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Children of the Renewal Messages

September 3, 2017   Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus!  It is good to be here with You, Lord.  I adore You, praise You, thank You and love You, my God and my King.  Thank You for protecting us as we traveled this weekend.  Thank You for providing holy priests to say Mass when we are out of town, Lord.  I am very grateful for the Church and for the Sacraments, Jesus!  Thank You, Lord.


Jesus, please relieve (name withheld) back pain.  He suffers so very much, Lord.  Help him to get relief and please restore his joy.  I am so grateful for him, Jesus.  It is difficult to watch him suffer and not to be able to do anything to help him.  Lord, please heal everything in him that is in need of healing.  Jesus, I pray for all who are listed on the parish prayer list, for all who are ill and especially for those who will die today.  Please take them to Heaven.  Be with (name withheld) and her family and help her father, Jesus.  Be with all those who have lost loved ones and comfort and console them in their loneliness.  I pray for all children who suffer from sickness, from abuse and neglect and for those who feel unloved.  I pray for the victims of abortion, both the parents and the littlest ones.  Please, Jesus, touch the hearts of women who are considering abortion and show them the ugliness of this detestable crime against life and love.  I pray for conversion of all abortionists, the nurses and technicians who assist in this heinous act of evil.  Open their eyes so they may see the truth about this horrific act of murder.  Give them true contrition, Jesus and may they all repent and turn to You, the author of life, our Savior. 


I pray for our shepherds, the Bishops, for their courage to speak and live the Gospel, to openly defend Church teaching and to lead all of Your people to a life in Christ.  Lord, please bless and protect all of Your holy priests, Bishops and religious and especially Pope Francis.  Guide and direct him, Jesus.  I pray for Pope Emeritus, Benedict the XVI. Bless and protect him, Lord.


Lord, please give many graces for conversion to the citizens of the U.S. so that many, many people repent and return to You.  For those who have lost their faith, please restore it and for those who never had faith, give them faith in You, my Lord and my God.  May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon, Lord and may You renew the face of the earth.


“My child, you are sorely discouraged about the loss of (omitted).  I remind you that I can do ALL things, My little one.  Why do you distrust Me?  Have I not provided for all of your needs for your whole life?”


Oh yes, Lord Jesus!  You have always provided for me, even when things seemed impossible.  I am sorry, Jesus.  It’s just difficult to watch things fall apart.  God the Father said things would get bleaker before they were lighter and they certainly have.  I don’t see how they could get any darker, but they probably can.  Lord, I do trust You but I accept Your Will.  I have resigned myself to accept the current situation.  It is very disappointing to witness the anger and unforgiveness (seeming) of our brothers and sisters.  There has been so much angst and rehashing of the wrongs committed that the group is not only at a standstill but actually digressing (or so it seems).  I long for the hope and renewal that we once felt and experienced.  Unfortunately, I feel jaded or in some way even more alone than I felt before.  Jesus, You know all of this and yet isn’t being disappointed different than distrust?  If in my disappointment I am distrusting You, I am sorry.    (Some personal comments omitted) I know that God the Father is the only one who knows when things will unfold but one would have to be blind to think it hasn’t already started and has been moving along more rapidly lately.  Jesus, You tell us what we should do and we await Your direction to take major steps, as You have said we must do. I want to please You and do Your Will. 


“My child, what you say is good and right.  Since you trust Me, I desire that you have My joy.  Since you hope in Me, what is there to be concerned about?”


Jesus, I am concerned about the evil all around us.  I am concerned that our country (the majority) are no longer following You.  I am concerned for those who will be lost.  I am concerned for the children, and for the Church.  I love You and I know that You are in control, Jesus.  How can I not be concerned, Lord?  Is this a lack of trust, Jesus?  Please help me to see what I am missing.


“My child, My child.  Your concerns are well founded.  I do not mean to confuse you, My little one.  It is right to be concerned.  Concern should lead one to pray with more passion for those who do not know Me.  Concern leads one then to action and service.  Concern should not, however be all consuming.  Those who hope in Me, trust in Me, will also have joy in the midst of sorrow.”


Ok, Lord.  I see.  Please give me Your joy, Lord.  Fill me with Your holy joy.  I want to be a sign of hope for others, Lord.


“Yes, My child.  This is good.  Pray for My joy.”


Alright, sweet Jesus.  I will continue to pray for Your joy.


“My child, when you become discouraged think about the Renewal and what beauty there will be when I renew the earth and all living creatures.  Think about the wonder and awe all who experience the Renewal will feel when they behold for the first time the restored earth.  It will be restored and all that man has done to damage the earth will be healed.  The earth will once again show the perfection and wonder of the Triune God.  All will marvel at the beauty, the newness, the abundance of food, animals, pure water, beautiful, fragrant flowers, babbling brooks, sparkling oceans, lush forests and refreshing meadows.  There will be an endless supply of food from the plants and trees.  The colors will be more crisp and clear, the hues more varied and deep.  All will be as it was when God the Father first created the world.  It will be an amazing sight for those who live through the Time of Great Trials.  My child, you have no idea how much has been damaged, destroyed and maimed, for you have only known the world as it is.  No one alive today will be able to understand how much beauty has been lost on the earth, due to the sins of mankind.  The earth groans under the weight of mans’ sins.  The earth is reacting in protest due to this weight that has grown heavier and heavier by the decade since the fall of Adam and Eve.  There was a renewal of sorts after the great flood, but nothing like the Renewal will be, for there is so much damage and there will even be more damage as evil escalates.  This damage to the earth is the plan of the evil one for he wants to destroy the earth and all living creatures.  He is the enemy of all that is good and he aims to destroy all I have created.  My child, no matter how much death and destruction comes, he will not be victorious for God is the victor.  I already won this victory for you and for all of My children through My passion, death and resurrection, therefore you have nothing to fear.  I am with you and you will not have to face the future alone.  While I do not protect nations that have turned away from Me, I do protect those who walk with Me.  That does not mean you will escape calamities.  That does not mean My children will not have problems, and that their possessions will be unscathed.  No, this is not the case for the rain falls on the just as well as the unjust.  It means that I will protect My remnant and preserve their lives.  For those who die, I will save their souls, if they have believed in and have followed Me and those who love others, and serve those in need.  There is nothing to fear unless you are one who follows evil.  Then, you must fear losing your soul and your inheritance (Heaven).  You must return to Me, repent and be saved.  Then you will have nothing to fear.  Come, return to the One who loves you, so much so that I gave My life for you.” 


Jesus, please open the hearts of those in need of conversion.  Inspire them with Your holy divine love.  Help them to know You, Lord for to know You is to love You.  Thank You for Your love and mercy, Jesus.  Help us to love more and to be more merciful.


“My child, I remind you that as events continue to present themselves (conflict, seeming chaos, etc.), as weather events and disturbances increase and social unrest, keep your eyes on Me.  Focus your thoughts on Me and on serving others.  Live the Gospel regardless of what occurs around you.  Storms will come and storms will go, but I am the rock upon which you stand.  Stand firmly, therefore and take your strength, your courage, your hope, your peace and your joy from Me.  Remember that your hope is in the name of the Lord.”


Yes, Lord—who made Heaven and earth!  (In Him who made Heaven and earth…)  Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You for restoring my peace.  Please restore my joy, also.  Lord, please lead us to the place that You want us to go.  Show us where we can move, Lord where we can serve You in the mission You have given us.  If it is Your Holy Will, Lord show us.  Otherwise, we will stay where we are.  We await Your Will, and Your direction, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“Thank You, My little lamb.  I will lead you and My son (name withheld).  Continue to pray and to trust in Me in all ways and in all things.  I will provide.”


Thank You, Lord.


“Go now in My peace, be mercy, be joy to others and trust in Me.  I bless you in My Father’s name in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  All will be well, My child.  All will be well.” 


Thank You, Lord.  I love You!

August 27, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for allowing us to be here with You today.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, Lord.  Jesus, please be with (name withheld) after her purse was stolen.  She was so very upset.  I pray the person will return it, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for (name withheld).  I’m glad she could be here today.  Help her, Lord as she continues to suffer.  Jesus, we will do as You have said we could do (given us permission) to withdraw from the community.  It is sad, but we do not have anything else to contribute.  Please Lord bring about the plans You had for (name withheld).  It certainly is bleak, just as God the Father said. 


Jesus, You know everything.  You know all of the obstacles we face, everything (name withheld) is going through and just what we all need, each one of us, for what is to come and to fulfill the mission You have for us.  Direct our steps, Lord Jesus.  Give us wisdom and discernment according to Your Holy Will..  Please heal all who are ill.  Be with my friend (names withheld) and all who are on the parish prayer list.  Please comfort and console all who have lost loved ones, especially (names withheld).  Please, Jesus take the souls of those in Purgatory to Heaven.  Lord, I pray for all who are preparing refuges and communities that they always remain close to Your Sacred Heart and within Your Divine Will.  Guide everyone where You want them to be when it comes time to go to the refuges.  Help people to leave their homes without looking back for their safety and that of their families.  I pray also for all who will go through the Illumination of Conscience that each person will have the grace to avail themselves of Your mercy, Jesus and not despair, but be contrite and reconciled with You.  Please, Lord, bring those who are outside of the Church home, especially those who have left the Church.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, do not fear what is to come for I will be with you.  I will protect you.  I will provide for you and your family.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“All will be well.  It will be a very difficult time, but in the end all will be well.”


Yes, Jesus.  As You say.


“My little lamb, you are wondering if you should move to another location more suitable?”


Yes, Jesus.  We are wondering and would like Your direction so we do not do something that is not of Your Will.


“Yes, My child.  I will protect you wherever you are, but there are more suitable places for your family and to fulfill the Father’s Plan for you.  It would be better for you to move farther away from cities and towns, to a more remote location.  You may choose, either way, My little one for I will provide.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Lord, it’s not that I want to move.  We are happy with our home.  You have blessed us with a beautiful place, Jesus and we have been there for many years.  I am grateful for all You have given to us and for the many blessings from You.  It just doesn’t seem safe and with the things that may occur it doesn’t seem practical.  What should we do, Lord.  We are in a precarious position, since we thought we’d be moving to the community and we can’t do so even after all this time.  The days grow darker and darker, Lord.  Help us, Jesus to know where we should go.  This is a very big decision, Jesus.


“My child, you may move towards the (location withheld) area.  Look for something near (location withheld) also.  I will provide for your needs and you will be able to receive My holy priest sons there.  It is your decision, though My child.  I will protect you and provide for you, but you will be safer for a longer time in a more remote location.  I will guide your decisions, but in all things, be at peace.  I do not set My children up for failure in the mission My Father gives to you.”


Yes, Jesus.  However, we can always step outside of Your Will and do plenty of things wrong causing failure ourselves.  I realize You don’t set us up for failure.  Our free will can see to that!  We want to do everything according to Your Holy Will, Lord.  Jesus, I give you my will.  Please put Your Will within me in its place.  I no longer want my will, but Your Will in all that I think, do, and say.  I am Yours, Lord to do with as You will.


“Thank You, My little lamb.  I accept your will and I replace your will with My Will.  My child, thank you for helping My little son (name withheld) yesterday.  Your kindness was healing and light for him.  I am with him.  Thank you for your love and your prayers for him.  I wanted you to be there for him, My child.  He suffers much from conflict, and your kindness was like a soothing balm for his heart”


I am thankful to You, Jesus for allowing me to administer first aid to him.  Thank You, Lord for the opportunity to help one of Your children who is hurting.  I pray his head injury will mend, Lord and that he will have no lasting negative effects from it.  He must feel miserable today.  Please help him, Jesus. 


“My child, I am and I sent you to care for him because he needed the kindness and concern from one of My children to open his heart to My mercy.  I thank You!”


Oh, Jesus.  You know I wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for You arranging it.  (Name withheld) cooperated with the Holy Spirit apparently, when he asked me to go to the game and You knew I would go if I had a job to do there.  You are amazing, Jesus.  You line so many actions and decisions up just so in order to help Your children.  Even one person’s meeting with another has to have much intervention from You and it appears so routine to us.  You are amazing!


“My child, this is true that many actions and decisions are required to provide the setting needed for My children, but cooperation is required on your part (the cooperation of My children) to fulfill the needs.  You see, you could have refused to go.  (Name withheld) could have refused to help the other coach.  Once there, you could have done just the minimum but you extended much kindness, My child.  This is what (name withheld) so desperately needed.  Continue to pray for (name withheld), My Child.  Like so many of My young children they have more wounds than other generations of youth have had to bear.  There are wounded young people in unprecedented numbers and they are desperate for love and kindness.”


Thank You, Jesus.   Please lead other caring Christian adults to (name withheld) to help him to heal.  Shower him with all needed graces, Lord for His salvation and wellbeing.  Help him to be pure, Lord and keep him safe from all harm.  Help all of our young people, Lord and raise Christian warriors in spite of the numerous broken homes and the loss of faith.  You can do all things, Lord Jesus, since You are God.  I love You my Lord and my God.  Help me to love You more. 


“My child, proceed for looking for land for sale and I will guide you.  You will know what is right and good when you find it, for it will be perfect for all that is needed, including what is needed for (names withheld).  Trust in Me.  I will provide.”


Thank You, my Lord.


“Surrender everything to My Will, My little one.  Do not worry about the financial situation for I will provide.  Freely have you given to Me and to My Most Holy Mother Mary.  Freely will I give to you.  Be at peace.  I am with you, My child.  You are My child.”


Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, I praise You, I thank You, I adore You.  All glory, honor and praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ my Savior, my God and my friend.


“Be joy in the midst of sorrow.  Be light in the darkness.  Bring My love to the broken hearted.  All will be well.  You have My love, My joy, My peace.”


Thank You, Jesus!


“My child, I leave some decisions to My children for them to make.  Be open to My direction and My guidance and use your good judgement based on the information I have provided for you over these many months.  I walk with you on this journey.  We will discover the best place together.”


But, Lord You already know the best place.

“Yes, My little lamb, but I take joy in walking with you as you discover and since we walk together it will be our discovery just as God has plans for all, those who cooperate in these plans could rightly say they are also ‘their’ plans.  So you see, we have our plans, you and I; when you cooperate with them, they are also yours.”


I see, Jesus.  You have joy when Your children have holy joy and You share every experience with us, whether it is a joyful or a sorrowful experience; just like good earthly parents. 


“Yes, My daughter this is correct.  So therefore, let us have joy in this new experience and trust in Me to bring all to fruition.”


Yes, Jesus.  I trust in You.  I love You, Lord.


“And I love you.  Go in my peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now, My child and do not be afraid, but be filled with My joy and My peace.”


Amen & Alleluia! 

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