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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 8, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dear Jesus.  It is wonderful to be in Your holy presence!  I love and adore You my Lord.  Thank You for the opportunity to be here, Jesus.  I am grateful and do not take this time for granted knowing that any day could bring a decision for another ‘lock down’ due to the COVID scare.  Lord, I ask that You heal all who suffer from this virus and from all illnesses.  Please comfort the family members who have lost loved ones because of this illness and all other illnesses, accidents, etc.  I know it is very serious for many people.  It’s just that it doesn’t warrant closing our churches or closing the Adoration chapels.  In urgent and critical times, we need greater access to our Adoration chapels and to Holy Mass, not less access.  Lord, Jesus heal our land and the hearts of our citizens.  There is so much corruption and propaganda.  There is much evil.  There are also many people who love and follow You and who want to do what is good, just and righteous.  Help us, Jesus against the evil enemy who prowls throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.  Vanquish the tempter, Lord.  May Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart triumph soon, Jesus.  Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 


Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion and for Confession, Lord.  What a blessing it is to have access to the Sacraments.  I pray the Bishops in the U.S. will stand up for their people (Your people) and keep Your Church open so we can continue to receive You in Holy Communion and worship You.  Lord, we need You.  We need to go to Mass and to Confession.  Jesus, I am depending on You to help us.  Jesus, I trust in You!  Jesus, I trust in You!  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My child, My child, it is good that you are here in this place.  I appreciate My children visiting Me in Adoration.  To adore God is a holy act.  I shower graces upon those who seek Me in Adoration and who receive Me in Communion with clean hearts.  I long to be united with My Children of Light.  My little one, I do not Will My churches be closed.  It is My Will that all will come to know and love Me and that many, many will come to believe in My saving power through My Mercy, My love.  I do not wish to lose a single soul to the enemy of love.  My child, we have had many discussions about free will.  Free will is a great gift from God the Father.  It is man’s free will that is causing (the exercise of free will for evil purposes) most of the problems in your society.  It is the thirst for power, the hunger to oppress others to leverage even more power and remove opposition, the prideful nature in man that is causing and is at the root of evil.  It is the love of money and the corruption that results from idolatry that feeds the appetite for evil.  My child, My child, I do not interfere with free will even when used for evil purposes.  If I did so, it would contradict what I created and the gift I have given to each person.  My child, do not feel that this situation is therefore hopeless.  I also do not interfere with the free will of those who choose good and who choose to stand against this evil.  To do so is in fact Christ-like.  I too stood against the evil of My day when I walked the Earth.  I spoke out against sin and corruption to the point of giving up My life to save mankind from the death caused by sin.  Be like Me and speak out with truth and with the power of love, of My love that compels the righteous souls to speak the truth in love.  I am with you, My children.  Unite with My most holy and blessed Mother.  Unite yourselves to My Holy Will.  Then, all that you do and say will be in accordance with My Will and with all in Heaven.  My children, remember the saints who intercede for you.  Remember the angels.  Ask for their prayers and for their intercession.  They await your request for assistance.” 


“My little lamb, you will see changes in the world.  You are seeing them now but more will occur.  Do you recall when I told you the world was plunged into darkness, so much that it was worse than in the days of Noah?  At first, though you believed Me, it was difficult for you to imagine.  Though you knew My words were true, the full scope of evil was unknown to you.”


Yes, I remember, Lord.  It was easy to believe You (even if I didn’t know fully) just because of the numbers of tiny babies killed through abortions.  I really didn’t know as much as I do now and even this is probably a very minimal view at that!


“Yes, this is so, My child.  What you have come to know reveals the surface of what is occurring in the darkness.  I am bringing much to light, My child.  There are souls who cooperate with Me and who are exposing sinister plans made in darkness.  This evil runs deep, My little one, and it is even worse than it seems.” 


Lord, even if it was no worse, it is still horrible.  The evil ones cooperating in sin and death are unashamed and are even proud of their ‘accomplishments.’  They have no shame, Lord.


“Yes, My child.  This is true.  This is why you must continue to pray for their conversion.  Ask others to pray for this intention as well.”


Lord, I will tell others to storm Heaven for conversion of lost souls and those who do not know the love of God.


“My little lamb, I urge you and all My children to continue to frequent the Sacraments.  Unite yourselves to Me in Holy Communion and through Confession where I heal souls.  Fortify yourselves with prayer and reading of Scripture.  Sow seeds of light and life and water these seeds with kindness and mercy.  I work through you, My children.  I love you and I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My child and forgive your enemies and those who persecute you.  Love them and pray for them, My child.  All will be well.  I am with you.”


Amen, Lord.

November 1, 2020, All Saints Day,  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus present in the most holy Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in Your true presence, body, blood, soul and divinity, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Thank You for the opportunity to be with members of my family yesterday.  Lord, please bless (name withheld) who is so far from us.  Take care of her, guard and protect her, Lord.  Protect all of our loved ones, please Lord.  Jesus, I pray for all souls who are far from You and who will die today especially for those who are unprepared for their deaths.  I pray also for souls who have left the Church, that they will return in full communion.  Help our ailing Church as she goes through her passion.  I believe and trust Your words, Lord that, ‘the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.’  Thank You for this assurance as sometimes it sure seems to be prevailing but I know the Church, Your body, will triumph over evil.  You seem to be in the process of purifying the Church.  I pray this process will go smoothly and swiftly, Lord.  It is such a painful process and I’m sure we aren’t even to the worst part, yet.  Lord, watch over You holy priest sons and the consecrated religious who sacrifice their lives for You.  Protect them and help them to fulfill the vows made to You.  Help us to be faithful to our vocations, too Lord and all married couples.  Thank You for Your great love and mercy, Jesus.


Lord, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, my little one.  Your nation is in turmoil, due to the present separation and disunity caused by those who want to rule your country and many other countries in the world.  Evil is undermining human rights, freedoms and its goal is oppression, power and dominion.  My child be prepared for more and more dissension and insurrection.  Pray for conversion of hearts, for peace and for healing of wounds.  My little lamb, I love each one of My children but many have chosen a different path than the one I laid out for mankind.  Many have decided to side with My adversary and consequently they attack all that is sacred, life, faith, hope and love.  This is why they attack My Church where faith, hope and love is to be found in the Sacraments, the teachings, the most holy Mass, and the handing down of the faith to generation after generation.  Pray for your shepherds who do battle daily with the evil, fallen angels.  Pray for them and encourage them.  Let them know you support them.  If there are shepherds who are not living up to their promises, their vows and you know them, speak with them (privately).  Correct them in brotherly love.  Do not merely look the other way, My Children of Light when you are aware of sinful behavior or errors in the teachings handed down through My Apostles.  Speak to them in love for the sake of their souls.  If they listen to you, that is a great grace.  If they do not listen to you, continue to pray for them but know that you have done your part.  Remember, My children admonishing the sinner takes courage which is a cardinal virtue.  My Children of Light hold fast to the truths of the Faith.  You will be asked to teach others in due time.  Be prepared to evangelize the multitudes.  Do not be afraid.  I am with you.  I will give you the words to say.  Have catechetical information they can read and ponder.  Share it with them.  There will be many, many souls who will be in unity with the Church after the Illumination of Conscience and I want you to be prepared to help them.”


Lord, I’m sorry I haven’t ordered what is needed for the packets.  Help me to accomplish this in the upcoming days.


“I will assist you, My child.”


My daughter, you are trying to do My Will and this pleases Me.  Do not compare yourself to others.  Each child of Mine is unique and faces different circumstances.  You and My son, (name withheld) cannot do everything alone.  I recognize this occurs often but pray before each task or project.  Ask for assistance from others and do not be hesitant to reach out to those you know.  It will be a blessing for them when they assist you and more will be accomplished for My Kingdom.  It is an exercise in humility when My children ask others for help.  I am giving you a community of believers.”


Lord, so many people are carrying heavy loads.  People are working hard to accomplish the tasks set before them especially now.  People feel time is running out due to the coming ‘reset’ that it appears is soon.


“Yes, My child and this is precisely why you must all work together.  More will be accomplished, and relationships will be strengthened.  You are part of the Body of Christ, not a collection of pieces but part of a whole.  When My children work together and unite with My Holy Spirit amazing things can be done for the Kingdom.  Pray, My children for answers to life’s problems.  Pray for each and every need you have.  I can work through My people when I am asked and when you seek My intervention.  Great things will occur, My children when you depend upon Me and your brothers and sisters.  I am building a community of love, of mercy and of peace.  You are stronger when united to your brothers and sisters.  This is how you will survive the coming days.  I will bring people together in the refuges I have planned and you will be communities of believers, helping one another, working together, praying together, sharing meals and sharing life’s burdens.  In this way, through My Children of Light, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. The renewal will come and My children will bring the love of God to more and more unbelievers.  You will teach them the truths of the Faith in the refuge times.  Be prepared for this spiritually, My children.  Avail yourselves of the Sacraments now while there is still time.   Do not be afraid.  I am with you.  I will take care of many, many things and you will come to know that I love You, I can be trusted, and that I provide for My children who love Me.  I love each person in the world, My little one, but because of free will, I intervene with those who want My assistance.  At times, I intervene directly even with those who do not seem to want this but I know their hearts.  There is often a small opening caused by the grace from the prayers of the faithful.  This is why you must continue to pray for lost souls.  Do not lose hope, My children.  All will be well.  Focus on this and trust in Me.  I watch over you, I walk with you; I love you.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Praise You for Your love and mercy.  Praise You for Your justice.  Pour Your mercy out each day on us, Your little children who are so much in need of Your love and assistance.  Thank You for Your passion, death and resurrection, Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little lamb.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Alleluia!

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