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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 20, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus, present in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar.  I love You, adore You, praise You and glorify You my Lord, my God and my All!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  Lord, all Masses are miraculous and amazing, but this Mass was also gorgeous.  Thank You, Lord Jesus for the beauty of the Holy Mass.  Thank You for handing this down through the Apostles, so that even in our day we may participate in attending Mass.  Praise You Lord for suffering and dying on the cross for my sins and then giving us Holy Mass to carry on through ages and ages.  You give us Yourself as our bread from Heaven. 


Lord, thank You for my family and my friends.  Praise You for the world, for all of creation and for this beautiful day.  Protect all of us from the snares of the enemy and help us to grow closer to You, Lord.  Please heal all who are ill and those recovering from surgery.  I pray also for those who are separated from the Faith.  I pray also for those will die today or tonight, especially those who are unprepared for their deaths.


“My little lamb, will you follow Me no matter where I lead you?”


Yes, Jesus.  With Your help I will try.  Where do You wish to lead me, Lord?


“By a difficult road, My child.  You have already experienced hardships, but this will be different.  All My Children of Light will experience the Great Trials, it is true.  Those who live up to these events and who follow Me are marked by the Sign of the Cross.”


Lord, have I not already given You my ‘yes’?  I may not be fully prepared for what lies just ahead, My Jesus, but You have assured me You will be with me and with my family.  Lord, I trust in You.


“Thank you, My child, as you should.  I have assured you of this.  I desire to prepare you even more for the times that are fast approaching.  There will be much upheaval.  There will be even more lawlessness.  My child, there will be so much unrest and violence that it will be difficult to find peace in your own heart.  You must remember what I have told you, to come often and come quickly to the fountain of peace, the Prince of Peace.  Ask for My peace and I will give peace to you.  Guard the peace in your family.  My son, (name withheld), you must protect the peace of your family.  You are the head.  You are the protector.  You are the way finder and you must exemplify peace.  My daughter, as the heart of the family, you will show love and be encouraging.  To you both I ask that you emulate the Holy Family.  Be peace in the midst of chaos, fear and distrust.  Be established in prayer, always faithfully in prayer for that provides the foundation for each day and gives you strength for the times.”


“Be first of all, people of prayer My Children of Light.  People will be brought to you by others as well as by My angels.  Open your door to all who come, My children.  They will not only be in need of shelter from the storm, but they will be in need of love.  Yours is a rescue mission for souls, My Children of Light.  You are beacons of My hope, My peace, My mercy, My love.  Share all you have with others.  You will not go without the necessities of life, My children.  All will be well.  You will teach others who come to you to pray.  They will adopt your prayer routine, the basics that I have encouraged you adopt each day; the prayer of the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet each morning and every evening.”


“The first hour in the morning will be devoted to prayer with all in your home (except little children who are welcomed to pray but not expected).  If you wish to have time to pray, read and reflect prior to this, get up earlier for quiet time.  Afterwards, the time in prayer will be for the entire family and all who have joined your family.  After these prayers, you are to read Holy Scripture out loud.  (Name withheld), My son you will lead all in prayer and you may ask others to read a verse of Scripture to include them if you desire.  Then, you will pray the Chaplet of St. Michael and conclude with the St. Michael prayer.  This is how you are to begin each day.  At the evening hour, repeat the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Conclude with Scripture and an appropriate evening prayer ending with the Guardian angel and prayer of St. Michael.  This will become your prayer routine for the refuge time.  Begin to practice this now, My daughter and son so you will lay this foundation of prayer in your home.  My son, (name withheld) I would like you and My daughter to pray another rosary together during the day.  I realize this is not always possible now but it will be soon.  Also, incorporate the Angelus at noon.  My daughter, your time is not your own at the moment while you are working.  Do the best you can during the day.  I will make a way for you.  I am building on what I have asked of you to protect you and your family and all who will come to you.” 


“Do not worry, My child that you do not think there is enough room to accommodate those I send you.  I will make room for each one.  Be willing and open your hearts.  I will bring you more people to love than you can imagine now, but I will also give you graces to love heroically.  Pray for these graces, My children.  All of My Children of Light must decide for love.  It is a decision.  Decide now to be more loving, more patient, more kind.  Do not focus on petty differences.  Overlook one another’s shortcomings.  Recall that I ask My children to live for the Kingdom of Heaven now while you are still living on earth.  Pray the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer I taught My Apostles, and reflect on these words.  Meditate on them, My children.  You are praying for forgiveness from your sins as you forgive the sins of others, yet you focus even on weaknesses that are not sins and allow these shortcomings to disturb your peace.  My children, this is not living the Lord’s Prayer.  In the prayer to My Father and your Father you say these words, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’  You are praying for God’s Kingdom to come on the earth-just as it is in Heaven, but then you carry on living as if every small fault is a mortal sin.  My children do not be annoyed by other’s characteristics.  Be annoyed by your own sins and the sins of others.  Do not be disturbed by a child’s noises at play.  Be disturbed by violence and hatred.  Do not be focused on small petty annoyances.  See the beauty in each person.  See God in one another.  Focus on what is important—love.  Focus on joy.  Focus on peace and mercy.  Focus on forgiving your neighbor and serving those in need.  Serve one another out of hearts full of love.  This is what I am calling you to do and to be, for this is living the Gospel.”


“Now is the time for final preparations, My children.  Finalize all that you need to do to be prepared.  Frequent the Sacraments.  Pray.  Help one another.  The time is growing short now before the next upheaval.  Pray for direction in all things.  Ask Me for clarity and in your prayers, I will direct you.  My Mother intercedes for you, Her children.  She will give you refuge in Her Immaculate Heart, so do not fear.  My Holy Mother stands ready with Her arms open wide to all of Her children.  Be not afraid.  St. Joseph is also active in this specific time during the Church’s purification.  He is a powerful Saint who also intercedes for you.  His special and particular place in Heaven assigned to him from all time, his particular grace as the earthly father of mine, gives him power over demons and the enemies of My Church.  Ask for his intercession.  Consecrate your homes to the Holy Family, My children and your homes and all within will be protected.  Just as God protected the Israelites in Egypt with the blood of the lamb smeared on the doorposts, the entry way to homes, so will consecration of your homes to the Holy Family serve to protect you.  Have no fear.  What comes will be endured, My children.  You must realize what is important is serving God, loving God, loving one another, welcoming the stranger (your brothers and sisters) and sharing all you have with all who come to you.  Remember, My child, how you are to greet each one I send.”


Yes, Jesus.  You said we are to welcome each one and say that we were expecting them, we were waiting for them.  We are so glad they are finally here.  Welcome. (or words to that effect)


“Yes, My little lamb.  This is what you will say and how you will be toward all who come.  Each family member must be prepared to greet those who come in this manner.  They will have lost all material possessions, their homes, their furnishings, even their clothing.  Many will have lost family members and friends, also.  Make them feel welcomed and let them know you knew they were coming.  The Lord prepared this place for them.  It is now their home away from home so to speak.  Everything I have given you, My (names withheld), My (names withheld), now belongs to all.  This is how you are to share.  I will provide.  You will not run out of food or water.  You will have what you need.  I would like you to find an alternate way to heat your home.  It will be necessary during winter.  Do what you can now, My children so that you are able to stay warm when times are very bleak.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Lord.  Lord, I was thinking again last night about changing our chimney or building a real chimney.  I will speak to (name withheld) about this.


“Yes, My child.  This is My inspiration to you, as well as the solar heat.  Do these things and it will be less miserable for you and for the children I will send you.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“My child, you do not have the additional water filtration systems by accident.  You will use all of these, My child to supply the needs of all those who are with you.  Do not fear.  The scale is larger than you imagine now, My son and My daughter.  Finalize your preparations.  I will assist you.  Ask the saints and angels to help as well.  Ask and you will receive My children.  You have not because you ask not.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus. 


“My children, do not fret and do not be filled with anxiety.  Do what you can and I will do the rest.  Call on the angels who are at your disposal waiting to assist you.  You often forget your Guardian Angel is by your side at all times.  Speak with your faithful guardian and allow your angel to resolve problems and come to your assistance.  They will do so, especially when you have developed a friendship with them and have allowed your hearts to be more open to their promptings.  They help spiritually, of course, but can also be relied on for physical assistance.  Your angels were assigned to you by My Father long before you were born and each was chosen just for the soul to whom they are assigned.  They should become your special friends.  If you aren’t close to them already, it isn’t too late.  They will be of particular help during this time leading up to the refuge time, during the Time of the Illumination, when My Holy Spirit will enlighten and purify souls and during the refuge time.  The angels of these times have been reserved for God’s people of today from all time.  Understand this, My children, your Guardian Angels have been given much heavenly power.  Reflect on this and you will understand the reason.  My child, My child, I will be with you as I am with you now.  All will be well.  One day, in the future, you will look back on this time with a much deeper understanding and with more clarity.  You will see, and you will understand much more deeply how My hand guided you.  Do not focus on your feelings which come and go like the weather.  Focus on what is important on the lives and the love around you, on the goodness of God, the beauty of creation, the life of Faith and the great mission I give to each one of My Children of Light.  Pray for souls.  Do acts of penance for your sins and for the sins of others.  Pray for those who do not know the love of God.  These souls are in dire need of your prayers for conversion.  Pray, pray, pray.  Pray for your shepherds.  Pray for the Church.  I am with you.  Love one another.  Forgive those who persecute you.  Be at peace, My children.  The world longs for peace.  Give them (all those around you) My peace.  I will replenish your supply so do not hesitate to give it away out of love to others.”


“That is all for now, My child.  I love you!   I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be mercy.  Be joy, and above all be love.”


Thank You, Jesus my Lord and my God.  Amen.  Alleluia!  Praise Your Most Holy Name.

September 13, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe, adore, honor, love and praise You, my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  Mass is so beautiful, Lord.  It is Heaven on earth.  Praise You, Lord that we now have access to the Sacraments.  I pray that somehow You will make a way for Your people to receive even if another lockdown occurs.  Lord, I pray for all who are ill; especially for (names withheld and all who are suffering during this time.  Lord, I heard a staggering statistic and I don’t know if it is accurate but the numbers of people suffering from mental illness have dramatically increased and the number of suicides.  Lord, I’m sure this is due to the isolation people feel due to the virus.  Many people feel there is no hope and the joys they experienced due to going to Church, birthday parties and just being with family and friends has diminished.  Lord, You are the source of all joy and love.  Lord, You spread love through Your people. 

Jesus, help those who are alone, isolated and lonely to experience, now more than ever, Your presence in their lives no matter their circumstances.  May all who have not experienced Your love, have an encounter with You.  Your heart is so adorable, so merciful and kind, so beautiful.  Help all Your children to learn this about You, Jesus.  May all come to know, love and follow You, my sweet Savior.  Give all of us the graces we need, especially graces for conversion and the graces to love heroically.  Lord, I give You my life, my family, my heart and all of the actions I take this day.  May everything be done within Your Sacred Heart, Lord.  Take me into Your heart, Lord and never let me go.  I want to dwell in You, Lord.  I give You my will and ask that You please give me Yours.  May I always walk in lockstep with You, Jesus.  Lord, please bring conversion through repentance to all in our nation.  Help us to be the land of people who love and serve You.  May we once more be one nation under God.  Purify our hearts, Lord.  Help us to love one another as You have commanded us to do.  Help us to forgive.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My (name withheld) I thank you for your presence here.  I give many graces to those who come to adore Me.  My child, My Sacred Heart burns for love of My children.  My heart is the fire of love burning as in the burning bush Moses saw.  My love purifies, it brings all things to light, it burns but does not consume and its flames never are and never will be extinguished.  Those who return My love are so changed as to have a new life; a new life in the love.  I do not need perfect people.  So many children refuse to come to Me, putting it off for ‘someday’ because they feel unworthy.  They think, ‘One day, I will decide for God, after I make changes.’  This usually means, after they give up some sinful pattern or some sinful companions.  They do not realize this is a very dangerous position because they are choosing a life of sin over God.  It is also more difficult to will to change after willfully continuing in sin.  You see, My children one must make a choice for God, for Me, right away.  Choose Me.  Come to Me and say, ‘Lord, I know I sin and am a sinner.  Nevertheless, I want to change but cannot do this without your help.  Lord, I need Your Divine assistance.  Please forgive my sins, even if they are many, and take me as Your child.  Renew my heart.’  In this way, I will help you to transform your life.  Sometimes it will be an overnight transformation.  In most cases, it will be bit by bit.  I am gentle.  I know what each soul needs and I know everything about them.  I know which ones require slow, but steady progress and which souls need immediate and complete transformation.  If a soul will be coming to meet Me soon because I know their death is imminent, I will transform them immediately.  If a soul would fall into worse sin afterwards and a slower process is needed, I will work very patiently and bring them along the way gently.  Every soul is unique and I know what is best for each one.  Therefore, do not be concerned or have fears about approaching God, My children.  I love each one and I long to have you return to Me.  I love you so much that I want you to live forever with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven.”


“Do not fear rejection for I never reject My children, no matter how dark their souls have become.  The only thing required is a desire to follow Me and a desire to repent, to turn your back on sin and to will to love Me.  Even if this desire is not very strong, ask and I will give you this desire.  Remember, My little ones who are far from Me, that emotions are not reliable.  They frequently change.  Be authentic and seek Me and you will find a good, loving and merciful God awaits you with open arms.  I am a loving and perfect Father.  If you did not have an earthly father or if you did not have a good father, think of all you wish your father was for you.  For example, was he harsh and uncaring?  I am the opposite, gentle and full of love and concern for you.  Was he absent?  I am always present with you.  This is true even if you are not aware of My presence.  Was he abusive?  I am respectful, kind and meek.  Was he argumentative?  I never argue and I am completely just and completely merciful.  Whatever the shortcomings of your earthly father, think of what you wish he could be and see that I am all of these good traits and good virtues and I am all love.  Come to Me and I will show you what a good Father I am.  I will provide every good thing if you decide for Me.  Open your hearts to the love.  Open your hearts to the light.  I will fill you with My love and you will be a new creation.  All will be well.  Only return to Me while there is time, My wayward children.  Otherwise you may lose your soul to the adversary.  He makes many promises and tempts the multitudes to follow him and when he has used you for his purposes, he will chew you and spit you out.  You will fall into the fiery furnace to burn in hell.  Do not wait when something as vital as your soul is at stake.  You do not know how much time you will have.  Spend it well, My children.  Walk with Me into the light of truth.  I will show you the way.”


Thank You, Jesus for Your great love and mercy.  Lord, many holy priests are being silenced or persecuted from within the Church.  Lord, please protect them.  Have mercy on us, Lord.  We need our good and holy priests who give us the truth of the Gospel.  They don’t water things down, but give us clear and concise information that is formative, not just informative.  They help us along the spiritual life and they have met such a need when our churches were closed to us.  Oh Jesus, we need our good shepherds.  Have mercy on us, Lord.  Protect them for their sakes and for ours.


“My little lamb, continue to pray for your shepherds.  Pray for My holy priest sons.  This is the time of the purification.  You are clearly able to see just how much sin has entered My Church.  The faithful ones can now identify those who are for Me and those who work against Me.  My good and faithful priest sons who are courageously proclaiming the Gospel and leading My people, will suffer during this current Age of Disobedience.  I know all and I see all.  My suffering sons are being drawn ever more closely to My Pure, Sacred Heart.  They are being true sons of the Father.  They give glory to God when they suffer for Me and My Kingdom.  I do not want this for them.  The ones who are either choosing evil, or who are being cowards are doing so of their free will.  I respect man’s free will, for I created free will out of love for mankind.  All will be judged accordingly.  The holy priest sons are precious to Me.  They are precious to the entire world and the saints in Heaven intercede for them in a special way.  Pray for them to remain strong in the Lord, to have courage and to be aware of My presence in their lives.  They are closer to Me when they bear this suffering, than ever before.  Be ready to defend My priests and to take them into your homes when necessary.  Encourage them, love them, pray for them.” 


“The trials will grow, My little lamb.  They will grow in intensity.  Yet, I have assured you that I am with you.  I will never abandon you or any of My children.  I will not leave you orphaned, even if the churches close their doors again.  I will make a way for you and for My children but you will go through hardships.  These are brought on by the evil one and because the degree of sin in the world is like never before.  I am infinitely merciful.  My smallest and most pure children cry out to Heaven begging for love, begging for help, begging for an end to this suffering.  I am also infinitely just and My justice will put an end to the atrocious sin of abortion and child trafficking, slavery to sin, murder, and all types of sins against the sanctity of life, marriage and the dignity of the children, all of whom are created by God.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and My remnant will be brought safely in the ark of Her heart to the time of peace, unity and the era of My love will reign.  Be at peace, My children.  Pray, pray, pray.  Do penance for your sins and for those who reject God.  Avail yourselves of the Sacraments as frequently as possible even if it requires travel to do so.  My children, you have experienced what it is like to be deprived of the Sacraments.  Do not take this time for granted.  Be grateful to the Lord and to My Most Holy Mother for Her intercession.  Pray the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet 2-3 times per day.  The people far from God need your prayers.  Your prayers also console My heart that is so rejected by My lost children.”


“My little lamb, thank you for writing My words today.  I realize they were strong words, but I have given you the grace to do this.  I will always be with you.  I supply exactly what is needed, My child.  Go now in peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I love you.  Be at peace.  All will be well.”


Amen, Lord.  I love You!   

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