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Holy Family Refuge Messages

June 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity and the Holy Family, 6/27/14

My love My beautiful one, I love you with all My heart as you love Me.  I love the children of the world with all My heart, and I wish they would love Me with all of their hearts.  My Son loves every soul on earth with all His heart and He wishes that every soul on earth would love Him back with all their hearts.  My son, this is the feast day of the Most Sacred Heart of My Son who shed all His blood and suffered a cruel death to save all souls.  He opened Heaven back up for all to enter.  I thank and love My beloved Son dearly for choosing Me and My husband, Joseph.  Joseph and I suffered our whole lives because of the great blessing to us and to all of mankind.  This is a special day in the history of the world to Me, Jesus’ Mother.  The times that I lived and the time that you are living in are about the same type of time that the world was in then.  My life and Jesus’ life was lived just about the same for the people then as it is for the people now.  The people then were looking for a Savior for the world and now the people are now looking and waiting for His second coming. 


The time that I had to wait then is about the same amount of time when I waited until His death as you have been waiting for the second coming.  Your life was totally changed in 1983 when you hit bottom because of the drought that destroyed about all your crops and you hit the low point of your life.  Now your life is coming to a point that you can see and hear from Heaven that the greatest tribulation ever on the face of the earth is here and you know that Jesus’ second coming is not far off.  I have told you that We from Heaven will give you what’s going to happen before it happens so that the remnant people will be ready to help all the ones who are not preparing for the second coming.  I told you yesterday what the next big steps would be and how to prepare for them.  Do not doubt Our real God for He is all truth and He does not deceive Our children like satan.  I told you that I and My Son would send you help and money to do whatever we want of you.  And for the last 31 years We have protected you from satan and all the evil demons and protected your family and have sent you everything you needed, financially and physically, which was many beautiful and holy people that represented the Holy Family.  Do not think for one minute that it will not remain the same for you and all My children who are listening to help save the ones who are not listening.  Your Loving Mother on the Feast Day of My Beloved God and Son, Jesus.  Love, Mother Mary.  Happy Feast Day of My Son.



Come Holy Trinity and all of Heaven, We need all of you to help us here on earth

3:00 pm  6/26/14

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy, with Mary by My side.  Your message to Our children was very strong.  Heaven hopes that someone will listen.  My son I know how hard it is getting for all of My children, those that are lost and those that are listening and praying and writing messages.  You try and tell all of My lost children what to do.  My son you know and your God knows that there is no way out of this mess that the world is in without total collapse of the world and to start over again.  This will happen any day now.  I have told you, all My messengers and prophets, that it would happen in their lifetime and most of My prophets and messengers are in their senior years.  That is why I have been telling everyone to change now because the time clock is in the last second in My time.  A few years ago I told you it was past the eleven o’clock hour.  Now the time has run out except for the extra time that was given to save more lost souls because of the begging and praying of My remnant children who were praying for their lost children. 


The hour glass has run dry and you are in the tribulation as I told you a year ago in July.  The disasters in your country will increase greatly in the next few weeks.  Please pray very hard and try to fast some for the sake of those who will die.  People think that America is immune to war but it is ready to hit America.  I have told you many things that will happen, many natural disasters will happen, but what they will cause is the hard part.  They will cause your electric to go out in many areas of the country.  They will cause your banks to collapse and your water supplies and food supplies will be very hard to find.  Medicine and health care will be a thing of the past as you know it now.  The one world government will control everything you buy.  You will have to take a chip in your body to buy anything and with this chip they can control you to do anything they wish and kill you at any time they want. 


These are just a few of the things that will happen.  If you do not believe Me, look at the countries in the East.  Your God is not joking.  The only places that will be safe are the refuges.  The people who intend to get to the refuges should be helping the people who have the refuges and praying for them all of the time and helping them financially build as much as they can.  These people are putting their hearts, their minds, their souls, and their bodies on the line for their God and for all their brothers and sisters.  Try to help them as much as you can for one day you will be rewarded greatly for helping.  Your Jesus of love and mercy with all of Heaven by your side as you write and have been for years with the help of just a few generous souls.  Your God thanks you for all your help in whatever way you are helping.



Come Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Anne, and St. Joachim With Your Words Only, 6/25/14

My love, My beautiful one, I love you and all My children dearly.  My mother, St. Anne, and many, many other saints are here with you as you write.  We love all of you, My son, from all of the saints here with you.  Tell all of your friends and all of My children that Heaven is not coming down to earth for no reason.  This is a special grace and blessing to all of Our children. 


Jesus is pouring out graces to this generation like never before in the history of the world.  This generation is the most wretched of any generation in the history of the world.  My Son and Father are giving graces and mercy to everyone who will ask and to just take them to change their lives from sickness and sin to health and peace.  Please come, My children, to the hearts of Jesus and Mary and receive the grace and mercy that is being given like never before.  My heart and Jesus’ heart is a river of  living water at this time of grace and mercy.  The time for this grace and mercy is about to end and you will then see Our justice begin. 


My children, We have been trying to get you to change your lives the easy way, but very few are listening and coming to the party of love and grace.  The next step will be when the hand of justice of God comes down.  The earth will begin to shake even more than now. The river of life will start to be the river of justice and will overflow and many will die.  The oceans will overflow and kill many of Our children.  Fire from the sky will come and My children will be baptized in the fire to change their soul instead of the baptism of water.  Children, My love and My God’s loves is out of this world, but Our God is all loving so He has to be all just in the same way.  Never doubt that God will never strike the earth again like in the time of Noah and the flood.  He said He would not destroy totally the earth with water again, but there will be such suffering from water again.  Water can be the river of life, but it can also be the river of death. 


If Our children do not listen, the Warning is going to happen in this generation and all the people on the face of the earth will experience it except a few who will die very soon and they will experience it when they die.  This Warning will be the same as a death experience.  You will see the same thing as a person sees when they die.  This time is a special blessing from My God and Father that He will give everyone a chance to change their lives before their real death.  This grace has been given to very few people, even in the life of the world except when a few people had a near death experience, and died, and saw their lives, and were brought back to life.  Any story you read about people who had this kind of experience, most always change their life around after they had the experience.  Once you experience Heaven, hell, or purgatory,  and know how real it is, you do not even want to think of being in hell for all eternity.  This is all for now, My son.  My Father will speak.


My most beloved son, this is a strong warning from the Mother of the Trinity, but it has to be said again and again.  Our children have to change now, right before the Warning because it will be many times harder when the Warning hits and everyone will be in total turmoil.  Please change now, for your sake and mine because your suffering makes Heaven suffer with you while you suffer.  Your loving Father.  Please, please, please listen now for the Warning is about to strike the earth.  Love, Father.




While reading The Two Witnesses written by Vassula Ryden this messenger received the following request:  This is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I wish for you to publish this prayer for the protection of your country.  Ask all to who read this prayer to please consecrate themselves, their families, and your country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Consecration to the Two Hearts

September 21, 1993

Designated in the prophecies of
Your Word, O Lord, we know,
we trust and we believe that
the Triumph of Your Sacred Heart,
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
is in the near future;

therefore, we humbly come to
consecrate ourselves, our families
and our country to Your
Two Sacred Hearts;

we believe that in consecrating
our country to You, nation will
not lift sword against nation and
there will be no more training for war;

we believe that in consecrating our
country to Your Two Loving Hearts,
all human pride and arrogance,
all godlessness and hardening
of the heart be effaced, and
that every evil will be replaced
with love and good things;

we believe that Your Two Holy Hearts
will not resist our sighs now
and our needs, but in their
Loving Flame will hear us and
come to us to heal our deep wounds
and bring us peace;

O Sacred Heart of Jesus and
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
blow on us a spark from Your
Two Hearts to flare up our heart,
make out of our nation the perfect
Dwelling-Place of Your Holiness;
abide in us and we in You so that
through the Love of Your Two Hearts,
we may find Peace, Unity and Conversion;



Come Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother With Your Words Only, 6/23/14

My most beloved son, this is your Most Beloved Mother, Mary.  I came to you, and I love you.  I know how most of My children are suffering for fighting against satan’s warriors, but all of God’s warriors are at your side.  I will never leave My own.  Keep your spirit light even when you feel like the battle is overwhelming to you.  I felt this way also, when Jesus was on the cross, but My Father never left Me and He will never leave you or any soul that does not deny Him. 


As We told you yesterday, God’s power is so much stronger than satan’s.  You never have to worry about losing the major battles in the end.  It is only because of free will that satan ever wins a battle.  If satan played fair, like your God does, he would never win any battles, but he is a liar and a cheater and never tells the truth about anything unless it is to make you lie. 


I love all of My children dearly and I and Jesus will stand up until till death for all of you.  My Son died a physical death on the cross for you while I died a spiritual death with My Son.  It was just like a mother or father who loses a son or daughter on earth now.  Their heart dies with them and their love for them goes with them when they die.  This is how My Son and I do with every one of Our children who die on earth.  Our heart dies for their soul to go to Heaven and if their soul is lost to hell, We die in total sadness for each one of Our children.  And if the soul is headed toward Heaven, We die in total joy for Our son or daughter.  My children, this is why Jesus and I are so sad now because so many of our children are going to hell because they will not repent.  This is why Jesus is bringing so many disasters onto the earth because of all of the sins of His children.  This is the only way that they will repent with God’s love. 


Americans especially, do not even  really know what real suffering is except for a very few souls.  They think they have life so hard but they have never been taught what real work or suffering is all about.  The people of the Depression era knew what real suffering was about and the families of the wars with children in them know real suffering.  But, the younger generation do not know what love or suffering is all about because they are living in the wrong generation because there is no truth left on earth. 


The problems are no one person’s fault, but the times and history that we live in.  It is a time that the earth is in and the grace is now available so you can change before we go into the New Era of Peace and Love and Joy.  Just give yourself to My Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother and you will soon live in the New Jerusalem.  I know this will sound complicated to many but the Holy Spirit will enlighten you.  Your Loving Mother at the 3 o’clock hour. 



Come Holy Trinity and Mother Mary With Your Words Only, 6/22/14

My most beloved son, this if your Mother Mary.  Thanks for loving Me so dearly.  I am sending you rain for your dry crops.  Ask everyone to thank God for everything they receive from their God.  He loves to give and to give to His children, but He also expects to be thanked and loved by His children.


My son and I are very sad in these days because of all the suffering that has to be sent to earth for Our children to be woken from their long sleep and start to see what the world is all about.  The world is all about sin, sin, and more sin.  God has been taken out of the world and satan has taken over all the earth and contaminated it with all his filth, his lust, his greed, and his power until he destroyed all the beautiful earth with poisoning of everything.  He has made all Our beautiful children sick in body and in spirit. 


It is now time that My son will show His power and might upon the earth and above the earth.  You will see storms, and earthquakes, and volcanoes, and hail, and lightening like never before.  People will hide from all their sins as the chastisements of My Son grow more severe every day.  My children and God’s children will wake up quickly to the truth of God and the lies of satan.  They will see that God is the only God that can help them and Satan and man have no power whatsoever in the face of the real God who made them.  Man is trying to play god and especially all the leaders who think they are so great and powerful like God.  He will show them that they are just a speck of sand next to the sea when He exerts just a speck of His power.  Satan and his followers at their strongest are as powerful as their God is at His weakest.  God can destroy all the earth and everything He made in the beginning with one breath from His mouth or one word spoken from Him and yet the world thinks they are powerful.  They will learn quickly, very soon, that they are nothing next to their God. 


God permits only so much evil until it is ready to destroy the human race and then He puts his foot down and changes everything back to the way He made it.  It was just the same before Noah and the flood when everyone became totally evil except for just a few people.  It is even more evil today.  God is about to reap the harvest of the good and evil again and cast all the wicked into hell who will not change and beg His forgiveness with all the grace He is about to send through the Warning.  Then He is going to renew the earth again with the souls that are pure and bring in the New Jerusalem and the New Era of Peace for a thousand year reign, in God’s timing, and all evil will be locked in hell where they cannot torment the souls of the New Era of Peace and we will live in the new Garden of Eden with Jesus and Mary who were chosen to be the new Adam and Eve to save the world and to reopen the gates of Heaven so the good souls could enter Heaven again.  This is enough for now.  Mother Mary and the New Eve.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/19/14

My dearest son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I come to tell you that some people are trying very hard to change their lives because they can see that the world as they know it is crumbling down.  Most do not understand what is causing it yet, but that is the job of the people I have been working with for years to educate them to the truth of God and not the lies of satan and the world and ten percent of the new leadership. 


Very few people can see what you see before it happens.  They are so caught up in their own problems and sin it will take a lot of grace from Heaven and a lot of destruction on earth to help them to look up toward Heaven and beg their God to show them what is wrong.  Your top leadership in the world and also in most of the churches are just doing what the people want because they know they cannot change anything anyway.  Most of the leadership is threatened  by the top leadership that if they do not do what they are told they will be fired and in some cases be killed if they do not follow orders.  Many are being threatened that their families will be hurt.  With all the things together it is very hard for even the honest and holy people to stand up for what they know to be true.  Your government is totally controlled and threatens the life and the jobs of the leaders who are controlled by the world leaders.  Your country is so full of greed, power, and money that they will take away anyone’s life that gets in their way. 


Satan thinks he has total control and is trying to convince the people to do what he wants.  The truth is,  that your God is totally in control and when I make My move, satan will be crushed by My Mother’s foot and be locked back in hell for the thousand year Era of Peace.  The Warning is about to hit the world and turn every soul upside down and then they will see the real truth and have to make their final choice for Heaven or hell for all eternity.  Whether to live in the burning flames of hell or the glorious love, peace, and joy of Heaven for all eternity.  My children wake up for your time on earth, if you do not change, is very, very, very short if you are not taken to the New Jerusalem or to Heaven.  If you are not taken to the New Era of Peace and die and do not go to Heaven or to purgatory, you will end up in the burning flames of hell.  Repent now, your Jesus of Love and Mercy.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/13/14

My most beloved son this is your Sweet Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Thanks for going to Mass and Confession this morning.  Mass and Confession is the same for your soul as food is for your body.  You cannot live without food for your soul or food for your body.  Eating bad food for your body or using drugs is the same affect on your body as not uniting with your God every day is for your soul. 


My children this is why most of My children are so sick all the time.  The elite people are trying to get rid of anyone who stands in their way.  Satan has taken all spiritual food out of the world and the big elite people and all the ones who run the medical businesses are taking all of the healing medicines out of the market and replacing them with drugs to make billions of dollars and keep all the people sick.  Your major seed and chemical companies are using new seed that hurts your body and make the people and animals sick to try to eliminate a major part of your population and also cause all of your livestock to not breed right and become sick often to cause a major famine in your country. 


They also use a billion watt HAARP machine to change your jet stream to cause flooding in one area and drought in another.  Most of the earthquakes are set off also by the HAARP machine by causing a shaking in the earth that shakes the rocks apart and causes a major earthquake.  Certain vibrations will shatter anything and science knows how to do this with the HAARP machine.  Also your government is firing all military leaders who do not carry out orders to destroy your country.  The one world government has control of everything now.  Your churches also have been taken over by the new world order and most of your top church leaders have been controlled or blackmailed into doing what they want them to do.  Please My children get your souls in order for the clock of this era of time is about to run out.  This is your Jesus of Love and Mercy giving My children the truth and nothing but the truth from all of Heaven.  My Mother wants to speak.


My dear children, all My Son has said is all true.  It is all caused because of the sins of abortion and mostly sexual sins.  It all starts with sin of doing your free will for pleasure and highs.  Then it goes to greed, power, money, and control.  Then satan and a few people want everything and try to get rid of anyone who stands in the way.  That is why America is totally falling as a nation.  No nation stands long after they take their God out of their government.  Be ready, the time is now.  Love all of Heaven.  Pray, pray, pray for souls to change now.  Love Jesus and Mary.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/12/14

My dearly beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I have mercy on all My children and ask for you to ask for My mercy and pray to receive My grace before My justice and Warning that is about to strike the whole world with a blow that it will never recover from in this era that we are in now.  It will be such a shock to many people that they will die from the sorrow for their sins when they see their Jesus and feel the fires of purgatory and hell at its greatest level.  Everyone will go to Heaven, purgatory, or hell at the level of their sinfulness so that they will know and see the justice of their true God for not repenting.  That is why I keep telling you over and over about the same type of messages so they will get to all the different types of people. 


I am your loving Father and I am giving you all the graces that you need to get your soul back in the state of grace so you will not end up in hell or deep purgatory.  I, your God, will do anything I can do to save your soul but you My children have to listen and ask Me from your heart for forgiveness.  I have told you time after time that My arms are open wide for you to come and fall into them and repent to Me for your sins.


My beloved children if you could see what I see and have been telling you all of My children would come running to me.  Think about it this way, if you were in your house at night and someone screamed out loud at the top of their voice, “Your house is on fire!” what would you do?  You would grab all your children and run to the nearest opening.  My children, I am the opening of your physical house, your body and soul, that you have to run to to get out of the feeling like you are totally trapped by satan in your sins. 


Never let satan tell you that you cannot get out of your sins.  It is never too late to turn to your God and save your soul.  As long as you ask for help and forgiveness  from any sin you ever committed here on earth and ask with your heart, mind, and soul, and are sorry, I will take you back even up to the very last second of your life.  Never let satan convince you that you belong to him and you are his.  Your God made you and Your God made satan as a great angel, but satan would not obey God and was cast out of heaven with all the other evil angels and is now trying to trick all God’s children into being in hell for all eternity and living in the fires of hell with him.


Satan does everything the opposite of God who is love and peace, all pure and holy.  Satan is a liar, a robber, a thief, a cheater, a stealer and he does everything evil to destroy God’s children.  Satan never sleeps but is on the prowl to destroy everything and everyone in our world.  Never trust satan for anything because his only purpose is to destroy your life on earth and take your soul into the everlasting fires of hell for all eternity.  This is forever.  Never listen to satan or his lies, only listen to God and his everlasting love, peace, and joy for all eternity.  This is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Please change now before the Warning and then My justice to cleanse all the world of all evil before the Era of Peace.  All of Heaven is by your side if you ask them.  Thanks for writing, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/11/14

I am with you My son, your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I do want you to speak, do not doubt that this is from God, for it is your God. 


My beloved children, please start to save water and food because soon the shelves in your grocery stores and many others stores will be empty or not have the things you need.  There are many things that the one world people are trying to make happen as soon as possible.  One is taking food away from American and another is to get the war started in the east and get America involved and move most of their army out of the USA.  My Mother will speak.


My beloved son, this is your Mother from Heaven.  Please do as My Son has been telling you.  The people who have been preparing will have something to eat when you see your power go out in many places all at the same time.  They have the ability now to shut down the power anywhere at any time in your country.  Your country is totally under the control of the one world people through your president.  He has sold out everything that he could without Congress or the Senate’s permission.  He will continue to do the same. 


Be ready for anything in the world at this time.  Have your things to go to the refuge ready because it will be just a few minutes notice before you will have to leave when the angel tells you.  The one world people are ready to move at any minutes notice.  They have been for a long time.  I, your God, have been holding things back by revealing things to My messengers that have been messing up their plans so far.  But that is about to stop because of all of the sins in your country.  A few of Our children are getting better but a lot of Our children are not listening and some even getting deeper into sin.  The time is to pray, pray, pray.  Your Loving Mother.  Be prepared like the wise virgins and St. Joseph the way he protected Jesus and I.  Love, Mother.


Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/10/14

My most beloved son this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  My son, I know you do not like writing, but My children need to read the truth often these days.  You know how you had to correct some of your children, over and over, day after day after day.  This is how your Father in Heaven feels.  Many, or most of Our children need to be corrected day after day.  We do not want to lose any of Our children.  You are a father just like us and you do not want to lose any of your children.  That is why you still correct them and pray for them all of the time.  That is what a good father does for his children.  A good father helps them physically when they need help.  That is the way it is supposed to be. 


I have told you many times that the father is the head and the mother is the heart of a family.  The father needs to be the one who corrects and disciplines his children and the mother needs to be the one to give most of the love to her children.  This is the way it is ordained to be by God.  There is no one parent that has the ability to do both of these jobs.  When one or the other of my parents do not do these jobs or exchange their jobs for the other it takes the children into a grey area where the children do not really know the real truth.  The man has to be the correcting one and the woman must do most of the loving.  This gives the children everything in black and white and keeps the children in a stable state of mind to live and know the truth.  Today with all of the divorces, most of the children do not have any idea how they should react to different things.  I have told you before that the father does not have to be perfect and the mother does not have to be perfect.  But with the father the head and the mother the heart, most children will turn out to be okay.  With two men or two women raising children, like a homosexual couple, their children have very little chance of survival unless some of their grandparents or someone else steps up with help from Heaven to get the children on the right path. 


All of these problems are generational problems from the past that have to be healed for My children to be able to live in peace.  Your God is not blaming anyone for all these problems in the world, He is just teaching you what the problems are and what Our children need to know to be happy and save their souls.  I know many people will scream about this message of the truth, but My children are so lost. 


As I told you, the grace from Heaven is being poured out like never before on the earth, and My children can take and use this grace just for the asking.  I knew that this generation would be in such a mess that I have been saving many graces for this generation just for the asking.  Each generation continues to get worse because of past sins that keep building up from one generation to the next.  The only way this can stop is if you give Me, your God, your free will to use for you and then I can help you  more. 


I give everyone free will to do as they wish, but if you do not use it wisely you can end up in hell.  If you let Me help you control your life and give Me your free will and try to live in My Divine Will, everything will work out much easier for you.  I want to be your Father, and Mary wants to be your Mother but you have to let your Father correct and discipline you and My Mother to love you with all My love for your life to change.  It is not that I do not love you as much as My Mother, but it is the father’s job to discipline His children and always look like the bad guy until the children get older and then they understand and thank him because they see that he was doing the hardest job of the two by correcting and disciplining them.  This is all for now, a lesson that most of My children do not understand.  Love Jesus, and My Father.



Come Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother, 6/4/14

My love, My most beautiful one.  This is your Loving Mother and Mother of all My most beloved children.  I am happy today for all of My children who are starting to turn to their God and Father.  Some of the graces that are being offered continuously are starting to help some of Our children to start changing.  Please continually grab hold of them and use them to help save your soul by going to Confession and asking God’s forgiveness for all of your sins.  If you are not Catholic, just follow the Ten Commandments because these are all of God’s laws from Heaven and cannot and will not lead you astray.  My Father will speak.


My beloved children.  I am still waiting for more of My children to change their lifestyle and get out of all the sins of the flesh and start living My Ten Commandments.  Sin is what causes natural disasters to come down upon the earth.  Good brings good down upon the earth.  The reason your weather and world are so messed up is because the sin of satan brings all kinds of evil down on the earth and releases more demons from hell to torment you and your brothers and sisters. 


I ask all of My children to start wearing moral clothes in this hot weather that will not tempt your brothers and sisters which leads to more sin of the flesh.  Also use pure words and not dirty words made up by satan, to talk to your brothers and sisters.  Use holy body language and not sinful body language in the way you use your body that just asks for sinful sexual harassment and then you wonder why there are so many women raped.  The way they are showing their bodies, they are giving men hope and invitation.  And the way men dress and act is the same. 


My children start presenting your body in the way you would want a married partner to act.  You will never have holy marriages unless you start with a holy relationship.  If you run around on your spouse-to-be before you get married, chances are, you will do the same after marriage and the honeymoon period is over. 


Wake up, My children and start living in the Ten Commandments.  This is your Father from Heaven in which very few of My children I am well pleased with, but I love each of you dearly and the same.  The grace is available just the same for the biggest sinner and the saint.  Just use it for your salvation.  Be a wise virgin and take the oil for your lamp with you so you do not have to run back for it when it is too late.  Love, love, and more love, Your Father. 



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 6/3/14

My most beloved son, this is your Sweet Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I love you and all My children.  As I have told you before, the time is here and now to start saving all My children’s souls.  The graces are flooding every one of Our children.  Look at it like you have just had a major storm and everything around you is under water.  That is how it is now in the times you are in.  There is grace and evil everywhere you look.  You can feel all evil around you and see all evil around you, but you can take My hand and Our Mother’s hand and see all the grace around you and feel all the grace around you.  The choice is yours to accept all the grace and live in grace or accept all evil and live in evil. 


There is much suffering to accept the hand of God and live in My grace, but the rewards are above anything that you will ever experience in this world and the joy in the next world is beyond anything you can imagine.  Or, you can take the hand of satan and feel a lot of highs that last a short time in this world and reach a low in this world that is beyond anything in this world that you can imagine.


If you take Jesus’ hand you will end up in Heaven and be in total joy for all eternity with the love and peace you have never experienced in your life.  If you take satan’s hand you will experience a pain and sorrow in this world also and pain in sorrow in hell that is like one that you cannot reach on earth and will last for all eternity. 


Please make the wise choice for God and live with me and all the saints and angels, and My Mother, and God the Father who made everything and knows everything.  Satan’s wisdom came from God the Father and satan just turned it backwards from what Jesus taught him.  Jesus taught light.  Satan teaches darkness and he does everything dirty mostly in darkness.  Jesus taught light and love and he teaches everything in light and truth.  Satan hides the truth in darkness unless things look good.  But once you do his thing, he then uses it against you to make you feel guilty.   This is all for now, a lesson for My children.  Your Sweet Jesus. 

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