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Come Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother and all of Heaven, November 24, 2016

My most beloved son, tell the girls in your prayer group that their dad is in Heaven and very, very happy.  He wants to tell all of them that he is praying for them and all his family and friends from Heaven.  He thanks them for all the prayers they said for him so that he would get into Heaven so quickly.


(Name withheld), tell all of My most beloved daughters that I, their God am very happy with them for all they are doing for you and supporting you in your work (God’s work) in helping you bless all your area with blessed salt and Benedictine medals.  Keep saving souls.  I am very, very happy with all of the (name withheld) daughters and sons and I send a special blessing to this family and to your family and all of your spouses and grandchildren on this Thanksgiving Day.  I love all of you most dearly and I send the same blessing to all the rest of the prayer group and their spouses and grandchildren.  Love, love, and more love, Jesus and Mary and all of Heaven. 


My Mother wants to speak to all Her children:  My love, My most beautiful one, I Mary, personally send to ALL prayer groups and to all of your spouses, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the special blessing that I have been giving at Medjugorje, Caritas and all the rest of the apparition sites around the world, all you have to do is ask for the blessing.  God is permitting Me to give this blessing in a much stronger way this Thanksgiving Day because of all the battles that the world and America will be fighting this coming church year.  This blessing is being given to each of you, and you can pass it on to any and all of your friends either by word of mouth or privately through prayer.  Love, love, and more love, Mother of all My children with the Holy Trinity, the Holy Family, and all of Heaven.  Love the Mother of God. 

Come Holy Spirit and all of Heaven with God’s words to His children,

November 9, 2016

My most beloved son, tell all My children I love them dearly and I thank them for all the prayers yesterday.  They were multiplied many times with all of Heaven begging and praying with you.  Tell all My children that they must KEEP praying for protection of their new leader and conversion of their old leaders.  You still have a rough road ahead of you but the first breakthrough came yesterday.  This is the first President and Vice President that have been elected that your God has endorsed.  Trump reminds Me of Paul (the Apostle), that is why I chose him as I told you earlier.  He is the horse that was strong enough to break through the walls of all the evil in the White House.  I told My son two months ago when their prayer group asked who to vote for that Trump would be the horse and Pence would be the man on the cart that held the reins with the bit in Trump’s mouth to control him and Pence did a good job.  I also gave a bible verse to  My son to go along with this:  Isaiah 30:28 & Isaiah 37:29.


I thank everyone who put their life on the line to help win this election.  This was the first joy over your country that Heaven has had for a long time.  This election will mean the difference between being taken into slavery and communism or being able to live in freedom with the Constitution and the Ten Commandments.  Keep praying and living in the Ten Commandments and your God will help you through all of your trials to come.  The Ten Commandments have to be in your government, your schools, your churches, and all of your lives for your God to help you fully. 


Evil destroys itself.  Everything good comes from God to His children and when the good is used for satan in an evil way, everything starts to self destruct until all graces are used up with no gain and much turmoil in the souls of the people using His gifts in the wrong way.  It won’t work, just like putting water in a car instead of gasoline to run it.  Your Jesus of Love and Mercy. 


Isaiah 30:28 His breath is like an overflowing torrent, and it rises right up to the neck, to shake the nations in the sieve of destruction, and to place in the jaws of the peoples a bit that leads them astray.  


Isaiah 37:29 Your insolence has reached my ears, so I'll put my hook in your nose and my bit in your mouth, and I'll make you turn back on the road by which you came.        

Come Holy Spirit with God’s words to His son with

St. Michael as guard and protector, October 28, 2016

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I come to tell you to tell everyone to be ready for the Warning at any time.  With the elections and all the turmoil in America, the Warning may have to come soon.  There is a good chance that your Communist leader will try to call martial law if he cannot control the votes of your people.  The one world people do not want to change leaders when they have America right where they want them.  But, many more people are starting to pray because their eyes are starting to see how your country has been controlled by evil people for many years.  All your army and military leaders, who will not go along with the one world government, have been removed from their positions.  


Be ready for something major to happen in your country so they have an excuse to call martial law. 

You now have many people aware of how they replaced  your leaders with foreign people who want to take America down and make it a third world country so the one world people can lead the world.  Their goal, or satan’s goal, is to get rid of the majority of the people in the world and have just the top elite people with the rest slaves to do their work.  They want to make the world a playground for the rich and famous and get rid of all the sick and weak people.  What they do not know is that the weak and sick people are My Mother’s army with their rosaries in their hands and they will win any war if they use them more and pray more.  I honor all My prayer warriors. 


Satan will never win but he will cause a lot of sorrow for many of My children because they lost their way and followed satan.  Satan is a loser and a thief and a liar and many other bad things.  His only goal is to steal God’s children and take them to hell.  Satan’s plans are nothing next to God’s plans but My children have to ask forgiveness and start following the Ten Commandments and come back to their God.  All the power that satan has, he stole from all of God’s children that I gave them to use to save their souls.  Satan is nothing without My children’s help.  Start taking your free will back from satan and give it to God to save your souls and let satan be cast back into hell without taking anymore of Heaven’s children. 


To all Our loving children, it is time—and past time—to change.  Your world is hanging by a thread ready to break and when it does everyone will be in the biggest disaster that has ever been since the beginning of time.  Your Jesus of love and mercy.

Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael with the Trinity’s words through Mary, September 28, 2016

My beloved son, this is your Mother Mary.  My son, wants you to know that He wants the private message given to you two weeks ago (the 9/11 message below that had not been published) to be sent out.  He spoke to you about the crops that were in the field and some of them were becoming rotten.  You have now harvested your crops and you found this to be true.  You have also seen many bad crops in other people’s fields with a lot of damage from insects, storms, mold, and rotting from the rain that you had so much of this year.  You also had people come down from up north of you that had little rain this summer and their crops are about one-half of normal yield.  Many of your rivers have flooded and caused many acres of crops to be destroyed by the water in the low lying areas and also in your area in places.  Fires have destroyed many crops out west.  This is not just happening in your country, but all over the world.  All of the things that My Son told you are happening right in front of you all over the world. 


My son all the Father told you is happening and will continue to get worse.  He told you that many of your crops would rot in the fields and many stores would have empty shelves and a shortage of food.  This is already happening in different parts all over the world.  It will now start happening in the United States of America which is being controlled by a communist government that is taking your country down.  Much poison is being spread from the air in the jet stream from the sprayers on the wings of the planes (chemtrails).  Many  viruses. sicknesses and poisons of all kinds are being dumped on your country.  They are causing much flooding and bad weather with all the HAARP machines around the world. 


This is all being caused because of all the sins of America.  My God, and yours, controls  everything, but all your sins of abortion, homosexuality, and the sins of the flesh are calling down His justice on America.  He has given you free will and the Ten Commandments and when you obey God’s Will, you are protected from satan, but when you give satan all your will you cannot be protected by your God because you are asking for His justice.  It will continue to get worse until you, My children of America, get down on your knees and ask forgiveness and start following the Ten Commandments and put them back into your government, your states, your countries, your schools, your churches, and into yourself. 


Where are you living in your life at this time—for God and self,  for satan and self, for God and satan and self, for God only, or for satan only?  Please put an ‘X’ on the way you are living at this time in your life.  Then, start living for your God and He can protect you again.  If My children you do not change, then you give satan the power to take you over and destroy your country.  God’s hands are tied until you give Him your free will.  Die in your sins, stubbornness, and His justice and be in hell for all eternity.  Or change, live in His Will, and be with Him in Heaven some day. 


Love, the Trinity.  Amen. 



Come Holy Spirit with God’s words and St. Michael as protector,  September 11, 2016

My beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  There is a connection with the people of California and (name withheld).  The things you are doing, keep doing.  I have been giving you the strength to get done what needs done.  Do not make any changes with your livestock (the goats and the chickens) they will be needed greatly very soon.  Your animals take very little food to raise. 


The famine, My son, and very bad weather are coming soon.  The earth is in just as bad shape as your people.  I, God the Father, have done all I can do without more help from your people.  It will take much more chastisements to wake up your very sick country, America.  Plan on much more damage being done in many more areas of your country.  Many are suffering now but many will be devastated.  Many of your crops will not be harvested and will rot in the field.  The one world government will cause a shortage of food and many store shelves will be empty. 


(Name withheld) this is Jesus.  Your area is not just the crossroads of America, it is also the heart of Jesus.  Your farm is the heart of Jesus from which all graces flow to America in the center of the cross, and it will be the center of the New Jerusalem for the New Era from which everything flows to your country.  Your area is also called the heartland of America from which most of America is fed from just a few of the many states.  They are connected to the arms of the cross around your farm, which go north, east, south, and west.  Children are created through God (Adam, and Eve).  St. Joachim and St. Anne are the human side that created Mary and God, through the Holy Spirit, created Jesus in Mary’s womb to make up the Trinity, three-in-one.  God made man and then woman. 


Similarly, God’s animals reproduce with fertile eggs which are like the sun in a clear white sky.  An infertile egg is like a cloudy sky when the sun is blocked out—it is not clear, it is not fruitful, it is sterile because it is not positive and negative.  It has only one element, it will not illuminate and make light.  It is like a candle and a wick that is not lit by fire (the elements are there, but they can’t be used without power).  It is like a sack of corn, that has to be pollinated to produce grain.


Satan wants to sterilize everything because he is sterile and fell away from God when he was told that man and woman would be created to have children in partnership with God’s hand.  Satan could not stand seeing man and woman with more power than the angels so one third of the angels fell from God and from Heaven.  They were told that Jesus would be born of woman (Mary) and would be human and divine.  Man would be blessed with children through the marital act to reproduce children.  Satan could not handle being in second place and being called to serve mankind.  His desire for power destroyed him and one third of the angels and then he was cast to earth.  He could not stand the light of the earth so he took up his place in the depths of the earth and the pit of hell.  That is why he works at night in darkness.   (Note, This messenger has been told in the past that through the influence of satan the GMO crops were designed to be sterile and because of cross pollination, they are also sterilizing and poisoning the pure, non-GMO, crops and destroying the health of the people).


Love, Jesus.  Believe, it is true.

Come Holy Spirit with Mary’s words and the Trinity’s protection, July 30, 2016

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mary the Mother of God to all the human race through the power of the most high, God the Father.  He wants Me to speak to you one more time about all the love of the Father and Mother of Heaven and earth.  My son and all Our children, please come to My Father and me when you need love and peace and joy and not to all the things of the world.  The world will just give you momentary pleasures and nothing that lasts.  Most of the things of the world are controlled and run by satan now because of all the sins of the world.  You’ve got to come to Heaven for joy and peace and love.  Then you can give it to your brothers and sisters that do not know about real love.  My children are so confused about their roles in life in this era of time. 


My Son and I will be coming to take many of Our children home very soon now.  Please make sure you are ready for Heaven or Purgatory and not hell.  We are all forgiving parents and it is your job and duty to ask forgiveness from your heart for all your past sins.  As My Son said in the other message, you have to ask forgiveness from your heart because We will not go against your free will.  We will send many graces to you just for your asking or that of your brothers and sisters asking for you.  Heaven is full of angels and saints just wanting you to ask them to help you and be with you at all times, day and night.  They will give you all the grace you need to get to Heaven just for the asking.  Forget the sins of the past by asking God’s forgiveness from your heart, mind and soul and then begin to live in the present time with the love and peace of your Mother and Father and all of Heaven. 


God never wanted the earth to be sinful.  It was Our children who chose through their own free will to sin instead of following the Ten Commandments that God set down for all to follow and be happy on earth and extremely happy in Heaven.  It is never too late to get down on your knees and beg your God’s forgiveness for all your past sins and be forever happy in Heaven. 


The Catholic Church is the One True Church by My Son’s death and resurrection to be followed by all mankind.  The other churches are all taken from the Catholic Church and they just dropped things from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that they did not want to obey.  That is how, with satan’s help, the churches got so watered down to the point they are today, the same way that he tricked Eve to eat of the apple from the forbidden tree. 


My children, I just ask you to do the best you can with the knowledge  that has been given to you in your life.  Some have been given much and some have been given little to work with.  You will be judged by what you have done with what God has given you.  A teaching from your loving Mother.  Love, love, and more love.

Come Holy Spirit with the Trinity’s words for His Son, July 26, 2016

My beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy, and justice.  Your country has not been listening to their God and Maker of Heaven and earth.  As you and your friends said, there are a lot of good people in America but the good people are not following the Commandments.  They are not going to Sunday Mass or any religious celebrations on Sunday.  A lot of them are treating their neighbors and friends good according to the world’s standards, not God’s standards.  Many are divorced and remarried without a Catholic Church annulment.  Many are going to Mass and Communion in a state of mortal sin and committing another sin.  Many go to Mass when they feel like it or one or two times a year.  They skip Mass for sports or any other entertainment that comes in the way of Mass.  They  live together as man and man, or woman and woman, or man and woman without even thinking about a real relationship as husband and wife married in a church in a religious ceremony that their God respects. 


Yes as your world looks at it, there are many good people in the world but they are not good in the eyes of God and the Ten Commandments.  If you do not follow the Ten Commandments or ask forgiveness when you commit a sin from your God, or as a Catholic to a priest that represents your God on earth, you are not a good person in the eyes of your God.  You cannot do what feels good when you want to and think you are a good person living in the Will of your God.


I come to tell you one last time that your time is running out quickly.  Your world, as you know it, will not be anymore because of all the sins being committed.  It has been taken over by satan and the majority of the people are walking in the path of satan, not in the path of God who made them.  The Warning is about to come and then the antichrist will promise you a chip in the body and tell you he will give you anything you want and the ones who do not take the chip will not have anything.  You have all listened to satan’s lies before and sometimes believed them.  Do not believe him this time because if you take the chip you will get what he wants, not what you want.  You will turn into a robot from the chip controlling your every move and get a free ride straight to hell.  My children, never listen to a liar.  You will never win anything but heartache and hell if it comes from satan. 


My children, I am trying to be as gentle with this message as possible, but the consequences of it will lead you to Heaven for all eternity or to hell for all eternity.  Love, God the Father.  Amen.

Come Holy Spirit with God the Father’s words to His children, July 15, 2016

My beloved son and children, your country America keeps wondering what to do to save your country and it is so simple.  Your country is now being led by a communist leader controlled by the one world government which is controlled by satan himself.  Your country was founded on God and the Ten Commandments.  The only chance you have to survive is to put the Ten Commandments back into the government, your schools, and all of your work places.  It is as simple as that.  When a country is led by satan, it will not survive. 


Your country was taken down by one commandment at a time.  When your government threw out one commandment, they destroyed 10% of your country at a time.  They destroyed 10% with the first commandment, 20% with the second commandment, 30% with the third commandment they took out, and then they finally threw out all of your commandments which destroyed 100% of your country.  Your country destroyed itself from within. 


You cannot survive as a country living on satan’s rules.  You must live by God’s rules or you will be no more.  The Roman empire and every country in the history of the world fell the same way.  Without God, you will have no country.  I and My Mother have been telling you this for years but you will not listen.  Now satan will take you down because of your sins, America.  I, God the Father repeat, “WITHOUT GOD THERE IS NO COUNTRY!”  I repeat it in the name of God the Father, “WITHOUT GOD THERE IS NO COUNTRY!.  I repeat it in the name of God the Son, “WITHOUT GOD THERE IS NO COUNTRY!”  And I repeat it in the name of God the Holy Spirit, “WITHOUT GOD THERE IS NO COUNTRY!”


Put God back into everything and there is a small chance that your country could survive but it would have to be NOW!  There is no time left.  You have to stand up for God and run satan from your country, your government, and your churches.  This is your simple answer, America, and all the world.  Love, the Father of All Creation.  Amen.  So be it.

Come Holy Spirit with Your words only from God the Father, July 14, 2016

My dear son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I come to tell you and all My children, I love them dearly.  The time has come when all of you must make a choice for God or satan and to be taken into Heaven or fall into hell.  The time is here, now, there is no more waiting.  You all can now see the signs of the times that we are now living in.  Look for many more chastisements in your country, America, for all the sins of the flesh that you are committing.  My hand is falling quickly now.  Have your souls in a state of grace.  Many disasters are coming quickly.  Then, I will take you out of your body and show you how I see your life as you are living it now.  This will be the special Warning from Me, God the Father, through My Son, Jesus.  This will be the last chance that you have before the antichrist will start forcing the chip into your body so you are slaves to the evil one.  You must change and call on your God and not take the chip.


I have set up refuges all over the world where I will lead all My children that are listening to Me, to be saved and then taken into the New Jerusalem.  I will let some of My children die as martyrs for the sake of the others.  Pray now for all the souls that will die during the natural disasters before the Warning so their souls will be saved by your prayers.  Many do not even know how to pray and ask forgiveness and the faithful have to ask for them because you have been given the extra graces to save your brothers and sisters.  Do not delay any longer for the time is critical and short.


Have some extra food and water now for many areas will have empty food shelves or they will not be able to get food or water.  I am not joking because the antichrist and the one world government is about to strike hard, your loving Father. 


Tell all your friends to not worry about anything except being on God’s side because I made everything, even satan and the antichrist, but they turned on Me and wanted to be god, and they know and you know they are nothing next to God.  They are just one grain of sand next to the whole earth and universe that I made for all My children and angels, the ones that love Me and the ones that turn away from Me.  Love, love, love.

Come Holy Spirit and all of Heaven, Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My beloved son this is God the Father.  Thanks for all that you and your friends are suffering for their God.  As all of you can see now, the chastisements are getting worse each day.  I will be coming soon with the Warning.  Keep doing what you are doing and do not make anymore major efforts to get in contact with the doctors.  If I wish more, I will make the contacts happen.  You have done all that you can do and the rest is up to your God.  I know how long the journey has been this year for you and your wife.  


Keep loving people with compassion as you have been doing and do not be afraid to show everyone love from your heart.  Your heart is tied to Me and all of Heaven and when you show love and compassion to others they feel the love from their God and can start relating to Me, their God.  Even just a ‘hi’ to others transmits love from one person to the other.  People need contact from each other to feel love.  You all need each other now in a major way because all of My children are hurting. 


Make sure you pray for the ones that do not know their God so they can learn to know Me, their God.  As I have told you many times, my Son, some of My children have been exposed to many graces in their life and many of My children have been exposed to very few graces.  Those who have been given many graces and gifts have the responsibility to help those with less graces.  Sometimes, you have to walk behind and just help people along the path; do not just run ahead of everyone and let them get lost in the wilderness.  I, your God, went back and got even the very last sheep with Jesus when He was on earth no matter the cost or time it took.  I expect the same from the ones who have been given much. 


Your time is very short to help your brothers and sisters so trust and be patient with everyone.  Your loving Father from Heaven and earth.  Amen. 

Come Holy Spirit, God the Father, the Son, and St. Michael with all of Heaven

Friday, May 20, 2016 @ 3:00 am

My beloved son this is the Trinity, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Yes, you have been awake the last three hours for a reason, praying.  Many things are happening in your world at this time.  Satan always works the hardest from midnight till 4 am.  He hates the three o’clock hour for that is when I died on the cross and he was defeated when he thought he got rid of Me, your God and his God, that he betrayed. 


Your country and world are about to crumble.  It will see a big collapse just before the Warning to wake My children up without killing them so they will take the Warning seriously.  This will be the last chance that many of My children will have to save their souls.  A short time after the Warning, satan and the antichrist will start forcing the chip into My children.  You will be killed if you refuse it or made into a slave if you take it.  I warn you again, do not take the chip or it will be the death of your soul.  Go to the refuges because I your God will warn you before satan has time to get to you and My children.  I will warn you from within your heart and soul and tell you where to go to be protected and you will have no doubt that it is I, your God. 


It will be an interior Warning just like I gave St. Joseph to get My Mother Mary and me out of town so Herod would not kill Her little Jesus.  The past always repeats itself.  I, your God, never change.  I am all love and mercy and I give My children every chance I can to save their souls.  I will shake the whole world up first before the Warning without very many people dying to save most of My children if they listen.  My children, these messages are real and you are living Revelations at this very moment.  Believe and do not doubt like St. Thomas did for it could mean the life of your soul.  Expect major changes in the whole world very soon and be ready to move to the refuges.  Love, the Holy Trinity.


Yes, My son, the picture of the Holy Trinity that I asked you to have painted should go to as many refuges as possible.  I will help you get them there.  It has caused you much suffering.  Pray, trust and believe; no doubting, like St. Thomas.    And, yes, My son, many of My remnant souls are suffering for all the people being killed by satan’s terrorists to help save their souls from hell.  Love, the Trinity. 3:30 am.

Come Holy Trinity and Holy Angels and Saints with St. Michael as Guard and Commander of God’s Work,  A Teaching, Thursday, April 19, 2016

My son, it was I, God the Father, asking you to write as you were praying.  It is a critical day in the lives of all My children on earth.  You know and I know that satan is controlling all of the top leadership in the world and that includes your church leadership.  You cannot condemn anyone except all of My children for not living the Ten Commandments I set up for the world to follow.  Then I had My Son die on the cross to form My Catholic Church, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 


When it was a Latin Mass, it was harder for it to be changed and manipulated in so many ways of untruths when it was being said throughout the world.  The Mass has now been watered down in so many churches that it is about to be taken over by satan.  I warn all My faithful again, when you are at a Mass and your priest says that same sex marriage is right, or that abortion of any kind is right, or any kind of living together and having sexual relations outside of marriage is not a mortal sin, I ask you to leave that church because it is no more a Catholic Church, but satan’s church.  This is already happening in some churches now and will continue to become worse.  The only churches that will stand during the Tribulation at its peak, which is close, are the ones that were established in the beginning and are at the consecrated refuges where My remnant are living the true, One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  The rest will be one world churches controlled and run by satan and the antichrist. 


I just wanted to make sure that all know this.  You will also have to take the chip in your body by your own free will to be part of this.  The chip is nothing but a computer chip put in your body so you can be controlled just the same way you control your own computer or your cell phone.  You will have no control over the chip in your body but satan will and he will force you to do whatever he wishes and take you to hell for all eternity.  I beg you, do not take the chip for it will send you to hell for all eternity.  Your loving Father in Heaven.  Pray, pray, pray for you are seeing a lot of this already happening.  Love, God the Father.



Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael with protection as the Blessed Mother speaks, April 5, 2016

My love, My beautiful one and all My most beloved children that My God and yours gave to Me as He died on the cross.  Yes, My love, it was I your Mother speaking to you as you woke up this morning.  I was speaking with all the love and grace that you were receiving when you went through your honeymoon phase in your spiritual life when you were reborn anew from your spiritual Mother from My womb into My spiritual world and were taken away from the physical world to start working for your God and Mine.


I ask all My children to give their free will to Me, their real spiritual Mother so I can take you in and through Me to My Son who was born in My womb on earth.  Yes, I was chosen to be the Mother of all the children of the earth when God the Father made them within Himself at the beginning of the world.  Then God put each of His beloved children in the womb of their mother on earth at the time He needed them to fulfill the mission He had for them in their life at the time they were needed to fulfill their piece of the puzzle in His creation.  All of God’s children are needed to fulfill the plan of creation from the beginning to the end of time.  All of God’s children knew each other from the beginning to the end of time.  They were all made within God the Father in the beginning to be used for a special job in the world at a certain time in the history of the world. 


My children do not think that God loves any one of you more or less than the other.  You are all needed from the greatest to the least of you as far as the world sees it.  In the same way, no one is better or worse than the other in the eyes of their God and Mine, your spiritual Mother.  Do not look down or condemn any of your brothers and sisters; in My God’s and your God’s eyes, you are all created in His likeness and image.  You “each” are a different part of His likeness and image.  It takes all of the people of the world that ever was or ever will be to fulfill the full picture of our God.  Jesus, My beloved Son was the only one to be made into God the Father’s full image, who God asked to give up His life for all of us to save our souls and suffer all the crosses of all of us so we would have the strength to carry our little cross when it was our time to help Jesus carry them. 


My children, you are all just little pieces of the whole puzzle that make up the whole picture of My Son, Jesus.  You are now living in the end of this era of time and the remnant children who said ‘yes’ to their role in life are carrying all My children who do not want to say ‘yes’ to God’s role for them in their life.  These are the children who are living the Warning before the Warning for all those listening.  The time has now come when My suffering servants will find peace and joy and the ones who are not listening to their God will continue to suffer even more each day.  My remnant children will be there to carry them through their suffering with all of Heaven to the final end of this era of time and the one thousand years of peace when satan and all his demons will be locked in hell except for a short time after the thousand years of time when they will be unleashed again and then it will be the final end of the world as is spoken of in Revelations.  Your loving Mother with all Her spiritual children to be within Her as their real spiritual Mother.  Love, Mom.



Come Holy Spirit with St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s words to me

March 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  You and all of your world are about to see the biggest shakeup that the world has ever experienced.  My Mother and I have warned all of Our children for years now and very few have listened.  Very few want to listen to what My Mother and I are telling them.  The time has come and My Father is confirming that it is very, very close.


The Warning has to come now because of all that the one world people have already planned and are already being enforced.   Be ready to see your souls the way that My Father and I see them.  Please get to Confession this Lent, and there is not much time left before Easter.  Divine Mercy Sunday is very near and your Pope has declared this Divine Mercy Year of 2016.  I am telling all My children through all My messengers that you must be ready to see My God and your God face to face. 


Do you remember when you did something wrong as a child and your father or mother had to correct you in a very harsh way for disobeying them because they loved you and what you did was bad for your soul and the health of your body.  You are about to see God the Father correct all of His children at the same time because they have done many things wrong that were bad for their soul and body and also could take them to hell for all eternity.  He has no choice any longer but to act now like your parents had to act to save your soul and your body from much more danger.  If He does not correct His children now, millions upon millions will die in the world and many more would lose their soul if it was not for this special grace and Warning to wake up the people of the world. 


Many do not even know that they are living in mortal and deadly sin that could take them to hell for all eternity if not corrected by their God now.  He will now show you your soul in all the ways that you are hurting your God from all the sins of the flesh such as abortion, living together as man and man, and woman and woman, and man and woman who are not married.  Most of My Father’s children have forgotten the Ten Commandments.  Your world has dropped about all of them except less than ten percent of My children. 


This special blessing is about to be given by My Father and yours so you can repent and ask forgiveness from your heart so you can be in Heaven some day with all of the happiness, love, and joy that He intended for all of His beloved children.  This message is very serious and critical for your souls so they are not in the burning fires of hell for all eternity and are in the loving embrace of Heaven for all eternity.


(God the Father) My beloved children, I God the Father have given you all the time that I can to ask forgiveness.  Satan is about to destroy all your earth so the Warning must come now.  You must repent and ask forgiveness now before the Warning so you are able to even face your God during the Warning.  All My remnant prayer warriors who are still praying please, please pray for all of God’s children who I love so much that I gave up My most beloved Son on the cross to save all your souls.  Every one of My children are forgivable, but you must ask forgiveness from your heart and stop sinning and start following the Ten Commandments. 


(Jesus) I forgave the good thief on My right when I was on the cross because he asked forgiveness.  The one on the left would not ask forgiveness because of his hardness of heart.  Please ask forgiveness.  Love God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 


This Warning is My love and gift to My children.  Please take it seriously; it is real and it is serious.  Please look at your world and see what satan and sin have done to your world and families.  Amen.


Come Holy Spirit, God the Father, St. Michael, and St. Luisa Piccarreta**

February 26, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

(God the Father said that Luisa is His most beloved Saint, but not yet declared on earth)


My son, this is God the Father telling you what you just heard in your heart.  St. Piccarreta and I are standing right next to you as you write and hold her relic in your left hand.  Tell My beloved daughters (names withheld) and all your families that their God and Father has assigned St. Piccarreta to help all of you in this mission that you are fighting against satan.  The mission is getting extremely hard and I your Father and Maker from Heaven am now giving you many more powerful saints to help all of you as you need them in this battle.  I know that you (name withheld) are very weak and frustrated with all of the sufferings, but it is needed to get you down to the place you need to be to get the trust that you need for all the work ahead of you and all of your brothers and sisters. 


The battle is at its peak as you explained to (name withheld) with satan’s pyramid with the point down and with the pyramid of God with the point up with a foundation to hold it together.  Satan’s pyramid is about to crumble over and God’s pyramid is about to reach Heaven and join Heaven and earth as you say the Our Father: Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 


The Mother of God and I your God are preparing all Our remnant soldiers in this tough spiritual winter and Lent to endure the treacherous battle.  (Name withheld) you are starting to heal again as you have the last three years from your winter sickness to be able to endure the summer work.  I permitted satan to think he got rid of you the same way as he thought he got rid of Me on the cross before I rose again.  Your beloved sisters (names withheld) and their families were sent to your place on the day that you had the stroke, the same as the holy women were with Me at the Crucifixion.  I, God, sent your friends there to teach them and also to save your physical life with quick action.  You and your family needed their love and prayers that day in a mighty way and they needed you to practice on as Mary and the holy women needed Me their Jesus when I died on the cross to be ready for the future and the Resurrection.  It all was a lesson that was needed before the real hell on earth which is coming.  You will all be fine with My power and your trust in the Divine Will of St. Piccarreta and many, many saints and angels and martyrs from Heaven.  Love God the Father with St. Piccarreta standing beside you as you write.  Love, love, and more love.  The end of the beginning.  It is now the end of the old era of time that began when Jesus was crucified and the beginning of the new era of time which will be the Era of Peace for a thousand years when satan and all the fallen angels will be cast back into hell with all the evil people that would not ask forgiveness for their sins from their God and Maker.  My justice and mercy are now making way for the new era of peace, happiness, and joy.  Love, love, and more love with all of Heaven joined together in My most beloved prayer, The Our Father.


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