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Holy Family Refuge Messages

July 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity and The Holy Family With Your Words Only and St. Michael as guard, 7/31/14

My beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Tell all My remnant children that are listening that I am with them at all times.  Do not pay any attention to the evil one when you are doing My will and the will of the Father.  Do not think that things will be harder when you do My will.  The truth is, that the Father is in control of everything when My children are doing My will, less bad things will happen.  Satan only gets the power from the people who live in mortal sin and work for him.  When My children work for their God, satan’s power is taken away.  I wish that more of My children would work for their God and satan would lose all of his power.  The time will come when satan will lose all of his power, but it could come sooner if more people would turn their lives over to their God.  Please just listen to God and do what He asks of you and do not worry about the other side.  When you are doing God’s will, satan will aggravate you because you lessening his power by helping your brothers and sisters.  I, your Jesus, am in control of everything on earth and in Heaven through My Father’s hand.  I permit satan to do some things to the good and the bad just to teach them patience and to know that satan is real and is out to steal your soul by doing anything and everything possible, but your God is in control.  When you live in mortal sin and do not let your God help you, then you can be taken down by satan because you are telling your God, “Get away, I do not want your help.”  A good example is when you are doing a job that is heavy for you to lift, and a friend comes by and sees you and says, “Do you need another hand to help?”  And you say, “No, I will do it myself, I do not need another hand.”  You try to do it yourself and get hurt and then you blame God for letting you get hurt.  I did not let you get hurt, you let yourself get hurt by not accepting help when I sent it.  This is how your God works.  He always sends help in some way, but sometimes you are too stubborn to accept help and then blame it on somebody else.  A lesson from Jesus to His good and His stubborn children.  Love, Jesus. 



7/30/14 (God the Father continuing the message given 2 days ago)

This is how it should be if all men and women are living within the Divine Will.  This is the only way that your world will get any better, Love the Father in Heaven.  I am not joking.  No man is perfect either, but this is the only way that the world can ever change.  I do want this message sent out.  Men are not leading and the women think they have to take over.  I want all good Christian men to lead their families the way St. Joseph led Me and Mary.  This is God’s Divine Will.  Love, the Father.



Come Holy Trinity and the Blessed Holy Family,  7/28/14

My dearly beloved son, this is Mother Mary.  You are forgiven and the things you said that hurt anyone, just correct with love and if you know they do not listen, correct with hard love.  That is the trouble with the world, the women are controlling the men by threat of divorce or sex.  They try to do satan’s work out in the world and then expect someone to babysit their kids at no expense.  This is from satan at his strongest.  The women just blow the money on junk and ruin their children.  They are teaching their husband and children the same life they are leading.  It is time for the men to stand up and take over the family.  The man will do anything for the woman if the woman does her role and listens, but if she controls everything there is no peace in the family.  This is what you were told last night.  This was not you, it was your God giving you the grace to stand up and be a man the way you should be if the world is to ever change.  God the Father will speak.


My beloved son, you are suffering dearly because you are doing God’s will.  The world is so sick that no one will do what I am telling them to do.  The words you said to your friend and to your spouse were from Heaven.  You have done what your God, the Father of all, is about to do to all the earth.  Your God is fed up with all the mothers not taking care of their children whom I gave them.  The men are acting like women and the women are acting like men.  I have told you before that the children will never know the truth and always be in the gray area if the man is not the head and the woman the heart.  This is why the world has to be stopped and restarted again.  The woman has to be the heart and the man the head.  The man the head and the woman the advisor, not the leader.   They have to be obedient to their divine order that I, your God, has set up.  This is your Father in Heaven, sick and tired of all of this.  Sick and tired of all of the sins of the world and it will stop now, but still full of love and grace for all who will repent. Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family With Your Words Only, 7/24/14

“My dearly beloved children.  It is I your Jesus of love and mercy.”   Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful rain yesterday for all the crops and the beautiful weather today.


My son, I your God and Father in Heaven is very happy with some of my children who are starting to live in Divine Will.  Our hearts in Heaven are so happy that some of our children souls are starting to change.  Please ask for all the grace that is available each day for yourself and for every soul on the face of the earth.  The great renewal of the world is at hand.  It all started when I died on the cross for all My children so that one day it would lead to ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven’ and the last of the Hail Mary, ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.’  This is the time, our time from Heaven when all is about to be fulfilled.  Do not fear all the evil that is roaming the earth at this time, it is just fulfilling the end of the prophecy of the birth and death of Jesus when He was brought into the world through Mary, the Mother of all the children of the world.  This is My Mother’s final mission for mankind on earth for She will step on the head of satan and he will be no more.  This is My Mother’s time in the history of the world.  My Most Beloved Bride and Mother of all, the most beautiful woman that ever walked the face of the earth or ever was seen in Heaven.  Your God is proclaiming this time for the Mother and lover for all mankind.  This is Her time, Her generation, to crush all evil on earth and all that will not repent of their sins to Her God and your God, with all the love and grace that is being poured out on all the earth before it will be no more.  All the fallen angels and demons that have denied God love for everyone will be cast back into the fires of hell and any people on earth that will not accept God’s love and mercy will be no more.  The final move is here for all My children, through all of God’s love and mercy, to ask repentance of all their sins and get off the fence and start living for their God or fall into the fires of hell for all eternity. 


The Children of the Renewal are all the children that will be asked repentance and forgiveness from their heart and I their God will forgive them for anything they have done in their life—or, keep living in the sins of satan and end up in hell forever.  I do not want to lose any one of My children.  God sent Me, Jesus, to earth through Mother Mary as man so all people could not say at the final judgment that God did not know how hard it is to live on earth with all the temptations.  I, your Jesus, who lived on earth will be the final judge to take you to your final destination of Heaven or hell by the choices and decisions you made on earth.  Please ask forgiveness now before it is no more.  Your loving Jesus who has begged as a beggar for two thousand years to save every soul.  Love, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity & The Holy Family, With Your Words Only, 7/23/14

My son, this is your beloved Father in Heaven.  What you just read is very true.  You have been wanting to hear me in a stronger voice from within.  I have told you I do not come in a loud voice or a shout.  I do not come in the wind or the earthquake, I come in the whisper in your heart.  To hear your God louder and clearer, you must move to another level of quietness within your heart.  To hear plainer and better you must move to the next level of holiness.  When you get to the level of holiness that I want you to get to you will hear everything easy.  It is not about noise but about being quieter within your heart.  You and your God together in one heart.  You know how when you are looking at a person speaking and you know what they are going to say before they even speak?  This is kind of how it is with God.  If your heart and your spirit is in tune with God you are a soul mate with each other and with God.  Everyone on earth should be soul mates with each other and what that means is to be One Body With Christ.  When all My children get in tune with God, their spirits are on the same wave length and they can communicate just be looking at each other.  That is how it will be with your God and other people when you are in Heaven.  There is only one thing to focus on and it is love, love of God and love of each other.  Everyone in  Heaven is all love and speaks from their heart.  They know what the other person wants and needs just be being next to them.  It is something like a couple married for fifty years, you do not need to talk any, you just know.  You remember how you and your brother that you partnered with and worked with, you both knew your job and said very little.  You just looked at each other and knew what was needed to be done next and the next step you should take.  It will be similar but much different in the profoundness of it.  That is all for tonight, for your secretary is very busy.  Tell her I love her dearly and thanks for being the hands for you and many of My children.  Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words and Truth, 7/18/14

This is your Jesus of love and mercy to My beloved son.  My Father gave you a strong message yesterday and it is all true, My son.  Please do not doubt that it is from Heaven.  Satan and the one world people are using everything to their advantage to take your country down.  Please tell all your friends that the time is here and now and that the tribulation is going on.  They want everything to happen faster than it is but many, many more would be killed and many more souls would be lost.  My children please pray, instead that major disasters will not happen all at one time.  I assure you that when one of the major disasters happens, you will wish that it never happened.  The disaster in Texas is a major disaster in itself.  People dying from drugs every day is a major disaster.  People killing each other every day is a major disaster.  Everything going on in your country is a major disaster in God’s eyes.  Your whole country is a major disaster.  It is falling fast.  If I let it fall any faster there would be no one left.  Satan would have it destroyed in one day if I, your God, let him.  Thank your God for all the extra time that He has given your country to make it easier on His children.  You will be in poverty before you know it and you will wish you never got there.  You will be begging your God to get you out of this mess that your sins got you into.  Pray, pray, pray that it does not get any worse any sooner than it has to.  My Mother wants to speak.


My love and My most beautiful children, My God and your God is speaking much wisdom in this message.  It is a lot worse than you think.  The evil works of satan are all done and the spiritual work of Jesus is coming to an end.  You should be praying for more time to save souls and stop all satan’s evil because when you are in total chaos you will wish it never happened.  My children you cannot imagine the seriousness of these times.  That is why I, your Mother, have been appearing on earth so many years.  If you could see what Heaven sees, you would change now before you ever get to the total destruction and millions upon millions lying dead in your streets.  My children it is about to happen to a greater degree each day.  Do not try to wish it, just thank your Father for the extra time He is granting His children to lessen the suffering.  Your Loving Mother Mary.  Thanks, son.



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family With Your Words Only and Your Protection Always, 7/17/14

My son, this is your Father in Heaven speaking.  It is good to speak to you again.  Thanks for all the warnings you are getting to our children from Heaven.  The one world people are doing anything and everything they can to destroy your country and all the people so they can take over and control all of America.  They have everything in place as I have told you and they have about all the leaders in the offices at the federal and state level under their control by threatening them or telling them they will not get any aid if they do not comply with their orders.  A few of My people at the local level are trying to fight against the system but they are doing their best to take everyone down.  My children I, your God, am still in control of everything but the sins of the flesh are permitting satan more control every day.  The blood of the martyrs and of the holy aborted babies are taking your country down.  Your church and government are about to be no more.  Your real church and Mass will have to go underground very soon. 


The chip is being put in many people now and they are controlling all those people to help them control and take America down.  All the people that are being brought into Texas are being chipped and controlled and then put out around your country so they can use them as terrorists when they want.  It is all here and it is all happening at this very moment that you write. 


The earthquakes are all about to happen and getting bigger and bigger one after the other and will stop all the supplies coming across America.  Your power will start to be cut off place after place and cause more confusion to your country. 


Your food supplies will continue to be mixed with more and more disease to make people sick.  All your older doctors are retiring because of all the new regulations.  About 50% of your people are trying to pay for 100% of the healthcare.  This will collapse all the insurance companies.  The plan of your government is to do away with all the insurance and medical care to kill off more of your people.  Everything the government tells you is just the opposite of what is true because it is satanic, the opposite of the truth of God.  Pray, pray, pray and I your God will protect and take care of all your needs.  Your Father in Heaven watching over all of Our children.  Repent and confess and beg pardon for your sins for they are taking you down through satan’s sickness.  Keep your eyes on God and Heaven and I will help you.  Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity & Holy Family with God’s Divine Will with all of Heaven to Protect us, 7/10/14

My dearly beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  As you know many diseases are coming out from all over the world.  The new stomach virus is coming out all over the  world.  It was made by man and then put into your meat chain and now your livestock have this disease and it is being spread from your livestock to humans.  It is just like e. coli that was spread from the hogs to humans a few years ago when you were farming.  This is another kind of disease that causes the stomach to either get blocked or to get diarrhea from it.  As your doctor told you it is called colaform.  Also, the new GMO corn is causing many people to get sick because it eats small pin holes in the lining of your intestines.  This causes more viruses to enter into your body.  All the genetically changed crops that are killing all of the bugs in the crops and all the diseases in them are also killing My beloved children and making them sick.  That is why Russia and China are refusing to buy any of these new crops because they are waiting ten years to see what they do to people of America first.  My children wake up.  Wake up and admit that the food that your country is growing is very dangerous to the health of My children.  The naturally grown food is a lot better for your body and health.  What people eat and do is what controls their health.  People are eating food that has no food value in it anymore because farmers do not rotate their crops and have depleted all the natural minerals and nutrients from the soil and replaced them with all chemical fertilizers.  And now even changed the genetics of the crops that are not natural to your body. 


Your society has also thrown out the Ten Commandments and live in lust worse than any animals live, and there is no way for most people to be healthy or happy.  This is why the people of America are so overweight because the food they are eating is just something to put in their stomachs and it has no food value.  They eat more and more but nothing will satisfy them.  This is also the same with their way of life.  They do all things with satan to get a high and feel good and then feel worse after because it is not of God.  Children start to wake up and live the Ten Commandments and pray often to your God before America is no more.  Everything on earth was perfect when Adam and Eve were on earth before they sinned.  Then by their sins they gave their world to satan and he helps people to mess up all the food a little at a time to make it the way it is now.  Then I had to bring the great flood in Noah’s time to re-purify the earth and the people who sinned and the earth from all the contamination.  Then Jesus came to earth and set you free again as the new Adam and Mary as the new Eve and opened up Heaven so you can go to Heaven when you die and get things back on track again. 


Here we are 2000 years later and messed up again because of your free will and not living in God’s will.  And the earth is ready to self destruct again.  God is ready to re-purify the earth again in His second coming and cast all evil back into the fires of hell and all the good people will end up in Heaven or purgatory or be taken into the New Era of Peace to repopulate the earth for a period of time or a thousand year reign as the Bible speaks.  To doubt any of these words is to doubt God.  He has told you in the last two weeks that you are in Revelation 10, 11, and part of 12.  You are living the Warning as My son is writing and it is getting worse each day.  Be prepared to move the refuges and go through the Warning.  Your Jesus of love and mercy is not joking.  Your Jesus of all of Heaven.  Love, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity, Mother Mary, St Anne, and St. Joseph With Your Words Only, 7/6/14

My most beloved son as you feel in your heart today , you and your beloved sister, received many graces yesterday from My Grandmother St. Anne, and My Mother Mary, and Your Jesus of Love and Mercy who is speaking to you.  Tell all My children that the same graces are available for every one of My children.  My children need to learn to trust Me, their Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Your world is now in Revelation 10 and 11.  I have told one of My daughters this and now I am telling you, My son in a message to confirm her. 


The times you are in now are times that are changing from love and mercy to My justice for the sins of the world.  Many people think that justice is not from God and that their God would not permit bad things to happen, but your God is all just and all merciful.  If you are all just, you are also all merciful.  My children, any good father that raises good children warns them of the future dangers in their lives.  Then it is their choice and their free will when they become of age to go on their own when they have to start making their own decisions in life.  Their father or mother is always there to help them and still correct them when they see they are in danger of making a bad decision, but the choice is still up to them.


My children of this generation has not listened to their parents and their parents from Heaven, Jesus and Mary.  When all of our children begin to make all bad decisions with the help of satan, they become lost in the world or in a gray area where they do not know right from wrong or black from white.  Most of My children are now in this position in their lives.  I sent My Mother to earth for many years to teach them and I have made many new prophets in the world that My Mother and I are teaching the whole truth to.  My messengers are people who I have raised from birth and taught personally and My Mother and the saints have taught personally to re-teach the real truths back to the people.  These are leaders sent and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I am sending many gifts to many of My children who will believe in them and they will help My children come through the days ahead of them.  When My Holy Mother or a saint comes to a faithful prophet of Mine it is a miraculous gift from Me to them.  For it is My Holy and Divine Will to help them.  They must have the faith and the wisdom to know this is real and they are being blessed by these gifts.  My child, I need My prophets that I have blessed with different gifts to be strong in their faith and to believe in everything I have said to them for I am coming soon and I will be able to tell them, “You have been a good and faithful servant and believed what others have not and that is why you and all I have chosen are receiving more and more gifts.” 


More and more events will happen that will contradict scientific laws because they will be miraculous events sent by My hands and sometimes I bless you with different gifts to test your faith.  I do not want My dear ones to doubt or become dependent.  I want them to have My gifts of the Holy Spirit and to give them and to share them with others and then you will receive more gifts and responsibilities.  This is enough for now.  A teaching from Jesus.  Love, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother With Your Words Only, 7/1/14

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mother Mary, your Mother, and the Mother of all God’s children.  My beloved son, thanks for all you and your beloved friends are doing.  I thank your friends from out west  that brought so many graces to your area from their pilgrimage around the country.  Thanks for being kind and gentle to them.  I wish all My children to show love and kindness to each other.  They need to be of one heart and one soul to their God and to each other.  I bless all of you with a special blessing from your God through the hands and the heart of your Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth and Mother of the Trinity and all Their children on earth.  Love, Mom.  My Son will speak.


Son, this is your beloved Jesus of love and mercy.  As you know, and see, and feel all hell is loose on earth at this time.  Do not be disturbed because all of Heaven is at your side and at the side of every soul that will call on them for grace and mercy.  Your God is way ahead of satan.  You just have to give your will to God and I will protect and bless every one of My children. 


These are the times when your heart has to be united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  All hell is breaking loose all over the earth and you will see many manmade natural disasters and they will be permitted by your God because of all the sins of My children.  As I have told you before the Ten Commandments have been thrown out of the world and they have taken all of of satan’s evil into their hearts and are trying to play that they are God.  False gods are like playing with fire and it can burn you and explode in your face.  This is what will happen with all the sinful and lustful people that are trying to play with fire, it will blow up in their face, and injure them, and kill them.  You cannot play around with satan and his sin and his way of life because his only purpose is to get you into the state of mortal sin, and then destroy your life, and kill your body and soul, and then take you straight to hell with him for all eternity.


My children it is time to wake up and repent now before the next major disaster that will happen in the US and it will be any day now.  Your soul is at stake and I mean it is ready to be taken down to the pit of hell if you do not repent and say ‘yes’ to your God who made you.  I have repeated hundreds of times through My messengers in the world that there would be all kinds of natural disasters in the world in the last few years and most of My children do not want to believe or think about it but you will be stopped in your tracks very soon now and there will be nowhere to turn or go because everything around you will be no more.  It will be destroyed.  What will you do then?  I hope you will put your hands up toward Heaven and fall on your knees and face and beg God’s mercy and forgiveness on your soul and repent of your sins and beg My forgiveness so you can still go to Heaven before it is too late and you lose your soul to satan.  My justice has begun and the chastisements are getting worse each day.  The more you have to suffer the more you should beg My mercy and grace before you die.  Your loving Jesus to a lost and stubborn generation.  Love and mercy and justice, your loving Jesus.

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