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Holy Family Refuge Messages

August 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael as Guard and Protector of all the words from God, Adoration Chapel, 8/29/14

My most beloved son and child of God the Father maker of all children on earth.  Tell your friend she will be fine.  This is God the Father speaking.  My son, all My children on earth are suffering dearly now especially those who are suffering for all My lost souls, especially My victim souls who are trying to live in My Divine Will.


My son, the time of freedom in America is running out very quickly now.  People are starting to see that the world is about to fall in to the hands of satan and all the evil elite people.  Tell My children that satan will have his very short time to persecute some of My remnant children and all My lost children who do not believe in the refuges and the mark of the beast.  Satan wants to control everyone and he tries to make people think that he is all powerful, but as I have told you before, satan is nothing next to God.  I can use any saint in Heaven to destroy satan and all the evil in the world with just one word from Me to satan and all his evil.  But My children on earth have to always learn the hard way and not follow the simple Ten Commandments that I, their God, gave them.  They keep questioning My wisdom and think that they know more than I, their God and Maker.  It is like all My families on earth who do not want to listen to their Mother and Father.  Free will gives all My children who live long enough to reach the age of reason on earth to make their choices.  Some make wise choices and some make poor choices, but I love them all the same.  I stand by them all their life waiting for them to make the choices I desire for them.  Some learn early in life and some learn late in life, but their God desires that they at least learn before they die.  All the problems and graces are passed on from generation to generation.  Some children learn from the past generation to live a good holy life and some learn to live a very sinful life.  But I, your God and Father, stand by and watch all your life just to see the best time to pass extra graces to save your soul.  I also send many spiritual people into your lives to help you find your God.  I will continue to do this for all My children until they die and it will then be the choices they made in life and the people who prayed with them that will affect whether they choose Heaven, purgatory, or hell.  I will do anything in My power through free will to get all My children to Heaven.  That is why I permit death and accidents of many good people so that My children not following  Me might wake up and see that life is not forever on earth and everyone will die physically.  I take My children at the best time of their life to go to Heaven.  People ask why do some good people die so young.  When young people die it has more of an effect on the rest of My children to get their lives in order and to see that you should be thankful for every day because tomorrow could be your day to die and be judged for Heaven, purgatory, or hell. 


My children please wake up now, this day, because many of My children are dying every day now and it is going to get much worse.  You will in your lifetime in America start to see hundreds and thousands and even millions of people die in one disaster.  The technology you have could wipe out the majority of the world in one day.  That is why I am warning you over and over to get your life in order because I do not want to lose any one of you.  The messages have been strong for many days now and they will continue to be strong until the Era of Peace begins.  There will be some major disasters in the United States before the Warning so the people can see how bad it can really get.  Then the Warning  will come to show you where you would have gone if you would have died in the disasters and also it will show you where you will go if you do not repent before you die—to Heaven, purgatory, or hell.  My children just be ready to face your God and get ready now while it is still so easy.  Your Loving Father of All.  I bless each one of you, just reach up toward Heaven and receive the blessing and thank Me for it.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael as guard over all God’s words, 8/28/14

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I want to talk to you about some of the things I told you yesterday.  My son, do you remember when I had you build the God the Father Baby Memorial for all My children on earth?  The baby memorial is not only for My children on earth now but it represents all My children that ever were or ever will be on the face of the earth from the beginning to the end of time.  I also ask all My remnant faithful to have spiritual baptisms  for all My aborted and miscarried babies.  I also ask all who read this to spiritually baptize their babies who they lost and name them so they will have a closure on their life.  All My children need a spiritual closure on their life so they can get to Heaven.  I have had many of My spiritual remnant children putting holy water North, East, South, and West and asking them to baptize their babies so they can go to Heaven.  All of My Holy Innocents are crying out for justice and this is one way you can help. 


I am also asking My remnant children to have a Bishop to do a spiritual Confirmation for all the Holy Innocents so they can become soldiers of Christ and help you more on earth and reach a higher place in Heaven.  I your God have told you that you must be baptized to be saved.  My little babies also need to be baptized to be saved.  Any Christian can do a spiritual baptism on an aborted or miscarried baby, but it has to come from earth before My child can reach the fullness of Heaven.  When My little babies die they do not reach the fullness of Heaven because they were never given free will on earth.  So some of My remnant children who I speak with from Heaven have to make the choice for them because they are in a good place, but not like Heaven. 


The church taught about limbo when you were born My son, but they do not talk about it anymore and if it were not for My special children that I speak to all through the centuries, these children would not have been able to move up to Heaven as time goes on.  Heaven is just like earth and the longer you are there, the higher you can move to different levels.  It is just like moving from grade school to high school to college to your vocation and on and on. 


This is from the God the Father from Heaven and earth.  Please come to  your loving Father and Mother because We want to talk to all Our children personally and give them all that they need to be happy.  Love, Father.  Please speak to Me often.  I miss all My children who do not talk to Me just like your physical dad.  I am just like My Son because I made him in My image and likeness.


And please read the book, The Father Speaks to His Children,  given to one of My beloved children. 

(Copies free of charge may be obtained from the International or National Centers, 816-942-9783)



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael to protect God’s words to be written according to God’s Holy Will, 8/26/14

(Things that will happen that will warn you to get ready to go to the refuge)

My beloved son this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  As you know the time is here and satan  has all his plans ready to take the USA and much of the world down and kill as many of My children as possible.  He will accomplish some things, but many I will block but he will be given permission to turn the USA upside down.  This is not the will of God, but the will of the people of the United States for all their sins.  The people in the majority have now sold their souls to satan and that gives permission to satan from God to chastise My children.  His purpose is to kill them when in a state of mortal sin and take them to hell for all eternity.  Your God’s purpose is to let them be chastised and feel the suffering and how good they have had it next to the world as a whole.  Then they can see how good their God has been to them and I will send extra grace for them to come back to their real home—the love of their Mother and Father from Heaven. 


I have told My children many times that when more people would be lost than saved, I your God would act.  That time has come and passed.  That is why you will see major disasters and then the Warning to show you where you stand in God’s eyes.  Then you will have a short time to get to Confession and repent of your sins if Catholic.  If Christian come to Me with your heart, mind, and soul and repent and ask forgiveness.  Then there will be a short time before the antichrist  starts killing all Christians and marking them with the mark of the beast and putting the chip in their body.  The chip will brainwash you to do anything satan says.  Do not take the chip for any reason.  They will promise you anything you want to take the chip, but then he will make a slave out of you and force you to do slave labor or kill you if are not good enough to do anything that he wants you to do.  Do not disbelieve any of these words because they are straight from God the Father through Me, Jesus, His Son.  My son, this is enough for now.  This is all My children can digest at one time.  Love, Jesus, to all His children.  Love from all of Heaven.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael to guide each word from God the Father, 8/22/14, Adoration Chapel

My most beloved son this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  The times are here and the Warning is in your midst.  The wars are at your doorsteps and the weather is out of control because of the HAARP machine.  You are about to taste some of My justice.  Yes, America, you are about to be tested to the limit as the Roman Empire was.  America you are about to fall.  You will fall physically because you did not win the spiritual battle against satan, which is first.  If you do not fight against satan and all the demons and let your country do anything it wants in any way it wants you will lose the spiritual battle and then go into the physical battle so be ready and get your souls in order.  This is a command from your General for the great war is about to begin on your land this time.  You have given up the rights of your country because of laziness, sex, homosexuality, living together like animals, but much worse, greed, power, money, and living to please yourself, and not caring for your neighbor, not following the Ten Commandments but following satan’s ten commandments of filth and living in a dump within yourself. 


This message is for all My children who are not listening.  Those who will go through the Warning with ease are few compared to the majority of My people.  Most of your leaders in every field are corrupt and working directly for satan or self.  I have been giving extra graces to some for years just so there would be a remnant left to help salvage the rest.  My remnant is tired and worn out from all the work and sacrifice for years and most are getting near to the end of their life.  It must happen now to save the most of My children.  If everyone died today, more than half of My children would go straight to hell if I judged them for the way they lived.  But because of My remnant who have suffered, and prayed, and begged for souls many of them would go to the bottom of purgatory until the end of time but be saved.  My beloved babies who have been aborted are crying for justice in the world because these are the ones who would have saved many souls from hell.  They are praying for their parents but they must ask forgiveness and repent of their sins to be saved. 


The Warning is about to hit every soul on the face of the earth and this will be the biggest blessing and graces that have ever been given to a generation of people since the world began.  This will be the last hope for many to save their souls.  I will show you your soul and where you would go the moment you died, Heaven, purgatory, or hell and you will feel the pains or joys of where you would go.  You must turn your life around and repent of your sins and ask your God to save you and repent of your sins from your heart and start living the Ten Commandments of God, not satan and with the help of My remnant children you will be saved but the choice is yours because I am a God who gives free will to every person to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Heaven. 


The people writing and getting these messages out, I have been training for many years.  This spiritual job is the hardest job in the world.  You must listen to your God only because you are facing an enemy  that is invisible and the most dangerous and most evil fallen angels in the universe.  They will do anything possible to take your soul to hell.  Your only blessing is that your God is in control and more powerful than all of them together.  I protect all My children and I try to save their souls as long as they do not sell their souls directly to satan.  If they do, they cannot gain grace any longer except through one of My remnant children who keeps praying for their souls to get them back out of satan’s pit on earth.  If they do not respond to the prayers and graces from others and from God they will lose their soul in hell for all eternity.  I am a God of total love and so I have to be a God of total justice.  I want every soul in Heaven with Me and I will do anything I can to save souls but you have the free will to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Me.  Do not ever think you are too evil for Me to save no matter what you have done because I can forgive the greatest of sinners for just a ‘yes’ to Me from their heart.  I died on the cross for the sinner and not the saint.  I would do it over and over again for just one more soul.  Do not ever think that life is just a game to play to see who wins.  It is a matter of life or death to the soul for all eternity for every soul. 


I your God give life to everyone who reads this hard message.  Please choose life in Heaven and not death to the soul in hell.  I had twelve apostles on earth and I even lost one of them to hell and all he would have had to say to his God was ‘forgive me’ and he would be with Me in Heaven today.  I had two thieves on the cross next to Me, one of the right and one on the left.  The one on the right asked forgiveness, the one on the left was too full of pride to say ‘Forgive me, Jesus.” and he is in hell today.  I am all love and I am all justice, but the choice is yours.  Remember this when you are in the Warning.  Love, the Father of All.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael with your protection from all evil in any of God’s words to His son, 8/21/14

My most beloved son and daughter, happy 49th wedding anniversary.  We are very happy with your years together and We wish and pray for you for many more years.  Thanks for all that all of your family are doing for Heaven.  God the Father wishes to speak.


My beloved son thanks for all the suffering that you and your friends are doing for Heaven.  There will be many rewards for you and all your family and friends.  I take care of all My children but many more rewards are given to the ones who love and obey Me.  This is not because I love any one any more or less than the other but because your heart is more open to receive My graces.  I will give all the graces to anyone who asks me for them with an open heart and also a heart that is not open just for the asking.  I come to help every soul on earth and I sent My beloved Son to earth to open all hearts and to open Heaven back up because I want each and every soul with Us in Heaven some day.  I thank all My children that are suffering for My sake and the sake of My lost children and for offering up their suffering to Me.  I ask each of you to offer up the suffering for all of My children to Me who do not know how because My children all over the world are suffering very much at this time in history.


The message from My Son and Mother yesterday was from Me, God the Father of All.  I am so sad in My heart because so many of Our children do not want to listen.  I am asking all My Catholic children to get to Confession before there are not enough priests available to even get to Confession after the Warning.  After My children see their souls in the Warning and feel the fires of purgatory and many the fires of hell, there will be lines for days to get to a priest for confession.  Please go now and get your life in order so it is not so hard during the Warning.  To all My children who are not Catholic, come to your God with your heart, mind, and soul and ask Me for forgiveness so I can forgive you and help you get your life back on track.  This is all for now My son, have a happy day with your wife.  Love God of All with all of Heaven by His side.  Thanks My Love and Mary Your Most Beloved.  Amen.




Come Holy Trinity through the Blood of Jesus Crucified on the Cross, and the Holy Family, and Mary Your Mother and St. Michael as Guard over what I am to write, 8/20/14

My son this is Your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  What I told you yesterday and again today, and My Mother confirmed, is true.  I have told you that I would let you know ahead of time when things would happen.  I do not give dates or exact times but I do give signs of the time that you can read just by what is happening in your world.  It was I Jesus that told you yesterday that the Warning would happen this year and you asked Me if this is Jesus and I told you that it IS your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Today I just told you that the Warning would happen this year and then I told you that My Mother would speak. 


Mary told you that it WAS Jesus and the Warning would happen this year.  You asked Her if it was the Warning before the Warning that all My children listening are going through now and She told you “No, it is the real Warning for every soul on the face of the earth.”  She then told you that it has to happen now because everything is getting so bad. 


Is there anything else, Lord? 


St. Michael has his hand on your shoulder as you write with a legion of angels above you.


Do you want this message out now or should I get more confirmations first?


My son, IT IS I, but you always have the choice to get a confirmation if you wish, but you need to trust more and go out on a limb, so to speak, for your God.  If it does not happen when you say, there is always a reason.  My prophets are to wake up My people not always to be wrong about it or right about it as the world sees it.  It is the way their God sees it that is important and being obedient to your God of All.  Your Loving Jesus and Mary with St. Michael by your side.  Love, love, and more love from all of Heaven.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Guard and Protector as I write, 8/15/14,The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

My love, My most beautiful one and all My most beautiful children.  My children you are all most beautiful to your Mother, because I am your Mother of each of you and My Father is your Father so you are all most beautiful to Us.  Please use your gifts and your beauty to follow your Spiritual Mother and Father.  All men on earth were corrupt after the fall of Adam and Eve.  Baptism and Confirmation made all of you pure again as soldiers and warriors of Jesus Christ.  Confession makes you pure again after you have sinned and Mass and Communion keep you pure when attended often with reverence and love for God and the Eucharist.  I came down to earth many times in My life when needed and especially when the earth is in great turmoil.  My children do not realize that there is always a spiritual war going on above them at all times between the demons and the flesh to steal souls from God. 


The world is made up of many fleshly people but they each have a Guardian Angel to protect them.  But, God gives us all free will to be protected from all the demons but we have to be obedient to the advice of the angels and not the demons.  This is man’s downfall, We all want what we want no matter what the consequences of getting it.  This is why we suffer so much in this world.  We will do anything that gives us a good feeling for a few minutes and then suffer sometimes for days for getting that good feeling.  Some even suffer a lifetime for one good feeling when it comes to abortion.  This is all the work of satan and the fallen angels.  Your God makes it so easy for you to have a good life by listening to Him and being obedient to Him.  Yes, you will have suffering and pain, but it will be much less than if you follow satan and if you follow satan and do not repent you could end up in hell forever or a long time in purgatory.  The choice is always yours My children but please think before you make a quick decision on anything that is important concerning your spiritual and physical life that will determine where you will spend all eternity.  And if you do make a bad decision, remember that Our God is all just and all forgiving.  He will forgive anyone asking forgiveness from their heart with love and repentance, anytime they ask and even through any of their loved ones who ask for them and pray for them and for their souls.  You have to wish to go to hell to go to hell.  God is always there with all His angels and saints and remnant people on earth praying for you to change.  You are all His children and He wants you to know Him, to Love Him and to serve Him on earth so you all will be with Him in Heaven so He can give you all you ever wished for on earth.  This is Mary, your Mother and the Mother of Jesus and the Daughter of God the Father and the Spouse and Bride of the Holy Spirit which gives the love between the Father and Son.  Happy feast day to all Our children from Heaven.  A special blessing will be given this day to all those who read this and say an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be with Me their Spiritual Mother or when you read this.  Love, Mom.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Guard and Protector as I write, 8/13/14

My most beloved son this is your Beloved Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth.  I love all of you dearly.  My Son has been giving many serious messages to Our children.  Please pray that Our children are listening and repenting of their sins.  The time has run out as you have been told by Jesus, for many of the natural disasters and wars to be changed anymore.  Sin has determined what has to take place now.  The only thing that can now change is the soul and the life of My children.  This is never determined until the very last second of one’s life.  Please My children listen to My Beloved Son and I, your Mother.  You know in the Bible where it talks about when in need of something go to your friends house and keep knocking on the door even at night and if you keep bothering a person they will finally get up out of bed even if they do not want to and finally help the person knocking even if they do not want to help with their needs.  This is how I and My Son are with your soul to be saved.  We are not going to quit knocking at your heart to save your soul until the last second of your life is over.  Because your soul is the most important part of your life, you can be taken to Heaven without your body, but your soul cannot be lost to mortal or deadly sin.  Your body can die but your soul has to live on forever either in Heaven for all eternity or in hell for all eternity.  People who think that it is all over when their body dies are in for a big surprise.  You cannot get out of your soul by killing your body.  Your soul will live on forever and for all eternity.  Some do not think that all you have to do is deny and you will be okay.  The only way you will be okay is if you are in a state of grace and living for God and living within the Ten Commandments.  Then have My God to govern the lives of the people on earth.  Children please read this and think what it says.  Many people in the world do not believe in the afterlife.  They just believe in this life here on earth and that when they die it is all over.  My remnant children please teach My children the truth about life and the reason God made you.  God made you to love and serve Him in this life and be happy with Him in the next life.  These are My Son’s words and My words to you.  Treat God and all your brothers and sisters on the face of the earth with love so you can be with them for all eternity in Heaven.  Do not doubt and end up in hell forever with satan because of your stubbornness.  What is being written by the prophets of this time is words from God and His saints in Heaven and I your Mother Mary.  Love, your Mother from Heaven.  Heaven is real and so is hell.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with Your Protection As Guard Against All Evil Spirits, 8/12/14

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy and justice.  My son I have told you before that I am the God of all.  When you are all love and mercy, you are also the God of justice.  My beloved children please repent now before the time is no more for all My children to repent.  Please repent now while it is so easy with all the grace being sent down from Heaven.  Look at all the people in the East at this very moment that are being killed and martyred.  They are not all ready to die because their souls are not in a state of Sanctifying Grace.  Where would you go at this very moment if you were to die—Heaven, purgatory, or hell.    Look up to Heaven as you read this and say to your God:

“I ask you to forgive me of all my past sins and I repent of all the bad I have done in my life to myself, my family, and every soul on the face of this earth, and I ask and beg you, Jesus, and all my brothers and sisters in the world to forgive me and I forgive you for all the sins that you committed to hurt me and all your brothers and sisters.  I ask my God and your God to send spiritual blessings from Heaven to each and every one of you on the face of the earth so we can all be in Heaven some day and not in the fires of hell for all eternity with satan and all the demons.  Thank you, Jesus, for all your blessings and love.  Love (say your name here).”


My beloved son, this is all My children have to do from their heart with a deep sorrow and they can avoid hell and at least go to purgatory for a time to be totally purified so they can be with Me in Heaven some time.  My children, My children, I your God would not be putting this burden on My children to write all these messages to all My children if the time of the end of the era was not close.  The end of this era is about to close and a new era is about to begin and it will be in My son’s lifetime and he is 70 years old this year.  This should tell you it is time for all My children to get in a state of grace and stop all their stubborn sinful lives and get right with their God.  A good father puts up with their stubborn children for a time and then has to pick them up and smack them on the behind to correct them.  This is what the chastisement is all about.  This is to wake up all My children from their sleep and hope they will see with their eyes and hear with their ears that the world is not right and they are not living right.  My children I can send all the love and grace in the world to you but if you let it fall on deaf ears and blind eyes it will only fall to the ground and not bear any good fruit.  My only hope and prayer for each one of you now is that the natural disasters will open your eyes and ears so you can see your God and repent and get back in the state of grace before you die and lose the most precious gift in the world, your beloved soul.  My son, this is enough for now.  A lesson from your God and lover.  Love all of Heaven, Love Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael as Our Protector and Guard, 8/8/14

My most beloved child,  I am your God, Savior, Protector, Lover, and Friend, good morning.  Tell My children and all My beloved friends that I love and protect them from ANY and EVERYTHING if they live in My Divine Will and listen to their God.  Stay in My Mother’s & Jesus’ heart at all times now for the forces of evil are getting more vicious each day.  Their time of evil is ending and the Our Father is coming closer to earth each day.  The fulfillment of My coming to earth as the new Adam and Mary as the new Eve is coming to a climax.  The second coming, as people call it, is just a fulfillment of the first coming when I came to earth as the new Adam to take the earth back from satan when I died on the Cross.  The earth was then given back to Me, Jesus, by God the Father and the final movement of the earth began.  The earth was then Mine again because I was the new Adam that took the place of the old Adam that sinned and lost the earth to satan.  I have been coming to earth many, many thousands of times since My Resurrection.  The times you are in now are the fulfillment of the first coming.  The second coming, as people call it, is just a fulfillment of the first coming when God the Father gave the world back to Me, Jesus, to take it back from satan and fulfill the Our Father with His: ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’ 


The new Heaven and the New Era of Peace is about to arrive upon the earth as the New Jerusalem and the new Era of Peace in your midst.  Satan’s power is about to be taken away by your God and his warring angels from Heaven will unite with His remnant children of earth to fulfill this mission that I your Jesus was assigned from the Cross when I was brought down from Heaven as God and Man through the  womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  My Mother will speak.


My beloved son, this is Mother Mary, your Mother and the Mother of all the human race that was ordained by God the Father before all time.  I was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of the Trinity and of all the human race when Jesus gave Me to John from the Cross.  I then became the new Eve with My Son as the new Adam to take God’s earth back from satan that was lost through the sins of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The fulfillment of this 2000 years of battle is in your midst and will be fulfilled in this generation with the new and old prophets and saints and angels from Heaven when satan and his fallen angels will be no more and the New Era of Peace will begin in your lifetime, My son, which will last 1000 years in God’s time which is not lived in your time because in God’s time there is no time like on earth.   Satan will be locked up in hell and earth will be like Heaven on earth as My Son promised in the Our Father.  The earth will be purified like in the Garden of Eden that God talks about in the Bible. 


The time is here My children for the final battle between Heaven and all His warriors and all His remnant warriors on earth to take satan off of earth with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit coming on the white horse with all His armies together from Heaven and earth to put an end to satan for a period of time and lock him in hell.  Then all people who give their lives and souls to God by asking forgiveness from their heart and repenting of all their sins so they can be in Heaven and in the New Era of Peace. 


My son, this is a long message from Heaven, but My God and your God want the whole truth out through the Holy Spirit so people will know His exact words not the words of man who has been twisting the Bible in many ways that was their thinking, not God’s thinking.  The Mother of God from Heaven and earth with words from God the Father to all His children and My children given to Me, your real Mother, from the Cross.  Ask My Son to tie you to the Cross so you cannot get away from Jesus and Me, your Mother, so you will be with us in Heaven for all eternity.  Love, love, and more love from Heaven, united in One with the Holy Trinity.  Thanks for writing, My love.



Come Holy Trinity and The Holy Family with St. Michael as your Guard and Protector, 8/6/14

My most beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  All of Heaven is saying thanks to all Our children who are trying to listen to the messages in this time of trial and tribulation.  Some of My beloved children are going through the Warning at this time and have been for a few years now.  This is called the Warning Before the Warning for all My children who are listening.  This will be part of My remnant children who will help the rest of My children when things get real rough.  They will have already been purified and they will be at peace with all of My children in the world.  They will be at peace when all My children in the world will see their souls in the state that I, their God, see them.  They will be taken out of their body like a death experience and see whether they would go to Heaven, purgatory, or hell and then I, their God, will give them time to change from being and living in mortal and deadly sin to get back in a state of grace so they will not lose their souls to satan and hell. 


The grace being given from Heaven is in a way that every soul on earth can change their life at this time and during the coming Warning, that is very very close, to get their life back together and within the will of God.  This grace has been saved just for this generation because I knew that this generation would be the most evil generation that ever lived on the face of the earth.  This has happened because each generation’s sins, from the time of Adam and Eve, keep getting worse.  Some families have been blessed with the grace and knowledge to be able to block and stop generational curses that have been passed from one generation to another by listening and being exposed to priests and different people with extra grace from Heaven to get their families back on track with God.  This is because they have listened to their God and used the extra grace that was sent from Heaven.  This will be a special grace and blessing that everyone will be able to after the Warning.  This grace and understanding will be infused into everyone’s minds and every soul on earth at this Warning when they will see their God face-to-face and He will make them aware of everything in their life that they must change to get out of mortal sin and get back into the grace and love of God so their soul can go to Heaven.  This will be the last chance that this generation will have to change from going to hell for all eternity and receive all the grace needed to live in Heaven with their God for all eternity  in total love, peace, and joy that they could never dream of in their wildest dreams.  My children, I beg and beg and beg that all My beloved children will make use of this grace that has never been given before and will never be given again to such an extreme because I your God does not want to lose any one of you to the fires of hell and satan.  My beloved son thanks for writing this message to all My beloved children.  This will be the Warning given to purify children before the thousand year Era of Peace.  This is your Jesus of Love and Mercy within the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family and all the saints and angels in Heaven.  Love from all of Heaven.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family With St. Michael as guard, 8/3/14

My dearly beloved son, this is your Father in Heaven speaking.  What the missionary priest said to you (during Mass this morning) about all the deaths he witnessed in his life as a missionary is about to happen all over the USA.  The people in half the world are starving and America is the most wasteful country in the world.  The chastisements are going to be great in the United States.  The waste of life of My unborn, the waste of food, the waste of natural resources—the United States have become the most evil and stubborn people of the world compared to all they have been given.  They want everything and do not want to give according to what I have given them.  America is the sickest nation in the world right now because of their leadership.  Their government is totally satanic.  Their government is dead in the spirit and they are taking the people into this deadness and darkness of satan.  Some people are standing up which I am happy with, but not near enough.  Many are just getting greedier and more sinful and about half of the people are just going on welfare because they cannot make a living any other way. 


As I have told you in the last two messages, the men have to stand up and be counted.  The sickness of the spirit has lead to the sickness of the body.  Any country that becomes sinful becomes sick in body, mind, and spirit.  A sick mind and a sick spirit causes a sick body.  The reason is because you eat all sick foods.  When you do not have any discipline, you do not do what God wants you to do in your life and you make all bad choices.  I have told you, My son, that feeling and emotion do not mean anything; that when you are feeling good enjoy it because eventually you will feel bad again.  When you are feeling bad, just offer it up because eventually you will feel good again.  Obedience to your God is what is the only important thing in your life to keep you in balance to keep you from going from a high that you get on drugs, sex, power, or greed.  When you get over the high you will hit bottom again and then just try to find another way to get the high and it will be satan leading you into deeper sin each time until you reach a point so low after the high that you will not want to live.  This is how satan controls people in their lives until he gets them in mortal sin and then he lets them get to the bottom and tries to get rid of them while at the bottom. 


Jesus works the opposite way, He picks you up when you are at the bottom and blesses you and helps you build a foundation for your life and one brick at a time, little by little, until you get a beautiful house in His and Mary’s hearts where you are peaceful even in the storms of life.  Then when the storm comes, you know right where the shelter is to go to.  It is right to Jesus and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.  They will take care of you and keep you in a balance in the times of great storms and tribulations or in times of joy and peace.  Come to My Son and taste of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist and Adoration.  Come to Him in Confession to get rid of all of your past sins and baggage that you have been carrying all your life.  Get rid of the things you do not need.  It is just extra weight on your body pulling you down.  Come to your Jesus and receive His Body and Blood with a good Confession and to Mary like a little child being held and nourished by their mother whom they trust their life to.  If you cannot trust your life to your physical mother, come to Mary your Spiritual Mother and she will treat you like Her own baby and child with all love.  And, if you cannot come to your physical father, come to your Heavenly Father who will treat you with a love you have never experienced before and He will give you His heart and His Mother Mary’s heart.  This is the answer to all your problems from God the Father of all and My Mother Mary the real Mother of all.  Love, love, and more love from all of Heaven. 

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