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Holy Family Refuge Messages

January 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, 1/28/14

My most beloved son this is your Sweet Jesus.  My Father in Heaven has given you a harsh warning and My Mother has given you much love to ask for.   I am giving you My Body and Blood. What more can you want?  Listen to all of Us through the Power of the Holy Spirit and you will hear from My Mother to pray the rosary and from My Father to be obedient to the Father, love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul and yes fear him as you would a good father. 


I am your Jesus of love and mercy, please repeat My name over and over when sick or you cannot sleep, in pain, in joy and in any trouble that you or the world might be facing.  This is the answer to all things.  It is too simple for the educated to believe.  They think that knowledge is the answer, but I Jesus say unto you, the wise and the rich, to become as little children if you wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Pray to the Most Holy Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to remove the scales from your eyes and the rock from your heart and become as a little child that depends on its mother and start depending on your Father in Heaven.  No government or money or fame in the world will get your world back on track because they have mostly sold their souls to satan.  Come to Me and the Most Holy Trinity and Mother Mary and ask all the angels and saints and poor souls in purgatory to help you.  You can do nothing on your own to win this battle against the devil without total trust in God who made you and Me, the Father in Heaven who always was, always will be and always remains the same.  Your Loving Jesus to a very sick world and people. 


If it was not for the remnant souls praying now, your world would have already been destroyed as satan would like.  But My Father and your Father loves you too much to let satan have his way.  Change now for My Father and your Father or sin more and suffer more.  But in the end, God the Father is the only one that will win with the souls that chose to call Him Father and be in the new era of peace to repopulate the earth with Him.  This is your Loving Jesus in a heart with all of Heaven around Me telling the people on earth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help Me God, My Father and yours.  Thanks, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, 1/24/14

My most beloved son and children, this is God the Father speaking this message today.  My children in America are complaining about the weather and the harsh winter.  My Mother and all the saints and angels from Heaven have been protecting and warning your country for years.  As I have told you in the past messages that your God from Heaven and Earth who controls everything is sick of the sins of your country.  I told you that the graces to America would be withdrawn if the people did not stop abortion and stop living in the sins of the flesh.  Who in their right mind could believe that it is right to kill a baby in the womb, the most sacred place on earth next to the Tabernacle?  Who could possibly believe that it could be right to want to marry another person of the same sex?  You people of America who believe this way have sold your souls to satan and will burn in the fires of hell forever if you do not repent and ask God for forgiveness for your sins before you die.  I have given you free will and you have sold your free will to satan to be his slave.  All you would have had to do was give your will to your God and you would have been happy with me on earth and in Heaven.  The Bible tells you that you cannot have relations with any other person except after the Sacrament of Marriage to someone of the opposite sex.  Catholics, read about the Sacraments of the Catholic Church and the Ten Commandments—yes I am repeating past messages because people of American are falling away more every day.  The Catholic Church teaches that to be Catholic you must go to Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation.  It is a mortal sin when you know it is a sin and choose to do it anyway.  A mortal sin can take you straight to hell and it stops you from receiving the graces from Heaven from God.  My children, hell is forever for all eternity.  Please stop and think what this means.  Please come to Me in confession if Catholic, or get on your knees and look up to Heaven if Christian and beg My forgiveness as I, your God, am begging you because I love you so much and do not want to lose your souls.


Everything satan teaches is just the opposite of the law of God and the laws of the land in every country.  Satan starts you out with all the thrills and sins that make you feel high.  Then  you go from one thrill to another to get a new high until you are in the most dirty things you can get into.  This is why satan starts you out on an upside down triangle.  God’s triangle starts you out with a triangle with a large base of stone for the foundation and then it works its way up to the point that represents Heaven at the top.  Satan’s triangle starts you out at the high point and then it gets heavier and heavier until all the weight is on the top and then you crumble over into the pit of hell or if you are wise and listen when you crumble and fall and ask and beg God’s forgiveness God will then take you in His loving arms and kiss you and forgive you and heal you and forgive all your sins and take you to Heaven.  Please listen My children, for the time is here and is now.  We are in the last seconds of the time clock set by Me, God the Father.  Over half of the people of America and of the world are living in the pit of hell with satan at this time.  I have given you extra time, but that time has ended.  This is why the weather and everything else in your world is falling apart.  Look around you, can’t you see My children?  That is all My son.  Love and kisses to all the children of the world.  You choose Heaven or hell by your decisions on earth.  Choose Heaven now. 


God the Father asks that this Act of Contrition be printed and said from the heart for the souls of those do not know one.


Oh My God, I am heartily sorry for all my sins.  Because of them, I deserve the eternal pains of hell; but most of all because I have offended Thee, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love.  I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and avoid the approximate occasion of sin and never to sin anymore.    Amen.


Please say this from your heart.  Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity, 1/23/14

My most beloved son, this is Mother Mary and all the Holy Trinity.  Tell My beloved daughter (she just returned from Medjugorje) that I love her dearly.  You two, and many others, are a fighting team for your Jesus.  I have setup more teams against satan just like in the army.  For some battles I just use one team to protect my territory.  But for major battles, I use many teams together plus many of My angels and saints to get the job finished.  As you told her you are all carriers for your Sweet Jesus.  You all take supplies and graces to a certain place and bring graces and supplies back for the people who need them.  My spiritual battles work just like the physical battles on earth.  The only difference is the spiritual battles for Heaven are for good of My children’s souls.  The battles of satan both spiritually and physically are for the destruction of all God’s children, souls and bodies.  Satan does not want anything saved that God has made.  He wants to destroy all the earth and take every soul to hell.  I, your God, want to purify the earth and make every soul beautiful and happy and take them into the new era of peace I talk about in the Our Father—God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Those living on earth who are living in God’s Will will see this new era of peace if I, your God, chooses you to live through the great chastisements.  If you are living in God’s grace and trying to do God’s will and asking forgiveness for your sins you will end up in Heaven or live in the new era of peace very soon so I your God am begging you to get in a state of grace, ask forgiveness for your sins, and go to confession if Catholic.  Then you will know that you will be taken during the tribulation to Heaven or Purgatory or end up in the refuge and live in the new era of peace.  This is all for now.  Love all the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary.



Come Holy Trinity, 1/22/14

My most beloved son, I love you dearly.  This is your Sweet Jesus.  I know you and all your friends are suffering for the sins of the world and for the sake of saving souls.  We from Heaven will give you the grace to continue to go on even though you are all tired and weary.  Things are going in God’s time and God’s plan as you know.  Satan is not getting everything done that he intended to.  Heaven is gaining some ground for the sake of souls and to stop abortion.  Many are in Washington today to protest and this makes Us happy in Heaven. 


We are with all of you in this battle for souls.  It will continue to get worse for satan is losing ground and becoming most vicious. He will sacrifice everything to try to win as a major battle, but he knows down deep he will never win against God.  He knows he will take some of his demons with him, but he will never be able to take God’s children who said yes to God.  God will protect all who ask Him for forgiveness and grace.  Please do not be one of those who do not ask forgiveness.  Satan will never forgive, but your God will always forgive you. Love from Heaven.  Thanks.



Come Holy Trinity, 1/19/14

My most beloved son, it is I Mary your Mother from Heaven,  and for all My children on earth.  I want to thank you for writing the hard message yesterday.  My Son wishes to speak today. 


My beloved son.  What you received yesterday is from your Father in Heaven.  Things are about to happen that will shake the foundation of your earth and also the foundation of your soul if not grounded deep within the rock of your God.  No more will lukewarm Christians or Catholics that think they will just follow the world will be able to survive the shock from the earth or the shock that their soul will feel when your God presents the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience to all His children.  I tell all My children again that you MUST get your soul in a state of grace.  For Catholics it means going to confession and confessing to a priest the sins you remember.  And for Christians, look up to God with deep sorrow in your heart and tell God your sins and ask forgiveness and try not to do them again.  And confess them each time you sin against God with sorrow in your heart.  For all those who do not know how to ask, I ask others to ask forgiveness for every soul on the face of the earth and they will be given the graces to say yes to God during the Warning through the prayers and the graces from their brothers and sisters.  Father wishes to speak. 


My beloved son, I love all My children dearly but they MUST make a strong repentance from their heart to be saved.  Others can help them by their prayers and graces but it still has to come from their heart as they say, Jesus please forgive me for all the sins and wrong things I have sinned against you and I love you dearly and do not want to go to hell.  I am giving you these words so they have an idea how to talk to their Father in Heaven and ask forgiveness.  This is all My son.  Thanks for listening.  Tell them to read the 10 Commandments and the sacraments.  This will help the ones that can get these books to read.  And also tell the ones who can get a bible to read it and that will help you get to where you need.  Thanks, Father.



Come Holy Trinity, 1/18/14

My most beloved son and children this is Mother Mary through the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity.  As you know, My son, the prayers of My remnant faithful has held off many attacks on America that would have crippled it by now if it would not have been for the prayers.  Please keep encouraging My children to keep praying as much as they can to lessen the major attacks from satan on your country.    Your country is going to fall but pray hard that it is not in winter for it will be much harder for My children to survive.  Satan knows that we are now on his time that he has been allotted and he is very desperate to get your country in martial law so he can torment them for a larger time before satan and all the elect and evil people fall.


My son We are praying from Heaven for all of you more than ever before.  Please encourage all of Our children to ask and beg for these prayers from Heaven and use them for the salvation of all of Our children. The flu viruses and the diseases are being put in the air and the flu shots are being given as you write.  The plan to take out your electric to much of your country is being planned again by the one world people for their first plan has been stopped by the prayers of  the faithful and by the angels from Heaven stopping them before they could get it done. 


The chip is being pushed by your leaders and president to get through and take over all your country.  The leaders of America, Canada, and Mexico are about to meet and decide when they will turn over their countries to the one world government.  Things are moving fast but not nearly as fast as the evil side wants it.  You are being blessed with more time before the takeover and less time for the evil to rein.  Pray and beg all your brothers and sisters to pray so the time of evil is lessened even more.  Thanks for listening My son.  This is your Mother Mary through the heart of the Most Beloved Trinity.  Love, Mary.



Come Holy Trinity, 1/14/14

This is Mary, your beloved Mother.  My most beloved children, I love all of you dearly and all things dearly that God made except for the sins of the world and the sins of satan and the fallen angels.  My Son wants to talk.


My most beloved son and all My beloved children, I love all of you dearly.  Please pray more for the world and for your brothers and sisters.  I love all of them dearly.  The time is here and now.  Please do not doubt, My son.  I keep confirming you through other people.  It is very good to listen to everyone who you trust and get discernment from others you trust, if in doubt.  As long as you listen and discern, I will protect you and your writings.  I will not let satan have his way with you as long as you listen.  It is when you think you know it better than God I will let you stumble and fall to teach you to be more cautious.  You have been listening, My son and I and all of Heaven will help you keep from falling and letting others fall.  I love all My children dearly.  Love Jesus.  Thank you, Jesus.  I needed these words.


A number of people have asked that the prayer before meals be sent out again.


A prayer from Jesus to protect from all contamination


Before Meal Blessing

O Divine and Eternal Father, through the Most Precious Blood of Your Divine Son Jesus, we ask You to remove anything that is not from You in our food, our water, the air,  in the medicine in this household, and in our bodies and souls and replace it with the pureness that was in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned.  Thank you, Amen.

After Meal Prayer

We give thee thanks for this pure food from Thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.



Come Holy Trinity,  1/13/14

My most beloved son, I love you dearly and all My beloved children.  My children need to hear from Me your Mother Mary often now.  You are all suffering much for the sake of souls.  The children praying are not the only ones suffering now.   It has now moved to everyone suffering.  The children not living God’s messages or His Will will begin to suffer more each day.  Things of earth will not satisfy them.  The things of earth will satisfy them less each day.  They will try to find something on earth to help them feel better, but the only thing that will help them feel better is to get their soul back in the state of sanctifying grace and to start helping their brothers and sisters. 


I told you yesterday that it is just the grace from Heaven that will help you now.  Everything from earth will just take you down deeper into the pit of hell with more suffering.  Please stop where you are and do a turnabout as you were taught in the army and start going the other way which is uphill toward heaven and not downhill toward hell.  My children We love all of you dearly and We do not want to lose any of you to satan.  We will keep begging you until the last breath of your life so you do not have to live in the terrible tortures of hell for all eternity.  This is all for now, Mother Mary, your real Mother from Heaven and from the Foot of the Cross where My beloved Son died for all your sins wishing you would say ‘yes’ to be saved.  Love, love, and more love, Mother.


An hour later, God the Father continued. 

My son, this is God the Father, the One who made all of Heaven and earth and all that was or ever will be from the beginning to the end of time.  I tell all My children that America was founded on the Ten Commandments and as you remove the Ten Commandments from your laws, your foundation, your earth will fall.  The Ten Commandments were etched on stone and your country stands on stone.  As you remove each one of the Commandments, 10% of your foundation will crumble.  Once you remove all of the Commandments from America, America will be no more.  This is your Father and Maker telling America, people of America stand up now or you will be no more.  God of All.


Come Holy Trinity, 1/11/14

My love My beautiful one, I love you and all My children dearly.  Thanks for writing the last two messages when you did not feel like it.  My Son told you years ago that feelings and emotions do not mean anything.  Obedience is what matters.  I am telling you for the sake of all who are reading these messages.  In these times we are in, do not expect to feel good or have a lot of good emotions at all times.  In the days ahead there will be a lot of suffering and a lot of temptations and harassment from satan.  Focus your mind on things from above and on being obedient to the will of My Father in Heaven.  This is the only way you will be able to cope with a lot of the things that are about to happen in America.  Call out to Me your Mother or to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  You will not find strength in anything of earth except what comes straight from Heaven.  Keep your mind focused on Heaven and the truths of Heaven.  Live the 10 Commandments and receive the sacraments as often as possible.  Try to get to confession as much as often as possible and to Mass on Sunday and any other day you can.  Your strength will come from the sacraments instituted by God.  And call on your guardian angels at all times.  Also, unite with St. Michael and all the angels and saints in Heaven.  Call on all of them to help you when you need help.  It will be all of Heaven that gets you through the great tribulation.  This is a job you have to unite with Heaven to come out of this.  Heaven is your strength not evil from earth.  Stay united with good holy people you can trust and pray for all those who are living in deep sin.  We want to save everyone on earth but everyone has to ask for help and admit their sinfulness so we in Heaven can pass graces to them.  Please read Psalm 46 and Psalm 51 with outstretched hands open to God's blessing.  This is all for now.  Love Mother Mary through the heart of the Most Holy Trinity.  This is another message to help all our children.  Love from all of Heaven. 


Come Holy Trinity, 1/10/14

This is you Most Beloved Mother, Mary.  My son, I love you dearly.  I know you are tired of all the waiting, but it has to be this way to save more souls.  I am with you at all times, My son and all My children that want Me to be with them.  Keep doing what you are doing just rest this winter as much as you can, and keep teaching God’s children the truth and finish repairing the little things that come along that need done yet.  Your loving Mother Mary.  My Son wants to speak.


My son I know you are feeling worn down like all My children who are trying to listen.  Just call on your God for extra grace when you feel down.  Satan is very vicious now, because he knows he is losing everything he has.  He will become even more vicious but My grace is sufficient.   Love Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity, 1/8/14

My love My beautiful one, this is Mother Mary, I love you dearly.  Tell all My children I’m watching over them always.  The time is here and now.  Expect major things to happen now when many people will die.  The time is here and now.  Love, Mom.  My Son will speak.


My most beloved son, I know you are tired and weary, but I want to tell you thanks for all you are doing.  Do not put yourself down so much with the help of satan.  I love you dearly and I am happy with your work.  Keep up the good work.  Your loving Jesus.  Father says Hi, He loves you dearly.  Thanks from all of Heaven.


Come Holy Trinity,  1/5/14

Your Beloved Mother Mary

My love My beautiful one.  I love all My children dearly.  Please, all My beloved children, I ask you to please listen closely this year.  There will be many things happening that will test all to the limit this year.  Without the grace of God, it will be very hard for many to survive.  Please repent now and get your soul in a state of grace.  Then start to get your physical world in order and start to get closer to God and away from the ways of the world. 


My children need to get in the state of God’s grace and get out of a lot of the things of the world so they can start to be happy even in natural disasters.  God’s grace and peace is enough to get you through anything that happens in this world.  People nowadays put all their trust in the world and in things of the world.  I, Mary, and Jesus tell you to put all your trust in the spiritual God and all the help from the angels and saints that come before you.  Start reading the Bible and good Christian books and start throwing all of the books of the world away.  Worldly things get you just as far as the world and death.  Heavenly things get you beyond the world and let you see why you were put on the earth in the first place.  God has a job and a plan for every one of his children.  You were put on the earth at this time because you were each one given special graces and blessings for the times we are living in. 


We are now in the last 3 ½ years of the earth as you see it now.  It will be changing every day till you will not think it is a world and a land that anyone wants to live in.  Satan will be permitted to continue to destroy the earth and its people because they are not doing the will of the Father.  God had a plan to keep the world safe and at peace for everyone that is on the earth and everyone that has been aborted.  Satan was given permission from many people to follow his will not Jesus’ will, and as a result your earth will be destroyed. 


You are now living in the era of time just like it was before  Noah and the ark and the flood that cleansed the earth so it would be purified again.  We are now in that time again. The revelation and the 3 ½ years are being lived as Our son and your brother is writing.  All of Heaven says again, to be ready for anything and get your soul in order and prepare food, water, and necessary things to move to the selected refuges that God has prepared to save some of His children to repopulate the earth again in the New Era of Peace that the Bible talks about.  This time is nearing and the New Era of Peace is just around the corner.  Many will die just like in the time of Noah and the arc and the great flood so please prepare your soul in 2014 so you will either be in Heaven or purgatory or in the New Era of Peace.  This is your Mother Mary speaking through My son to all My children on earth.  Love from all of Heaven, Mother of all God’s children.  Amen.

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