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Children of the Renewal Messages

October 25, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, it is very good to be here with You, oh Lord.  Thank You for the most Holy Mass and most Holy Eucharist this morning.  Happy Feast of Christ the King, Lord Jesus Christ!  Thank You for the opportunity to receive a plenary indulgence, Lord.  You are kind and merciful, Lord!  We are most grateful and do not take anything for granted, Lord.  What a treasure we have in our Catholic faith.  A thousand thank you’s!  Please allow Holy Mass to be celebrated publicly (always) Jesus.  I can’t bear the thought of being separated from my Eucharistic Lord again.  Lord, I lift up those who are ill and all who will die today, especially those who are unprepared for death.  I bring to You all who are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually.  Heal all wounds and restore Your people to Yourself, Lord.  Jesus, I give myself to You and all that I possess (by Your goodness) and surrender everything to Your Most Holy Will.  Use me as You will, Jesus.  (personal conversation omitted)


Thank You for our day with (names withheld) and for the beautiful time they had with (name withheld).  Help them to know what they should do next about moving.  People are still trying to prepare for what is to come, Jesus.  Help us to have all that is needed.  I recognize that You will provide for our needs, too Lord but You want us to cooperate.  Direct and guide us all, Jesus.


Lord, please protect our President and his family as well as the Vice President and members of the cabinet (and their families).  Send legions of angels to protect them and to protect our country.  Help people who have been blinded by so much propaganda to see.  Give them Your light, Lord.  They do not fully understand the consequences of their choices at the voting booth, Lord but I am concerned they will not see clearly until it is too late.  Forgive me, Lord for not doing more to witness to them.  Lord, please help them as they do not fully know what they are doing, in many cases and how evil and corrupt our nation and the world has become.  Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and clarity of thought, Jesus.


“My child, My child, it is good that you and My son are here with Me.  I bestow graces on those who adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament; even when you cannot physically see Me, My daughter and I am hidden in the tabernacle.  Thank You for consecrating yourselves to Me on this feast day.  I thank all of My children who consecrated themselves to My Sacred Heart.  My little lamb, you are learning to become smaller and to accept the graces I give you.  They are not always the ones you prefer but they are what you need and what I want for you.”


Thank You, Jesus


“My daughter, this is an important message for today and the coming months.  I want My children to renew their commitment to their Faith, their commitment to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  This Church is more than the building, it is My people.  The Church lives in your hearts, My children.  It is very important now, right now, to avail yourselves of the opportunities to receive the Sacraments.  I have stressed this before, but today I want to stress even more so the need for My people to receive Me in the Eucharist, to go to Confession and to pray, pray, pray.  I say this word ‘pray’ three times for emphasis, but I want your emphasis to be on the Sacraments and on prayer.  Read Holy Scripture and reflect on it.  Speak to Me often throughout the day.  Develop a prayer ‘routine’ or discipline and stay with this for it will provide you with structure.  This will be a consolation to you in the days to come which will be more chaotic than you have experienced.  I am with you.  I will remain with you.  You need to frequent the Sacraments while there is still time for soon the churches will be closed again.  Access the graces I make available to you, My children.  I am a good and benevolent God and I will the best for you.  You must will the best for yourselves and your families and the best thing is My Eucharistic Communion with you.  Be prepared for all that will surely come due to the evil in the world.  I am more powerful than this evil and you will see the power of the Son of Man but first evil will have its day as I wait for more of My children to repent.  I will the salvation of all but I have given mankind free will to freely choose Me.  Sadly, tragically many, many choose My adversary and yours.  They choose darkness over light, sin over holiness, depravity over purity.  The time has passed for standing in the middle between good and evil.  One must choose and the time is now.  Pray for your friends and loved ones.  Pray for yourselves also that you withstand the trials.  The Time of Great Trials is fast approaching, My little Children of Light and I intend to make you strong with many heavenly graces.  Only dispose yourselves to receive them.  Do so by going to Confession to cleanse your souls, then to the heavenly banquet that I bring to you in every Mass through the hands of My priest sons.  Pray for them, My children.  They are in great need of prayer.  Pray and offer sacrifices for your shepherds, the Bishops who are in desperate need of prayer.  Do not judge them, My beautiful little ones, only pray for them and encourage them to choose the right path.  You may think, ‘I am only a lay person.  What can I do that would have any impact?’  Do not think this way.  Put on the mind of Christ, My children.  Together, there is nothing you and I can’t do.  I work in and through you.  Your shepherds need your wisdom and encouragement very much.  They are in constant battle for souls.  The attacks are much stronger on their souls than on yours and they need to be fortified by your love and your prayers.  Fast for them, My holy children.  Love My Church enough to fast for your shepherds.  When you do this, you do it for Me.” 


“Help Me to win souls, My children.  Offer every task, every suffering, even each inconvenience for souls and for your shepherds.  Think of how much this culture wears on pure souls.  You cannot imagine how very difficult it is for My holy pure Bishops who are being persecuted even by their own brothers as well as by the world.  They are undergoing Golgotha with Me, My children.  Be faithful to My Church and stand with your persecuted brothers and sisters.  Love as I have loved you.  Pray for those who persecute you and when they persecute you, remember they are persecuting Me, also.  I love you, My Children of Light.  I encourage you to remain strong in the faith.  Teach it to your children and grandchildren.  You will need to pass the Faith on to them.  If you do not, it will die and be extinguished like the small flame of a single candle.  When you stand firm in your Faith and teach your family to do the same, the flames become stronger, brighter and burn like an enormous bonfire.  This is what I intend for My Children of Light, to be so bright for love of God that you penetrate the darkness and burn so brightly as to end all darkness.  You can do this, My little ones, because I will send My Holy Spirit yet again when consciences will be illuminated in a powerful way.  The Light of My Spirit will shine its purity on every dark corner within man’s hearts and minds.  They will see themselves as I see them.  They will have such clarity that it will be blinding for some.  Be prepared to evangelize and instruct people in the Faith of the One True Church, for there will be a multitude of conversions all over the world.  *My child, please focus on compiling the packets of literature and blessed items My daughter (name withheld) told you about.  Some of My children are doing so, but there is a great need for more groups of My children doing this.  I will use these to teach the lost souls who will return home and they will be very open to learn, indeed they will be hungry since they have not had real food before.  Prepare many, many packets to give to these beautiful souls who will be like empty vessels longing to be filled with holy grace and the beauty and truths of My Church.  You are going to be the saints of this day as My Most Holy Son, Louis, prophesied.  You must prepare now for this for there will be no time later.  Do not wait, My children.  Please, I urge you in this.  Seek the Sacraments, pray, read Holy Scripture, offer yourselves as living sacrifices for the good of souls and be prepared to rescue souls during the time allotted after the Illumination.  This is all My children.  My daughter, get this message out as quickly as possible, for I want many souls to know this information right away.”


(Personal conversation omitted.)


“Events in the world are occurring rapidly, My little one.  You wonder why some things haven’t happened, yet and why some evil deeds, already exposed are not coming to fruition. (consequences) My child recall the corruption that permeates your nation and the world.  It will all be exposed one day.  If it was acted upon now, just consequences would not be enacted.  The timing is critical in days such as this.  I am aligning all that needs to occur and to be in place.  All will occur in due time.  Continue to be merciful, to love, to pray, to receive the Sacraments and to be open to My direction.  Ask My Most Holy Mother Mary to guide you in everything now.  Remain in the shelter of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  You are now living in treacherous times and you need every protection I give to My Church.  In all things, trust.  Do not fear.  Remember, I am purifying the World and creating a bright and beautiful future for all of My children.  You are the Children of Light.  I am counting on you to carry My Light, the light of faith in one of the darkest times in history.  My Children of Light, soon you will be the Children of the Renewal.  First, you must pass through these times of disobedience.  You will get through this, with My help.  I want you to not only survive and get through this, but to be victorious.  Yes, My children, victorious.  My Mother who is Our Lady of Victory will lead you.  Pray the Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Pray also the Chaplet of St. Michael.  You must pray now every day, just as you take your vitamins, brush your teeth and other routines.  Now you must realize this prayer and this time of receiving the Sacraments is vital for you.  Incorporate this into your daily routine as much as possible, My children.”


“That is all, My little one.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.    Go in peace. Bring My love, My mercy and My peace to the world.”


Amen!  Alleluia, Lord!

*Click for information about the packets.

October 18, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I am so grateful to be here with You today, Lord.  I love You and praise You my Lord, God and King.  Jesus, thank You for the beautiful Holy Mass and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for the meeting with (name withheld) afterwards who told me about her mother’s illness.  Please be with her mother and with their entire family as they care for her.  Give them many graces and consolations, Lord.  Help (name withheld) to draw very near to You, Lord.  Give her all that she needs.  Jesus, I entrust all loved ones to You and all who are ill.  I especially pray for (names withheld) and all who suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and physical trauma.  I pray also for those who are suffering from emotional trauma.  Help them to draw near to Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Please end violence, especially the violence of abortion.  Give us peace in our hearts, Prince of Peace.  Lord, (name withheld) is anxious about the next step You have in mind for her.  Please give her guidance and direction.  Help them to make the decision that aligns with Your Will.


“My child, My child, write My words.  In these days of disobedience there is much, much corruption due to pride and grasping at power.  Evil has penetrated the Church through corrupt men and it is present in all institutions in your country, financial, education, government at all levels (even local) including farming and the production of food.  In many facets within community life, evil has been allowed to take root.  It is everywhere.  There are also people who follow Me and so do not despair.  I will give all of My Children of Light the grace to do My Will if they seek Me and ask for My direction.  I am with My children, always.  I remain at your side and within you through reception of the Most Holy Eucharist.  Even when you are unable to receive Me, I am still with you.  I never abandon My children.  I am Mercy and Mercy is Me.  I am Love and Love is Me.  Put your trust in Me, not in the world or in worldly things.  I have the living water.  I am the living water, the water of life.  Therefore, do not fear.  Fear is useless.  What is needed is trust.” 


“The purification is underway.  The Church is living My passion, My child.  This time is like the agony in the garden.  You suffer due to so much evil in the world and you suffer because you have an idea of what is to come.  Many know from the prophets, scripture and My Mother’s apparitions.  Still many more are unaware.  They will come to know through My Children of Light and via the Illumination of Conscience and the events that follow.  Countless people are unprepared.  It is for these I ask you to prepare, My children.  Thank you to those who have been laboring for a long time, many years to prepare for this time.  I will bless you abundantly for all you have done and for the many sacrifices made in preparation.  You are living for others in an age where the majority of people live for themselves.  My Children of Light, those who have prepared their homes to receive people in need, you will receive many, many people.  I will provide; do not worry.  I ask for willing hearts, not perfection.  I will use what you have.  The angels will direct those who are intended for you.  I have already selected who will come to you and I will provide everything needed from what you have already done.  It will be just as it was in the Gospel story of the loaves and the fishes.  A boy offered what he had and I multiplied his offering to feed the multitudes.  What you have, My children I will multiply so that no one will go hungry who is dwelling with you.  I will also provide the graces you need to deal with various circumstances that will arise.  Those I send to help you will have the skills needed for the people and circumstances.  So you see, My Children of Light, all will be well.  All will be well!”


Thank You, Lord.  Blessed Trinity, please protect President Trump, Vice President Pence and all their families.  Guard, guide and direct their steps and all their decisions.  Keep them safe from harm.  Open the eyes of the people, Lord to see the truth.  Please guide those who are voting to vote in alignment with Your most holy will and for the Gospel of Life.  Please, Lord.  Our Nation doesn’t deserve Your goodness, but we need You, Lord.  I am begging You on behalf of Your mercy, Lord.  Convert our hearts.  Bring all who have fallen away from You, back to right relationship with You and Your Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  I pray for those who do not know and love You.  Please allow them to choose You during the Illumination.  Give them graces to avail themselves of Your mercy.  Help us all to frequent the Sacraments.  It is particularly challenging for those who work, Lord or who do not live close to a Church. (It is no excuse, Jesus I am just saying it is more challenging.) 


“My child, My child, it is very important for all to frequent the Sacraments as much as possible.  I will help everyone in need of direction.  Ask for My assistance and I will give you clarity.  It is a matter of priorities in many cases.  Come to Me and ask for My guidance.  I will help My children who want to go to Mass and Confession more frequently.  My children can often find a way to do so, just as they are able to do other things that are a priority.  It is usually a matter of deciding what is most important.  You will need these sacramental graces.  They are needed now, for your daily lives and for what is to come when access will once again be limited.”


“My little lamb, the Church is entering into the time of the abomination in the temple.  This grieves you, My little one as it does many.  This has been foretold and it is known by and through Scripture.  Pray, My children, Pray.  Pray as I have asked and as My Mother has requested.  My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), I have given you all that was needed to prepare you.  I will continue to guide you, but trust that you have what is needed.  Your angels will guide you, also and prompt you when necessary.  Continue praying as I have asked.  Be open to those I send you and remember to accept them as they are.  Many will have been through much suffering and strife.  There will be several who have lost loved ones.  Be merciful, kind and patient with them.  Speak with My son (name withheld) about a rule for living by during the refuge times.  Discuss this with him and prepare one for your home and those who will come to you.  This will be helpful as a guide for how you will organize and structure your days.  In the beginning, there will not appear to be much structure.  That is alright, due to the chaotic nature of change that will occur.  However, establishing a prayer routine and having the rule for refuges will be helpful and will give those who are coming together many for the first time, peace and a foundation in which to measure their days during this difficult time to come.  Remember, My Holy Spirit, My Mother and I are with you.  St. Joseph is also directing you and will be especially involved during the refuge times as the spiritual father and protector, just as he was when I was a child on the earth.  He protected My Most Holy Mother Mary and Me.  He led us to Egypt, provided for us and protected us when Herod and his subjects wanted to kill Me.  He led us back to Nazareth when the angel appeared to him in a dream telling him it was safe to return.  St. Joseph and My Most Holy Mother Mary pray for the Church.  They intercede for you, My children.  Remember to ask for their intercession and to thank them for their love.  All of Heaven prays for you, My children.  They are aware of your struggles.  Focus now very much on what is really important and set aside anything that is not.  Let even your conversations be holy now, My children (as they should always be but especially now).  Live the Gospel, My children.  Be love, be mercy, be joy, be kind.  Be like your Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Pray for the intercession of the Holy Family and ask for graces to model your lives after the Holy Family.  I bless all My children, My holy priest sons and religious and give you graces for peace during these troubled times.”


“My little lamb, there are people who will continue to die from various causes.  Take heart and know that each one who loves and follows Me is resting in the palm of My hand.  Continue to pray for them, but also be accepting when I call a soul home to Heaven.  I know what is best for each child of mine.  Some will be better off spiritually by taking them home now and sparing them from what is to come.  Some are needed to remain on earth to help countless souls.  Some need to remain for their own reasons, for conversion, for additional healing of wounds, for forgiveness, and to give them the opportunity to change with the Illumination of Conscience.  Whatever the reason, trust Me that what I do is for each soul’s good and only I know what is best for them, for I know everything.  Trust in My love and mercy for souls.  Believe, My children.  Believe in the goodness and mercy of your Jesus.”


“My little lamb, thank you for loving and listening to those I send to you.  Your mission is one of love and mercy.  Yes, I call all of My children to love and mercy, but some are given talents for providing, for protecting, for teaching, for directing.  Some are given talents for understanding people, for ministering to them out of compassion and love.  Yours is this ministry, My child.  I have prepared you for this.  Your entire life and all of your experiences, even the disappointments and failures have prepared you to be empathetic, kind, loving and considerate.  My child, remember that each one has been given gifts and talents for the purpose and mission to which they are called.  Because each person is truly unique, it is often that My children expect others to understand them.”

“Children, allow others around you to be who I have created them to be.  By this, I mean that you should allow them to be Christ to others in the way I am calling them to be.  Be patient with them.  You do not always know what is going on from a spiritual perspective.  Allow others to be in union with My Will rather than making judgements about their behaviors.  Be patient.  Be merciful.  Allow room for the Holy Spirit to work in your midst.  If I bring someone to you (which occurs when someone ‘crosses your path’) do not rush the person.  Be present to them and see what I do in your midst.  My child, this happens to you often and did this morning after Mass.  When you take the time to speak with someone who approaches you for what may seem trivial at first, they often bring up something deeper.  As you listen to them and show concern, you are being mercy as I have asked and showing My love by your patient presence.  This is what I mean by allowing space for My Holy Spirit to work.  I prompted you, My child to enter that social setting.  I know you would have preferred to leave so you could speak to Father and your friends.  Thank you for following the promptings of My Holy Spirit.”


Lord, thank you for making it easy to do so.  I am sure there have been countless times I haven’t done so.  Help me to remain open to You, Lord and to Your direction. 


“My child, there will be days to come when this will fill the time.  It will feel as if this is all you do.  I will help you.  My Mother will guide you.  I will send others to help you and My son, (name withheld).  You must both be accepting of their help to free you to do what I have equipped you to do and to allow others to use the talents and skills I have given them.  All will be well.  You will learn much in the coming days.  Be at peace.  I am with you.  I am with all of My Children of Light.  Focus on what is to come afterwards, My children, the Era of peace, the Age of Obedience.  I will help you through the Time of Great Trials, so have no fear.  I love you.  I am with you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You, Jesus.  Amen!

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