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Holy Family Refuge Messages

October 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son, 10/28/14

My most beloved son and My most beloved children this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I am here for you all, My children who are suffering so much.  Come to Me, your God with all of your heart, mind, and soul and repent and fall into My arms and My Mother’s arms for peace and joy because this is the only peace to find and the only place to find it.  It will not come from the world you live in anymore because satan has taken it over to fulfill prophecy.  You must come to your God of Heaven and earth now or suffer harshly in the world that has no peace anymore.  You must stay in My Mother’s and My  arms from on now until the Era of Peace.  We will hold you like Our little children as long as you stay in Our will and live in Divine Will with Heaven.  You will be lead to the refuges if that is Heaven’s will or you will be taken if that is Heaven’s will.


My beloved children there is no more time for living half in satan’s territory and half in God’s territory doing what you want when you want to do your own will.  You must start to move into God’s Divine Will and give your life to Me every morning when you get up, or to My Mother.  It is that serious now.  The messages will be short and direct now because there is not time to read a lot anymore.  You have to get down on your knees and pray and beg for the salvation of many souls that are about to be taken.  Do not ask so many questions and try to figure out your God and My plan.  Just discern what is common sense and the truth, and believe and trust your God and all will be fulfilled in My time and in My way for the good of your soul.  Love, Father. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son, 7:00 pm Adoration, 10/24/14

My most beloved son and children, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I came to give you much love and graces for the times we are in now.  Graces are falling from Heaven like rain drops to saturate you with all the graces you need to get to Heaven.  Do not be afraid to walk out into the rain to receive all the graces I have for all My children.  Ask your God and My God for all the graces that He has for you and use them to save your soul and the souls of the world.  God told you the other day to not pay attention to satan and the deceiver of everything.  Come straight to your God and your Jesus and Mary of Love and Mercy and give all the sins of your life to them and then repent before it is too late.  My children the hour is late and the time of many people’s lives is getting very short so be ready to face your God and it is there that you repent and ask forgiveness for your sins before this terrible day.  It will be much easier for you. 


I ask all people who are reading these messages and others to go back a month and read a month of messages at one time so you can see more of the picture of what is happening in the world and see more of the full picture.  A lot of the picture of the world has been given in the last year through these messages.  Instead of wanting more new messages start reading the old ones because all messages will stop in the near future.  I have told you this long ago everything stops after a period of time and the messages are no different.  Everything has been said that you need to know so please reread the old messages.  I your God really do not have much more to say now, except please read what you have been taught and start practicing it for it will be good to have it fresh in your mind before everything falls in different parts of your country. 


Many people will lose everything and all My remnant children will have to take those people and help them to survive and take care of them like little children at first because when you lose everything you are lost for a time, spiritually and physically.  You all are used to doing certain things every day and when everything is taken away it is like a death to you and you will be confused and will need help like when you get lost someone will have to help you, spiritually and physically, to get you back on the right track because you will not even know where to start.  Just die of self and be open to God’s word to the people He sends you. 


Do not listen to the federal FEMA regulations because they will take you to concentration camps and put chips in you and control you and make slaves out of you who are strong and healthy and get rid of the weak and fragile.  This is already happening out west with the people fleeing from South America.  They are being used and abused by the one world people.  This is all for now, Love your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Amen



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and a legion of angels to protect God’s son with His words for His children, 10/23/14

My most beloved son and My most beloved children.  This is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I come to confirm to all My children to be ready for anything now because your lives are starting to be turned upside down.


1.     Pray and get your souls in a state of grace.

2.     Have plenty of water in your house because when the electric grid is turned off all My children in most cities will not be able to get water.

3.     Have plenty of food ahead of time because when the electric goes out you will not be able to buy anything because everything is on computers and has to have electric to work.

4.     Keep your gas tanks on your cars full and have extra stored in containers so you can get out of your cities ahead of time before the one world people shut down all the major highways.

5.     Listen to your guardian angels and get out of your home and start to go the refuges as soon as your guardian angel tells you.  Just like Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus did when they were about to kill the babies to get rid of Baby Jesus. 


My children, I am telling you this so you are ready as possible.  I will not tell you any exact date but you can read the signs of the times all over the world and know that it cannot go much longer without total destruction in a lot of places.  Just be ready and alert to what is going on in your world.  Make sure you stay off the main interstates because they will be blocked and you will have no way to get off without walking.  Just listen to your God and the angels and do not panic because your God is in control.  Do not let the authorities take you to camps or tell you they will take care of you.  Stay in small groups and I will lead you to safety.  This is all for now, your loving Father of Heaven and earth.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael to protect and guard the Word of God the Father to His son, 10/19/14

My most beloved son and children especially the ones that are most closely working with My son and helping him physically and spiritually.  I give a special blessing to all of them and also to all My children who are reading these messages and helping them spread the truth from God the Father and getting these messages to the rest of the world.  I do want these messages to go all over the world to save souls and teach them the truth of My one holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  To all My children that are not Catholic the same graces go to you also because you are where I want you now, but to find the whole truth it is in the Catholic church that I started at the last supper and fulfilled it on the Cross when I gave up My life with Mary, My Mother, for all the sins of the world from the beginning to the end of times in the world. 


The Ten Commandments were given to guide all Christians to the truth so they could live in a state of grace in their life and the seven Sacraments were given for all Catholics so they could live in the fullness of grace.  If you are Catholic you need to live within the Ten Commandments and the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church and go to Confession when in sin, and if the sin is mortal, you have to go to Confession before receiving Communion at Mass or it is another mortal sin.  You cannot receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin.  Look in the Catechism of the Catholic Church approved by Pope John Paul II if you do not know what is a mortal sin or what is a venial sin.  People do not think that venial sins hurt them, but if you never go to Confession and keep committing them you will be lead into mortal sin.  It is also a mortal sin not to go to Confession once a year.  You have to help yourself to be educated of the truth of the Catholic Church if Catholic and study the Bible, and go to Mass on Sundays except for a grave reason not just because you partied the night before and are tired.  This is not a good reason. 


My children I your God am giving you all the graces needed to save your souls at this time and then many more if you ask me for them and then use them.  I can only make graces open from Heaven for you but you have to make the effort to ask Me your God to forgive your sins and accept them just like if a friend gives you a present that you want badly.   You need to ask and want graces badly to save your soul.  The reason I am making every effort possible to every soul on the face of the earth is because the Warning and the chip that satan is going to try and put in your body so he can control you is very, very, very close.  If you let them put the chip in your body with your own free will satan will then have total control of your mind.  With the chip in your body it will be like a microphone that they can speak or put any noise in for you to hear to drive you crazy.  Do not take the chip or the flu shot in your body because the chip controls your mind and soul and the flu shot weakens your immune system and puts mercury in your body at a seriously high rate that causes you to pick up all electrical noises and sickens your body and gives cancer and many other kinds of sickness.  Science has proven that living next to main power plants and high voltage power lines causes cancer and many other sicknesses.  Your body is made up of electrical pulses and high electrical contact causes electrical shorts in your body to stop it from functioning correctly.  Most people will not understand this but it is important to know. 


There is very little time left for My children to live in this world in a normal way that you are used to and I, God the Father, with Mary and St. Michael are trying to get all My children ready for the New Era of Peace or for Heaven whatever comes first for you.  I want to make sure to see you in Heaven or in the New Era of Peace after the three days of darkness or the comet of chastisement when all evil will be cast back into hell and locked there and Heaven and earth will join together and form the New Jerusalem for the thousand years of peace and the ‘Our Father’ will be fulfilled and Jesus and Mary’s mission with Jesus’ death on the cross will be fulfilled.  This is what the second coming is, the fulfillment of the first coming of Jesus.  Amen.  So be it.  Mary, My Mother will now speak.


My love My beautiful one and all My most beautiful children.  This is your loving Mother with love and joy for all this day.  Many, many good things are happening in the world from the graces of My Son.  The news media very seldom covers them because they are controlled by the one world government.  But many of Our children are waking from their sleep and seeing that the world has to change from evil to good or it will destroy itself.  Many people are becoming aware of this and are starting to drop their sinful ways and get on the winning path of Jesus Christ and get their souls and bodies back in shape to face the final run for Jesus and get ready for the Warning and turn their life to God Our Savior. 


These messages are from God the Father to save all the souls of the earth at the last second in God’s time because God does not have any time.  It is all just the present minute and you should live the present minute as if it is your last for it could be and will be some day.  Your loving Mother, Mary and all of heaven. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, & St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s son with His true words, Thursday, 10/16/14, 2:30 am

This is God the Father who is all loving and all just.  My beloved remnant children, I am sorry you have to listen to all the blasphemy of your God.  I have come to overthrow the money tables once again and throw it on the ground and run all the evil people out of My temples and churches.  The evil people are at their evilest in the history of the world.  I told you to bless yourself with exorcism holy water before you write this because it is necessary.  My children are pushing same sex relationships on My good children and trying to act like it is a marriage.  This is satan at his worst.  They are now living way below animal level.  It would be less of an evil to want to marry an animal than to think that two people of the same sex could marry each other.  Marriage is one of My most beautiful sacraments and people are trying to act like it is a sacrament.  Woe to anyone who would call this a marriage because they will be in hell for all eternity if they do not repent soon before the Warning so they will have a chance to ask forgiveness during the Warning.  This is one of My most sacred sacraments for the creation of My beloved children that I your God brings into the world.  My most beloved Pope John Paul II wrote the Theology of the Body and the Beauty of Marriage in the Marriage Act and Christopher West put it into language that My children could understand. 


Your leaders have now gone into the lowest level they can go without falling into the pit of hell for all eternity.  Your last chance to be saved for the wicked is the Warning which is just around the corner.  I am a loving God but you have tested My patience to the limit for I will not let the wicked people test My holy remnant any longer.  Your country, America, will now fall hard just like the old Roman Empire and the majority will die so be ready to repent or fall into the fires of hell forever.  This IS your God in a very serious message.  How can My beautiful children live much worse than animals live; they listen to their instincts but My children listen to nothing but satan and fallen angels.  The fallen angels bring all this evil to My children.  My beautiful children could never have come up with all this evil without listening to satan himself and the fallen angels.  Now, start listening to your God and repent and ask forgiveness.  I will show you what real peace and love is from the God who made you.  I love each of My children dearly and will do anything I can to save My children, but you have to repent and give Me your permission and free will to help you.  My children I am not joking. 


The next move of satan is to destroy all your Masses by the one world government and all the religions on the face of the earth.  I will not let this happen but the real Mass will have to go underground and back into the home because most churches will be abandoned to the antichrist and new age.  There will be a few churches that stand up for their God and become refuges and be protected from land, sea, and sky with a circle of angels around them to protect them.  My children I have said all I can say so be ready to see things that you never thought you would see in America.  This has been planned by satan for many years and do not fall into his traps.  But, the good news is I, your God, am here on earth to bail you out and take you into the New Era of Peace.  So, come to Me and My Mother and all of Heaven and take Our hands for satan is nothing next to God and Heaven.  He is only a speck of sand next to a whole ocean compared to your God of love and mercy and satan is all hell and suffering.  I your God is all love and mercy and just.  Do not worry, just come to Me and I and My Mother will hold and protect you like a good mother holds and feeds her little baby.  This is the kind of love We have for each of Our children.  This is enough for now.  Love and peace of God is about to wipe out all of satan’s evil in the world.  Come take Our hands and our hearts and give your God your hand and heart and all will be peaceful even in the turmoil of this world.  Love, love and more love from all of Heaven.  Ended at 3:02 am.


Message continued at 5:30 am:  Do not fear the enemy satan and his demons.  God made them.  God is the maker of all.  God is in control of all those who give their life to Him.  Do not fear, My children, of anything except for the life of your soul.  Do not worry about money or material things for they will be gone soon.  Just pray, pray, and pray and give your soul to God who made you and loves you.  He is the only one who can give you peace even in turmoil.  Trust Me, My children and come to Me for I am all love and grace for those who love Me.   Satan is all hell for all those who turn away from Me and the truth.  I always was and always will be and always remains the same.  Satan twists and turns and changes all the time just like a snake to keep you confused and tormented.  Stop listening to him and come to your God and Savior who made you.  Listen to the truth and do not believe or pay attention to all the lies of satan and your world.  The church is even twisting the truth now because it has been entered and is being controlled by satan himself.  Listen only to the old holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, the old bibles, and the Catechism of St. John Paul II and the messages that are being given to My remnant children.  This is the truth that will set you free.  Do not pay any attention to anything that is coming out in the news today because it is all twisted and not truth.  Your loving God who cannot stand listening to the filth of the world any longer.  Come to Me now, please.  I love all of you and would not be speaking to so many of My prophets of today but some are true and some are false.  Please discern and  listen to common sense and small people not the great leaders or any government.  God the Father.  Amen.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, & St. Michael as guard over God’s words to His son with all of Heaven, Thursday, 10/16/14, 5:30 pm

My love, My most beautiful son and all My most beautiful children, this is Mary the Mother of God and all the children that have ever been on earth.  My son, I am crying tears of sorrow and blood for all My children that are about to die.  But I am crying tears of joy for all the graces that are being given by My Son to save souls.  It is not over until it is over.  Many souls will be saved through the many disasters as they come throughout the whole world.  The Warning will be given, as you know, when many of My children are on their knees begging God to take their nightmares away.  When they see the truth and the state of their souls and feel the pain of hell and lower purgatory most will beg God’s forgiveness.  It looks now like the majority will be lost but with the Warning and the grace that God has saved for this generation, the majority will be saved.  Only the hardest of hearts will not be saved unless they ask forgiveness from God from their heart.  It looks bad and feels bad now and for a time but Heaven has not spent all their bank credit up like satan.  Satan spends all his credit as soon as people give him some of their life by sinning.  God saves all His graces for just the right time to save souls.  He will take a soul at the best time in their life to get to Heaven.  My children all is not lost, it just looks that way to you and it will look even more so when the government takes all your money and belongings.  But this is what you will seek, your God, when you have nothing earthly and nothing to hold onto.  


I am telling My children this so they do not despair.  Your soul is the only thing that matters.  So seek God and drop to your knees when you lose everything and My God and yours will pick you up and save your soul but there will be suffering like you have never seen before. But you will sense My peace.  As I have told My son writing many, many times, feelings and emotions do not mean anything.  Being obedient to God’s Ten Commandments is all that really matters.  When you are feeling down offer it up to God for your soul and the souls of your brothers and sisters.  And, when you are feeling good, thank God the Father for all the graces.  Do not go running for another high.  This is Mother Mary to all Her children.  Love, Mother.   



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael with your protection of God’s Word, 10/14/14, 6:00 am

My most beloved son, this is your God of Heaven and earth.  I come with a very sad and heavy heart.  The last move that your evil government made on same sex marriage was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  There is no return for your country back to a normal way of life.  It is all over for your country.  The natural disasters will continue to get worse each day.  You have now reached the majority of states that voted for same sex marriage and all will fall.  As I have told you when over half your people would go straight to hell if they died today, I will pick your country and leader up and smack them on the butt.  The time is long overdue for the most sick generation in the history of the world. 


My grace and mercy have been given like never before to your country and you just spit in My face and did what you wanted.  As I have told you, your country will start to lose everything and a lot of your crops will rot in the fields because of the sin of your people. 


The grace and protection have been withdrawn from all of your country except for  the ones living as My remnant children.  Your country is about to fall into the hands of the one world people and there will be much bloodshed on the streets and your weather will be very severe.  I have told you to prepare food and water to last for the great famine which is here now.  Food will become harder to get each day and money will crash and be worth nothing.  So, get the things you need today for tomorrow could be too late.  Get your souls in a state of grace and grab hold of the hand of Heaven for you will now be on a wild roller coaster ride until the New Era of Peace.  Read Revelations 13 because you are now in it.


I have now come to save and start harvesting My souls of the faithful and change the souls of the wicked with chastisements and the Warning in which you will feel Heaven, purgatory, or hell and know your eternal destiny if you died today and I will give you your last chance to save your soul from hell.  This is what your country chose because of your sins, not what your God wanted.  It was the people’s choice for such an evil leader who was raised in Communism to lead a once holy country where your Statue of Liberty which represents Mary holding the chalice in Her hands to satan holding your country in bondage.  You have made the choice and I have given you free will to do what you wanted and you will now pay the consequence.  I am still waiting with open hands and heart for all of you to return back to your God and ask forgiveness of your sins from your heart and I will forgive you but you will suffer much because of your choices.  The good will suffer with the wicked to help save the wicked because this is the wicked’s only chance to get to Heaven through the sufferings of the good people just like My Son suffered on the cross. 


Woe to the people who are living in same sex marriage because abortion and same sex marriage is what took your country the rest of the way down.  As I said before, each Commandment that you took out of your country took your country down 10%.  Now all the Commandments have been removed from your country and now you are at ground level ready to fall into the pit of hell.  Hold on tight to the hand of your Father of Heaven and earth so you do not fall into satan’s pit and woe to the women who think they can become priests for their soul is ready to fall into the pit of hell.  Repent before it is too late.  Grab hold of the holy rosary from the Mother of God and pray it each day whether you are Catholic or Christian for it will save your soul.  Mary is the Mother and heart of all mankind and Jesus is the Father chosen from God to represent the Father as Head of all mankind.  Do not twist truth because man is the head and woman is the heart and it will not work any other way. 


My children are standing in water up to their nose and ready to drown in their sins.  My hand is reaching for you.  Grab hold and do not let loose.  Your loving Father to a very sinful and stubborn generation.  Your loving Father.  Please repent and be saved.  Your last chance is the Warning.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s words, 10/11/14

My most beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  As you and your friends know the handwriting is on the wall for all that is about to take place.  God the Father told you the other day that it is happening now.  You are beginning to see more attacks from satan each day.  Many things are happening in your country that the news does not tell you.  They tell you just the lies that the one world government tells them to say.  The leader of your country is the most evil leader that your country has ever had.  Pray for him and your Pope much so they can start to lead your country and church in the right direction.


 Anything that is said that comes out of the talks of the bishops and Pope* that are not 100% in line with the Ten Commandments is not from your God and do not believe it or go along with it.  It has to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  It has to be in plain black and white with no gray areas to confuse you.   It has to go with the Catechism that Pope John Paul II approved.  If it does not follow the old doctrines of the Church, the Bible and the Catechism it is new age and the new one world church.  Leave all the parishes that start teaching any of the new age and start taking anything out of the Mass and replacing it with new age.  New age means twisting the truth and making it a gray area instead of black and white which means it is not said in a way that people can understand it.  Anything that seems wrong to your conscience, if living a good holy life and going to Mass and Confession every week, is most likely to be twisted and wrong.


Pray and discern everything now and stay with people you know and trust because there are many groups and people in the Catholic Church that believe in abortion, same sex marriage and many other things that are new age and are not of God.  My remnant children have to stand up and teach the truth of the real Catholic Church.  Many priests and bishops and cardinals are not on track with God’s teaching.  Many went their own way after Vatican II and did what they wanted to do and not what God asked them to teach.  This is enough for now.  Love, Jesus.  Be careful My children.  


*Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, October 5-19, 2014

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