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Holy Family Refuge Messages

September 2014 Messages


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with all of Heaven to guard the words from God to His son, 9/30/14

My most beloved son, this is your God of love and mercy sitting beside you with My hand on your shoulder.  I come to speak to you about some of the hard times that all My children will be going through any day now in My time and yours.  I want to tell My children to make sure they have much water stored and much food.  Get very simple food like beans and rice, just something that will put something in your stomach.  That is why water is so important.  You will not be working as hard so you will not need a lot of food.  Have your prayer book and bible with you, and your personal needs ready for going to the refuge.  Just think of the things that are most important to just survive not any extra junk that you can get along without.  Warm clothing will be a must because you will not be in a place that has a lot of heat, if any, things to wash and clean your body for at first there will be little of anything until you get to the refuge and get better and more buildings built.  Buildings will have to be built to be multiplied by the people there with the help of their guardian angels.  Look back about 2 or 3 generations before they had electric and plan to live in that era of time about 75-80 years ago.  There will be very few places to get anything when the electric goes out and transportation is stopped or slowed down.  It will be all waiting and praying to get some kind of help.  I am just giving you a few ideas how to plan for the future. 


Do not plan to have anything you just want, just get things that you need to survive.  Think more like the Indians and the first settlers that came to your country—the way they lived; tents, shovels, cans to carry water, saws, cooking pots for wood fires.  If you are a camper you can teach others how you live, what is necessary.  You will all help the others with what little you all have.  It will be shared as if everyone owns it together.  It will be multiplied if it is something needed to raise food or get water or anything that is necessary for survival.  You will all be healed at the refuge when you look at the luminous cross in the sky if you believe and trust in your God.  This will make it much easier for you to live when in good health, but it will take awhile for a lot of this to take place because everyone will be coming to the refuges at different times depending on how far they live and depending on if they listened as soon as they were told to leave.  Some will not want to leave their homes and then decide to leave later when they are about to be run out by the one world government.  They will suffer much more than the ones obedient when called to leave when there is still some time left.  My children this will make little sense to some who have not been listening and some will understand it completely.  Keep teaching My children who do not want to listen for they will need to learn whether they want to or not.  Just be patient with each other and do not push and demand, just pray for them and set the example.  This is all My son, My Mother will speak.


My beloved children please pray and listen closely because this is already happening in many places in the world and also in your country.  The news media does not carry anything that is important to the people.  They just carry things that will carry out satan’s plans and a scare tactic to take over God’s children and get rid of them.  Pay little attention to anyone from the state or federal government, just listen to people you know and trust and some on local levels.  Listen to your guardian angel and all of Heaven because they will guarding everyone that will listen.   Love, Mother. 




Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your guarding of God’s words to His son, 9/26/14

My most beloved children this is your God the Father of love and mercy.  It is now 3 am.  My son was not ready to write but I kept talking to him to be obedient and get up and write.  This is the new beginning, your God the Father has opened His heart to all His children so they may drink of the river of life.  I am on the earth at this time with a flood like in the time of Noah and the ark.  I told My children that I would never destroy the earth with water again, but I will saturate it with My divine love and mercy and graces.  This is the time and this is God the Father’s time to flood all the hearts of My children with a river of graces from My heart to your heart to flood your heart with graces so powerful as a flood in Noah’s time that destroyed the whole earth and renewed it.  I am flooding the hearts of all My children this time before the New Era of Peace to get rid of the old wineskins and replace them with the new wineskins to renew each and every heart on the face of the earth.  This will be the last of the old and the beginning of the new just like in Noah’s time. 


I have chosen the month of October to be the month to do this.  It is the month of the Rosary.  I have told all My children that the Rosary was the weapon to destroy satan that all can pray.  It is the most powerful prayer next to the sacrifice of the most holy Mass and My Son’s death on the cross and the sacraments.  I wish for all My children to pray the Rosary every day this month because this is the month of the harvest of the crops and it is past time for your God to harvest any souls.   Please pray, pray, and pray for all the souls that will be harvested soon by their God the Father of all of earth and Heaven for many are about to meet their maker of Heaven and earth for the time is here and past time for all My children to change.  The Warning is about to change the whole earth and all the people in it before satan destroys much of the earth because of the sins of mankind.  I will protect all who listen to My words of warning.  I AM  is in control of everything but because My children will not listen to My begging and all of Heaven’s begging in all the extra days that your God has given to His children out of love, I will now permit satan to chastise My children to wake them up from their sins so they can be saved.  It is very sad for a loving Father when He has to direct His children with tough love when there is no other option left.  This is the final warning from God the Father before preparing the new book of life for all My children. 


The new book of life and the new wineskins will begin because the old wineskins and the old way of life will end.  Choose Heaven and the New Era of Peace now or choose hell and satan and suffering for all eternity.  This is your Father of Heaven and earth with a message of love and very tough love for a very sick generation.  I have given you all the answers that you need to be saved so pray and fast this month for the harvest of crops and souls is beginning.  Let this be a great harvest this fall for souls of My beloved children.  My Mother will speak. 


My son, this is Mother Mary and My heart is bleeding and My Son’s heart is bleeding because We have to give this message to save Our children from hell, but it has to be done.  Pray the Rosary every day because it contains all the life of Jesus and Mary who are your Spiritual Father and Mother from Heaven with God the Father from Heaven in prayers in the Rosary:  the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, it also contains all the mysteries of Our lives; the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, and the Luminous Mysteries.  This is the fulfillment of Our life and life of all Our children on earth.  We lived then to show our spiritual children the way to Heaven through the obedience to the Ten Commandments and the sacraments of the Catholic Church so all Our children on earth will understand all these mysteries after the Warning so they will know the real truth and not all the lies of satan so they can get their life back in order and save their souls before they die.  This is a very severe message from all of Heaven to all of earth.  Love God the Father with His Mother.  Time:  3:45 am, hour of mercy.   



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son, Wednesday, 3:00 pm, 9/24/14

My beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  Thanks for getting more of the books on “The Father Speaks to His children.”  The times you are in are like no other time in history of mankind.  As I have told you the evil is worse than ever before from the time of Adam and Eve to the present day.  My children have to know that because evil is so bad, they have to depend on their God more than ever.  I, God the Father, have come down to earth just like I sent My Son two thousand years ago to help My children get through these days of time and repent of their sins and get back in a state of grace so they can be with Me in Heaven or the New Era of Peace. 


As I told you before and I am telling you again, I your Father will give you all the graces you ask for to save your soul and the souls of all My children on earth.  Do not be shy talking to the God who made you because I made you to love Me and serve Me and be happy with Me in Heaven.  Do not be afraid to talk with Me the same way you talk to your best friend because I am your best friend and I want you to be My best friend.  You can talk to Me about all the sorrow and all the joys in your life because I knew them before you ever committed any good or bad deeds.  Talk to Me about people you love and people you dislike for I can help you with ANYTHING.  Come sit by My side and talk to Me and I will talk to you and forgive all the things that you have done that you are ashamed of.  Come to Me and tell Me and then, if Catholic, I will give you the grace to go to one of My priests and receive absolution and be in a state of grace so you can then start helping to save other children of mine that are in mortal or deadly sin. 


My children, as gentle as I am speaking to My son writing this, I will speak to each and every one of My children if they just come to Me, their God, and ask forgiveness from their heart, and want to change and be better in their life.  Just say, “Father, please bless me, your (son or daughter) and I will bless you and cover you with My graces of love if you just open up your heart and let Me in.  I made your heart for Me.   I want your blood to flow with My blood and your heart to beat with My heart and your love to be My love for all your brothers and sisters in the world.  This is the only way that the world will become peaceful. There is plenty on the earth for everyone to live and be happy if everyone shares and uses just what they need and do things according to God’s will and not man’s will.  Everything on earth is contaminated because man thought he was smarter than God and changed all the food and medicines and each time he changed things from the natural to the unnatural My children got sicker and sicker, and now all My children are sick and full of cancer and sin.  All this is caused because of not following the Ten Commandments.  Each time you take a commandment out of your life or out of the life of your country or out of the life of your world, ten percent of everything falls to a sicker position.  It is like standing on top of a ten story building and each time you take a commandment out of your life or out of the world you fall one story and all the earth suffers the effect of it.  My children of America you have taken all Ten Commandments from the laws of your land and there is nothing left but to crash to the bottom and start over with nothing and your only choice is God and live for eternity or satan and fall even deeper into the pit of hell for all eternity. 


This is why I, God the Father, came down to earth at this time in history because I knew this time would be the most evil since man was put on earth.  I sent My Son last time with Mother Mary and this time I came to put an end to satan for a thousand years and cast him back in the pit of hell and anyone who will not change.  The earth will be peaceful during the next era of time.  Satan had his time because of free will and now it will be God the Father’s time that I and My Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Family, and all the angels and saints will guard the earth and talk to everyone like Adam and Eve talked to Me at the beginning of man and woman.  You will now see how beautiful I created each man and woman with all the gifts I give to them to make one picture and One Body of Christ for all the world to see and to see it the way I planned it with all the love and joy that was given to Adam and Eve before they sinned.  This is the era coming that Jesus, the new Adam, and Mary, the new Eve, were sent to earth for and I God the Father came at the end of this era to earth to help My Son and Heaven to fulfill it.  Do not doubt any of this message because it is God of all Heaven and earth speaking to My son.  He and many others of My remnant children are suffering a white martyrdom to fulfill My final will for the world.  Amen.  So be it.  End of book.  Be ready for the door is about to open to the New Era of Peace.  God the Father from Heaven. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as guard and protector of God’s word to His son, 9/18/14

My love, My beautiful one and all of My most beloved children, this is Mary your Spiritual Mother and the Mother of all God’s children.  My son, the message yesterday from My Son, Jesus, had a lot of information in it about the signs of the times.  He told you that you are now moving from Revelations Chapter 12 to Chapter 13.  I wish all My children to read Chapter 12, where We are at now, and Chapter 13, where We are about to go, in the history of the world as it is now in your time on earth.  The beast is about to try and take your world down even further.  My children do not fear for your God is in control if you stay in a state of grace and come to My Son and I for the graces are all available for these times in your life.  Please ask for the graces and use them for yourself and family and for the world.


Yes, We are in very serious times in the history of the world but We are also in very special times in the history of the world.  We are moving in an era of time that started two thousand years ago when my Son and I were put on earth by God the Father as the new Adam and the new Eve to take the world back for God the Father to fulfill the Our Father—‘thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’  St. Michael cleansed Heaven out when the angels rebelled against God the Father and this era of time will be the final fulfillment of Jesus’ and My (Mary) , job to end this two thousand year era of time that God the Father set up to cast satan back into hell and lock him up for a thousand year reign of peace.  We explained more about this the other day in the messages.  Please turn your heart and will over to God the Father now while it is still easy because all is about to crash in your worldly world and all is about to be made new in your spiritual world in the New Era of Peace. 


My Son and I and all of Heaven will rule and love each of you in the New Jerusalem like you could never imagine in your wildest dreams.  It will be all you could ever ask for and even much more.  This is the time that My Father and Son have been waiting for since the beginning of time.  Please give your heart to God now in order to be more able to understand all of these messages you have to read them like the Bible.  You need to go back at least ten messages at a time and read the whole chapter, so to speak, to grasp what We are saying.  You cannot pick up a book and read one page and know what it is saying.  It is the same with the messages, you need to read the whole book.  These messages are straight from God the Father through one of His saints from Heaven to His children on earth in a language of your time in the world that you can understand.  Please now read chapter 13 in the Bible and you will know where the world is at at this time in your life and in God’s time.  Love, Mother Mary.  Be ready spiritually so you can handle the last of the cross for your time.  Amen



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s word to His son, 9/17/14

My dearly beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I tell you it is here and it is now as My Father and your Father has told you.  It is all happening in the midst of My people and they do not recognize that their God is with them to save their souls.  They are too caught up in the world’s affairs.  This is satan’s number one trick, to get people doing so many things that they cannot even see their God standing right in front of them.  It has been this way at the end of every era of time in the history of the world.  It is no different this time.  My children will sit and watch everything go by and not even notice except for a few who live and quiet themselves to hear God speak to them. 


My children you are a lot further in Revelations than most of My children realize.  You are over half the way through now.  We are passing through the 12th chapter and moving into the 13th chapter and no one even is noticing except the remnant children who are preparing spiritually for the Era of Peace and the final part of the chastisement.  Can you not see My children that the chastisement is going on and getting much worse each day?  Are you going to keep running from here to there trying to find some peace or are you going to come to your God and get ready for the final end and the decision that you will have to make whether you choose God and Heaven or satan and hell. 


As My Father told you, He is taking more away from you each day.  Can you not see?  Please open your eyes and look what the world was like when you were young.  Is it better or worse now?  If it is better, you have done a good job with your life.  If it is worse, you have done a bad job with your life.   Is your spiritual life better or worse?  Are you closer to God now than yesterday or last year?  Or, are you closer to satan than yesterday or last year?  Look at your life and if you are closer to God now than last year you are moving closer toward Heaven.  If you are further from God than last year you are moving closer to hell.  If you  are going downhill please turn around and get your life in order.  God the Father has told you that the time as you know it is about to be turned upside down  Heaven is about to do battle with the evil of earth and all of earth who want to stay in evil will be no more.  They will be locked in hell with satan for all eternity.  The choice is yours, My beloved children, this is Jesus and Mother wants to speak.


My beloved children this is your Mother crying and praying with a broken heart because of all the sin of My children.  My Son feels some of the pain of My heart as he writes.  All of My children feel some of the pain of their Mother’s and Father’s hearts.  My children especially who are married, you know that when your children are sick or suffering or killed in an accident how bad you feel.  This is how your Spiritual Mother feels now or when one of your children has cancer and you watch them get a little worse each day and then you beg God and all of Heaven to save them from this at such a young age.  We in Heaven are begging all of you on earth the same way but for your soul to be healed.  The physical body does not really mean that much next to the soul because everyone will die in their body if their soul is not in a state of grace so they can go to Heaven some day.  It is very hard to watch one of your children die of body, but it is much harder to watch them die with a very sick soul and wonder if they made it to purgatory so they can be in Heaven some day.  I your Mother who sees all and knows all like My Son sees many of Our children who die with a sick soul and many just make it to the lowest levels of purgatory because of Our remnant children’s prayer and many cannot be saved because of their deepness of sin and the hardness of heart.  Our hearts are broken each day because of this.  Please pray and ask forgiveness for your Mother’s sake if not for your own.  Love, Mother



THE CROSS:  Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St. Michael and all of Heaven with Your Protection over God’s Word to His son, 9/14/14

My most beloved son and children, this is your God of Love and Mercy.  Things are starting to get worse in your world as I have been telling you.  This is a special day for you, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross.  There will be much grace given for those who will believe in the Cross.  Suffering is everyone’s salvation if used for the good of God and not to blame their God for it.  My children all want to feel good all the time and this is not possible while living on the earth as it is now.  That will begin when all My children are living in the Era of Peace and all living in My Divine Will because of their love for their God and satan will be chained in hell.  For now, you  must pray and suffer to save your soul and the souls of all Our children and your brothers and sisters because We are all One Body in Christ, and each of Us is one piece of the puzzle that forms the whole picture. Everyone has just as much importance as the other if they are doing the job that I your God made just for you to do in this life to save your soul and be happy with Me in Heaven for all eternity.  The grace is available for all just for the asking and this is a special day from Heaven to ask. 


My children things are just starting to get worse each day.  Get extra things ready for the winter because you will need extra things to heat your house and buildings in many areas this winter.  Be obedient and get anything you can to help heat if the electric goes out or bad weather hits.  Have much water on hand and enough food, if you can get any, for at least a month is possible.  You have no idea what you might see in the next year.  I your God am telling you now that America will be seeing the same things that are happening in the Middle East very soon.  It is always better to be prepared and not use it than not have anything to eat or drink when things get bad.  In past years, when My son writing was born, you did not buy hardly anything  during the year.  You raised all your food and canned it and had fruit cellars for your fruits.  You had smoke houses for your meat and salted it down to keep it from spoiling. 


My children of today think they are getting smarter than those 100 years ago, but the truth is if you experience a winter like he saw when he was a boy, very few people would even survive.  The people of America have been dumbed down from the people of the past and think that they could not survive anything that took all their little joys and pleasures away.   I am warning you America that most countries are living like you are about to live.  You will have to learn fast and quick so be ready,  spiritually first , and physically second.  If you are not listening to God you will not survive what is coming.  Instead of buying all the junk that you use one day for pleasure and throw it away the next, start getting some extra cans of food, extra clothes, extra shoes, candles for lighting, flashlights and batteries, water purifiers, gas grills for cooking food or to boil water to purify it and extra propane tanks if the electric goes out.  Turn your electric off for one day and see how long you will survive.  Get the things you need that will work without electricity.  Your one world leaders who control your government and the majority of the U.S. are about to take everything away.  Your electricity will be first.  I your God will multiple everything for the people who go to the refuges and do not take the chip in the body and follow satan.  Do not say I your God did not warn you like a good Father warns His children for I have warned you, but most of My children are becoming so stubborn and greedy that they will have to learn by hardship and suffering to change.  This is enough for now My son, Love Father.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with all of Heaven as guards and protectors of Thy words,  9/11/14

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of all Heaven and earth. “Father, was it You speaking for the last hour?”

Yes, My beloved son it was I, your God.  Please write.  My son and My children, the time has come for all My remnant children who have been living in the Divine Will to throw away the old wineskins and receive all new wineskins for the future will only be contained in the new wineskins.  Get rid of your old bodies that were conceived in the spirit and flesh coming from the time of Adam and Eve who sinned in the Garden of Paradise and lost all of earth to satan’s pain and total work and sin.  This is what brought all sin into the world with all the sorrow and pain that came with it. 


My children who have been listening are ready to throw away the old wineskins and receive the new wineskins to prepare for the fulfillment of the coming of Jesus and Mary to open Heaven back up to prepare for the New Era of Peace when they died on the Cross 2000 years ago.  Jesus died a physical death and Mary died a spiritual death.  Their hearts and sufferings are one with all the Trinity.  My children it is time now for all My children to be born again through the womb of Mary their Heavenly Mother who broke the chain of the old generation and become the new and pure Eve of the new generation with Jesus which is about to be totally fulfilled in the New Era of Peace and scripture will be fulfilled.  Jesus’ death on the Cross was what I, God the Father who is speaking, gave My Son to the old to become the new Adam to replace the old Adam and Mary to the world to replace the old Eve who both gave Paradise away to satan to sin.  My new Adam and Eve were given the earth and the whole world back to take and prepare for the new Paradise and the New Era of Peace and Joy for a thousand years before the last fight with satan and the end of time and the Final Judgment. 


The new wineskins will be obtained when you give the old wineskins to God and ask God the Father to help you die of self and live in God’s Divine Will and ask Him to take you into the womb of the new Eve, Mary, and conceive you through the power of the Holy Spirit which is the love between the Father and the Son.  This will be the fulfillment of the Era for you from the beginning of time.   Then you can start living in the New Jerusalem now coming on earth and start telling your brothers and sisters the New Paradise that you are about to enter.  You will be completely purified in the refuges so your souls will be ready to enter the New Jerusalem in the New Era of Peace when God causes the 3 days of darkness and casts all evil back into hell and locks the gates of hell for a thousand years before the final battle and the last judgment when eternity will last forever for the ones that chose God and Heaven or satan and hell.


It will be each person’s choice where they will spend eternity forever.  Please ask Mother Mary, your new spiritual Mother, to ask God the Father to spiritually let you be conceived in the New Eve, Mary, through the Power of the Holy Spirit which is the love between God the Father and Son and start living in the New Paradise now that began 2000 years ago and is being fulfilled at this very moment with Jesus and Mary present on earth now.  Jesus’ second coming is just the fulfillment of His first coming when he was given back to the earth through His death and Resurrection on the Cross.  This is enough now for My faithful children to digest and work to save the rest.  Your loving Father through a loving Son, Love from Heaven.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Heaven to Protect these words from Heaven, 9/10/14, 5:30 am

Good morning My son this is your Mother.  I have been waiting to talk to you all night.  My love, My most beautiful son, I love you and all My children dearly.  My heart and the hearts of all of My children are very heavy and most of them do not even know why.  It is the weight of their sins.  It is weighing all the world down, the children who are listening and their Mother and the ones who keep going on with their lives like nothing is happening. 


My children it is all about to explode in your face because of all of the sins.  It will be worse than Noah and the flood and My Son’s Crucifixion when all My children lost their faith.  The Father is chastising His children to try to save as many as possible.  It is all happening all over the world at this time.  Can you not see My blind and stubborn children?  What more do you want to happen before you change and give your life to God, your Savior.  God is love.  God is just.  God is our Savior.  Must God take everything from His stubborn children to get their attention?   It seems that no one will change unless our God totally permits satan to make your country and the world look like a total disaster zone. 


(Jesus now speaking)  The refuges will be all that will be standing.  Disease, earthquakes, storms, rain, cold, heat, nuclear disasters, and radiation are going to kill many.  Do you not read in the Bible where it says that blood will flow for two hundred miles as deep as a horses back?  Do you think I, your God, said this for nothing?  It also says that 2/3 of the people will be killed.  My Mother is praying and praying with all of Heaven for all your souls and very few of My children are listening.  I am not going to let My Mother suffer much longer.  My children do not get to Confession to My priest sons, and when they go, they say I have little to say and they are killing their babies, living in adultery, using My name in vain, destroying their brothers and sisters, and breaking about all the Ten Commandments.  My Catholic children who should know the most are sinning the most.  They are living with another man or woman (husband or wife) and are going to Communion which is a mortal sin without going to Confession first.  Not going to Confession at all is a mortal sin.   Watching all filth on TV and on Internet is a mortal sin.  My children, I your God, am not going to lose you to satan even though the majority of you, if you died this minute, would go to hell I am going to save you through the suffering of My remnant children who are living a white martyrdom on earth for your souls and you will be chastised until you fall down on your face and beg your Father’s and Mother’s grace and mercy and beg your God for His mercy and love.  Then, I your God will take you through the Warning and show you all your sins and sinfulness and let all of you feel Heaven, purgatory, or hell, wherever you would go at that minute and pour grace and love upon you so deep that you will want to fall into My loving arms and repent and cry for all your sins and the sins of your brothers and sisters.  I promise you God will pour grace and love upon this world the same amount that satan poured evil upon this world the last 100 years and all will be saved except the most hardened of hearts. 


This is the true word of your Father and Mother from Heaven who are all down here working with you at this very moment to give you love, and hope, and salvation.  This is your God to the most stubborn generation that ever walked the face of the earth, but with more love and grace than was ever given on the face of the earth from your God in such a short time.  Do not doubt or be discouraged just open your heart and soul to your God who is all love and all just.  Love, your Father and Mother from Heaven.  The New Era of Peace is at your door ready to be opened and all those who will repent will enter with all the joy, love, and peace from their God.  Amen. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael to Protect God’s Word to His Son, 9-4-14

My most beloved child and son.  I know you are tired and weary from all the attacks and confusion from satan and all his demons, but your God is here to speak to you and all My children.  I love all of you dearly.  Your government is setting up all these places of protection when disasters hit at different places in your country.  These places are just places to control all My children and brainwash them and put chips in their bodies so they will be slaves to satan and the one world people who control and run your government totally.  The reason your government cannot do anything anymore, is because if you get good people in they will threaten them or their families or get rid of them by some kind of death and tell the public it was a suicide or an accident or a heart attack that they created and made happen.  As I told you the other day, do not believe anything that the news media or your government tells you anymore because it is all controlled and twisted by satan and his demons and followers which are many.  They have been fueled by satan himself and his evil people.  I have told you before to believe just the opposite that any major company or organization tells you. 


The whole world is now under the top leadership of satan.  All the top leadership in all the churches is under satan.  Some of your good bishops and priests are still fighting against satan but the majority of everything is controlled by satan himself.  Even all your Catholic schools have much new age teaching in them except for just a few small ones who are fighting against it.  You as a citizen of the USA have sold all your rights to satan because of all the deep sin that most all of My children commit.  Most of My children will not believe the messages because they will not believe in the sins they commit.  They will fight with all the life they have in them just to prove they are not sinning, but they will not admit that they do not believe in the Ten Commandments but most of the world are sinning against the Ten Commandments every day and for some every minute in some way in which they live. 


My beloved children, I challenge each of you to read the Ten commandments and look at your life and the way you live and tell your God face-to-face that you are not sinning.  Please do this now because soon I your God and Maker will take each of you out of your body as if you died and look at your with love and you will have to admit that you are a sinner to Me face-to-face and repent and ask forgiveness or end up in hell for all eternity.  Even if all the world is praying for you and all of Heaven is praying for you if you do not ask for forgiveness you cannot be saved.  But, if you look at your God and ask forgiveness from your heart you can be saved instantly, but you will still have to suffer temporal punishment in purgatory to be purified before entering Heaven. 


My children you all know that you are all sinners but it is just the pride that satan put in you that keeps you from repenting.  Quit listening to satan and start listening to your God so I your God can take you to Heaven for what I made you for.  A message from God the Father to all His loving and stubborn children.  Love, Father.  I do not want to lose any one of you.  I made all of you just to share Heaven and all My glory and love with you.    Amen



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Guard and Protector of God’s words to His son, 9/3/14

My most beloved son, this is your God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I am with you and all My beloved children in a special way in this time in the history of the world.  Many of My children talk and do not believe in anything that is being written.  Do not pay any attention to the unbelievers for they are like St. Thomas, he did not believe until after the Resurrection.  Many will not believe until later but they may be in purgatory or hell already because they did not listen to their God and Savior.  Many did not believe in Me and they were the ones to put Me on the cross.  But I still love them the same.  Many will not believe again this time and they will do the same to many of My followers and put them on the cross again.  Continue to love all My children even if they persecute you and kill you.  Your death and resurrection will be their salvation because much grace is given to people who are martyred to be given back to the ones who took their lives.  Martyrs are instant saints and saints will pray for the conversion of the people who took their lives.  That is why many good people are taken young, as I told you the other day.  They can help get the others on track by prayer from Heaven when they get there.  This also gives the people who are not ready to meet their God more time to change.  I, your God, work every angle to save all My children’s souls. 


My son be obedient to your calling and all will be well.  As you told Me this morning you would not do this job for a million dollars a day but you would only do it for your God to save your soul and the souls of many others.  I thank you My son for being obedient to your calling.  I ask that others hang on the cross with Me to save yet more souls.  As I have told you before let I your God nail you to the cross with Jesus spiritually and you will never get away from Jesus.  You will be with all of Heaven for all of eternity.  My children do not be afraid of the 14 Stations of the Cross because everyone has to live them to get to Heaven.  Many of My remnant children are now at the 14th  Station of the Cross with their God waiting for the Resurrection.  My children please live what God gives you here on earth because you have to go through the life I lived on earth to get to Heaven.  It is a lot easier to earn Heaven while living on earth instead of sitting in purgatory waiting and suffering for others to pray for you and get you the rest of the way to Heaven.  Please offer all your sufferings and joys here on earth to Me your God and you will not be far from Heaven when you die.  Pray for all the poor souls in purgatory and then they will pray for you when you are there and they will be in Heaven.  This is all My son, a lesson from God the Father.  Love from all of Heaven.  Amen. 




Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family and St. Michael to Guard over all of God’s Words to His son, 9/2/14

My most beloved son and all My beloved children, I love you dearly.  Your Father loves all of you with a love that you will not be able to understand on this earth. 


The time is very close when many of My children on earth will meet their God face-to-face.  Be as ready as possible, spiritually and also physically.  Be prepared to move from your home at a minute’s notice when your Guardian Angel directs you.  Joseph got up at a minute’s notice and moved Mary and Jesus to safety and then went back to get just a few provisions.  It will be the same when you are told to move to the refuges for safety.  Once a nuclear bomb is dropped all will change in one second.  Your life will be on rush in what you will have to do.  Prepare now physically and spiritually for everything.  When this all takes place, there will not be any time to plan, you will just have to act on what you have already learned.  Have everything ready to move and leave as soon as your angels tell you.  One second can make a big difference of life or death.  If you are crossing a railroad track and a train is coming, one second is the difference between life and death.  Prepare, prepare, prepare. 


I have told you in the last messages that there will be natural disasters, then the Warning.  I have told that there could be millions killed at one time.  There have been many disasters set up in your country that could kill millions in a short time.  Many are man-made and some are being permitted by your God for all the sins of America.  Be ready and listen to what is going on in your country.  The truth is not coming from your news media.  Believe just the opposite of what the news media tells you for it is run by satan.  Satan teaches just the opposite of what is true.  Keep this in your mind when the news tries to force you to do something just go the opposite way.  When disasters happen get away from all government groups as fast as possible for their aim is to put you in confinement and kill you.  Go straight to the refuges with your Guardian Angel.  This is the only way you will be safe and protected.  God and His angels are the only ones who will protect you.  All government agencies are out to put the chip in your body and to control you to do what they want you to do or take you to the death centers and get rid of you.  Do not believe anyone you do not know except the Holy Spirit, the holy angels, and the saints who will be talking to each of you and leading you to safety if you listen.  My children this is God the Father begging you to listen to My prophets of today and all the heavenly angels.  I your God have a might army that will protect all of you from all the evil ones if you just listen and be obedient to your God.  This is a serious message for today, just listen and pray and be obedient to your God.  Love, God the Father of All.  Amen



A prayer from God the Father, 9/1/14

(Say this prayer 3 times for protection against satan or when praying over others)

In the Name of Jesus, by the Power of Jesus, and through the Blood of Jesus we ask God the Father to command satan and all his demons to the feet of Jesus.  And we ask God the Father to dispose of them according to His Holy and Divine Will.


Saying the prayer 3 times will Honor the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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