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Children of the Renewal Messages


July 10, 2022  Divine Mercy Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  All praise, honor and glory be to You, Lord God and King!  Thank You for Confession yesterday and for Mass and Communion today, Jesus!  Thank You for Your healing mercy, my God who is love.  I love You, Lord.  Increase Your love within me.


Lord, You know all that is going on in the world, as well as what will come to pass.  You know everything.  I see very little, Jesus and only what You allow me to see and to understand.  I entrust everything to You, my past, present and future, my family and friends, all that in Your goodness You have allowed us to ‘own’ (although nothing belongs to me, Jesus).  I entrust my life, my work, my heart, family and home to You.  Use all according to Your Holy Will.  I am Yours and all that I have is Yours.  Lord, I entrust (names withheld) to You.  Take care of each and every problem they face and any obstacle to healing, love and mercy.  Bring them all into Your Sacred, Merciful Heart.  Jesus, I entrust my beloved (name withheld) to you.  Heal him, Lord and fill him with the Divine Holy Spirit, the Lover of our souls.  Give him the graces needed in his role as spiritual leader and head of our home, spiritual father to many and my faithful, loving spouse.  Thank You for my siblings, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents.  I am grateful for everyone.  You have blessed me beyond measure by a loving family and beautiful spiritual friends.  Help me to one day be worthy of this precious gift. 


Lord, I am concerned about (name withheld) and her failing health.  Give her extraordinary graces for healing, especially healing of memories and of emotions.  Encourage and inspire her to forgive those who have treated her unjustly.  Give her graces for courage, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and love.  Lord, her heart is very sensitive.  She has not learned to forgive.  Help her in her last days to forgive and to accept the Sacraments.  Please, Lord.  I beg You in the name of Your Divine Mercy to pour out these graces upon her.  I entrust her to You, my beautiful Redeemer and Savior.  Oh, My Beloved, who is also my God, make her heart a flame of pure love for Thee.  My Lord and my God You can do all things.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My child, I am Mercy itself.  It is good to call on My mercy for souls in need.  You have insight, My child that I have more work to do in the soul for whom you pray.  Cooperate with Me, My child in this work.  Be My instrument.  I have given you a special place in  her heart for this reason; for this purpose.  My child I will work through you.  Are you willing?”


Oh, yes Lord.  You know that I am.  Please direct me, though Jesus.  Only You know what I am to do or say, or pray.


“I will direct you, My little lamb.  Be prepared.  Be docile to the Spirit of God.  If it comes time for you to go to her, you must be ready to do so.  If this is not possible, I will see to everything.  Trust in Me and be in prayer and open to My direction.  I will help you.  All will be well.  Offer your suffering and every inconvenience My son and daughter for her soul.  This is very important, My children.  Every ache, pain, inconvenience, trial and even the thoughtless acts of others can be an offering of love and mercy for souls.  These are opportunities for grace, My children.  These hardships experienced on earth will be viewed very differently in the light of Heaven.  Indeed, you will not regret offering penance and suffering for others.  My children, you must realize that even a minor annoyance should be offered to God for souls.  Do not pass these opportunities to build the Heavenly Kingdom.  Instead of complaining about something, instead give praise to God for another opportunity to suffer for Christ and for souls.  You will begin to view life differently.  You will begin to see things from a spiritual perspective.  You will be living conduits for grace being poured out from Heaven through you and all My Children of Light to other souls on earth in need of graces.  They are often not disposed to receive grace, but your willingness and your holy offering made to God for souls endows them with the opening for love and mercy.  Each and every form of suffering when offered for souls is used by God.” 


“Do not waste your suffering, My children.  Use it for good.  Use it for love of God to help your brothers and sisters.  In this way you become more like Me, My children.  In this way you pick up your crosses and carry them alongside your Jesus.  Many of My children already know this and yet too many have forgotten.  I am reminding you, My children of the great power you have when united to Me on the cross.  This identification with the suffering Savior gives great joy to My Father.  All are called to imitate Me, the Son of God.  In this way, you begin to imitate Me.  Do this out of love, My children.  You will witness many beautiful graces and will see hearts change by this act of love.  Continue to pray as I have asked you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Times are not less urgent, but more so and it is time to increase prayer.  I need and I request this from all of My children.  Pray, dearest ones for many souls are at stake.”


“My child, you are correct about the shortage of food.  You are wondering if the advice you have given to others was correct.”


Yes, Lord.  It seems so from the current circumstances, but I do not want to discourage others or create an atmosphere of fear.


“I understand you, My little one.  It is wise to be prepared and to be ready to share with others.  Evil conspires to create famine not only in your country but throughout the world.  This has already begun in some countries in Africa and it will come to pass in many other countries, even those who were sources of and ‘producers’ of food.  Prepare as much as possible for the coming winter and for the seasons to follow.  More children of Mine need to have gardens and preserve as much food as possible.  If you have not started to do this, there is still time to prepare your ground.  Purchase seeds to have on hand for the next planting season.  If you are unable to physically do so, do what you can either by purchasing foods or by contributing to someone else who has a garden.  The times will be very difficult, My children.  I will multiply food also but you must be willing to share and not be stingy.  Have faith in Me and also prepare.  Be like those who prepared their lamps with oil as they waited for the bridegroom.  Be prepared—first on the spiritual level through prayer, Scripture and the Sacraments.  If that is all one can do, that is enough.  The Spirit is more important, however I also want those who can prepare physically to do so.  Not to prepare at this point is irresponsible.  Consecrate your homes and your property to Me, My children.  Recommit yourselves to living the Gospel.  I am with you, My children and I will never abandon you.  Be mercy, peace, love and joy.  Yes, My children even in the midst of trials you are to be kind, merciful and filled with joy.  Do not be afraid.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Lord!  Praise You, Jesus.  Amen!


“I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Thank You for Your infinite love and mercy, Lord and for Your words of love and life.  I love You.


“And I love you.”

July 3, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Praise and thank You for allowing us to be here.  Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning.  It was so meaningful having the special intention of Holy Mass today for my Mother, Lord.  I miss her so very much, as do my siblings and all our family members.  On the anniversary of her birth into eternal life grant her many graces, Lord and let her know how much we all love her.  I’m sure she is much more aware of this now, but would appreciate it if You will give her this message.  Mama, please pray for us! 


Lord, I pray for all family and friends who are separated from the Faith.  I pray also for those who are ill, recovering from surgery, suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, renal failure, heart failure and for people suffering from depression and other mental disorders.  Jesus, I pray also for a complete end to abortion in our country and in the world, for unity and peace.  Thank You for the recent Supreme Court decision, Lord!  Praise You, Lord!  Protect the Supreme Court Justices, Blessed Mother.  Cover them with Your mantle of protection.  Cover all who work to protect the unborn and children who are vulnerable.  Lord, I pray for an end to all sex trafficking and violence.  Please convert our nation once again, Lord.  Restore us to the Christian nation we once were and transform us to an even greater faith and devotion to You, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, I am grateful about the court ruling, I truly am and yet I see and hear so much discontent, disunity and even anger toward what is right and just.  The world is truly turned upside down these days when right is called wrong and wrong is called right.  Lord, people have lost sight of You and therefore are unable to recognize truth.  Lord, we are in need of penance, conversion and reconciliation with You.  I pray for that time, Jesus.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth and may all the saints and angels in Heaven pray for us.


“My daughter, you are weary and feeling distant from Me.  This is a period of spiritual dryness, My (name withheld),  do not be concerned.  Only, hold fast to prayer and Scripture, Holy Mass, Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  It will pass as all seasons do and give way to another season.  I allow this for your soul.  Do not fear what is to come, My little one.  I am with you even when you are unable to detect My presence.  You know this, but I want to confirm and encourage you.  You place your life, your work and all of your joys and suffering in My hands where I can do much good, My child.  Place even this time of spiritual dryness in My hands.  All you experience can be offered to Me.  You already know that it is united to Me.  Is it not true, My little lamb?”


Yes, Lord.  I know but sometimes I need to remember this.  Lord, it isn’t My experience of life or my feelings about life that matter, but how I live the life You have given me.  I usually do not do so well in this regard but I know that the little good that I do, with Your assistance and grace, can be multiplied and used according to Your Will.  So, for this reason I have no way to gauge or to even judge my own life.  I only ask You for the graces to be faithful and devoted to You, Lord.  I want to do more for others out of love for You and I think that I am usually too focused on work (my job) and on what I have not done for others and for You.  Give me the graces I need to be closely united to Your Will, Lord.  I realize You gave me the job I have in order to help support our family and to provide what others will need when times grow more difficult.  I don’t want to focus so much on this, that I miss what people need now, Lord.  I am sure there are hurting people at work, like the man I encountered who seemed angry, but I don’t always recognize or know what to do.  Work through me, Lord.  Move in and through me as You Will.  You know what people need, Lord and I rely on You to guide me. 


“Yes, My child, I will guide you.  Walk with Me each day and I will reveal this to you.  Continue to be in prayer throughout the day.  My child, I want you to remain where you are for a little while longer.  I will move you again My child, but not yet.  I know how difficult the environment is for you.  Your presence is needed for awhile longer and then I will move you.  I am aware of the difficulties you face each day and this is also what wears on you and causes the weariness you experience.  This is tiring for your soul, your mind and your heart, My little lamb.  It is physically challenging, also.  My child, when you go to work each day, it is as if you are going to a war zone.  It is a spiritual war zone, and this is particularly challenging.  Were I to withdraw My assistance, My grace, My protection you would not even want to continue in this work for one more day.  However, you are able to continue because I grant you My peace, My protection, My mercy and My love.  I guide you, My child.  Every now and then, the veil of evil is lifted and you get a glimpse of what is really going on, but I keep this covered to an extent for your protection and peace.  It is not My intent to keep you unaware, though and so it is important that you understand the nature of the battle.  My child, do not let this discourage you, but instead draw confidence from this knowledge knowing you have One who protects and guides you.  There are still souls who need to be reached, My child and I am granting you more time in this place to do so.  Things are changing now and people are transitioning out of positions.  New people are taking their places.  These are the ones who are being prepared now and I bring all manner of people and experiences to them for their formation.  Some will accept this grace from Me and some won’t.  It should not matter to you which ones will and which ones won’t.  Love each one you encounter, My little one.  Your role is not what it seems on the surface.  It has little to do with the job and much to do with building up the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, be encouraged that the overburdening occurring is not from Me.  Since it is not from Me, it is intended to be a means to discourage you.  Do not spend time being concerned with this.  The evil one wants exactly that.  Accept this heavy cross, My child and bear it for your brothers and sisters who are struggling because they do not know the Savior.  Keep in mind you will do this work with a purpose in sight and your eye on the goal.  The piles of work, as you say are only meant to impair your vision.  Keep your eyes on your Shepherd, My little lamb.  I will lead you where you should go and we will go there together.  Be at peace, My child.  All is well.  All will be well.  You may go now, My child.  Get some rest and remain in prayer.  Reflect upon all I have done for you and for your family.  Your family members in Heaven pray for you and for all.  They are pleased that you all love God.  They send greetings of joy, peace, hope and above all love.  Ask for the Saints in Heaven to pray for you.  My children do not remember to ask the greatest intercessors to intercede for them.  My Mother prays for Her children and yet many do not even acknowledge her.  My Children of Light take advantage of the Church Triumphant and remember the Church Suffering.  There is one Body of Christ, My children.  Avail yourself of this great gift.


I bless you, My child in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My child.  I am with you.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia!

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