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Children of the Renewal Messages


December 13, 2020 Adoration Chapel

Feast of St. Lucy and 3rd Sunday of Advent

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in, hope in and trust in You, my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today, Lord.  Thank You for yesterday’s beautiful Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The Mass and procession was wonderful!  I hope our Blessed Mother enjoyed our small attempt to thank Her and show Her our love.  Lord, I love being here with You in the silence of this beautiful church.  Praise and thank You that we are still able to come to adore You in this way.  Thank You, Lord that the churches are still open here.  Lord, please heal those who are ill.  Help them to get well, and to be closer to You as a result.  I pray for all of my family members who are outside of the Church.  Help them to desire to know You and to come to know the fullness of the truth.  Give them graces for faith, hope and love.  Lord, help us to serve You with pure hearts.  Help me to love my brothers and sisters more deeply because of my love for You.  Jesus, it is difficult to love those who are so radically different in their thinking; especially those who align themselves with people who are plotting evil and injustice.  There are many who desire power over Your people and when people who are supposed to be holy, align themselves with the powerful people of the world, it is so very disappointing.  Lord, convert all those who are working for evil.  Work miracles in their hearts for conversion.  Free them from any and all demonic spirits who blind them from the truth.  Free those who are walking in darkness from all demonic manifestations.  Send these evil spirits to the foot of the cross and bind them, Jesus.  Replace the emptiness in the hearts of these people with an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit and with all needed graces.  Create in Your people, clean hearts, Oh Lord.  Put a steadfast spirit in us.  Jesus, give us the gift of perseverance, so we do not grow weary.  I already feel weary, Lord but I want to be refined, purified and renewed by the fire of Your love.  In You, Lord is hope.  In You is strength.  In You there is joy and love, light and life, peace and consolation, mercy and truth.  Renew my spirit, Lord and give me all that is needed for the journey so that Your light will shine through me and Your love will pass through my heat to others.


“My child, I will give you all that is needed for the mission, the rescue mission when the time comes.  The world makes you weary, My little lamb.  It makes all of My children weary.  Therefore, at times you must withdraw from the world.  It is necessary to draw closer to Me in prayer, where I renew your spirit and fill you with peace.  Rest in Me, My child.  I will calm you and quiet your anxious heart.  Give each burden and concern to Me.  Allow Me to resolve any conflict or problem occurring in your life.  There are many conflicts in the world because there are competing priorities and motives.  Pray, My children.  Pray for souls who do not know Me and who have not experienced My love.  Tell the world about Me, My Children of Light.  If you do not do this, I ask you, ‘who will?’.  I am counting on you, My little ones.  Yes, you are little and this is just what I need.  I use those who are small, humble, little.  It has always been this way.  No matter whether you are wealthy or poor, intelligent or simple, strong physically or weak, full of health and vigor or ill and lacking energy, old or young.  I use those who have the hearts of children.  I use the simple and pure of heart.  So, become like a child.  Become simple, humble and pure.  Begin by going to Confession and receiving Me in the Eucharist so that we will be united in love and purity of intention.”


“My child, My child you cannot understand why people in leadership positions in the Church have aligned themselves with those who choose evil.  Sin after sin after sin blinds one to the truth.  Some of My sons have chosen sin and are too prideful to confess their own sins, while at the same time they hear the confessions of My children.  They do not think they need the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but I tell you many of them carry heavy burdens of personal sin.  They are like the Pharisees in Scripture who were hypocrites.  Pray for their souls.  Pray for their vision to clear through the bright light of faith and truth.  My Church has been defiled due to the worship of pagan idols.  It must be purified and consecrated again.  Without this purification, the process given to My Church, I will purify it Myself.  I did so when I walked the earth and the temple had been defiled.  I turned over the money changer’s booths and I eradicated all that defiled.  My child, there have always been Judases in My Church.  There will continue to be until My second coming.  My child, pray for the souls of your shepherds.  Have Masses offered for them.  Fast for their conversion.  You must utilize every form of prayer for them.  The hold on some of My priest sons is very tight.  Your prayers will help loosen the grip of satan on some of their hearts.  You may think they will not listen to you if you try to assist them.  I tell you, they may not, but I hear your prayers.  No soul is a hopeless case.  All of My children are precious to Me.  I await the return of even one soul and all of Heaven celebrates.  Some souls will return to My embrace, because of your prayers, My children.  I tell you this to encourage you and to urge you on.  Do not give up on them.  I do not give up on any of My children.  Follow Me and do as I do. My children, because of this act of paganism not only allowed but endorsed, the Church will endure a more difficult cleansing.  Divine justice and love demand it.  Be prepared, My children.  Do not be surprised by anything you face.  Remember, when one suffers for Christ, when one is persecuted, blessed are you.  Your reward will be given in Heaven, My children.  Do not despair and do not lose hope.  I am your hope.  Follow Me.  All will be well.  Together, we will have the victory.  My Mother’s army, Her children, will triumph over evil.”


“That is all, My little lamb.  Go in My peace.  Be love to all and be merciful, My children.  Love as your Jesus loves.  Oh, how I love you, My children.  I am with you.  Do not be afraid.”


“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace and in joy.”


Thanks be to God.  Amen!  Alleluia!


December 6, 2020  Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus, present in the most Blessed Sacrament.  My hidden Jesus, I love, adore, praise and give glory to You, Lord, God and King!  Thank You, Lord for the opportunity to be in Your Eucharistic presence.  What an honor and a joy it is for me.  Jesus, my heart was filled with awe and joy when I saw You here in Your splendor in the humble bread of the most Holy Eucharist.  Thank You, thank You, thank You my Lord and my God.  I love You so!


“My little child, I am also filled with joy at your presence and that of My son, (name withheld).  I see the gladness in your soul, My child and it pleases Me.  This is only a morsel of what I experience when My children visit Me and adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament.  Oh, how I long for My lost children to come back to Me, to be with Me, closely united through My communion with My people.  When I come to You in Holy Communion, I fulfill My promise that I would never leave or abandon You.  ‘Lo, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the ages.’  My children, have confidence that I am true to My word.  I am the Word of God.  I am truth.  I am light.  I am love.  I am mercy.  I AM.”


“My daughter, I long for all to know and love Me because My children were created to know their Creator and to love Me.  My children, you do not fully understand the meaning of the word love, if you do not accept and believe in the cross, My passion and death and My resurrection.  My passion, death and resurrection was all for love of mankind, for each individual.  So great, so deep, so perfect is the love of God for His children, that the Father sent His Son to become the Son of man, to die for redemption.  I willingly laid down My life to redeem each and every person created.  I paid the price for your sins, My children to give you access to Heaven.  My children, like any gift, it must be accepted or it will not be useful.  If one rejects a gift, no matter how lovely the gift, it will be of no use to the recipient.  You understand this, My Children of Light.  My death and resurrection is never wasted on humanity, even for those who do not understand the fullness of this great gift, the salvation of mankind, because I gave My very life for the world in an unparalleled act of love (unparalleled in human history) and all of creation was changed as a result.  You will understand this more fully in Heaven, My children.  The world would be a very, very different place had I not come during the appointed time.  Trust therefore, that I know when the appointed time will be for the outpouring of My Holy Spirit upon mankind in the real ‘Great Awakening’ the Second Pentecost.  My Holy Spirit will illuminate the souls of each person, and they will know and see their own soul as I (God) see their soul.  Some people will be mortified, some will be in terror, some will be ashamed, and fewer will be full of joy.  This time, the Illumination of Conscience is a great act of mercy, for a multitude will repent of their sins, will convert, accept the faith and take their rightful place in the family of God.  This Illumination is being reserved for this time in the history of mankind out of love, for if it did not occur, souls would be doomed to hell because so many souls reject God and would prefer hell over Heaven.  It is not My Will that souls go to hell, My children.  However, because of free will, mankind may choose life everlasting, or death everlasting.  I long for My children to choose life and in order to do so one must repent (have contrition for sin and turn away from sin) make a firm purpose to amend one’s life, and choose to love God.  For those who are steeped in a life of sin, this conversion process takes a powerful act of the will.  However, when one decides to choose God, torrents of graces are poured into the soul to support the soul in the journey to God.  You see, My beautiful children, I give every hep and grace needed for souls.  I know what each individual soul needs and in My loving benevolence I provide all that is needed to bring My children into the fulness of the faith and into God’s family.  My love compels Me, My children.  I search every dark corner within the human heart, show My light and penetrate the darkness to elevate My children to the family of God.  Many souls will return and many souls will come into the Church.  Be prepared, My Children of Light to witness, to evangelize, to share the love of God with your brothers and sisters.  Do not be overwhelmed when the time comes at the multitude who will be in need.  Focus on the one or the few who are right in front of you, then you will focus on the next one and the next one and so forth.  I will give you great graces, My faithful children and My most Holy Mother Mary will assist you.  You will be able to teach, to instruct, to demonstrate heroic love like never before.  I will see to this in a powerful way.  This is so you will be able to reach (collectively) every person in need who has the desire to repent.  Be especially patient My Children of Light.  Patience demonstrates great respect and mercy.  Pray for the virtue of patience and My Holy Spirit will give this to you.  Pray for this now and exercise patience in all you do. I will multiply this in you but I want you to practice this virtue now.  When one is not patient it demonstrates the pride in one’s soul.  I want to root out this pride, My children and replace it with one of the greatest virtues, humility.  I love you, My little children and I desire that you model your life after your Jesus who was and is infinitely patient with man.  If it were not so, the world would have destroyed itself long before now.  Do you see, My children?  Do you see more clearly that patience comes from a merciful heart?  Mercy comes from love.  The opposite of love or the absence of love is hatred.  One who is prideful loves oneself more than others and elevates one’s needs and desires over the needs and desires of others.  I am referring to a soul who is filled with pride, but My children, even when you lapse and have bouts of pride, it is true that you put yourself above others.  This is demonstrated by a lack of patience, a lack of tolerance, a lack of mercy and an uncharitable spirit.  I say all of this in order to teach you the importance of patience and how it is connected to the virtue of humility.  Humility says, I can wait for my brother or sister for I do not know what they are going through, what difficulty they may be experiencing.  Perhaps they do not feel well and cannot move as quickly as others.  Perhaps they are elderly and do not have the agility they did in their youth.  I will be elderly one day.  I may not feel well one day and I pray others will be as patient with me as I am now with them.  Even if I never face what they are going through now, I will pray that they feel the love of God through the patience and mercy I show them.  This, My children is virtue.  This is holiness.  Make everything a prayer, My children and you will see your patience, your mercy and your love grow.  You will notice also, changes in others who will not be as stressed, will not feel as pressured when they do not live up to your false expectations.  They will relax around you and they will be more open to the love of God.  My children, these are behaviors I want you to learn, for they come from hearts desiring to follow God and the way of holiness.  You will be better prepared for the patience required of My children during the Time of Great Trials.  There is very little time, My children so we must begin now.  Make a determined act of the will to become a more patient, more merciful person.  You must do this, My children.  I will help you.  I will give you every grace needed, but you must decide for you have the beautiful gift of free will and I always respect this gift.”


“My little lamb, do not be concerned that I have gone into too much detail.  Some of My children desperately need this lesson and will more clearly understand the importance after reading these words.”


Lord, I am sorry for thinking this was too much detail.  It’s very ironic, since I am the one who goes into too much detail that I love people!  Jesus, You are God.  You know what people need.  I have no clue.  I also needed this lesson, Lord.  I lack patience and I have too much pride.  I will read these words and I ask You to press them deeply into My heart.  Forgive me, Jesus for any and all pride lurking in the shadows of my small heart.  Illuminate my soul and chase every shadow of sin out.  Fill me with the light of truth, the light of love and mercy.  As a result, give me abundant graces and a humble heart.  Help me, Jesus to be like Your most holy and pure Mother Mary.  Give me a heart like hers, Lord.  I know I am asking the impossible, but for You, Lord nothing is impossible.  I want to be Your child after her heart so to win the heart of my precious, adorable Savior.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, you just inhaled very deeply as I am in the process, very gently, of enlarging your heart.  You have asked this of Me for decades, My child and I listened and listen to this request.  My child, I gave you a sensitive heart.  This has often caused you pain and suffering and yet this is a gift.  A sensitive heart cares deeply for others, feels deeply and has great empathy.  It can also be a weakness if the sensitive heart is not formed properly; for it can easily be wounded by the sins of others and as a consequence of personal sin.  However, a sensitive heart longs for union with the love.  I am all love, My child.  I see the longing and the desire of your heart for God.  I have been expanding your heart for some time, My child and My adversary opposes this.  He opposes growth in holiness and a struggle ensues.  You sense this struggle My child.  At times, you feel indecisive in your heart and your mind for you are resisting the inner struggle with much strength.  My child, My child, you are not always aware of this inner battle from an intellectual standpoint but you sense it in your soul.  I send your angels to prompt you and to reflect on what is going on inside your spirit and I gently pull you back into the refuge of My Sacred Heart where you are protected and can rest.  During these periods of time, albeit brief periods, your soul is more aware of the unrest you experienced.  The awareness causes you to have even more trust in Me as you rest in My heart in My presence.  My little one, you do not realize all of this is occurring, but I have given you glimpses of this.  You know what I mean, now My child.  I am telling you this because I want you to know that even when it is difficult to perceive, I am protecting you.  I am giving you graces.  I am causing spiritual growth in holiness.  It is often difficult to perceive, but I am patient, merciful, kind and so very gentle with souls.  Do you understand, My little lamb?”


I think so, Jesus.  I mean, of course I understand that You are patient, merciful, kind and gentle.  I think I understand what You mean by giving me refuge in Your Sacred Heart.  I think I have sensed this on several occasions, Lord and I believe I had a sense of relief, of peace, of abiding with You as You have held me in Your arms.  I don’t know if You really were, or if this is exactly what You mean by this.  If so, then ‘yes’, I know what You mean.  It is a mystery, Jesus and so I don’t think I can fully comprehend what You say is happening but …


“Yes, My child, you are correct in your recollection of these times of peace.  This is what was occurring.  This is true for many of My Children of Light when they seek refuge in My Sacred Heart and in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  Come here often, My children when you need rest from the storm.  (see refuge prayer) The storms will come, they will rage all around you and I will be a refuge to souls.  You will in turn provide refuges for other souls when they are in need.  My children, when others come to you in need and you assist them, be kind and merciful.   When they feel beholden to you and are humbled by your assistance, many will feel unworthy.  Tell them that you are just doing what has already been done for you by God.  You are no different than they are and that you take refuge in the Lord’s Sacred Heart and He never refuses you this refuge.  Consequently, you are just trying to follow the example of Jesus.  This is how you are thanking Me, by trying to emulate your Jesus.  This is the attitude you must have, My children.  You are all My children.  I love each one of you.  Some of My children came to love Me early in life and some will love Me later in life.  Each soul is My delight and I rejoice when My children come home. 


Try very hard not to be like the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son, but rejoice with the Father when one of My lost children come home.  Rejoice, because of your love for Me and for love of your brothers and sisters.  In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the elder brother symbolizes My people Israel.  They were angry at God’s love for the Gentiles.  It also symbolizes My people, Israel and the children who lived in the region of Samaria who were looked upon by the Jews as unworthy.  You see, My Children of Light, you often act as the Jews and look down upon lost souls.  You often think you are better than others because you know and love Me.  Like the Jews who did nothing on their own to become children of Abraham, you have done nothing to win redemption.  It is I who died for you.  Remember this, I also died for those you think are less worthy than you because they do not know Me.  Think of anyone or any peoples you may have false notions about, for example, My Muslim children.  They do not know and love Me as you.  Are they any less worthy to come into relationship with Me, the Messiah?  No, they are not.  They just do not know.  One day, many, many will know and they will immediately convert.  They will repent and become excellent in virtue and have a deep faith.  They will give their lives for God, the one true God.  They will no longer take their life and the lives of others out of a heretical belief system. But many will be true martyrs of the faith.  They will come to Heaven, even though they have (many will) come to the faith later in their lives or later in the time of their pilgrimage on earth.  (Jesus said this because some will be martyred in their youth.)  You will rejoice for their heroic love and faith in God in spite of the time they followed a false religion.  They will have come to know the truth and will become saints.  Remember the parable of the workers who arrived later in the day but received the same payment as those who toiled all day?  You see, My children, God is mercy and love.  Be like Me.  Follow Me.  Love as I love.  Show mercy as I am mercy.  Good loving children, with loving, holy parents want to be like their parents.  This is what My Children of Light must aspire to be; like the Father in Heaven, like the Holy Family, like your elder brothers and sisters in the Faith (the Saints).  You are called to live lives of holiness, My children. 


It is not easy, but it is also not complicated.  To live a life of holiness, one must simply emulate your Jesus.  Love others.  Share with others.  Be merciful.  Sacrifice yourselves for love of others by dying to oneself (to one’s arrogance, to one’s selfishness, to one’s pride, etc.…), so that those around you will witness the love of God.  Not, because you are so great, but because God is.  Be sign posts for God.  Point the way, by your loving, holy example.  Be like the Good Samaritan and the widow who searched with her lamp for her last coin to give it for God.  Read Sacred Scripture.  Read the Gospels and understand all that I did for others, for sinners, for the sick, the poor and those in great need, is what I call you to do.  Live as I lived and love as I loved in the Gospels.  You are My disciples.  You are My friends.  You are My little children.  I call you to great love.  I call you to heroic love.  You cannot have heroic love on your own and by anything you have done or could do, but in union with Me and by My grace, you can and you will if you ask for this love.”


“My little lamb, these words are important for My children.  Reflect on these words.  Pray for these gifts and graces to permeate hearts.  Pray for this for your family, as you already have, but pray for an outpouring of these graces for heroic love.  Be confident that when one prays for graces to love more and to grow in holiness, I always answer them.  This is My Will.  I will these graces.  You have only to ask for them.”


 “My child, My child, be assured of My love for you.  You are not perfect.  I know this.  I know your heart better than you know yourself.  Do not be concerned about your shortcomings, your weaknesses.  Give all to Me.  I will see to everything.  Just as you give up your sins and release them to Me in the Sacrament of Confession, give Me all that you have and all that you are.  Entrust all to Me and I will make good use of you as My instrument.  Depend on Me, My child.  All will be well.  The storm rages.  I am your port in the storm.  I am your safe harbor.  Rely on Me.  I never disappoint.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Praise You, my Jesus.  I love You and I give You my all.  I give You my life, my work my heart, my family, my possessions, my love, my shortcomings, my failures, my weaknesses, my attributes, the talents You gave me and every good thing You have given me and everything I have done that was uncharitable.  I give everything to You.  Make of me a new creation.  Give me a new heart, one that loves You above all people and all things.  Put a steadfast spirit in me, Jesus.  May I want nothing but the love of God and as a result give me a heart full of love for You and for others.  I pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on others and also on me, Jesus.  Fill my heart with the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and send this flame of love throughout the world.  Thank You, Lord for Your words of light and love.  May I live these words more fully than ever, Jesus so that I can be an instrument of peace, love and mercy in my environment, Jesus.  I love You.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for the love of my husband, my children and grandchildren and the love of my beautiful, holy siblings.  Thank You mostly for my heroic, loving husband.  He does so much for us, Lord and he is a good, spiritual leader of our family.  Thank You for his life and for his love.  Protect him, Lord.  Protect our entire family, all our relatives and all of our friends.  Protect our President, Lord and his family.  Protect us all from the evil that wants to destroy this nation, founded for You, under God, for liberty and justice.  Your liberty and Your justice.  Protect us, Lord.  Please God deliver us from evil.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen!


Jesus, I have not prayed enough for Your intervention in this current turmoil and battle for souls.  Jesus, only You can deliver us from the tyrants who want to rule over our country and the world.  Save us from this evil, Lord.  Save us from those who are in league with Your adversary.  Deliver us from tyranny from communism and totalitarianism.  Deliver us, Lord, deliver us.  Jesus, we need Your intervention, Your deliverance.  Please cover us with your precious blood, Lord.  Save us from the evil that seeks souls to devour.  Hide us in Your Sacred Heart and be our refuge.  Cover us with Our Lady’s mantle of protection and hide us in Her Immaculate Heart.  You are the answer and the only One who saves.  Save us from our own sins and save us from evil, that wants to triumph over Your Children of Light.  Come to us, Lord and reside in our hearts.  May this Advent be a true longing for our Savior.  May this Advent give birth to You in the hearts of mankind, Lord.  Praise You, Lord for You are my God, my Savior, my Lord, my Friend, my Jesus the Christ who is true God and true Man.  I love You, my Lord and my God!


“And I love you, My daughter, My child, My friend, My little one.  I love you.  All will be well.  Take My hand and I will continue to lead you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Thank you for persevering today in prayer, My little lamb.  Thank you to My precious son, (name withheld) for your patience and for waiting with Me in this time of Advent and this time of Calvary for My Church.  Wait in joyful hope My children.  Have faith in Me.  Be joy.  Be mercy.  Be peace.  Be love.”


Amen, Lord!

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