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Holy Family Refuge Messages

November 2014 Messages      

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son, 11/30/14

My most beloved son, this is Mary the Mother of the Trinity and especially My little Jesus of love and mercy.  My dear children a few more are starting to believe the messages and the seriousness of them. But, most do not believe and continue to persecute My children who do believe.  Most people are like Thomas and he had to put his finger in My son’s side to believe it was really Jesus after the Crucifixion. 


Most people are the same today.  Most people of today just go along with the world to get along and to get any free gifts that the government is giving.  They do not realize that the taxpayers are paying for all the free gifts.  Your government is saying how good it is and how the economy is improving but they fail to say that half of the population is on welfare or some other kind of food programs or something that charities are giving to help the poor people. 


Your economy is very sick and is being propped up by the one world government to make the stock market look good.  They are trying to get everyone to put what money they have left in the stock market and get it higher so when they crash it, there will be few people with any money and then they can take control.  When people are hungry or sick or thirsty, you can lead them most anywhere you want because there is nothing else for them to do.  This is the way the one world government is going to take over the United States of America.  They will come in with things you need and play like they are helping you and then they will take over what little you have left.  This is one of satan’s tricks to get the people under control.  A good example is, if you have ever watched animals or birds when the snow is on and the ground and the water are frozen and they come right up to you because they are weak or sick or starving or thirsty.  You can do anything with them you want.  This is what the one world government is doing with America right now.  They have taken most of the soldiers out of your country to fight wars that should never have started for the past several years.  They stole all the money and silver and gold from those countries when they took them over, and for what?  Because they were trying to stay out of the other countries way and not go along with all their sins and sicknesses.  This is the next step for America because the people are going against the government because they are finally seeing that both parties of the government are the same.  They are both being controlled by the one world government.  They let their parties change every so often so the people think that they will be better off when the next party gets in, but it gets even worse.  The reason for this is because you as a country sold your souls to satan.  You have lost the spiritual war against satan by falling for all his sickness and sin that he fed you the last several years.


The spiritual battle comes first.  After you lose the spiritual battle, then the physical battle comes and will be lost also because God is no longer on your side.  God still loves you and will let you be chastised and suffer very much in hopes that you will learn a lesson and fall on your knees and ask forgiveness so He can still help you to save your soul. 


My children of America all your fancy houses and fancy cars and two jobs in most homes have already taken you to the bottom.  The last thing left to do is for the one world government to cancel all the worthless money that you are using (not backed by anything of value) and return it to the value of the paper that it is printed on.  My children, this is the whole truth about America.  Your loving Mother from Heaven.  Save your souls and forget the money and the houses and the cars because it is all about to be taken away.  It has all been lost, but now it will be taken away.  Love, love, and more love, Mother. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s holy Word, 11/27/14

My most beloved son and all My children, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I want to wish all My children with all of Heaven and My Mother a Happy Thanksgiving.  Please thank your God for all the food and ask God’s blessing on all the food and thank your God for it.   Please pray a blessing over all food you eat and thank your God for it after you eat.  Remember My children that everything comes from God and returns to God, who made everything that is good.  A lot of My children have taken the good things that I have made and turned them into something bad, but I still love them and ask them to repent of their sins and start living God’s Divine Will and quit using their free will to do things that are displeasing to their God. 


I, your God, asked you to prepare for anything that will happen in the next few months and get your souls in the state of grace because it is going to be very hard for many of My children.  You have seen how much suffering that is going in Buffalo, New York, and many other places around the world.  This is just a small taste of what is going to happen and affect everyone in one way or the other.  When most of My children are down on their knees begging God’s mercy, I will then show you the Warning and the sins of your soul and why God has permitted satan to test My children. 


I am in control of everything as I have told you before, but you control your own suffering by abusing your free will.  This gives satan the power to make you suffer.  My children, wake up from your sleep and choose God and Heaven or satan will take you to hell.  Love, God the Father and all of Heaven.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with all of Heaven to guard and protect God’s son and His words to him, 11/25/14

My most beloved son I have told you many things today about your country and the one world government.  I have told you that your leader is the most evil that has ever run your country.  He would make Hitler look good if people knew all he has done to America.  He has totally signed America over to the one world people.  He is just waiting for the time that is set to collapse the dollar and send America into total turmoil.  The Communists said they would take over America without firing a shot.  They do not want to destroy America because they already own it and they are already building power plants in the west and selling electric back to America to pay for part of the debt that America owes them. 


As Mary My Mother told the Fatima children, if Russia was not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her Son, Jesus, that communism would spread throughout the whole world.  It was not done when it should have been done by the Pope and bishops.  Now, communism has spread throughout the whole world.  Some of the good popes tried to consecrate it back, but the bishops were already being controlled by the Masons and the one world government and it could not be done successfully in time.  Now America is living in communism and their leadership is communistic.  What do My children think that communism is?  It is doing whatever you want with your body and your neighbor and living totally for self and gratification of the flesh.  This all started after Vatican II when Russia sent men from communist countries into the priesthood to take leadership in future years.  You are now living that time.  That is why My Mother came back in 1917 at Fatima to the Fatima children because She knew what was going to happen if people were not warned.  Because your church leadership was afraid to consecrate Russia because of what they might do or say, it was not done in time.  From that time your church went downhill until you got to where you are today. 


The only thing left for America is to pray, pray, and pray for the salvation of more souls and the lessening of the chastisements and suffering that will affect the whole world.  The people have chosen this by all the sins of the flesh because they become just like their enemy in sin and evil.  This is God the Father with all that can be said.  Love, love, and more love to a sinful and stubborn generation.  All the past is over and finished.  Pray, pray, and pray because your soul is all that matters in the end.  You are in Revelations and the world is about to end this era of time so prepare your souls for the Era of Peace or Heaven, whatever comes next for you.  Do not look back, look forward to joy and peace with a clean soul.  The refuges will be protected from land, sea, and sky for all who consecrate them to God the Father and all of Heaven.  The Warning is about to touch your earth and reveal how sinful most people really are.  Repent now before it is too late for some.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with God’s words only, 11/20/14

My most beloved son and children this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  You are starting to see the effects of all your sins in America.  I have been letting satan mess with your weather using the HAARP machine and intensifying your weather.  You will see many extremes this winter in the cold and the snow and the ice and the rain.  Pray, pray, and pray that the one world leaders do not shut off your electric this winter because it will cause very severe suffering for all of My children. 


My son, your country has pushed abortion so they do not have to face their sins of adultery, then they are pushing homosexuality so they can have any kind of pleasures they want, now your government is pushing planned suicide so they do not have to pay the insurance for the sick people.  What will be next?  Suicide is the worst one of all because the person has no time to repent of their sins.  They think they will suffer less and it is a blessing to their families.  To God it is a curse to your family and a curse to yourself because if they knew that they will suffer a hundred times more in the lower parts of purgatory or in hell for all eternity, they would think twice.  They are also doing a grave injustice to their family not letting them see someone dying and let the family members help them and gain great graces for their sins and help them get to Heaven.  This is one of the worst sins of all involved. 


My children, your leaders are so lost and many of My children are so lost so pray for them that they might open their hearts to God before it is too late for many.  As I have told you, many areas will have a bad and trying winter.  I have told you before that the most sinful areas will be hit the worst.  The reason for this is that they have to be woke from their sleep before the Warning so they will be more likely to say ‘yes’ to their God and change their life. 


I have told you something major would happen before your birthday and it has been happening and My children do not even see it yet; same sex marriage, abortion, now planned suicide and now the weather is going to be like you have never seen most of My children’s life.  Last winter was a very mild winter next to the ones you lived as a boy and did not even think a thing about it.  Your roads were closed for a week or two at a time and just major highways for emergencies were kept open. You had food in your cellar and food in your barns and chickens and hogs and milk without going anywhere.  The weather will be the same again but much worse so you better be ready and prepare spiritually and physically if you want to survive.  My children I hope you get the hint of your future without prayer and God for those who think that they do not need God, especially the top leaders of your country.  Love, God the Father.  Repent now.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your protection of God’s words to His children, 11/17/14

My most beloved son and all My most beloved children, this is Mary the Mother of all My children on earth.  I come to give you graces from the Father of all mankind.  My children pray and fast for the conversion of souls.  The time is here as We have told you many times.  All of Heaven is praying and begging God’s mercy on all the world.  As We have told you, satan’s plan to take over the world is being fulfilled at this minute because of the sins of the world.  My children need to understand that all of satan’s power comes from the sins of the children of the world.  That is why satan is so powerful now because the children of the world give him all their power and do not use the grace of God to control their lives and be obedient to the Ten Commandments.


Can you not see My children how easy life would be if you lived the Ten Commandments and did not live in all the sins of the world.  If marriages were good  and holy all our children would have a good mother and father and all of our children would be happy and joyful.  There would not be divorces and children would know what is right and wrong and be loved at all times.  Parents would not be fighting.  Can you not see that the more you do, the less you have now because you are working for satan and not for God.  God would never have people running from here to there all the time and working 7 days a week to make a living.  Only satan could confuse My children this much and make My children and everything on earth so evil.  Can you not see how evil the whole world has become after God was taken out of the schools and out of the businesses and out of all the government?  Every business should talk about God and God’s name should be used by all leaders in all their talks.  Sunday should never be a workday for any of My children on earth except for emergencies only.  Businesses should never be open on Sunday.  I your God only ask My children to work 6 days and use Sundays for religious and family duties. 


My children how sick and lost all My children are at this time.  My God and yours  is going to change all this now but it will take much suffering and death to fix the problem.  Satan has taken it to the limit that God has allowed him to take all My sick children without total destruction and My God and yours is stepping in to purify this world and His children.  As My Son told you in the last message be ready and prepared as best you can because many are about to die and many are going to suffer like never before in America.  I have told you and My son has told you many times, get your soul in order this very day so it will not be so hard on you and then get your physical world in order before it is too late.  Prepare, prepare, prepare, and pray, and pray, and pray.  Get down on your knees and beg My Son and Father forgiveness this very day.  Love, Your Mother of Sorrows.  Amen. 




it is just a short time when you will hit bottom with the biggest crash that America has ever seen


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Heaven for protection of God’s Words, 11/15/14

My most beloved son and all of My children, We wish you love and peace this day.  Bishop Danylak and St. Norbert wishes you love and peace and many blessings.  They are helping you all the time with St Michael and a legion of angels and many, many saints to protect you and your friends and all that you and your friends are doing for your God and the world for the salvation of souls. 


I came to tell you My Father is very tired of the sins of the world and the sins of America.  Make sure you get everything you need before your birthday (December 1st) because many things will be hard to get after this month.  The one world government is ready to make a big move to stop and shock your country.  Make sure that all My children have food and water and warm clothing ready for anything and have all fuel tanks, coal or heat for your houses and have plenty of water or a way to get it if electric is out.  Have everything ready that you can think of.  Shut off the electricity in your house for a couple of hours and then see what you are missing.  Do it after dark and it will tell you much more than during the day.  My Father has warned and told you that the chastisement and Warning would happen this year. 


My children pray like you have never prayed before and beg My graces like you have never done before because you will need all the help from Heaven that you can get because hell is about to come out on earth.  This is the choice of the people because of all the sins of the world and especially My chosen America who betrayed Me just like Judas .  I gave America everything and protected them for many years but they sold their souls to satan and became lazy and sinful and lustful.  There is no turning back because you have jumped off the mountaintop and it is just a short time when you will hit bottom with the biggest crash that America has ever seen.  Satan is ready for his last move before God will come and destroy all evil on the face of the earth, but the people will suffer greatly for all their sins for the sake of saving their souls.  This is the only choice left for your God to help save My children’s souls by letting them suffer dearly yet while on earth so they will turn back to their God and repent or the majority would lose their souls to satan and your God loves all of you too much to let you go to hell for all eternity.  I am a good Father and I am going to correct you the way a good father would correct the most stubborn of children.  It will be painful but it will save many of My children from hell. 


I will now speak to My religious.  I tell all of you that many of you are teaching heresy to My children.  I am the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  There is only one truth in the church, the holy Catholic apostolic church.  Much evil came out of Vatican II, they did not uphold the truth that was passed on to them.  The leaders made many changes that they made up themselves and then started leading all My children astray.  They took the full truth that was in black and white which My children could understand and made it into a grey area that could not be understood or followed correctly.  That is the reason the church is in such a mess now and bishops are against bishops and priests are against priests and lay people against lay people because Vatican II was influenced by satan himself and all the masons and all the groups of heretics.  This is a lesson from Jesus through God the Father’s mouth before all falls.  Learn your true faith now before all falls because the new Era of Peace will be all truth that the one holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches and will always teach.  Love, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family & St. Michael with protection of God’s words to his son, 11/13/14

My most beloved son and children, this is Mary the Mother of God and the Mother of all children of Heaven and earth.  I love all My children with all the love of the Most Holy Trinity.  They have given their Mother all their love to pass to all the children of earth.  This is why they want the church to declare Me as the Mediatrix of All Graces to the children of the earth.  They also want the Holy Father to consecrate the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially Russia because they have spread communism out to the whole world.  I also ask that each and every family that reads this to consecrate their families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary this very day because it is necessary for the times you are in to survive. 


I ask that you go to your priests and ask them to consecrate their parish and their schools and their cities to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for protection against communism.  It has infiltrated the whole world and they are ready to make their final move to take over and try to control the whole world.  I have asked My beloved Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia and the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus to stop satan from trying to destroy the whole world but it has not been successfully done. 


God the Father is now down on earth with his heart open and flooding the earth with graces to end this era of time and bring in the new Era of Peace.  There will be much suffering for the whole world and especially America because of all the loss of faith and prayers.  America was chosen for God the Father and given to Me, His Mother, to guide the world back to peace and joy but they chose a communist leader to run their country not just once but two times.   Your country is now under communistic control and is being enforced a little at a time as the people ask, to be able to lead their sinful lifestyles of abortion and homosexuality and lust and power and greed.  The generation of the past wanted a king to rule them as their God and then fell and suffered greatly and now America has done the same thing. 


As I have told you before the people control God by the way they live because God has given you free will.  You use your free will to invite satan as the leader of your country.  You will now pay the price of your sin but God will not allow satan to destroy everything.  God will protect the refuges and My remnant children to repopulate the earth again in the new Era of Peace and joy and happiness.  The people of Noah in the time of the flood went on partying and not paying attention and the people of America are doing the same.  This is Mother Mary with the most sick and suffering heart in the history of the world.  Love, your Mother of the Trinity with the words of the Trinity.  Sorry, My children, pray, pray, pray and stand up for your faith because it is about to be given away because of your laziness.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael with all the angels from Heaven to protect God’s son as he writes, 11/9/14

My love My beautiful one, this is Mary, your Beloved Mother who loves you very much and all My children.  I come to confirm the messages you are getting all are from Heaven and from God the Father, or from Jesus, or from Me, Mary.  I know they are hard to write because the majority of the world is not listening. I know you feel like you are out hanging on a limb ready to fall off.  We have told you before that if the limb breaks and you fall, you will fall into My arms or My beloved Son, Jesus’ arms.


Many people are hearing the truth through My sons and daughters of the Daughters of the Lamb.  It was all started by God with many graces to help get the word of some of My prophets to the people of the world.  The people of the world do not even know what truth is anymore with all the lies that are coming out of the world that is being controlled by the one world government through the news media which is owned and controlled by the one world government. 


All your top leaders in the army, navy, and air force and any other branches of the government are all having to sign a paper that they will kill their own people if ordered to.  That is why so many of your top official leaders are refusing to sign and are being kicked out of the ranks of the leadership in the whole USA.  Your president is replacing them with people of other countries that want to take America down and take over your whole country.  Pray, pray, pray or your country will not be around much longer. 


Everything is happening as you write and will be over soon.  Your country has lost the spiritual battle with your communist president.  China and Russia are all in place and in your country at this time to fulfill their orders as soon as they are given and it will start with a major natural disaster so they can come in and trick the people as if they are taking care of them and then put them in concentration camps the same way Hitler did.  It is the same plan Hitler used and it is being used against Americans because of their sins.  Satan’s tactics are always the same.  He weakens the people with sin and lust and power and greed and takes religion and God out of everything.  Then, the people are blinded.  He has done this through television, cell phones, and internet.  Your country will now fall and be taken over by your own communist leader who you voted in not just once, but two times.  Mother Mary with a sick and sorrowful heart for Her beloved country and children.  Repent today for tomorrow you may die.  Love, Mary and all of Heaven.  Sorry.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your words only, 11/8/14

My dearly beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  As I told you the other day, the handwriting is on the wall and it is getting clearer and clearer each day.  With all the newly elected Republicans your president is furious.  He is a dog cornered and does not know what to do with all of his lies and control of the White House.  The people finally gave the go ahead to act against him with the new Congress and Senate.  This is why I told My children to be ready for anything during November and December.  The Democrats are now furious and satan’s time is always when he can make Jesus suffer the most.  He will definitely cause much turmoil before Christmas. 


I your God am telling all My children to be ready before the first of the year for no electric, no food in the stores, and no electric in many, many places and areas.  Be sure you have food and water for several days because you will have a hard time getting any, especially if you are in any big cities.  Have your gas tanks filled so you can get out of the cities ahead of time.  Do not be concerned about losing your jobs because there will not be any jobs much longer for the world.  You will be working for God to help people or be forced by the one world government to be slaves or die at the concentration camps. 


I have told you My son I would give you what would happen before it happened.  Be ready for anything.  Your Jesus of love and mercy.  Kneel down on your knees and ask forgiveness for your sins this very night because tomorrow may be too late for some.  Love, Jesus.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael for protection of God’s words to His son and all of His beloved children, 11/6/14

My most beloved son and children this if your Jesus of love and mercy.  Thanks for writing for all of Our children.  The message yesterday was very strong to My children but I have told you that My God and Your God is all loving and all just.  The messages to Our children have to be all just and all truth because God is all loving.  Do not think that you can live any way you want just because Your God is all loving.  It  makes your God very angry when priests tell the people that God is all loving and He would not let any of His children go to hell.  This is the reason God is all loving because He is also all just and all truthful.  He does not force anyone to love Him, He just asks for people to love Him and obey Him and He will do anything for them, but this is your choice to obey Him or to disobey Him.  If you obey Him, He can do anything to protect you and help you, but if you do not obey and listen to Him, He cannot always protect you because of your free will.   An example is, if you think you can run out in front of a car and God will protect you and you will not get hurt, you are living in your will and not God’s will.  He cannot protect you because you are not listening to Him; it is the same thing with taking drugs, premarital sex, and any kind of sin against the Ten Commandments.  If it is against the Ten Commandments it is your free will and not God’s Divine Will and He cannot protect you. 


You have to live the way God ordained for you to live in all His will and His love to be protected.  My children of today think they can do anything that satan asks them to do and get a good feeling and be protected.  Then they come to their God and beg help and wonder why this bad thing happened to them.  It is you and satan working together and not you and your God, but I still pick you up, the pieces of you that are left, and give you another chance. 


I will continue to pick you up anytime you call on the name of Jesus and give you a million chances, but someday you will have to start listening to your God or you could end up in lower purgatory or hell and wonder what happened.  I am an all loving God but I cannot love you through your stubbornness and hardness of heart.  You will end up suffering every time you listen to yourself or to satan.  In the end it will either be God and Heaven or satan and hell for all eternity.  This is Jesus of love and mercy speaking God’s words to a stubborn generation that thinks they can have it both ways and be okay in the end.  This is a lie from satan to take you to hell for all eternity.  Your Jesus of love and mercy.


PS:  Please pray for all the people receiving and putting out these messages because it is like being on the front lines of the biggest war you have ever known.    It is a spiritual war between good and evil for the salvation of their souls.  Love, Jesus.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Your warring angels to protect and guard God’s son, 11/5/14

My most beloved son and children, the elections pleased Your God much.  This shows Your God that some of My children, at least, see that their government is totally corrupt and want to try and change it.  My children, you are now starting to see the problem and want to change it, but the answer is 1st, you’ve got to come to Your God and ask forgiveness for your own sins and then come to Your God and ask forgiveness for the sins of your brothers and sisters; then, you have to stop sinning yourself and then help your brothers and sisters from sinning. 


I am going to tell you how you can help your country in a short time and still have a chance to keep from being taken over by the one world government. 


  1. Go to church every Sunday and do not work on Sunday and shut down all businesses.

  2. Put the Ten Commandments back in all public places for all My children to see, then live them and read them often

  3. Then, stop killing My children in the womb before they are born

  4. Do not act like same sex relationships have anything to do with marriage because it is straight from satan and an abomination to God and destroys anyone’s lives who come in contact with it


You must fight against all these things with all your strength.  Love the sinner but fight the sin before it destroys everything you have.  All these things I just said is satan at his strongest. 


Get the truth of God back into your schools and churches and throw out all the new age garbage and communism.  The first two are God’s laws, the second two are satan’s garbage.  This is one of the last chances to not lose your country to the one world government and it has to happen this year, but you will still suffer severely for all your sins.  Your Jesus is giving your people the last chance to save something. 


Do you know that the Statue of Liberty was really the Blessed Mother of Jesus standing holding the chalice and the blood of Jesus in Her hand to protect your country until you threw the Ten Commandments out the window and invited satan in to take over your country?  Look and see what satan did to your once holy nation and turned it into a den of thieves.  A truth from God the Father through His son, Jesus Christ.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as guard and protector, 11/4/14

My most beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Tell all My children that they must pray much now for the graces to survive this coming winter.  You are about to see some of the most devastating things that your country has ever experienced in the history of your country.  The sins of My children have caused all that is about to happen and is happening now but your news media does not tell you any of it.  They are waiting for it to get all out of control before telling you anything.  Satan controls everything now and 90% of all you hear will be lies and cover-ups so the people do not know what is going on.  The evil people will make the election look close most of the time, but they have the power to shift it any direction they choose that best suits for their good to control and take America down as soon as possible. 


Make sure you vote no matter what the outcome is because your nation is judged by the true vote of the people by your God.  It makes a lot of difference to your God how you vote in the amount of chastisements that your country receives.  God knows whether you vote for satan’s causes or for God’s will to be done.  Do not vote for anyone who supports abortion or same sex marriage because it is an abomination to your God.  This is what got your country in the shape it is now.  Also, taking the Ten Commandments and religion out of your schools started all of this.  Everything in your country should fall  under the Ten Commandments that I your God setup for all countries and all nations.  Whenever the country or state or county or family drops the Ten Commandments they will fall apart and be destroyed and not be able to function properly.  The whole world has become like the Roman Empire when it fell.  It thought it was God and no one could stop it.  This is what happened to America and it is falling at this minute and it will continue to fall down completely and be like a third world country with nothing but poverty and suffering because they thought they knew more than their God.  This is your Jesus and God the Father and Holy Spirit telling you the reason you are falling.  Love from all of Heaven.  Thank You, Jesus, we love You for all those who do not.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St. Michael and all of Heaven with your protection of God’s words to His children, 11/2/14

These words are not of man, they are straight from your God.



Prayer from Jesus for protection of property, homes, body and soul, and everything we eat, drink, breath or touch.

Oh, Divine and Eternal Father through the Most Precious Blood of your Divine Son, Jesus, we ask You to remove anything that is not from You that is in our food, our water, our air, the medicines in this household, our bodies and souls, the buildings and houses where we live, and the property around us and replace it with the pureness that was in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned.  Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and we give You thanks for this blessing, Amen. 


My most beloved son and children you now have to listen to your God closely because the one world people are putting all kinds of diseases and poisons in the jet streams, the chemtrails, and also many manmade diseases in your food.  Manmade diseases can only be cured by natural medicines.  Ebola and Aids were created in laboratories to kill off God’s children and lessen the population.  Do not take any flu shots, Ebola shots, or chips in the body or any kind of shot that is promoted by the government or mandated in an order for no reason.  It is a setup to kill many people and further spread these diseases quickly around the world.  Do not believe anything that the government tells you because it is now run by satan himself.


Please say the above prayer daily because they are putting contamination in all foods and all crops that are grown commercially by most people.  Plant only natural heirloom crops and not genetically modified crops with all the chemicals and bug controls in them.  This is all poison and will destroy your immune system, cause cancer, and many other diseases to the body.  Biotic silver refined in small particles is one of the best cures for many of these diseases.  Search natural medicines on the Internet to see what is good to help cure you.  Say the prayer from God for protection three times a day for protection, once in honor of God the Father, once in honor of God the Son, and once in honor of God the Holy Spirit.    Thanks, God for your warning and protection.



Come God the Father and Holy Family with St. Michael as guard and protector, 11/1/14

This is your Jesus of love and mercy.  My God and your God told you the month of October would be a special month of prayer and asked that everyone pray the rosary every day.  There is a big reason for this.  The month of November will be a very trying month for all My children with much bad weather and many things that will test all My children.  The test will be lessened some for the faithful who prayed the rosary as My Father asked, but very few were obedient and it did not lessen the things that will happen this month very much. 


As I have told you, be ready for anything and have the things ready that I asked you to have stored such as water and food and so on.  I asked all My children who are listening to read the last month of messages given to the Daughters of the Lamb website ( so they are ready for all the hell that is about to happen this month and next month.  I am telling you that something big will happen before the first of the year.  I told My most beloved son that something major would happen before his next birthday which is December 1st.  Satan will make a big move to kill many of My children this year so be ready for anything and be prepared as much as possible.  This is your Jesus of Love and mercy talking to My children who are about to experience a taste of God’s justice permitted to satan because of all the sins of the world and especially abortion and same sex relationships.  I will not call it marriage because it is an abomination to My God and yours.  Your Jesus of love and mercy with justice that you are about to receive because of your sins.  Love, Jesus.

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