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Children of the Renewal Messages

January 19, 2020  Adoration Chapel


Hello dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  All praise, honor, glory and thanksgiving to You, my Lord, God and King!  Thank You for the opportunity to visit with You today.  I am grateful, Lord.  I was thinking earlier how difficult it will be when we aren’t able to adore You in this chapel.  Lord, give us graces when the time comes when we will not be allowed to worship You publicly.  I pray that You will hold back that time, Lord.  I don’t see how it will be possible to live without this time with You, but trust You to make it possible by Your grace.  I shudder to think of this, Jesus.  In some ways it seems surreal.  Yet, I know how fragile our freedoms are in these days.  God, all things are possible with You and I trust You to make a way when there doesn’t seem to be one.  For now, I relish this time, the present time and I am so thankful to be with You in this chapel.


Jesus, I pray for those who are very ill, physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.  Draw near to them, my Jesus.  Hold them close to Your Sacred Heart.  Give them faith in You when they doubt.  Calm their fears and console them, my Jesus.  Someone is in great darkness, now Lord and doesn’t have the desire to live.  Someone doesn’t know or believe that You are the Savior, the Messiah.  Infuse their souls with graces for faith, hope and trust.  Oh, what valuable gifts, these graces are, Lord!  Give poor souls, who lack these, theological virtues.  Lord, these come from You and so I beg You to give them because of Your infinite mercy and benevolence to give them in generous measure, especially to those who do not believe but so desperately need You.  Please, Jesus.  Souls are depending on Your grace to live, even though they do not realize this.  Once they have You, Lord, they will know and they will rejoice in the knowledge of You, the One True God.  Lord, bless and protect all our family and our friends.  Don’t allow anyone to perish, Jesus outside of Your friendship.


Thank You for the beautiful priest who came to our parish this weekend.  Keep him safe from all harm, Lord.  His mission is so very important for souls.  Thank You for his priesthood.  What a joyful, holy priest son of Yours he is.  Thank You for blessing us with his visit.  I hope our paths cross again one day and that he returns.  It is sheer joy to be part of the family of God, my Jesus.  Thank You for making this possible by Your sacrifice of love.  Lord, help me to bring You to my small corner of the world.  Help me to make You known to others.  So many souls are lost, Jesus.  You must help them find You, Lord.  Blessed Mother, take their hands and help them to find Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  Prepare hearts for Your coming Kingdom, Lord.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Saints and angels in Heaven, pray for us.  Most Holy Mother of God who is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us.  Our Lady of America, pray for us. 


(God the Father, speaks)  “My little one, thank you for your prayers and petitions.  It is an act of love and charity to pray for others.  There are many, many souls in desperate need, My child, for they live in the darkness of sin and error.  They do not even realize the grave danger they face due to the rejection of the One who created them out of love.  Their souls are lonely and sad without love for God.  Those who know, but reject Me live in quiet desperation.  They condemn themselves and listen to the lies of the enemy that they are not worthy of love, of God and of joy.  The evil one speaks to their passions for power, self-indulgence, licentiousness and deceives souls into thinking this is freedom.  It is the opposite.  It is slavery and bondage.  Sin is rejection of the good.  It is rebellion against the love and the truth.  What is love, My Children of Light?  I am love.  I showed the world love by creating mankind, the first man and woman.  I did this out of love.  The first man was created out of nothing, as is often said.  This is true and yet the essence, the ingredient I used?  My love.  My creative power, My love, My thought was on the one I wanted to create, to love, to have a close friendship with, to teach all about Me.  To have one created in My image.  He was lacking one like him, a person who would complete him in human form and this woman, Eve the mother of the human race was created then by Me from the bone of his side.  Read Genesis, My children.  Read Genesis, again, because it has been too long since you read the creation story, the love story of how My children came into being out of My love.  My Word is the story of your history, My Children of Light.  These are not fables or legends or make believe.  No, this is your story, your family’s story; the love story of My people and how I loved you before you were created.  I knew you would be here in this time.  You were known to Me before time existed.  Before I created the Earth, I knew you.  Reflect on this My children.  From the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus, up to your time, I have been intimately involved with My people.  You, My children are ‘My people’.  All who love and follow Me.  I love and depend on you to reach your brothers and sisters, My lost children, so they will come to know Me.  What makes brothers and sisters, little ones?  Parents!  (smiling) You know this in the physical, so you must realize it is also true in the spiritual.  I am your Father and therefore all who are baptized into the family of God are brothers and sisters.”


“What about those who are not baptized?  They are still My children, but there is much work to do to bring them home to My family and yours.  Evangelize, My Children of Light.  Share the goodness of the Gospel with them.  Do not hide the beauty and richness of the Faith from them.  Share and be generous.  There is enough love from Heaven to go around so do not hoard this knowledge, this love.  Be generous with My love, which flows into your hearts and out to the world.  To do otherwise is what is meant in Scripture by the words ‘hiding your light under a bushel basket.’  What good is light if it is hidden?  Light is meant to illuminate the darkness.  When light is hidden, there is darkness.  Did I create light to be used to illuminate, so that you can see when it is dark?  I gave the world light, practically speaking so that you could see in the darkness.  At first, I taught man to start a fire, to give warmth in the cold and light in the darkness.  Later, man learned to make torches and lanterns and later still to use electricity and to harness this for light.  My children, when the world was in danger of so much spiritual darkness, I gave the Light, My Son, to the world.  He came to illuminate your souls, so that man would once again know of the Father’s love, almost forgotten through generations and generations removed from the Garden.”


“My people, the Jews, specifically the teachers of the law had laden the people with so many heavy burdens, that they no longer knew of My love and My mercy, only of My justice.  They did not even really know My justice, but what man said was My justice, which was legalistic, oppressive and lacked mercy and love.  They had forgotten love or rather chose spiritual superiority over love and pressed people down in order to appeal to their (the Pharisee’s) pride and lust for power and wealth.  My poor children of Israel were without hope, except for their hope of the Messiah.  In the fullness of time, in the depths of spiritual darkness, I sent My Beloved Son, the Second Person of the Trinity into the world to show mankind My love.  I sent My love to the Earth, so much do I love My children!  Jesus, your Savior came to save you from sin, yes.  He also came so that you would know Me, love Me and return to Me.  My children of love, My Son cared for you.  He, the Good Shepherd, came to show My love personified, to live among you, to befriend you, to share in humanity.  No longer can people say, ‘God doesn’t know what it is like for us creatures.’  God became one with you, sharing in your humanity, sharing in all that My people go through; all except sin.  He brought wisdom, light, truth, mercy and love of God into the human race by becoming man.  The God Man then lived, dwelled among you, healing, teaching, sharing His life, casting out demons, freeing souls, uplifting the downtrodden, making the lame walk and the blind see, restoring the dignity of those who were considered outcasts and proving God’s love by giving His life on the cross to redeem the human race and to restore all that was lost through sin and rebellion against God.  He rose so that you would have hope in the resurrection and to show you what you would experience one day in My heavenly kingdom.  Reflect on this, My children.  Renew your strength by reading and absorbing all I have given you in My Word, for you must know in the depths of your souls how much I love you.  You must know this truth, so you can realize your inheritance is Heaven.  Your inheritance awaits you in Heaven.  It does not lie here on Earth.  It is not the property, the money, the material goods you acquire in this world.  These things will all pass away.  They are goods, when used to alleviate the suffering of others, and to bestow material blessings on those who are less fortunate.  Yes, these are blessings when used properly.  When shared in love with others, but they are not your inheritance.  Your inheritance is in Heaven, where you will come one day at the end of your earthly pilgrimage.  Keep these things on Earth in their proper perspective, My children.  If you have been blessed with material goods, share them with others.  Do so in love, not as a way to feel superior to others.  The poor, the underprivileged, the less fortunate, and those who are temporarily in need, are your brothers and sisters.  They are deserving of your love simply because I love them; I created them in My image and likeness.  That is all, My Children of Light.  I love them.  I love you.  That is all you need to know.  There is nothing for you to judge.  Do not say, ‘they are not worthy of my gifts because they do not work as hard as I do.’  Who gave you the ability to work?  I did.  Who gave you the skills, the intelligence, your personality?  I did.  I gave you all that you needed to thrive in the world and I expect you to share with your fellow man.  Do not think I am always referring to giving money.  That is good, too but I prefer you also give of your time and your love.  There are many who do not have the benefits of being raised by good, loving parents, who need a home and loving parents.  There are many who have not learned skills needed to earn a living for their families.  Share your knowledge, teach others, give your time, your patience, your selves so that others will see they are not alone.  The family of God cares about their wellbeing.  There are too many lonely people in the world and this is unnecessary.  Share your love.  Befriend others.  Smile and greet people you meet wherever you go, My children.  It is not difficult, but it requires attention.  Be attentive to those around you.  My children are often too self-absorbed.  Think of others, My dear ones.  Be like your Jesus and His disciples.  Imitate My Son.  Imitate the Holy Family.  This is the way to save souls, My Children of Light.  Do this now and help bring about My Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven.  You pray this in the prayer Jesus taught you, the Our Father.  Pray, but also act.  Bring about My Kingdom by living the Gospel.  Pray, love, and be merciful.  These require action, My children.  Live, My children.  Live.  Do not merely sit around watching stories about other’s lives.  This is good when you are viewing or reading lives of the saints but then you must actually live yourselves.  Be the salt and the light.  My Son lived and died for you and He established His Church to carry on the rescue mission for souls.  You are the Church, My children and your work is the work of your family, God’s family.  I remind you of this now, because many of you have forgotten.  You are like the virgins who did not fill their lamps with oil in time for the bridegroom.  Do not be like them.  Awaken from your slumber, your complacency, your ‘denial’ and be alert.  Open your eyes and see what state your world is in and begin to love.  Love is sacrifice.  Love is going outside one’s comfort zone.  Love is to give of oneself for the good of the other.  Love, My children and if you do not know how to begin, ask My Son Jesus to show you.  Speak with Him.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you.  Ask the Blessed Mother to teach you as She taught little Jesus.  All of Heaven is at your disposal.  Your brothers and sisters in Heaven pray for you.  Ask them to intercede for the graces you need.  I send holy angels to guard you.  Ask them for their protection and their guidance.  They will direct your steps.  I have given you all that is needed and more than you can imagine and yet you do not make use of these gifts.  It is time, My children.  The hour is very late.  Your Holy Mother Mary intercedes for you.  What are you waiting for?  Souls are at stake.  I am depending on your love and your goodwill to rescue souls.  You will not do this alone.  You couldn’t possibly do this without Me, but I designed your mission on Earth to be carried out with Me through your cooperation, your ‘yes’.  I will see that you have every grace needed.  The power of the Holy Spirit will work through you.  Yet, I am depending on you, My Children of Light.”


“My little lamb, I am with you.  Thank you for your ‘yes’ to Me and for choosing to be here in My presence and writing the words I give you for the good of souls.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  I will guide you in your work.  Invite Me to participate in all you do.  I hear your prayers and your concern for others.  Continue to intercede, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld).  Your Lord hears you and I listen to the prayers of My children.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Oh, my beloved who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee.


“I bless you, My child, my (name withheld) in My name, in the name of My Son and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in the peace of My Son, Jesus Christ.  By His cross you are saved.”


Thank You, Father.  I love You.  I love You, Jesus!  I love You, Holy Spirit!  Amen!  Alleluia! 

January 12, 2020  Adoration Chapel, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Hello, my dearest Jesus.  It is so good to be here with You in this most blessed chapel containing the Blessed Sacrament where You are present Body, Blood, Soul and in Your Divinity.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion, Jesus.  Happy feast day of Your Baptism, Lord.  Thank You for adopting us and for making us sons and daughters of the Living God.  What a blessing and an honor.  Lord, please heal all who are ill and console their caregivers as well.  Be with those who will die this day, especially those who are unprepared for their death.  Lord, I pray especially for (name omitted) and his Dad who died.  Comfort and console him, Lord.  Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him and may his soul rest in peace.  Lord, thank You for bringing holy friends into my life.  Thank You for my family.  Lord, lead all souls to You through Your Holy Mother Mary.  Bring those who are away from the Church, home.  Lord, have You anything to say to me?


“Yes, My little one.  Pay for those who do not know My love and who reject My love.  Pray that their minds and hearts be open to the Good News.  Pray that they will be detached from worldly desires so they will have room in their hearts for Me.”


“My little lamb, do not feel that you are alone, for I am with you.  Sometimes you think you are isolated and this is not true.  This is a temptation.  Listen to Me.  I am with you.  Reflect on this especially when you have periods of temptation to doubt and when you are rejected by others.  I do not reject you, My child.  I Myself was rejected.  I know what this is, for I experienced it.  The world does not understand you.  It is this way for all My children walking the road to holiness.  The world did not understand Me nor My disciples.  Count yourself in good company, My daughter.  You are not isolated, but instead in a family who knows and loves you.  My little lamb the time grows shorter.  I say this because it is true.  It is shorter from a spiritual perspective and also in the metaphysical.  The physical world aligns with the spiritual.  When the fall of man occurred, the world physically changed.  When the flood waters came to drown sin, the physical world changed.  When they receded, the world changed.  This is why the atmosphere was different for Noah after the flood.  The world continues to change as it moans and groans for My Second Coming.  After the Purification, it will change dramatically.  During the Era of Peace, the world will be renewed and it will be beautiful.  This is God’s Will.  My child, I remain in control just as I was from all time, for I am the Eternal One.  I am all powerful.  My plans are proceeding, so do not be concerned.  Encourage others to be prepared, but not fearful.  All will be well.”


“You may go, My child.  We will talk soon.  Be at peace.  I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go forth in peace.  Be mercy, be love, be joy.  Give My love to others.  Radiate My love and My peace.”


Thank You, Lord.  Amen!

January 5, 2020  Adoration Chapel, Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Holy Eucharist of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You and praise You, my Lord God and my King.  It is so very good to be here with You, my Jesus.  Thank You for this great opportunity to adore You in the Eucharist.   Lord, thank You for Confession and Holy Mass.  Thank You for Holy Communion.  Thank You for Your love and mercy and for redeeming us, Jesus.  Lord, thank You for our pastor and shepherd.  He had such a beautiful homily at Mass today. 


I was thinking about the Magi and what a long and difficult journey they had as they sought You.  They must have suffered during this long trip and they sacrificed much of their daily comforts.  It was more important to them to find You and to worship You in person, to pay You homage and honor You with praise, adorations and their gifts than to remain in the comfort of their homelands where they surely had servants and every comfort of that time.  They preferred to go without their temporary comforts, the comforts of the world, than to go without their spiritual need to be with and adore the Infant King.  Jesus, may I have these graces, and like the Magi who truly were wise, be willing to sacrifice everything to be able to worship You.  Jesus, they could have lost their lives making such a perilous journey and King Herod could easily have killed them had they not listened and gone home by a different route.  Help me to always be attentive to Your direction, Lord and when I am unsure, enlighten my heart and mind and give me the wisdom from the Holy Spirit to do Your Holy Will.  Lord. What must it have been like to find You in Bethlehem, lying in the manger, the food trough for animals, but in fact the bread of life for the World?  What was it like to behold the purest and most holy face of God in Your baby face, so innocent, so lovely, so adorable?  What was it like to be in Your presence those 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem and to greet the Most Holy Mother of God and the beloved, chaste and righteous St. Joseph?  Oh, to experience this, Lord!  How spectacular and how solemn this most holy experience.  This is what the Magi experienced and they were deserving of this privilege, Jesus or they would not have been given this honor by God to be the first to come from foreign lands to worship You.  They wanted to give You honor, glory, homage and worship and by doing so, they were honored and privileged.  Jesus, this is true of those who worship and adore You in the most blessed Sacrament where You come to the world, not as a precious baby, but as bread for us, for the life of the world   We come to adore You, to worship You and yet we are the ones who are honored to be in Your presence.  Thank You for this great gift of adoration.  Thank You, Jesus that we can come to adore You as the Magi did so long ago.  I do not have gifts like they did, Jesus.  I have only myself, weakened and stained by my sins, with my frustrations, my burdens, my concerns, but still, Lord I give You myself.  I give You my life and my heart.  I give You my love.  Thank You for allowing me to be here with You, Jesus.  I know I will not always have this opportunity and I am very grateful.


“Thank you, My child for coming to be with Me in this small chapel.  I accept your praise and I acknowledge your meditation about the event so precious to Me and to My Most Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph.  The three wise men did sacrifice much to see Me and they were rewarded for their faith.  They spent many hours in prayer and also had many sleepless nights praying and keeping watch.  The shepherds also came to adore Me and it is fitting that the lowly ones, the shepherds were the first to adore Me.  These simple-hearted people had great faith and pure hearts.  They also brought gifts and theirs were the first gifts given to Me, to Mary and Joseph.  This is to demonstrate that I came for all, no matter your state in life.  I have come to save all people and I do not show deference to those of high social status for I am the Lord God.  I love all of My children.  What matters to Me is your hearts, My children, not the size of your bank accounts.  I am concerned only for the state of your souls.  Come to Me, all you who are weary, who have grown tired of seeking worldly pleasures, power, money, position.  These things are temporary and will be gone tomorrow.  Concern yourselves with the treasures that will last forever.  Love one another as I love you.  Help one another.  Sacrifice for one another out of love.  Share what you have with those who are less materially rich.  I will reward you, so do not count what you share as a loss, for giving out of love is gain.  When one focuses on what one has shared rather than on the one with whom you have shared, you focus on the material."


"My children, My children, the temporal is fleeting.  It is unimportant for your future, your salvation, your eternal life.  Focus instead on your brother and sister whom you love and whom your Jesus loves.  Then, you will see that what you have given is not lost.  It remains within the family of God.  Even greater, the deed that you did, to give unselfishly will remain with you in Heaven for all eternity.  Therefore, do not regret for one moment, the good that you do, the sacrifices made for others.  Only be sure that you do so out of love, not for recognition, not for false motives or from pride.  Do everything in love.  This is what I ask of you, My Children of Light.  Never make others feel less than you when doing so.  Remember to see Me, your Jesus in the face of the poor and the weak or the infirmed.  Remember Me in My passion and care for those in need as you would for Me.  This is love, My children.  My little lamb, I heard your prayers for your little one.  Trust in Me, My (name withheld).  I will take care of (name withheld).  She is growing every closer to Me through all of her trials.  She is being purified and becoming more beautiful each day.  I know of your deep love for her, for I put this love in your heart for her and for all your children and grandchildren.  She is a special gift to you from Me, My child and you have a very close and spiritual relationship.  This pleases Me.  Trust in Me, My little one for I knit her together in your womb and I blessed you with her and her with you.  I blessed her with (name withheld) and also with My son, (name withheld) for I wanted My special daughter to have a Godly father in (name withheld).  I know your lives have been difficult and this has served to prepare you for what is to come.  Through your suffering, each of you in different ways, you will know how to help those I send to you.  (Not only in the future, but those I send you now.)  This is part of My plan.  Offer each trial, each suffering, each difficulty to Me, My beloved ones.  Nothing you face on earth is ever wasted.  I will guide My (name withheld) to find the help she needs.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  I love you.  I walk with you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  Praise You, Lord!  Thank You, Lord for the special grace you gave me today to see Your beautiful, holy face in the Eucharist.  What a surprise and a great joy for Me, Jesus.  If only everyone could see You in this way.


“My child, you are thinking if others could see this, they would flock to see Me.  I want people to come to Me out of faith, My child.  One day soon, they will all see Me coming/appearing in the sky and like a flash they will know me interiorly.  Blessed are those who do not see, but believe.  I gave you this time as a gift, My special, loyal friend, but blessed are those also who faithfully adore Me even though they do not see Me hidden in the Eucharist.  They do not see, but still they believe enough to come and spend time with Me.  My child, I want others to know through you that I bless them and all who spend time in My Eucharistic presence.  Much mercy is granted to the world and to each place on Earth where I am adored in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar.  Do not feel your time is wasted, My little ones, for this is the most important and best use of your time on Earth.  I give you many graces to go out into the world from these intimate adoration chapels.  Events in the world are literally changed from prayers offered to me during Adoration.  Hearts and lives are changed.  One day each person who has spent time with Me in Adoration will know how efficacious this time with Me was.  Take heart and know that this is precious time with God, the Creator and lover of mankind.  I love you, My children and I willingly came as an infant to dwell among you, to establish peace between God and man, to show you the example of holiness, a holy family to establish My Church, to give you the Sacraments, to suffer and die for you.  This is why I came from Heaven to dwell among you, so that I could restore what was lost and so that all could accept Me as the Messiah, repent and be saved.  I came to give you life.  I came to restore to the Father, His children and to reunite the Family of God.  You must all do your part and this is to do the Will of the Father.  Obey His Commandments and do so out of love for God and for one another.  If all of My children will strive to do this, the peace of God will reign in your hearts and nothing will destroy it.” 


“A heart filled with love for God is impenetrable and cannot be broken permanently.  Do not be afraid to love and to risk loving your brothers and sisters.  Do not fear love.  Love cannot hurt you.  Yes, sometimes love is not returned.  I experienced this many times, My children.  I know what it means to love and to be rejected.  Still, this love that you have for others cannot hurt you, cannot harm you.  It may appear to be so emotionally, but instead, to the contrary, your soul is being strengthened.  Your love, though not always returned to you by the one who does not know how to love, is not wasted.  Instead, it comes to Heaven and is given to God.  Never resist loving your brothers and sisters, even your enemies.  Give freely of your holy love and regardless of what happens on Earth, know that your love and good deeds done out of love will be there for you in Heaven.  Continue to love, no matter the cost, My children.  Always love the way I love.  Pray for your Guardian Angel to help you, so that your love does not become disordered.  Read the Gospels and you will understand.  Spend time in prayer and I will guide you.  All will be well.  Put love into action, My children.  Do not wait.  The world is desperately in need of love; My love.  Give My love to others.”


“My child, this is all for now.  Continue to be faithful to all I have asked of you.  The race is past the half way point and it is now one of endurance.  Persevere, My children in your prayers, in frequenting the Sacraments, fasting and almsgiving.  Do acts of charity with great love.  Pray the most holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Observe creation and see God in all that He does through nature.  Be alert.  Go in peace, My child.  I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name, in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace and in joy.”


Amen, Lord.  Alleluia.  I love You!

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