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Holy Family Refuge Messages

February 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, 2/27/14

My dearly beloved son this is your Sweet Jesus. I love all of you dearly. My son I am with you in a special way when you write. I wish to be with all My children in this special way so they can hear me when I talk to them. But they have to sit down and listen to hear Me and be in a state of sanctifying grace. I ask all My children to get to Confession at least once a month and if they get in a state of mortal sin to go more often if necessary so they will not be in a state of mortal sin if they happen to die.


It is very important for My children to start to live in the Will of God in the serious time that the world is in now. The time of your country and your world is very serious now. The technology is so advanced that thousands even millions of people could die at one time. Not only from the technology, but from the main fault lines in your country that are under much pressure and could shift at any time and cause a major earthquake which could cause a major tsunami. Also the earth is under much pressure in the areas where the volcanoes could erupt and kill many people. In Revelations it tells about how the earth will be in such upheaval in the end times, which we are in now. Everyone should try to stay in a state of grace at all times for the sake of your soul. Your Loving Jesus. Your Mother wants to talk.


My son, this is your Sweet Mother of Love and Mercy that the Trinity is passing all of their graces through in these end days. The Trinity chose Me, Jesus’ Mother, to bring Jesus into this world and Jesus gave me to all children of the earth from the Cross to be their Mother. The Most Holy Trinity chooses to pass all graces that go out into the world through Mother Mary. The Trinity also chooses all prayers that are said on earth to come back to their Mother before they go to the Trinity to add more blessings to the prayers of My children so I can give the Trinity more love through My children’s prayers.


People do not want to believe that the children of the earth are Jesus’ Mother’s children, but He chose to give them to His Mother. God can do anything He chooses to do because He is God. Please do not put My son and the Most Holy Trinity in a box and think that they think like you or I think because there is no time frame in God’s time. He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants for the sake of the salvation of His children. Yes, they are His children and My children (Mother Mary) and also your children in God’s way of thinking because We are all One Body in Christ.


When you sin do not think you are just hurting yourself. You are hurting all of Our children. When you do something good, you are helping all God’s children. We are all responsible for each other in this life. So, please start helping one another instead of putting each other down. When you put someone else down for any reason you really put yourself down more than the one you condemn in the eyes of Heaven. If you are not walking in someone else’s shoes, you do not know what you would do if you were in their shoes. It is proper to correct others for their sins, but tell them in a good way but do not do it behind their backs, and keep loving them for the person they are. You must love the sinner but hate the sin they commit and pray for them. This is all for now. My Son and your Loving Mother.



Come Holy Trinity, 2/23/14

My most beloved son, I love you and all My children. Tell My children they need to start to trust more on their God than on the ways of the world. The way of the world has taken you to the depths of sin that has never been expressed on earth since the beginning of time. Sin is at its greatest since the beginning of the world. I have talked about this era that we are in for 2000 years and it is spoken about in Revelations.


My children you are now living Revelation. It is talked about all through the Bible from all the old time prophets. Please start reading the Bible more because this will explain what is happening on earth now at this time. All the messages being given from Heaven, if the messenger is of God, will just confirm the Bible and the teaching on the Catholic Church and the Sacraments. God started the Sacraments at the Last Supper and His death on the Cross to give the Church and His people the graces necessary to live the Ten Commandments and stay in a state of grace here on earth so they can be happy in Heaven some day.


The Sacrament of Confession was given to let people who commit sin to purify their soul again and to get back in sanctifying grace so they are able to receive the fullness of His sacrament again. My children you must go to Confession if Catholic after committing a mortal sin or a deadly sin before you go to Communion again and commit another mortal sin. If Catholic or Christian, you should know what a mortal sin is. A mortal sin is any sin against the Ten Commandments with the knowledge that the sin you commit. You know it is a mortal sin, you decide to do it anyway knowing it is mortal, and you do it anyway with your own free will without the force of any other person forcing you to do it without your consent. It has to be done by you without anyone forcing you through drugs, or their strength, or any means that you have no control over. And if it is a mortal sin, you need to kneel down if Christian or Catholic and ask God’s forgiveness as soon as possible. And if Catholic, you need to go to Confession to a Catholic priest and confess it to the best of your ability and receive absolution. Do your penance with sorrow from your heart, then you can go back to receive Communion again because your soul is clean and pure. It is just like washing a dirty floor. It gets dirtier and dirtier until you scrub and wash the dirt away. Water and soap washes the dirt away from your body. Confession washes the dirt of sin off your soul. My children this message of today is a message of life or death for all My children. This will help you understand what the truth of the Ten Commandments really is. Your Father in Heaven through My Beloved Son, Jesus. Love, Father.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/22/14

This is your Most Beloved Mother. I love you and all My children dearly. Thanks for all you are doing for your Mother and continue to pray and fast much for souls. Tell everyone to pray and fast much because the one world people are about to make a major move that will destroy your country as you know it now. They are in control of most of your world leaders. Be ready for anything, it is very close. Your Loving Mother


My most beloved son, this is your Sweet Jesus. My children are not listening to all the warnings, especially My children who are living in the sins of the flesh, especially premarital sex and homosexuality. They will not change until they feel the pains of hell during the Warning. They want to have sex with whoever they want whenever they want and they kill the baby if they conceive and they think nothing of it.


These people run all the time and keep so busy doing the work of satan that they do not have time to think. Satan has many of My children running after so many things that they have no idea of what they are even doing. They act like animals without a brain. Satan tries to keep them in this state so they do not have any time to even think about their life. If they get bored, he just sends them on another round of sin that gets them in deeper in the sins of hell. Then he gets them on drugs so they cannot think at all. Then down, down they go until they are in the pit of hell and not able to even help themselves anymore. This is when My beloved children who are listening have to help their brothers and sisters get back on the right track after satan has taken them all the way to the bottom feeding them his false peace and lies that would take them to hell if they did not start listening to My beloved children who are walking on the path of Jesus and Mary.


My children you’ve got to change to be saved. Please change before satan takes you to the bottom where you have to be pulled out by My beloved children of God. That is why I say to you change now instead of later because the longer you go on this path, the harder your lives will be and the harder to change. It is a lot easier to climb a mountain when you start at the middle then when you let satan take you all the way to the bottom and then have to change. It will be next to impossible for some without a lot of grace and prayers from your brothers and sisters through your God who made you.


Satan is like a parasite that feeds off all of God’s children. He has no power except what he convinces My children to give him through sin. You, My children are giving him your power which is Heaven’s power that you gave to satan instead of to God and it makes all My children’s lives harder because We are all One Body In Christ. You only pull your brothers and sisters down when you feed off of satan’s lies.


The Ten Commandments are the truth and nothing but the truth. If you are not following the Ten Commandments you are feeding satan’s lies to your brothers and sisters. It is as simple as this. If you follow the Ten Commandments you will get to see the path of God that leads to Heaven, then you will be led to many other holy things that come from the grace of God to His children and everyone will become happy and healthy in this life as well as the next in Heaven. This is your loving Jesus. Amen.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/20/14

This is Mary the Mother of God. My most beloved children and son. I come today to give thanks to God the Father and all My children living on earth who are helping Us in Heaven. I especially give thanks and a special blessing to all who are helping My son in the mission I and Jesus have given to My son which is a very big mission.


All of the most beautiful and generous children that are doing a lot of his work for and with him I give a very special blessing to all of you today. The blessings of Medjugorje are very special blessings from God the Father through His Mother Mary to all the children that go to Medjugorje. I give the same special blessing to the refuge of the Holy Family this day. Thanks for all My children that have helped Me build this refuge. There have been many physical and spiritual gifts that given to Heavenly Hill to help this refuge to be successful. It took many rosaries and Masses from hundreds of people to make this into a refuge for the end times. I and The Trinity thank and bless all the people who have helped there. This blessing is a special blessing for all who have been there and helped and it will continue to be given to every person that steps foot on the property until the Era of Peace begins.


Thank you My children, you have helped Heaven save thousands of souls from going to hell but your main work is just beginning for there are millions more who need to be saved. Continue to pray and help financially if possible for there are many spiritual and physical things that still need to be done. This goes for all of our refuges from Heaven. Do not think that your job is ever done because it continues on every day until the Era of Peace. These refuges have to be kept up and maintained and very few of My refuge owners have any extra finances to do this. This all has to come from the love of My children’s hearts. This is your loving Mother from all of Heaven. We are doing Our part, please My children do yours. Love, Mom.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/19/14

My most beloved son, this is Mother Mary. I come to tell you I love you and all My children dearly. My son gave your country a serious message yesterday. I came to confirm it was from My Son, Jesus. He loves all our children so dearly that He died on the Cross for all of you. I and My son, Jesus, suffered the same suffering at the Crucifixion. He suffered the physical and spiritual suffering and I also suffered the spiritual and physical suffering in My heart and soul as He went through His suffering.


My beloved children the world has no idea how much We suffered to make sure your would not go to hell, but to Heaven. My children please think of just one of your children, if you thought they would go to hell for all eternity. You would do everything possible for them to try to save them and save their soul. My Son gave all His children on the earth that ever was or ever will be to His Mother from the Cross. I ache for every one of your souls to be saved. Please, My children for My Son’s and My sake, ask forgiveness for your sins and turn around and live for Christ. If you could look down into hell like we from Heaven can do, and see all the terrible suffering, you would change. This is going to happen My children soon in a grace that has never been given to the world before or ever again, where you will be taken out of your physical body and put into your spiritual body and see just where you would go if you died at that moment. You will see all your sins and good deeds that you have done all your life and be shown and feel the pain that you would feel for all eternity if you died at that minute if in mortal sin. You will also see the pain if you were going to purgatory at that minute and then be purified in purgatory until you were ready to go to Heaven.


My beloved children you have to be purified before you can go to Heaven. There is no sin in Heaven. Everything is pure and holy and beautiful. We suffer in our hearts in Heaven for the ones that are living in mortal sin to help change you, and we pray for all on earth from Heaven to give you the extra grace to get to Heaven with us. My son did not have to suffer on the Cross for all of you, but he did it for all His love for every one of you. My beloved children we are going to pray and beg for you until you take your last breath so you will have the grace to say “yes” to Jesus. I want to be with you and all the saints and angels in Heaven. Your loving Mother with a sorrowful heart for all My children that are living in mortal sin. Mortal means deadly, deadly sin that will take you to hell or deep purgatory. Your Loving Mother and all of Heaven. Thanks, Mom.


Come Holy Trinity, with Your words only, 2/18/14 12:00 Noon

This is your Jesus My dearly beloved son, I love you and all Our children from Heaven dearly. Please continue to keep doing what you and your friends are doing. I know all of you are worn out after this winter. It is not the winter that is wearing you out, but the attacks of satan for all you are doing to save souls. This was a good winter for saving souls because when people are hurting and have more time to think, they begin to look at their lives and wonder what they are doing. They begin to see that what they are doing is only worldly and they have nothing to fall back on when the going gets tough. It will continue to be this way until My children start to pray and give thanks for all they have been given. My children keep wanting more and more each day and they think it will make them happy. But, it only becomes more baggage that they have to carry. Children start giving away all the worldly baggage that you do not need and start helping the poor. Then confess all the spiritual baggage to your God and start living in the spirit. The only reason you keep running from one high to another in worldly things, or satan things to be more correct, is because you get tired of one thing and then go to something more sinful. Do you really think that abortion or same sex marriage is something to make you free? It only takes you deeper into slavery. Then you see what else you can get into that is more sinful. There is no peace in going against the Ten Commandments or the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. It only brings you more pain in your lives. The only reason you do this and try to take others with you, is because you know in your heart that you are going the wrong way and you will do anything to keep from admitting what you know in your heart is wrong. Stop now and turn around and ask God’s forgiveness and do not look back.


The Warning that is talked about in Revelations is about to strike the whole world and there will be only one way out, and that will be to admit what you already know in your heart. The Warning will show the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of God, which is the Ten Commandments and the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church which you already know in your heart because your God put them in you before you were born and still within God’s heart. We all were made at the beginning of time when God made everything and God chose a job for each of us and put us on the earth at the time that we were needed there, in the mother’s womb that He chose for us, with the talents we needed to make the world a better place to live. Any of this that you are denying is from satan and it is a lie from satan to steal you from Heaven and take you to hell for all eternity. Please listen now and change because when the Warning comes you will have to make a choice for God in Heaven or satan or hell. My children it will be much easier to change now than later for the longer you go, the harder it will be to change. You must get off of the fence now and get off on the right side of the fence as I your God beg you, or fall off on the left side with satan. The good thief on my right on the cross looked at Me and asked forgiveness and said he was a sinner and is now in Heaven with me. The other thief would not admit he was a s sinner and I could not forgive him because of his free will and he is now in hell. The choice is yours, My children, but I will not hold you slaves. It has to be your choice. You choose where you go, not I your God. I want all of you to go to Heaven but you have to say “yes” to Jesus. I want you, not satan or hell. Your loving Jesus from heaven with all your friends. Please choose Heaven. Love from all of Heaven, your Jesus. Come Holy Trinity,


2/18/14, 4:00 pm

My beloved son, I want you to continue the message, this is your Sweet Jesus. My dear children satan has convinced you that if you can get a lot of other people on your side, you can do anything you want to do and it is okay. Your Jesus was also tempted on earth as satan tried to convince Me that he would give Me the whole kingdom if I would jump off the mountain even though I was God. And I said be gone satan, and he left. Satan has taken so many of My beloved children into such deep sin that they do not even think they are sinning. The next step he will lead you to the highest mountain and he will tell you to follow him and he will walk off the side of the mountain. Are you going to say that everyone’s doing it? So you let him walk you straight to the pit of hell right off the mountain. This is how sick many of My children are in this age. It is just like before Noah and the flood. They think they are god with all the technology they have. They think they can do anything they want and still be saved. My children there is a hell, there is a purgatory, and there is a Heaven. Please make the right choice for it is for all eternity, not just a few years as you live here on earth. Love, love, and more love, Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/11/14

My most beloved son, this is your Sweet Jesus—Jesus, who you love so much, with My Mother, Mary.  We are giving you a day of rest.  “Thank you, Jesus, I needed it.”  My son the suffering was needed for all the sins and turmoil going on in your world.  Satan has been having a field day trying to destroy your relationship with Russia through the most sinful news media.  This should be a time for your countries to make peace, and your media is trying to tear apart all that should be accomplished during these times. 


Your news media is controlled by satan himself, through just a few people.  All that comes from your news is controlled or twisted from the truth of America or Russia.  There job is to stir things up between the two countries.  If the people working in it do not say just the right thing the way they are told, they are fired.  It is just the same in all of your military.  They all are being controlled by your president and the one world people.  Thanks to good leaders in your military, your country is still standing and not at war.  Many good men have lost their jobs and all their job’s savings for the good of your country .  Please pray for them very much for many of them have already been killed in mysterious ways and many more are at risk yet who are speaking up and telling the truth.  You have many good men giving up their lives in your country for telling the truth, and the whole truth about what your government has done to the people the last several years.  Your people have not been told the truth about anything except through ways that only a few would understand.  Satan has told lie after lie after lie to cover up the truth in your country.  Now people are starting to stand up for the truth even knowing they will be killed.  The truth is coming out and satan will become more vicious until he will try to destroy your whole country.  But remember, I am God, and I AM in control.  I, God, may let you lose some battles for the sake of your souls, but the final battle is Mine, your God’s.  You know what the final outcome will be.  Stay with your God and end up in Heaven, or follow the easy way now and end up in hell forever.  Your Loving Trinity. 


Come Holy Trinity, 2/10/14

My most beloved son, this is your Sweet Jesus.  Thanks for all of your suffering, it is helping Heaven save souls.  Please continue to suffer it up for the salvation of souls.  We love you all from Heaven.  Love, Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/9/14

My love My beautiful one, I love all My children dearly.   Thank them for all the extra prayers that My children who are listening are saying.  It is saving more souls.  Love, Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity,  2/8/14

My most beloved son, I love you dearly.  Tell all My children thanks for praying and begging My Mercy more.  Heaven has received more prayers lately.  This is good for your country.  I love all of you dearly.  Love, Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/5/14

My beloved son this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I am with you.  Tell all My children I love them dearly.  The weather is part of the chastisement for the sins of the world.  This is just a start.  The weather will continue and also you will see a major earthquake in the world caused by the HAARP machine.  Then you will see the church start to split.  Then the wars in the Middle East will escalate and lead to a world war.   


My children these are just a few of the things that will happen soon.  People are getting worse every day.  The states are pushing for gay marriage rites and anything they can do to mock their Jesus.  As I have told My children, time has run out for all the blessings for those who are not praying and working for the One True God.  Satan wants to destroy the whole world and all the people in it and take as many to hell as possible.  Children you are not listening to your God and all these things I just mentioned are here and happening one at a time, and they will begin to happen so often you will not be able to get things back in order before another one will happen. These are being caused by all the sins of the world through satan.  The only way they can be slowed down is through much prayer from all the people who know how to pray from their hearts.  There are so few people who really take time to pray that they cannot hold back the chastisement any longer.  Satan will be able to continue to destroy things in the world one thing after another until I give you the Warning when your world is in shambles.  Your Loving God to a very, very, very sick world.  You are now teaching another generation of young kids these same sins of the great past generations and at a very young age when they should not even be aware of such sickness.  This is another final warning from Heaven.  Love from Heaven, but the earth and its people will suffer dearly especially all the top elite leaders who have sold their souls to satan.  Love, Jesus.  Sorry, it is here.


Come Holy Trinity, 2/4/14

My most beloved children, this is Mother Mary. Thanks for all your prayers this weekend.  They saved a lot of people from dying.  Many of My children were inconvenienced because of all the plane delays but thanks to all the prayers, satan did not get his way with the attacks.  My children, I have told you that prayer would stop wars, and this weekend your prayers did stop a war from happening.  Many people were delayed and mad, but their lives were saved because of all the prayer.  This gives them another chance to save their souls.  This is all.  My Son will speak.


My love, my beautiful son and children.  Thanks to all My children on earth and all of Heaven, another battle was won.  It will still be suffering and pain for many of My children through the weather and inconveniences, but much less pain than it could have been if My faithful would not have prayed and sacrificed for the sins of their brothers and sisters.


Keep expecting bad weather and some natural disasters but keep praying so they can be lessened a little.  But they will still be very trying to most people, especially those who are not listening.  This is all for now.  Keep listening and tell all your brothers and sisters to keep listening.  Not what is coming from the world of television, but from the world through My messages, and some radio talk shows, and some Tea Party people who are still tuned to God. 


God the Father gives a special blessing to all the people in the world.  In the name of the Father, the Son,  and the Holy Spirit.  God bless all of you (make the sign of the cross as you read this blessing from God the Father).


Come Holy Trinity with Heaven’s words through the Power of the Holy Spirit, 2/2/14

My most beloved son and children, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  My children it is the hour of mercy in My time.  Please use this mercy to get your souls back in a state of grace.  For many their god is sports.  This will only take you as far as hell.  Look at all the people who follow the gods of sports, especially on super bowl Sunday.  Sunday is the day for God and look how many people will do anything possible to see this game.  They will miss Mass and do anything to get to the game and not even think about their religious duties to Me their God. 


Your sins have taken a toll on your country.  The weather will continue to get worse until it will destroy your economy.  The evil one is having a field day, not only in the football game today, but all over your country because so many of My children have sold their souls to satan through abortion, homosexuality, greed, power, lust, lies and the lack of truth which is causing all, all of them.  People of today think that if they show love to their neighbors they can commit any and all the sins they want and it does not hurt anyone, and all of the Ten Commandments that are broken not only hurts your neighbor but kills their souls because We are all One Body in Christ.  If one sins in a big way it pulls all the others down and they have to carry a bigger load.  Do not even think what you do is right if it is not grounded through the Ten Commandments of God.  The Ten Commandments are the laws that God set up for the laws of the land and the laws for every person on the face of the earth.  If you not living within the Ten Commandments you are living in serious sin and must go to confession if Catholic, or straight to God in Heaven if not, and beg His mercy.  If you do not do this you will end up in hell or in a deep level of purgatory. 


Anyone who believes in Heaven has to believe in hell and purgatory.  There cannot be a Heaven if there is not a hell.  And there has to be a purgatory if there is a Heaven and hell.  You cannot get to Heaven until every sin is made up for in the purification of your body and soul because God is perfect and you must be purged and purified in purgatory to be able to meet  God face to face.  Love Jesus.  My Mother wants to speak. 


My most beloved children, please listen to the Mother of your Jesus.  We are begging and trying to teach you why your world is in such a mess and everyone feels this mess.  More than the majority of your world is now living in deep sin and God will now take everything that is not good for your body and soul away.  Can you not see this is why all the natural disasters and crimes of your world are happening?  This is from the sins of the world, not from God.  He is just permitting it because of your sins.  God does not go against free will.  The world has brought all of this upon themselves and tied up Jesus’ hands like on the Cross because they did not want to do the will of the Father.  God will not go against your free will because He will not hold you as a slave.  Once you sell your soul to satan you are his slave until you go to confession and ask God’s forgiveness and repent before God can then take you back and give you the graces to live back within God’s will.  This is enough for now.  Love from Mother Mary and all of Heaven. 



Come Holy Trinity, 2/1/14

My most beloved son, this is Mary your Most Beloved Mother.  All of us in Heaven are with a very heavy heart this day.  What My Beloved Son just told you is true (extremely serious private message given earlier this afternoon).


Pray, pray, and pray to save souls for many are at stake if this happens, and it could very easily if My Father in Heaven gives satan the permission to let it happen.  But, prayer can stop anything from happening as you have seen in the past few months, for things as big as this have been planned many times in the past.  Just keep praying for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Love, Mom.

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