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Children of the Renewal Messages


October 4, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today.  Thank You for the freedom to worship You and to follow You, my Lord.  Jesus, please protect our Nation and our leaders.  Please help President Trump and all who are ill to get well soon.  Protect their family.  Please protect Vice President and Mrs. Pence and their family.  Lord, bring all fallen away Catholics home and convert all who do not know and love You.  Protect us from the evil that wants to rule in our hearts and in the World.  I pray for an end to violence especially that of abortion.  Heal the women who have mistakenly chosen to have an abortion.  Heal them, forgive them, console them.  Thank You for the visit with my daughter yesterday.  It was good to be with her, Lord!  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  I am glad you are here with Me today both at Mass and in this chapel where I dwell hidden in the tabernacle.  I am here waiting for My children to come, but so few visit Me.  I give graces to those who come to sit with Me in the silence of their hearts.  Since many do not come, there are graces that are not given.  Oh, how I wish to shower My children with graces but they do not reach out to Me.  They are too busy with their busy lives.  Too busy to come to be with the Lord God.  My Sacred Heart grieves for My poor children who put their social lives, recreation and material goods ahead of Me.  I have much to give them.  I am not distant, but near to My people.  I have come to My people during the Consecration in order to be with them continually.  My children, Adoration is an extension or a continuation of Holy Mass in that I am truly present body, blood, soul and divinity in the Mass and I remain so in the Eucharistic bread that is only an appearance of bread after the priest says the Eucharistic words.  I am the bread that came down from Heaven, My children.  I love You so much that I do not abandon You.”


What more could You do for us, Lord than You have already done?


“My child, My child how I long to do more for My children if they would only open their hearts to Me.  The great and terrifying day of the Lord will come soon and many, many will regret their actions, their sins, their lack of love.  I wish to give graces for love.  I wish to give of My love, to hold My children close to My Sacred Heart, tenderly with the affection of a good brother, a good father.  I long to open the doors of My heart and allow My mercy to flood the souls of My children, to forgive and renew them, to make their hearts new like little children, to give them joy, peace and courage to give them hope.  I long for each one to accept My love, to follow Me and to live each day as if in Heaven.  My Kingdom has come, My child.  It came to Earth when I was born into the World and it will come again at the end of this era, at the end of this Age of Disobedience.  Then, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph, My child and souls will shine like the sun, with purity, chastity, holiness, with peace and joy radiating like rays of the brightest of lights piercing the night sky and lighting up the heavens.  This great and magnificent day will never be forgotten among the human race and all of Heaven will rejoice for so many pure souls.  My child when the Age of Disobedience ends and the Age of Obedience begins it will be the New Springtime My son, your Pope John Paul the II spoke of, for which he tried to prepare the world.  All peoples will worship in truth and will worship the One True God.  All people will know the truths of the Church I established and they will believe and know that I am truly present in the consecrated bread of the altar.  All will worship in unity, My child.  No one will be fearful.  People will be safe from harm for their will be very little sin in the world.  There will be free will and though this will not be Heaven yet, with no temptations few will sin at all for a period of time.  The World will be purified and restored to its natural beauty by design.  All will be clean and pure, therefore the rivers will be untainted by pollution.  It will be sweet, clean water, good enough to drink fresh from the streams and lakes.  The animals will not be afraid of My children, nor My children of the animals.  The earth will be made like new and you will see the splendor of God in creation.” 


“I desire all My Children of Light to live in this new Era of Peace.  Some of My children will come to live with Me in Heaven before the Era of Peace.  This is My will because many will need to be spared the Time of Great Trials.  This is out of My Mercy, My children.  Some will die martyrs and will be given high places in Heaven.  My children, I tell you this so you trust Me in My mercy.  Some people would not withstand the test and their souls would be at stake.  Others will withstand this and more but will give their lives for your Jesus and for souls who are in peril.  Most of My children will either fall away or will die as a result of the many natural disasters and chastisements.  Among these who perish, some will come to Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, just as souls who die now (or of natural causes) do.  This is not new information, My children but I tell you this so you do not judge souls who die in calamities as being less holy than those who live through the Time of Great Trials into the Era of Peace.  Do not judge souls, My children only pray for them.  Only I can judge souls because I am infinitely merciful and infinitely just.  Those who go through the Time of Great Trials will be given many, many graces, just as the early Church, but even more so.  This is true, My children because it will be even more difficult than in the early Church and the time of persecution.  This is why I will shorten the days or you would not live through them and I will also provide many graces.  You will be consoled by the love of each other and the love of God.  Though times will be most difficult, you will have miracles and you will see the hand of God miraculously protect you.  I love you, My children and I will that you live.  I will that you have life everlasting and come to dwell with Me in Heaven.” 


“What do you will, My children?  What do you desire above all things?  Is it Me?  Do you desire Heaven?  Do you desire this for others?  Pray, My Children of Light.  Pray much until you desire what I desire.  Unite your small hearts to Mine and they will become hearts full of love, peace and joy.  They will also become hearts filled with love and concern for your neighbor, your brothers and sisters.  (Neighbors are your brothers and sisters.   They are one and the same.)  My children, it is not difficult to understand.  My message, the Gospel message is simple enough for children to understand and yet it confuses the proud and the haughty, the wicked and those who pursue power over My people.  If you do not understand how to enter the Kingdom of God it is because your hearts are not like children’s hearts.  Seek My Kingdom.  Seek the One who loves you.  Seek Me and you will find Me.  Do not be afraid.  I will not reject the one who honestly seeks Me.  I will embrace you, no matter how much or to what degree you have sinned.  Come to Me, My children, My poor, lost children.  Come to Me.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If you continue to follow the evil one or continue to follow your own passions and vices as if they were gods, you will lose everything, your very souls, and you will only gain a small useless and empty short-term victory that will become your ball and chain.  The evil one who is My adversary and yours is the great deceiver.  He wants to rule your soul with contempt and torment you for the rest of eternity.  He uses you for his small conquests and when he has no more use of you, he wants your death and eternal sentencing to hell.”


“My children who have been so deceived, awaken from your slumber and realize the devil and his minions are crushing you.  They hate you, because they hate Me and you are My children.  For this reason alone, they hate you.  This becomes even more putrid because you are the children of God whom I love.  His only means of retribution against God is through My children.  He can do nothing to Me since I am all powerful.  The next worst thing is to hurt My children and entice them to worship him (a creature) rather than the Creator.  Do not allow yourselves to live this lie any longer, My poor children.  Choose God.  Choose life.  Choose love.  Choose the One who loves you, who created you, who died so that you can live.  My lost little children I tell you this because it is truth.  I tell you there are no other gods but only the One True God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Creator of man.  There is One True Church, the church I established on earth through My Holy Apostles.  Come into My Church.  Do not be deceived by the evil one into thinking this Church is not holy because there are many who have fallen into sin.  The Church is holy, because I am holy.  My teachings, the Sacraments, the Holy Mass, these are holy.  People sin in the Church and out of the Church.  There are no perfect human beings alive today and so of course there is sin.  My children I am purifying My Church and soon it will be as it was intended to be.  Soon it will be holy and pure, bright as the sun but first it must withstand the trials that are already upon it and will grow even greater.  This must be, My children to purify My bride.  Those who cling to the true Church will receive a magnitude of graces.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you.  My Mother is guiding you.  St. Joseph watches over My Church.  All will be well.  Come to Me.  Put your trust in Me.  All will be well.  Keep your eyes on Me, My Children of Light.  All will be well.  This is all for now, My child.  Go in peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My love.”


Amen, Jesus.  Alleluia.  


September 27, 2020  Adoration Chapel

Oh my Jesus, hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar I adore You!  I love You, Jesus!  Lord, thank You for the opportunity to be in Your presence in this place.  Thank You for the freedoms we have to attend Mass, to receive the Holy Sacrament and to adore You.  Lord, the world seems to be on a dangerous precipice.  Many cities are filled with violence and hatred.  Where we live things appear to be very calm, Jesus. It’s been eye opening to see just how quickly things can escalate, and yet I’ve felt for several years that things are not as they seem.  Lord, I realize in order to have peace, hearts must be transformed by Your grace.  Change hearts, Lord and bring about real conversion.  May all people know and love You, my Savior, my God.  Bring peace to our hearts, Lord.  True peace which comes only from You.  Lord, please protect the little children, the elderly and all who are vulnerable.  Help us, Jesus to do Your Will, to love one another as You have loved us and to love and serve You above all!  Heal those who are ill, Lord especially those who are terminally ill.  Console them.  Comfort them and give rest to the ones who care for them.  I pray especially for (name withheld) who has been caring for her mother for years.  She does so while working and she is so tired.  Lord, I want to help her but she doesn’t feel that others can care for her mother in the way she can.  She is also concerned because her mother suffers so and she is unable to display kindness to others due to the great pain she is experiencing.  Help them both, Jesus.  Be with all people who will die today or tonight, especially those who are unprepared for death.  Lord, forgive me of my sins.  Help me to grow in holiness.  I pray for graces to love heroically, Lord.  I have so far do go on the road to holiness.  You must pick me up and carry me, Jesus.  I am going so slowly and am unable to go at the pace that is needed especially knowing the hour is so late.  Please, Lord.  I am a weak soul and I do not do all You ask of me and I give in to my inclinations for comfort and self-centeredness.  When will I ever be the person you created me to be, Jesus?  I don’t know, but I fear it will not happen unless You rescue me from myself.  Lord, please give me a more loving heart and every grace needed to do Your Will, Jesus instead of my will.  I love You, Lord.  I want to love You so much more.


“My child, my child.  I forgive you.  I love you and I am walking with you.  I go at your pace, My little one.  If the time called for an abundance of grace to flood your soul in an instance, I would do this.  As it is, for now you must continue to walk the path in front of you.  Be assured that I am with you.  You do not walk this road alone.  Continue to advance, even if it is a struggle, My child for there is merit in the struggle.   When the times grow even darker and the time of persecution at its height, you will have every grace needed, I assure you.  Until then do as I have asked and pray, pray, pray.  Ask your Guardian Angel to help you in your spiritual walk.  Remember to request the holy ones in Heaven to pray for you, especially your patron Saint Elizabeth and all the saints I have given to you and your family as special intercessors.  They will not only pray for you but they are also given My permission to guide you.”


“All of My Children of Light are especially united to Heaven in these days.  Pray much and seek the prayers of those who have already gained Heaven.  They know what it is to toil on earth and they have overcome.  They also know, due to their vantage point in Heaven what is occurring on Earth.  They know just how to pray for you, My children but too many souls on earth forget to ask for their prayers.  You have free will My children and this means Heaven respects your will.  You must ask for prayers and ask for guidance for if you do not want this intercession and guidance, all of Heaven is unable to help you.  My Children of Light, it is not that Heaven is incapable, but it is the respect for God’s creation and design.  He created people to have free will, because of His deep love and respect for mankind.  Every day, ask for assistance from your Guardian Angel and the saints in Heaven.  In this way, many graces will be showered upon you.  This is especially needed in these times, My little children.  Pray much for souls who are far from Me.  Pray for their conversion.  Pray, My children, pray.  The hour is growing late and a time will come when it will be too late for conversion of the hardened heart.  Offer sacrifices/penance for the people who do not love God.  I desire many souls to come to know and love Me.  I desire their conversion so they will return to the family of God and be with Me in My Heavenly Kingdom.  I do not want to lose even one soul to the fires of hell.  I know many of you, my beloved children, are concerned for family members.  Pray the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for their souls.  Offer your Communions for them.  Have Masses said for their conversion.  Much grace will be showered upon them.  It will be of great benefit to their souls especially during the Illumination of Consciences.  I hear every prayer and each sigh of your heart for your loved ones.  Do not be discouraged, but trust in your Jesus.  I am all love.  I am all mercy.  I am the Savior of the World.  Trust in Me, but pray, pray, pray.”


“My little one, you are very weary.  You know well the time is short.  You know there is much to accomplish to prepare, but My little lamb you must rely more on Me.  I will assist you  I send angels to assist you.  Remember that when you feel overwhelmed it is because you are not relying on Me as much as you ought.  You cannot do everything alone, My child.  There is too much to do with little time remaining.  I will send souls to help you, My little lamb.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  I will cover any gaps you have, My child and you will have all that is needed for those I send you.  I will multiply necessities, also.  Be assured of My words, My child.  I am your loving Father.  I care for all of My children.   Do what you can and leave everything else to Me.  I will do the heavy lifting.”


(Personal conversation omitted)


If this is Your Holy Will, it will happen by Your grace.  It if is not Your Will, You will provide in another way.  All belongs to You, Lord.  The home and property you have given us, we give back to You to use as You will.  Thank You for all the blessings and the love You give us, Jesus.  Thank You for the mission entrusted to our family.  Help us to prepare for those who will come during the Time of Great Trials so they are as comfortable as possible, as welcomed as we can make them feel, and as loved as humanly possible.  Lord, please fill in the gaps for all of our deficiencies.  We can’t live one day without Your assistance and Your grace.  Thank You for Your love, Lord.


“My daughter, thank you for coming here today to keep Me company.  Thank you to My son (name withheld) also.  I know you long to be outdoors enjoying these last days of summer weather.  It means very much to Me when My children wait with Me.  This is the hour of great mercy still, My child but soon it will be the Time of Great Trials, suffering and intense purification.  The time you have spent in Adoration and prayer will strengthen you, My children.  This time is never wasted.  Graces come down from Heaven on the world where My children adore Me in My Eucharistic Kingdom.  Be encouraged children.  Through the tumultuous times, My Holy Spirit will strengthen you.  Continue walking with Me.  Continue to seek guidance and assistance from My Most Holy Mother Mary.  She never fails to intercede for Her children before the throne of God.  She brings your prayers with Her and infuses them with grace before presenting them to God the Father.  Give Her your thanks and your love.  She is the most loving and pure Mother and I share Her with you because of My love for you and for Her sake.  I want to make Her known and loved.  She brought Me into the world through her ‘yes’.  Imitate Her, My children.”


“My child, I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in the peace and grace of God.  Be mercy, be love, be joy, be peace to all a world in darkness.  Be the salt and the light, My little children.  All will be well.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Alleluia!

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