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Holy Family Refuge Messages


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St. Michael and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven

for Protection of God the Father’s Words, September 17, 2015 8:00 am

My beloved son this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I come to tell you that I am very happy with you and all My children that are doing My work.  I am showing many of My children the divine inspirations from Heaven that no other generations were given.  This is because we are in the most evil generation that has ever walked the earth that has been given the most good news about your God.  Satan is becoming worse each day because My children are giving all their power that I, God, have given them and are using it for sin and giving it to satan instead of using it for grace and saving your souls and the souls of others. 


I have told you many times, My son, that there is no sickness if there is no sin.  Sickness comes from the sins of My children when they disobey My Ten Commandments.  When Adam and Even were first in the Garden of Eden, or Paradise, they were totally happy and healthy for many years until they decided to eat of the forbidden tree of death that I told them not to eat from.  As soon as they ate of the forbidden tree they could then see not only just good anymore, but they could see bad and sickness and sin.  Then they had to be cast out of the Garden of Eden because they were not pure anymore and their eyes were open to evil.  This was the first evil that came to the human race.  This is how sin and sickness started. 


If people would live within the Ten Commandments of their God there would not be much sickness or sin and all children would be healthy and happy.  My children if you want to know why you are sick and unhappy, this is the reason.  As I told My son before, when you start taking the Ten Commandments out of the world and out of America, you lose ten percent of everything good in your country with the loss of each commandment.  You now have let satan and your government leaders strip you of all commandments and you have lost all the good that your country fought and was founded on by George Washington. 


I have given many messages from Heaven to My prophets so you could change but because of your hardness of heart you refuse except for a small remnant of My Blessed Mother’s army.  The only thing left is to chastise America and the world. 


I have given many graces to help people set up refuges in the world and these will be the only places you will be protected from the evil one world government.  For all My children who wish to be saved and get through the Warning you will have to leave everything and move to the protected areas that your God has set up with His faithful children.  This time is here and it is happening this very day. 


Prepare your souls and your bodies for the biggest battle in the history of the world.  Your God is the winner.  Are you on your God’s side?  I hope and pray so for My children.  Love the Father of Heaven and earth and all that ever was or will be.  Love, Father. 


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit with Your Words through St. Michael for Protection

September 10, 2015, 3:00 pm

My love, My beautiful one this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  My children are all concerned over what is going to happen this month.  I tell you My son, only one thing is going to happen that you should be concerned about.  That is to get your soul in a state of grace and I ask you to scream to all My children to get in a state of grace.  I told you in the last message that it does not matter what happens in the world or what is about to happen.  The only thing that My children have any control over in their lives anymore is the right to ask forgiveness now for all their sins from their heart.


Many, many, many will die in the next few days and the only thing important is, are you My children, ready to meet your Maker, face to face and say you are ready to be judged for your life.  If you are not ready, please get ready today for tomorrow could be too late for many of My children.  I am not trying to scare you, I just do not want to lose any of you to satan. 


I love you and satan hates all of you.  Even all the ones working for him will be killed while in mortal sin as soon as their work is done.  As soon as he is done with you he will have you killed while you are still in mortal sin so you do not have time to repent and ask forgiveness.  Then, he can torture you for the rest of eternity.  This is how your leader, that you have chosen, treats his people.  That is all for now My son.  That is all for now, just ask your brothers and sisters to repent while there is still a little time for many of My children.  Love, Jesus. 


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your words only,

September 8, 2015

My beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Please give a confirmation to your sister (name withheld):  My beloved son I, Jesus, confirm that what (name withheld) was told was from God the Father through Me, Jesus.


Tell all My children to be ready and in a state of grace because I told you in the last message we are now in the Great Chastisement with the Warning about to be released from Heaven.  You will see many things happen in the next few days that will shake all of My children both spiritually and physically, body and soul.  Be ready My warriors for you will have to help many of Our children through the hard times.


The elite and one world leaders are already moving into hiding with all their important things that they think they will need.  One thing they do not know is that they will be buried in all their tunnels and underground shelters and fall straight into hell if they do not ask forgiveness from their real God and Father of Heaven and earth.


The signs of the time are upon you.  Are all My children so numbed down and lazy that they cannot see the bright light right in front of their eyes?  My children, open your eyes and look up to Heaven and ask for God to show you the truth and the scales will drop from your eyes and you will be able to see the truth of God. 


The world is all in lies and darkness of satan.  The lights are about to be turned on where all will see the true light and truth of God.  The Warning is right in front of you.  Say ‘yes’ to God and turn your life around while you can.  Your loving Jesus to a stubborn people.  Love, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit, and St. Michael

with protection of God’s words, August 30, 2015

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I love all My children dearly, the ones that know Me and the ones who do not know Me.  They are all Our children if they choose to be.  Please choose wisely what you do with your life, it is an all eternity decision.  It is like a good marriage; I am the bridegroom and you are the bride.  You are the Church on earth and I am the bridegroom of the Church.  Most people do not have any idea what these words mean in this day and age.  The Church and most of its people have fallen so far away from the bridegroom that most of My children are lost to the god of sports.  Most of America is more interested in the god of sports and the pleasures and the fun that they have lost all interest in the God of love and mercy who made all things, is all things, and controls all things.


The free will of humans controls how things go on earth.  If people follow the Ten Commandments all things on earth follow like a river or ocean when it is calm and peaceful.  When people break the Ten Commandments the world flows like a river or ocean in time of storms.  All lives and weather have some storms, but when people let people and sports be their god it is no different than when the pagans worshipped idols as gods. 


Praying before a statue or using religious objects is an honor to your God, but worshipping people, places, or things of the earth is the same as worshipping idols of the past.  This is what has taken your country down.  Your god is your idols, sports, money, possessions, power, and greed.  This is how satan took the Roman Empire down.  He took it down from within without firing a shot.  Most people were numb 1% of the time until he had 100% of most people.  He took one commandment out of America at a time, very slowly, until he got all ten of them.  This was all done through television, internet, cell phones, and through your modern day technology. 


The time is here and you still have the most important thing left that only you can let satan take and that is your soul.  None of the rest is important.  Save your soul while you are still alive by asking your God for forgiveness from your heart for I am all love and all mercy, but you My children have to ask.  Love, your Jesus of divine mercy with the chastisement already started.  Amen.


Come Holy Spirit and all of Heaven

with all the angels and saints, August 27, 2015

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I thank you and all the prayer warriors who are doing so much for Me.  I have told you that you would start teaching more and more.   Many of My prayer warriors are getting old and tired because their prayers have given the world more time.  All My older prayer warriors will be teaching the things that they have learned for many years to My new prayer warriors so they can start to rest physically and use their gifts of teaching that I your God and Mary My Mother and several of My saints have taught them. 


There are a lot of new young people that I am starting to send to all those who need their help.  My young prayer warriors please listen to My most beloved soldiers who I have taught for years.  My son has been learning and writing for 32 years and he and many of My warriors need your help.  And you, My young soldiers need their spiritual knowledge.  Be kind and loving to each other and we will finish this battle with a great success. 


This is God the Father’s battle and He has come down from Heaven to help Mary My Mother and I, your Jesus who died on the cross two thousand years ago and all of Heaven and all the faithful on earth with all the faithful angels to finish this battle that was foretold in the Our Father, “thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” 


All of the fallen angels took over earth and the end is near and then we will go into the thousand year Era of Peace.  For all My young children, I tell you through My faithful servant to hold on just a little longer and stay in a state of grace because the Warning and the Era of Peace is about to happen. 


All the children who go into the New Era of Peace will have peace and happiness like it was in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve sinned and gave the earth to satan.  God the Father sent My Mother and I back to win the earth back through My death on the cross and Mary’s death in Her heart as She watched Her Son die.  My Father and all the faithful of Heaven and all on earth, the time has come for the final battle before We go into the New Jerusalem and the Era of Peace. 


Keep heart My children for your children and grandchildren will live in a peaceful time that has never been before except in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned.  Please call on all the angels each day and all the saints, and Our Holy Family and the Trinity each day and We will be at your side.  You will find a peace like you have never known.   The angels were created to help the human race and every person was given an angel to help them in their struggles in life.  All of the angels are available to all of My children, just for the asking.  You have a free will so you must ask for help from them to be able to serve you.  Heaven does not force like satan, you just have to ask and if it is for the good of your soul or someone else’s soul it will happen in God’s time.  People have needs and wants.  Your needs are always fulfilled if you live in God’s grace, but your wants are fulfilled only as far as to help you get to Heaven.


My Mother will speak:  My love, My beautiful one.  I am so happy with you and some of My beloved children, but many need to give their selves to Me, their real Mother and first Mother.  You were created all in My Father, for He is all.  Then He sent you to Me, Mary the Mother of Jesus before you were put in your earthly mother’s womb.  You have a spiritual mother and a physical mother.  I and My Son love you at all times even if your physical  mother or father abandon you.  We are still for you, We will never leave you unless you choose satan at the last second of your life.  We will always try to save your souls.  It is only you, Our children, who can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and choose Heaven or hell.  No one else can make the choice for you.  Please choose Heaven, My children for the sake of eternity.  Heaven is all love, peace, and joy; hell is all hate and misery.  I love you all.  Love, Mother Mary, your first Mother.



Come Holy Trinity, all of Heaven, and St. Michael

to guide God’s words to His Son, August 20, 2015

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I know all My children are suffering much now, the ones who do not love Me and the ones who love Me.  They are all Our children and We love them all the same. 


Your God and all of Heaven is all love and all just.  We love you when you sin and We love you when you do not sin, but We hate sin and not the person who sins.  We are ready to forgive all Our children as soon as you ask forgiveness for your sins.  We do not condemn you for your sins, you condemn yourself for your sins only when you do not ask forgiveness and go to Confession, or if not Catholic , to God with a forgiving heart. 


My children please ask forgiveness NOW with a forgiving heart.  We do not want to lose any one of Our children.  Your God is all forgiving and all just.  We do not condemn you, you condemn yourself with the hardness of your heart.  Just ask for forgiveness with a forgiving heart, your Jesus is waiting for you.  Your Jesus of Divine Mercy.  Love, Jesus.


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