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Children of the Renewal Messages

November 14, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is good to be here with You, Lord.  Praise You and thank You for Confession, Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  How glorious to receive You in the precious Eucharist.  Thank You, thank You, thank You, my Lord and my God.  I am so very grateful for the Sacraments!  Jesus, my everything, help me to love You more and more.  Help me to believe and trust more and more.  Shelter me within the refuge of Your Sacred Heart my Jesus.  Forgive my sins and save me from myself, Jesus.  Protect me from the evil one and fill me with only You.  Then I will be love to the full, at least to the fulness of my small heart and I will be able to love my neighbor with Your love.  Oh, Lord how I love You but it isn’t enough.  Give me all graces needed for love.  Enlarge my heart so it can contain the heroic love You speak about and that You lived.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You. 


My Lord, I recently learned my friend (name withheld) has a brain tumor.  She is really suffering as is her husband, (name withheld).  Please give her Your peace, Your comfort and Your love.  Help her to find the best physician and surgeon to alleviate her suffering if it is Your Holy Will.  Only Your Will, Jesus and may it be carried out in (name withheld) life.  If it is Your Will, please heal her, Lord.  Allow me to walk with her, either way my Jesus.  I entrust her to Your capable hands. 


I pray for all people suffering from cancer.  For (names withheld) and for all suffering from Alzheimer’s, end stage renal failure, heart failure, and all chronic diseases.  I pray especially for those who are ill due to Covid or as a result of it.  My Jesus, I also pray for those who are suffering from mental illness, depression and anxiety, especially the young people who continue to suffer from having to wear masks, “social distancing”, etc.  Help us, Jesus.  Lord, for all who are living under fear of tyranny or living with any and all fear, dispel this darkness by the Light of Your love and mercy.  Give graces for hope, courage and freedom from the bondage of sin.  Help our nation to return to You, Lord.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the Earth.  Renew Your Church, Oh Lord.  Have mercy on us.  Protect the priests who are being persecuted, Lord.  Thank You for this year of St. Joseph, Lord!  Thank You for giving us Your Mother and St. Joseph!


“My little lamb, have hope and trust in Me.  I am your Savior, your Rock.  Keep your eyes on Me, My child. The world grows darker each day, but My Light shines bright in the darkness.  The Church suffers just as I suffered My agony in the garden.  The Church will undergo its passion.  In all things remain united to My Will.  I walk with My Children of Light.  I do not abandon My people, My Church.  Remember to call on Me and do so right away at the first signs of rough waters.  I am with You as I was with My Apostles on the sea during the storm.  They did not call out to Me as they didn’t want to disturb My sleep.  They also wanted to be brave and thought they could handle things since they were expert fishermen and accustomed to handling their boats in rough waters.  Only when they realized the storm was too much for them, did call on Me.  By that time, they had allowed fear to seize them.  They waited too long to awaken Me and ask for help.  I wasn’t even deeply asleep but aware of all that was going on around Me.  I sensed their desperation but waited until they called, for I am the great respecter of free will.”


Yes, Lord, You are the Creator of our free will and our very lives.  You are the perfect gentleman, Jesus!


“Yes, My child, I created man with free will and I stand waiting for My children to call on Me.  So great is My love for My children.  Do not wait until the storm is crashing into your homes, your lives, your children’s lives, your hearts, to call out to Me.  Call upon Me each and every day and all through the day, My children.  Speak with Me and I will listen to you.  I come to your assistance when you call.  I assure you that I am with you.  I am not a detached God looking down on My creation watching from a distance.  I intervene in your lives and in the lives of those for whom you pray.  I am love.  I am mercy.  I am wisdom.  I am peace.  I am your Savior, Redeemer and friend.  I AM WHO AM.  Come to Me, My children and walk with Me.”


Oh, Lord You deserve our undying love, honor, reverence and loyalty.  Help me to be more faithful and more loving.  Give all your children graces for heroic love so that when others look at us they will see only You.


“My child, do not become discouraged when you fall.  Always get up quickly and run to Me.  Be of good cheer and while I want My children to be perfect in love, I know it is a progression and I am patient with My friends.  I give you joy, My child.  Joy in being a friend with the Lord of Hosts.  You are Mine, My child.  Thank you for giving your life, your work and your heart to Me each day.  We have much history together, you and I.  I recall each event of your life, My child and as you reflect you will see that I have been with you in every moment.”


Yes, Jesus.  This makes me smile for the many sweet times and I also have sadness for the times I disappointed You.


“I was there for each occasion, for better or for worse, My little one.”


Yes, Lord.  I see this and I am most grateful for Your love, Your protection and Your mercy.  I do not deserve Your love, Jesus but because of who You are, You love not counting the cost.  Teach me to love this way, Jesus.  Your Mother loved perfectly, also and She never counted the personal cost.  She focused solely on You, my Lord.  Ask Your Mother to teach me to love as She loves, please Jesus.  Blessed Mother school me in Your school of love.  Give me grace to love with Your heart, Your love, Your mercy.  Give me graces for the faith that You have, Blessed Lady.  You who are the perfect disciple, the perfect daughter of God and the perfect Mother of God.  Teach me to love as You love.  I unite everything to Jesus through You, Blessed Mother Most Holy.  Give my simple poor offerings to Jesus.  He will accept them from You and in Your hands, they will turn into something very beautiful.  Thank You for being the perfect Mother of all mankind!  Thank You for being our Mother and my Mother!


Thank you, My little lamb.  When one loves My Mother, it shows a high regard and great love for Me.  My child, evil is becoming more and more angry as the adversary sees his end near.  It will appear to become even worse, My little one.  Do not fear.  Recognize the sign of the times.  No one can hurt you, My child.  Even if the body is destroyed, the evil enemies cannot harm your soul.  Only those who cooperate with evil can be harmed and even then, I stand ready to save and to forgive.  Be not afraid.  Be people filled with hope and joy.  Be persevering in the faith and protect those who are vulnerable.  Open your hearts and your homes to all people I send to you.  Do not fear for if I send them to you it is for your good and theirs.  I know each person who will come to every refuge for this has been planned even before time began.  The Father knows each and every detail and He sees to everything.  You are in the palm of His hand.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I will not allow even one sheep in My flock to be harmed.  Those who leave the flock and do not return even when I come for them but instead lead others astray, have removed themselves from the High Priest’s protection.  Pray for those who are outside the sheep fold.  Pray for those who were once good shepherds but are now leading others astray.  Pray much for them, My children.  Do not judge them.  Only pray.  By your prayers and sacrifices many will return to Me.  Pray even more, My children as the darkness grows.  In that way, your lights will shine like beacons on the earth.  Your prayers will be like many search lights leading souls home, to shelter and to a place of refuge.  My children living in this time, be of good cheer for I have chosen you.  I am counting on you to be love in this world that does not know love.  Live the Gospel.  Frequent the Sacraments.  Pray, fast and make sacrifices for souls who do not know Me.  Be living examples of Christ in the world my little apostles.  Be messengers of hope, mercy and love.  All will be well.  Be busy about My Father’s work building His Kingdom!  Go in peace, My little one.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Thank you for coming to adore Me, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  I love you.  Walk in My light.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!!

October 24, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Savior ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is good to be here with You!  Thank You for Holy Mass this morning!  Thank You for Holy Communion and for the opportunity to go to Confession this weekend.  Lord, thank You for the many graces and blessings You are pouring out on Your children to help prepare us for what is to come.  Lord, there are so many people in need of prayer.  I pray for all who have requested prayer and for all who are ill, especially those who have terminal illnesses.  Be with all of my family members who are suffering.  Thank You for my family, Father.  Lord, help my sister (name and condition withheld).  Please also be with those who have lost loved ones, who are lonely, depressed or suffer from anxiety.  Ease their hearts and minds, My Prince of Peace.  Heal them and give them graces for support, healing and love.  Lord, there are so many intentions on my heart.  You know each one and I unite them to You on the cross.  I entrust each family member to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   Our Mother always knows what each one of her children needs and I trust Her to do a great work in each one.  Thank You for sharing Your Mother with us, Lord and for giving us such a perfect, beautiful, Holy Mother who loves us.  Lord, the world is in a very serious grave state.  Jesus, take our broken and dark world and heal it by the Light of Your Love.  Heal all hearts, Jesus.  Shower us with Your Holy Spirit and by the power of the Spirit create in us clean hearts and steadfast souls.  Lord, grant us Your peace in the midst of these trials and give us the joy that comes from knowing and loving You.  May the light that is You shine within our souls and bring honor and glory to You, our King!  Jesus, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My child.  There is much to say.  People in the world who follow darkness and the evil one are walking toward a cliff.  They are about to walk off and fall through a deep and dark hole that will be the end of their spiritual lives and thus the opportunity for conversion.  My children, you know not the hour you will stand before Me for your particular judgement.  Many of you will not have time to change before your life will be required.  Therefore, I tell you do not wait for tomorrow.  Repent and believe in the Gospel now.  Call upon the name of Jesus to free you from the grip of satan.  I will free your souls from his bondage and you will be free once again.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you.  I will walk with you when you repent.  I will fill you with My Holy Spirit and you will have a new life.  You will know peace and joy.  Today you know evil, fear and slavery to sin.  After conversion, you will know goodness, trust in God and freedom from sin and death.  Allow Me to fill you with a new life of grace, My poor lost children, open your hearts to Me while it is still possible.  Do not listen to the evil one who tells you lies, who says it is too late for you.  It is not too late for a soul to come to his Lord and Savior.  Come, My little, sad children.  I died to give you new life, but it is only you who can accept this precious gift.  It will not be forced on you.  Freely I give and freely you must receive.  I love you, My children.  I love you!”


Thank You, Lord for loving Your children even when we don’t return Your love.  Even when we choose sin over Your Kingdom.  Forgive us, dearest Jesus.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  Have mercy on us, Lord.  We are in serious trouble as a world, Lord.  You are well aware of this, of course, but many of us are becoming very aware, also.  You’ve known even before You created the world, this time would come and is here now.  You knew each person alive in these times would go through all that we are experiencing.  Keep us on the right path, following You.  May our hearts be open to Your Holy Spirit and our beautiful Mother Mary who always leads us to You. 


“My little lamb, thank you for your prayers and for each intention.  I see the longing in your heart and I am filling you with every grace needed.  When more or different graces are required I will continue to give what is needed.  Trust in Me that I will see to everything.  All will be well.  I will illuminate the path forward.  I will give you clarity.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I ask You to guide me regarding the timing of the financial decision.  Lord, I realize my employment will most likely end soon.  I sense this is coming due to the mandatory testing.  Even if they decide to delay this, I think it is going to end, anyway.  Lord, many of Your people are unemployed.  Please tend to all of their needs.  Provide for us, Father God.  You are the Creator and You can provide what is needed just by thinking one thought.  Giver of every good thing, provide all that is needed by Your children.  Father, I trust in You.  Father, I trust in You.  Father I trust in You.


“My child, My child.  There are many things I long to tell you but it is not time yet.  You are aware of the earthquakes and volcanoes occurring and about to erupt.  The world and nature rebels against the evil forces occupying it.  The earth yearns for harmony with its Creator and man has misused the earth, its many elements, minerals and precious metals.  Man has polluted and mutilated the earth, the food and consequently caused great harm to My children.  The evil one, My adversary wants to destroy the earth and all of My children.  All who follow evil, participate in this plan from the killing of the innocents, to the abuse of My little pure ones, My holy elderly ones and the destruction of the human race.  The scales of justice will be righted, My child.  My mercy has deemed there be time for all souls to convert.  When the time comes that evil will overpower mankind, I will put a stop to it.  For now, I am giving souls time to convert.  Soon, in a matter of months I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and they will see their souls as I do.  This will be the second greatest hour of mercy for souls.  The first, was the 3:00 hour on Good Friday when I took My last breath on the cross and gave up My Spirit to God My Father.  The second greatest act of mercy will be the Illumination of Conscience.  At that time each soul will know that I AM God.  Each and every soul will see the state of their souls and they will have an opportunity to change.  They will seek out the nearest Catholic priest in their area for Baptism, Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation.  These Sacraments will set their souls on the path to salvation to Heaven.  Some will be martyred afterwards and will come straight to Heaven.  Many will then come to the refuges I have established in the desert of this dark and dry world.  These refuges will be an oasis of peace and love for souls.  My children, life will be challenging in the refuges as you learn to live off the land and learn all that is needed for your faith.  Many will learn for the first time, how to share with your brothers and sisters.  Many will also learn for the first time, the value of hard work.  You will struggle at first with the realization that you who thought you were doing My Will previously had no grasp of this concept.  You will all experience much growth through living in the refuges.  You will also understand, if not for these places of refuge, mankind would be extinguished.  This is why I will provide physical refuges.  You must all take refuge spiritually in My Sacred Heart and in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.  Do this now My children.  It is as simple as asking to take refuge in My Heart and My Mother’s Heart.  Go to Confession frequently, My children so that you are in a state of grace and will clearly hear My voice and that of your Guardian Angel.  Remember, My children that I allow hardships for penance and for preparation.  When the time comes to exit the refuges and to rebuild and repopulate the earth, all you have learned through the refuge experience will serve you well.  You will live in the Era of Peace.  The refuge time will be a source of purification for your souls.  I will assist you.  I have already chosen the holy priests who will minister to those in the refuges.  It will be by miraculous mercy, My children.  Have no fear.  All will be well.  You will see many miracles, My children but you will also see great mercy and love.  Focus on that which is good, My Children of Light.  Do all that you can to help your neighbors and those in need.  Pray for mercy, pray for those who do not know the love of God.  Pray, pray, pray and entrust every soul to Me.”


“This is all for now, My child.  I am guiding you and My son (name withheld).  Be open to the way I am working in your lives and in the lives of your loved ones.  Be at peace.  Be joy.  Be love.  Be mercy.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You. 


“And I love you.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go with My blessing.”



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