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Children of the Renewal Messages


September 5, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  All love, adoration, thanksgiving and praises to You, our Lord, God and King.  Thank You for the opportunity to receive You in the Most Holy Eucharist at Mass this morning.  


(Personal dialogue omitted.)


Lord, so many people are ill at this time, all over the world.  Please heal them.  Be with all those who have lost loved ones (names withheld), and countless others.  Take the souls of the faithful departed (names withheld) through Your mercy into Heaven and grant them eternal rest.  I pray for all the souls in Purgatory, Lord that they pass quickly into Heaven.  Lord, be with all people who are lonely, hurting, rejected, abused, isolated, suffering, in prison and who are ill.  Give them consolation and peace.  Lord, You are with the poor and suffering in a very special way.  Help them to feel Your presence and fill them with peace and love.  Thank You, my Lord and my God Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Bless our shepherds with wisdom, mercy, courage and fortitude.  Protect them from spiritual and physical harm.  Save souls who are living in darkness.  Help me to bring the light of Your love where You send me, Jesus.  Help me to do Your Will.


“My child, My child I am close to the poor and suffering indeed.  I know each one’s sorrow and pain.  I am well acquainted with suffering as is My Most Holy Mother Mary.  Speak with your Guardian Angels, My children who are suffering.  Be open to the consolations they bring you.  Remember, I was in the company of angels during My agony and was ministered to by them.  Always be aware of the presence of your Guardian Angel who was assigned by God from before you were born.  They are with you during your earthly pilgrimage and they are always ready to help when you are in need.  Be open to their assistance, My children.”


“My little lamb, it is good that the prayer group has resumed meeting.  The city, state and world are in need of much prayer.  When you do not meet to pray it is as if you are retreating and the enemy gains the ground you occupied.  It is also the same as when Joshua’s arms grew weary and he lowered them.  When you pray in a group, you are lifting your arms, hearts and minds in prayer to God and fortifying the walls of the city.  My children, as many as can, please gather for prayer.  Prayer will resolve every problem.  It will open you to many graces and you will grow closer to God.  Prayer is like the gentle rainfall needed for your souls.  Do not abandon your prayer life.  When you are suffering deeply and feel unable to pray; offer your suffering to Me.  That is a deep prayer and efficacious one, as well.  Suffering accepted well can even be beneficial to souls who have left the faith.”


Thank You, Jesus for so many blessings, so much love and for our families and our friends.  Thank You for Your love and Your mercy.  Help us to live Your love during these most difficult times.  It feels as if there is so much sorrow that our hearts are being pierced and squeezed with pressure.  My heart aches with sorrow and yet I am also relieved for my friends to be removed from these trials, Lord.  I do have concern for some who may not have been well prepared for their deaths, especially during the times when even our priests were not allowed by hospitals to visit the sick and bury the dead.  What a disgrace for the governments of the world who would not allow souls their final consolation and were deprived of the Sacraments.  Lord, please help all souls in need of a priest in their suffering, their pain and their last days.  Intervene in a miraculous way, dear Lord.  Please don’t allow Your children to be deprived of the Sacraments especially before their deaths.  Help us, Lord.  Deliver us from evil.


“My little one, more prayer is needed to bring My light to the world.  Be aware that I am working even when it is not evident or does not appear to be so.  Prepare the way of the Lord, My children, plant the seeds and water them with prayer, fasting and love.  While the seed is germinating I am at work in souls to give them new life.  This work is like a seed germinating.  You do not know if the seed will begin to sprout until you see it above the soil.  You do not know whether it is taking root until you see the plant maturing.  Trust in Me, My children.  Do your part and allow Me to do the rest.”


Lord, I am so tired due to not getting enough sleep, the mourning/grieving and working.  There is much work to be done around our home that has been neglected, but I am too tired to even think about it.  Help me to do Your Will even when I don’t feel like doing anything.  Help me to pray as You have asked.  I have neglected My prayer time lately, Lord and for this I am very sorry.


“My child, My child you are exhausted with grief, concern for your friends, and because of driving yourself too much.  Do things in proper balance, My daughter.  When it comes to ministering to others, I will provide you the needed graces so you will not be weighed down but uplifted.  Spending more time in prayer is also needed, for you receive the needed grace to accomplish the tasks.  My child, I understand what it is to pray when one is exhausted.  Still you must pray.  Rest and pray, My child and then you will be stronger and have the energy to do the work I give you.  Do what you can and allow Me to do the rest.  All will be well.  You cannot assume responsibility for righting the evil in the world, My child.  You can only do your part, the part I give you to do and then after doing your part, be at peace, My child.  Be grateful in all circumstances, even the most difficult times, for I am with you.  Does hearing and knowing this not give you cause for joy?”


Oh, yes it does, Lord.  I do have joy in knowing this.  I have peace and comfort.  I just can’t always ‘feel’ it Jesus because I am either too tired or too concerned.  I realize I am also too busy with so much work that sometimes I focus on all that I am unable to do vs. what I am doing for You.  Jesus, I need to surrender the enormous amount of work from My job, to You.  It is not humanly possible to do everything expected of Me.  Help me, Lord.  Either bring some assistance or send Your holy angels to help.  Show me what it is I can do and should do, Lord.  Help me to prioritize the endless requests and needs.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My little lamb, I will show you the way.  I will help you, My child.  Be at peace.  I know and I understand.  I will not abandon you.”


Thank You, Lord.


“My children need to be called again to conversion.  Prepare yourselves, My children for now you have been given a temporary period of relaxed controls.  This will not last for long.  Pray, My little children.  Pray to end this reign of tyranny that blankets the world in so much darkness.  Evil wants to destroy humanity and much headway has been made recently.  This is a grave sin, My child, to force people to do what is against their will and to compromise their health with such poison.  You do not even know what is in the injections you willingly take, but one day you will be shocked to know this and it will be cause for much remorse.  It will be especially difficult for those who blindly followed the government recommendations and encouraged others to do so as well.  The lives of those you influenced for evil are your responsibility when they become ill.  You will not be able to ‘wash your hands’ of this, My misguided children.  Do not coerce or badger others to take injections developed by such evil means and for evil intentions.  You are like lambs led to the slaughter and you are also enlisting others to join in this path to destruction.  Stop following people with an evil agenda.  Stop encouraging others to do the same.  Pray for your brothers and sisters, especially for those who are unaware of the propaganda and who are so easily led astray.  Pray, pray, pray My children.”


“I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace, joy, mercy and love.”


Thank You, Lord!

August 29, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You in Adoration and in this little chapel I love so very much.  It’s been a long time since we were able to be in this location, Jesus.  I am very grateful!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Please help me to show You my gratitude for Your love and for the salvation of souls made possible by Your passion, death and resurrection.  Praise You and thank You my Lord, God and my King. 


Lord, this year and a half has been very difficult for so many people.  Recently, I and many others have experienced the deaths of many friends.  Some people have ‘lost’ family members.  Lord, I have heard the death tolls will increase exponentially due to compromised immune systems in addition to the C-19 virus.  Lord, please help those who took the injections.  I heard of several who did so without realizing all we have learned recently.  Lord, put a shield around them and spare them.  Help them to see the truth of the situation.  Convert the hearts of the evil ones who have cooperated in the death plans for the world.  Convert them, Lord.  Give them graces to understand what they have done by cooperating.  Jesus, I also pray for the truth to come to light for so many physicians who do not understand and who genuinely care about and for their patients.  So very many do not realize what they are doing.  Remove the scales from their eyes so they see the truth.  Then, convict their hearts, Lord so they will run to Your merciful arms.  Oh Lord, heal our land and grant us graces to once again be Your holy people. 


Lord, I pray for my daughters who are in need of Your protection and guidance in their lives.  I pray for my son as well for Your hand to be on every plan, every task so they may do each one for You and with You.  Lord, You know what each one needs.  Do Your Will in their lives and give them hearts filled with Your Holy Spirit so they become flames of love for You.  Blessed Mother, Our Lady Undoer of Knots, untie each and every tangled knot in our lives and straighten things so that we all have a clear path and clear line of sight to Our Lord, Your Son.  Blessed Mother, give us Your Motherly love, guide and direct us in the ways of the Lord.  Thank You for Your ‘yes’ to God.  Help me to quickly give my ‘yes’ to Him, also.  I ask for Your Motherly protection for our children and grandchildren.  May each one walk closely with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Bless all who are ill and especially those who will die today and tonight.  May the souls of the faithful departed, by Your mercy, rest in peace.  Lord, my heart is heavy with sadness and laden with concern for my friends and all who are ill.  Heal each one, Lord.  Open the hearts and minds of the doctors to the treatments that work and will help their patients.  Give them courage to do the right thing, no matter what others may say.  (Personal dialogue omitted.)


Lord, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  Much is going on in the world to advance the evil plans of My adversary and yours.  It is obvious to you, My child and it is not hidden.  Even what you know and have heard is only a small percentage, though.  Evil hides the hideous plan for several years until more accept it and then it is brought into the open for all to see.  There is no humility with evil only extreme pride.  Evil takes pride even and especially in sin and destruction.  You feel that what is known publicly is even too much to bear, My little lamb.  Yes, it is and I understand this.  This is as it should be for souls who love and follow Me.  What I want My people to know now is that you will be wise to stop listening and watching the media.  What is readily available to the masses is propaganda.  The evil agenda will even use this (the watching of their messages) against you.  When you turn on your televisions and other devices to view news filled with propaganda, it has a sinister affect on you/those who do so.  For your holiness and for your spiritual lives I urge those who still watch or listen to the news to cease doing this immediately.  Even when one knows something is untrue, the constant barrage impacts your soul.  Do not subject yourselves to this, My Children of Light or one day the light will no longer remain with you.  Your minds will be easily manipulated and eventually will cooperate with evil.  My little children who love and follow Me, do not open even one window to your soul or small crack for this evil to penetrate.  Close it for protection.  Safeguard what you allow to inform and form you.  If you decide to watch anything at all may it be holy, inspiring and uplifting spiritually.  Use this as a measure to decide, My children and if the program fails this test, have nothing to do with it.  I will ensure My people are informed.  Think about days gone by where there was no modern form of communication.  Messages were transmitted by word of mouth.  The entire church was formed and grew in this way.  I am the Eternal Word and I know how best to communicate.  Trust in Me, My children.  The evil one wants to destroy My people’s peace for I am the Prince of Peace.  I will send My messengers the angels when an important communication needs to be sent to you, so rest assured you will not miss a heavenly communication.  There are holy prophets as well as teachers and holy souls who are communicating via other methods and providing you use the discernment I am giving you, these videos and other forms of communication are acceptable.  Be aware that the television is and will continue to be controlled and will eventually be one method used to obtain ultimate control of you and your children.  It has already had a negative influence on families, has it not?  What I am telling you is that it will have an even more evil influence upon souls who continue to allow this access to minds and hearts.  My children, it is similar to leaving the doors of your homes open all night long and then wondering why someone entered.  Do not continue to be foolish, My children.  Guard your hearts and your minds.  Read holy books.  Tend to your families.  Reach out to those in need.  Pray.  Read Scripture.  Attend Holy Mass and frequent the Sacraments.  Tend to your daily duties with a mind toward God and a heart lifted in prayer and thanksgiving.  Live the Gospel message.  Serve those in need and do acts of kindness as well as spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  There will be no time to watch these tools of satan, My children and you will begin to have peace restored within yourselves and even within families.  Do as I request, My children for your wellbeing and for your walk with Me.  Trust in Me, My children.  Trust in Me.  It will go better for you.  I assure you.”


“My child, I hear your prayers and I am aware of your concerns.  Thank you for bringing them to Me, for I am the One who can do something about them.  Be confident in Me and trust that I will work each problem out for the good of each one’s soul.  I know you have experienced sadness.  I also know that you trust in My Will and in My plan.  I will comfort you.  I will comfort each one of My children who allow My comfort.  Rest in My arms and give Me each burden, My children.  The reason your yoke will be easy and your burden light is because I will help carry your burden, making it lighter.  I know what each soul can bear and I will never give you more than you can handle.  If you are overwhelmed it is because you try to carry all burdens by yourself and also because some people listen to unwise advice from others.  Be sure you are speaking with holy friends, My children when you confide in someone.  Be sure they are following a path to holiness and are serious prayer warriors who share the One True Faith.  If there is another person you like, respect, etc., but they worship false gods and are in a false religion do not share your deepest concerns, your life story (other than to witness) with them, My children.  Be wise and discerning.  Even good people who want to do what is right cannot give wise counsel when they worship false gods.  My children, you know I love all people.  I died for each one.  I created them!  I love them and you must also.  However, loving someone should not cloud your vision.  Bring each concern to Me, My children.  I will give you clarity and direction.  Speak with holy friends asking them to pray for you.  Speak with a holy priest.  I will direct you, My Children of Light for you are one with Me.  I will never abandon you.  I remind you of your elder brothers and sisters who are with Me in Heaven.  They await your request for their prayers.  Remember to also ask My Heavenly, Holy Mother to pray for you and to give you the needed graces for each day.  She has many, many graces for each of you that go unrequested and unused.  There is much at your disposal but you have not because you ask not.  Be of good cheer, My children.  Remember My Gospel is the Good News.  Lift your eyes to Heaven and remember where your gaze should be.  When one is traveling, signs are observed to ensure the correct course is being followed.  Maps are used to calculate the route and they are accessed along the way.  Sometimes detours are needed and one must change course, but these are temporary until it is possible to get back on course.  My children, I have given you the perfect map to follow in My Church and in the Holy Scripture, the Word of God.  You have the life of the Church, the saints and mystics, the prophets and many holy people alive now.  There are signs in the weather, the earth, the animals, and insects and even in the sun.  You know by observation, the state of the world and man’s inhumanity and transgressions too numerous to list.  All of these things should give you the impetus, the motivation to pray and to change your lives.  Do this right away, My children.  Be prepared to help others with anything needed.  Be prudent, but also be merciful.  I am with you and I will never leave you to face your problems alone.  Trust in Me.  Share your heart with Me.  You are safe in My Sacred Heart and in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  All will be well for I will walk with you, My children.  Do not fear.  Love, trust and be merciful.  In all things—love.  That is what I need most from My children; to love as I have loved you.  Times ahead may be difficult indeed, but you will have what you need, My children.  The Father in Heaven is the perfect, loving Father.  He will provide for the needs of His children.  Live the Father’s love.  Live the Savior’s love.  Be love to others.  I am counting on you.”


That is all for now, My little one.  I bless you and all who are here to adore Me in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in My peace.  Be assured that I am with you, with My son, (name withheld), with your children and grandchildren and with My little, wise (name withheld).  Give my peace to others and be joy.  I love you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God, the beautiful one.  I love You.  Thank You for Your faithfulness.  Help us to be faithful in all things, Lord and no matter what comes may we always trust in You and follow Your Will.  Consume me in the fire of Your love, my Jesus and shroud me in Your perfect, holy Will.  May it be so, Lord. 


“I love you, My daughter.  We are united in our love.  You are in My Sacred Heart.”


Amen, Jesus.  Alleluia!

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