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Children of the Renewal Messages

December 1, 2019 Adoration Chapel – First Sunday of Advent

Hello my dearest Jesus, ever present in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I praise You, adore You, love You and trust You, my Lord, God and King!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion, Jesus.  Thank you for Confession, Lord and for all the Sacraments. 


Jesus, I am so very grateful for Your coming into the world at Bethlehem.  I am also grateful for Your coming into the world in each and every holy Mass and for Your presence in all tabernacles in the world.  I can’t fathom Your power in Your Eucharistic presence and yet, also Your great humility; that You came as an infant and You come and transform simple bread and wine into Your Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  You are amazing Lord!  Glory, honor and praise to You Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man.  Thank You that You care intimately for our souls and for our welfare.  Praise You my Lord and my God! 


Lord, I lift all of my concerns to You for my children and grandchildren and all of my family.  I pray for conversion in each one of our souls, most especially for those who are apart from Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, but also for those who do not believe and have not experienced the love of God.  Make Yourself known to them, Jesus and please do so for many souls prior to the Illumination of Conscience. 


Lord, I pray for the priests who will be flooded with people who need their confessions to be heard and for the many baptisms and all sacraments people will need.  Help the priests, Lord to be good, patient pastors and shepherds.  I pray for those priests who may need their own conversions, Lord that this will occur earlier so they are ready for all who come to them.  Thank You for Your great mercy Lord for choosing to grant/bestow Your mercy in a special way in these days so all will know that You are the Son of God.  May they all rely on Your precious gift of mercy and trust in You.  Lord, there are many people I have not evangelized that I should have.  Forgive me, Lord for the times I have failed You or disappointed You.  Help me to do Your holy Will and to be emboldened by the power of Your Holy Spirit, our Lady’s flame of love.  You, Lord have every grace needed to reach souls for You, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.


“My daughter, you are concerned about many things, especially for your loved ones.  I, also share your concern for souls.  I died to save them, My child so do not be anxious, but trust in My saving power and in My love.  Pray and offer masses for them.  I will work wonders in their hearts.  This is a time of great mercy, and I flood the world with graces on account of the immense darkness, and due to the late hour.  I forgive you, My little one for any time you failed to love as I desire.  Contrition is good, My little lamb, but now you must look ahead to what I need from you in this hour.  Do not give way to the temptation to look back with regret, My child.  Once I have forgiven, look forward.  You must live in the present moment, for humans living on earth are constrained to the present.  You cannot physically go back, nor can you physically go into the future.  God has made human beings to live in the now.  This means you have access to every grace I give you now.  What is needed later, in the future will be given when it is needed.”


“My child, I am God and I can go into any area of your life, past, present and future and I can heal you of your past sins.  I can enlighten you about what is to come, and I can walk with you on your present journey.  Mankind suffers from wanting to relive the past and constantly plan for the future, but does not realize that today is what I am giving each one and there is no guarantee of tomorrow.  At any time, one could die and stand before God for judgement.  Therefore, live today to its full.  Seek the Sacraments, My children today.  If you have not been to Confession for years, come now, My children.  You must begin now and not procrastinate.  You do not know the day nor the hour, My children.  If you are concerned for your soul come immediately.  If you are not concerned for your soul, come immediately, also.  Each person alive should be concerned for their soul and if you are not, that is a problem.  Many people have come to accept sin in their lives and have believed the lie told by My Adversary that there is no such thig as sin.  Do not believe the great deceiver.  Listen to Me, the Way, the Truth and the Light.  So, whether you are concerned for your soul or not, come to Me in the Sacrament of Confession where healing can begin and My forgiveness granted.  Then, remain in a state of grace so that you can walk closely with Me and one day enter the Heavenly Kingdom.  Until then, I want My Kingdom to reign in your hearts.  I want to be united with souls who love Me and who desire My friendship.  I desire this for all souls even and especially so for souls who reject Me and who reject My love.  I long to be close to You, even though you do not want this for yourselves.  This is because I love you much more than you love yourselves.  I am all love and all love is Me.  I am God, the creator of all mankind.  I created you for love.  Come, follow Me, My children.” 


“I realize life has been difficult and in some cases it has been unbearable.  But, you have been able to bear it, because I have helped you.  You may not believe this, but if you are honest and take time to reflect, you will begin to remember occasions where others have helped, encouraged or supported you in one way or another.  At times, it was a stranger who assisted you, and at times someone you knew from school perhaps a teacher, or someone at work, or in your neighborhood.  These people came to your assistance because they were prompted by My Holy Spirit of love.  Yes, My poor children who feel alone and unloved, I have prompted people to reach out to you, to assist you, and to give, in some cases out of their own need.  This is because of My love.  I have been near you all along, My children.  Think about this and you will see it is true.  Knowing this means you can begin to trust in Me more and more each day.  Speak with Me.  I await you.  I love you and My mercy is just for you.  Do not be afraid.  I will not reject you.  You have faced rejection from many people who were supposed to love you.  My love is unlimited and unconditional.  This means I already love you.  There is no need to prove yourself in any way.  There is no need to win My love.  I - love - you!  I love you now, even though you are not ready to love Me, and even if you have not decided to follow Me.  I love you.  Come to Me.  Speak to Me.  Give Me the burdens and concerns of your heart.  Speak to Me about your fears, your joys, your life.  I care about all that you are concerned about and all you have been through.  I love you.  Open your heart to the love I have for you and your life will begin anew.  Come, let us begin together.”


Thank You for Your tremendous love and mercy, Lord.  Thank You for loving us and accepting us as we grow in our knowledge of You, Jesus.  Thank You for loving us even when our lives are steeped in the mire of sin.  Purify our hearts, Lord so that we may draw close to Your Sacred Heart.


“My little lamb, trust in Me and all I have asked of you.  You do not understand why I have asked you to do certain things, but I ask only for your well-being or the well-being of others.  Thank You for doing all I have requested of You.  I am grateful to You and to My son, (name withheld) and to all who listen and do as I ask, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense.  Trust in Me for all things.  I am preparing you and I provide for you.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


Yes, Lord.  I forgot to pray for some friends of mine who are very ill.  I lift them up to You now, Jesus.  I pray for (names withheld) and for all who are recovering from surgery.  Thank You, Lord for hearing my prayers.


“Yes, My little lamb.  Thank you for your love and concern for others.  My Mother will guide and assist you with the preparations.  All will be as I desire, My child.  Pray for My son who will come to your area.  Pray for his protection and safety.”


Yes, Jesus.  We will pray.


“My child, I bless you in the name of my Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in My peace, in My joy, and in My love.  Be of good cheer for love of Me and the Trinity.  All will be well.  All will be well.”


Amen, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus!  I love You!


“And I love you.”



November 24, 2019 Adoration Chapel – Feast of Christ the King

Hello, my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in, hope in, adore and love You.  Praise You, Lord Jesus Christ our God and our King.  Happy Feast Day, Jesus!  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today, Jesus.

Thank You for my family and the opportunity to get together with them yesterday. 


Lord, there are some who have been led astray, and some people are very far from You.

Please give them graces for open hearts and hearts for conversion and repentance.  May we all be one in the Faith, as You prayed, Lord. Please protect our President and Vice President as well as their families.  Keep them in Your Holy Will.  Lord, be with all who are ill and who will die today and tonight.  Enfold them in Your mantle of protection, Blessed Mother.  Lord, give them graces for conversion and console them, Jesus.  Lord, You know the people I have on my heart.  I give them all to You, Jesus and place them at the foot of the cross.  Take care of things, My adorable Jesus.  Your Will is perfect.  You do all things perfectly.  Thank You, Jesus!


Jesus, I also ask that You bless the people who attend Fr. Michel’s talks.  Please open their hearts and minds to all he has to say.  Prepare the people in our area, Lord for what is to come so that more people will be aware and alert, and will be given reason and a deeper sense of urgency to pray.  Help us, Lord.


“My child, all will be as planned by My Father.  All will be well.  Your openness, your ‘yes’, is all that is needed.  Allow Me to do the heavy lifting.  Those who attend will be the ones I have invited and who accept My invitation to hear My holy priest son.  I am blessing your words and your conversations, My little one so do not be concerned.  Pray to the Holy Spirit to empower and sanctify your words in order to touch hearts and awaken them.  It is My desire that many come in order to be prepared.  Therefore, this work is anointed and will bear much fruit.  Thank you for encouraging My son, (name withheld) in this.” 


“I am answering your prayers for your family, friends, and those in your area that you long to have My flame enkindled within their hearts.  I aim to set the world on fire with the power of My love and I look to the Children of Light to prepare the way.  You are to be My little apostles and spread My message of love and mercy to others.  The graces for evangelization pour out to you and all My Children of Light as in the early days of the Church when My Apostles and My first disciples spread the Good News” 


“Dark times call for a multitude of graces.  They are yours for the asking, for the good of souls. Do not be afraid, My Children of Light.  There is nothing for you to fear for I am with you.  I am counting on you to spread the Gospel message.  The state of My Church on earth should give you a heightened sense of urgency.  My Church, My Body on earth is nearing its crucifixion.  Do not leave My Church, little children because of the sins of men.  Do not abandon My body, the Church, rather stand with Me on Calvary.  Walk with Me during My passion.  Pray for your brothers and sisters, whose souls are at stake.  Watch and pray, My children.  Love one another as I have loved you.  When you frequent the Sacraments, you will receive every grace needed.  Do as I ask, My children for time grows short and you must be prepared to help others who are less prepared.  My children, I am working through you.  I can use every circumstance of your life if you allow Me to do so.  Cooperate with Me and I will use everything for the good of others.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


Thank you, Jesus!  Praise You, Lord!


“My little lamb.  Read Genesis and see the parallels with today.  I will guide you in this.  All My children should familiarize themselves anew with this book in My Word.  You must be able to discern the Word of God and apply it to your times.  Read of My Mercy and My Justice.  Read and understand.  Ask My Holy Spirit to guide you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  We will read.


“My little lamb, remember to ask the Saints for their intercession.  This is very important in these days.  Ask especially for those whose names I made known to you as they have special work to do in these days and have been assigned by Me for your mission. They await your request for prayers as do all the Saints in Heaven for My children on earth during this dark and difficult time in history.  Be My light, My children.  Spread the love and mercy of God to all you encounter.  I impress upon you to do this for the days are short now that the Son of Man will reveal Himself to souls.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Be light.  Be not afraid.  My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will soon triumph in the world, but first you must endure.  Carry your crosses with joy and thanksgiving offering each cross each trial for the salvation of souls.” 


“My children, each one of you has a specific purpose and mission for souls. I have given each of you specific graces, gifts, and skills to use for the coming of My Kingdom.  Put these to good use for the love of your brothers and sisters.  If you do not feel love for them, do your best for love of God.  I will use anything done out of love for Me.  Even the smallest task done for love will be multiplied, My children.  Remember to offer all for Me out of love.  Ask My most holy Mother Mary to guide you in all you do, and pray for Her intercession.  Remember to thank Her for all She has done and continues to do for you, Her children.  Recall that She brought Me, the Messiah into the world and gave Me Her flesh, Her love, Her joy, Her care, Her instruction, united in perfect union with the Father.  Had it not been for Her, ‘yes’ the course of history would have been very different.  She takes all of Her children’s prayers and needs to the Father and lovingly presents each one to Him.  Yes, My children, I said each one.  She mentions each need from each individual to the Father.  My children, you are not just one among many in the eyes of Heaven.  Each beautiful soul, each troubled soul is an individual soul with a precious name and an identity as a child of the Living God.  Rejoice in this, My children.  Each one of you is known by every saint and angel in Heaven and most certainly by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Be thankful for such a holy Mother who loves you as to present each request and every need to My Father.”


“Do you not see the reason I stress the importance of My Mother’s intercession for you?  Is it not wise to ask for Her prayers?  Yes, My children.  One can easily see that it is and therefore, do as I suggest, and ask one who loves perfectly as I do and who has a perfect Motherly love, to pray for your intentions.  Teach others about My most holy, most pure Mother Mary, My dove who is very powerful against evil.  Her humility causes demons to flee.  They cannot stand to be in Her presence.  Remember this, My children and call Her often for your assistance.  Ask St. Joseph for his protection, as well and meditate on the life of the Holy Family.  Speak about the Holy Family to your children and grandchildren.  Dedication and devotion to the Holy Family will save many marriages in this day.  Pray, My children as I have requested.  Pray much; pray often.  Pray all day and every day.  Remain in a state of grace and be love and mercy.  Be peace and joy.  Open your hearts and your homes to others and help those who do not have a spiritual home or family to find one in your hearts.”


“I bless you, My little lamb in the name of My Father, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Your spiritual father, St. Pio blesses you, also with his fatherly, priestly blessing, My little one.  He prays for you and accompanies you, along with your guardian angel.”

Thank You, Lord.  This is humbling and overwhelming at the same time.  I am very grateful, Jesus.  I love You.  I love St. Padre Pio and the many saints you have given to me and to my family.  Praise You Lord, now and forever.


“I love you, My child.  Go now in My peace and in My love.  All will be well.  All will be well.”


Amen, Jesus.  Alleluia!  Praise You, Christ the King of Heaven and earth!

November 17, 2019 Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus!  It is good to be here with You.  I adore You, praise You and thank You, You who are ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Thank You for Your presence here and in all other tabernacles in the world.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion today, Lord.


Jesus, I pray for all who are far from You and who do not believe that God exists.  Please give them graces for conversion and the gift of faith.  Help them to experience Your love.  I pray also for those who have left the Catholic Church.  Help them, Jesus to see the truth of the Faith and to return to Your Church.  Jesus, when I go to the family get together, I ask You to guide my actions and my words.  Help me to show Your love and mercy.  Give me Your peace.  Use me as Your instrument and give me the words and the actions others need, Lord.  Only You know what each soul needs, my Jesus.  Lord, the Church is in a very difficult and challenging time.  Please, please come to the aid of the faithful.  Protect and bless those in the Magisterium who are faithful to You.  Help the ones who persecute the Church from within to repent and return to friendship with You, Jesus.  Lord, please protect Cardinal Burke who suffers much and defends You and Your Church.  Bless all holy Bishops and priests, and put Your mantle of protection around them. 


“My little one, I am with them.  I am with My Church, which is My body.  I am grateful to all who remain faithful to Me and to all I have taught and handed down through Apostles.  Remain faithful to My Church and to her teachings which do not change.  In Scripture, it is written to stay away from false teachings and those who speak falsely and conform to the age.  Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing who preach tolerance for sin.  Woe to those who masquerade in sheep’s clothing and worse in the clothing of shepherds and lead My little ones away.  Pray for their souls, My children.  To whom much is given much will be expected.  My priests are held to high standards, for I have given them much.  They have received every grace needed for their vocations and for their offices (Bishops, Cardinals).  Pray for your shepherds, My Children of Light.  No matter where they stand, faithful ones or Judases, they are all in need of your prayers.  My daughter, these words are not foreign to you and yet they are difficult to write, I know.  It must be though My little lamb, for it is love to speak the truth in order to correct those leading sinful lives.  Pray that all who need to hear will have ears to hear.  I intend to awaken souls from their slumber and to shake souls who have wandered far from the way out of their complacency.  Souls who are complicit with evil will not be able to turn back without much prayer, fasting and many sacrifices.  It would be very beneficial to offer Masses for the well being of the church and for the unfaithful souls who lead others astray.  These souls (who are leading others astray) are in grave sin.  Pray so they do not end up in hell, My little lamb.  Pray for their conversions.  Many will not convert, but pray, pray, pray.  Some will convert and each soul is precious to Me.”


“My child, I am with you.  I am with My Church, which is My body.  My Church suffers Calvary and those who remain faithful accompany Me on the road to Calvary.  My little one, what you said to (name withheld) was correct.  Your instruction on regarding My Church and the deposit of faith, and loyalty to Church teaching was pleasing to Me.  I know you long to teach all of your grandchildren about the Church.  Continue to pray for them and offer your family rosaries for them.  You lament that you have one of eight grandchildren in the Church, My little one.  I hear your prayers, your sighs and your heartfelt petitions.  They are ever in front of Me, My little lamb.  I do not have My eyes off them.  Trust in Me to take care of them.  This 1 out of 8 is indicative of the times you are living.  It is as I have said, and which you are aware, that these days are worse than the days of Noah.  Many do not understand how this could be.  They wonder, since only Noah and his family were saved in the ark.  Think about this, My children.  In Noah’s day, they did not yet have My Church.  They had not received the Messiah, nor the Holy Spirit, My Paraclete.  They did not have the Sacraments.  Many souls who realized they were going to perish in the flood, repented and cried out to God for mercy.  These souls who were truly sorry for their sins appealed to My mercy before they knew Me.  They called out to God for forgiveness.  As a result, they were spared hell and instead waited with other souls for the coming of the Messiah, My passion, death and resurrection.  This shows that My justice and My mercy are perfect.  Though the flood destroyed those living in sin, it also served to prompt those who were open to grace and had fear of the Lord and holy justice to repent and plead for My mercy.”

“In these days, I have given every gift needed, every grace possible for salvation.  In these days, My people have been blessed abundantly.  The ability to know what is going on in the world, and the suffering of your brothers and sisters who are less fortunate materially, means you are more responsible for giving aid out of love.  It is easy to access information about Me and My Church.  There are few who can say they do not know Me and have not the opportunity to know Me.  The sins committed are like those of Sodom and Gomorrah and the demonic activity and pagan worship, for a people who know more about Me than ever before has risen dramatically.  Those who worship My adversary blaspheme Me and desecrate the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, the Eucharistic Jesus.  Science denies Me and commits atrocities against My preborn little innocent ones.  Governments in many nations spread the vicious lie about illicit unions that are not marriages and purport that evil is good and good is evil.”


“My little children, do you not see in just these few examples, the terrible state of the world?  There is a putrid stench coming from areas steeped in sin and evil.  Take heart, though My Children of Light for you will arise from these ashes with My Holy Mother Mary.  She will lead you from this darkness into the light.  Today, souls who pray before My presence radiate the Light of Christ.  From Heaven’s perspective rays of light coming from My faithful ones at prayer stream from earth to Heaven penetrating the thick darkness that envelopes the earth.  Your prayers make a difference, My children.  Remember all I have done throughout history for My faithful ones.  Do not fear, but be encouraged and filled with hope.  Have confidence and trust in Me.  I walk beside you, My children and you do not face the present or the future alone.  We go together.  Do all I have asked of you.  Frequent the Sacraments, pray, fast and read My Word.  I am with you and all will be well.  I love you and you are Mine.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Praise You, Lord for Your words of life and Your lessons of love.  Help us to do Your Holy Will, Lord and to be vessels of Your love and mercy. 


“Yes, My little lamb.  I am and will assist you and all My children who love and follow Me.  I assist others to convert according with their free will.  I bless you, My child, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be mercy, be joy, be love.  All will be well.”


Amen, Lord.  Amen. 

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