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Children of the Renewal Messages


July 11, 2021 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Adoration Chapel

Hello, my adorable Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Praise You, Lord.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion.  I adore You, my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for so many blessings, Lord.  May Your holy name be praised by every person on the earth.  Blessed be the name of Jesus, true God and true Man.  Lord, I pray for Your holy priest sons, especially those who are being persecuted throughout the world.  I pray also for all Christians who are persecuted, especially for our Chinese brothers and sisters.  For all who are ill, especially for (names withheld) and all who suffer from Alzheimer’s, cancer, renal disease, diabetes and liver problems.  Lord, I also pray for those who have either left the Church or are outside of the Church.  Please give them graces to desire to return to the Church or to enter into the Faith.  Lord, Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord I hope in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


“My daughter, I want My children to continue to pray and to hope.  Some have acquiesced for they believe all hope is lost.  This is a temptation, My children.  You must not fall into this dangerous trap.  I am God and I can do all things.  Trust in Me.  Hope in Me.  Do you not realize that the worst possible circumstance can turn around immediately if I but say the word?  The evil one is gaining momentum, it is true.  What is needed when evil surrounds you?  Grace, My children.  Where can grace be found?  It is found in the Sacraments of the Most Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.  In the Church, My children.  This is why I tell you to return to the Sacraments and to access them frequently.  It is not enough for only My priest sons to say Holy Mass, and for them to be the only one present.  Yes, this is good, but it is not what is best.  The reason I tell you this is because the more people who participate in the Holy Mass and worthily receive Me in the Most Holy Eucharist, the more grace is received into the hearts of My people who are operating in the world.   When they go into their environments, My grace goes with them and like a perfume My fragrance is spread to souls.” 


“Be very holy My children and in this way the world will be transformed.  Immerse yourself in prayer and the reading of Holy Scripture, My children for graces will be given as well.  My children, pray for your priests.  Love your priests.  Pray for all religions, My children.  These men and women have given their lives to Me and to My Church.  If they do not seem to be holy, pray for them and offer sacrifices for them out of love.  Be holy examples.  Many priests of ages gone by became more holy by the holy examples of their flock.  My children it is a time in the world of persecution.  My Church is in Her agony just as I experienced My agony in the garden.  Do not abandon My Church in Her agony, for to do so is to abandon Me.  Do you think that God is unaware of what is occurring?  I saw this time before Me during My passion.  I saw each soul.  My children, I died for everyone, even those who are living evil lives and those who are betraying you and your nation.  I died for them, also.  I knew that even though I would die to free man from sin and the punishment due for sin, that many would choose hell.  This was the cause of My greatest agony, the souls who would be lost due to their choice for evil.  I did not turn from the path to Calvary, though.  I accepted the Will of My Father in Heaven.  Rather than doing what I ‘wanted’ in a moment, I fulfilled God’s perfect Will to save mankind.  I drank from the cup of My bitter passion and death and I did so out of love for you.  My Mother also united Her Will to the Will of the Father.  This is why, dear children, do not abandon the Church in Her agony but embrace whatever God Wills, while continuing on the road, the path to holiness.  Pray for your homeland.  Pray for your nation and for all souls to convert to God.  My children, you must not give in or give up.  Pray for graces for heroic faith, hope and love.  Have confidence in Me, My children.”


Lord, there is an expression, ‘Work as if everything depended on you.  Pray as if everything depended on God.’  This seems appropriate now because as we rely on You, trust in You and pray, pray, pray, You inspire us to act in the right way and in the way that will bear fruit.  When we act and follow through on the inspirations of Your Holy Spirit, we demonstrate our faith and reliance on You through our actions. (holy actions)


“Yes, My child it is true.  You have said it well!” 


“Be a light to others, My Children of Light.  Be merciful and kind.  Speak the truth which should overflow from your hearts filled with love for God and for your brothers and sisters.  Be generous with your love, your time and your material blessings.  For as I have blessed you, you are to bless others.  Do not be attached to material things, My children.  You will have many more treasures in Heaven and you will not be able to bring the material things with you when you pass from your earthly life into the life of Heaven (or hell for that matter).  Be generous and be gracious.  Live the Gospel.  You will win many souls for the Kingdom by your love, your genuine kindness and your mercy.  If you fall short in any of these, ask Me to increase your love.  Ask Me to teach you to love.  Open your hearts to the love, My children.  Love will never pass away and this you will bring (with you) to Heaven.  My children, the reason there is so much darkness and sin in the world is because there is not enough love.  And so, I tell you again and I invite you to be love.  Be a reflection of God.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be peace.  Do not be mistaken, even though you have peace, because of the Prince of Peace, there will be times that you may be accused of causing division.  Yes, My children, My faithful followers are often accused of being divisive.  If you are accused of this, then rejoice for I too was accused of bringing division.  But, it is not you who are being divisive.  It is Me, the Truth.  Souls who reject the Truth, are the root of this division which they claim is the fault of the one who is living the Gospel.  This My children is what causes division, a rebellious spirit that does not like the Truth.  Remember though that the Truth will set one free.  Why then, you may ask would the Truth be the reason for division if it sets souls free?  You may already have realized it is because falsehood and lies create division.  Disobedience and rebellion against God’s law causes division.  If every soul in the world decided for Truth, love and mercy, there would be no division.  So, take up your cross and follow Me.  It is time to embrace your crosses, My children and to do so with hope in the resurrection.  Love one another, My children no matter the external circumstances.  When the Son of Man returns in Glory I will be glad to find faith in your hearts and hope in the Lord.  Keep faith alive in your hearts, My children and instruct your children and grandchildren in the Faith.  Then, you will have no regrets.”


“My little lamb, you are correct in your realization of the events of the day.  Do not be afraid, you are prepared for what is to come and what you do not have, I will provide.  Be of good cheer.  Be at peace.  All will be well.  You know what to do when the situation changes, My child.  I will direct you.  I will guide you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Be at peace.  Do all that remains to prepare.  It would be good to establish the other garden you have discussed.  Prepare all that you can in your home.  There is a little time, but not much.  My daughter, you were sensing it is time to move forward. (financial) Continue to pray about this and I will direct you.  The time draws near.  Be at peace.  All will be well.  My daughter, I have heard your prayers.  Thank you for praying for others.  This is what I’d like all My children to do.  Be intercessory prayer warriors.  Be peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  My child, I bless you in My Father’s name in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia!

July 4, 2021, 6th Sunday after Pentecost

Hello, my adorable Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion.  Lord, thank You for the blessings You give to us even though we are undeserving.  Thank You for family, for health, for love, our faith, our churches, and the many liberties we have to worship You, to follow You and to love You.  Lord, I pray for conversion of hearts on this anniversary of our independence from British rule and tyranny.  Help us to remember that our nation cannot stand unless we build our houses on You, our Rock.  Give all Christians the graces needed for heroic virtue, heroic love and charity.  Help us to live for You, Lord God and to serve and love our neighbor.  May the love You have for Your children be demonstrated by us to others in order that Your Gospel will spread throughout this land.  Help us to love You so much that we live for You and make us willing to die for You if needed.  I pray for all nations that do not observe God given human rights.  Convert the hearts of those in government, Lord as they grasp at power, prestige and wealth.  Create clean hearts, Jesus and pour out graces for conversion so that this nation will once again be able to proclaim we are one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  I know there is a lack of love for You and therefore every truth that is ‘self-evident’ is not so evident to people who have strayed from You and Your holy, perfect Will.  Save us, Savior of the world so that we will once again be a beacon of hope for others.  May others see You when they look at or think of our nation.  May we become a Godly nation of loving Catholic Christians, Lord.


Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  You sensed the gravity of the state of souls in your country during Holy Mass today.  The blood of the unborn cries out to Heaven for justice.  This nation will never be what it once was until the sin of abortion is wiped out of your country and My people repent of this horrible sin of murder.  My people you must also repent of your laws stating it is legal to marry someone who is not allowed to marry based on My law.  Marriage is only between one man and one woman.  It is not marriage otherwise.  It is something else but not marriage.  Marriage is sacred.  It is a Sacrament.  When two people decide to live together in an unholy union, it is not proper to call that marriage, for it is not marriage.  My children, look at the multitude of sin that has ravaged your land.  It all began with the degrading of human life.  It began with contraception, followed by abortion, followed by euthanasia, all manner of violent crimes, drug and alcohol addictions, mental illness, falling away from the Faith and secular humanism.  Secular humanism is the precursor to communism and tyranny.  This, My children is all connected to your devaluing of human life, which is sacred and is to be respected.  I am the author of life.  Man is trying to usurp Me.  This cannot be allowed to continue on the current course.  If you do not repent and turn from your wicked ways, there will be a reckoning, My children.  The Lord God will not allow this world wide evil to continue much longer.  It would be much better for mankind to repent and convert to the way of God and return to a life of purity and goodness.  Walk in the path of God, My children and things will go well for you.  Otherwise, continuing on this evil path of violence and destruction of human life will lead souls to the abyss of hell.” 


“My children of America, I have richly blessed your land and peoples, but in your disobedience and rebellion you have repaid My benevolence with lewd behavior, sinful living, pride, arrogance and all manner of sins.  Out of My love for you and because of the mercy I have for My little ones, this sinful living will stop.   Either you do this (change) or I will step in with chastisements so numerous the plagues of the Egyptians will seem mild in comparison.  When the human race is challenged to the point of near destruction and annihilation, I must intervene for the victory does not belong to the adversary of mankind, but to Me.  However, even though I will send chastisements, this too is out of My great love and mercy, for many souls will convert during and after the chastisements and trials.  Would that they would all do so now, for love of Me.  If not for love of God, they will for fear of the Lord.  I prefer love but at this time conversions prompted by fear and reverence for the Lord are better than not converting.  My children, remember that not all will have time to convert and this means many are in danger of losing eternity in My Father’s Kingdom.  I urge you not to wait until the last ‘moment’ for this moment may not come for you and you may die choosing to live apart from Me and in rebellion to My most holy, loving Will.”


“My child, spread devotion to My Divine Mercy.  Many, many more people are needed to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for God’s mercy on your nation, for your families, friends and all people.  Plead for God’s mercy.  Plead for repentance and conversion.  Be holy and purify your lives by prayer, sacrifice and frequenting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Eliminate all that does not glorify the Lord.  Remember, you are children of the Living God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Remember your birthright.  Remember you are destined for My Kingdom.  Do not turn your backs on your heritage or your inheritance which will be love and beauty, peace and joy, understanding and wisdom.  All will be given to you when you join Me, your brothers and sisters and all the holy angels and saints who have gone before you.  Return to Me.  Return to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Return to the Faith of your fathers in the Faith, the One Holy Apostolic Church.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise Your holy name.  May all return to You, Lord.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth just as You did on Pentecost in the early Church.  Open blind eyes and hard hearts so all may receive the graces that flow from You and Your holy wounds, through Our Lady’s hands.  Help us, Jesus.  Come to our assistance, for even when we want to do good, we do evil.  When we decide for love, we fail soon after in charity.  We are poor and lacking many spiritual gifts, but save us through the precious blood You shed for us on Calvary.  Save us, Savior of the World for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free.  You are the Savior, the Redeemer, the Triune God.  Have mercy on us and save our souls, Lord.


“My child, My child, pray, pray, pray.  This people, this generation (the many generations living in this time) are a proud and stiff-necked people.  Only through many prayers, penance, masses offered for conversion of sinners and much fasting, will you see this tide of sin turn.  A prayer and fasting revival is needed for this nation or all will continue to degrade.  Many lives will be lost, due to the following of power and corruption.  Countless souls will be lost due to seeking after all that vanishes versus love that lives on.  Children, I tell you this for your own good.  Holy people who love the Lord can see.  People who are proud, who have fear in their hearts and focus on the material grow more and more blind and lose the gift of discernment.  Stop following the crowd, led by the elite, the ‘powerful’, the false ‘saviors’ who do not care what happens to your souls but in fact want to take your physical lives before you have repented and begin following your Lord God who is all love.  When you follow Me, you will be able to see.  You will be able to discern good from evil.  Now, you do not see that the evil one wants to poison you with drugs and false science that will change your bodies, so they can no longer fight infection but will instead become a bioweapon attacking your own body.  Yes, My children your own body will be weaponized against you.  Do not continue following the deceptive lies of evil men.  Follow Me, My children.  Did I not tell you I would save your lives and lead you on the path to everlasting life?  What does it profit a man if he lives longer, worships his health and fears contracting illness if you lose the Kingdom of Heaven?  By cooperating with the plans of evil men, you become accomplices.  Do you not realize the little babies who were ruthlessly tortured for this gene altering poison that will only harm you?  The blood of the innocent cry out to God for justice.  Repent, My poor lost children who have such weak shepherds that you no longer know truth from lies and evil from good.  Repent for I am the Good Shepherd.  If you return to me by opening your heart and asking for forgiveness, I will rescue you from all evil.  I am the Savior, the Redeemer and I will not abandon you.  But, you must not abandon Me for when you willingly wander away from the sheepfold, you no longer hear My voice as I call out to save you.  My children, there is nothing more I can do for you if you refuse to return, My prodigal ones.  Then, the only recourse is to bend the will of those who may finally awaken from slumber and slothfulness by sending and allowing chastisements to visit you in this land of plentiful sin, greed, pride, licentiousness, disobedience, devoid of virtue and love.  Some of you will convert then and only then.  You see My poor, faithless children, even God’s justice is merciful for God’s wrath will change some hearts.  I urge you not to wait much longer, for hardened hearts will often not yield to My justice, either.  So, again I call you to conversion of heart.  Come now, before it is too late.”


“My child, My child I invite you to prayer.  Pray for your brothers and sisters in the world who do not love, do not believe, and have no regard for the Lord.  Pray and offer acts of penance and reparation.  My child, I know this has been difficult for your tender heart, but you were already aware of My urgent call when I imprinted the image of destruction on your heart today.  May this move more of My children to pray the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Those leading this nation are calling down the wrath of God by their evil, their sacrilege, their blasphemy, their support of murder and their deceptive scheming to unite with other evil men who want to destroy your homeland.  This tyranny must be ended through the love, faith, prayer and holiness of My children.  The majority of people want what is righteous and good.  They want a nation of believers who respect and follow God’s Commandments.  But, by remaining silent and fearful, evil continues to rage out of control.  Pray, pray, pray for souls, My children.  Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you and who blaspheme the Holy Triune God.  Love your enemies.  Pray for their conversion.  Live the Gospel, My children regardless of what comes and what occurs.  Be true to Me.  I will not abandon you.  I will never leave you.  Be peace, be mercy, be love and be joy.  Be generous with others.  Imitate Me, My little sheep.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.  Remain in My love.  Remain in Me.”


Amen, Lord Jesus.  Amen!

June 27, 2021 5th Sunday after Pentecost

Hello, my Lord Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles in the world where Your Eucharistic presence resides.  I love You, believe in You, adore You and hope in You.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion and for the many blessings You bestow on our family and friends.  Thank You for so much love experienced through others.  Thank You for sustaining us through many trials which even though they are nothing compared to the trials You experienced and those of the Apostles and the early Church, they are still many to us.  Thank You for Your great love, mercy and the graces You give us.  We need You, Lord.  Please do not allow anyone to withhold the Sacraments from Your flock again, Lord.  Father, You know we cannot live without Jesus, and You did not desire to leave us like orphans, so You sent Your only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ at the appointed time in history.  You could not leave us without the Good Shepherd any longer and so You sent Your Son, our High Priest, Shepherd and King to Your people to pay the price for sin (that we owed) on our behalf.  The spotless lamb slain for our redemption. 


Father, just as You could no longer allow us to be sheep without a shepherd, please do not allow us to be without the Bread from Heaven, the Sacrifice of Love, our Daily Bread, the Eucharist.  I felt my soul dying within me without the Holy Eucharist.  You know I am not exaggerating when I say this, Father.  The more sensitive ones, the pure of heart, like (name withheld) were very aware of the void experienced without Jesus in the Eucharist.  I felt as if darkness clothed me, like a cloak and it was heavy Lord.  Please, do not allow a complete shutdown of our churches again, Lord. 


Blessed Mother, Your prayers are very effective.  Please pray for us.  Ask Your Son and the Father in Heaven to intervene in whatever the next ‘wave’ will be.  Please also pray for those who have received the Covid 19 injections.  They are dangerous, Blessed Mother as You know and many people have been injured and many have died.  This may just be the beginning, so please pray for us. 


Lord, please open hearts and minds so this madness stops.  Many good people are dying.  The mandates, at least must end.  Please, Lord I know You can make it so, even if evil wills it.  I know that Your Will is perfect, goodness, and all love and truth.  Remove the film from the eyes of all good people.  I pray for all of our children and grandchildren and especially for those outside the Church and for those who have not been baptized.  Bring them to the waters of Baptism.  (All our family members and friends, as well.)  Lord, thank You for our meeting with (name withheld) last evening.  Thank You for her vocation.  Bless and protect her, Jesus.  Bless and protect all priests, bishops and religious.


Lord, I was thinking about Your resurrection and the glorious way You appeared to Your friends.  Your wounded body from the scourging was completely healed and only the wounds on Your hands and feet from the nails, and Your side from the lance, and the wounds from the crown of thorns were visible but radiant with pure light.  I think this light was within You who is the Light of the World and Your radiance beamed from these open but healed wounds.  You were clothed in the splendor of heavenly garments so much finer than any fabric available on earth.  You were truly the visible God-Man, our King and Lord of Lords.  Jesus, I wish I could have seen Your glorious resurrection, but even though none of us alive now are witness to this incredible event, I believe.  Our family and many friends believe.  We believe in You and all You have taught and handed down through the Apostles.  Father forgive the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and all people who have heard but do not believe.  Forgive us all for the times we sin even though we believe.  Forgive us, Lord.  Forgive, restore us to the family of God and cure the unbelief in those who do not believe.  Lord, I pray the prayer of St. Thomas, ‘I believe, Lord help my unbelief.’


“My child, My child, I hear your prayers, your desires and requests.  Thank You for pouring your heart out to Me, My daughter.  Oh, how I love My dear little children and how I desire that all will accept the redemption I give.  It is truly there for everyone who will accept.  It is freely given out of love to every creature, every soul.  It must be accepted, though My children as all gifts given.  If they remain unopened and unused they do not benefit the recipient.  You have hard the cliché, love isn’t love until it is given away.  I tell you also that love must be received, it must be embraced and accepted freely.  Love is given and received or it will not change the heart of the receiver and the giver’s love burns within the heart of the lover when his beloved rejects the love.  Open your hearts, My poor, lonely children, to the love.  Open your mind to the God who loves you.  Open your eyes and stand watch for the bridegroom comes when you least expect.  Stand watch with open hearts, alert minds, like a sentinel or a night watchman.  My children, so many of you grow weary of waiting.  Keep your lanterns full of oil and ready for the dark night that is surely coming and is close at hand.  Pray, My children, pray.  Many of you have lost the fervor you used to have and some are even becoming complacent.  How long must you wait?  As long as your Lord decides, My children.  Only I know the number of souls to be saved now and the number that will be saved during the Illumination of Conscience.  I know each and every single soul, My children.  It is not your job to know this or the hour, or when the Time of Great Trials will be in full measure.  It is only for My children to pray as I ask and to receive the Sacraments.  There are many more children I want to be confirmed before the Illumination, when the multitudes will receive the Holy Spirit, many for the first time.  I will withhold nothing from My people and this is why there will be a multitude of conversions.” 


“You, My faithful children must be prepared before the Illumination in order to come to the assistance of My holy priest sons who will be inundated with the crowds in need of Baptism and First Holy Communion.  So, be prepared My children.  Receive the Sacraments and remain in a state of grace.  You will be of great assistance to My holy priest sons.  There will be many, many needs, My children.  You will also be prepared to console those in great sorrow for their sins.  Encourage them that I am merciful and they must believe and trust in My mercy.  They will be filled with remorse.  Be good brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to them so they will be reassured and more confident in My love.  You cannot imagine the depth of sorrow many of My children will feel.  Be a balm to their open wounds of remorse and contrition.  Do not focus on their stories and give them any reason to feel more guilt.  Only listen and love them.  Recall the times I rescued you from your sins and from your ignorance of the Gospel.  Remember the many kind people and teachers I have sent to teach you, and to be loving examples.  Be this mercy and love for them.  Do not judge or you may wound fragile hearts.  Say, ‘My Jesus forgave a host of sins I committed and He will forgive you also.  Rejoice that He is like an ocean of mercy only larger than an ocean.  His mercy will take you in and forgive every sin until you are like a newborn baby, as pure and white as snow.  If you are afraid, come take His Holy Mother Mary’s hand.  She will lead you to Him and He never turns His Blessed Holy Mother Mary away.  She is the most beautiful, loving mother.  She is the Queen Mother and our Lord never refuses Her.  She will lead you to Her Son, Jesus and He will not refuse you, out of His great love for His Mother.  You see, there is nothing to do but come to Jesus!’  This is what you are to tell those who are afraid on account of their terrible sins.  Truly, I have forgiven even worse sinners, I assure you, My child.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  You are so beautiful, merciful, kind, loving and good.  You are perfect love and truth, My Lord, God and King.


Lord, God please end the violence of abortion, euthanasia and all violence against love.  Lord, please stop those who are evil, who plot and plan to harm Your innocent ones.  Jesus, there are so many collaborators, too numerous for us to know, but You know Jesus and You can heal mankind.  Please help us, Lord.  It is hard to hear/see thousands of people dying due to their fear and due to peer pressure and vaccine mandates.  I know many people die from other reasons, Lord but this is a diabolical plan to rid the earth of humanity and to reduce the population.  Oh, Lord I realize this sounds crazy to some, but this has been the evil one’s plan from the beginning.  We have only to read history and we know this.  In every age, at least that I am aware, there have been devastating wars, oppressors, tyrants and genocide.  Now it is on a full scale and the target is everyone who is not in the elite group.  Even those people will become targets at some point.  No one will be exempt from the destruction of the evil one, except those You protect, Lord.  Jesus, in Your mercy, open the eyes of the blind and help them to see what is really occurring Lord so that Your children are prepared in the way You want us to be. 


“Yes, My child.  Eyes are beginning to open, although they respond slowly.  My children are slow to obey and I would like them to respond completely and to remain constant.  Pray, My children for all of Heaven stands at the ready to help you.  My child, this is all for today.  Come visit soon, My child.  I would like to visit with you more frequently now.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord.”


Amen!  Alleluia! 

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