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Children of the Renewal Messages

January 16, 2022 

My dearest Jesus, present in all tabernacles in the world, I adore, praise, glorify and thank You, my Lord God and King!  I love You and am grateful to be here with You today, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Love.  Lord, You know each intention and each friend and loved one for whom I pray.  Please hear my prayers, Lord and grant peace and consolation in every situation; healing for those who are ill, consolation for those who are grieving, peace to those who are worried/concerned or who have bouts of anxiety, trust to those who fear, faith to those who are seeking You, the Truth and friendship and awareness of Your goodness, kindness and merciful love to those who are unfamiliar with the love of God and who do not know You. 


Lord, You know each person’s need that I have prayed to You about today, and many more that I do not.  I bring each soul to You and present them to You on this small altar that holds You in the monstrance.  Lord, I also beg Your forgiveness for my sins, each and every one I ever committed and pray the unintended consequences, those I know of and those I have no idea about will be bound by You at the foot of Your Holy Cross.  Return graces instead, My sweet, merciful Jesus and blot out each transgression, as only You have the power to do.  Lord, thank You for the Sacraments!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion and for the Sacrament of Confession.  I praise and thank You for all that You did, for Your passion death and resurrection to leave us with these amazing and priceless gifts.  Jesus, I was reflecting on Jacob & Essau and the time that Essau gave up his inheritance for a bowl of lentils.  Oh, Lord how many times have I given up my inheritance, Heaven, for some stupid decision due to temptation or my human failings.  Lord, it is easy to judge the frivolity of Essau, but only You know the number of times I have done something similar.  Lord, we humans do not give enough thought to Your heavenly kingdom which is the pearl of great price.  Give me the graces needed this day and every day to come to always put You first and to seek Your Will and Your Will alone for each and every day.  Cover me with Your precious blood when I fall and help me to get up each time with even more desire to serve You and to love You more and more.  Give me graces for heroic love so that I am willing to die for You if necessary but first so that I truly live for You.  Lord, may Your light and Your grace fill every empty space in my heart and soul so that others will see You when they look at me.  Lord, may my life be a witness to Your goodness, mercy and love.  Jesus, I trust in You!  What a great joy it is to be here with You today.  Bless and heal my husband so that he can join me in adoring You, Lord.  May Your Most Holy and Divine Will be done in our lives and may we both be completely united to Your adorable Will and Your Sacred, Merciful Heart.  Jesus, have You anything to say to Me?


“Yes, My child.  I have much to say.  Please write.”


Yes, Jesus!


“My child, thank you for your heartfelt prayers for your friends and family.  Many, many souls are suffering in these times.  I am the answer, My little one to the longing in each person’s heart.  No matter what the cause of their longing, My daughter, I am the answer.  Many are lonely either from being alone after the death of a spouse or dear relative, or for reasons known to Me alone.  Many are lonely, even though surrounded by family and friends because they feel an emptiness, or lack of purpose in life, or because they pursue worldly desires.  In any case, My little lamb, I am the only remedy.  I have the peace to give which passes all understanding.  I am the balm for the soul.  Many are wounded due to lack of love, violence (being the victim of or even the perpetrator), indifference or being misunderstood.  I am the remedy.  I am all love and all love is Me.  My love is perfect.  It forgives, repairs, restores, and brings life.  My love brings forgiveness, healing and redemption.  Many have great discouragement or have given up hope and become despondent.  I am hope.  I am the Light.  I restore hope in souls.  I restore confidence, and if one never has experienced confidence; I will give it anew.  I am trustworthy, dependable and consistent in My love for My children.  I am kind and merciful.  My Sacred Heart is a refuge for all sinners as is My Most Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart.  Take refuge in our hearts, My children and you will have rest and solace in the storms of life.  My children, you must make a decision for Me now while there is still the opportunity.  The time remaining for this grows very short as you have experienced the time is ‘flying’ as you say and so I warn you.  Heed My words, for you know not the day or the hour that your soul will stand before Me in judgement.  I am merciful while you live out your days on earth, but I will assure you, the day is coming soon when the lines will be drawn.  One is either for Me or against Me.  I tell you this because of My deep love for souls.  I want no one to be lost, My beloved children.  No one.  Not one.  Do not be foolish and waste anymore time.  Choose now, My little children.  Choose life.  To follow the evil one is to choose death.  If you are living a life of sin, turn to Me.  Repent of your sins and I will forgive you.  Then, begin anew.  I will remember your sins no more!  For those of you who were baptized Catholics, run to the nearest priest and ask that he hear your Confession.  You will be not only absolved of your sins, but you will receive the graces needed to continue on the path to holiness.  Holy souls have great joy, My children.  There is excitement in their lives as they look forward to the great plans I have for them.  Do not fear holiness.  Do not hold out on the graces I have for you out of fear that I will not forgive you.  I forgive, My children.  If it were not so, I would not have suffered a cruel death to free you from the yoke of sin.  The reason I came into the world was to die for the sins of humanity because of My love for you.  My Father and I decided this for you long before you were born, but we knew you would be born.  We knew exactly the time in the history of the world since the creation and end when each soul would be born for the Father planned it.  He planned each and every life, even those lives that man decided to kill through the evils of abortion, murder, euthanasia, tyranny, genocide, etc.  These souls have been martyred in most cases and dwell with Me in Heaven.  Their lives are still filled with meaning and purpose even if they did not take one breath outside of their mother’s womb.  You will understand this and many other mysteries one day when you are with Me in Heaven.” 


“My children, choose the Father’s heavenly kingdom.  Do not settle for the false trappings the evil one holds out to you.  These are like cheap trinkets compared to the riches of Heaven.  And, living for Me now will enable you to glimpse Heaven as I grant many graces and blessings to those who follow Me out of love.  I patiently wait for your choice, My beloved little ones, but do not be presumptuous for the time is short now.  Evil is in your midst.  The evil elite, power hungry, cooperators of satan want to eliminate the population of the earth, My children.  Only those who love and follow Me will be safe.  My stubborn ones who put conversion off for the worldly trinkets I do not tell you this to instill fear in you.  I tell you this because it is true.  I tell you this out of love.  Just as you who have children, teach them to look both ways before crossing a street, or to avoid touching a hot stove, I tell you this to bring you to safety.  My children, I desire good for you.  No, I desire the best for you.  You desire short term gains that deceive you and make you ‘feel good’ for the moment, similar to Essau who was so hungry he chose a bowl of lentil porridge over his father, Abraham’s extensive wealth.  This was Essau’s earthly inheritance.  You do the same, but you willingly choose something even less than soup for an eternal inheritance.  Listen, My children, heed My words.  Now is the time to choose.  You can no longer sit on the fence and feign indifference.  The time for choosing sides has come.  Are you for God the Father, Creator of life and Giver of all good things, or do you choose to follow the father of lies, the father of death, the one who wants you to suffer forever in hell?  It is time, My poor children.  You must choose.  If you make no decision, even that is a choice for evil.  Choose life.  Choose love.  Choose mercy.  Choose Heaven and joy.  It is your choice for you were made with the great gift of free will.  Our Father in Heaven has blessed every human being with free will and so you are free to choose, but choose you must.  Do not delay, My little poor children.”


“For those who have already decided to follow Me, graces and mercy are yours.  I will pour out graces in these days upon all of My beloved Children of Light, those who love and follow Me.  You will have all that you need.  I will provide for you.  I will be your refuge.  As long as you follow Me, not one of you will perish.  Have no fear, the circumstances around are like stormy waves that crash against the shores, but your refuge is in the Rock.  I am your fortress and the waves will be like small drops of water to you.  You will hear the clap of thunder; you will see the waves and feel the strong winds but your house, built on the Rock will stand and you and your family will be protected.  If one loses his life in the storm (one who loves and follows Me) you will come to Heaven and will be blessed as the martyrs for the faith.  These days are filled with evil and every difficulty and those who continue to walk in faith, following your Jesus have no need to fear.  My Children of Light countless numbers of you will live to see the Renewal of the Earth and the Era of Peace.  You will be very wise and your wisdom will pass from generation to generation for you will have lived in the Time of the Great Saints, the greatest of saints and you will be filled with graces and wisdom.  My children, do not fear these times foretold in Scripture.  Rejoice that My Father destined you for these times.  Cling to the cross and to the resurrection.  Meditate on the joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries.  Meditate, My children on the Sorrows of My Mother who suffered much, even though She was completely filled with grace, for Her love of Me.  Follow Her example of perfect love, service and holiness.  Be like My Mother and allow Her to teach you.  She always brings My children even closer to Me.  She is a perfect teacher and will school Her children in holiness.  Consecrate yourselves to Me through My Precious Mother.  Do this now, My Children of Light and if you  have already done so, renew the consecration.  Pray as I have asked you, My children.  It is vital that you do so, for the time of darkness is upon you.  The prayer of the holy Rosary, meditating on the events of My life and the life of My holy Mother Mary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Holy Mass will carry you through the most difficult of times, My beloved friends.  Compel yourselves and establish this prayer routine, morning and evening for the protection of your souls, your family and your homes.  You must listen to Me, My children.  The evil one and his minions prowl the earth seeking souls to devour.  He cannot harm your souls when you entrust them to Me.  Praying these prayers from Heaven itself also marks you as Mine.  This is your great protection and it will be like a blessed covering over you.  I am merciful and I am all knowing.  Many of you have experienced illness and great suffering.  There are times you have been unable to pray or could not pray as I have asked.  I understand My beloved.  However, as soon as you are able, resume.  I urge you to return to the prayer practices and frequenting the Sacraments as soon as you are able.  I will help you.  Ask and I will give you the way, My children.  You have only to ask and to desire.”


“My little lamb, I am with you and My son (name withheld).  I know of your struggles, your suffering and all that concerns you.  Trust in Me.  It will be as I have said.  Do not fear.  Trust in Me.  Be an example to others by your life and your trust.  Be confident that I am directing you even when you cannot see the path I lead you to take.  It is not important for you to see.  It is only important that you hold onto Me and follow where I lead, for I know the way and I can see clearly what lies ahead and all that is around you as you walk.  I see every person who will try to pull you from the path, every stone that would cause you to trip and every dangerous snare and trap.  All you need to see is your Jesus, your Guide and your Savior.  Walk confidently forward with your eyes fixed on Me.  I will carry you at times when the way is too treacherous for you, My little ones.  Rely on Me.  I will never let you down or disappoint you.  If you think I have done so, think about the blessings that come as a result and you will realize you chose the best path when you decided to follow Me.  You must have faith, My children.  Your faith and trust is growing stronger with each and every difficulty and each answered prayer.  This is the way I build trust in My followers.  This faith and trust of yours is tested in small ways and then in large ways.  It must be so in order for your faith to be strong.  All of My holy children are building this trust and faith so that the perilous storms to come will not be too rough for you.  Others will look to My holy ones for an example and for reassurance.  If you are weak, you will not be a witness to others and so I am building this strength in you.  It will be understood, My children when the time comes.  Reflect on this and be aware of My Will active in your lives and in the lives of your family members.  I am preparing you, My little ones.  Be assured that I guide you just as I have over your entire lives.  It is much more clear in retrospect, I realize and one day you will see these days more clearly, also.  My little lamb, I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Thank You for choosing to be with Me today.  My child, you made the better choice.  My son, (name withheld) I love you and I thank you for agreeing to suffer for me.  It will only be for a little while longer.  Be brave for your Jesus.  I am with you.


Amen!  Alleluia!  Viva Cristo Rey!

January 9, 2022  Adoration Chapel, The Baptism of the Lord

Hello my Jesus!  It is so very good to be here with You, my Lord.  I adore You, my Lord, God and King!  It’s been too long, Jesus and it is like returning home from a lengthy trip being in this chapel again.  Thank You for bringing me through such trying times.  Please help (name withheld) Heal him, Lord.  Thank You for his life and for bringing him this far!  Lord, there were so many blessings and gifts during the trial, that You sent to us.  Your love shined through in spite of the bleak, lonely, darkness.  Just when we began to feel all alone (even though we knew we weren’t), You sent a gift, a dear friend our way.  Lord, thank You for (name withheld) gift when we had no Christmas decorations.  Thank You for our neighbors (names withheld) who made organic/homemade chicken and noodles.   I couldn’t believe how much they tasted like Grandma’s homemade noodles.  It was very touching.  Even though I lost my taste and smell You allowed me to taste that dish.  I could feel Your love and my Grandma’s prayers.  So incredibly thoughtful of You.  Thank You for this sweet couple!  Thank You for the meal and visit from (names withheld).  They are like angels always helping others and showing their love.  Thank You for (names withheld) and the meal they made for us and for (name withheld) who picked up medication for us on a day he was working.  Thank You for the (name withheld) who helped with (name withheld) while (name withheld) was working.  Lord, You had everything planned and You really did take care of everything; even my job!  People have been very understanding.  Lord, most especially, I thank You for giving us a beautiful gift (AGAIN!) on Christmas day. (private conversation omitted) Oh, Lord when You did that for us, I knew You wanted us to live and this really saved our lives.  Lord, there is no way to thank You or them adequately.  Please bless and protect each and everyone and return even more blessings to them for being so Christ-like for us.  Lord, this is my day of gratitude to You and all of Heaven for interceding for us!  Praise and thank You, Lord.


Jesus, the isolation associated with this bio-engineered weapon is so very dark.  It is not good for mankind to be alone when You made us for community.  Jesus, help us to impact others the way we were impacted by their love.  Give us the insight and the direction when others are in need.  You know what each person needs, Lord.


Jesus, I pray for all who are ill, especially for those who have requested our prayers.  I am thinking of each person, Lord and place them in Your arms.  Care for each one, Jesus in the way only You can.  Jesus, I place all my trust in You.


“My daughter, I was with you and I am still with you.  Nearer to you than you can understand.  I am also with My son (name withheld).  I am doing a great work in him as I also did in you.  I allowed this illness time for your good, My child.  It is taking longer for (name withheld) to recover but it will occur.  My little one, there are many reasons for this, some of which (name withheld) is beginning to understand.  I will enlighten you about these, also so that you will remember when future more difficult trials come.  Remember when you could hardly speak, but you both prayed the Rosary anyway?  Remember always how you quoted scripture and refused to stop praising Me in the midst of your suffering?  My child, this opened the door for many graces.  My little lamb, you cannot begin to understand at this time how beautiful your praises were to all of Heaven.  Your fighting spirit and your zeal for Me turned you into a warrior for God.  You were a suffering servant turned lioness of God in that moment.  My child it was a triumphant moment.”


Lord, I could sense that and an urging from our amazing patron saints to continue, but I also know there were many times I have complained, especially when I’ve been so tired, Jesus.  But being tired is no excuse.  I can only reflect on Your passion and death for one moment and then I am ashamed at my complaining, especially about such trivial matters, when You gave every drop of blood for us.  Please forgive my thoughtless and careless comments, Jesus which You never opened Your mouth to utter one complaint!  You suffered more than all of mankind put together and You are God!  You are pure, holy and innocent and yet You took the yoke of every soul’s sins upon You to save us!  Lord, help me to overcome my many faults and please forgive my sins.  Thank You for Holy Communion today and Holy Mass!  It was wonderful having (name withheld) there even though he really struggled.  Help him soon, Jesus.  He is suffering so. 


“My child, I am and I will.  Trust in Me.  He will be well and his soul will be even better for (because of) this time of trial.  No suffering is wasted on Earth when offered to Me.  (name withheld) has frequently offered to suffer for souls and I am allowing him to do so.  He has been made weak for a time so that I can be made strong within him.  Do you understand, My little one?”


Yes, Lord.  I understand when You explain it and much more so than mere words can express.  Thank You for the insight You give me, Lord.  I can’t begin to write everything You reveal to me, but when You speak, You often give me more than just words.  Your word is like that, Lord.  You are the Eternal Word.  Praise You and thank You!


“You are welcome, My child.  I love you and I know of your desire to grow in your love for Me.  I realize trials are difficult but when one accepts them as you and (name withheld) have, I can make much progress in your souls.  This is the reason I have allowed many of My beloved children to suffer.  It is for the good of other souls and for the good of their own souls.”


Yes, Lord.  Your Will is perfect in every way.  I trust You, Lord.  Help me to trust You more and more.


“My child, your trust in Me has grown through this trial, has it not?”


Yes, I believe so, Jesus.


“Yes, My child. I say so.”


Then, it is so!


Lord, there have been some recent prophecies about our country and Israel.  I want to believe them, Jesus but I do not know if they are true.  Lord, our people have been harmed by the evil one and his plan to destroy humanity.  We have allowed violence to be done against innocent babies and children who have been taken from their parents, abused and some killed by evil people who cooperate with the father of death.  Lord, what we used to be able to take with good faith has shown and revealed to be untrustworthy.  As You have informed me, there is no institution or major organization in the world that hasn’t become corrupt.  I now see very clearly how these times are worse than the times of Noah.  Jesus, just last week, someone said in a business meeting they are openly living a life of sin.  Oh, Jesus I prayed for that soul right away.  Lord, he doesn’t know what he is doing and he probably believes it is fine.  Lord, he is so involved in the movement to spread diversity and inclusion that it is clear to me he has been deeply wounded.  Oh, Lord please heal him of his wounds.  Help him, Lord to understand that this does not make what he is doing acceptable in Your sight.  Show me how You want me to help him.  If I am a witness to someone’s pain, even his public pronouncement, show me and direct me in what You want me to do in response to this.  Lord, You know what his souls suffers from and what he needs.  Send him every grace needed to break free from this oppressive life of sin.  Oh, Lord our culture is so upside down.  People are hurting and in need of Your love and mercy.  They look for something, anything to stop the pain and forget to look up to the heavens and cry to You for help.  I will cry to You for them, Jesus.  I will trust You on their behalf.  Oh, good Jesus heal these wounds, free this soul from sin so that he can live his life freely for You with a beautiful pure soul.  Help him, Jesus.  I lay him at Your feet just as those people of faith did when they brought the man who was paralyzed to You by lowering him through the roof.  I do this now spiritually for my colleague and I beg Your mercy to be upon him.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, my Lord, Savior, Redeemer and friend, I trust in You. 


“My child, My child it will be as you request.  By your faith, I will heal him.  In time, though My child.  You will need to believe Me.  Do you really trust Me?”


Oh, yes Lord.  (I can feel Jesus smile at me.)  It will be done.  Thank you for your love for others.  My little lamb.  When you request things for others with such love in your heart, you appear like a small child, begging her Daddy for something she knows he will give her because she trusts him to will her good.  You are the little child walking in the tides of the ocean, on the beach holding her Jesus’ hand.  Do you recall this vision?”


Yes, My Jesus.  You know that I do.  It is such a fond memory for me and I experience it anew each time You remind me.  This was a very beautiful gift and I will always cherish it.  Lord, how can anyone not love You?  You are adorable and precious!  You are the consummate gentleman and yet, You are our God!  Your mercy is endless and Your love melts My heart.  How can anyone turn away from such a loving beautiful God!


“My little lamb, they do not know Me.  If they truly knew Me they would run to My open arms.  Those who do know Me and reject Me have listened to the lies of the adversary of My children.  Your pastor spoke correctly of this today in his homily when he said the evil one and his followers (angels that became demons) are enemies of humanity.  They hate humans, My child because they learned of God’s plan to take on humanity, the Incarnation and they refused to worship Me knowing I would do this.  They were so proud of their own gifts and beauty.  How could I stoop so low as to become one of you to die for your sins?  After all, they were ‘perfect creatures’.  Since they cannot defeat God, they make war on My children who are made in My image and likeness.  My daughter, this is why the final assault on My children is through changing the DNA of My people.  They no longer want what I created to bear the mark of your true identity—Children of God.  The evil one wants to mark people with his image and erase the image of God.  Do you see, My little one?”


Yes, Jesus.  This is so clear to me and I think I have had glimpses of this over the past two years.  My sisters, niece and son, too, have talked about this but You confirmed it and made me understand more fully.  Wow, Lord!  It sounds so clear when You explain it.  It is very ugly and sinister, though.  Lord, what will happen to those who consented to this unknowingly?


“My child, do not believe others when they say there is no way to reverse this.  It may be true that man cannot, but I am God.  I am merciful.  I can heal and I can protect My children, but I say once again, do not cooperate with this evil agenda to commit spiritual and physical genocide.  Resist this evil plan.  My children, you do not belong to satan.  You were not created to have fear, but to have trust in God.  Do not fear what can cause illness, but trust in Me.  I can bring you through any illness and if I choose not to, because I prefer you in Heaven with Me, rejoice!  My children, you are destined for Heaven.  You were created for Heaven, so why worry about what may harm your body?  Be concerned about what can harm your eternal soul.  These injections were made to harm both your body and your soul.  I AM God and I AM the Creator.  These people are mere creatures and they are following satan, the father of lies.  I AM truth.  I AM love.  I AM all powerful and this is a last desperate attempt in the long thought out plan of the devil Lucifer to destroy My children.  He will not prevail.  He will not be able to fulfill his plans for your demise.  I will always protect My One True Apostolic Church, My child and the gates of hell will not prevail against My Church.  You, My Children of Light are the Church.  I will protect you.  Come to Me and take refuge in My Sacred Heart that is all love for you.  Come to My Mother who will crush the head of the serpent.  She will shelter you within Her mantle and accept all who ask to hide in Her Immaculate Heart.  My Spirit will be poured out upon you, My children and you will receive graces never before given at one time to so many.  Believe in Me, My children.  You will see wonders and signs from the one who is the great imposter.  Do not believe in him for he comes to rule the world and the powers of this world.  That is how you will know he is the antichrist.  Recall when I came, I was a poor baby, born in a cave to the most humble and holy parents, Mary and Joseph.  There was not even one room available for our shelter, but God provided an austere, simple cave for the Son of the Most High.  The imposter will seek all power, wealth and force people to praise him.  I never force but respect your God-given free will.  My child for those who know Me it will be very clear that he is the imposter.  For those who do not know Me and do not want for anything other than worldly riches, they will be lead astray.  My children will not be able to fathom this, it will be so obvious.  This is because of your faith in Me.  I make the innocent wise.  I will raise you up with many graces to withstand what is to come and I will send exactly the right people to you (those who have refuges) to help in every way needed.  Since only I know what each refuge will need on account of the little ones I send you in their great need, you must trust Me that it will be so.  My children focus on Me.  Keep your eyes on Me.  I am the one who has already given My very life for you and I prove My love each day.  There is nothing else for you but the opposite of love, peace, joy and Heaven if you choose to follow evil.  Choose life, My people and you will have life to the full.  Amen.  I say to you not one hair from your head falls that I do not know about, My children.  Do not fear.  Trust in Me.  I love you and I will walk with you on this pilgrimage.  Be of good cheer.  All will be well.  Reflect on this and think about what these words mean.  ‘All will be well!’”


“This is all for this evening, My little one.  Thank you for writing My words and this important message.  My children have been waiting for these words and it is good that you said ‘yes’ to your Jesus.  Go now in peace.  I bless you and My son (name withheld) in a special way today.  You have suffered much.  Your family members have suffered much.  Let them know of My deep love and appreciation for them and all they have suffered.  It has not gone unnoticed.  Your relatives in Heaven have prayed and are praying for you.  Continue to be My witnesses and be a force for love in this world so in need of love.  I bless you all, those who were ill in your family, those who served others who were ill and you My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name, Jesus and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  (He, Jesus, made the sign of the cross over my head and over a large area.) Go in My peace.  Be love, mercy, peace and joy to others no matter what the circumstances you face.  This is the most effective witness, My children as the light is a stark contrast to the darkness.  I love you.  I am with you.”


Amen!  Alleluia.  Jesus reigns!

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