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Holy Family Refuge Messages

April 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, 4/28/14

My dearly beloved son, the disasters are happening in your midst. Continue to expect the chastisements to worsen as the days go on. You will see disasters happening all over the world in every shape and form. My children who are leading the world, and your country especially, are living in satan’s pit. They think they are god and believe that with the technology they have, they do not need any god. I, your God, will continue to show them what they know and can do amounts to nothing compared to what the real God can do and knows. I have permitted them to learn a lot of new things to be used for the good of My people, but they have used it just for their own power and pride, for satan, for money, and fame.


Your country will continue to suffer many disasters this year and it will continue until people wake up and pray. The majority of people in the US live their sex life worse than the animals. They think they can live with whoever they want, whenever they want, and do anything they want. This kind of lifestyle will destroy any country in time. Your country is more guilty than any other country because it was founded in and for God to help the world be a better place to live.


I asked the Catholic Church to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus to stop communism from spreading all over the world, but it was not done in time to stop it from spreading. Now you have paganism, godless people running your whole world. They have entered the Catholic Church and many of your churches are infiltrated by many masons and controlling a lot of your leadership in your country. About all of your school books are infiltrated with a lot of new age teaching. New age means that the truth has been twisted and changed so that it looks a lot like the truth, but is far from the real truth and confuses many people so they don’t know what to really believe.


Many of your bishops and cardinals are masons living in the Catholic Church and acting like Catholics and changing My truths of the one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Be careful because they are changing your Masses in some of the liberal areas and especially the big cities. It will continue to spread unless My people, and especially My remnant army, pray very much and many more Christians begin to follow the Ten Commandments set down in stone by your God. I ask all Catholics to study the Ten Commandments and the true teachings of the Catholic Church and not just take anyone’s word for what the real truth is. Very few Catholics and Christians know their faith and the real truths of God’s laws. Part of it is the people’s fault but most of it is the leaders who turned their lives over to satan to help destroy the Church. My Mother wants to speak.


This is your Beloved Mother Mary. My children, I want to thank all of God’s children who took part in Divine Mercy Sunday. Many of My children gained great graces. My Beloved Pope John Paul II was a big part of this decision and he was consecrated as a saint on Divine Mercy Sunday. There were graces given in great numbers for any Christian who wished to ask for them yesterday. Continue to pray to Pope John Paul II to help the Church turn back in the direction that God wants it. Continue to pray for all the lost souls and those who do not have the grace to change because of the deepness of sin that satan has taken them into. This is your Loving Mother, Love, Mom.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 4/25/14

This is your Sweet Jesus. I love you and all the children of the earth dearly. Please continue to warn all My children over and over. The doomsday warning is here and near. Many people will die. I your Jesus cannot warn you anymore in a small way. I told you the other day the warnings are over but the graces and blessings have increased a hundred-fold to any of My children on earth that ask. There is no time left to save souls without My special divine mercy.


I am your Jesus of love and mercy. I am here for each of you with all the grace and mercy that you want and need to save your soul just for the asking with an open heart and asking your God to forgive you for all your sins with your heart, mind, and soul. My Catholic children have to go to one of My priests and confess to him and receive absolution and make a sincere Act of Contrition and do the penance that the priest asks.


My children your God is doing everything possible to get your attention to get back in the state of grace. If you get back in the state of grace and then sin again, come back to your God as many times as necessary until you receive enough grace to stop that sin and then work on some of your lesser sins that are not so bad. Please ask, and ask, and ask for My grace and mercy. I will help you any way that I can. All of Heaven is at your side just for the asking to give you grace and love to help you become the person that you were made to be. My children it is a lot easier to live in God’s grace than in satan’s turmoil. It is just the choices you make that make the difference. Pray to My Mother and she will be your spiritual Mother and treat you like Her only child. She will love you and kiss you to pieces and give you the love your heart is longing for. Just pray to Her and say the Rosary every day for grace and strength.


You need to come to Us now. The time is about to end for millions upon millions of Our children through natural and man-made disasters. Come, please come, for My Mother and I and all of Heaven are waiting for all of you. Love, love, and more love. All of Heaven is speaking and crying for all of your souls. Thanks, Heaven. Jesus with a very heavy heart.



Come Holy Trinity, 4/23/14

My dearly beloved son, this is your Sweet Jesus. The time is here for major things to happen in your country. There will be major disasters happen, some in very serious ways. Tell all My children thanks for the ones that went to Confession during the Lenten season. There are still many more who need to get their soul in order.


My children are still not listening, except a very small percent. They are going to have to suffer much before they will change, and then many will be saved only because of the prayers of the remnant children who are offering up their sufferings for the sake of all My children. Many of these souls will have to suffer in the lower parts of purgatory. Please pray much for you will see major things happening all summer. There will be many different kinds of suffering from storms, to earthquakes, to droughts and flooding, terrorism, and chances of a major war—if not just small wars. Pray, pray, pray. Jesus. My Mother will speak.


My most beloved son and children. There is much suffering in the world now and much more to come. Tell My children to take their Mother’s hand and ask Me for help to get their lives in order. There is no way to do it by yourself without the help from Heaven and ask My Son for soul mates from Heaven that have been purified and are in Heaven. The saints are just waiting to help all of you have a better life. Pray to the saints and angels often and call on your guardian angel often—every day. They are there to help you, just for the asking. My Son and I are here just for the asking. Please ask and pray and repent now. Divine Mercy Sunday is just a few days away. Please make use of it. Love, Mother, to all of Her children. Love, love, and more love, Mother.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 4-14-14

My most beloved son, this is your Mother Mary. I love you and all My children dearly. Times are getting worse all over the world. Much, much prayer is now needed to stop a major nuclear war. Satan has all the countries and people stirred up ready to do anything they can to try and prove that they are the biggest and the strongest nation. Prayer is the only thing left to save the majority of mankind. If a nuclear war starts there will be many millions upon millions of people killed instantly, and many will suffer a slow miserable death. The choice is yours My children. Keep acting like you are god or turn your will over to your real God, or pay the consequences. My Son will speak. This is your Sweet Jesus. I have told you many times that you are in the great tribulation. The warnings for My people are over. It must be prayer and action by My children to keep lessening the suffering. All the countries and their people will suffer like never before. Much grace is available and My heart is overflowing with love, but My children do not want to ask for forgiveness, and keep living in sin. You will suffer much if you do not ask forgiveness now during the Lenten season. This is the season of unbelievable graces. Please act now. Your Loving Jesus to a very stubborn people. My remnant prayer warriors are the only thing holding My justice back this long. Love, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity, With Your Words Only, 4/8/14

My most beloved son, I love you dearly and all My children. This is your Sweet Jesus of Love and Mercy. My son, pray that all My children start listening and receive My love and mercy. I have love and mercy for every one of My children, they just have to ask for forgiveness and be sincere with a pure heart and I will give them all the mercy they need.


My children are afraid to ask Me for help because of their sins. I am an ALL LOVING God. I do not judge anyone. You, all My children judge yourselves by the way you live and act. I will forgive you a million times over for ANY sins if you come to Me with a sincere and open heart as many times as you sin. Please make this Lent the best Lent of your life and give yourselves back to Me, your God, if you are living in mortal or deadly sin. If Catholic, please get on your knees and look up towards Heaven and ask My forgiveness with an open heart. And then go to one of My priests and confess your sins the best you can, make an Act of Contrition, and then say the penance the priest gives you. If not Catholic, go to your preacher or come straight to Me, your God, and ask forgiveness and make an Act of Contrition or sorrow and do some kind of penance and good deed for someone.


My children, I want you back NOW before the Warning comes so it will be much easier for all of you to repent for your sins. All of My children are sinners but you have to admit that you are a sinner before I can forgive your sins. You all know in your heart that you are sinners but you do not want to give up your sins and start living for God and your brothers and sisters.


Please just do one thing for Me, your God, if you cannot do anything else, just say “Jesus I love you. Please help me to become a better person so I can be with You in Heaven some day.” This is all. My Mother will speak.


This is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Mother of all God’s children. I come to all My children with a Mother’s love, and ask you to love your Mother, and I will take your hand and take you to My son and help you to get to know Jesus better. I love all My children that Jesus gave me on the cross and I will do anything possible to get them to Heaven with Us for all eternity. Please come to Me, Jesus’ Mother, if you can’t go straight to Jesus. I will help you. I love, I love you, I love you, your Spiritual Mother from Heaven. Love, Mom.



Come Holy Trinity, 4/4/14

This is your Beloved Mother Mary. I have been listening to your pleas for My children and yourself. Please keep praying that My children will start listening more. There is no turning back the time clock anymore. The chastisement is going on as you write. It will keep getting worse as the spring and summer go on. Very few of My children have listened to all the pleas from Heaven. My Father is very angry with His children. There is nothing more that Heaven can do until the chastisements start to change Our children after they suffer more. The grace is available but people do not want to give up their sins and ask forgiveness to receive more grace and help change the world. Be ready to see many people die through natural disasters this summer. That is all for now. Father will speak.


My beloved son this is the Father of all mankind. My children have tested their God to the limit. I must continue to send major chastisements to My children hoping that they will be ready to change, when they see their soul and where it would go when I reveal the Warning to them, and that they will ask forgiveness for the sins that they have committed against their God.


You know and your God knows that there is not much more to be said that My children will listen to without much suffering. This is all. Please pray, pray, and pray for lost souls for there are many. This is the Father of all with much anger in My heart, but always ready to forgive if you My children will ask forgiveness for your sins. Love, Father. Change now before it is too late for many.

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