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Children of the Renewal Messages

February 21, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my beautiful Lord present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore You, believe in You and hope in You, my God Creator of the world.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion.  Thank You for enabling us to go to Confession yesterday.  Please bless and protect Your holy priest sons who make it possible for us to receive the Sacraments.  Lord, I bring to You all who are ill and all people who will die today and tonight, especially those who are unprepared for their deaths.  Give them consoling graces and draw them close to Your Sacred Heart where they can encounter Your infinite love, mercy and peace.  Please give (name withheld) healing graces.  Comfort and console her and also her family.  Be with her husband (name withheld) who suffers because of his concern for her.  He loves her so very much, Jesus, and already feels lost at the thought of ‘losing’ her.  I pray for those who are outside of the Church, especially for (names withheld).  Please, Lord may (names withheld) receive the Sacrament of Baptism.  Save us all, Lord Jesus by Your Most Precious Blood shed so generously for us during Your passion and death.  Jesus, as if it wasn’t enough, Your blood was shed even after Your death when the soldier pierced Your side and Your most Sacred Heart with a lance.  Oh, blood and water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.  Oh, Lord how much misery so many of Your people suffer because they do not know, do not love You. 


Lord, may there soon be an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on the world during the Illumination of Conscience.  Please do this soon, Lord according to Your Holy Will.  May Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart triumph and may we always be loyal to You and to Your blessed most holy Mother.  Oh, God You are magnificent, majestic, noble, glorious, holy and pure, unattainable, untouchable due to Your glory and yet You condescended to become one of us.  You took on flesh and through the fiat of Mary Most Holy came into the world, full of sin and darkness to save us.  Oh Light; Oh Messiah, Oh Savior, my Lord and my God, my brother and friend, how can it be true that You left the glories of Heaven to become a baby, the Son of Man, to teach, heal, suffer, die and rise again just for love of us, poor children, wretched sinners.  You elevated mankind, though we are sinners.  You give us everything if we only follow You.  You who walked ahead, blazing the path for us, eliminating the weeds, the vines that ensnare, the thorns that pierce us.  You cleared the way so we could follow You more easily.  You left a map for us so that generations to come would know the way, also.  Since You ascended to Heaven, You sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and to guide the Church.  Lord, Your love was so perfect, so holy, so beautiful that You couldn’t bear to leave Your bride, so You gave the Apostles and their successors the gift of Your presence in the Eucharist and each time they celebrate the Holy Mass, You give Yourself again to us, Your people.  Who can ever fathom this deep love of Yours, Lord, especially knowing how undeserving we are.  Thank You for Your love, Jesus.  Thank You for Your sacrifice.


“Thank you, My little one for your prayers and your love.  Thank you for being here today, My children.  Thank you for the encounters with others when you bring My love and My peace.”


Lord, I’m afraid I wasn’t very good about that this week.  There were several times of struggle for me as You know.


“Yes, My child.  I am aware.  You did the right thing by bringing these trials to Me.  I gave you My peace each time, My daughter.”


Yes, Lord.  I was aware of that and I am grateful to You.  Thank You for helping to put things in perspective, Lord.


“You are welcome, My child.  I am always available to you and to all of My Children of Light.  I am also available to My children who do not follow Me, and I stand at the ready, so I can embrace them when they repent and turn to Me.  Come to Me, My sad children.  Return to the God Who created you, Who loves you, Who will never deceive you.  Come to Me and know true forgiveness and peace.  I am the living water.  Come you who thirst for love and for life.  Come to Me.  My child, My child I continue to invite and to call because of My great love for souls.  I want no one to perish and all to have life everlasting.  I long for My people to be surrounded by My love but I do not force.  I only call and invite.”


Yes, Lord because You are the consummate gentleman.  You are all good and deserving of all our love.


“My little lamb, many people are weary of waiting.  Weary of the evil and weary of being surrounded by deception and evil motives, of corruption and sin.  My children, I know you are weary, but you must not grow complacent.  I urge you to renew your prayers, your penance, your sacrifices.  I urge you to renew your faith, hope and trust in the Lord God.  I will breathe My flame of love on you and enkindle the fire of My Holy Spirit in your hearts so that the small, red embers will grow into a blazing fire.  Ask Me for this, My Children of Light.  Ask for the power and love of the Holy Spirit to renew your strength, your zeal for the Lord.  You have not because you ask not.”


“I urge you to envision a camp where soldiers are sleeping.  Their sleep is very deep for they have walked 100’s of miles and have fought many years of battles.  They are war torn and weary.  Notice though, that as the night wears on their enemies come closer and closer.  There are thousands of them.  They are fresh and well rested.  They are powerful, but very quiet as they begin to surround the sleeping soldiers.  But, not all are asleep.  The commander is on his watch and he has several good men with him also keeping watch.  They notice the enemy when they are at a distance and knowing they are outnumbered, they have assembled around their sleeping soldiers.  The commander sent a few of his men off to solicit reinforcements.  The commander is wise and a well-seasoned soldier.  He is a strategist but above all of his skills, talents and expertise he has something even greater, a true and sincere love for his men who are like his family.  He would give his life in an instant if it meant saving his men.  He allows the extra time of sleep for his men, knowing how weary they are and yet he keeps watch and is aware of how much time will be needed.  He sends some of his men to awaken his soldiers and they quietly take up their arms and prepare for battle.  He instructs them to pray like never before for God’s protection, the protection of nearby villages and peoples and for the Lord to secure their needed reinforcements.”


“As dawn approaches, the men realize they are outnumbered but the commander reassures them the reinforcements will be coming and to fight as if they outnumber their enemies.  Soon the battle begins.  The men fight valiantly and with precision they follow and carry out every order the commander gives them because not only are they well trained, they also trust him with their lives because they love him and know that he also loves them.  He is their inspiration and though they believe in the cause for which they fight, love of country, love of family and friends, freedom/liberty, and to guard and protect against tyranny, for the moment these values are not at the top of their minds.  Their thoughts are on staying the course, protecting each other and showing their commander and friend their loyalty, courage and love.  This gives them heroic courage, clear minds, pure hearts, and crystal-clear focus.  They continue to fight no matter that their enemy is pressing down on them.  They fight with hope and confidence because they believe the words of their commander.  They believe in him.” 


“After hours of fighting, reinforcements come and they are even more encouraged and relieved but still the sheer number of enemy soldiers far outnumbers them.  At some point, their perseverance and tenacity begins to turn the tide and they regain ground and begin pressing their enemies hard.  They fight with so much courage and heart that the enemy begins to retreat.  As some run away, more and more follow.  The fear in their minds becomes so intense that the entire number flee.  There are many who are wounded.  The good soldiers take account of their wounded and begin ministering to them.  They tend to their wounds.  These soldiers have mercy on their adversaries who are wounded also and begin to treat them as well.  One wounded adversary speaks of the great number of soldiers who descended upon them from the sky.  He goes on and on about these amazing soldiers who appeared out of nowhere.  Finally, the commander acknowledges this is true and he informs his soldiers they must thank God for sending His angels.  The Lord heard their pleas, their prayers and the prayers of all who were praying for their loved ones who had been fighting in the war.  The reinforcements came just when needed because the Lord sent them an angel to awaken the leader of the reinforcements and he had his men preparing to depart just as the messengers (soldiers) met them.  God’s timing is perfect.  The soldiers did not give up hope, though they were clearly outnumbered.  They prayed, they trusted and they acted.  They followed their commander and they trusted in him and in the Lord.”


“My children, this is what you must do.  Pray, trust and act in accordance with the Gospel.  When one is wounded among you, care for them.  Care for your enemies, also for they are sons and daughters of God, your Father.  Your battle is with evil, but not with your brothers and sisters.  It is with the evil adversary who seeks to kill and destroy souls.  I will send angels to help you and to defend you when needed.  The saints in Heaven pray for you.  Your loved ones pray for you.  My Most Holy Mother, Mary intercedes for you before the throne of God.  She sends graces from Me to Her children in need of them.”


“For your part, you must awaken when your Lord tells you it is time to rise and pray for the enemy is surrounding you.  You must not lose sight of the Gospel and you must seek fortitude in the Sacraments and the Word of God, even in the midst of the battle that is raging, or you will be too weak and the enemy will overcome.  My children, you know what to do.  You know what I ask of you.  Trust Me.  Listen to Me.  Follow through with your part so the enemy will be defeated even sooner.  Yes, you are weary, but I will refresh you.  You are in the midst of the battle so you cannot afford to let down your guard but press on in your prayers and in your good works.  Love those around you.  Care for your brothers and sisters.  Be wise, but also meek.  Humble yourselves before the Lord God Almighty.  I love you and I am with you.  I am leading the charge and I already won the war but you must continue to fight for the good of souls.  You are united to Me and I want no souls to be left out of the Kingdom of God.” 


“Some will choose to live apart from Heaven, sadly it is true.  There will be casualties, My Children of Light but much is riding on you and on your prayers.  Be love, be mercy, be peace, be light, be love, My Children of Light and soon the darkness will be dispelled.  Live your life for Me and I will live in and through you.  I am with you.  I will not abandon you.  The battle is difficult, but all things worth living and dying for are often challenging.  I give you all that is needed to defeat the adversary, the father of deception.  Take up your weapons, the prayer of the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, partake in the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Feast on Scripture and the Most Holy Eucharist.  Be in My Mother’s army of little, holy souls.  You will see Her triumph, My children.  Do not lose hope.  All will be well.  Follow Me, My children.  Minister to your brothers and sisters in need.  One day, you will live in the New Springtime, the Era of Peace.  You will tell the stories of this time to your children and grandchildren. You will tell of the wonders the Lord worked in and through you.  This time of peace will come.  Pray, pray, pray.”


“That is all, My daughter.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little one.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord!  Praise You, Lord.  I love You.


“And I love you.”

February 14, 2021 Adoration Chapel

Hello my beautiful Jesus hidden in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I love You, adore and glorify You my God and my King.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, Lord.  Thank You for my family and my husband.  Lord, You know every intention in my heart but I pray especially for (name withheld) who is suffering.  Jesus, if it is Your Will, please heal her.  Draw her close to Your Sacred Heart, Lord and if You desire to heal her in Heaven, help her suffering to prepare her to enter into Your Kingdom.  I know You can heal her now, if You Will it, Jesus and I ask You for this.  Just as You healed the blind man as we read in today’s Gospel reading.  You can heal (name withheld).  Your Will is perfect and I trust You with (name withheld).  You know what is best for her, Lord.  Jesus, please be with (name withheld).  He asked for prayer and though I don’t know what he needs, You know Jesus.  Give him the graces needed to fulfill his priestly vocation and minister to Your people.  Help him in any way he needs assistance.  I pray for my children and grandchildren that all will be baptized and grow closer to You than ever.  May our entire family, all my relatives and (name withheld) too be faithful disciples of You.  Help us during our pilgrimage on earth, so that we will one day enter Your Heavenly Kingdom. 


“My child, I am pleased that you are here with Me.  You are My voice, My little one.  I speak to My lost children through you.  Yes, I know that you are imperfect, but you are a loyal friend.  You and My son (name withheld) are faithful to Me.  Write My words, My (name withheld) and do not grow weary with being My secretary.  I love you and I thank you and all of My Children of Light for the time spent with Me, adoring Me in the Eucharist.  No one will come to Me in Adoration and leave empty handed.  My child, I give many graces to all who adore Me in the Sacrament of Love.  You call Me your hidden Jesus, and it does appear to your eyes that I am hidden.  I assure you that I am here in the flesh, body, blood, soul and divinity and that I see you as if we were visiting and having a lovely conversation in your home.  However, I say this not meaning ‘as if’ in the true sense of the word ‘if’ but in that it is the same as being with a friend in person.  I am truly present in the consecrated bread and so I am truly present with you in Adoration.”


Thank You, Lord for reassuring us of this and for reminding me of the great honor it is for Your children to have access to Our Lord God.  It is amazing to think about this, Jesus.  In worldly terms one would have to be wealthy, famous, or have an important connection in order to gain an audience with royalty.  You, though make Yourself available and accessible to all people.  It doesn’t matter if we are poor, wealthy, outcast, ill, sinful or holy, all are welcome to have an ‘audience’ with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in Adoration.  Oh, Lord, how great is Your love for mankind!


“Yes, My child, I do so love My children.  Even when I am rejected, My love remains.  I await even the hardest of hearts and the biggest sinner the same.  To the hardest of hearts, I await with the greatest measure of patience, ready to forgive sins and embrace the one with the heart of stone.  I will hold this one so close to My Most Sacred Heart that the heart of stone will transform into a warm, vibrant heart of flesh.  The love from My heart purifies, transforms, forgives, loves and shows infinite mercy to the most horrible sinner.  Come to Me, My lost, prideful children.  Humble yourself and come to Me!  You are not happy in your lifestyle of sin.  You have lost all peace and joy.  You no longer remember the purpose for your life.  I created you for more, My lost ones.  I created you for love, for life, to fulfill the important reason for living and loving.  I made you for Heaven.  You do not feel deserving of this great purpose, I know.  You are in good company, for none of My children feel deserving of Heaven.  Even saints who attained high levels of holiness did not feel deserving of Heaven.  This is missing the point, My children.  Heaven was created for My children and for the angels, who also dwell there.  All was created out of love.  You were created to know, love and serve Me but I also serve you, My children.  Read Sacred Scripture.  Read the Gospels.  I showed you how to live, to love, to sacrifice for others.  I served during My time on earth and I continue to serve you, My children.  I listen to each and every prayer and when it is best for you.  I answer your prayers in the way you request.  When there is a better way for you, I answer your prayers in the way I know will be best for your soul.  I have the vantage point of all eternity.  Your vantage point is your short and in most cases very brief lives on earth.  I listen to every request, every sigh, each joyful laugh and I know each and every need.  Bring your burdens to Me My children.  Share your hardships, the things that tire you, the things that concern you.  Talk to Me as you would a trusted friend.  Allow Me to be this for you.  I love you and I enjoy your company.  Lift your minds and hearts to Me in prayer throughout the day and even in the night when you awaken.  I am always present to you.  Be aware each day of how I am working through you and through others.  Pray, My children that each meeting with others will be an encounter with Me.  I am actively engaged in your lives, dearest children.  I am not a distant, far off, out of touch God.  I am actively engaged in My children’s lives.  Invite Me to be in your lives, My lost ones and together we will rebuild whatever has been damaged or lost.  Do not think this impossible.  I can do all things, My children.”


“I call out to the one who is hurting and far from Me.  You are afraid to approach Me in prayer because you think your sins are too horrible for me to forgive.  Do not believe this lie from the evil one.  He does not want your soul to find Me.  He delights when souls fall into hell.  The worst sinner in the world is no problem for Me, your Savior.  I died for souls such as yours and My mercy is especially for you.  Run to Me, you who are mired in sin.  You must hurry.  Flee to Me right away without hesitation.  Tell Me your sins.  Tell Me about your pain and the pain others caused you and that which you caused others.  There is nothing hidden from God.  I know these things anyway, but there is healing and forgiveness when you confide them to Me.  I will not reject you.  Instead I will welcome you with open arms.  Do not be afraid of the One who loves you.  My lost ones, after we have this moment of forgiveness, go find a Catholic priest and confess so that through him, I will give you complete absolution.  In this way, you will know without any doubt that I have absolved you of your sins.  If you are not Catholic, you may still talk to the priest and ask him how to receive instructions in the Faith.  I want all of My children to have the great benefits given through the Sacraments in the Church.  (The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church) Yes, I know the Church has people within that are not holy.  I know this, My children better than you.  This is not My Will, but people sin; even those who know better and who have Holy Orders.  Do not allow this to stop you.  Are not you a sinner, too?  My Church is pure and holy even though those in the Church are not.  This is a fact.  There is no institution or organization on the earth that is filled with saints.  Only Heaven is filled with saints, all saints; Earth, not so.  This should ease your mind, knowing that My priest sons are sinners also.  Therefore, do not be ashamed to tell them each and every sin.  Give them all to Me, My children.  The words of absolution, are My words.  I work through him in a mystical, sacramental way.  So, when you are in Confession, telling your sins to the priest, you are actually telling Me.  Yes, I am not bound by My Sacraments, and I can forgive you outside of a confessional, this is true.  But you, My children doubt.  You wonder if I have forgiven you.  You wonder if you were truly sorry, so much so that you have no attachments or desires of these sins.  Since one may not know, or has doubt, I gave the Church the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  When the priest says the words of absolution, you are forgiven.  All that is needed is sorrow for sin and a sincere willingness to reject these sins and commit them no more.  (A desire to never commit them again.)  My children on earth, you have what is needed for your pilgrimage to Heaven.  All has been given through My Church.  I stopped at nothing to make this so.  I love you.  Come to Me, My children.  Allow Me to give you new life.”


Thank You, Lord.  You are love and all love is You.  You are mercy, peace, joy and life everlasting.  Thank You for loving us even when we sin.  Help us to get up each time we fall.  Thank You for Your forgiveness.  Thank You for the Sacraments.  Praise You, Lord!  I know You are sad because some people will not believe in You, Lord.  Heal them.  Help their unbelief.  Give them graces for faith, hope and love.  Give them graces for healing, Lord.  Heal their wounded hearts.  Give them the gift of discernment so they will detect Your voice and reject the voices of evil.  Make Yourself known to them, Lord.  No one who knows You can refuse Your love, Lord.  You are so beautiful, so very tender and loving.  Your mercy is a sweet balm to the broken hearted.  You fill the empty places, Lord.


“Thank you for your love, My little one.  Thank you for your friendship.  This is all for today, My little lamb.  Pray for your brothers and sisters who do not know Me.  Pray for them to come to know God.  Pray for lost souls, My Children of Light.  Bring My love to those in need.”


“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace and in My love.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia.  Praise You, my Lord, my God and my All.

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