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Children of the Renewal Messages

February 13, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus clothed in the Eucharist, veiled in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is wonderful to be here with You.  Thank You for this great gift, Lord!  Thank You for Confession and Holy Mass.  Thank You for Holy Communion.  Praise You, Lord God for all You created for us.  Thank You for Your mercy and Your love.  Thank You for the faithful throughout the world.  Help all to pray and to hope in You, Lord.  I pray for all who stand for freedom and human dignity.  Protect them, Lord and help them to hope in You.  You are the answers to all life’s problems, Lord.  You are the way the truth and the light.  ‘Save us, Savior of the world for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free.’  Thank You for the many friends who contacted me providing words of consolation and love, and for their prayers.  Thank You for guiding me through such rough waters.  You are my lifeboat; Jesus and I am most grateful to You for the many signs You provided so that we could see Your hand and Your Will in a horrible (seemingly) situation.  I am so grateful for Your love, Your presence and that of the Blessed Mother.  Lord, I understand that You always Will the good for souls.  I trust You in all things, Jesus.  Not just when times are good or things are fine, but in all times, Lord.  You are my God, my Father, my King and I am Your little creature, Your child, Your friend and subject.  Continue to teach me Your holy ways, Lord which are far above and beyond what my little mind and heart can grasp and yet I thank You for the insights Youi give me, Jesus so that I can understand in my little way.


Lord, I bring to You all the people in need of prayer; those who are ill, dying, lonely, grieving and afraid.  Please comfort and console (name withheld) and (name withheld) during his illness.  May all who suffer from and are battling cancer, Alzheimer’s, renal failure, neurological disorders, adverse reactions from the shot and from all harmful substances, birth defects, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, auto-immune disorders and all debilitating diseases be brought to You on the throne in Heaven and to You in this Most Blessed Sacrament for healing and conversion.  Oh, Lord we believe You are the great physician and You are our Lord and Savior.  You are the remedy for all life’s ills and for all the ills of society.  You are the answer, Lord to evil for You are the good.  Shine the light of truth into the hearts that are very dark, Lord so they will see Your light and they will know truth.  Free souls from the bondage, the slavery Your adversary has brought into the world.  Lord, may Your kingdom come on earth and may we love as if we were living in Heaven now.  Praise and thank You, Lord God for You are deserving of all honor, glory, worship and praise.


“Thank you, My child, My little one.  I accept your praise and your prayers.  It is good to be with you and My son.  I was waiting for your visit as I await all of My children.  Thank you for answering My call, My invitation to be with Me.  Oh, what graces I bestow in the souls of those who come to Me in Adoration.  I am planting many fruit bearing seeds in the souls of My children who adore Me in My Eucharistic presence.  I am here in My Eucharistic presence out of My great love for My children.  I provided My presence upon consecration, in union with My Father and My Holy Spirit because I did not want to leave you orphaned, My children.  I sent My Holy Spirit to guide the Church, and the Body of Christ and I also wanted to be physically, spiritually and divinely present to You during each Holy Mass.  My children, it was not enough for Me to die and rise again, although it would have been enough, but My love burned with such intensity during the Last Supper that I gave My Apostles the gift of transubstantiation at each and every Mass via their hands, their words (liturgical) so that you would have Holy Communion with Me from that day forward.  This is why the evil one wants to stop the Mass.  He hates the Holy Mass because I am poured out for You on each and every altar in My Church.  It is My Will that I be with My people in Holy Communion and in Adoration.  This is My Will, Children of Light.  I will to be with those I love. (And I love all of My children.) Come to Me all you who are weary and visit Me in the Eucharist where I am present.  Yes, you must learn to see with the eyes of faith, for I am clothed in the host, but I am truly present.  I call to you because I love you.  I need you because of My intense love and desire that is never fully quenched until lost souls return to My heart.  When you come to Me in Adoration, you are filled with My grace and My light which you then carry to the world.  Though you are unable to see this light in your souls and you do not know the effect on others, I assure you it is noticeable to those in darkness.  They may not understand what it is about you, but they notice something different.  To those who have chosen to live in complete darkness and willingly follow evil, they see your soul’s brightness and it is like a blinding ray of light.  They become very disturbed by this light of Christ in your souls.  The more souls bathed in Eucharistic light, the more quickly the transformation will occur.  Pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, My Children of Light.  Frequent the Sacraments and live for Me.  Be love, be mercy, be peace and light.  By your sacrificial love and prayers the transformation will come sooner.  My Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world.  You must pray for this great event and ask My Father to work through you to assist souls.  Pray, pray, pray My children.


“My little one, I am walking with and in you.  My presence was with you during your most difficult moment.  I guided you and (name withheld).  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  Continue to pray for (name withheld).  This event was part of My plan for the salvation of these souls.  Pray for this to be accomplished My little lamb.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You for all that You are teaching me through this painful experience.  Your Will be done, Lord.  I belong to You to do with me as You Will.  Live through me and in me, Lord.  Guide and direct my steps.  I love You, my God. 


“And I love you, My child.  Follow Me.  Look straight ahead.  Do not look back.  I am present with you and we must move forward.  I am preparing you and all My Children of Light for what is coming.  Many who are unprepared spiritually (and there are multitudes) will undergo traumatic events on their journey to My heart.  They will need much love, care and tender mercy.  The chastisements cannot be avoided, My little lamb because not only am I infinitely merciful, but infinitely just.  Because of My goodness and justice, all things will be set right.  Getting to that point, My child will mean the earth and all creatures must go through the storm.  The changes coming to the world are not minor changes but completely transformative.  It will seem to be very, very disruptive to all of mankind.  This must be so, My children to rid the world of this strong stench of evil.  Never before has the world contained so much evil and this degree of darkness.  Countless souls are being lost every minute, My Children of Light.  My little ones are losing their innocence because parents no longer protect them as in ages past.  I created this world out of love.  The enemy is destroying it out of hatred for Me.  He hates all I have created, including the human race, and especially the human race.  I will not allow complete destruction of the world and of My children.  I have only delayed to give more souls the opportunity to convert.  It will soon be the time to act, when I know no other souls will convert.  At that time, I will illuminate all consciences with My pure light.  Each soul will know that I AM god.  They will see My power, My love, My holiness and this bright light will shine in souls such that the sins in each souls will be revealed.  Each person will know every sin committed in their lives and will understand the consequences their sins have had on others.  At the same time, they will know of My mercy and love.  This (knowing) will be the cause for deep remorse and contrition.  It is for these souls; the lost those who have rejected Me and those who have never know Me that My Father, My Spirit and I desire the Illumination.  It is the last chance for conversion before the great purification.  I purified the earth during the flood.  This time God will purify the earth by fire.  It is fitting, My children and this is why the Holy Spirit will be poured out on My children.  Pray, dearest children.  Pray.  Ask My Mother, who is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit to guide and protect you.  You must enter into the refuge of My Beautiful Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  You will be safe within Her heart.  Do not fear.  All that is needed is trust in My mercy.  Accept all the Trinity sends you for it is the Divine Will of God to create in you clean and pure hearts, and to renew the earth.  It will be in the original form as God created it.  All will dwell in My Divine and Holy Will.  Your hearts will be more like Mine and My Mother’s and it will burn with the fire of charity, love, truth and all that is virtuous.  The Era of Peace will be full of My children who love and follow God with hearts full of gratitude and joy.  Look to Me, My children.  Do not despair.  Your future is very bright!  You will either be with Me in My heavenly kingdom or be living on earth united in My perfect Will.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for those who love and follow Me.  Pray for souls who will go through the Illumination, especially those who are currently lost.  Pray for the grace to be open to My love and mercy.  Be supportive and merciful to them.  Be gentle with them for many of the lost souls who are so precious to Me will be suffering when they are ‘found’ by Me.  Their deep contrition will be beautiful in My sight, but they will not feel so beautiful at first.  Open your arms to them.  Welcome them.  Guide them to priests where they will confess their sins and receive the balm of absolution.  You, My Children of Light will also be purified, but you will not be so traumatized for you are already prepared through frequent Confession, Holy Communion and the many graces My Mother gives you.  You will be so, for I need you to be people of love to welcome the newest family members into the Church.  This is a very important mission, My Children of Light.  I am counting on you for your assistance.”


Thank You, Lord.  Praise You my God and my King!  I love You.  Help us all to be fully prepared.  Help us to pray more and to do all You have asked of us.


“It will be done, My little lamb.  I am leading you now and I will not abandon you.  You will not always know which step to take, but when the time comes for you to go a different direction or to step out in love, I will guide you.  We must be in ‘lockstep’ with one another.  Remain in a state of grace, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Pray, pray, pray as I have requested so that you will hear My voice more clearly when the noise and disruption is clamoring for My children’s attention.  I want My children to be at peace and undisturbed in your souls.  That will occur when you are securely in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart and united to My Will.  Do not fear.  Keep your eyes on Me.  All of Heaven is praying for you, My children.  Remember to ask the saints and holy angels to pray for you, as you also pray for others.  All will be well, I assure you.  You will have all that you need as each need arises.  Trust in Me.”


Thank You, Jesus!  I love You.


“You may go now in peace, My little one.  I love you and My son (name withheld) and all of My children.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.  Go in trust and in the love of God.  Be love to others, My children.  I am with you!”


Amen!  Alleluia!

February 6, 2022  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I am so glad You are visible/exposed in the monstrance, Lord.   Praise and thank You my benevolent Lord.  You are mercy, truth, love, justice and peace.  You are everything to me, Jesus.  (personal conversation omitted.)


I pray for our nation, for conversion of our leaders, for good, holy, pro-life leaders to take office soon, Lord.  Leaders who will follow Your Commandments out of love and respect for You; leaders who are strong and faith-filled people who will boldly stand for love, truth and freedom to worship God.


“My child, My child.  I know you feel your heart is breaking.  Be still and know that I AM God.”


Thank You, my beautiful God.  Oh, how I love and need You.  Lord, I give this heavy burden to You to do with as You Will.


“My little one, I was present with You all day and especially present to you when you needed Me most.  I prepared you all day with the graces needed.   I prepared (name withheld) also.  The power of My Holy Spirit enabled him to act with faith and love.  He was correct in saying he was prepared also by life experiences.  I am actively working in the lives of My Children of Light.  When they love and follow Me, they are open to My direction and guidance.  My Mother was also present.  Entrust this to Me, My little lamb.  I am the Prince of Peace.  I will give you My peace whenever you ask My child.  I know it is difficult, but try not to relive it.  One cannot live in the past.  The past is gone to you now and you are unable to change it.  Focus on the now, My child.  I am present to you in each moment.  My children would do well to stop dwelling on past events and give them to Me.  I am outside of time, My children.  My (name withheld), your friend (name withheld) was correct in what she told you.  Remember her gentle words.  Her suffering is bearing much spiritual fruit.  She is my beautiful daughter.  I am surrounding you with love.  My dear one, I am giving (name withheld) all that he needs.  Pray for his soul and for (name withheld).  This is a very important request.  Spiritual healing is the most important healing, My child.  Entrust all to Me.  I am the great physician, not just of the body, but of the mind and soul as well.  Believe in My plan and in My Will.  Great power from My Holy Spirit is enabled when My children have faith.  Trust in Me, My child, My daughter.”


Lord, I would like to sit with You all day.  I needed to be here with You, Lord.  You are the remedy for all of our wounds and problems.  Thank You for Your love and Your patience with me.  Help me, Jesus my Savior.  Direct my life so that I can in turn help others.  I want to serve You, Jesus.


 “My (name withheld) I know you have commitments today.  You did the right thing coming to Me in this holy place.  You receive Me in Communion and I will continue to be with you.  I am your strength, My little lamb.  Lean into Me today.  In time, I will renew your spirit.  Be at peace.  I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, My beautiful one.  I love you.”


And I love You, my beautiful God.  Praise Your holy name.  I am Yours forever.  Amen!

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