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Holy Family Refuge Messages


Come Holy Spirit with God the Father’s words with St. Michael’s protection and all of Heaven

January 24, 2016

My beloved children this is your Father in Heaven.  Please stop abortion now or your country, America, will be no more as I made it.  It will be totally destroyed and taken over by the evil ones and satan.  You are already a Communist run country by your Communist President.  He is controlling everything.  All of your good leaders and all the branches of government are being threatened or killed by satan and his demonic people who are now running your country and most of the top leaders in your country.  It will take much prayer and suffering to turn this around. 


I, God the Father, am about to give the Warning talked about in Revelations.  Please have your souls purified and ready by asking and begging My forgiveness.  I am an all loving God but I am asking and begging you to come to Me and ask forgiveness before the major chastisement when you will see your soul in an out of the body experience when you will see Heaven, Purgatory, or hell according to where you would go if you would die that very day.  But, I God the Father am giving you a special grace that has never been given before because the times you live in are the most evil times the world has ever seen. 


It started when Adam and Eve sinned and every generation gets more evil.  I purified it during the time of Noah and the Ark and then it started over again.  Then each generation started to get evil again until the people in your world are now the most evil that the earth has ever seen.  The Ten Commandments have been totally thrown out of your top leadership and they have taken the majority of the people with them in one way or another.  They have taken God out of everything they can and have forced you to live their way or suffer dearly to live God’s way.  But, I am your God and I will never leave you.  I am still in control of everything.  There is only one thing you have to do and that is to say, ‘God the Father, please forgive me for all my sins’ with a loving and forgiving heart and forgive all your brothers and sisters, and stop sinning and start worshipping Me your real God and Father and the Maker of all things that ever was or ever will be made that is good.  Satan takes everything I, your God, makes and just turns it around and makes it evil.  Most of My children just need to stop and turn around and look to Heaven and not down to earth and ask forgiveness and they will be saved. 


The world runs clockwise like the clock runs, but the spiritual world runs counter clockwise.  The spiritual world goes from your right hand out to people and the evil world goes out from your left hand.  You always greet people with your right hand.  That is God’s anointing hand and the hand that the priest blesses you with.  So, please turn around and start moving toward Heaven and walk away from the earthly things and have peace and happiness instead of sickness and hell on earth.  Love, God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I am waiting for all My children.  Love, love, and more love.   God bless.



Come Holy Spirit, Holy Family, and St. Michael with God the Father’s words

January 23, 2016

My most beloved son and all My children, I love all of you dearly.  Do not let satan be your god any longer.  I want every one of My children to be in My arms and hold them dearly next to My heart.  My children, I suffer with you every time you suffer.  I have to let you suffer when you need to be corrected.  It is not what I want but what you want by doing satan’s will and not My Will.  All the storms and natural disasters are all caused by the sins against the Ten Commandments that My children are committing.  I am all love and it takes tough love to bring My children back to Me, your God.  Satan is all hate and he will do anything to steal or kill My children and make them suffer.  Because of your free will I have to let you suffer here on earth to save your souls.  This is why I tell you I am all loving, but I must be all just also for the sake of your salvation.  You must be in a state of grace and ask for My forgiveness before you die or other faithful Christians must pray and suffer much for you to help save your soul with much cleansing for you in Purgatory.


You are all brothers and sisters in God because I made all of you in the beginning of time, and you are all responsible to help each other save their souls.  I also made all the angels and some of them fell away from My Will and are now suffering in hell because they wanted to do their own will for all eternity.  They are now trying to take all of My children with them to hell so they can torture you for all eternity.  Please ask forgiveness for all your sins with your heart and I will forgive any of My children no matter what kinds of sins they committed.  Did I not take the good thief on the cross at My right side to Heaven the very day he asked My forgiveness with an open heart?  And, I would have taken the other thief on My left if he would have asked for forgiveness from his heart.   


Please pray for My messengers, and prophets, and My refuge builders right now for satan is attacking them greatly now that My time is getting so close when the ‘Our Father’ is being fulfilled—Thy kingdom come , thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Yes, My children, your earth and world is about to be cleansed like in the time when all the evil angels were cast out of Heaven and into hell and when I cleansed the earth during Noah and the floods time.  Yes, My beloved children you are about to see cleansing of the earth again.  Are you ready?  If not, please ask My forgiveness with your heart.  The time is growing short and eternity is forever.  I love all of you.  Your Father from Heaven. 



Come Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, and all of Heaven with St. Michael as protector

of My words, December 30, 2015, Your Jesus of Love and Mercy and Justice

My most beloved son it is good to speak to you again.  I wanted to let you and My children think about the last few messages that were given.  I told you that the warnings are over that I have been giving and that I would start teaching what you need to do to save your souls.  I also told you that what I was warning about was already happening in parts of the world and to not get in too big a hurry for them to happen any faster.  I also told you that America broke the camel’s back when they passed the big law in your government of same sex unions—it is not a marriage.  I tell My children there is no such thing as a same sex marriage except in satan’s world, not in God’s world. 


It all started in the East years ago and the warnings and chastisements are now in your country, America.  As I told you, it would get stronger as time goes by.  You will also see a famine in your country with all the natural disasters that are happening.  There will be flooding in some areas that have not been protected by the lack of prayers from the people who are still not following My Will.  Your country will now be taken over by the evil people because your country was chosen by My Mother to help save the world, but you denied your Constitution, that your leaders  founded America on. 


You also deny the Ten Commandments that are the laws of Heaven.  The fallen angels denied the laws of Heaven and were cast out by St. Michael.  Now you will be slaves in your own country until Revelations come to an end.  There are special places that were set up all over the world for the ones that will ask forgiveness for their sins and for all of My faithful servants who are following the Ten Commandments and praying the rosary, and offering sacrifices for all sinners. 


Please pray for the poor souls in Purgatory because they cannot pray for themselves.  They pray for all of you on earth and you must pray for all the souls in Purgatory.  Your loved ones in Purgatory are begging you for prayers and Masses so they can get to Heaven sooner to help all of their family on earth more from Heaven than from Purgatory.  Remember all your loved ones who have died before you this Christmas season.  I have given you a special prayer much like the prayer I gave to St. Gertrude but with more detail for the desperate times we are in.


Oh Divine and Eternal Father I offer You the Most Precious Blood of Your Divine Son, Jesus, in union with all the Masses, rosaries, prayers, and sacrifices that were ever offered from the beginning to the end of time, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, all the lost souls on earth, all the souls in the universal church, all the souls in my own home and in my own family.  Amen. 


This is a prayer given in front of the Blessed Sacrament that the world needs to say as often as possible.  My son you had a hard time writing this prayer because satan was fighting you viciously to stop you from writing it.  St. Michael helped to protect you and get this prayer out.  You had the same trouble writing the meal prayer that I gave you to protect from all contaminated things in your home:


Oh Divine and Eternal Father through the most precious blood of Your Divine Son, Jesus, we ask you to remove anything that is not from You in our food, our water, or our air, in our medicines, in our households, in our bodies, and in our souls and replace it with the pureness that was in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned.  Thank You.  Amen.


And the after meal prayer:


We give the thanks for this pure food from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord.  Amen. 


This is all My son, happy New Year for some, but bad for many.  Pray, pray, pray so I can lessen it a little.  Your Jesus of love, and mercy, and justice. 


Please put the other prayer that your friend gave you.  It will help to clear some of the evil from your homes and families. 


I command, in the name of Jesus, by the power of Jesus, and through the blood of Jesus and in the holy name of Mary that any evil spirits that are present, watching, listening, or attached in any way to our family members, our homes, our jobs, our cars, be bound and cast at the foot of the cross, disposed of by Jesus, and commanded never to return to harm anyone ever again.  I command that they be replaced by holy warrior angels and the love of God.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and all of Heaven with St. Michael

as protector of God’s words, December 10, 2015

My most beloved son and children, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy and Justice.  Your beloved Pope has declared this (Church) year as The Year of Mercy.  The reason it is declared a year of mercy is because My justice is getting stronger and stronger each day.  I will not put up with the evil of this world any longer.  It has to stop and will stop. 


Too many of My children are being forced into evil deeds and actions and thoughts because of all the children who are following satan.  Satan’s power is being taken away little by little and he is fighting back like a mad dog when you corner him.  He is now being cornered by all of Heaven’s children and you are in a world war between satan and God’s children.  You know and I know that satan will not win, but you are seeing a major battle put on by satan’s evil people.  Satan has convinced and lied to them that they will win, but you know and God knows that satan has not got a chance against God.  I had St. Michael and the good angels cast satan out of Heaven when he would not follow his God any longer and I will do the same again. 


The Pope declaring this year as a Year of Mercy was a direct attack against satan.  I will let this year also be a year of God’s justice.  I love My children so much that I will never leave them for they are My Mother’s children.  I your God will do everything to save Mama’s children. 


Now, My children, you have to do only one thing to be saved and that is to give your heart and will to My Mother and Me.  The mercy is there for the asking but My stubborn children have dug a hole that they can only get out of with the help of God the Father and all of Heaven.  Be ready for many chastisements this (Church) year but be ready to draw from the greatest mercy that has been saved for this generation since Adam and Eve sinned. 


This is a teaching for this (Church) year so be ready for God’s justice and Divine Mercy.  Get in a state of grace, now, for many more will die this (Church) year, more than during any other year in history since the time of Noah and the Ark when I cleaned up the earth the last time.  Love, Jesus.


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with God’s words, December 3, 2015

My most beloved son this is Jesus of love and mercy.  Please tell all My children to try to get to Confession and ask forgiveness for their sins before the first of the year so they can start the new year out in a state of grace.  As I gave you and your friend yesterday, the times you are in are serious and you need to stay in a state of grace.  Many of My children are asking when are all the messages going to start happening.  My children they are happening and are getting worse each day. 


As I have told you many times, My beloved son, you are going through the Warning before the main Warning  for all those who are listening.  Look at all the major things that have happened in your world and country just this year.  Millions of babies have been killed and many, many martyrs have died for their faith; the same sex marriage has been made legal; millions have died from contaminated food; and many people have been very sick and very near death from bad foods and genetically modified seeds.  Many people have lost their souls to hell because of the sins of the flesh.  Many people have been murdered because of drugs.  These things are just a few of what you can see.


Weather conditions like never before have been seen and are setting new records every day in some parts of your world and people are asking, “When is it going to start?”  It HAS already started and is happening and has ended for many of your brothers and sisters in many part s of the world.  Pray, pray, pray that it does not happen any faster and sooner or you will all see millions of people die at the same time. 


Those of you who are still alive, I suggest that you look around with eyes of faith and see how fast it is happening to all your brothers and sisters being put to death by satan’s people by their acts of sin against their God.  If you want millions of people killed at one time and lose their souls, that is what you will see, and if you want all of your brothers and sisters to have a chance to be saved, please pray, pray, pray and thank your God for the extra time of mercy I am giving My children. 


My children see very little of what is really happening in the world spiritually or physically.   If they did, they would lose hope.  I am giving you My mercy and some of My justice at the same time to give you time to save your souls, but you have little time left before mass destruction in some areas that will affect all.  Look where you as a country were 10 years ago and look where you are now, and say nothing is happening?  Your Jesus of love and mercy and justice. 


12-3-15 HFR
12-30-15 HFR
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