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Holy Family Refuge Messages

May 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 5/31/14

My love, My beautiful one, this is your last day of May, the month of your Beloved Mother Mary.  Thanks for all the messages you have written for your God and Father and all of Us in Heaven.  We are all praying for you and for all the children on earth to get back on the road to Heaven. 


Thanks for all the hard work on Our buildings for the remnant children who will repopulate the New Era  of Peace where all of Heaven will rule and satan will be locked up in hell for a thousand years before the final reign of satan and the last judgment will take place.  All of us in Heaven are praying for this Era of Peace.  My beloved children, the graces are here just for the asking and forgiveness of sin from your heart.  There has never been a time in the world when graces were given as easy as now.  Please take them My son, and My heart, and use them to save your brothers and sisters who are in mortal and deadly sin.  Make every attempt you can to reach out to souls.  My God will speak.


This is your Beloved Jesus of love and mercy.  Make use of all of the graces as My Mother just said for a time will come soon when it will be a lot harder to change and get to a priest because My Father is ready to let satan go into the next plan of the world elite which is to split up the Catholic Church as you know it now.  All Masses will have to be said in private with a risk of death if caught by the one world government. 


If My people would just change, you would not have to suffer as much.  But, My children of the world do not want to give up their sinful and worldly ways.  So as I have told you before, My hands are tied by the sins of the world, and the flesh, and free will.  Please turn to My Divine Will before it is too late for many.  The last minute of the 24 hour time clock is ticking and it is near to the last second.  Expect danger because it is about to hit not just all the other countries, but the USA who have sold their souls to satan for the pleasures of the world.  Your Loving Jesus with a heavy and sad heart.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 5/27/14

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  What you think of your church leaders is true.  This is God the Father telling you this.  Please pray very hard for all the church leaders because the majority of the church leaders are living in the sin of satan.  Many do not even believe that they are in mortal sin.  Tell everyone to pray for all My beloved priests for it makes Me very sad. 


Your God wants all My priest sons back where they need to be—with their God, so they can shepherd all My beloved children.  Many are suffering dearly because they cannot understand what the real truth is anymore.  You know, and I your God knows, that they are satan’s number one target, the family is number two.  This has to be changed by the people of God with more prayers from everyone, not just a few.  The load on My priests and parents is very heavy and many just give up and do not try.  But, satan’s time is up now and all the graces that your God has have been saved while satan has squandered all his power.


The Gift of the Holy Spirit, that the twelve apostles received with My Mother Mary in the upper room when they were so weak, is about to be released to many of My children throughout the world and you will see the biggest turn around that the world has ever seen.  It will all happen within a few minutes through the Warning when every person will receive the graces to change their lives just by saying ‘yes’ to their God and asking for the extra graces that will change the world and lead anyone who wishes to give up their lives as a martyr and go straight to Heaven or go to the New Era of Peace which is the New Jerusalem which is just like the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned.


Satan is about to lose all of his power and be locked in hell for a thousand years of peace.  My children, I your God and Father want all of you at this celebration.  You will either say ‘yes’ to the God who made you and live in My Divine Will or end up in hell for all eternity.  There is no joking around anymore.  The time is here to say ‘yes’ or end up in hell for all eternity.  Your God, the Father, the Lover of all of Heaven with My Most Beloved Mother.  Mother will speak.


Son, this is your Mother Mary and Mother of the Trinity and all children on earth.  God the Father has given Me this title from His Son on the cross.  He chose Me to Mother Jesus on earth and He chose St. Joseph to father Jesus on earth.  Your God and Mine can choose anyone to do anything He wants done, but you have to say ‘yes’ back to Him for Him to use you.  He is the God of all.  He made everything, even the lost angels who betrayed Him because He gives everyone a free will to choose where they want to spend eternity—in Heaven or hell.  Your Loving Mother to all of Heaven and earth from the God who made Me and then chose Me to be the Mother of the Trinity.  And, He wants everyone to call Me the Mother of all Creation and to call Him the Father of all Creation.  God the Father is ALL.  He made all, and He has the love of a father and a mother.  He chose Me to represent the mother’s side for Him.  This is enough for now.  Love, the chosen Mother of Heaven and earth by the Father of all Heaven and earth and all the universe.  Amen.  So be it.  Mother Mary with the Trinity and St. Joseph by My side and yours.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 5/24/14

My most beloved son, this is your Loving Jesus.  Thanks for working on the buildings for your Loving God.  I will send someone to help pay for the rest, thanks for doing the foundation.  I know it will take all of your summer’s money, but you have survived before with little money to run on.  I am giving you and your family many spiritual blessings.   I also have always taken care of your money needs.  Please stop worrying about the money to put the building on the foundation.  It will be available when the people have time to build it.  My Father wants to speak.


My most beloved son, I know you are worrying over your health also, but you will be fine.  Start saying the St. Joseph’s Thanksgiving Prayer now in thanksgiving for helping you to feel better. 


All of My children are suffering much now for their God.  The suffering is needed now for the salvation of My children’s souls.  As I told you in the last two messages, I am done with giving you many warnings anymore.  It will be just as I have said.  My children do not want to listen so the natural disasters and collapse of your money will continue until America will be a poor country without any extra necessities that they are used to.  Continue to expect to have less money and food because of your sins.  I have let satan have the power for a time to try and make America see that they have betrayed their God and sold their souls to pride, power, and money, and every kind of evil. 


I will take care of My children that are living within the Ten Commandments in the refuges very soon.  You will be seeing the Warning very soon.  Be ready as I told you in the last message, to move fast when My angel comes to warn you.  It will be just like when Joseph had to flee in a moment’s notice when My son Jesus was going to be killed as a baby.  They had to flee without any provisions except what they could grab in their hands and flee.  Amen. God the Father and all of Heaven.




Come Holy Trinity & Mother Mary With Your Words Only, 5/15/14

My most beloved son and children, I am very pleased with the love and prayers of My son and a lot of My remnant children.  But, I am very displeased with the majority of Our children.  Many, many more of Our children have to start begging God for more graces and start accepting them from your Mother’s hands as they are given.


This is your Father in Heaven.  My beloved son, My children have to start to pray more for favors from Heaven for the crops to feed My people, because if there is not a lot of prayer and a lot less sin, this year, you will see one of the worst years in centuries.  You will have many storms and many adverse weather conditions that will lead to very poor crops this year and much rationing.  The chastisement is going to get much worse as the days go by and I’m going to stop talking as much and start chastising more until I get the attention of My lost children.  There is no other way, for My children are not listening to any of the warnings so far. 


It will start to intensify with many people dying from major disasters especially a major earthquake and volcanoes and very unusual weather.  Be ready My children with your souls in a state of grace and much food and water stored and your backpacks and cars ready to move to the refuges as soon as the order comes from My angels. 


The one world people are ready to move now and start taking over everything because they know their time is about to run out.  They are far behind on the time schedule that they are allowed and they will move soon.  Be ready for the hardest thing most of you have ever done in your life.  Pray, pray, pray so you can live through it.  Love from all of Heaven, God the Father.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 5/13/14

My most beloved son and children, it is I your Father in Heaven.  I come again to warn you of the dangers ahead.  The time is short to get your lives in order.  I told My son awhile back in a message that your world, as you know it, would be destroyed before his next birthday.   That time is in December.  If many children do not repent, this will become true. 


I give all My messengers the warning as to what will happen if My children do not change, just as My prophets in the past.  If My people change and start doing God’s will and start living in God’s will, the storms will pass without as much damage.  But if all My children keep living in mortal and deadly sin, the storms will be a dead hit on your country.  That is why mortal sins are deadly sins, because you give your life to satan.  Satan brings in a culture of death to get rid of all My children while in mortal sin.  Satan would kill all of My children while in mortal sin if he could, so he could take them to hell.  But satan is not in control.  Your God is in control of everything.  But there comes a time in everyone’s life when your days that I have given you are up and you will die.  So, do not think that you will live in your body forever.  Your body will eventually die and your spirit will live on forever. 


So, get out of mortal or deadly sin now while you can or tomorrow could be the last day of your earthly life when you can still ask your God for forgiveness.  Many people think they will wait and wait to ask forgiveness and end up dying is some kind of natural disaster or accident and lose their soul and up in hell or the lower parts of purgatory and suffer for years for not changing in time or when they had an easy chance to change. 


Children, please change now for My heart aches for you and the heart of My son who is writing is aching with Mine as he writes because he feels My feelings and suffers with His God as he writes.  Please change now for Heaven’s sake and for the sake of the children of the earth who are suffering with all of Heaven to help save their brothers and sisters.  Love, God the Father who made all of you and everything good that you have.



Come Holy Trinity With Your Words Only, 5/9/14

My most beloved son, I come to you with an open heart. Come into My heart for all the graces you need. Tell all My children that My heart is open for ever soul on the face of the earth. Come now while there is still time for the mercy which is ending and turning into My justice. Tell the people to come to Me the way they run to a super bowl or a sale that they run to and think that they will find a big bargain for little or no money. Your God has a whole heart full of gifts to give just for asking forgiveness for your sins from your heart and running to your God’s bleeding heart that is overflowing with gifts of graces to save your soul.


My children you are running with the world and you will receive nothing in the end except total suffering and even hell. If you do not repent, all the money, and fame, and power of the world will not buy happiness, only the Love of the Lord will bring peace into your heart, mind, and soul.


I, your God, am asking you again to come to Me or your priest for forgiveness before you have to beg My mercy because of all the natural disasters and wars that are about to happen. The whole world is standing on the edge of a cliff ready to fall off. Many will die when they fall off, and many will suffer dearly. Please come now so that it will not be so hard for you and Me. Ask forgiveness now, please, please, please, the Most Holy Trinity and all of Heaven. My Mother will speak.


My love, and all My beloved children, My heart is bleeding from all of the sorrow of all My children. Please listen to all of Heaven who are calling and praying for all of you to please get your souls in a state of grace before all of hell breaks out on earth as satan continues his last run to totally destroy the earth. My son is in charge, and satan will cause many souls to suffer greatly, but God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. But, many, many will suffer because of all of their sins and stubbornness to change and ask forgiveness. Your Loving Mother to all Her children. Love, Mom.

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