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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 29, 2020

Hello my Jesus!  I’m glad to be here with You.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning.


(Personal conversation omitted.)


Lord, please bless (name withheld) on her birthday, today.  Give her special graces, Lord.  Jesus, I pray for (name withheld) who has ALS.  Please help him to draw even closer to You through this trial and affliction.  Lord, I pray for (names withheld) and for all who are battling cancer.  I also pray for (names withheld) and all who have dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Please bless and console them, Lord and if it be Your holy Will, heal them.  Bless and protect all our priests, religious and bishops.  Help them to remain faithful to their vocations and to Your Church.  Jesus, I ask that You pour out Your Holy Spirit upon our country and the whole world so that we all may be converted and turn our hearts toward You.  I pray for Your peace, Lord.  Soothe hearts that are looking for and inciting war and violence.  Foil every plan that is of the enemy.  Confuse their thoughts and communication, Lord so they are unable to organize their mobs.  Help people, Jesus to wake up and shed their indifference, their fears, their blindness so they can come to know the truth before it is too late.  Lord, I trust in You.  May all be according to Thy Word.  


(Personal conversation omitted.)  I want to be transformed by Your grace, Jesus.  I want to walk ever more closely with You, so much so that I am in lockstep with You as much as humanly possible by Your grace.  Enlarge my little heart, Jesus so that I have more capacity to love.  Make my heart more like Your most holy Mother Mary’s heart.  I want my heart to be a vessel for her flame of love, Jesus.  I think that is Your Will for all of Your children.  If so, please do this work in me according to Your holy Will. 

“My child, My child, how I love you.  Thank you for your desire to grow in love and in holiness.  I shall give you these graces and more in time, My little lamb.  For now, continue to pray about these mysteries and meditate on them for it is My Will that you soar like an eagle.  Ask St. John to pray for you regarding My desires for you.  You are My child.  We are walking together, I assure you.  Be not afraid.  I have given you a child-like faith, and it will grow even more steadfast in the coming days.  It must be so, My little one so that you will be able to fulfill the plans I have for you.  What I am asking of your family will require great love and you will need heroic love to care for all I send you.  My daughter, you have not asked me about the other information My daughter (name withheld) told you.  Have you forgotten?”


I suppose I forgot temporarily, Jesus but now that You asked, I do recall.  I guess I wasn’t really planning to bring this up either.


“My child, what she said to you is correct.  Do not wonder why I would choose you and bestow these spiritual gifts upon you.  I choose whom I choose,”


Yes, Lord.  I know You choose those who are completely the opposite of our expectations.  Sometimes I think You choose the least and even in my case, the worst.  But, I trust in Your plan, Your Will and that You know what is best.


“Yes, My child.  I know what is best and also who will need the gifts I bestow on My children.  I bestow gifts that will be needed by those I send to them.  There will be an outpouring of the gifts of My Holy Spirit upon My Children of Light, the remnant children who will carry the Faith on for future generations.  You have a saying in these times, ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures!’  Though I am never desperate, the times you are living are full of sin and darkness and therefore do require an abundant number of graces, which I lovingly bestow on My children.  There will be even more gifts poured out for My children.  This is so in order that My Children of Light will be able to withstand the coming trials.  My little lamb, I will work more miracles through My children than ever before.  My child, My little one, many of My children will have the gift of miracles for glorifying Me and the power of My Holy Spirit and for practical purposes to meet the many needs My children will have.  You have often felt there were other gifts waiting for Me to bestow, but you have not questioned because of your trust in Me.  Now you know and have a glimpse of My plan for you so that when it occurs you will know your Jesus has prepared you.  Over the following weeks, My child, I will prepare you in My school.  We have little time, so I ask you to steep yourself in Scripture, My little lamb.  I will show you what I want you to see that is deep in My Word.  My Word is so simple and easy to read.  Any child can understand, and yet I also speak as the Eternal Word of the Divine Mysteries.  One could meditate for a lifetime on the Word of God and not fully grasp all that is there for My people.  And yet, it is clear and simple enough for mere babes.  Therein lies a mystery, My child and while it sounds like a contradiction, it is not.”


Yes, Lord.  I know that You never contradict.  What seems to be a contradiction to man is not for God.  Both are true, Lord.  Little children can understand Scripture, because of the wisdom of pure hearts and simple faith.  Yet, there are many layers of Scripture.  Some of the prophetic books seem complicated, yet once something occurs in history it is easier to realize exactly what was meant.  It is easy, for example for us to understand Isaiah’s prophecies of the coming Messiah because You have already come to us, Your people in the Incarnation and at Your birth in Bethlehem.  It must have been difficult for Your chosen people to understand the ‘suffering servant’ Isaiah spoke about prior to Your birth.  They were not all expecting the Messiah to suffer and die and so I understand what You mean by layers of complexity.  Jesus, we have such narrow minds and see things with filters based on our personal experience and limited knowledge.


“Yes, My child.  This is what I mean by layers of complexity and yet small children understand the concept of loving so much that I suffered and died for My bride.  The children understand more than many adults who have grown cynical, fearful and have many doubts.  Oh, how I love the simple, pure hearts of children.  Their purity delights Me.  How I long for all of My children to become simple of heart, pure of heart, trusting completely in the Most Holy Trinity.  The entire world could change with a few simple, pure hearts filled with heroic love.  This is what I want from you, My little lamb.  Are you willing?”


Yes, Jesus.  How many times I have given You my ‘yes’ but it must be a very imperfect ‘yes’ for You to ask me so often.


“No, My child not imperfect.  I want you to know how I respect the free will of My children and also it is good for you to renew your commitment to Me.  You are always free to change your mind about each request.  It delights Me to hear My children say ‘yes’ to Me especially in this Age of Disobedience.  Do you see, My child?  It is not that I doubt you, but that your ‘yes’ delights Me.”


Oh, Jesus.  Of course!  I understand.  It hadn’t occurred to me, that is all.  Ask Me as much as You want, Jesus but please give me graces to always respond ‘yes’ to You.  I want to do whatever pleases You.  It’s better sometimes if You don’t give me so many opportunities though because You know how much I doubt myself. 


“Yes, My child.  It is wise to sometimes doubt oneself, but this is where childlike faith comes in and you simply trust Me.  All will be well.  Let us continue in the lesson.  When the times grow increasingly difficult and the trials even greater, My children who are busy about learning the ways of God will shine like beacons of light.  The refuges I have established and continue to establish in these days, will be the rescue missions for souls.  The holiness of My children who have given over their homes for refuges will shine brightly and will attract those in need.  Your love will be like a balm for their broken hearts.  In the care of My refuges, My children will learn from those who have given their holy ‘yeses’ to Me and those who come to you will also grow in holiness.  I will send many, many souls to each refuge.  Some more than others, but even the smallest refuge will have many more souls than can be imagined.  I will enlarge each refuge to accommodate the number of souls I send and that I plan to send so there is enough room for all.  I will provide.  There will be plenty of food and supplies for each and every soul for I will multiply what is needed.  Do not be concerned about how you will accomplish all I am asking of you, for you will have graces like never before.  I will also send people who have gifts you do not possess, to help the refuges.  Whatever you are lacking will be provided through the skills and talents of others.  You will truly be a community of believers helping and serving one another.  This is so because it is My Will.  It must be so for your survival and the survival of the human race.  My child, My child, the evil one wants to kill every one of My children.  I will not allow this to occur.  Many will die, but not all.  My creation is My creation.  My adversary and yours wants to crush all that I love since he cannot crush Me.  However, he will not be able to do so.  He cannot put an end to the human race.  It is impossible for I do not Will it to end.  I Will that many, many saints be made and come to Heaven in the allotted time.”


“I am with you, My children.  I will not abandon you.  Even if it appears to be so, do not listen to the enemy of souls who wants to deceive you.  Listen to Me.  I whisper words of love to you from the cross.  I whisper words of encouragement.  I embrace you and call you by name.  Bask in the radiance of My love.  I love you!  My little lamb, entrust your family members to Me.  I will rescue the lost ones and bring them home to the fold.  You have given yourself to Me.  Your family has given their ‘yes’ and I will bless each member because of your family’s mission.  Entrust even your extended family to Me, even those who reject Me.  There is nothing I won’t do for souls and especially so for those who willingly sacrifice their futures for Me and My Will.  My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) give Me your ‘yes’ each day when you pray as I have asked.  This will be a renewal of your desire to do My Will.  Do not worry about (details omitted).  You have given it to Her and to St. Joseph and though you are experiencing many obstacles, all will be well.  You have obstacles because of the way in which this sacred space will be used.  This should be a source of encouragement.  When doing the Will of God, the evil one rails against you.  Remain at peace.  Remember, even those who are responsible for this project are meeting resistance from the enemy.  Begin anew and trust in Me.  Ask for the intercession of the Holy Family (personal details omitted).  My foster father will assist you and all will be well.  Continue to be diligent and work to bring this to conclusion for time is short.  Be at peace in the process.  Remember, I have sent legions of angels to assist you in life.  You have only to call upon them.  This is all for now, My little one.  Go in peace.  Be mercy, be love, be joy, be light.  All will be well.  I am with you.”


Amen, Lord Jesus.  Alleluia!  Thank You for Your love and for Your light.  I love You, Jesus! 


“And, I love you.”


November 15, 2020, Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe and hope in You, love and adore You my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, Jesus!  What a great privilege to receive You in Holy Communion.  Thank You for time with my children and grandchildren this weekend.  Thank You for the blessings of our faith and our family.  Lord, I trust You and Your Holy Will and I entrust our country and the outcome of the election to You and to Your Most Holy Mother Mary.  Blessed Mother please continue to intercede for us that the corruption will be exposed, justice served, and that all involved in corruption will repent and come to know the great and merciful love of God.  Protect President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families.  Protect all who are investigating the election fraud and bless them abundantly.  Pour out graces for honesty, courage and love of neighbor.  Please block, in Your holy and perfect name Jesus all evil spirits in the air, water, ground and under the ground who wreak havoc in our nation and in the world.  By the power of Your precious blood, Lord please bind all spirits of manipulation, deception, chaos, disrespect for life, violence, and anarchy and send them to the foot of Your cross to be bound by You forever.  Jesus, adorable Jesus, hear the cries and lamentations of Your people of the U.S. and restore Your protective hedge around us, because of Your great, infinite mercy.  Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we do not deserve Your protection.  We do not deserve Your mercy.  Lord, we deserve Your just punishment for the millions of babies murdered by way of abortion, and abused in the satanic cult of sex trafficking.  Father forgive us; forgive, forgive, forgive.  Free our babies and all children from their oppressors and their abusers.  Help Your Children of Light to do our part to cooperate with Your Holy Spirit to expose this diabolic plan to destroy the human race.  Lord Jesus, by the power of Your most precious blood, please open the eyes of those who are blind and do not believe or refuse to understand what is really going on in the hearts and minds of those who plan to destroy the nation founded under God and on the Godly principles, liberty and justice for all.   Lord, help us to do our part according to Your Holy Will.  Guide, guard and direct us Lord, Creator of the world and our Father, so that we know what we should, what we must do.  Lord Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My child, My little one, I hear the cry of your heart.  I hear the prayers of My children crying out for mercy and justice.  A great many people are praying.  I invite all Children of Light to redouble your efforts and to pray more, not less.  Do not let your guard down now, My children.  Do not be discouraged for I am at work, though it does not appear to be so.  Things are often not what they appear to be.  Pray very hard, and with all that comes from the heart for conversions and for My Holy Spirit to reign in the world.  Pray, My children to bring about My Kingdom.  My child, I am with My children.  I want you to be aware that things will grow ‘worse’ before they improve.  This must be so now, My little lamb because evil wants to reign in the hearts of mankind.  Indeed, evil already rules in the hearts of many, many people.  My child, just as one with an infection who is unhealthy grows more and more sick with fever and putridness in an infected wound, so it is for this country.  When the one who is ill with infection receives a warm compress to draw the pus from the wound, it gives temporary relief and the body can continue fighting.  However, when the infection has overcome the body and it is in the bloodstream, the person who is ill must undergo extreme treatments to conquer the sepsis.  My little lamb, sometimes the person is so ill they must be given life supporting measures, oxygen or even a ventilator, IV antibiotics, etc. until the treatment works and this can take time.” 


“You see, My child, your nation is ill with sin and corruption, and many people worship false gods, either unknowingly, thinking they are true and right religions (pagan religions) and many worship satan.  My child, until there is true conversion, I will not free your country from the grip of those who are corrupt.  However, do not lose heart, satan is losing control over this world and his time in this Age of Disobedience is drawing to a close.  Because so many of My children are praying, especially the most holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, offering Holy Mass and doing penance for sin, satan’s grip is lessening.  My child tell others to pray.  Pray even more than you have been.  Some are praying much.  Others are praying only a little.  Everyone must pray more.  It takes much prayer, much desire for holiness, much yearning for righteousness to overcome the amount of evil that has infected the souls of My children.  They have become so distorted and infected by evil that they are almost unrecognizable to Me.  However, since I am God, I can see their souls as they could be, (the sun has just become very bright and is shining into the Blessed Sacrament chapel with a beautiful golden hue, illuminating what had been a gray, gloomy atmosphere except that My Lord is present here) as they should be.  Yes, My child these children of Mine who are infected with so much evil, sin, hatred for God, can become holy and pure.  They are redeemable and they can still repent, convert and come into the family of God.  It is not too late, but you must pray very hard, My Children of Light.  Ask My Most Holy Mother Mary, every day to intercede for these lost and even putrid souls.  Ask the saints in Heaven to pray with you for them.  My children, have mercy on their souls.  If you knew how horrible and detestable hell is, how much suffering and how annihilated souls are when in hell, you would do everything possible to prevent even one from going there.  You do not grasp this fully, My children, I know.  I will help you to understand in a small way.  Hell is like walking into a burning fire and standing there, unable to move.  No matter how many people come to your rescue, they cannot lift you to carry you out of the fire.  All the while the pain from the fire is excruciating.  Nothing you do relieves the pain.  A person on earth would soon lose all feeling, due to nerve damage, but souls in hell do not have any reprieve.  Not only that, every soul in hell, and there are many, howls, screams and roars from the pain.  Souls cannot escape from this hell that they have chosen out of their hatred for God and yet they burn with this hatred and do not desire to be in Heaven.” 


“My children, never stop praying for your brothers and sisters.  Never tire of praying for conversions.  I am counting on My beautiful Children of Light to pray for the children who walk in darkness.  Be merciful.  Be love.  Be generous with your prayers.  Remember, your family members and the saints in Heaven pray for you, also.  In some cases, your family members prayed for years and begged for graces for conversion for you and this is why you now walk in My light.  Do this for love of God.  Live the Gospel, My children.  Love with all your hearts and live your lives to bring others into the heavenly Kingdom.  My children, many, many will become loving holy people when they see their souls as I see them (Illumination of Conscience).  Be prepared to help them.  Welcome them into the Church, My children.  Encourage them.  There will be many who feel there is no hope due to the state of their souls.  They will doubt the love of God, even though they will have experienced the great love of God and My immense mercy.  Over the weeks, they will begin to doubt.  Help them, My children.  Teach them about My mercy and My love.  Show them how to pray.  Instruct them and help them go to Confession and/or lead them to the baptismal font where My holy priest sons and deacons will be.  Be love.  Be light.  Be mercy and show My mercy, children.  I am counting on you.  Trust in Me.  Trust Me even when the darkness grows.  Remember, I am the good physician.  I must purify the world of evil and it (evil) will not go willingly.  Prepare, My children through the Sacraments, holy Scripture, fasting and family prayer.  I am with you.  All will be well.” 


“Be in union with one another.  Do not allow division to pull your holy families apart.  Now is the time for greater unity and peace in your families.  Stand up for justice, but also be people who sow seeds of peace, joy and hope.  The world will notice.  Evil will grow more contemptuous of good, but some will convert.  Some will want what My Children of Light have, peace and joy.  Be messengers of the Gospel.  I again remind you that I am with you.  All will be well.”


“First must come the full extent of the purification and then My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.  We are in this together, My children, I assure you.  You must endure this time of trials, My children and then you will see the time that all creation is longing for, so let us continue with strong hearts.  I love you and I will never abandon you.”


Thank You, Lord.  Alleluia!  Praise the One Holy, Perfect Triune God forever and ever.  Amen!

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