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Children of the Renewal Messages


February 26, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You, love You and praise You, my God and my King. Thank You for Your presence in all the tabernacles in the world.  Jesus, thank You for my family.  Please comfort those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Please heal those who are ill especially (names withheld), and all who are on the parish prayer list.  Bless and protect the Holy Father, our Bishops, priests and religious.  Keep them close to Your Sacred Heart and may they be under the mantle of Our Lady.  Lord console those who have lost their parents.  Help them to know that You are their Father, and Our Lady is their Mother.  Help them not to be afraid.  Guide, guard and direct them.  Please bring all who have left the Church back to the Church, especially (names withheld).  Be with my children and grandchildren and keep them close to You, Lord.  Bring all through the waters of Baptism.


Jesus, You know all that goes on in the world.  You know everything.  You know what occurred and how it happened.  Please help me to forgive.  I want to forgive, Jesus.  Forgive them, Lord and help me to forgive.  Guide us, Jesus so we know which path to take and give us wisdom, Lord.  Jesus, things are so uncertain and unknown.  Help us when we can’t see the way.  The path has become obscure, Jesus but You see it and know the steps that are needed.  Guide us, Jesus.  Take our hands and lead us.  We want to follow You and only You, Lord.  We want to be in lockstep with You, never straying from the Way. 


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My little lamb.  There is much to say.  Today, you heard the Word spoken at Mass and My holy priest son gave a homily about trusting in Me.  Remember the words of My Word.  Do not have anxiety about things you cannot control.  I am with you.  I knew these things would occur long before you decided or even knew about My Mother’s Community.  I am in control.  You understand more now about the delays, My child.  Things were not proceeding due to wrong decisions and unholy judgments.  Men cannot rely on worldly ways, but only on Me.  My children, especially those who are called to a very high purpose and who are working for My plan will come under great pressure and will face temptations.  Some will be tempted to try to find an easy way out of difficulties rather than trusting in Me.  The ways of the world will not provide holy answers.  One who is seeking Christ and following Me, cannot be attracted to the things of the world, and acquiesce.  Rely on Me, even when all looks bleak.  I am the answer.  I will lead My people.  You are My Children of Light and you are called to be My people of faith.  Do not look to the world for answers to life’s struggles and difficulties.  Pray, fast and seek Me.  I am truth.  I will not mislead you.  My child, you were not mistaken when you heard My call and received My Mother’s invitation to be in Her community.  Rest assured that you and My son, (name withheld) are called and I am counting on you to do as I ask.  It is your choice, for you have the gift of free will.  Do you recall that I said I was asking much of you and that it would not be easy?”


Yes, Lord.  I do recall.


“At the time you thought that leaving your home would not be easy, and that the life would be challenging.  You thought that receiving My children and priest sons would not be easy.  All of this is true, of course and it will not be easy, but the trials you are now beginning to face will be the most difficult of all.  I do not tell you this to frighten you.  I am saying this because I want you to understand that I had a very clear picture of everything before Me and I knew exactly the trials you would face.  You will face these trials My child and I remind you that you do not face them alone.  I face them with you.  You will become stronger through these trials.  Be a source of encouragement and a sign of hope to the others.  This community will come to fruition.  You do not know how and you do not know who your fellow community members will be, but I do.  My Mother does.  More will come My child and all of My plans will be accomplished.  My Mother will see to the details, but you must allow My Mother to help guide you.  You must bring everything to Me in prayer.  Do everything She asks you to do.  Take everything She tells you and asks of you with the utmost seriousness.  This community is in My Father’s plans.  You are not capable of imagining how important this community is to My Father’s plans.  You are not able to envision this and it is not necessary that you do so.  You must simply cooperate with Her to bring about My Father’s plans.  What I need from you and from My son (name withheld) is to walk by faith.  Do not expect to walk this path, the way you have made plans in the past, for all that you have decided in life previously, pales in comparison to the decisions before you now.”


“Take heart, for My Holy Spirit is with you.  Know that what has occurred was in part because of a failure in trust.  People took matters into their own hands and acted using their human reasoning and did not use the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that I freely give.  I give this to you, My child.  I give this to My son, (name withheld), but you, you must not make the same mistakes.  You must pray for My guidance.  You must implore My Holy Mother Mary to guide you and show you the way.  Do not be afraid.  I will tell you now what you are to do.  You will make no decisions until you have fasted and prayed.  You are to pray until the answer comes from Me, and then you will pray for confirmation.  Do not ask your friends and family members their opinions.  Do not ask others (community members) their opinions of how I am guiding you.  Remain silent and pray for confirmation.  When you receive confirmation from true sources (unsolicited), you will know that My Spirit is guiding you.  If you do not receive confirmation, then you will simply wait, pray, and wait some more.  The problem will either be resolved in a different way or you will take no action.”


“My child, this will require a great deal of trust at first.  This is how you are to proceed.  If another person has an idea, no matter how wise it is, you will be wise not to commit to it.  Say instead, we must pray and fast about this first.  We will wait upon the Lord to provide the answer, the means.  Before long, you will see that I have each answer.  I know the steps that are right and that are the best to take.  I will provide.  But I will only provide for those who walk by faith and not by sight.  I will not allow success to come with any other way or formula.  My Mother and I are calling for extreme faith, radical loyalty to God’s Commandments and to My Mother.  We want Godly, holy peoples to participate in this most important and urgent project.  In order for My plan to succeed it must be this way, My little lamb.  None of you have the capacity, the wisdom and the intelligence to know what to do and when to do it, in this case, for this is much larger than any of you can fathom.”


“Only God has the ability to direct your steps.  My Mother knows the way, for it has been given to Her.  She will not lead you astray but as you have seen, each one of Our children have free will and at times, My children follow their own path and their own way.  It is you, My children who go astray and leave Me.  I do not leave you.  Take My Mother’s hand in one hand and with your other hand take Mine.  We will walk beside you and guard you.  We will protect you from the evil one and from those who want to destroy (location withheld).  There are those who desire this even now and there will be others, My child but again, I assure you, My Mother’s community will be protected.  A holy band of angels protects it even now.  My little lambs, you are concerned about your inexperience with these types of projects and the large scale of importance for such small people.  Yes, My child.  I understand, but I am knowledgeable.  I know exactly what to do.  All that is required is your ‘yes’ and your willingness to follow My directions.  You will see that I will provide you with the people, the funding and everything needed when you seek My Will and when you wait upon your Jesus.  I know you are sad.  I too, am sad.  My Mother is sad, for those who were called to lead did not first learn to follow.”


“My son (name withheld), you have been learning to follow these past ten years.  You have learned humility, and have seen human frailty.  You know of your own frailty.  You know of your own weakness.  This is good, for it teaches you the truth about yourself.  I have provided everything you have needed and I will continue to provide.  Read My words from past messages My son.  Read them and pray about them.  I have spoken to you previously the words you are in need of now.  At the time they meant something to you but their fullness was not understood.  They will become clearer to you now.  Pray much, My son for you are like My Peter, impulsive and yet your motives are pure.  Test the ideas you have to be sure they are from My Holy Spirit.  Fast and pray.”


“My children, you worry much more than you pray.  You must pray all during the day.  Converse with Me.  When you think of a concern speak it to Me.  Discuss it with Me.  If you are worried about something say, ‘Lord, I am concerned about this situation.’  Tell Me all about it and admit you do not know what to do to resolve it.  Bring it to Me.  Give it to Me.  Seek clarity and I will give you clarity.  I am the source.  I have the living water.  I know each man’s heart.  I know their motives.  You know only what you can perceive and this is very limited.  I will reveal each step to take and each decision’s correct path.  If you follow My direction, I will lead you there quickly.  Do you recall that I said things are progressing slowly, but when I begin to act all will be done quickly?  You had your own preconceived timetable based on what is going on in the world and you began to have anxiety about your future.  You did not know that I would provide a reprieve and that I had a far better plan.”


“Yes, things are urgent and this you know.  Do not constrain the Lord your God with a timetable, for I control the timetable.  I have answers for all life’s problems and I will not allow My plans to fail.  Remain in My Will and all will be well.  Walk with Me, My children.  It is now the time to be in harmony with one another.  You must ask the Holy Family, especially My Mother and St. Joseph to guide you and help you to model their lives.  Be like them, your unity will bring strength because My blessing will be upon you and always with you.  The evil one will not be able to attack My children from within ever again for those who are in union with My will. Oh, he will try.  Yes, he will try, but he will not succeed.  Do not utter a harsh word about anyone My Mother and I have called, but have empathy and concern for them for they are your brothers and your sisters.  You are to be the example, My children.  You are to be the calming, steadying force among My Mother’s children of (community name withheld).”


“You will do this by your trust in Me and in My Father’s plan.  You do not know His plan but you know Him.  You do not see the details, but I do and you know Me.  You do not know the steps to take, nor can you even see the path, but My Mother does and you know Her.  Just as you seek people who know specific subjects or who have skills with something in the world to do a specified job for you, such as plumbing, or construction, or electrical work when you have a need;  just as a child trusts their parents to provide for them and to have the wisdom and knowledge to guide them, so you must now rely upon Me.  I am the perfect Father, the perfect brother, the perfect friend and I know everything for I AM.  Come to Me for all life’s decisions.  Bring them to Me.  I will do the heavy lifting and I will work through you to accomplish this task.  My child, you trusted in Me from the beginning and I have provided.  I am providing now.”


“My son, (name withheld), now is the time to lead, but do so with the humility I have taught you.  Listen to others and take everything into account, but do not act on any decision without first praying, fasting and seeking My Will.  Do as I have directed and wait upon Me for confirmation from others.  I would like you to speak with My son (name withheld).  He will explain how I have been directing him and he will provide the confirmation you need even about what I am telling you now.  I suggest you and My daughter go see him and pray with him.  You may confide in him without fear.  Tell him that your conversation is confidential and he will keep it that way.  Allow him to advise you.  You will see more clearly what it is I am asking of you when you talk with him for I will give him wisdom from My Spirit.  This is all for now My child.  Be at peace and let nothing disturb you.  You are part of a great plan of God to cooperate in bringing about the Kingdom.  Souls are at stake and I need holy people to lead the way.  Remember, you can only lead by holding My Mother’s and My hand and you can only lead by following Me for you do not know the way.”


“My (name withheld), My (name withheld), you are not being asked to lead My people out of Egypt and yet recall Moses and all that I did through him to lead My people to the promised land.  No, I am not asking you to do this, but in a way, My children of (community withheld) will lead people from worldly lives and lives in bondage to a corrupt system, to new lives and new ways of living.  You must be examples of this and you must live this way now.  Reflect on this.  I will guide you as you discern the meaning of My words.  Pray, My children.  Return to family prayer and do not compromise this time of prayer.  It is necessary for the protection of your family.  It is necessary for those I will send to you.  What you do now, your prayer practices, your life of faith, the frequent reception of the Sacraments, not only affects you and your family now, but it affects everything for your future as well.  You do not understand the value of these things, but trust in Me for I am truth.  Continue on the path that I have set you out upon, but continue on only by walking with Me and with My Holy Mother Mary.  Hold no grudges against your brothers, but offer only prayers and your forgiveness.  I will take care of the rest.  Do not be sad for very long, only trust in Me.  Ask Me to give you joy, peace and wisdom.  Be merciful as My Father and I are merciful.  Look upon your brothers with love.  Say ‘If it were not for the grace of God, I would be in the same position.’ and remember, My children, it is very easy to make one misstep after another without the direction of God.  Heed My words, and it will go well for you.”


Jesus, I know You said we are not to fear, but once again I say to You that I fear only my own mistakes and faults.  I do not worry that You are not trustworthy!  That is ridiculous to even think for a moment for You are the ultimate in trustworthiness.  It is me, I fear.  I k now how little I am and how easily I fall.  We are very imperfect, Jesus.  I know You don’t choose the best, but we aren’t even second or third ‘best.’  We are willing, Jesus.  Protect us from ourselves, however, Lord.  Jesus, we do not want to disappoint You and yet we do every day.  Isn’t there someone else, Jesus?


“My child, there is no one else at the time.  This is My plan, child.  You feel the heavy weight of responsibility and you are correct to feel this.  Sometimes the crosses I allow are very heavy indeed.  You do not carry them alone, My child.  I will provide all that is needed.  I will even provide the trust you need if you ask Me for this.  Remain silent for now.  Speak of this only among yourselves.  You may talk with My son (name withheld) of course but remember do not make any decisions or even suggestions until you have prayed and fasted.  My son, (name withheld) read these words and those I have given before.  Trust in Me and all will be well.  Trust is the key to everything.  Follow the steps I have laid out before you and speak with My son (name withheld) about these steps (in confidence).  I will provide.  Go now in peace, My little one.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.”


Amen!  Alleluia! 


2/26/17 Continued:

 (Private prayer omitted).  As I was praying about a rather large challenge I said, ‘This is a huge mess, Lord.  Blessed Mother we need You as Our Lady, Undoer of Knots to untangle the mess we are in.’


Jesus said we may begin this Novena to Our Lady under this title “Undoer of Knots”.  He said He works great miracles through His Mother and by Her intercession.  I felt reassured and I have peace.  I am also sad.  But, I know that God’s Will is perfect.  It is critical that we remain in God’s Will.  The least mistake made/done outside of His Will leads to another and another.  This is why He wants weekly Confession so that we remain in His Will.  Guardian angel, help me in this (weekly Confession).  It is a challenge for me to go monthly, though I don’t know why.  My husband is so much more disciplined than I.


Thank You, Lord for a Godly husband.  Please bless him.  Keep him close to You and protect his health, Lord.  We all need him so much.  Thank You, Jesus for Your direction.  We are lost without You!

February 19, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, praise You, thank You and adore You.  Thank You for Holy Communion this morning, Jesus.  It is such a blessing to receive You in Holy Communion.  I love You in the Eucharist, Lord.  Thank You for making it possible for us to be here today.  Thank You for Your love and Your sweet mercy.  Help us to love others more and to be more merciful so we can be more like You, Jesus.  Lord, You are most good and worthy of all our love and devotion.  I recommit my life to You, Jesus.  All I have, all I am and all I will ever be is from You, is due to You, and belongs to You.  I willingly surrender all to You, Lord.  Show me what it is You want from me each day, Jesus and help me to do Your Will.  Protect me from my will, Lord, that is stubborn and self-serving.  Mold my will to Yours.  Bend it and reshape it so that my will, perfectly conforms to Yours.  I love Your Will, Lord.  Help me to love Your Will even more.


Jesus, thank You for our visit with (names withheld) yesterday.  Lord, please give (name withheld) Your peace.  Help him to surrender all of his concerns, his burdens to You.  Lord, help (name withheld) to offer his sufferings for souls and apply them to those most in need.  Please help his family to come to a place of peace with him, Jesus.  Lord, he loves and honors Your Mother.  Please grant my request on account of the love he has shown to Her and for all he has given up for Her.  Please God.  Bless (name withheld) and be with her.  She feels so alone, Lord.  Continue to give her strength and support. 


I pray also for (names withheld) healing, for marriages and for a return in our nation to the sanctity of marriage and life.  I pray for our priests and bishops and for the Holy Father.  Jesus, please touch the hearts of those who have not yet come to know Your love.  Help them to open their hearts to You.  Once they know You, they will not be able to resist loving You.  Jesus, please bless and protect (name withheld), the young man I met years ago who was following darkness.  Bring him to Your light.  Bring someone into his life who will lead him to You.  I pray the same for (name withheld), Lord that she will return to Your church.  Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  It is good that you are here with Me.  I am glad to be with you and My son (name withheld).  Thank You for the act of mercy you showed to your brother and sister yesterday.  Your visit was comforting to them.”


It was our pleasure, Jesus.  It is the least we can do.  Thank You for the opportunity to show them Your love, Lord.  Help them, Jesus.  They need a room full of angels to stay with them.  Jesus, I forgot to mention little (name withheld) who is in need of healing.  Help the doctors to determine what is wrong with his heart and how best to treat it, if he isn’t healed.  Your Will be done, Jesus, on earth as in Heaven.  Help the doctors so he is healed.  Heal him through his physicians, Jesus if You do not heal him directly.  Be with his parents, Lord.  I pray also for (name withheld) blood pressure, Jesus.  Please restore her to good health.


“My child, you have much concern for those who are ill and suffering and for those who are far from Me.  Continue to pray for souls.  This is a very important time, My child.  There is an urgent need to pray for souls and to offer sacrifices.  Prepare for Lent now, My child and begin to offer penance and sacrifices.  Souls are at stake.  Bring souls to My fount of mercy.  Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for souls.  I ask you to increase your time in prayer during Lent and make this a particularly prayerful time for souls.  Many souls will be converted during this Season of Easter, if My Children of Light pray for them.  Increase your prayers, My children.  Pray the most holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray.


“My child, My mercy is being poured out on the world as never before.  This is the Age of My Mercy and I entrust the Children of Light with opening the floodgates of My Mercy upon souls who are in danger of perishing forever.  Pray for them.  Make a concerted effort to pray.  Unite your prayers to the prayers of others and to the prayers of those in Heaven.  Have masses said for souls who do not know Me and do not love Me.  I will drench them in My Mercy when My people pray for them out of love.  Pray, My little children.  Pray.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray.


“I need many, many to pray, My child.  Please, tell others that My Mercy demands justice eventually, and for now it (My Mercy) begets only Mercy.  The prayers of My faithful ones will bring torrents of Mercy and thereby graces for conversion this Lent.  It will be manifested at Easter on the day of My Resurrection.  This depends on My children’s prayers.  My Sacred Heart longs to bring souls under the fountain of My Mercy.  This fountain of Mercy is like a great waterfall that pours forth from My heart pierced and wounded for love of mankind.  My water, purifies and cleanses and removes sin.  Come into My heart, My children and pray for the fountain of mercy to wash over souls who are in desperate need of Me.  Pray, My children for many souls are at stake.  It is My desire that all be saved and enter into My Father’s Kingdom.”


(Jesus is really pleading with us to pray and to focus on souls who are not accepting of Him or do not know Him during this Season of Lent which will now begin.)


“The times you are living are dangerous times, My children.  Many souls are being lost to evil and to My adversary.  You do not see the fullness of this evil, My children for you have grown accustomed to the culture of death and disobedience.  You do not like what is going on, and you are not participating, My Children of Light, however you cannot help but be numb to this since it has surrounded you for so many years.  It has grown darker and darker over time and your eyes have adjusted to this darkness.  My children, I do not mean to imply that you are unaware, for I know that you pray to Me to pierce this darkness with the light of My truth.  What I mean, though is that you are unable to grasp this evil in its fullness for you have grown up, so to speak in an evil and dark time.  Many of you do not know any other time, those who are very young, and so it is impossible for you to understand.  You have no other time to compare with this time, but I tell you there were other days in the not so distant past that were more innocent; were safer for My people.”


“There were days in the past, when the majority of people in your land loved and honored Me.  They obeyed My laws and My Commandments.  They worshipped Me and even those who did not claim to follow Me, had respect for churches and for authority.  They even feared Me, and would not profane Me.  People did not live in fear for their property, or for their lives.  My children, there are people all over your nation who live in fear.  They are afraid that their brothers and sisters will steal from them, will kidnap their children, and even murder them in their own homes.  They are afraid they will be shot while they go about their daily lives, especially those who live in large cities.  My children, there are prominent people who form networks of sin and darkness, and who promote evil plots to kill and to cause chaos.”


“You do not understand how dangerous these days are and there is only one answer to end this evil.  The answer is God.  God is the answer and the only way out.  Pray to God, to the Blessed Trinity and if you are one who does not believe these words that I give to My little one; pray anyway for souls are at stake.  Pray, My Children of Light.  Seek refuge in My Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.  She will protect you and lead you to safety and to My Heart.  Enter the Ark of the Church.  Frequent the Sacraments.  Pray the Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  These are the spiritual weapons, My Children of Light.  Use them to pierce the darkness of evil, sin, corruption and hatred.  Sow seeds of love and mercy and water these seeds with prayer.  Soon, My love will sprout anew as shoots of hope do in springtime.  These seeds planted with love and watered with prayer will take root and in time will produce the most delicious and beautiful fruit.  Pray for My Mother’s Immaculate Heart to triumph over darkness.  Pray, My children, Pray!”


Thank You, Jesus.  We will pray. 


“My children, it is not My intent to frighten you or to bring you sadness.  There is much reason for hope.  One day you will witness the Time of the Great Renewal, but for now you must realize how much your prayers are needed for souls.  Without your cooperation in My plan, many will perish.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph but it is up to you to assist Her in bringing this about.  One day, the Age of Disobedience will end and a new era will begin, the Age of Obedience to love, which will be the new springtime My holy son, your Pope spoke about.  In order for this time to begin with more and more holy souls, you must pray for the lost souls.  Pray so they are not lost forever.”


“This is also a time of great graces and your prayers are more effective.  Do not waste this time of grace.  Do not bury your heads in the sand.  Be hope for souls.  Be love and mercy.  Be love and mercy in action, My Children of Light.  Pray, fast, frequent the Sacraments and bring My light to those in darkness.  Be kind and merciful.  Do something kind for someone in need of love, of comfort, of consolation.  Help those who are struggling in life.  They are all around you.  Ask Me to direct your steps each day and I will do so.  Be vessels of My love, Children of Light.  Be joy and hope.  Live My Gospel.  It is the time for prayer and action.  The time is now.  You do not know if you will have tomorrow, so let us begin now.  I will help you.  My Mother will help you.  The saints are here to help you.  Call upon them.  Call upon your guardian angel.  All of Heaven is here to assist, you have only to ask them.”


Thank You, Jesus.  You are most generous.  Lord, please end abortion in our country and may there be an end to the violent protests of the left who are against life.  Open their eyes so they may see.  St. Padre Pio, thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your guidance.  Help us to do all Jesus asks.  Do not let us be like Israel in Jeremiah 5 & 6.  Help us, all you saints in Heaven.  Help us to turn back to God.  Help us to be merciful and to seek justice for the little children who live in fear.  Help us to return to the Lord, so that our land will have love and fear of the Lord restored and then peace will reign in our nation.  May we once again be a light to all nations because of our faith in the One True God who made Heaven and earth.


“Thank you, My child.  I accept your petitions.  I am with you.  I will be with you in a special way this week.  Go now in peace.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be love; be mercy; be joy.  Pray as I have asked.”


Yes, Jesus.  Amen.  Alleluia!  I love You.


“And, I love you.”

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