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Children of the Renewal Messages

May 9, 2021, 6th Sunday of Easter, Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Hello my Jesus hidden in the tabernacle in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You my Lord and my God.  I praise and thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, Lord.  It was beautiful to experience the procession and crowning of our Blessed Mother statue.  Happy Mother’s Day, Blessed Mother of all and my Mother.  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother in Heaven, also.  Thank You, Lord for giving me such a beautiful and loving earthly mother.  Please give her my love, Jesus.  Lord, please comfort and console (name withheld) and the children after losing their family pet.  They are very sad.  Lord, please bring all those who are away from the Church, home.  I pray for those who are far from You, also that they will come to experience the love of God and experience Your mercy.  Jesus, my Redeemer I pray especially for those who are enemies of Your Church.  Help them to see the error of their ways and to throw themselves at the foot of Your holy cross.  Lord, please grant many graces for courage for all Your children.  Please guard, guide and inspire our shepherds to defend the faith and the Holy Gospel.  Help the laity to do the same, Lord.  It is becoming all too clear the time You spoke about to me is at our doors.  Give us the courageous love and zeal for You that we will joyfully lay down our lives for the Faith if called upon to do so.  Lord, help us as we work to preserve the faith so that we may pass this on to our grandchildren.  Help the Church in China, Lord where it is against the law for children and teens under the age of 18 to go to Mass, Church services, and to assemble to learn about You.  Our poor brothers and sisters in China.  How alone they must feel.  Oh, Lord, You felt alone, also.  You felt abandoned by Your Apostles and friends.  Lord, comfort the suffering Church in China and all who suffer persecution throughout the world.  Let them know they are loved and not forgotten.  May our prayers be presented by Our Lady to God the Father for our beloved brothers and sisters.  My heart is very heavy for them, Jesus.  I can’t begin to imagine how heavy this yoke is for them.  Lord, grant them freedom from oppression and tyranny.  I pray for this for the entire world as the evils of communism continue to spread everywhere.  Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us. 


“My child, My child I thank you for your heartfelt concern for your brothers and sisters who suffer persecution.  I will help My people and their faith will survive.  These beautiful, faithful children of Mine walk My passion with Me.  They sit with Me in My hour of need in Gethsemane.  Remain faithful, My children to the truth, to the Gospel.  Teach your children all that you know and love.  My Holy Spirit is with you.  Many of you will seemingly die without the Sacraments, but I will send My angels to comfort and to anoint you with healing oil.   This is oil from Heaven that will help on your journey through death to life in My heavenly Kingdom.  They will not anoint you in the place of priestly anointing, for that is reserved for My holy priest sons.  They will anoint you with the oil of gladness and healing to prepare you for Heaven, to heal the many wounds caused by persecution and oppression and to grant you peace so that you will be strong in spirit to forgive those who persecute you.  My beautiful suffering children, I see every wound, each sacrifice, every burden and each tear that silently falls on your cheeks.  I have not abandoned you.  I am with you.  We suffer together.  One day, the earth will be renewed and you will all worship the One True, Triune God in freedom and in truth.  There will be no fear.  I will renew you and I will renew the face of the earth.  But first the purification will continue.  There is much evil and corruption in the world to a much greater degree now than ever before.  In areas where there is much persecution, religious oppression and human rights violations, you already know this purification time.  Some have known and experienced this for decades.  Others have rarely experienced this, but they will.  You must know that by not standing up for your brothers and sisters who are oppressed, for those who are vulnerable and for those whom I love even as the world despises them, you will also experience this oppression.  It is not My Will children.  I Will only that which is good.  However, by not standing firm for justice, for mercy, for life, the oppression spreads and will reach every country that has not taken a stand out of righteousness.  The wrath of God will not be stopped as it will come by the hands of your enemies, those who battle Holy Mother Church and all of her children.  My little ones, again I say to you, this is not My Will.  It is your will.  You have looked the other way while My innocent ones have been torn from their mothers’ wombs.  You have remained silent in the face of My adversary and yours, giving him more fuel and ammunition for evil.  There is no longer a time when one can stand idly by or sit on the fence so to speak.  That time has long since passed.  What you must do now, is to pray, pray, pray.  You will see the way forward My children.  Through prayer, I will guide you.  Bring everything to Me, My children.  Surrender every burden, every problem and each decision.  Let us examine them together and you will gain clarity and direction.  Trust in Me, My children.  Trust in Me, all you lands who are persecuted for love of Me.  I am with you and you will not face tomorrow alone.  I love you, My beautiful lambs!  I am your shepherd and I will not abandon My sheep.”


Praise You, Lord!  Thank You, Jesus.  Help us to remain faithful to You, Lord and to Your plan for our lives.  Lord, is there anything else You want to tell me?


“Yes, My child.  Remember those who are persecuted.  Fast for them and offer prayer to assist them in their trials.  They are very strong people because of their love for Me.  They are My precious Children of Light.  They risk their lives many times a day to follow Me.  Pray for their persecutors, too.  Pray for their conversion.  Pray for them to have mercy on their fellow countrymen.  My children, you realize it is the father of lies who is behind all persecution of humanity.  Be merciful to those who serve evil and return their evil for good.  Love will conquer, My children.  I am love and all love is Me.  When you pray for their conversion, you are showing mercy.  When all who serve evil convert, there will be no more persecution. 

Yes, My child, I know many will not convert, but you must pray and fast anyway.  When the day comes, the final day of no turning back, those who continue to serve evil, will be crushed and banished into hell.  This grieves Me, My child for all are Mine and I do not want to lose even one soul.  However, free will is My gift and therefore use your free will wisely.  Use it to choose good, to choose God, to choose love, mercy and peace.  Pray, My children, pray.  I ask for your recommitment to morning and evening prayer.  This is the minimum you should pray.  Read holy scripture and go to Mass as often as possible.  Offer this for those who are unable to go to Holy Mass.  Offer your intentions for souls who are oppressed, either by tyrannical regimes, or by evil people who have bound them in the chains of slavery and human trafficking.” 


“My children, now many of you are free to live your lives, to go to work, school, and many activities.  You have seen some of your liberties abridged.  This is just the beginning, My children.  You have acquiesced and allowed this to occur, signaling those who want to rule, that you will willingly allow them to further oppress you.  This is antithetical to the Gospel.  This is antithetical to the teachings of My Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  I died to redeem you and to give you the ultimate freedom to follow Me, to serve your brothers and sisters and to pick up your cross and follow Me.  My children I did not go along with error.  I spoke the truth.  I lived the truth and did so in the open with nothing to hide.  I did this as an example to you.  Follow Me, My children.  Do not fear those who can hurt the body, but not the soul.  Be not afraid for I am with you.  Choose God.  Choose life.  Choose love.  Choose mercy, kindness and peace.  When you do this, follow the Gospel, you will inspire others.  You will be a witness for Me, for Christ.  Do not be afraid.  You are never alone, My children.” 


“The times in which you are living were known by the Father even before He created the world.  Each soul, each life was known to Him before you came into being.  He willed your lives into being out of great fatherly and divine love.  You were each placed in this moment of history for a reason, a purpose, a plan.  When you live Christian lives, following the Gospel of life and love, you fulfill this plan of My Father.  Therefore, do not fear, do not second guess My Father’s Will for your lives.  He is the Creator of all that was, is and is to come for He is God.  No one is like God, My children.  Evil people want to emulate certain traits or characteristics of God, but they play at being demons, not God.  If they really wanted to imitate God, they would strive for holiness.  No, they really are trying to imitate satan, not God.  This is the height of evil, My children and you must resist evil with good, with love, with mercy and truth.  Pray for the enemies of humanity.  Pray for their conversion.  Fast for those who are persecuted and for those who war against My Church.  In the end, love will triumph.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.  Have hope, My little children.  I know everything.  I see everything.  I will not leave you without shepherds.  You may not have one nearby or see them every week, but I will send shepherds to you, My persecuted bride.  Trust in Me.  Love and truth will prevail.”


“That is all for now, My child.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My little lamb.” 


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Amen!  I love You, Jesus.


“And I love you.”

May 2, 2021  Adoration Chapel

Hello my adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  All praise, honor, glory and adoration to You, Lord God and King.  Thank You for Holy Communion and Holy Mass, Lord.  Thank You for the glorious music and for my family members and friends who were at Mass today.  Thank You for the opportunity to come to adore You in this most holy place.  Thank You for the special, holy priest son of Yours who makes it possible.  Bless and protect him and all of Your holy priest sons.  Grant them graces for continued holiness and for courage.  Bless and protect our shepherds, Jesus, You who are the Good Shepherd.  Lord, thank You for the many blessings You give to Your people and to me.  Praise You for the gift of Your mercy, Your love and Your peace.  Lord, I pray for Your divine intervention into (name withheld) life and that of her children.  Bring her to You and to Your holy Church.  I pray for all who are away from the One True Church, that we will be reunited one day as one family of believers with the same heart and mind in Your Divine and Holy Will.  Lord, I pray for my children and grandchildren.  Be with them, and give the guidance and direction to know and follow Your Will for them in their lives.  I pray for all who are ill and for those who are dying this day, especially those who are unprepared for their deaths.  Hold them close to Your Sacred Heart.  Please console their loved ones and those caring for the sick and dying.  Grant them the graces they need, Jesus.  Lord, please protect my husband and continue to provide good health to him.  Help his (ailment withheld) and if it is Your Will, please heal him.  I pray also for (names withheld).  May Your Will be done on the Earth as in Heaven and may we love as if we were living in Heaven now.  Lord, help me to be love, as You have asked me to be countless times.  Forgive me of my sins, Lord and increase Your mercy in me.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Blessed Mother during the month of May as we honor You, please give me more graces to fill in the many gaps I have.  I am lacking in so many things, Blessed Mother and I want to love Your Son more than I do now.  Please send me the Flame of Love and allow it to burn in my heart.  Will You please ask Jesus?  Thank You, Blessed Mother.  I love You and I want to be more like You.


“My child, My child, there are many concerns on your heart not the least of which is concern for your country.  My child, I understand your concern.  It is a valid one.  This nation was blessed beyond measure, My little lamb and with these blessings it has become obstinate, prideful, rebellious and the ones who are leading many astray have fired the fuel of their lust for power.  They are distorted with so much evil, I hardly recognize them.  I say hardly because I always recognize My children even when they are cloaked in evil, for I know all. (God knows everything and all people.)  If they repent and convert, putting aside their evil plans and evil ways, I will forgive them.  I can forgive even the most heinous sins, My little one.  I died for them.  I suffered a cruel and torturous death to redeem mankind out of My great love and mercy.  No one, no created person could repay the debts of mankind.  The offenses against God could only be repaid by the Son of Man and I willingly laid down My life for your redemption.  My children, filled with evil, I can and will forgive you if you repent and turn from your wickedness.  Come to Me now, My poorest of children.  Come to Me before it is too late.  The depths of My mercy is so vast, so long, so wide.  My mercy is greater than all the oceans in the world.  But, you must repent while you still have breath within you for once your soul leaves your body it is too late.  Then, you will not desire repentance.  Many of you do not desire it now or you despair for you listen to the lies of the evil one who has convinced you it is too late for you.  Do not listen to the father of lies.  Listen to God the Father who loves mankind.  Listen to God the Son who gave up His life to redeem you.  Listen to the Breath of Love, the Holy Spirit who loves each and every soul and unites God’s children to the Family of God through one Faith, one Baptism.  He, the Holy Spirit, leads all in the spirit of truth and especially leads My Church.  Awaken you, oh souls in misery and realize the Father in Heaven loves you.  He gives you everything.  He gave you life and you squandered it, just as the Prodigal Son squandered his inheritance, you are squandering yours.  Be like the Prodigal Son who realized he would be treated better as a servant in his father’s house than the way he was living.  So, he decided to return to his father’s home and beg forgiveness and to be treated as a servant.  My poor children, the father did not even hear his request to be a servant.  Do you know why?  Not because he was angry at what the son had done, though he would have been perfectly within his right to be angry.  No, he did not hear of it, because he didn’t want his son to utter such words because he is his father and his son is his true son.  This is what you also are.  You are sons and daughters of God.  Nothing you do will change that.  But, to be able to live in the Father’s house, you must repent, be sorry for your sins, turn from your old lives and follow Me.  There is no sin too horrendous that I won’t forgive when there is true sorrow.  I say again, there is no sin too horrible, My children.  The only condition is on your desire, for I do not, I will not force Myself on My children who are endowed with free will.  My children, if I forced Myself on you, or if I acted against your will, that would be against My nature.  It would make Me be like a dictator on earth.  I am no dictator.  I cannot go against My nature because I am God.  I am perfect and I cannot be what I am not.  I am who I am.


My Children of Light, pray for your poor brothers and sisters who choose to live outside of the family of God.  Pray for those who choose to do harm to the family of God.  If they do not repent, they will be cast into the fires of Gehenna where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.  To pray for their conversion is an act of mercy.  Pray, pray, pray.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for Your infinite mercy, for Your love that never gives up on mankind.  Lord, protect us from evil and convert all who have hearts of stone.  Give them hearts of flesh, Lord.  Help me in my conversion process, Lord.  Give me graces for conversion.


Lord, I know (name withheld) is suffering.  Ease his pain, Lord.  Remove this cross from him, Jesus.  If you choose not to, then please help him to carry it.  Lift it for him, Jesus so it won’t feel so heavy.  Lord, be with me at work as I meet with people and help me to be a witness for them.  It is difficult, with so much talk and pressure to take the vaccine.  It is getting worse, Lord.  Jesus, there may come a time in the near future they could make it mandatory.  Protect us from this evil that will force so many to do what is against their will.  I sense this is only the beginning, Lord.


“Yes, My child, this is the beginning of a world wide plan to subject all to tyranny.  This is why My Mother said to pray for the conversion of Russia and that if mankind failed to pray, Russia would spread its errors throughout the world.  This is what has happened, My child.”


Lord, I read about You weeping over Jerusalem in the holy scriptures.  You saw and knew that the temple would be destroyed, Lord and yet You attempted to get the money changers to stop when You turned over their tables.  Lord, it seems the world is more corrupt than the time You were on earth, the time of Your ministry.


“Yes, My little lamb, this is true.  And even so, I will forgive those who repent.  However, it is also true that many souls will not repent.  They worship the evil one and all that he gives them.  They are wasting their inheritance.  This is the sad state of the world now, My child.  Go and preach, teach and evangelize to reach many souls, My children before it is too late.  My little one, I have mercy on all who come to Me.  When My children fall into sin, they must get up right away and run to Me.  Do not wait, My children, for many, many sins to darken your souls and your intellects.  Come to Me soon.  Come to Me often.  I know how difficult the times have become and I see the darkness that moves over the earth.  This is why you must shield your eyes from evil and cover your ears.  Do not subject your beautiful souls to the sinful dung heaps and the environments of sin.  You are called to be holy and set apart from evil.  Ask My Mother to cover you with Her mantle of holiness.  By being set apart, I do not mean that you are to avoid those who do not know Me.  You must be instruments of My light and My love, otherwise, how would they know Me?  What I want you to do, is to avoid occasions of sin.  You know where there is temptation and evil lurking in the darkness.  You know there is unholy media, movies and books that take your minds and hearts off God and have you looking at sin and evil.  Do not touch these forms of entertainment that mock God and the beauty I have created.  Do not watch evil, lewd, sinister shows but lift your hearts and minds to goodness, truth and beauty.  Remain in the state of grace, My children.  Do not toy with the tools of the evil one, for you will surely fall and this is not the life I want for you.  Live in the shadow of My love, My peace, My grace, My mercy.  Avail yourselves of the Sacraments and all that is good for you through the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Be at peace and keep your hearts at peace.  Then you will be able to give peace and mercy to others.  My child, this is all for today.  My holy son (name withheld) is in pain and discomfort.  Go now in My peace.  My son, I thank you for your love and friendship.  I thank you for being with Me even though it has been difficult.  I give you graces, My son and know that I remain with you.  I love you!  My (name withheld), thank you for your love and for coming to Me with all that is on your mind and heart.  I am glad to be not only your Lord and Savior, but also your friend.  I long for this friendship with all of My children.  Go now in peace, My son and My daughter.  Be mercy, be love, be joy, be light.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  I am with you.  All will be well.”


Amen!  Alleluia! 

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