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Holy Family Refuge Messages

2013 Message Links by Date


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Come Holy Trinity.  Mary, the Blessed Mother, December 17, 2013

My love My beautiful one, I love everyone dearly.  You are all Our beloved children.  Time will keep getting a lot harder for all of My children  We are starting to take things away from all of Our children the way We have told you.  This is the only way to start saving Our stubborn children.  Many small things will begin to disappear in America and then you will be stripped of everything that most of the people think they need to live.  Then My children will start to see how little they need to live in a world that has become so godless to the real God.  My people need to learn that they must work to eat if they are able.  Government should have nothing to do with My people’s living.  It should come from good neighbors who share their love and goods with each other.   My children of America have become so lazy that they cannot see anything from God except a very few—10% at most.  They have quit trusting God and do not follow the Commandments anymore.  It will all be dealt with now.  Your God is very angry with America.  The time has come as I have told many of My prophets in the last several years.  My Son has said, it is here and it now, and IT IS HERE & NOW.  My Son wants to speak.


Children I have told you that you were all conceived in My Father in Heaven from the beginning of time when all was designed.  You were put in the womb of the mother I chose for you at the time that I wanted you on earth.  You were given the gifts and talents that were needed at the time that you were put on earth to make a difference in the world to help the earth become a better place to live.  But many of My children were aborted because satan convinced My children that it was the right thing to do.  My children, please come back to the Father now while there is still some time left to repent before thousands will die in America.  Please confess your sins to Me, the God who made you, and I will forgive you with all My heart and all My love before Christmas, and repent for your sins.  I am a loving God, but I am also a just God.  The more love you have for your children, the more hate you have for sin.  The justice of your God is just as extreme as your love.  So please repent this very day and ask My forgiveness, and I your God will forgive you instantly because My love is so great and I do not want to lose even one of My children to the sins of the world. 


Love, the Trinity and the Holy Family.



Come Holy Trinity, Your Beloved Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus, December 14, 2013

My most beloved son, I love you dearly.  Tell all of God’s children that We love all of Our children dearly with all of Our hearts.  We send each of you a special blessing for Christmas.  Christmas is all about Christ.  Please welcome everyone with Jesus’ name for Christmas.  Everyone in the top places is trying to throw Jesus’ name out of Christmas and do away with His name.  This makes Us so sad in Heaven.  Christ’s birth is what Christmas is all about not all the shopping and running that so many of My children are doing.  Please just stop and forget about buying everything this Christmas and say a rosary for the ones you want to give something to and send them a card and say that I said a rosary for you.  Or, have a Mass said for them.  They will be much happier with this than any present you give them and 90% of all the presents that are given at Christmas nowadays is just some more junk that no one will use or needs.  This is your loving Mother asking you to do something special for Heaven and all of your beloved friends for Christmas.


Love, love, and more love from all of Heaven.  Thanks, son. 



Come Holy Trinity, December 5, 2013

My beloved son, My children need to learn the Ten Commandments and the 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church if true Catholics.  Tell them to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Ten Commandments, page 496. 

I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange gods before Me

You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain

Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day

Honor your father and your mother

You shall not kill

You shall not commit adultery

You shall not steal

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife

You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

These are the laws that were given from Heaven for all Christians to live by.  This the law from Heaven that all laws in your country, state, or local levels MUST live by if they want God, the Maker of All, to protect them and keep their country in His Grace and protection of all the angels and saints.  No ifs, ands & buts about it.  This is the law of the land.  Follow it and your country will survive or condemn them and your country will fall as America is about to do.  No same-sex marriage...  No abortion... No cloning of humans.... and many other things that I do not have time to say right now.  But this is the start of the truth, My beloved children.  For all Catholics, I want you to read page 311, #210 & #212 and it continues on until you get through the Sacraments.  This is your Father in Heaven, giving my son this information to give to all My children who want to call themselves Catholics.  If you do not believe the things that I just gave you, do not call yourselves true Catholics.  You are just Catholics by name and desire, but not by true faith and truth in what the Catholic Church teaches.  My church is called the One Holy Catholic &  Apostolic Church.  Do not go by just any name because it makes Us sad in Heaven.  Love your Real Father from Heaven who gave you life in the womb of your mother, just like I gave Jesus life in the womb of Mary.  This is all for now.  This is enough to keep you busy for a long time. 


Love, Love and more Love, Father with all of Heaven by My side.

The Holy Trinity, December 5, 2013

My dear children, I wish for you who do not believe that things are getting worse and think the messages are all the same, to read the messages below to just one of my sons and say that everything is the same. 


Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity, December 4, 2013

My love, My most beautiful one, I love you and all your friends and all My children dearly.  Tell all the Daughters of the Lamb I love all of them for all they are doing.  Son, I have told you that We want you to teach all of our children .  We will give you special messages from Heaven.  Tell Our children that they must start loving each other the way Heaven loves them.  Go out of your way to do something good for your neighbor this Christmas.  Start putting friends and family before yourself and you will be much happier.  You will also gain grace for all your good works.  Love, Mom.  Father will speak.


Son, thanks for writing the hard message yesterday.  It was needed to wake up My children.  These messages need to reach as many souls as possible.  Tell everyone to ask prayer for every soul on the face of the earth each day and send a blessing from Heaven from their Father to them.  Our children have to learn Heaven’s ways now not the earth’s ways.  If all Our children died now very few would go to Heaven.  Most of My children of today would go to the lower parts of purgatory and some to hell.  If it was not for the remnant souls praying so much for the lost souls on earth many would go to hell if they died this very day. 


My children do not go to Sunday Mass or to confession once a year.  If Catholic, it is a mortal sin not to go to Mass on Sunday or to confession once a year.  If you are in mortal sin you could go straight to hell without the prayers of the remnant few praying for your soul.  My children, the messages are now to teach you to get your life in order before you die.  Please My beloved children go to confession if Catholic before the year ends.  If not Catholic, come to Me your God and make a good act of contrition to your God and be sorry for your sins.  I am begging with all My heart because a lot of people die every day of the year and there will be many major disasters that could take thousands of souls to Heaven or purgatory or hell before the year end. 

I am giving you the warning that we are now in the last 3 ½ years of the great, great tribulation.  Please for Heaven’s sake get your soul in a state of grace.  Come to Me and say, “Father, I ask forgiveness for all my sins from the moment I was conceived in the womb of my mother until this present moment.” and do it from your heart with all of your love.  It can make the difference of being in hell for all eternity or being in Heaven in the Father’s and the Mother’s love forever.  I am not kidding. 


Love, Father



Come Holy Trinity, December 3, 2013

My beloved child, this is your Sweet Jesus.  I have been giving you some very harsh messages.  Now I will address the Daughters of the Lamb and all My children.  The answer to all your problems, ask each of My children who read these messages, to say each time they are troubled, “in the Name of Jesus, and by the Power of Jesus, through the Blood of Jesus, that Jesus cast out all evil and cast it to the Foot of the Cross with Jesus and Mary, and ask them to dispose of them according to God’s Holy Will.  This is the answer to the problems of the world... prayer, prayer, and more prayer.  It does not matter how many good things you are doing, works and deeds,  without prayer before them.  They are sterile without prayer.  We have told you My children time after time to pray without stopping.  Now I hope you will stop running from here to there constantly and really not doing anything but fulfilling your own will.  You must listen to the Divine Will of God, start praying and praying, and listening to what God wants you to do. 

Prayer is the name of the game now.  You should be praying morning, noon, and night.  Then your work will begin to be fruitful because it will be fertilized through God.  Man thinks man and woman create everything but they create nothing good if they do not put the sign of the cross (+) which represents Jesus on the Cross, through His Crucifixion, to His Resurrection.  Man must put Jesus between man and woman, which puts man as the head and woman as the heart as his sweet adviser, as Mary was to Joseph, and you will see the world turn around.  The head and the heart are both one and one is not more important than the other.  But in God’s Divine Order, they have to be in the right order for the man has been given the gift to be the head and the woman the heart.  This way the children will have the discipline that they need and the love of the mother’s heart they need.  My children, I your God am telling you this is the only way that your country will come out of this disaster you are in.  Love, Jesus.


My Love, this is Mary, your Queen.  What My Son just said is the only way the world will ever change.  This is the way it will be in the thousand years of peace.   The man is no better or worse than the woman and the woman is no better or worse than the man.  But this is God’s order, man + woman=man, Jesus, and woman.  This is the way of the Trinity and the Holy Family.  Love, love, and more love, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Holy Family.  My Father will speak.


My son, the church has taken a lot of the truth out of My church just to please the ones who do not want to live the truth.  The people run the church the way they want it, not the way God wants it.  They will change anything for an extra dollar.  It is all about money, not truth.  The government is controlled by the elite or the one world people.  It is the most evil government your country has ever had.  The 10 Commandments have been taken out and satan rules all.  Your hospitals have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies and they are giving shots to destroy the health of all My children and all the old people.  The chemical companies are destroying all the food with all the genetically modified seeds they are putting out, and it goes on and on and on.  The people wonder why God is not helping.  Children, remember you were given free will so you were not slaves to Me.  But you sold your free will to satan and became his slaves.  My hands are tied and I am sick of it and very angry with My children.   Jesus and Mary have given you the answers but you will not listen.  The Father is giving you the last warning.  Change now and the chastisements will be lessened a little or keep doing what you are and it will be even worse. 


Your Loving Father to lots of sick children.



Come Holy Trinity, December 1, 2013

My love My beautiful one, happy birthday from all of heaven.  My son, you will not see another birthday without your country being destroyed.  Time has run out for your country.  It will not be the way it is much longer.  Abortion has condemned your country to be destroyed.  My sweet Mother and all of Heaven have warned you for years with people getting more evil than better.  We will now start taking drastic actions against your country to help save souls for the sake of your souls.  Many will die very soon.  Love, Mom.  My Son will speak.


My child , this is a hard message to give at the month of My birth.  I was brought into the world to save souls and save the world, but My children do not want to listen to what Heaven has to say.  The world has become the most sinful since the beginning of time.  It is more evil now than at the time of Noah and the arc.  Be ready for cleansing for it is about to hit the whole world.  We have tried to clean it up with everything We can use and let you still have your free will.  Now your free will be tested in many disasters to see if you still want to follow satan to hell or kneel before your God and earn the right to everlasting glory to be with your God who made you.  This is all I want to say from Heaven.  This is all that can be done.  The world made the choice to follow satan.  We still love all of you and beg you to change before all the earth is destroyed.  Love all of Heaven.  My Mother gave you the first warning, I your Jesus give you the second warning. 


Love Heaven. 

November 27, 2013

Come Holy Trinity

My dearly beloved children, We love all of you dearly.  This is Mom and Dad.  We want to wish each one of you personally, who are helping to get out these messages, We love all of you from the bottom of our hearts, to help Us save more souls.  We also send the same love and blessing to those who are reading the messages and using them to save souls by sending them to others or talking to others about them or changing yourself because of the messages.  Children, you do not realize how little it takes from each one to make a big difference.  If each one of you put a dollar’s worth into the spiritual basket what great value it is to the heavens.  Each one that hears the messages adds one more piece of the puzzle.  And your piece might be the very piece that puts the puzzle together for one more person.  Then that person does the same thing, and another, and another.  Never think your part of the puzzle is any less than the others.  If you have a rope across the river and take one inch out of the middle, what will happen.... all will fall.  When you think that your job is not important think about this.  You are loved and needed by Heaven just as much as the ones receiving the messages.  You are the carriers of the word and the love of God.  Keep doing your job and We will come out of this together in Heaven.  

Love, love, and more love, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family and all the poor souls and all the angels and saints in Heaven say Happy Thanksgiving for all you are doing for Us.  Love, love, and more love, the graces are falling from Heaven right now like in a big rain storm.  Please grab hold of them and use them while you can with ease because it will get harder to change every day. 


Love, love, and more love from all of Heaven to all of earth. 



November 26, 2013

Come Holy Trinity

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mary,  Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Tell all My children that the only thing left in the world to hold onto is the Most Holy Trinity and the Holy Family that will get you through the times ahead.  Our children must wake up.  We say, our children must wake up or you will end up in a very dangerous place—the fire of hell or deep purgatory.  We are using every means available from Heaven to help you save your soul but the children of the world have to make some effort of their own to be saved. 


There are many remnant souls suffering for the conversion of My children but they have to start to move away from the deep sin that they are in.  Please try My children to get out of the sin by going to confession or begging all of Heaven for help to get you back to a state of grace.  All of Heaven does not want to lose any more souls.  Please just listen and call out to us for help and change.  We are here for all of you.  Please come, please come to Our open arms while they are still open and you are still alive on earth.  Once you die, your lives will tell you whether you go to Heaven, purgatory, or hell.  You judge yourself, where you go, from your decisions you make on earth .  We in Heaven can only do so much to help you.  The rest is up to you.  Please, please, please. 


Love, love, and more love from all the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family.



Sunday, November 23, 2013, The Feast of Christ The King

Come Holy Trinity

My love, My beautiful one, I am with you always.  This is Jesus Christ The King.  Tell all My children this is a day to remember before all hell breaks out in the world.  You will see many people die now.  The 3 years of extra grace have ended—the end of the church year.  The great chastisement will become greater.  It will start getting more intense each day.  Some days it will be more spiritual and some days it will be felt more physical.  Prepare and pray like your life depends on it, for it does spiritually and physically. 


Be kind to yourself and give your heart to Mother Mary to give to Us the Trinity and we will give you graces to help you save your soul and the souls of others.  God bless each one of you. 

Love, Christ The King, the only real king the world has ever had. 

Love, love, and more love.  Thanks, Jesus.  Amen.



November 22, 2013

Come Holy Trinity,

My dearly beloved son, I love you dearly.  The time is here as you know.  Many will die soon.  Please pray for them and ask all of your friends to pray for them.  Your Loving Jesus.  My Mother wants to speak.


This is Mom.  Please pray very much and join with Heaven to save the many souls that are about to die.  Many will be in your country.  A major disaster is about to come upon your country like you have never seen before.  There will be much hardship and suffering like you have never seen before.  Be as ready as you can, spiritually and physically.  I told you I would warn you before things happen.  I am giving you the warning. 


Love, Mom.



November 21, 2013

Come Holy Trinity,

My beloved son, I love you dearly.  This is your Mother, Mary.  I love all my children dearly.  The time is here and now.  Things are happening all over the world.  I have a job for you and your sisters, The Daughters of the Lamb, to do.    You will be working together in a big way for the Trinity.  I cannot tell you anymore right now.  Love, Mom.  My Son wants to speak.


This is Jesus.  I love you dearly.  Son, your job will be working for the Trinity, teaching all My children about God through the heart of My mother, Mary.  All the people in the world have about lost all their faith in the truth about God, the Trinity, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The church has watered down a lot of the teachings that used to be used to teach the truth about the way God wishes His children to live.  The Ten Commandments have been taken out of almost all of the schools and people do not know the truth or how to live the truth.  The refuges will be used just to teach people about God again and do the work necessary to live.  Prayer will be the name of the game, not sports, which is the world’s god now.  I will use the people who I have been teaching straight from my heart and the heart of My most beloved Mother, Mary.  People in the refuges will worship all the Trinity and glorify My Mother with all the saints and good angels.  We will teach you all from Heaven through all the saints and good angels and through the remnant children who have been listening to us.  Tell the Daughters of the Lamb thanks for helping.  We love all of them dearly.  Love, Jesus and Mary.



November 18, 2013

Come Holy Trinity.

My love, My beautiful one.  We love you always and dearly.  Tell all of My children that I am with them whether they want Me or not.  I want every one of My children and My Son, Jesus, wants every one of Our children.  My son, please keep praying for them so We can save their souls.  I know you are tired and We are tired of this battle with all of Our stubborn children.  What do you do with children that you gave everything to and they love you less?  You have to keep praying for them and warning them of the dangers ahead as shown in the paintings We have given you.  Then We have to start taking things away from them.  We take a little at a time at first, and then if they do not change, We finally let them be stripped of all of their belongings.  Then they will have to come back to their God who made them or they will be taken over by satan and many evil people and start suffering for all their sins on earth in a terrible way.  Children, please change before you have to face My just judgment. 


(Mary) My son and I have warned you for Our Father but people are still sick and most all of the main leaders are so full of pride and power that they are not able to give up anything so they will lose everything, even the most precious thing in all the world, their precious souls.  We are tired of talking and disasters are coming one after another until all evil is washed from the face of the earth.  This is My justice coming because people will not listen to love and peace.  My faithful will be protected in the refuges but the ones who will not change will end up in hell forever.  A strong message from God, the Father, through Mary and Jesus.  Sorry We have done all that Heaven can do without more help from Earth.  Thanks, Father.  I am sorry.


November 11, 2013

Come Holy Trinity.

My most beloved son, I love you dearly.  Tell all My children I love all of them the same, it is they that do not love Me back so I can show them how much I really love them.  When I give these messages, they are for everyone unless it just a personal message to confirm to someone something I want them to do.  I love talking to all of My children because I love them so much.  But you have to stay in a state of grace and not be in mortal sin on your soul.  When you have mortal sin on your soul, it tells all of Heaven to stay away because of the free will that you have been given.  To hear us from Heaven you need to go to confession or ask mercy and forgiveness for your sins if not Catholic. 


All of you who have been reading these messages know it is very serious in the world.  You have just seen a whole island under water and many died.  How many of them were ready to die and in a state of grace?  This is why I am telling you that it is here and it is now.  It is here and it is now for all My children because you could be the next ones to die.  There will be people that will die by the thousands at one time in a world that is in the shape of your country and in the whole world.  There could be hundreds of thousands die with one major earthquake or volcano.  We begged before the Philippines’ storm and how few people really listened.  Many lost their souls and many are in the lower portions of Purgatory next to hell.  Please wake up before something much bigger happens.  If Catholics look up toward Heaven and beg Me  to forgive them this very minute and then go to confession as soon as possible, if you are sorry for your sins and ask forgiveness from the heart and intend to go to confession as soon as possible and die before you get there, I will forgive your sins.  Please look up now and ask Me, the Father of all Mankind, to forgive you and make a good Act of Contrition and get to confession as soon as possible.  Why do I tell you this now?  Because many people will see all their sins very soon and not be able to get to a priest for a long time because of so few priests and so many people wanting to get to confession, that many will die before you have time to get to a priest.  Please wake up and give your sins to me in confession now while it is still very easy. 

Love, the Father of all Mankind. 



November 8, 2013

Come Holy Trinity.

This is your most beloved Mother.  Tell all your friends I love them dearly.  Tell all of them thanks for helping  Heaven save souls.  We are with you at all times.  Love, Mother.  Father wants to speak.


I know that you and all your friends are suffering for souls.  It will all be well worth your suffering when you and all your friends see how much your suffering has earned Heaven to help Us save many souls.  The suffering you and all My children have been going through will gain great merit for yourselves and all of Our children.  The time is here and is now as We have been telling you.  You are in the great tribulation that Revelation talks about.  Satan’s time is being used up whether some want to believe it or not.  Some day all My people, all My prayer warriors, will see and know 100% that it was I talking to them in the language they understood best not always the words that the others could understand unless they were living under the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Keep doing what you are doing and your friends are doing and you will all be with all of Us in Heaven soon.  Love and kisses, Mother and Father, for every soul that ever stood on the face of the earth and every angel that ever was whether they wanted to follow Heaven or hell.  I, the Father, still beg all of My children to change now whether you want to or not before you lose your soul. 


Love, Love, and more Love, all of Heaven



November 7, 2013

Come Holy Trinity.

My love, My beautiful one, I love you dearly.  Tell all My children that We in Heaven love all of them dearly.  The time has come when you must pray always to save your soul and the souls of your brothers and sisters.  The Trinity and I are coming over and over to beg you, Our children, to save your souls.  The God of all of Heaven and earth is here to beg you all to help save your souls so you do not have to live in hell for all eternity. 


Children,  please listen because you have no idea how bad hell is.  Please listen, please listen, please listen.  This is from Mary your Mother,  from all the Trinity, the Father the one who made the Son, the one who died for you to open Heaven back up for  all the children, and the Holy Spirit who conceived Jesus in the womb of Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We love you dearly.  How can you still refuse to listen to Us when the other side, satan, will lie, cheat, and lead you all to hell where there will never be any peace or love only torture for all eternity.  Children, please wake up.  Time is about to end.  If you do not listen to the final plea that is the Warning, and not say yes to Us, you will lose your soul to satan.  We all are begging and crying from Heaven because We look down on hell and see suffering that has never been on earth even when you suffer the most terrible suffering on earth.  It compares to nothing next to hell and hell is for all eternity.  That is forever, My children.  You will never get out once you give your permission to satan to go there and deny all the grace I am offering you.  Satan will offer you nothing to take you to hell forever and I and Heaven are offering you everything to take you to Heaven for all eternity with total joy and peace.  I say again, go to confession if Catholic and ask and beg My everlasting mercy if not.  I will give you forgiveness for all your sins if you just ask and beg My mercy and grace from your heart with true honesty.  My son is getting tired of writing. 


Love from all of Heaven, Love Jesus.

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