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Children of the Renewal Messages


February 12, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I am so glad to be here with You, today, Jesus.  Thank You for holy Mass last evening and for the fellowship we shared this morning.  Thank You for my family, Lord and for all You’ve done for me.  Lord, some of our friends are suffering terribly.  Please heal (name withheld).  Help her to get well soon.  Make her strong again, Jesus.  Comfort her family, Lord.  Jesus, (name withheld) is suffering so.  Please heal him as well and give (names withheld) graces to sustain them.  I pray the same for (names withheld).  I also lift (names withheld) and all who are ill.  Please give them all that they need that only You can give.  Be with them in the midst of their suffering. 


Lord I pray for those who are away from the Church, that they return to their faith.  Please bring them into the safety of the ark, Your Holy Church.  Jesus, forgive me of my sins and help me to love You more each day.  Thank You for Your mercy and for the Sacraments, Jesus.  Lord, please heal our nation.  Reconcile us with one another and derail the plans of the evil one who wants to harm our country and peoples.  Lord, grant peace to those who want to begin a war and protect our country from our enemies within and without.  Please protect our leaders and their families.  Lord, these times are so very turbulent.  Grant us Your peace.  Give us courage, wisdom, fortitude, right judgment and love in our hearts.  Help us to once again be One Nation Under God!


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


Lord, I wish I could concentrate, it’s difficult with people talking.  I don’t want to encourage them, but also don’t want to be rude to them.  It seems rude to You and to others, though Jesus.  No matter what I do, the person next to me continues to talk.  Help me, Jesus.  Please give her peace. 


“My child, it is alright.  I understand the hearts of My children.  I know the predicament you feel you are in.  I know how lonely My daughter (name withheld) is, also.  Do not be concerned.  All is well.


Thank You, Jesus!


“My daughter, there is much suffering around you.  Souls suffer for their brothers and sisters who are lost.”


Jesus, I think if they knew this, it would help them.


“My child, they know about redemptive suffering.  They offer their suffering to Me.”


Yes, Jesus, but having assurance from You that their suffering is indeed for lost souls would encourage them.  Confirmation from You would be helpful.


“My child, they must suffer with faith, trusting Me to make sense of it.  When suffering is offered to Me, souls are united to Me in a particular way.  They are united to Me in My passion and death.  So, too will they be united with Me in My resurrection.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord. 


Your Will be done, Lord.  Jesus, it’s just so difficult for their loved ones to stand by and watch them suffer.  Blessed Mother, You did this at the foot of the cross with Jesus.  Please come to the aid of the family members whose loved ones are so gravely ill.  Give them graces, Blessed Mother.


Lord, I am so tired from not sleeping last night.  I am sorry.  Please help me focus more.


“My child, it is a privilege when I allow My children to suffer.  It does not seem that way to those who love them, but it is true.  One day, in Heaven all will understand and those who suffered deeply will not regret one moment of their suffering, for they will know the good it helped attain.  I am with My children who suffer.  They are very close to Me and I to them.  They share in a portion of My passion.”


Yes, Jesus.  This is an amazing truth.  Lord, is it possible though to lift the cross briefly for them?  Can You not apply all that they have already suffered to the souls who need it and give them a reprieve?  I know that You can, Lord but I realize if it was Your Will to do so, You would have already.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Your Will is holy and perfect.  Purify me, Lord.  I am so imperfect and so weak.  Forgive me, Lord for questioning You.  You are God and I am just a creature.


“My child, you are Mine and I am yours.  It is natural to come to Me on behalf of your friends and loved ones.  It is not only natural, but also good.  I know that you do not understand My ways.  I see your heart and I know you ask out of love and concern for those who suffer.  Consider the souls who do not know Me.  Do not love Me.  Consider how much they will suffer for rejecting to know Me.  Their suffering will be for all of eternity.  That suffering is far worse than any short term suffering on earth.  This life is but a moment when compared to eternal life.”


Yes, Jesus.  You are right as always.


“Continue to pray for them, My little lamb.  Offer masses for them and for their families.  Walk with them on their Calvary.  Be assured that I am with them.  My Mother is with them.  Encourage them and pray with them.  This is what I ask of you.”


Yes, Jesus.  Please console the man who is here praying.  He seems to be struggling with something.  He is sad, Jesus.  Comfort his heart and help him to know that You are with him.  Saints in Heaven, help this person’s angel to minister to him.  Pray for graces and support for him and for his guardian angel. 


Lord, please be with me this week.  Guide me and protect me from sin and from the adversary.  Remain close by my side.  Be with my family also, Lord.  Be especially near those who have strayed from You.  Thank You, Father that You keep Your children in the palm of Your hand. 


Jesus, be with (names withheld) this week.  Help them in these discouraging times to not only be encouraged, but to be a source of encouragement to others.  Help them with their finances, Lord.  Help (name withheld) with his classes, Lord.  Help him to persevere.  Thank You for providing for us, Father!  I am most grateful to You!  Thank You, Father.


Lord, please if it is Your Will, help the projects at (name withheld) to progress so we can live there soon. 


Jesus, have You anything else to say to me?


“My child, give your burdens to Me.  I will carry them.  You have nothing to fear.  They will be in capable hands.”


Yes, Jesus.  You are the most capable.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, get rest this week so you are alert to My promptings and My voice.  I bless you in My name, My Father’s name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, in My mercy, and in My love.  Be love and mercy to all you meet.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Amen!



February 5, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus my Lord ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, praise, adore and love You, my God and my all.  Thank You for Your presence here, Jesus and in all of the tabernacles of the world.  Thank You for the blessings You give us and the many graces we receive in the Sacraments.  Thank You for Holy Communion this morning and for bringing (name withheld) home safely.  Thank You that (name withheld) was present, also at the Mass.  What a blessing that was, Jesus.  Thank You for the Confirmation candidates.  There were so many, Jesus.  It was wonderful to see so many young people deciding to receive Confirmation.  Be with them, Lord throughout their lives and keep them close to Your Sacred Heart.


Jesus, please be with all who are ill, especially (names withheld).  Please heal them, Jesus.  I pray also for (names withheld). For those who have left the church, Lord; please bring them back to Your holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I pray also for those who do not know Your love, that they will come to know, love and serve You. 


Jesus, thank You for being with (name withheld) yesterday.  Praise You, Lord that no one was hurt in the tournament and that (name withheld) managed to get through it, even though he didn’t feel well.  Thank You for helping him to do so well, also Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.  Jesus, I pray for healing for all families and peace for those who are in crises.  Be with the children who are victims of abuse, violence and also those from broken homes.  Draw them close to Your loving heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  The world continues to grow dark and cold.  There is much unrest and violence.  My children grow weary.  There is disunity in families.  I call upon My followers to be My Children of Light.  Carry Me to your brothers and sisters in need of peace, love and joy.  Be carriers of My light and My love.  If you do not do this, My children, who will?  I need you, My children to seek those who are lost and bring them hope.  Bring Me to them, My little ones, for I am hope, I am love, I am mercy.  I am the essence of love. You must bear witness to Me.  Pray for your brothers and sisters.  Pray, also for My holy priest sons who need your prayers.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray.  Thank You that there are so many people here today, Lord.  It is so good that they honor You in the Blessed Sacrament.


“Yes, My little lamb.  Would that there were more of My children coming to be with Me.  I long to give graces to My children, but so few desire these graces.  I long for My children to love and follow Me; to be friends with My beloved children.  Those who love Me receive the gifts of faith, hope, love and peace.  Truly, My children, the world is almost devoid of these gifts and it is not because I aim to withhold them.  It is because so many of My children lack love and virtue and do not desire closeness with Me.  I stand here with open arms waiting for you, My children.  Come to Me.  How I desire to give of Myself to you in the Sacraments.”


Jesus some do seek You, for they are in our RCIA program.  Several people came into the church last year, Jesus.


“Yes, My child and I am pleased by those who seek Me.  My child, there are many more who leave Me in My church.  Many more who leave than there are those coming into the Church.  Of those who remain, many are tepid, and only go through the motions of being Christians.  The time for being lukewarm has ended.  Decide for Me, My children.  Decide for Me before it is too late.  It is My desire that all of My children have salvation.  I do not want even one of Mine to perish, but that all will live with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.  Come now while there is still time.  For soon, the hour will have passed.  Draw closer to Me, My Children of Light.  Be near My Sacred Heart.  It is a safe place for you, a refuge from the storm.”


“The evil one prowls about seeking souls to devour.  You will only be safe in the heart of My Mother and under Her mantle of love.  Draw near to us, Children of Light and extend your hearts and hands to those in need.  I invite all into the refuge of My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  There, we will tend to your precious souls as a gardener tends to his beautiful flowers, watering them, pruning them, fertilizing them and protecting them from wild animals.  Under the gardener’s expert care, they grow, bloom and become very vibrant with color.  They are pleasing to behold and their fragrance attracts bees who then make sweet honey as a result.  See how these flowers benefit by being in such expert hands?  They not only thrive, but the consequences of their sweetness attracts bees and from their nectar, delicious, sweet honey results.  This is what I want My Children of Light.  Under My Mother’s care, Our children are safe, protected from sin and evil.  They are nurtured by Her wisdom and love, fertilized by the graces obtained from Me and freely given by Her to you.  You grow in holiness and virtue and give off My light, the fragrance of My love and by this light (My light glowing within you) sinners are attracted to you, the lost who are seeking Me find Me through you; the unloved and those who are wounded meet Me, the great lover and healer.  You, My children attract My lost children like bees are attracted to beautiful, fragrant flowers.  By your love for Me and through your obedience to My laws of love, many who are lost, are soon found and they in turn grow to love Me, follow Me, and they go on to make honey from the beautiful nectar of My Children of Light.  Their honey flows out into the world and nourishes a world at war, so that those who are brokenhearted, are nourished by the Bread of Life.”


“I raise up more and more Children of Light through this process and that, My children is evangelization.  It all begins with your desire to draw close to Me and your desire for holiness.  Personal holiness is the first step, My children.  Personal holiness is contagious and gives rise to world peace.  You may think, ‘I am only one person.  What do I matter in the grand scheme of things.’  You matter a great deal, My children.  You, My children mean the world to Me and this is why you were created by God the Father.  He created each person with a divine purpose and a plan for your lives.  Each soul created has an important part to live out within the Father’s grand design.  You are important, My little children.  Each one of you is important to Me and to all of Heaven.  Believe it, for it is truth.  I am truth and I speak only truth.”


“My children, remain close to Me in the coming days and hours.  Be with and in Me.  Frequent the Sacraments for My fortification for it is there that graces abound. (in the Sacraments)  Read My Word and contemplate My Kingdom.  Together, we will bring many souls there where My children will dwell with the saints, the angels, My Holy Mother Queen of all saints, and with the Holy Trinity.  Come, My children we work together to bring more souls salvation.  I choose this way, for you are made in My image and likeness and you are My children.  Be about your Father’s business now, so that your brothers and sisters will no longer be lost and without their family.”


Thank You, Lord.  Lord, we are in need of conversion ourselves.  Help us.  Mend our hearts and bind our wounds, Jesus so that we can be love, peace, mercy and joy to others. 


“Yes, My child but you mustn’t wait until your wounds are healed to minister to others, for in your acts of love your healing will continue.  My love and mercy through your woundedness, your brokenness, is also your medicine.  Do you understand, My little lamb?  While you tend to the needs of others, your own healing takes place.  I am with you.  My Mother is with you.  She will see to everything; only love, pray and act now without waiting.  All will be well but do not become weary, for the battle continues.  Evil does not grow weary, but instead gathers speed and force.  You see this occurring in your nation.  Evil becomes even more angry, more resolute when good begins to win.  My Children of Light, it is now time to truly fight.  Take up the weapons of love, the holy Mass, the holy rosary and My Word.  These are the weapons that will win the battle and when My children add fasting, not only the battle, but the war.  Pray, dear children; pray, for souls are at stake.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray, Lord.  I love You, Jesus.  Lord, I am Yours and all that I am and all that I have is Yours.  Take me and make me Yours, Lord.  May Your Will be done, my Lord and my God.


Lord, I pray for our shepherds; those You have lovingly chosen for us.  Bless and protect them and keep them close to You and Your holy Mother Mary.  May they be always faithful to the teachings of the Church.  Bless and protect our holy Father Francis.  Keep him safe from harm and bless his intentions.  Please call more holy priests into the priesthood and may they hear You and answer Your invitation.  Thank You for the many holy priests we already have, and for all the holy religious.  Thank You, Jesus!


“You are welcome, My little lamb.  Care for those I send you and for those I will send.  You will be asked to provide a welcoming place for them to rest during the storms, to have a place of peace and love.  My son and My daughter, the mission I have for you has not changed.  It does not seem as clear to you, My child and yet it has not changed.  Thank you for your willingness to cooperate.  I know of your doubts, My child, especially due to the length of time it seems to be taking.  I assure you, I know the timing down to the minute you will hear that first knock at your door, when you will receive the first soul in need.  Do not be concerned with timing, My child for that is for God alone to know.  Your part is to be praying, watching and waiting in peace, confident in your Jesus.  Do not allow this problem or that problem to distract you.  You remain focused on My plan and My Will and allow the details and the problems to be handled by Heaven.  Be at peace.”


“I ask again and I remind you again, that you and My son, (name withheld) are to encourage the others for they are growing weary from the problems of the world.  They grow disheartened for they have false expectations of My timing.  When My Mother invited you and all of Her children, She did not provide a timeline.  She only extended Her perfect invitation.  Do not make the mistake of placing false, human expectations on God as if your acceptance depended upon a timetable, for that is a conditional acceptance.  Those who begin My Mother’s community must be a people of deep faith, trust, mercy and love.  My children of (name withheld) must learn to give their unconditional ‘yes’ to My Mother.  This, My children is the lesson you must learn to be ready to begin to walk hand in hand with one another and with Her for until then, your yeses will be weak and easily broken.”


“This is a time of waiting, praying, working on personal holiness, and a time of learning to love one another.  Then when you have begun to withstand this testing, My Mother will expedite the work that is needed, for then and only then will your hearts be prepared.  To do otherwise is to set you up for failure.  As you know, My child I do not set My children up for failure, but only for success in the rule of love.  That is what you will live in My Mothers’ community, the rule of love.  If you have not learned to love and to trust Me unconditionally now, you will not succeed in the rule of love when I ask much more of you.  When your neighbors in need of a sanctuary come knocking at the door of your heart, only love can be the answer.  Love and mercy must be ready to greet the souls seeking refuge.”


“Prepare now through prayer and fasting, hope, joy and love.  Above all My children, you must have love and this will come through prayer, fasting, drawing close to Me and My holy Mother Mary and by frequent reception of My Sacraments.  This is not difficult My children, but requires action on your part.  Begin again and I and My Mother will assist you.  Do not become discouraged for to be discouraged is to be lacking in trust in your Jesus and then, you will begin to listen to lies from My adversary who wants you to be distracted and disheartened.  Come to the source of deep love and mercy and give My love and mercy to others.  Come to the source of encouragement and joy and give My holy encouragement and joy to others.  My children, it is time to really love as My Children of Light, or darkness will soon overtake those around you.  Come, let us begin.  The time of the Renewal is soon.  Many souls are at stake.  I want all to be with Me in Heaven, and before the Renewal, the storm will come.  This is true in nature, My children.  The storms bring freshness and beauty.  They often bring destruction first, and this is why you must pray.  Pray for yourselves, your families and your brothers and sisters so that all will weather the storm and see the beauty of the Renewal.  Be at peace, My children.  Do as I ask.  Do as My Mother directs you and it will go well for you.  I love, My children.  You are Mine and I, your Jesus, I am yours.  Remain in Me.  All will be well.”


“I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in My peace.  I thank you for your prayers, for your sacrifices and for your suffering.  I hear your prayers.  Do not let your concerns distract you.  I hear your petitions for those who are ill and I hold each one closely, with love and they are secure in My Sacred Heart.  I love you, My child.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord.  I love You!

January 29, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love You and am thankful to be here today.  It was awful not to be able to visit You last week, Lord.  Thank You for helping me get well.  Thank You that we were able to visit (names withheld).  Lord, I’m sorry for my sins.  I know they hurt You.  Please forgive me and help me to change.  Lord, please heal (name withheld).  He loves You so and has given so much for You.  I realize You have given all to us and that we are undeserving of salvation.  Still, (name withheld) feels so lost.  He feels rejected by You.  Please heal him and help him to realize Your love.  Jesus, be with (name withheld) as she cares for (name withheld).  She is tired and sad, Jesus.  Help her, Lord.  Give her Your strength.  Jesus, I know that I don’t deserve to be in Your presence, the presence of God Almighty, but I also know of Your mercy.  I know that You call all of us, Your people to bring our burdens, our sins, our concerns and our joys to You.  So I am here and I come before You, broken, tired and sad.  I come to You with many questions that are not my place to ask.  You accept me as I am, no matter what state I am in and I am very grateful Lord.  You are my God.  I adore You.  Thank You for accepting me, a small, foolish, sinner.  Thank You for washing me clean and raising me to the level of Your child.  Thank You, Lord that all of Your creatures can become Your children through the waters of Baptism.  Please bring (name withheld) through the cleansing waters of Baptism.  Open their hearts to You, Jesus and to Your Church. 


Lord, Jesus I await Your mercy and Your love.  I know that it is already here, because You are here.  I believe in Your real presence and I believe in Your love and mercy.  Thank You for Your mercy, Jesus.  Thank You for Your love. 


“My child, I do forgive you.  All is forgiven.  You must let it go, also for if I forgive, all is forgiven.”


Thank You, sweet Jesus.


I remind you of the prayer you prayed this morning.”


Yes, Jesus.  (I prayed for Jesus to take care of everything.)  I remember.


“Leave all to Me.”


Alright, Jesus.  Thank You!


“My child changes are coming to the world.  These changes will be difficult for many to take.  It is My Will that My children who know and love Me, help those who do not know Me as well.  They will need your assistance, encouragement and support and they will need your compassion and mercy.  Because My children have experienced My mercy, My forgiveness, you will be experts in giving My mercy to others.  You will show mercy and by this you will teach mercy.  This is what I ask of you.  You cannot be mercy if you have not experienced mercy.  This is why you are to teach those who do not know about Me, of My mercy.  You are to show them by being mercy.  True love is mercy.  Be mercy to others.  Child, I am with those who suffer.  I am with them in a special way through My passion, in their passion, through My suffering in their suffering.  I walk with them.  They share in My suffering therefore we are united.”


“If you feel rejected; I also felt rejection.  Those who suffer, and offer their suffering to Me, share in My redemptive suffering.  It is part of God’s plan to allow His children a share in His suffering.  My children will also share in My glory when they join Me in My Kingdom.  Give all to Me, My children.  When you do this, nothing is done in vain.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Praise You, Lord!


“My child, tell My children that when I have forgiven their sins, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” 


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  Lord, please protect us when we experience the changes You spoke about.  Keep us under Our Lady’s mantle of protection.  Help us to be merciful to others as You are merciful.  Help us to be kind and compassionate.  Sometimes I am unkind, Jesus.  Please help me to be kind always.  I know that is asking a lot, but I need Your help, Jesus so that I can be what You have said Your children must be for others.  How can I possibly be love and mercy during times of great change and duress, when it is difficult for me to be this way now?  Please send me Your grace, Lord.


“Yes, My child.  You will have the graces when they are needed.  I will be with you and My son (name withheld) in your mission of giving love, shelter and mercy to those in need.  I will supply all needed graces, My child.  Trust in Me.”


Ok.  Thank You, Lord.


“All Children of Light will be given the graces needed to fulfill the plans I have for them.  All will be well.  My child, you are weary.  Rest in Me.  Sit with me in the quiet and be with Me.”


Yes, Lord.  Jesus, thank You for protecting (name withheld).  She could have been disabled or might have died, but You protected her, Lord and today she is home and seemingly fine.  This is truly a miracle, Lord.  Thank You!  Jesus, You are good!


Lord, please protect the little ones, the children and the elderly during the Time of Great Trials.  Please keep them safe and also keep them from being fearful.  Thank You for the countless blessings You give us.  Help me to be more grateful and to complain less.  Jesus, I am sorry for my complaining attitude.  Lord, help me to bear the crosses You have given me.  Help me to accept them and to bear them with tolerance and joy.  Jesus, give me joy, so that I can give joy to others.  May my joy, not depend on those around me, but on the One who is within my heart.  You are my joy, Jesus.  Help me to be joy regardless of the conditions in my environment.  Help me to be joy through the cross.  Your cross brought salvation to the world.  Help me to carry my cross and to share in a small portion of Your suffering.  Lord, Scripture records that You, ‘opened not Your mouth,’ and that was in the face of such cruel torture.  Lord, help me to be silent, as You were silent.  Give me Your peace and Your patience, Lord even when I am in pain, am weary, ill or feeling rejected and misunderstood.  Help me to be love as You are love, Jesus.  I am so far from being love, Lord.  Give me Your heart full of love, Lord.  Take my stony heart and replace it with Your warm heart full of love.  Please, Lord.


“My child, you are growing in love, contrary to what it may seem.  You fall and you are not perfect, it is true, but you continue to get up and continue on the road to love.  This is what I ask of you.  Continue on in this way.  Follow Me.  The path is rocky and difficult, but I walk beside you to assist.  I give You my arm.  Lean on My arm and you will be steady.  Allow Me to help you, My little lamb.  All will be well.  Continue on.  All will be well.”


Lord, please help me through this week.  Thank You for helping me with the work You have given me to do.  The assignments were challenging and You helped me in amazing ways.  You do all things perfectly, Lord.  Thank You for Your kindness!


“You are welcome, My child.  Tasks become much easier when My assistance is called upon, do they not, My little child?”


Yes, Lord.  Not only are they easier, but the outcome is much better.  You do all things with perfection.  Jesus, thank You for Your constant presence in my life.  I love You, Lord.


“And I love you, My little lamb.  Go in peace now.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  All will be well.  Follow Me.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord!

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