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Children of the Renewal Messages


November 20, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my adorable Jesus present in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Thank You for making it possible to be here with You today.  Thank You for Confession, Holy Mass and Holy Communion!  What a blessing to receive You in Holy Communion.  Praise You, my Lord, God and King!  All honor, glory and praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord, please be with (name withheld) as he goes through the week and Thanksgiving holiday without his sons beside him.  This is a suffering for him.  Help him not to become too discouraged, Lord.  It is difficult to be separated from our loved ones during the holiday season.  Please help all those who are struggling with these challenges so that they do not feel alone and isolated.  I pray this also for those who have lost loved ones from this world that they may be reunited in Your Kingdom.  Send family or friends to cheer them and guard them closely while they are experiencing sadness.  Jesus, I pray for those who have left the Church and bring them home soon.  Jesus, I ask for healing graces for (name withheld) and for his parents who are so very concerned about him.  Transform him, Lord and may Your holy name be praised by many non-believers as a result.  It truly would be a miracle! 


Dear Lord, bring all souls who are estranged from You back, as only you can intervene, Lord.  May Your warning do this (reunite souls).  Lord, is there anything You want to say to Me?


“My child, My child please pray more for souls who are not living in a state of grace, and are far from Me.  Please increase your prayers.”


Yes, Lord.


“Souls who know Me yet choose to live in the world and to disregard all that their parents taught them grieve Me greatly.  Those who intentionally battle against humanity cause Me the deepest sorrow.  They who rage against My little children and My children of faith invite the wrath of God to visit them.  I do not wish to lose one single soul.  Pray for those who choose evil over good.  Live a holy life, My child and all of My children.  Be pleasing to God.  Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  Return evil with good and holy actions.  Pray, pray, pray My children.  Pray for souls outside of the Holy Catholic Church and for all souls. (for their salvation) The world is a dangerous place.”


Lord be with us as we have had such a busy weekend with many commitments.  It’s exhausting, especially after having worked all week.  Be with (name withheld) as he plays during the concert and help him to use his gifts for music to bring more glory to You, Oh Lord.  Help him during his last semester of high school.  I pray this for high school seniors that they will make good and holy choices about the universities they will attend, the friendships they will make.  May they be holy examples of faith.


“My children soon the line of demarcation will be present.  As this age becomes more rebellious and evil is fueled by a lack of piety, not choosing holiness will be choosing evil.  There will be more visible signs of evil.  The good people will shine like the sun attracting attention because of their goodness.  Holy people, by their very nature which is an emulation of Me, are irritants to those who are evil.  It reminds the evil one and his followers that I am still on the throne and in control and this causes much anger and pride to manifest in dark and sinister ways.  Do not be concerned when evil becomes even more aggressive.  Continue to pray and do all I have taught you. (Read Scripture, do penance, frequent the Sacraments, pray and fast.) Have no fear, for I am God and you unite yourselves to Me.  This means that you and I are one in Spirit and we are in the Body of Christ.  I am the head and you are My body, therefore have no fear.  I tell you these things so that you will recognize the times for what they are and understand that evil will have its hour but the Son of Man will triumph.  Allow Me to triumph now in your hearts.  Allow Me to reign within you, My children and nothing will harm you.  Yes, there will be martyrs but they will be given every grace needed at the appropriate time and then they will come straight to Heaven.  This is, after all the goal of every Christian so do not be sad when this occurs.  Remain steadfast and unshakable, even when the world shakes for you stand on the secure foundation—Christ.  Therefore, be as the early Christians, prepared to suffer all things for the sake of the Gospel of Christ.  You will witness many miracles of healing and protection.  Allow these miracles of healing and protection.  Allow these miracles to bolster your trust in Me, but do not look for signs and wonders.  You will see them but do not look for them.  Be discerning and test everything.  Bring each question and decision to Me and I will give you direction.  You will have great clarity in this day, for clarity and wisdom will be needed in this age now more than ever.  Therefore, I tell you, do note be deceived by the evil one who wants to control you.  He wants to control every action you take.  In order to do so, people will give up the gift of their free will.  This is very important My Children of Light.  Do not surrender this most precious gift of free will given to you by My Father.  The gift of free will is what, dear children, makes one human versus a robot or an animal.  The gift of free will allows My children to choose good over evil.  It allows humans to use their reason (rational minds) and their faith to discern the right path toward God.  Only when your conscience has become numb due to constant or grave sin does the intellect become darkened.  Then it is most difficult if not impossible to choose the Light.  Through miracles of grace, souls can still convert that are dwelling in darkness but few souls ever make this choice for God at this point.  Therefore, be alert and do all I offer to you to be holy and pure.  Rebuke all forms of worldly entertainment for this has become an avenue of great temptation to worship idols.  It is always subtle at first, My children and appears harmless but a small concept contrary to My Kingdom is introduced into a television show, music, comedy, etc., and it is dismissed as being harmless because everything else seemed ‘so good.’  This is the plan of the father of lies.  He always plants a grain of evil or falsehood in order that My children will accept it.  Over time, he inserts more and more (little by little) and one day the entire civilization is corrupted by every sort of sin.  Do you not see how this has occurred in this very generation?  I tell you, it is time to turn one’s back on all forms of worldly entertainment that is devoid of Me, devoid of the Christian message.  It was not this way in past decades for some things were still based on Christian values.  Now, it is very rare to find even one program that is Godly.  This sounds severe, I know, My children but I tell you for your own good.  Pay attention.  Souls are at stake.”


“Once again, I remind you to choose prayer, and Holy Mass.  Choose to read holy books and other programs about the saints, heroic love (Christian, Christ like love) and about Me.  I am raising up Christians in every sphere but realize the entertainment industry is full of evil men, evil spirits, hedonism, grave sins of every kind of perversity, drug addiction, etc.  It is difficult to find programs devoid of such depravity.  Keep your minds and hearts pure.  Reject these things and do not allow the constant barrage of sin to cause your souls to fall.  Protect yourselves, your families, your children and your spouses from exposure to unholy things.  It is necessary.  I ask the heads of the families to be courageous and protect their families from evil.  Pray, pray, pray.  Fast, do penance and frequent the Sacraments to preserve your beautiful souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is all My child   I love you.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in the peace, love and mercy of God.  All will be well.  I am with you.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!  Be with us all, dearest Lord and Savior. 

November 13, 2022  Adoration Chapel

(Oh, Sacrament Most Holy. Oh, Sacrament Divine.  All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine!)  My dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, I believe, adore, hope and I love You.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today.  Thank You for Holy Mass, Communion and Confession yesterday.  Praise You for the Sacraments.  Thank You for this most precious means provided by You, Lord by means of Your passion, death and resurrection.  Lord, Jesus please forgive those who do not believe in You.  Forgive also those who believe in You, but do not believe in Your true presence in the Eucharist.  I especially pray for those who profane the Most Holy Eucharist.  Jesus, forgive, forgive, forgive.  We love You, Lord present in the Most Holy Eucharist and thank You for giving Your life for us on the cross so that we may gain Heaven one day.  Thank You my Lord and my God.  Lord, bless all who are ill and accept their many sacrifices for the good of Your Church and souls in need.  Bless all who have asked for prayers.  Jesus, I am sorry for the many times I disappoint You.  Continue to help me grow closer to You in spite of my faults and failures.


“My child, My child, do not fear to draw near to Me.  You are aware that I ask much of you and My son (name withheld).  Sometimes you grow weary that My expectations are high for you and for your family.  It is difficult, I know.  Draw ever near to Me and do not withdraw out of either fear or distaste for suffering and sacrifices.  I understand that time seems to go on with so much darkness and yet it seems I wait too long.  Is this not true, My child?  You often feel left out because you choose to follow Me rather than following the path that leads to more pleasantries.  I understand you are both weary.  But, allow this to also be used as a sacrifice for souls far from Me.  I ask that you renew your commitment to prayer and penance for those who reject Me, especially those in the Church.  Pray more for the Pope, the Bishops and priests.  Pray for them, My children.  The time of purification draws very near.  The time of chastisement has begun and it will unfold slowly until it reaches the climax.  Do not grow weary.  It is time to have a renewed spirit of loyalty and dedication to My Father and His work.  All of My children, do not complain that I am a patient God.  My Mother prays for you and intercedes to withhold the hand of judgement because of Her great maternal love for souls.  This gives additional time for mankind to convert and for My holy ones to pray for others who would be lost but for your prayers and sacrifices.  My children, do not allow yourselves to become complacent for that is exactly what My adversary and yours desires for you.  Many souls are lost due to complacency among My followers.  The time to work hard for the Kingdom is now, My children.  Pray, fast, read Scripture and frequent the Sacraments.  Love, love, love, My dear children and show your love for Me by being love to others.  Ask Me to use you each day for the conversion of souls.  I will use you each day when you request this and you will marvel at what I am able to do through each one of My willing children.  Do not despair.  My Mother and I have given you many means to assist during the coming calamities but the most important is what I continue to invite you—prayer, fasting, reading holy Scripture and frequent participation in the Sacraments.  Lead holy lives, My children.  Nothing else matters.  My little lamb, I love you.  I choose you.  I choose each child of Mine and enlist them in a specific work for the Kingdom.  Sometimes, it causes division in families and among friends for people misjudge one another.  Do not give this much thought, My child.  Concentrate on what I ask of you.  Those who prefer others because they are more ‘fun’ will be thankful that you and My son (name withheld) have chosen the more difficult path when what you have prepared with My guidance provides shelter for them.  Be of good cheer, My child.  I am with you.  Be mercy, be peace, be joy to others.  I bless you both in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  All will be well.  Trust in Me.” 


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia.  I love You! 


“And I love you.”

November 6, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus present in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love You, ‘hidden Jesus’ under the appearance of bread.  My Lord and my God, Creator of all that is.  You brought the world and every living creature into being and yet You humbled Yourself to become this small wafer or actually to make the wafer of bread become You.  You do this during each consecration in every Holy Mass at the hands of Your priest sons because You long to remain with us and know that our small, imperfect, sinful souls are in need of Your physical presence in the world.  Oh, how many graces You shower upon souls who love You.  Thank You for Your love and the gift of Yourself in each Eucharist.  How deep Your love is for us, sweet Jesus.  It wasn’t enough for You to suffer and die on the cross for our sins and to rise again.  You love us even more and never want to be separated from Your children.  You love us in spite of our sins, our ignorance, our indifference.  Oh, Lord!  What an amazing God Man You are.  Who can fathom such love?  Thank You, Lord, my God, my All!  What can we do for You, Jesus who has done everything for us?


“Pray, my daughter.  If you love Me, My little one, love also the souls who cost so much that I poured out everything for love of you and them.  Pray for those who reject Me and for those who do not know Me, though I have done everything for My beloved children to know and love Me.  I wait patiently for souls to return to the arms of the Savior and Redeemer of the World.  One day soon, it will be too late, and so you must help Me by praying for lost souls.  These are your very brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.  Pray, dearest children of My heart.  Pray, pray, pray.  Offer sacrifices for souls, My dear ones.  Even small sacrifices, done with love bring about graces of conversion.  The most important thing is your intention.  Be mindful of so many souls; they are all around you, crying out for your help.  Their cries are silent, My children for they come from their poor souls who recall the love of God even though some have rejected with their hearts and minds and have even repressed all memories of God, their souls do not forget.  They desire and long for God.  Help me with this important work of salvation, My children.  What else is more important than saving the eternal life of the soul?  Always be attentive to your daily commitments that flow from your vocations.  If you are married, there is much to do for your family.  Do everything with love and offer your work for the conversion of sinners.  This holds true for priests and religious, also.  There are duties that must be performed as a faithful priest and religious.  Do all of these for love of God and offer these beautiful acts out of love for poor sinners.  It is that simple, My children.  But your minds are pre-occupied with so many things.  You seldom think of offering your work and your suffering for souls.  Be aware of this work that I have called you to for it is the work of your Father in Heaven.  You may think of this as the family business, My children in which you are invited to participate to build our Father’s Kingdom.  This is a serious responsibility, My children and one you must not take lightly.”


“Thank you for this visit, My children.  I know being here each week is a blessing to you but also a sacrifice.  I thank you for your faithfulness.  I am grateful to each and every son and daughter of Mine who spend time adoring Me in My Eucharistic Presence.  You are indeed changing the world one soul at a time by these visits.  You do not see the impact now, My children but one day you will know.  I invite all of My children to ‘sit’ with Me in this way.  I invite even My Non-Catholic children to be present in the adoration chapels all over the world.  Come to this peaceful place to pray and to be with your Lord and Savior in the Eucharist.  Even if you do not believe in My true presence, come.  Pray and speak with Me about all that concerns you, all that brings you joy and even that which causes suffering.  Bring everything to Me.  I am here for you, also.  I will not reject you.  Come and be with your Lord in the only place I am physically present in the world—the consecrated host.  If you do not believe, come anyway.  I will bless you abundantly and I will give you faith.  All will be well.  If you are afraid, I tell you—do not fear.  If I am truly present you will receive many graces.  If I am not?  What can a piece of bread do to you?  You see, there is nothing to fear.  It is not a sacrilege to come to a peaceful place in silence to adore God, to pray and to read Holy Scripture.  Come, My children.  Allow Me to fill you with peace, so that you may go forth into the world so in need of My peace.  Be carriers of Christ in your hearts and bear Me to the world.”


“My child, My child, pray for your separated brothers and sisters.  It is not God’s Will that there is disunity among believers.  Pray for all believers to be one.  My children should be of one heart and one mind and embrace the faith I have given to you.  The adversary brings division.  God brings unity.  The adversary breeds discord.  I bring peace.  Evil is hate.  God is love.  Come now.  Draw near to love, mercy and peace and you will be like Me and then you will spread My love, My mercy and My peace.  The world is fallen, My children and is in need of redemption.  Open your hearts to the love, for this will bring about true conversion.  Walk with Me, My children.  It is very important that you use every moment for the Kingdom.  This sounds complicated but it is only a spiritual practice.  Before too long, through practice and being aware of My presence, you will incorporate a ‘habit’ of thinking of others and seeing the world through spiritual eyes.  Do you understand, My children?  I am inviting you to live, truly live for the Lord God.  Love others as I have loved you.  This will bring a sense of purpose to your lives, My children for this is why you were created; to love God and to love others.  Now you are beginning to see how simple it is.  Love God.  Love others, as I love you.  When you truly do this, you will know the deepest peace and inner joy.  Oh, how I love you, My children.  I want you to learn to love as I love.”


“This Time of Disobedience brings many an increase in suffering.  There is much discord in the world.  I know that while conceptually it is simple, putting this love into practice is not easy.  There are many distractions.  There are many commitments.  Simplify your lives and it will be easier.  Pray as I have asked and invite Me to work in your lives.  Frequent the Sacraments and you will have every grace needed.  Live your faith with every fiber of your being.  Will people call you zealots?  Perhaps, but that would be a compliment.  Will you be censored?  Perhaps, but I am the Lamb of God who opened not His mouth, but first, I taught, I witnessed, I listened, I healed, I worked and I prayed.  Do as I did, My children.  I will transform this world and I invite you to do your part to bring about this transformation.  Co-operate with Me, My children.  I am depending on you.  Ask My Mother and St. Joseph to assist you.  Do not neglect to petition the saints in Heaven for their intercessory prayers.  Come now be about the work of My Kingdom.


Peace be with you.  I bless you, My children, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in My peace.  Be love and mercy.”


Amen, Alleluia!  Thank You!


October 30, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Lord and my God ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Happy Feast Day of Christ the King, Jesus!  I love You and am grateful for the opportunity to visit with You and to be once again in Your presence.  Thank You for Holy Mass, Holy Communion and for Confession.  What a blessing and a sweet surprise to be able to go to Confession today, Lord—on Your Feast Day!  It is such a gift to me.  Bless the holy priest who was my Confessor.  What a beautiful priest he is, Lord.  Bless and protect him, Lord and I ask this for all Your priest sons, Lord.  Keep them safe from all physical, emotional and spiritual harm.  All praise and glory to You, my Lord God and King.  Lord, Jesus, I place all my thoughts and prayers in Your Divine and Holy Will.


Lord, please heal all who are sick or experiencing physical ailments.  I pray especially for (names withheld).  Lord, I pray for all the requests that You are aware of and that I hold dear to my heart, especially for my children and grandchildren.  I pray for all who used to come to Adore You but can no longer be here due to various reasons and for those who have died.  Lord with all Saints Day and all Souls Day approaching I want to pray in a special way for the intercession of those in Heaven and for all souls in Purgatory.  Please shorten their time in Purgatory, Jesus and help them to have consolation due to and in spite of my imperfect prayers.  Lord Jesus, King of All Nations, King of Heaven and Earth, and King of my heart bring about full and complete conversion in my family, our parish, our town, state and nation.  Bring all souls to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Bring peace to the world.  Oh, Prince of Peace, Jesus send Your Holy Spirit and all needed graces and gifts to those in conflict (Ukraine, Russia, Europe, etc.) so they will have a peaceful end to the war and a Godly resolution.  Restore all who have been harmed by evil, Jesus my Savior, Redeemer of the World.  May all people and all nations praise the holy name of the Triune God forever and ever! 


“My child, My child I have heard your prayers.  The prayers and intentions of My Children of Light are dear to Me, especially when coming from hearts of love.  Entrust each and every care to Me, My children.  You are truly My children and I listen to every request.  All things are done according to My Perfect Will which is also what is best for you.  My children continue to pray as I have invited you to pray-morning and evening (at least) the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, the St. Michael Chaplet, St. Michael prayer and Guardian Angel prayer.  My children, this is a minimum and is for your protection.  I also ask that you frequent Mass and receive Holy Communion worthily which means you will also frequent the Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation.  My children it is very important to remain in a state of grace always but especially in this time in which you are living when so many people will be called to stand before Me in judgement.  By this, I mean individually (the first judgement).” 


“Many, many lives will be ‘lost’ in the coming days as evil tries to reign on earth.  Soon, the chastisements will be in their fullness so each person on earth must prepare their hearts and souls as best as you are able.  By following My advice to you, you will be prepared.  Time is running out, My children.  Indeed, as you experienced with the man-made engineered ‘plague’ which was truly evil, many people died or were killed before they or their family members could prepare.  Many souls went to eternal damnation, My beloved children.  Others came to Purgatory and are in need of your prayers.  A smaller number came to be with the saints in Heaven.  These are the souls who lived their faith well and frequented the Sacraments, walked with Me and prayed as I have requested.  Some did so purely out of love for Me as they were unaware I have requested this prayer life and discipline.  Others, small infants/children came directly to Heaven due to their innocence and purity.  I tell you, though there are even young children in Purgatory, so do not rest in complacency, My Children of Light.  Be well prepared spiritually for you know not the day or the hour.  I tell you this out of My deep love for you.  My Kingdom is where I intend all of My children to be and I desire you become holy saints on earth so that you may come directly to your heavenly home upon passing from the earthly pilgrimage.  However, you must cooperate and accept My invitation, for you have been given the great gift of free will.  I love you.  I will help you.  Seek Me first, My children.  Put God at the center and in the first place of your lives.  Make this the highest goal for yourselves, My little ones, before every other goal, for the ultimate plan for you is Heaven.  This is why you were created out of such love of the Father; to know God, to love God, and to therefore love your brothers and sisters who are also made in God’s image, and to come to Heaven and live with God forever.  This is the meaning and purpose of your life.  In the meantime, while you journey in the spiritual life, you are also to serve God out of love and therefore come to love all souls on earth, in Purgatory and in Heaven.  Help those in need, My children.  Comfort those who are lonely, or who are suffering from physical ailments.  Do whatever you can first for your family and also for your neighbor, for your acts of kindness will lead other souls to Me.  I love you, My Children of Light.  I love even those who walk in darkness and especially those who work to open their hearts to God.  Please support Me in this important work of salvation by praying for sinners and those far from Me.  Pray also for your shepherds who are in such need of prayer.  Love them.  Do not judge them; only pray and do penance for those who need conversion.”


“My child, I want you to remember that just as I suffered the agony in the Garden of Olives and experienced My passion and death, so too will My Church on earth.  The Church is undergoing the agony now.  Pray, pray, pray for My Body, the Church.  Pray for souls who have left the Church and for those outside the Church.  Pray for those who persecute the Church from without and from within.  Soon, the Church will undergo the scourging.  My children, frequent the Sacraments now as much as possible for strength and protection.  Remember that I am with you.  I will never abandon you.  These are not just human words but these are God’s words.  I am the Word made flesh.  I am the Word of God.  I Am.  Know this and remember it well, for there will come a time and this time is fast approaching, where the Church, My Church will undergo the crucifixion.  It will appear (to the world) that the Church is dead.  I assure you, My Holy Catholic Apostolic Church will never die.  The gates of hell will not prevail against My Church.  You will do well to remember this, My beloved children, for the gates of hell will most certainly attempt to prevail over the Church and kill your faith.” 


“Keep the faith of your Fathers alive within your families, in your homes which are the domestic church.  When the Time of Great Trials passes, the faith will spring up all over the earth in such splendor.  It will be like a multitude of wild flowers in bloom after a long harsh winter when the earth is dormant and barren.  One day, the world will be purged of those who follow the evil one and his demonic, fallen angels will be locked in hell.  The earth will be renewed and My little children will come forth from what appears to be the ruins, to repopulate the earth bringing many new little souls into the world.  This will be the new springtime, My children and all will be one in the faith.  This is not going to be an easy time but it will be much different, for there will be no presence of evil in the world tempting My children to sin.  There will be no murders, no killing of innocent lives, no slavery, no war, etc.  I say it will not be easy, for you will rebuild your lives after so much devastation.  The world will be different (physically and geographically) than it is now.  From a spiritual perspective it will be delightful, My beloved children.  I tell you this so you can reflect on these beautiful and lovely circumstances in your future.  Many difficult times are ahead of you due to sinful mankind and the evil and corrupt ones who want to slaughter mankind.  So, remember these words.  Remember that God is in control and these things will be allowed out of My mercy and My justice.  Hold fast to all you have been taught that has been passed on to you from My Holy Apostles and the Fathers of the Church.  All will be well.  Prepare yourselves as one would prepare to enter a battle for this will soon be a very fierce spiritual battle.  Do not worry about your physical lives.  If you die and are prepared, you will come to Heaven to be with Me and all the holy saints.  If you continue to live, you will still be with Me, but will need to remain to help others through this period of time.  Be prepared either way, My children.”


“For those of you reading these words who have not converted.  What are you waiting for?  I ask you.  Do you not see the present condition of this world?  Do you not realize the full extent of evil?  Perhaps you are too close to the culture and do not know another way of life.  That is understandable My poor searching child, but you must reason and think about other times in history.  Even though there have always been elements of evil in the world ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, your parents, there has never been another time of such evil.  Ever!  You must come to God now.  Turn your heart to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Repent of your sins (be truly sorry) and ask for forgiveness.  Go to the nearest Catholic Church and meet with the priest.  Pray for My Mother’s direction to find a holy priest son who will help you to begin the process of becoming Catholic.  This is the fullness of the Faith and what I have given to the world as the surest path to Heaven.  Do not wait, My little, searching children.  It is time to take action.  It will benefit your soul tremendously and also the souls of your family members.  Do not deprive your beautiful souls from the relationship and closeness with your Creator.  I await you with open arms.  I am smiling at you now as I give you graces for conversion, for hope and for love.  I will heal your wounded heart, My beloved son and daughter.  Do not fear.  I will protect you.  Fear only coming to the end of your life having wasted it on worldly matters and worshipping power, prestige, material goods and everything that took you away from following God.  Do not fear the one who loved you into being and desires your friendship and love.  Fear only life forever apart from God.  Otherwise, there is nothing to fear.  The absence of fear, the opposite of fear is trust in God.  Trust in Me, My children and therefore trust in My words.”


“My child, My little one thank you for your visit and for writing My words.  There is nothing more important than the conversion of souls.  Pray all week for souls on earth and souls in Purgatory.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Lord.  I love You!


“And I love you.  I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, My mercy, My love.  Be carriers of My love.  Be joy.  You are Mine and I am yours, My beloved (names withheld).  Be at peace to convey peace to others.”


Thank you, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia!

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