for you do not pray with your hearts.  Do not be like the Pharisees who make a fine display of prayer but think of themselves as the righteous ones, lording their apparent holiness over others while failing to forgive their neighbor and allowing those in need to pass by without so much as a smile, let alone an act of kindness.”


“Be merciful, as I am merciful to you, or you pass judgement upon yourselves.  A day is coming when you will be just as poor and just as homeless and then you will understand that you withheld concern for your neighbors and did not forgive and love your enemies.  You, who know My Mother, do you think you behave as She did?  Come, you must know that She forgave even those who crucified Me.  She had no malice in Her heart.  She, the One who was without sin was willing and pleased to forgive, while her children with sin, lord their supposed holiness and self-righteousness over others.  Turn from your wicked ways for you are called to be Children of the Most High and therefore you must imitate Me.  To whom much is given, much will be expected.  My little lamb, I ask you to remain in prayer much of this week.  You and your family are to pray and attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offering prayers and sacrifices to the Lord to atone for your brothers and sisters.  I invite all of My children to do likewise, and to examine your hearts now before it is too late.  Do not presume to be in good standing and in grace when you have unforgiveness in your hearts.  Behold, I stand at the door of your hearts and I knock, but you do not hear Me knocking.  You, who are My children, you do not answer and this is causing Me much pain.  It is worse than those who had no room for Me and My parents on that night in Bethlehem, for they did not know Me, but you—you know Me.  Examine yourselves and seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Be reconciled with your brothers and sisters before it is too late.”


“I realize My children that you have been offended.  I realize, in some cases, you have been wounded and betrayed.  I, too am wounded.  I, too am betrayed.  I, too am offended, and yet I am all mercy.  I am forgiveness and love.  I, who am God who have never sinned, died out of love for you, My sinful children.  If you are My true sons and daughters, you must forgive, also.  You must love.  To do otherwise is to put yourselves higher than God.  This is all I can say on this matter today, My little lamb.  Do not be downhearted, only pray.  I am with you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Spirit.  Go in My peace, My child.”


Jesus, I am very sorry for the times I have offended You who are all good and deserving of all of my love.  I love You, my Jesus.  Please do not turn Your face from us, Lord.  We need You.  We want to walk with You.  We love You, Jesus.  Sometimes, it is difficult to have clarity in the midst of the storm.  Open the eyes of those who are blind.  Open the hearts of those who are filled with resentment and who suffer from wounds inflicted by others.  Heal us, Lord.  Turn our anger and our indifference into passion and zeal for You, our God.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You more.


“My child, My child.  I love you, My little one. Do not cry, My sweet one.  Those who are wounded must humble themselves and seek My care.  They will not find solace for their pain until they stop nursing their wounds and feeding their self-righteousness and their pride.  A physician cannot treat patients who refuse their help.  They must come to Me, the great physician, but they cannot come until they recognize their hearts are ill and they are not at peace.  Until then, I wait patiently, as long as there is still time to wait.  Soon, there will be no time.”


“My children, you do not know the day, nor the hour the Lord will come for you so hasten and return to Me.  Come to the Sacrament and confess your sins, your hard hearts, your intolerance, and lack of forgiveness, before it is too late.  That is all for now, My child.  Be in prayer this week.  Watch and be ready, My little lamb and be prepared to help those in need.  Offer your crosses to Me for your brothers and sisters.  I remain with you.  Be at peace.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Trust in Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  I love You. 


“And I love you.  Go now and love.”


Amen, Lord.  Amen. 

August 6, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, sweet Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love, adore and praise You, my God and my King.  Thank You for Holy Mass last evening and for being able to spend time with (name withheld).  Please bless and protect him, Lord as he shepherds Your people.  Bless and protect all of our shepherds, Lord who bring You to us in the Most Holy Eucharist.  Keep them safe from all harm and protect them from the adversary.  I pray also for the Holy Father.  Jesus, please guide him and protect Your Church from all error.  Lord, You said the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church, but this means the gates of hell will try to prevail.  Lord, it is easy to see that there is a battle being waged for souls and for the very life of the Church.  Protect us, Jesus.  Protect us in this difficult time and give all Your Children of Light the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Give us, also courage to defend Your Church, dearest Jesus.  Lord, I bring to You all the souls who have asked for my prayers and all those who have left the Church or are outside of the Church.  Bring them to the One True Church, Jesus.  Please open the hearts of the souls who do not know You; do not love You and do not follow You.  Bring many souls home to Your Sacred Heart, Jesus.  Heal all wounds, Lord and give us the heroic love we so need.  Help us to love heroically so we can show Your love to others and bring more souls into relationship with You our Lord and our God. 


Jesus, thank You for (name withheld) visit and the opportunity You made possible to meet (name withheld).  May Your Holy Will be done in all things, Christ my Savior.  Father God, thank You for this feast day in Your honor as Father of All Mankind.  Happy feast day, Lord.  I love You and I give myself to You, Father God.  I am all Yours and all that I have is Yours.  Guide us, Father in the way You want us to go.  Direct our steps and may all that we do be in accordance with Your Divine Will.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, the Church is entering into the darkest of times.  To many of My children, all will appear to be lost.  Just when it seems there is no faith remaining (at large) I will rescue My faithful ones.  The Church will rise again, but first it must go through the trial of trials in order to cleanse and purify of all corruption and sin.  My children, My Church is My Spotless Bride and it cannot be allowed to be corrupted and undermined or all souls will be lost.  I will step in beforehand to save souls and to protect My Bride.  The gates of hell will not prevail against My Church.  Hold fast to the teachings which have been handed down to you from the beginning, through My Apostles.  Do not allow others to trick you into believing false doctrines.  All that you need has already been given to My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  I will not abandon My people.  You will begin to walk the road to Calvary, but remember I have already done so and therefore we are in good company.  Walk with Me, Children of Light.  I will provide all that is needed.  My child, My little one, you shudder to think about this, though I have already prepared you.  Your heart is heavy My little lamb.”


Yes, Jesus.  It is heavy.  This makes me very sad, though You have told me this time is coming.  It seems to be very close now and as events transpire, I sense the time is fast approaching.  Although I still do not know how to explain this since Your time is not like our time; still it seems nearer than when we began.  This reminds me of a poem my mother taught me, Jesus.  It goes; I heard a bird sing in the dark of December, ‘we are nearer to spring than we were in September.’  I understand that You are (in my words) ‘outside of time’ and that all time is present before You.  I’ve heard that You are the ‘eternal now’.  Therefore, I have no idea what it really means to be nearer to this Time of Great Trials, only that it is imminent and seems to be fast approaching.  It’s as if we, the Church, are on a collision course.  Lord, please reveal the evil that is attacking the Church.  Help us to see with clarity, Jesus so that souls will not be duped into following evil.  There are many good souls, Lord who do not know their faith as they have not been well catechized.  Protect them, Jesus from falling into error.  Protect us all, Lord.  Send us good and holy priests to administer the Sacraments.  Oh, Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd and You said You would never abandon Your people.  Provide for us, Lord Jesus.  Provide for Your Bride and do not withhold Yourself, ever present in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar of the True Church, from those who love and follow You.  We depend on You, Jesus.  We need You.


“My little lamb, I will provide for My Children of Light.  There will be times, though that you will not always have a priest with you, due to the circumstances that will exist.  This will cause great suffering for those who are not able to receive the consolation of the Sacraments.  This suffering is to be offered for My Church and for souls who do not know Me, do not love Me.  Many souls will be saved as a result.  During the upcoming difficult days, remember this:  all that the enemy of souls intends to harm you, I will use for your good and the good of My Kingdom.  The suffering intended to harm will actually be the antidote for the disease within My Church.  As a result, My Church will rise again and will be made whole.  My Church will bring My light once again to the world.  It will be My Spotless Bride, purified, cleansed and free from all evil.   Until then, My holy remnant children, do not allow yourselves to lose heart.  These are the days of which many prophets have foretold and you, My chosen ones are destined to become great saints of these last days.  All those who love and serve Me, and who live according to My Word will receive their reward in Heaven and will be glorified with Me in Heaven.  My child, you hesitated to write this statement.  Do not fear, for this takes nothing from Me, for I freely share with My children.  My glory shines more brightly than the sun and those who are close to Me, bask in the rays of My glory.  When one enters near a bright source of light, they themselves enter into the light.  In Heaven, all are full of My light, for there can be no darkness remaining in souls in My Kingdom.  This light is My glory and therefore the souls in Heaven share in My glory.  Do you see, My little one?”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You for explaining this to me. 


(Private conversation omitted.)


“My child, all that I ask, is that you trust Me and follow Me.  It would not be good for you to know more of the details.  Trust is what is needed.  You feel you are standing alone, My children (names withheld) but you are not alone.  My Mother and I are with you.  She continues to intercede for you and for Her beloved (name withheld) before the throne of God the Father.  He delights in pleasing Her.  My Mother is united with the Trinity and She yields perfectly to God’s Will.  Our hearts are united.  You are correct that things are very bleak.  So they are, My child.  So they are.  (Jesus is sad, but resigned to this.)  My child, if you could only see the beauty of what lies ahead, you would realize that all of this is passing.  The Renewal awaits you and once you see and experience the Renewal, you will say that all of these trials were worth it and that you would even go through them again if it were necessary.  Take heart and be encouraged, for I am the Lord God and I will not abandon you.  I will not abandon My Church.  You will go underground for a time in order to preserve your lives, the faith and to save souls.  This will only be for a time, My Children of Light.  The days have been shortened, by the mercy of God, in order for you to bear it.  I will send legions upon legions to protect My remnant.  The saints in Heaven intercede for you and are very actively engaged in your lives as much as you allow.  Remember children to ask for their intercession and assistance so you may take advantage of the wisdom of your elder brothers and sisters in the faith.  You are not alone.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you, My child.  Be at peace.  All will be well.  I am with you and I will never leave you.  My Holy Spirit is also with you and will give My remnant many gifts and great graces to sustain you and one another.  You will see many miracles and great conversions, even though the times will be most difficult indeed.  Have heart and know that I am with you.  Be love and mercy to all you meet.  Do not judge but only love.  Only I can judge for I know all and see all.  I know each person’s heart, each one’s wounds and each one’s gifts and weaknesses.  You cannot know what I know, My children so do not judge.  Those who judge and do not forgive issue a sentence upon themselves.  My children, especially those who love and follow Me, you know that I command you to love one another as I love you.  What is it that I will not forgive?  You know the answer to this, My children.  There is no sin that I refuse to forgive for I forgive all who come to Me in need of forgiveness.  I who am God!  If I forgive, who are you to hold a grudge against your neighbors, your brothers and sisters?  Do not be like the Pharisees who put themselves above those who were known to be sinners.  Who among you are like unto God?  Who among you, My Children of Light, have Immaculate Hearts like My Mother?  I will answer this; there is no one among you and there has never been one who is only human who is like My Most Immaculate, Holy and Pure Mother and yet even She never judges.  She only loves, forgives and invites Her children to return to Me, the Savior of mankind.  I ask you, My children to be more like My Mother.  Do not be like the Pharisees who beat their breasts and tear their garments at the sight of sinners, when I the Lord God of all was gentle, merciful and forgiving of those steeped in sin.  Be like Me, My children.  Love.  Only love.  Give others the benefit of the doubt, for you do not know everything and cannot begin to judge.  Trust in Me, My children for I am the just judge.  You do not know true justice for each situation, because you do not have all of the facts, the circumstances, the intentions deep within the human heart for you are not God.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  Make peace with your brethren.  The times coming are perilous and souls are at stake. 


Now My little lamb, go in My peace.  I am pleased with you and with My son (name withheld).  Continue on the path of mercy and peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  I am with you.  Go now and joyfully celebrate the Feast Day of My Father and yours.  I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”



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