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Holy Family Refuge Messages


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St. Michael to guard God’s words to His son

through His loving Mother, 5 am, October 20, 2015

My love, My beautiful one and all My most beloved children, this is a love message to all My children from their Mother in Heaven.  My beloved children I am your Mother just like God the Father is the I AM ALL (He is everything).  He made Me to be your Spiritual Mother and to bring His Son into the world for all of you, My children.  He passed His only begotten Son into the world through Me, Mary, to be the Spiritual Mother of God and man and also the Mother of every child that ever was and ever will be on the face of the earth.  My children and God the Father’s children, We are your real Mother and Father in Heaven.  God passed His Son through Me your Mother to die on the cross to save all Our children, if you will only let us, but you have to ask God’s forgiveness for your sins to be saved.


The time is so close when many more will die than are dying at this time.  I am begging My most beloved children to ask My God and yours for forgiveness this very day because I cannot hold back God’s hand any longer.  You must ask God’s forgiveness when He shows all of Our children their life review and all their sins that they ever committed and have not asked forgiveness for during the Warning.  If you ask forgiveness from your heart and are truly sorry for your sins, they are gone from your soul and you start over anew each time.  I say to all the Catholics that your obligation is to go to Confession and ask forgiveness through one of God’s priest sons that represent Him on earth.  This is your obligation as a true Catholic.


My children, the time is here and it is now.  Your whole world is about to experience what is happening in the Middle East.  Yes, My beloved children, the Americas are about to be hit with such devastation that all will be shaken to the very core of the earth and all of God’s children will be shaken to the very core of their body and soul if not in a state of grace. 


This is the chastisement talked about in Revelations.  There is no time left, I am telling you as your true Mother.  I am bleeding next to the cross with My Son as He dies for you to save your soul.  A loving Mother always warns her children when they are in danger.  I am warning you now because of all of My love for all of you.  My heart aches for every one of you because I love each one of you dearly. 


Stop and think for one minute what is important in your life.  It is only your soul that will live on forever not your body.  It will turn back to ashes as it was made from until the final joining of body and soul at the end of the world and it will be a new body. 


My Son has told this messenger that He will not give him any more warnings for His children.  I, your Mother, am giving you one last warning of love before all of hell tries to destroy the earth and then my Son will cast all the unrepentant into hell with all the demons if My children do not repent and beg and ask forgiveness. 


The last message was a loving heart message from your Mother.  This message is a loving warning message from My heart that a Mother only gives in desperation when there is nothing left that she can do for Her children unless they ask forgiveness.  Sorry, My children, but it has to be said even if it hurts.  This love warning is like a mother watching her little child running out in front of a car coming down a road.  This is what most of My children are doing; they are running out into a danger zone without praying and without being in a state of grace.  Your loving Sorrowful Mother with Jesus dying on the cross beside Me.  Love, Mother. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to guard God’s words

to His son, October 13, 2015

My love, My beautiful one and all of God’s beautiful children, We love you dearly, this is your Mother of Heaven and earth.  My son, I have not spoken to you lately because My Son has many serious messages for you.  I come to tell you that I am very happy with you and all your friends who are working for Heaven, and especially all the new children of Mine that are starting to help you with all that needs done.  Tell them that I love them dearly and I thank them for coming to the prayer group.  My children have no idea how much grace is given when a group of My children pray together, whose souls are united to Heaven and each other.  This makes Heaven feel so blessed for all of you and the world when you pray. 


We are all with you and graces flow from Heaven like rain coming down in a heavy rain storm.  I thank all of you personally and I bless all of you personally, and all of your families.  Thanks for being the person you are chosen to be by God and Heaven.  Do not worry about where you are spiritually to compared to others or what you know spiritually.  You are where you are now at this time in your life and I am happy with you as long as you stay out of mortal sin, or go to Confession, or ask God’s forgiveness when you sin and move on with your life.  You are all human and will sin, but  you have to ask forgiveness and then start over anew in your pure state.  We do not ask the impossible of Our children, only satan makes you think that We ask the impossible so you give up and do not try anymore.  We love you right where you are at and accept you where you are at, but we wish for you to move a little tiny baby step closer to Heaven each day.  If you move a tiny baby step closer to Heaven each day, look where you will be at the end of your life.


My beloved children, most of the things that most people do gain you nothing for your soul or for your body.  Look at your life closely and see what really matters and what really makes you happy and you will see that it is not all the material highs.  The more material things you get, the more luggage you have to carry during life.  It weighs you down body and soul.  The more spiritual things you obtain from Heaven, takes the weight off of your body and soul and lifts you up because there is no weight to spiritual things.  The gravity of the earth is not tied to spiritual things because they are weightless.  They are spirit and light and tie you to Heaven.  The worldly things are matter and gravity and they tie you to the earth and you have to carry them.  Please choose a light load and start floating up toward Heaven while still on earth and your life will be much easier.  Do not let the weight of the world hold you down.  Let the spirit of Heaven lift you up.  Your loving Mother to Her children.  Love, Mother.


Continued at 8:30 am:   My children you need to start living one day at a time.  Get rid of your past baggage; live one day at a time and do not worry about the future.  There are more than 7 billion people in the world and 2 to 3 hundred thousand die each day on a normal day.  These messages are going to the whole world so many who read these messages have someone that dies each day.  That is why these messages are so important for Our children.  They can make the difference of some of our children living in Heaven instead of hell for all eternity.  Love, Mother and all of Heaven. 


Come Holy Spirit, Holy Family, and St. Michael, with God’s words, October 7, 2015

My dearly beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Tell all My children I love them all dearly.  Make sure that you get prepared for the hard times this winter.  The flood was all controlled by the HAARP machine by changing the path with the billion watt laser to take it on the course that the one world government wanted it to go.  They can control the weather and many other things in about any way now. 


Satan has shown the people of the earth much technology in the last few years through the fallen angels.  You have just seen a little of the technology that the one world government is able to do.  Their technology is years ahead of what most people understand.  They can destroy about anything in the world instantly with all their new modern day equipment.  Do not think you can fight them with guns because guns are a thing of the past when dealing with a major all out war.  They will use weapons that can destroy major areas at a time if I your God allow them to. 


Your main weapon is the rosary which My Mother has been telling you for years.  If all My children would pray the rosary daily and get their souls in a state of grace, Heaven could then help you.  But as long as you are living in mortal sin, Heaven’s hands are tied because you are giving your free will to satan.  As long as you are in mortal sin and not living the Ten Commandments of God there is no help for many of My children.


The Warning which is close will show you the state of your soul and if in mortal sin you will feel the pains of the people that go to hell.  I ask all My faithful children to pray hard for all those that will be in mortal sin when the Warning comes so that they will embrace their God and ask forgiveness for all their sins and not try to blame their God and condemn Me. 


The chastisement is caused by the sins of the people and is permitted by their God to help them see how sinful they are living.  I am an all forgiving and loving God as I have told you many times, but I am a just God also.  No one in Heaven or on earth can be all loving and not all just.  If you are all loving, you’ve got to correct the sinner with love from your heart.  You must love everyone who sins but hate the sin they commit so much that you correct them from your heart so their soul can be saved so they do not go to hell for all eternity.  This takes a very loving person to correct their friends who are sinning in a loving way so they do not lose their soul.  Thanks for writing, My son.  This is another teaching for My children to help them save their souls.  Love, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St. Michael, and all of Heaven with protection of God’s words

October 1, 2015, 7:00 am

My son and all the children of the earth, I love all of you so dearly.  I suffer with you and all of Heaven suffers with you when you suffer.  My children you know that you have to correct your little children over and over again time after time before they start learning to be God’s children.  I have to do the same with all of you, My children.  You know how hard it is for you to correct your children.  You would rather just keep giving them good things to make them happy and forget to correct them.  This is what most of My parents are doing in the world at this time.  This is why the children of America are so spoiled and rotten from getting what they want whenever they want it.


My children you have to be disciplined in this world or you will become rotten from all the sins of the flesh and by getting what you want when you want it.  You all have needs and wants in your life, as I have told you before, but the needs of food, water, and clothing are all you need.  I your God now has to let satan chastise you because you have become rotten just like a rotten apple by getting all your wants and not living within your needs. 


You have bankrupt your country and now are going to start living as a poor country would live like Haiti.  Spirituality is gained from fasting from everything that you think you want.  You think you need both the man and woman working and giving your children all those things, but the opposite is true.  You think you need to work on Sundays and play sports on Sundays, but the opposite is true.  I will now permit you to be shown how I your God want you to live to please me and get to Heaven. 


I have been trying to correct you in a loving way, but now you will be corrected with a rod and the strong hand that you will feel in many ways, as it is taught in the Bible and the Ten Commandments.  You have tested your God’s patience more than any parent should let their children test them and you will pay with much suffering and sorrow.


As I have told you in the other messages, your time has run out and you will lose everything for your disobedience.  Be ready My beloved children for your time has run out and many will die.  So be in a state of grace so you will end up in Purgatory and not hell.  Your loving God to a sinful and stubborn nation.  You are now in another time as Noah was when entering the ark and the earth was about to be cleansed.  It is all happening now.  Love, love, and more love.   



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son

with all the angels and saints from Heaven, September 27, 2015

My dear son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  As I just spoke to you in your sleep, it is about to come to America.  My children have not listened to God’s warnings.  Your country and the world now live as if there is not a God or an eternity; they live as if there is no hell.  I come to tell you again that all hell is about to break loose across all of America, not just in the Middle East. 


America has been protected for many years now from all the evil in the Middle East.  It now has spread like a cancer across all of America with the sins of the flesh because America has thrown out the Ten Commandments from their country by their government, and the people of America have not fought back fiercely. 


America has lost the spiritual battle to satan because of their lust for sin.  They will now see what living worse than animals will get them.  They will all lose everything they sinned to get; all power, pleasures, money, homes, cars, land, and all are satan’s pleasures that they sold their souls to satan for by choosing satan for their god instead of their real God of Heaven and earth. 


As I have told you in previous messages there is just one thing left for you and that is your soul.  The only important thing left to say, “Get your souls in a state of grace now while it is still easy.”  Your loving God to the most sinful generation that ever lived on the face of the earth. 


The Warning will wake you up in terror if you are not in a state of grace.  Your loving Jesus with the Chastisement already happening in parts of the world now.  You (America) are next.




Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family and all of the angels and saints with St. Michael

to guard God’s words to His Children, September 21, 2015

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I know you do not want to write this message, but it is critical to get out.  My Mother told all of Her children to pray much for Our beloved pope for he is in much danger from the one world leaders and the elites.  He is being controlled in what he can say and cannot say. 


Pray hard that the grace is available to him to hold his ground and stay with the one holy Catholic Church teachings.  He is being pressured from all sides to push the one world religion.  Pray that he remains strong enough to stand up against all the satanists that are all around him and have taken over the church.  It is very important that he hold his ground and stand up against the evil people that are trying to control him and all the Catholic Church.  This is their main goal, to take the Catholic Church down and start the one world religion. 


The one world religion will take all the commandments out and let the people do whatever feels good to them.  They will try to kill all Christians that stand up against them.  They will then force the chip in anyone in order to be able to get or buy anything.  Stand firm for your God is a lot stronger than satan.  Satan is like a grain of sand in an ocean next to your God and all of Heaven and all of Mary’s army.  You will all be protected in the refuges if you stand up for your faith.  I will permit some to be martyred for the sake of the Kingdom of God to save some of the ones that would be lost without the sacrifice of martyrdom for them.  


My sacrifice on the cross saved the whole world and opened the gates of Heaven back up.  My children who do not deny their faith and give up their lives for their brothers and sisters will save millions of souls that would go to hell if not for their martyrdom.  The battle is all God’s and I will permit what needs done to save My children from hell for all eternity.  They are all God’s children and the only ones that will be lost are the ones whose hearts are so hard and they are so stubborn that they do not want to go to Heaven. 


I lost Judas because of his hardness of heart even when he was given all the love and grace that any man could receive.  Please do not be like Judas and live in hell for all eternity.  Just ask forgiveness from your heart and be in Heaven for all eternity.  Your loving Jesus to all His loving children.  Thanks My son for writing, love from Heaven.  Amen.



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