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Children of the Renewal Messages

September 26, 2021

Hello my dearest Jesus, my Savior and my Lord hidden in the Most Holy Eucharist.  I praise, adore and give glory to You my Lord, God and my King.  Thank You for the Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for my family and friends.  I pray for those who have died recently, Jesus.  Take their souls to Heaven.  Please bless (name withheld) who begins Confirmation classes.  Be with all students and the teacher.  Jesus, thank You for the women’s conference.  It was very, very good and just what I needed, Lord.  Jesus, I pray that more people will listen to the message of (name withheld) and will try to incorporate it into their lives.  Help me to do this, also Jesus. 


Lord, please forgive me for not speaking out with words of correction when I should have.  I was so surprised, Jesus that I didn’t even think of the words to say.  Jesus, please grant the opportunity for me to meet with this person again.  Give me the words You know need to be said and open his heart to receive them.  Lord, please bring about conversion of heart and an openness to the Catholic faith.  Oh, Lord I think I have disappointed You and I am very sorry.  My heart is heavy.  I don’t want his soul to suffer, but I also realize he probably really doesn’t know what is right when he doesn’t have faith, Lord, but I do know and I didn’t say anything.  I just sat there stunned.  When I recovered somewhat I still didn’t speak words of correction.  Lord, forgive me for my sin and help me to say just the right words that his heart and soul need to hear.  I do not know what the right words will be, but You do my Jesus.  Give me the words that You have already known even before time.


“My child, My child I will give you the opportunity and the words.  I understand your sorrow.  I forgive you, My little one.  Do not be troubled, trust in Me.  Do you not realize that I have ordered your steps and that it is I who arranged this meeting so that you would know of these plans?  And, I also knew you would not be prepared to speak at that time.  However, you will be prepared, My little one and I will go before you to prepare the way.  Pray for hearts to be open.  Yes, My child you are correct that one must speak out about evil.  It is imperative for Christians to do so.  Remember that I am also preparing you for the virtue of heroic love.  You will correct with love, My daughter and if one does not correct out of love the receiver will not listen.  Perhaps even when messages are delivered with love, they won’t be received either, but people are more apt to receive correction when done out of love.  If you had answered quickly in that situation, you would have done so out of a state of surprise.  A thoughtful period, time to reflect will be more genuine and heartfelt.  Let your mind and heart be at ease, My little lamb.  All will be well.  I will be with you.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  Lord, I pray for the graces to hear Your Holy Spirit in my heart and to state Your words exactly as You want them said.  Give me courage so I do not become a reed swaying in the wind, Lord.  I don’t want to be like that.  Help me to be like Your Mother Mary, and like St. Joan of Arc.  Help me to have the humility of St. Mary Magdalen who knew that she was forgiven much and loved much as a result.  I too have been forgiven much by You Lord and I desire the grace to love heroically.  Jesus, this is not the sappy sweet love as some may think.  This is love that doesn’t count the cost, but pours oneself out for the good of the other, never counting the cost.  Lord, in my weakness, I often count the cost.  I don’t want to be like that ever again.  Create in me a clean heart and put a steadfast spirit in me Jesus.  Give me graces for hospitality, for generosity, to welcome the stranger, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.  Help me to love others in need of You.  Help me to have the desire to love even those the world considers undesirable.  Oh, Lord give me a heart like our beautiful, holy, Mother Mary.  These are not just words, Lord but my true and sincere desire.


“Yes, My little lamb.  I know your heart and I am aware of your sincerity.  You are not yet perfect, My child and you cannot be while you live on the earth, but I have the power and desire to grant you and all of My children great graces for holiness.  One day soon, I will pour out My Spirit upon mankind and the Holy Spirit will renew the hearts of all men.  There will be some who have already rejected Me and there will be those who reject My Holy Spirit, but they will make their choice, My child.  It will be their choice, as I am the great respecter of free will.  My child, My child until then you and all of My children need to teach those who do not know the true Faith, lessons of the heart.  Show them by your example.  Tell them about Me and about My great love for them.  Do not be afraid to witness to them.  I am counting on My children.  If you don’t tell them, who will?”


Lord, thank You for this reminder.  Sometimes I focus too much on what is going on all around us (and there is a great deal at this time!) and it distracts me from getting busy with spreading the Gospel message.  Forgive me, Lord.  Use me in the ways You desire, Jesus.  Make me an instrument of Yours, Lord.  I am not worthy, Jesus but You can use even an unworthy servant.  You have before and I pray You will again.


“My little lamb, as you have often said, it isn’t about being worthy.  If I had to wait for worthy souls, the Gospel would not have spread beyond Jerusalem.  No, I am in need of willing souls, not worthy ones.  My grace will be sufficient for you, My little child, and it will be sufficient for all of My children.  I do, however need many willing souls.  Empty yourselves of your concerns, your fears, your false expectations and be open to My Will, My graces, My plans.  Children of My Heart, you have everything you need to be My holy disciples, My little apostles of these days.  Pray, fast frequent the Sacraments, read Holy Scripture and pray some more.  Then, My children, equipped with My grace go about the work of Our Father in Heaven.  That is, building the Kingdom of God.  It must first reign in the hearts of My children and then you must spread it to others.  Pray for cold hearts of stone to become warm hearts of flesh.  Pray for the arid soil of hearts to become fertile and ready to accept the tiny seeds of faith that when planted and watered will become giant trees in the forest.  Give the seeds of the Faith to others.  Then, nourish souls in the Faith.  Do this, My children and you will be bringing about God’s Kingdom on earth.  Pray, pray, pray.”


Thank You, Lord for Your words for Your mercy and Your love.  Thank You for every good gift and blessing.  You are beautiful, my Lord.  I love You. 


“And I love you, My child.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little one.  I am glad you are going to the meeting and taking My son, (name withheld).  I will be with you.  Be of good cheer.”


Amen!  Alleluia!

September 19, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I love and adore You, my God and King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today!  Thank You for this chapel.  I’m very grateful it is open now, Lord.  Lord, I bring before You all who are ill, especially those with Covid-19 and all who are suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart and renal disease, sepsis and mental disorders.  Please help those recovering from various forms of addictions.  Help all family members and friends, also Lord who are exhausted from keeping vigil and managing their care.  Lord, I also bring before You the souls of my friends and all who have died recently.  Take their souls to Heaven, Lord.  Have mercy on us, Lord.  There are evil people cooperating with Your adversary who wish to harm humanity.  They are planning to cut off the food supply and destroy our energy supply.  Lord, Jesus, help us as we face the hour of need and the Time of Great Trials.  Multiply our food, Lord.   Help us to all stay warm and have what our families and friends need to survive.  Lord, please change hearts and minds so that we will no longer be blind to what is truly occurring behind the scene.  Save us, Savior of the World.


Jesus, thank You for being present to Your children as You promised, until the end of time.  Thank You for Your presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.  You allow Yourself to be held captive because of Your great and undying love.  Oh, Jesus help me to more fully appreciate this great mystery, the sacrifice of love.  You are love, Lord.  You are my love!


Thank You for the consolation of Adoration.  Jesus, there are many people (non-Catholics) who don’t know about Adoration.  Help them to know, Lord.  Help their hearts to be open to Your grace to be aware and to seek knowledge of the Catholic Faith where great treasures await souls.  Oh, my adorable Jesus, how will so many souls know if You do not bring about the Illumination of Conscience.  Jesus, I may not fully understand what I am asking when I pray for this outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  I only know we desperately need Your Holy Spirit to come in a new and powerful way.  Come Holy Spirit, Come.  Come by means of the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Immaculate, beloved Spouse.  Lord, I know You will pour out Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth in due time, in perfect time, in accordance with Your Divine and Holy Will.  Still, I pray for this time to come, so many souls will be saved.  Lord, please bring those who are outside the Catholic Church and those who have left, back to their rightful home.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child there is much to say.  I am with you.  I am with all of My children, Children of Light, those who are united to Me now and those who will be.  I know all things, My children.  I know which souls will choose Me before they draw their last breath.  I know which souls will choose Me during the Illumination and I know which ones will soon fall away and go back to their former ways.  Yes, My child some will repent and come to Me, but will listen to naysayers around them and in the media and will be convinced that the Illumination which was so wonderful, so horrifying for some, and so enlightening it was only an invention by man, or an odd act of nature.  It is difficult to understand how this would be, but I tell you it will be this way for some.  Pray for souls.  Help those who are new in their conversions after this merciful event.  Be with them.  Walk with them.  Witness to them.  Those who have devout Christians to help them will be less inclined to listen to evil doers who want to destroy everything good, beautiful and Godly.  The children of darkness hate the Light.” 


Oh, Jesus, have mercy on those who hate the Light.  Give them graces for conversion and repentance.  Help them to see with the eyes of Christ, Your eyes, Lord.  Send the Blessed Mother to take them by the hand to You, Lord.


“My child, My child.  I have been sending My Mother to the world for centuries.  Most people do not listen to Her, which is why the world is in such a state.  Still, I hear your prayer and I will honor it for some souls.  My child, My child how many signs and wonders do people need to convert?  I came into the world in a particular time in history to die on the cross for the sins of mankind.  This was and is the greatest sign, My passion death and after 3 days in the tomb, My resurrection.  Still, I send many prophets, many messengers, many who are filled with the Holy Spirit.  I provide My word via Scripture, I send My Mother, I even appear to select souls and they faithfully have transmitted My messages to the world, and still thousands upon thousands do not listen.  Yes, some really do not know for they have not heard, but if those who had would have accepted Me, the entire world would have been evangelized by now.  As it is, My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Will of God will come when God determines and all will know.  That time is nearing, My little lamb but it is not yet here.”


Alright, my Lord.  Thank You, Jesus. 


“Until then continue to pray for the salvation of souls, My child.  Continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.  When the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and My Mother in the upper room and the Holy Spirit descended on the believers, My followers, the Church was truly born.  During the Illumination, My child the Holy Spirit will descend on every soul alive and therefore all will know the truth; that God exists.  That He sent His only Son to the world to save mankind by My life, death and resurrection, and that I love them deeply.  They will see each sin and not only will they know their sins, each person will also see and know the consequences of every sin.  This will implant a true contrition for sin, when they see their own souls as I see them.  Yes, My child, some will die as a result because it will be too much for them to bear and yet even that is ordained by God.  Consider it another act of mercy for these souls who will either not be able to reject Me ever again, or who already rejected Me and therefore can no longer be a bad influence on souls around them.  Always trust in My mercy, My child.  Always trust, always trust.”


Yes, Jesus.  Help me, Lord in my hour of need.  When I am weak, help me to trust.  Help my faith to be even stronger when I feel weak.  Be with me, Lord and never allow me to stray from You.


“My little child, do not fear.  I am with you.  You will reach out to My Most Holy Mother Mary whenever you are afraid or are weak, and take Her hand.  She will immediately grasp yours and then you will have nothing to fear.  My Mother cares for Her children.  She knows just what is needed and exactly what to do.  All will be well My child.  All will be well.  These words are for all of My Children of Light.  Rejoice in this.  I am always with you, My children.  Trust in Me.  My little one, you have heard about the evil plans to destroy crops and oil.  This information is true.  Difficult to believe, I understand.  This evil intention is the reason I have asked you and countless others to store food.  I know what is being planned and I provide for you.  Do not fear, My children.  If I inspire you to store more, do so.  I will multiply but you still must have food to be multiplied.  My child, you and your husband are concerned about flooding.  I will provide for you.  Trust in Me.  My child, people will not only be in your home but also outside on your property which I will enlarge.  My child prepare spiritually and mentally for many, many to come to this place of refuge.  There are many people willing for Me to use their home, but who have not consecrated it to Me.  They have not really decided to give everything to Me for others.  My Children of Light, open your hearts to all who will come.  If you have not decided with a firm resolution to give all that you own to God, how will you open your hearts and your home to all I send you?  If My Children of Light have not yet given property and homes to Me via the blessing, do so right away.  It is imperative that you do not delay any longer, My children.  Your hearts are not open to the graces that I long to give you and to which you desperately need because of your attachment to material things.  I assure you that due to your selfishness and your disordered attachment to worldly things, I cannot use your homes as refuges.  I desire your love, My children and I desire that you love your brothers and sisters enough to open your hearts and your homes to them.  Please open your hearts to Me, your Lord and God and welcome the stranger.  My children if you do not do this, how would I allow your home to be a refuge?  Some are unwilling to have others come but only want a protective hedge around personal property and are unwilling to welcome others.  This is not up to you, My hard-hearted children.  You must be love and mercy, My children.  Be open to My plan to My Will, not close-minded and only open to your own will.  You will not be able to be a loving host or hostess to many souls when you are so focused on yourselves.


This, My child is why I will send many, many souls to My children who have prepared and who are willing for the Father to use their property as a refuge.  My child, all the property given to My children either belongs to Me or has been given over to the evil one.  Souls can only serve one master.  (See Matthew’s Gospel) My little lamb, it will be difficult to sacrifice for others, but it will not be impossible for I will provide the graces needed to love heroically.  Pray for the grace to love heroically now.  Ask Me to give you this now, My children.  Pray now as I have asked for you need My protection and you need graces to be prepared for all I will send you.  Be joyful, My children for you know the Lord and I call each one of My followers, My disciples, friends.  You are not slaves.  You are friends of God almighty.  You are friends.  This is revolutionary, My Children of Light.  I tell you those who follow the evil one are his slaves.  They have given themselves over to the father of darkness, the father of lies.  My sheep know My voice and follow the Light.  You and I are friends.  I love you.  I am the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.  My sheep know Me and recognize My voice.  They follow Me, the Good Shepherd.  I call others, but they do not recognize My voice and they do not come.  Pray for souls who do not heed My call, My children.  Pray for their eyes to see and their ears to hear the Lord who calls them to a life of grace and a life of love.”


Lord, I pray for hearts to be open and for their souls to believe that You want only that which is good for them.  Help them, Jesus when the great deceiver tempts them to doubt.  Help them to reject the father of lies, Lord and to listen to God, the Truth, the Father of the Living, the One True God.  Help them, Jesus.  Forgive them and continue to show mercy for they do not fully understand what they do.  Forgive them, Jesus.  Forgive them Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much; save souls, Lord Jesus because of Your precious blood which You shed for us all.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, save souls.  Most precious blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world.


“My child, My child, My little child, how I love you and all My children.  So great is My love for you.  So great is My mercy for souls.  So sad is My Sacred Heart so wounded by those who do not love Me.  Come to Me, My children.  Come to Me and comfort Me.  Pray for those who do not know Me and who do not love Me.  Pray for conversion of souls.  So many are being lost each day because there are not enough people praying for them.  My little lamb, the day grows late.  It is time for you to depart for home.  Thank you for being with Me in this blessed place.  Invite more souls to come and adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament where I pour out oceans of mercy and a multitude of graces on souls who believe in My true presence.  My children, if you only knew what I give to those who adore Me, there would be an unending line of souls waiting their time to enter the Adoration chapels present throughout the world.  Sadly, these chapels are almost empty of souls, while I never leave.  I am here waiting for souls.  Since graces are never wasted, I give lavishly to those who visit Me.  Come, My children spend time with Me in Adoration.  Come visit Me in the tabernacles in My Holy Catholic, Apostolic Church.  Even if you are not Catholic, come.  I am the Lord of all nations, all peoples.  Come to Me and I will give you rest.  Is it not peaceful here, My little lamb?  Tell them, My child.”


Oh, yes, My Lord Jesus Christ.  It is blissfully peaceful.  The peace in Your presence causes Me to forget all time.  I am only here completely Yours, when I am in Your chapel and You are present on display in the monstrance where Your loving priest sons have placed you, our regal, noble King.  You lower yourself for humanity under the appearance of bread so that we never have to be alone.  You are the most wonderful, beautiful Lord and You give everything out of love for humanity.  Such peace, My Prince of Peace, that mere human words cannot begin to describe.  All of my cares, my burdens, my concerns, vanish before Your Eucharistic Presence, Lord.  I do not even know when people come or go, nor do I realize the time of day, except that the sun is still in the sky, or I sense that it is.  Jesus, if everyone came to Adore you, those who follow You, I believe the Immaculate Heart of Mary would triumph very soon and hundreds of thousands of people would convert, so powerful are the graces of Adoration.  I do not know if this is so, but I believe it is.  I love to come to the water of life, the living water that is You, Lord right here in Your Eucharistic Presence.  Would that all souls could experience this peace, this quiet, this overwhelming love emanating from the monstrance from You Lord.  I could cry with joy just thinking of this time with You. 


“Thank you, My sweet daughter for your witness.  Your sweet words of love penetrate My Sacred Heart and comfort Me with your love.  My child, it is getting late and so you must go.  Return to your home to be with your husband, your spouse, My loving son, (name withheld).  Thank you for your visit.  I missed seeing you last week, but I understand.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be joy.”


Amen, Lord, Amen!

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