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Children of the Renewal Messages


July 31, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my adorable Savior hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I adore, praise, honor and glorify You, Lord, God and King!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion, Jesus.  Thank You for Your love and mercy.  It is so good to be here with You in the Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for this opportunity! 


Lord, there are several people in need of Your grace, mercy and healing.  Please be present to them and to all who are dying, especially for those who are unprepared for their destiny with You.  Please be the merciful Savior rather than the just judge.  Lord, I pray for (name withheld) who seems very close to death and for (name withheld) who died.  Take their souls to Heaven, Lord.  I pray also for healing of (name withheld) while she is on earth, if it is Your Holy Will.  Lord, (name withheld) really needs You.  Heal him of his seizures, my Jesus.  Only You can do so.  Keep him safe from all harm and give him Your strength, Jesus.  I believe You Will only our good and because I know this, and trust You I can come before You as a humble child and ask You to heal (name withheld).  Transform his physical limitations and heal all that is not working as You designed in his brain.  Give him the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, Jesus as well as all of the gifts of Your Holy Spirit.  Give (name withheld) confidence and peace as she trusts in Your Holy Will.  Lord, You know all things.  May something profoundly beneficial come from this.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Lord, when I saw the elderly man who may have been homeless, walking down the sidewalk (downtown) wearing almost no clothes, I knew it was You, Lord.  I hope he wasn’t offended by our offering but I felt so strongly about giving something to him.  He was not asking or begging, Lord so perhaps it wasn’t what he needed, or perhaps he is offended by charity.  Regardless, may he feel Your love behind our small gesture and may his spirit be lifted, Lord knowing that someone cares.  Lord, heal him in his body, his mind and his soul.  May he find his way to You if he doesn’t already know You.  Lord, I am also concerned about the news of a large community planned just near our neighborhood.  Lord, please give us clarity to know Your Will.  Are we to remain where we are or move further away from this soon to be crowded area.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, guide us.  Help us to prudently and wisely discern Your Will.  Lord, please give wisdom and right judgement to our state senators to vote for the bill that will save babies’ lives.  Please may this bill pass and become law.  I realize it is still not what You want but it is better than what we have now, Jesus.  Please, Lord hear the cries of people who revere Your Commandments and want to follow You.  Lord, please help our state to become one that is safe for babies and mothers.  Open the eyes of the blind, Lord and give them clear heart vision that they may properly understand Your Will and see the truth about the evils of abortion.  Lord, there are many, many needs.  Cover them all with Your precious blood.  I entrust all to them, expressed and those hidden in my heart.  You know what they are, as nothing is hidden from You, my Jesus.


“My child, My little one, I have heard each request and I know all that is in your heart.  These requests and concerns of yours are now safely within My heart.  Thank you for giving them to Me.”


Thank You, Lord!


“My daughter, I am a good Father, the perfect Father.  I know each one of My children’s needs and I provide for them.  Have childlike trust and confidence in Me and know that I am working in every situation to bring about My Heavenly Kingdom, not just in Heaven, but also on earth.  I have the utmost love and concern for each child of Mine.  This should give My children much peace and confidence as I walk with each child every day.  You are never alone, My children.  I do not abandon you.  Accept the trials that come your way and offer them to the Father.  I m very pleased by the acceptance of trials and by your confidence that I will resolve them.  Be at peace and do not fear.  Ask My Mother to guide you and to teach you in her school of holiness.  I reassure you, I am with the poor, the sick, and all who suffer in a very special way.  My daughter, My Holy Spirit inspired your heart and revealed to you that the man you saw earlier was My Son, Jesus.  It is a gift to see Jesus in the poor and downtrodden.  He lives in each of you for you were made in our image and likeness.  Thank you for acting on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Be alert to the action of the Holy Spirit, My child.  Be more aware as My Spirit is giving My children much guidance in these days.  Do not be numb or asleep to the action of the Holy Spirit for you are being prepared for the great day when My Spirit will be poured out on the world in a new or 2nd Pentecost, which you call the Illumination of Conscience.  My child, My child this will not be exactly like the day of Pentecost experienced by the Apostles, the Princes of the Church for these days call for a specific action of the Spirit of God.  Mankind is not aware of sin in this time of history as they were either not taught the meaning of the word sin and the grave offense to God that sin causes, or their consciences have become numb over time.  Regardless of the reason, sin abounds in this, the Age of Disobedience.  When the Holy Spirit reveals the truth of the state of each soul, there will be conversions like never before witnessed by the Church.  My Children of Light, you must be prepared to help your brothers and sisters.  You must be prepared to help My priests who will be overloaded with Baptisms, Confessions and by the number of people returning to Mass.  There is already a shortage of vocations, and they will need material assistance with managing the numerous requests they will be presented with.  All will be well.  Do not fear.  Keep your souls in a state of grace by frequenting the Sacraments so you will be prepared for your personal illumination and also to help others, some of them will be in a state of shock.  Some will be very remorseful almost to the point of despair.  I am asking you to be a light of mercy and love.  Walk with them, My Children of Light.  Do not judge and do not look down on them.  Lift your eyes to Heaven and rejoice with your Father that so many prodigal sons and daughters are returning home.” 


“My child, do not be concerned about those I am calling home now.  They will be prepared due to My mercy as long as they are open to Me.  I will not violate a person’s free will, but I will send graces through My Mother to soften hardened hearts.  Rest assured, My Children of Light I am fully aware (deeply aware) of all good actions and heartfelt prayers and I am also aware of the evil being perpetrated.  I see all.  I know all.  Nothing escapes Me, My children.  Nothing.  I see your trials, I see your sufferings.  Regardless of the circumstances, live the Gospel message, My children.  All will be well.  Do all that My Son has requested of you, My children of the Kingdom.  You have every assistance needed.  I remind you to petition the saints in Heaven and request intercessory prayer.  Heaven is waiting for your requests and the saints are like older brothers and sisters in the Faith.  I am allowing even more graces in these times, one of which is a special and more powerful connection with those already in Heaven.  I am giving them more awareness of what My Church on earth is experiencing as My Church undergoes its passion.  Remain close to My Church and do not abandon her during her passion, My children.  Love My Son’s Church.  Pray for the Church.   Support your holy shepherds and pray for all shepherds.  Do not judge them, but pray for them.  Remember, only God can judge the heart of a man, woman and child.  Only I know all and see all.  Only I am without sin.  You who have sinned, do not cast judgement on your brothers and sisters who have also sinned.  Pray for them.  Have mercy on them.  This does not mean you are to condone the sin, for that is also a sin.  No, you must not condone someone in their sin, nor remain silent in the face of sin.  Speak the truth, counsel the ignorant and correct the sinner, but do this out of love, not condemnation.  This is all for now, My little one.”


Thank You, Father God.  I love You.  I am looking forward to celebrating the feast day of God the Father.  Thank You for establishing this special day and may more people come to know You through this, my Father.  I love, praise, worship and adore You.  Father God, creator of the Universe and the Father of all mankind!


“I love you and each one of My children.”


Lord, Jesus bless (names withheld).  Protect them as they leave tomorrow and journey to visit family and friends.  Keep them safe while they drive and see them safely to each destination.  Be with them as they move to (destination withheld).  May we visit them one day, Lord if it is Your Holy Will.  I love You, Jesus Redeemer and friend, my Lord and my God. 


“And I love you!  I bless you in the names of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace, My child and go in the love and mercy of your Jesus.”


Thanks be to God!

July 24, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, hope in You, adore You and give glory and honor to You my Lord, God and King.  Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You today.  Thank You for Mass, Holy Communion and for Confession yesterday.  Thank You for coming to each one who received You in Holy Communion today.  Please preserve our Holy Masses and keep the doors of our churches open, Lord.  Lord, grant graces for courage to the faithful and to our Bishops and priests.  May we always stand firmly rooted in the teachings of Holy Mother Church to live for You and be ready to die for You.  Lord, I bring to You all who are ill, especially those who are on our parish sick lists.  We pray for those who are suffering, especially for (names withheld) and all who suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, renal failure, pulmonary illnesses, cardiac problems and for those with impaired mobility (name withheld).  I give all of these people to You and entrust them to Your Sacred Heart.  Lord, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for enabling (name withheld) to receive the Sacraments.  What tremendous grace this was for her.  Thank You for the many prayer warrior friends who prayed for that opportunity for her.  Bless Father (name withheld), Lord!


Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My little one.  Be at peace in all things.  Be united to Me and remain at peace with your friends, family members and neighbors.  Be at peace and show My love for others.  This is a priority, My children.  In order to be love to others, you must have a life of prayer and be at peace with God.  When one follows Me, truly follows Me, love will flow from Me through you to others.  Cooperate with Me, My children.  Give Me your ‘fiat’.  Be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit and live in My Will.  Pray often as I did in the garden during My agony.  ‘Not My Will but Thy Will be done.’  Then, accept each movement of My Holy Spirit as we move together throughout the day.  Turn your minds and hearts to Me in prayer frequently.  I am with you.  I will work with you, pray for you, accept your prayers, laugh with you and cry with you.  Yes, My children I care about whatever it is that concerns you.  I care about matters that do not cause concern (out of love for others) for you.  I am beside you, guiding, guarding and directing those who follow Me.  I remain near those who have not yet decided for Me and I wait lovingly and patiently for souls who do not yet know Me to accept My love and My presence in their lives.  I do not force Myself on those who have rejected Me and therefore I give them their space, so to speak.  I still send graces to these souls out of My abundant love, even though they are rejected and often fall on barren soil and therefore do not impact them.” 


“I am a loving Father, Savior and friend even when My love is not received, but out of respect for free will I do not force Myself on those who do not wish to know Me or reject Me outright.  My child, there are people who know Me as the God of Creation, the God of all peoples, but reject Me and want to make war against all of My children and My Church.  I realize you are aware of this and yet you do not fully understand.  Believe this, My child and pray for these lost souls, for if they do not repent, they will end their earthly lives and go straight to the fires of hell.  My child, they choose this eternal damnation themselves and to some degree are already living this on earth.  Pray for them My little lamb.  They do not realize the depths to which they have sunk in many cases, but they also have no desire to change course.  You must all pray hard for lost souls.  Offer penance and make sacrifices for them, My children.  These acts of love for unknown souls can aid them when they are on their death beds.  Sometimes there is enough grace to completely change their hearts.  You will know the affects of your prayers when you come to the heavenly Kingdom.”


“My child, My child, do not fear what is to come.  I tell you this now, not because you are fearful, but because I want you to hear My words resonating in your heart and soul so that you will recall this during the Time of Great Trials.  My daughter, you sense the rapid escalation of evil.  It seems to be all around you.”


Yes, my adorable Savior.  I think I actually feel like a little lamb some days, with wolves circling around me.  If I make one wrong move, they will pounce on me.  I have already experienced the ‘pouncing’ at work when something I said was misconstrued and made to sound like the false narratives many of us area aware of today.  I was not referring to what he thought and took my words out of context.  It seemed he had a large block on his shoulder and I surmised he had been wounded.


“Indeed, My little one he has been and he took his anger and pain out on you.  Do not fear reprisal, for I know your heart.  Remember, I was with you and I heard every word.”


Yes, Lord.  I am glad You were with me!


“My child, My child do not hesitate to ask My direction before every encounter.  I will guide your steps, your words, what you should say and what you should not say.  Remember to seek My guidance before every encounter.  Your Guardian Angel is also with you.  Remember to request the assistance of your angel.  Conversion may occur during the encounters with others.  Be open to this My children.”


“My daughter, great shaking will occur throughout the world.  Be aware when these events become more well known that the time of the Great Trials will be immanently soon.  Please finish the remaining work/projects you and My son are planning so you will be as prepared as possible.  Continue focusing on your spiritual lives first and be encouraged.  I will help you in your work, My children.  If you have questions, seek the answers in prayer.  I will provide what is needed.  Be open and have enthusiasm (not fear) for the time of the unfolding of your mission, that of caring for those who will be in great need is approaching.  I have been preparing you and many others throughout the world for this time.  Be open, My children.  Remain focused now more than ever.  You know what is needed in general from a physical perspective and for all (that only I can know) remaining, trust in Me to provide.  Again, focus on the spiritual works I have requested over time and be as prepared as possible physically in your home, etc.  My child, you are concerned that you do not really know what is needed.  Recall that I have guided you for years and you have done your best to fulfill My requests.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You.  It’s just that it has been a long journey and I don’t know if I have acted on each idea or request made.  Sometimes I am filled with doubt and I second-guess myself.  Is there anything missing to enable priests to administer the Sacraments?  I am sure I have missed something.  Do I have what you directed we obtain for any medical needs?  What about specific food?  Lord, months ago I had an idea I should buy baby formula, but I did not act on that.  I had the passing thought but for some reason thought it was probably unwise since it spoils quickly.  Then I thought about the powdered kind.  I did not act on this idea, nor did I ask You to confirm it.  I only realized later when there were formula shortages that this must have been an inspiration from Your Holy Spirit and I missed the opportunity.  I am sorry, Lord.  I wonder what else I have forgotten or am unaware that You wanted me to do and through my procrastination or dismissal, will now impact someone I could have helped.  Lord, please provide whatever will be needed and if there is still time, provide the opportunity.  I know You can multiply anything we have and I also know that You who created the entire universe out of nothing, can provide baby formula.  Lord, I don’t have many provisions for babies.  Please help us to prepare.  Perhaps we will not have babies in need of a place of refuge but I have a strong feeling we will; especially since You inspired me to get formula and for the previous comment (name withheld) said about providing for deliveries.  Lord, You said not to fear.  I am only concerned (right now) about what I have not done that will impact someone negatively or may cause them concern.  Provide everything needed, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Take care of everything, Lord.


“My little one, there is still some time.  Secure these items now.  I will multiply what you have.  Remember, there will be others who will come to you that will be sent from Me.  They will have skills that you and My son (name withheld) will need.  They will also bring some provisions with them as they will act on the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Be at peace.  All will be well.” 


Thank You, Lord!  


“My children, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) when you hear of the great shaking, the earthquakes and the weather events which will increase by a magnitude not yet experienced, you will know the time for the refuges is near.  Do not waste any more time that you have been given out of the Father’s great mercy for His children.  You know not the day nor the hour but you will be able to read the signs of the time, just as I told My Apostles.  You will see other signs that will occur in the Church but not within the True Church.  When the errors are further introduced in the Holy Mass and the persecution of My remnant becomes more visible, then you will know the end of this Age of Disobedience is coming to the climax.  Do not fear.  Say to yourselves, ‘my Jesus said it would be this way and He is with us.  His Mother and our Mother is with us.  All of Heaven intercedes for us and we will live for our Jesus.’  This is what you will say, My Children of Light.  Fill your lanterns now, My little ones.  Pray, pray, pray and frequent the Sacraments.  I will give you the words you are to say when needed and I will guide you through your Guardian Angels when and where to go.  Be at peace.  Many refuges have been established all over the world and there is a place prepared for each one of My remnant who will live through these times.  Some of you will be brought to the heavenly Kingdom as martyrs of these days.  You will rejoice that you are in Heaven safe and secure and will enter into the fullness of peace and joy.  Either way, do not be concerned.  Whether you live or you die in the peace of the Lord, all that matters is that you lived for your Lord and Savior.  That is the mission and purpose of your lives, to love God and love your neighbor.  Be at peace.  I fill you with My love, My mercy, My peace and yes, even joy.  My Children of the Renewal I will also give you wisdom and many other gifts when My Spirit fills each one with exactly what is needed.  When the Illumination occurs and after you have ‘recovered’ from this encounter with God, you will repent and have a new perspective for you will have seen your souls the way God sees them.  This is a great act of mercy, My children.  You will also realize how much I love you, how great was My sacrifice during My passion and death and you will know fully what is needed/required of you to live in union with My Will.  Afterwards, you will be very docile to the Holy Spirit and you will receive a multitude of graces; those needed for the Time of Great Trials.  You will each be fully and individually equipped for the plan which will unfold before you.  You will act in faith and walk by trusting God.  All will be well.  You will learn to love heroically and this is why the next period in history will be known as the Age of Obedience.  It will also be known consequently as the Era of Peace.  (When one is obedient to the love, there is peace.)  My little lamb, this is all for now.  Rejoice in the sacrifice, My child.  I love you.  I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.


Amen!  Alleluia!  I love You my Lord and my God. 

July 17, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Thank You for Holy Mass today and for Holy Communion.  It is so good to be here with You in this chapel of great peace and love!  Thank You for the opportunity, Lord.  Lord, You give so many gifts due to Your merciful love and generosity and I appreciate the many blessings You give so freely.  Thank You for time spent with (names withheld) yesterday.  Thank You for the opportunity to hear (name withheld) and to be with such beautiful people of prayer.  There are so many blessings to be grateful for, Jesus!  I bring all who are sick to You, Lord and lay them at Your feet.  (Names withheld) and all who are recovering from surgeries or illnesses especially for those on the church prayer lists.  I pray also for family members and friends who are ill.  If it is Your Will heal them Lord.  Protect us all, Lord during these days that are filled with peril.  Help us to remain focused on You and Your Divine Will.  Lord, there is much division in the world and even in the Church.  I pray for conversion, reconciliation, unity and peace.  Give us peace of heart, Lord and may my encounters with others throughout the week truly be encounters with You, Lord.  I offer this time today in Adoration in reparation for my sins and for the sins of the world.  Lord, I’m sorry I am so tired.  The quiet peacefulness of this place is so relaxing.  Help me to watch with You during this hour.  Jesus, please purify my heart, those of my family and friends and also the Church.  May we all live for You, my Lord and my God!  May those who do not believe in You or do not know Your love, truly experience Your love and mercy.  Today, Jesus I bring all burdens to You and I ask You for guidance particularly as I go about the week at work.  There must be many people who desire to know You or perhaps to know there are other Christians in the workplace.  Direct my steps, Jesus.  Help me also to complete the difficult assignments given to me with brief/short deadlines.  Be with those all over the world who work at difficult jobs, working long hours for little pay.  Bless them, Jesus and walk with them.  Lighten their loads, Lord.  Help those who are underemployed and who are unemployed.  The economy is very bad, Jesus.  People are really struggling to make ends meet.  Help them, Jesus!  Lord, You invited me to bring every burden to You, so I ask again for graces of conversion for (name withheld).  Please bring her into the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.  Please make it so, Lord. 


“My child, My child, I know you are weary.  Many of My beloved children are weary, for the trials endured and the darkness that envelops the world can be oppressive.  Again, I remind you that I am able to lighten your burdens.  I will give you direction.  I am the One Who can help you.  There is no human solution to the current situation in the world and in My Church.  What you are to do is to live as I have instructed you.  I am the Way, My Children of Light.  Do as I have done (during My earthly life).  Live the Gospels, My children.  My daughter, be at peace.  Do not be overly concerned, but focus on Me.  I am present to you and to each one of My children.  Offer your suffering and your sacrifices to Me for souls.  Love one another, even those who are difficult to love.  Notice I use the word love.  I do not say ‘tolerate’ them, but love them.  Love is powerful.  Love changes people and when hearts change, circumstances change.  Pray, My dearest little children.  You are not praying enough and when you pray, you do not pray as fervently as you could.  Pray, My children, with your hearts and believe that I am listening to you.  I am actively engaged in your lives and the lives of your loved ones.  I wait patiently for those who reject Me and give them needed graces.  Continue to pray, to offer sacrifices for them and most importantly—love them.  You show your love for them when you pray earnestly for them, when you fast and offer penance for them and when you perform acts of service and charity.  Be kind.  Be patient.  Be merciful.  Do not condone their sins.  That does not show love, for it gives the wrong impression.  Be loving, but also firm in your convictions.  You understand what it means by hating the sin but loving the sinner.  You are not to be haughty and prideful, My children but approach those in sin with charity and love.  Love them enough to show them the truth.  One does not love by ignoring the sin and standing by as one loses their soul.  This is not love, My children.  Some have grown children who choose a life of sin.  Love them anyway but do not allow them to bring sinful relationships or sinful habits into your homes.  Let them know they are always welcome, but they must follow the standards of all guests to your home.  This is not so difficult, My children.  You fear an altercation or that they may stop visiting you?  If they no longer come to see you, that is not to concern you.  Continue praying for their conversion.  Give Me your sadness and pain.  Offer it for their soul.  If you say nothing, so as not to risk offending them, you risk losing not only their soul, but yours for being silent.  This is not love, My children.  If, after giving clear direction, your loved one complies and continues to visit, you have done your part.  Freely accept them and show them great charity while they are following your guidance and do not be rude or judgmental.  After all, they did as you requested in order to be with you.  They know where you stand and you are living the Faith and teaching them the standards of the Heavenly Father.  They will respect you for not being a hypocrite, My children.   What matters most?  The salvation of souls.  If the truth causes discomfort, then so be it.  When one follows the truth and attempts to live a holy life, there will be much more joy and peace.  This is what I want for all of My children.  My child, My child, I am speaking to all of My Children of Light, but you have been given this direction previously and you are living this in the best way possible.  I know you are not perfect and you have been praying for years.  Continue to pray, My child.  Your prayers and your love are bearing fruit.  One day it will be noticeable.  Have faith and trust in My Will and in My timing.”


Yes, Lord.  Jesus, please heal the wounds in her heart and the wounds in all my children’s and grandchildren’s hearts.  Thank You for the blessing of their love.  I entrust (name withheld) to You, Lord and pray for healing of his back and his lungs.  Thank You for bringing him through such a terrible ordeal and for saving his life, Jesus.  Lord, I trust in You and I place all my hope in You.  Lord, please bless the woman who is here to adore You who is so tired.  Help her, Jesus.  Restore and refresh her spirit, Lord.  Bless all those who are adoring You throughout the world.  May we bring many graces with us as we go forth from this time and spread Your light.


“My little lamb, you are concerned about the notification you received.”


Yes, Lord.  I forgot to mention this to You.  Lord, I pray that nothing will come from that and that You will somehow resolve whatever is being planned.  Lord, I pray for all involved and especially for the repose of the soul of (name withheld) and for his wife, (name withheld). 


“My little lamb, I am with you.  You will never face adversity alone.  Have no fear, My child.  Have confidence in Me.  My daughter, plan the meeting in your home that I inspired you to have.  This will be an important gathering and I will work through you and those who attend.  There is still some time to prepare, but not much, so do not delay too long.  All will be well regardless but it will be comforting later to know of this community of friends and believers.  Share ideas and help one another, My child.  All of My children, I desire that you make an impact in your environments.  Be at peace and reach out to others with brotherly and sisterly love.  I will give you every grace and assistance needed but I desire your ‘yes’—your cooperation to fulfill My plans.  Pray, frequent the Sacraments, read Sacred Scripture and live each day according to My Will.  This is all I ask of you, My Children of Light and Children of the Renewal.” 


It is difficult now, but during the Time of the Renewal it will be much simpler.  Be encouraged.  Winter must come before Spring.  In the depths of Winter, Spring is nowhere in sight.  But, beneath the snow plants that are dormant are only resting.  When the snow melts blossoms begin to appear and what was once brown begins to turn green.  These signs of new life not visible to you are known to Me.  Remember this when you are in the depths of Winter time.  Know that Spring is coming and it will be a glorious time in the Church and consequently in the world.  All will be united, My children and all will be at peace loving and serving the Lord.  In the meantime, you must be about the Heavenly Father’s work loving and helping Me to save souls.  This is all for now, My little lamb.  Go in peace.  I bless you and My son in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit.  Go in peace and in love, My children.  Be mercy.  Be peace.  Be love and do the all things with ‘joy’.”


Amen.  Alleluia, Lord. 

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