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Holy Family Refuge Messages

March 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, 3/26/14

This is Mary the Mother of The Trinity and the Most Holy Family. Rejoice and be glad for the Lord is with you and all My children in a stronger way than He was with the apostles until the Last Supper when they could eat His body and drink His blood. He is spiritually in you each time you receive Holy Communion in a state of grace.


My son, I know you and many of My friends have been suffering greatly. We are listening to your prayers and petitions. My children, your physical world is just like your spiritual world when you are doing a big job for your God. Sometimes you have to wait until the job is done until you receive any rest. It is just like in a war. Sometimes you have to fight day and night until the battle is over and won before you can rest. The battle you have been going through has been this kind of battle with satan because of all the conflict in Russia.


We can give extra graces and send more angels to help, but you have to endure the suffering like Jesus did on the cross in an extreme way as I was watching Him. You and your friends have to do the same. Just keep praying and begging for grace and we will give you rest when we can. You cannot take an army out of the battle in the middle of a battle or you would never win a war. The wars with satan are very vicious now, both physically and spiritually. Most of My children do not understand that there is a spiritual world war that goes on between countries before a physical war breaks out. If you win the spiritual war, it stops the physical war from happening or makes it less serious.


My children please keep praying the rosary and get to Mass and Confession as often as possible because you are in a major spiritual world war as I speak to My son. Prayers are the only thing that will stop it from turning into a physical world war that will cause millions to die. This is Mother Mary with serious words from The Trinity and all of Heaven by My side. Love Mother.



Come Holy Trinity, 3/16/14

My love My beautiful one, this is your Most Holy Mother, Mary. We love all of you dearly. Do not expect too many breaks from the weather or any this summer. Heaven and My God and yours is going to keep sending many chastisements this summer because of the sins of America and the world. We were hoping that the people of America would change and your country would become more prayerful. The few people who are who are praying and being faithful are doing more praying, but the people who never pray are becoming more sinful in wanting more and more just to keep them from going crazy from being the slave of satan for years. My children, if the people in American don’t start praying more and start treating their neighbor better, you will be under communist control before year-end. This is all for now, My Father will speak.


My most beloved son and children, the Most Holy Trinity and My Mother and many of My saints and angels have been speaking to the world for years in a strong way, but you as a whole Body in Christ are not repenting. No one would believe Noah when he built the ark and so it seems that very few of the whole body is listening now. Satan has taken the majority of the people as his slave by their permission and you are ready to witness what the people of Noah’s time went through. They experienced the rain to start and then the water kept getting higher and higher until all lost their lives in the flood except for Noah and his family and the animals.


This time it will be different in the way it happens because I promised I would not destroy the earth by water again. This time it will be water, power, famine, money, collapse, and wars like no country has ever experienced. You think your winter was so bad and hard, but if the people do not change quickly you have seen nothing yet in America. Many other countries have experienced many of the chastisements that are about to hit America and the people of America as a whole have experienced nothing yet compared to other countries. Be ready for they are going to get worse each day until you are on your knees looking up to Heaven begging your God to help you. Be prepared to have food, water, and clothing for any type of conditions.


The chip will be ordered in your body so you can’t buy and sell but it will be through the power of the one world government which will control your minds as a slave or take your life if you do not follow orders. Read what happened in the concentration camps in Russia. It will be no different. You will work as a slave or die, but your Father in Heaven gives you a way out through the refuges that are being set up all over the world for a place of safety if you still wish to follow your God and ask forgiveness from your heart for all of your sins.


There will also be a Warning to every soul on the face of the earth and I will take you out of your body in spirit and show you where you would go if you died that minute and it could be Heaven, purgatory, or hell, and let you feel what suffering or joy you would feel in the place you would go because of the choices in your lives from the decisions you made for God, for self, or for satan. Then I will put you back in your physical body to give you another chance to repent and live for your God or continue to live in mortal or deadly sin following satan and end up in hell for all eternity. This is all for now, My children. Please change now for God’s will to be done. Message from God the Father to My son, one of My messengers. Love Father.



Come Holy Trinity, 3/13/14

This is Mary your Beloved Mother. I love you My son and all Our children. Your country is now sitting on a scale balancing back and forth. It could fall any way at any time, My son. The elite one world people are trying their best to make it fall now. Tell everyone that only prayer can stop this total collapse.


My children still refuse to give up their worldly pleasures and stop sinning and giving satan more power. Very few people are trying to stop sinning in a big way and tying to get more away from the ways of the world and start following Jesus. We in Heaven are doing all that is possible to save your country, America, from total collapse. But the people have to stop sinning and pray more. My Father wants to speak.


My son, this is your Father in Heaven who made you and all children on earth. I come to tell you, if it was not for you and all the remnant children who are praying so hard, your country would be in the hands of the one world people this very day, but all the suffering My friends are doing for their God is holding satan back from accomplishing his goal in his time that he was hoping for.


Please tell all your friends to keep praying for a stop to abortion and all the sins of the flesh. Your country is gaining a small bit from very few people. My hand are still ready to crush a lot of the evil places in the country, so keep praying that not all is lost. Your loving Father to a lot of sick children in America.


Please pray that no more states pass laws for same sex marriage because with passage of this law in more states it will lead to more severe chastisements for your country. Abortion is enough to let your God let you be taken over by your enemy. But adding more sins on top of that by letting your leaders at the state level pass these laws just adds extra chastisement to your country.


Pray that your state leaders do not all follow the federal government. If they do, it will be a total collapse for your country except for the refuges. Your Father with a very sad heart. I love you and all My children so much. Please pray for all your leaders not to listen to their leader who is controlled totally by satan and the antichrist. Love, Father.



Come Holy Trinity, 3-7-14

My most beloved son and children, I am your God and the God of all the children on the face of the earth. The time of the earth as you know it is running out. You are ready to see suffering and destruction like the world has ever seen. My people say there is no God. My children you are about to witness things that no one would ever believe. My son writing this is writing because of an experience he had over 30 years ago that changed his life for God for the rest of his life. My children when you go into such turmoil that you cannot cope or understand what is going on, there is just one place to scream, and that is to your God who made you.


Keep My name on your lips in a good way and scream to Me when your life is upside down, for I am the only one who can help you. I can save your soul from the pits of hell and take you to the paradise of Heaven just by your asking Me, your God, to forgive you all the sins you have committed against Me, your God, with a forgiving heart. If Catholic, it has to be to one of My priest sons.


There are millions of Catholics who do not go to confession and they can lose their soul by not following the sacraments that were given to save their souls. Do not take lightly the sacraments of the Catholic Church if you are a Catholic. You cannot call yourself a Catholic and not believe in the sacraments and the graces they bring to you. I ask every Catholic to get to confession this Lent. If it has been 50 years or 1 year, your Catholic duty is to go to confession at least one time a year or anytime you commit a mortal sin.


Anyone Catholic needs confession every month to keep in a state of grace and not risk the fires of hell. My son is tired of pleading for his God, and his God is tired of telling His people all the time to ask for God’s forgiveness. The truth is, over half of the Catholics in the world have not been to confession in years, and if your life should end this very day, you would go to hell unless you have many friends praying and suffering for your sins. Then you would go to a deep purgatory where the suffering is like hell for years. My children, We in Heaven are getting tired of begging for the time is short and you must change now. There is no standing on the fence anymore. It is time to beg God from Heaven or go to Hell by your own free will. This is all We can say. Please read the Bible and save your soul. Please read a good religious book as My son is doing. Your Loving Father.


**The book that he just finished was: Revival Or Judgment, Which Will You Choose For Our Country?  by Bob Fraley.



Come Holy Trinity, This is your Jesus, 3/5/14

My son I have confirmed to you in the last few days what you and your friend’s next step is—to start preparing for your next project. I have given to you and confirmed it in writing from your friends. I am giving part of your area a short blessing of weather before more comes, just for the sake of the prayer warriors and those who are listening. They are totally worn out from spiritual warfare and the long winter. I am giving them the next step in the spiritual battle in the tribulation so they can start to prepare for it. I give all My children that are listening, step by step information before it happens so they can be ready to take care of and to help the ones who are not listening to cope with the next step.


The next step will make your winter look like it was very easy. Things are going to continue to worsen all over the world so please prepare to be without food, water, and electricity at times, in many places, because the evil people are going to take America down as soon as I your God will give them the permission, because of all of the sin of the world and especially of America, because America was given many extra blessings to start as a Christian country.


So the time is now for more destruction to start after a brief break of time. No country will be blessed who kills their babies and passes laws to do so. The womb is the most sacred ground in your country next to the Tabernacle in which I am truly present. Each time a state passes another law on same sex marriage, there will be many consequences for that state. My children start speaking up loud and clear against these laws in your states and refuse to obey any of Obamacare that is against the Ten Commandments. All Christians know what the truth is because it is etched in their heart by God. Stop doing your will and start living God’s will.


Free will was given because your God will not hold you as a slave like satan does. But, your free will will take you to hell if you give your free will all to satan. Most of My children live in either God’s will, satan’s will, and their will or all three. My children you must start living in God’s will and your will and then start to try to live in just God’s will.


To enter Heaven, you must be purified in purgatory until all of your will and satan’s will have been purified from your soul and you have done all the suffering for past sins before going to Heaven. Other people still on earth can get you out of purgatory much faster if they have Masses said for you, and prayers, or offer suffering up for you or for all the poor souls. Plenary indulgences can help get you out quicker and also saying the rosary. These are just a few of the ways mentioned. There are many that will help. This is all for today, My children. This is the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday. Try to give up some sins for Lent. Your Loving Jesus. I love you all.

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