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Holy Family Refuge Messages

July 20, 2017  Feast of Our Lady of Grace [Paris, France]

Come Holy Spirit, Holy Family, the Most Holy Trinity and all of Heaven

with God’s Words from His Mother and Jesus

My most beloved son, this is Jesus and Mary coming to the world to save Our children.  We know how hard it is now for all Our children.  Please pray much for you are in a major and bloody war, above you and on earth.  Satan wants to destroy the earth and all Our children before the 100 year anniversary of the last apparition of Fatima on October 13th.  He will try anything he can before that day when his power will be decreased compared to what he has now.  He is the most vicious now than he has ever been since Noah and the flood when I had to cleanse the whole world and purify it again.  Many of My children have sinned much and made the world the most sinful place now, at an even deeper level with satan’s help. 


My children I made the earth perfect and gave you the 10 Commandments and the 7 Sacraments of the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  But all Our children want to change everything that was made perfect and make it your own way.  Can you not see how simple God the Father made everything in the simplest way so that any child at the age of reason could understand.  The Church and all your leaders have made it so complicated that no one can understand it anymore.  My Father, as a God of Love and My Mother cannot let it stay this way any longer.  All of Our Mother’s children are blinded to the truth because of all the darkness and confusion of the sins of the world for satan has made all things of truth look bad and all lies look good to confuse Our children.  Even the sky is clouded to keep the earth in darkness so the light of Christ cannot shine and purify the earth.  He has had all his evil ones put all kinds of poisons in the air, the foods, and everything you use to kill and weaken all of Our children so they cannot fight back. 


But My children, God is still in control of everything so do not worry, just pray and get your souls back in a state of grace and follow My 10 Commandments and I promise I will stop satan soon.  I gave satan 100 years to destroy My Church and to see how faithful My children would be in following Me and satan’s reign is about to end and God’s thousand years of peace is about to begin. 


I do not forsake My children if they follow My 10 Commandments and love Me.  Ask forgiveness with your heart, mind and soul and you will be saved.  Love the Holy Trinity, the Holy Family, and all of Heaven and all the poor souls of Purgatory, please pray for us and to us to help all of you.  I use the simple to educate the learned of the world back to the truth of God and God’s ways not the world’s way. God bless, all of Heaven. 


Note:  At the end of this message, the Lord stated that the reason that many tunnels are being dug for the protection of the elite is that they are dark, closer to satan, and without the Light of Christ.

A  Teaching from Jesus, June 20, 2017, 3:30 pm,  Feast of Our Lady of Consolation

My son this is Jesus, what I have been explaining to you is on track.  You must enter through the Mother to get to the Son through the power of the Holy Spirit; Then the Son must enter into you through the Power of the Holy Spirit to get to the Father.  This is true spiritually and physically.  They both work in the same way if you are living in God’s Will.


I, Jesus, entered into Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit, with Mary’s permission not by force, then Mary’s Son was born as God and man.  I, as God and man, then entered into the Mass and the Eucharist at My death on the cross.  From the Most Holy Mass and the Eucharist, I enter into you if you are living in a state of grace and not in mortal sin.  When I enter into you at Mass, you can then go to the Father. 


Heaven and earth can be the same if living in the Divine Will like My Mother Mary lived.  Please live in My Divine Will on earth and you will be within the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family wrapped in the blue mantle of My Mother Mary.  Love, love, and more love, Jesus.

June 12, 2017 Feast of the Apparition of Our Lady to St. Herman (France)

My love My beautiful one and all My beautiful children, this is Mary the Mother of God.  My children you are now in the heat of the battle between Heaven and hell with all My children.  The heat grows stronger as the battle increases. 


Do not give in to satan, just give yourself and self will to the Most Holy Trinity, the Holy Family and all the saints and angels in Heaven; They are the ones who will fight the battle with you.  All you need is your free will and obedience to God’s Will.  The battle has to be won by God with your free will.  My children, you try too hard to fight the battle on your own and in your own way.  Give your free will to My Son and He will help you to go forward a little at a time and not backwards.  Your country got itself in the mess a little at a time, and at a little at a time it can only improve, little by little.  Keep praying and begging God the Father for the grace to continue when things seem hard.  Mary the Mother of God.

May 22, 2017,  Our Lady of Monte Vergine  [Naples, Italy]

My most beloved son, this is Mary, your Mother from Heaven.  I know that you and most of the world are suffering greatly now.  All of you must keep praying greatly now for protection of your leaders and your country.  All the evil in the world and hell are fighting against your country, America.  They know that your country is holding the piece of the puzzle that is still holding satan from destroying all the world. 


You have many good people in the world, but you have many bad leaders that are controlling everything you see and most of the things that you are allowed to do, but you have all of Heaven on your side in a good President and Vice President that I have chosen for you and helped you to get elected.  All the evil in Washington knows that they will be taken down and put in jail if your President wins out and gets America back on track.  All of your news media and air time is being bought out by all the rich evil people to try and save them from being taken down.  They have stolen from the poor for many years now and they control all of the banks, the stock market, the gold standard, the silver, the chemical companies, the medical institutions, and the pharmaceutical companies.  It will take much prayer and a special act of God to stop them from destroying everything.  Satan’s only good is to destroy all of My God and your God’s children and take them to hell.  But, with your prayers and Heaven’s strength, very little will be accomplished by satan.  It looks like all is being lost with all the lies and evil being said against My children, but God is going to change everything very soon with His mighty power and bring all the evil down and cast them into hell for all eternity. 


Do not stop praying but keep begging for God’s mercy and protection and the new Era of Peace will be here very soon in God’s time.  Make sure you offer all your suffering for the salvation of souls and pray for all those that persecute you.  Praying for evil stops evil.  Love, Mary the Mother of God and all of Heaven. 

Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael as Protector and Guard over God’s Words to His Son,

May 2, 2017

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Your country and world is a mess.  I have told you before that your country is about to be taken over.  I have told you I’m still protecting your country.  I also told you to watch the next 40 days and see what happens. 


The 40 days are over now and you can see all the natural disasters I have permitted to happen already this spring.  I tell you to pray and watch the next 40 days because much more damage will be done to your country and the world. 


The prayers are just holding you country above water and that is all.  You have picked up a few more prayer warriors but not enough to improve anything in your country.  Your country will still be setting on the edge of a cliff ready to fall off until you get more laws changed and a majority of people living the Ten Commandments and bringing them back into your country, the churches, the schools, the governments in all the cities, and the leadership.  You are just holding your heads above water and that is all. 


Keep praying America for you have much hardship ahead and some will be severe.  Your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Do not give up hope, but give Me more prayers.  Love, Jesus.   

Come Holy Spirit with the Word of God with St. Michael and all of Heaven

as Protector of Your Words, April 6, 2017, Come, Lord Jesus

“My son, I have been wanting to talk to you about your country.  Your country must have unity with their God and not satan.  The split in your country is caused by the lifestyle of the people of your country and the evil people that the one world government are sending to your country to cause all corruption to take it down.   I have told you in many of My messages, that the only way to save your country is to put the Ten Commandments back into your churches, schools, governments, and everything that your country does.  I have sent you a good President and a good Vice President who are trying to do just that.  People do not want to listen to any law or any order from God or from your new leaders.” 


“I tell you that all America and the world must listen to God and have the Ten Commandments as their true leader.  And, then to the new leaders that I send you, if the new leaders are living in the Commandments, listen to them and help them to get your people back to living in God’s Will and not satan’s will.  Until you start living the Ten Commandments, your country will keep suffering more and more.  Please listen, My children for God’s ways are the only ways to be happy and peaceful.”


“You wonder why so many people are coming into your country, and it is because of all the abortions in your country and the world.  It is also because of all the laziness of the American people.  The elite people who run the world bring in cheap labor to make up for the laziness of American people so they can make more money.  If Americans would have had their children and not aborted them you would not have so many people coming into your country and taking your jobs.  It is all because of your laziness and sins of the flesh that you are about to go down.”


“I your God have given you one last chance and you better make use of it and unify and change your lifestyle from sin and sickness to love and peace of God and not what you call love and peace of the flesh.  You are living on borrowed time.  Love, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Pray much for your Congress and Senate and President today.  It is a critical day in the life of your country.” (Twelve hours after this message was given, the US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military airfield.)

Thanks, Jesus, for protection from storms last night.  Love, from all of Your children on earth.  Forgive us for our sins.

Come Holy  Spirit with Jesus’ Words with St. Michael as Guard and Protector

March 19, 2017

My beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  My son, I am Jesus of Love and Mercy, but I am also Jesus of Justice.  I told you before that to be love and mercy, I also have to be a Jesus of Justice; One does not go without the other. 


As I have told you before, you are in the Great Tribulation.  More disasters will happen very soon and they will be much more intense.  Your country is not waking up, they are just grumbling and complaining instead of repenting.  They are fighting against your new President just like they fought against all the past prophets.  Something major has to happen that will shake and stop your whole country from being able to function in a normal way. 


Your country and the world has lost obedience to their God and to each other.  I have given you two good leaders as President and Vice President and the majority are still trying to stop them and condemn them for everything possible. 


I will send justice from far and near to shut your country down to a standstill very soon.  The door of the ark has just closed.  Watch what the next 40 days bring you.  You better pray hard and repent.  Your Jesus of Love and Mercy. 

Come Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother with Your Words Only with St. Michael

and All of Heaven as Guard and Protector of Your Words,

March 7, 2017, Feast of Our Lady of the Bowed Head of Vienna, Austria

My love and My most beautiful one and all My beautiful children.  I know My son, you do not feel like writing, but Heaven and I need you to write.  Tell all My children We still need more prayers, desperately, because satan and all the evil people are trying to take America down before they get any stronger and get more people back on track with God and Heaven.


I know all My children are suffering greatly now, but it will get much worse if My children all over the world do not start following the Ten Commandments of God the Father.  You are very close to the repeat of Noah and the Flood time in past history.  My children think they can do everything on their own and also their own way without God, but in all of the world and America, the chosen leaders have got to learn to listen and you must all band together as One Body in Christ with God as your leader. 


I told you I gave you good leaders in Donald Trump and Mike Pence but they are only human and must have the majority of the people following them and the Ten Commandments.  Abortion and killing of babies, homosexuality sins, and any sins of the flesh must stop now and they can only stop with the prayers of the people.  If they do not stop now, America will go down just like the Roman empire who went down from the sins within their own country.  America is deeply on that path and without more prayers within and outside of America, they will fall and be killed by the enemy.  My Son wants to speak.


(Jesus)  My children I have given you a new leader but he has been infiltrated by many evil people on the outside of his party and some within his party.  There are many evil people that have paid high prices to take down your government and to tell lies about your president through your news media and also through occult leaders and many, many others including your church leaders that are controlled by the one world people and all the masons.  They want to rule the whole world and destroy most of God’s children through evil people with dirty money.  If it were possible, they would destroy all the world as soon as they can.  Pray, pray, pray hard for a total breakdown of all the evil cults in America and all over the world.  Do not doubt for one minute that Trump has been chosen and put into office by God the Father Himself to do what St Paul the Apostle did on earth.  He stopped killing Christians, himself, and took up arms against all the cults, atheists, and all the evil people that would not follow God’s laws.  Love, Jesus and Mary. 

Come Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother, and all of Heaven with St. Michael as

Guard and Protector of your Words, February 19, 2017

My most beloved son and to all of Our children, this is your Mother of Love and Mercy.  My love and mercy have been given to you and all My remnant children who have asked for it and accepted it.  Please use it for My Son and Me to help convert more of Our beloved children.   I want to tell you that the picture I gave to you of the Statue of Liberty with Me, Mary, in the background is very important to get out so your country knows God has given His Mother of the Immaculate Conception to guard and protect all of the United States of America and has given Our Lady of Guadalupe to protect Mexico.  Your country now has all that it needs to change and turn around except We need more prayers from all of Our children.  I need the majority of My children to pray a rosary and chaplet each day instead of just 25%, and your country would become a great leader again. 


I, your Mother, am talking about the last of this era of time from the birth of My Son, Jesus, two thousand years ago until the coming of the new era of time, the Era of Peace, for one thousand years in the New Jerusalem.  My children, this era of time is coming to an end soon because My children have polluted God’s beautiful earth so badly that it is not healthy enough for My children to live in anymore.  Your water, your land and trees, skies, oceans, and forests are so polluted that they are making everyone sick.  Your oxygen levels are only half what they were years ago.  This is why your people do not have any energy and are sick all of the time.


You have now turned your natural environment that God created into a chemical environment.  Your bodies were not made to live in a chemical environment.  They were made to live on natural herbs from your land, not chemicals that satan and his followers put together to kill all of My children a little at a time.  Satan’s fallen angels brought all of these sins and pollution down on mankind to destroy all of God’s children.  Because of all the sins of mankind, he received the power to do so.  Satan is powerless without man.  Your time as you know it is quickly running out.  My God is about to clean up the whole earth and re-purify it like it was when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. 


I have given you a new leader in the United States to start to get My children ready for the New Jerusalem.  With your prayers and Heaven’s grace, you received a new leader but he will only be able to do his job with the majority of My children praying for the new President and new Vice President and also for the Pope of the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  I have given you a second chance to clean up the world but it will take all the people of My world to pray and fast to get the job done. 


The Warning talked about in Revelations is at your doorstep so pray and fast and treat your God and neighbors with honesty and love.  Your time has run out but My God has extended it to save more souls so they can enter into the New Era of Peace.  Love, the Mother of God with the Holy Trinity, and all of Heaven with Me.  Love, love, and more love.  Amen.

Come Blessed Mother with Your words only with St. Michael as guard and protector

of Your son, February 6, 2017

My love, My most beautiful one and all My beloved children.  I did call you this morning to write, My son.  I come to tell you to warn all My children to be ready for the worst.  You know that this is satan’s 100th year to try and destroy the Church.  This was the time in history that My Son gave satan, the time to try and destroy the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  His power is starting to run out and he has not succeeded in doing what he wanted. 


My beloved Son, Jesus, has now stepped in and allowed your new president to be elected because of all the prayers of the remnant faithful and all of Heaven’s prayers and He is working with you to change the world so you can enter the New Era of Peace soon if My beloved children keep praying and bringing many new people into the Army of Christ and His Mother Mary’s army. 


Satan is very, very vicious now and he is fighting with all his might.  He is trying to stir up all the people that were working for him as though he was their god.  Now they are thinking twice and starting to see all the lies that satan has been feeding them and using them for his own good.  They will continue to see more light of God and see more evil of satan and how bad he really is.


It will be hard for some of My children to change and admit these mistakes, but with all the prayers of My remnant faithful praying and all the grace that God saved for this generation while satan was busy using every ounce of power each minute of each day.  Now, his bank account is now bankrupt and God’s bank account is running over with graces and the blood and water of the Crucifixion to start to open all My children’s eyes to the truth and the light of My Son, Jesus’ love and to see the evil and hatred of satan and all his enemies.  Satan’s power will continue to fall all year and My Son’s light will continue to increase all year.  You are in a very dangerous time now and in the heat of the main battle between Heaven and hell for the opening up of the thousand year Era of Peace. 


My  beloved remnant soldiers, keep fighting with your rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets and the Seven Sacraments and stay in the Ten Commandments and this battle will be over before you know it.  It will be very hard like a mother in labor pains at the hardest time of the delivery but when she sees the new baby, her pains are forgotten and all she feels are the love and beauty of a new life and a beautiful baby.  My children you are all My beloved babies and I love all of you very much.  Love, the Mother of all life through My Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Please pray for souls in Purgatory and on earth and for protection from bad weather and natural disasters for the next six months.  Love, Mother Mary.

Come Holy Spirit with St. Michael and all of Heaven as Protector of God’s Words

January 21, 2017

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  Thanks for putting the last message out quickly.  Please tell your typist and secretary thanks for getting it out quickly.  The prayers were needed to fulfill the inauguration without too much violence.  The elite and one world people, with satan’s help, are trying to stop your God and your new leaders.  You have now won two battles in the world war between Heaven and hell with all of Heaven’s help. 


All of Heaven will continue to help all they can but the good people of earth have to pray and fast much to continue to win the battles between Heaven and hell so more souls are converted and keep joining My Mother’s army to help Her crush satan’s head and bring in the new Era of Peace.  Keep praying My children because all of Heaven is with you in the biggest spiritual and physical battle in the history of the world.  Love, God the Father.  Amen

Come Blessed Mother with the Trinity and St Michael as Guard and Protector

of Your Words to Her son, January 17, 2017

Feast Day of Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain, France

My most beloved son and children, this is Our Lady of Hope from Pontmain, France.  I ask all of America and all the world to hope and pray that all of Jesus’ and My wishes are fulfilled for America this weekend with your new leaders.  You must pray much for all the storm fronts that satan and the elect have in store to try to stop this new President. 


My Father is in control but you know that My Father’s hands are controlled by the prayers of Our people because of the free will that has been given to you.  All of Heaven has all their prayers in order for everything to go right just like during the election.  The people’s prayers were on track then, to win this election against all odds.  Make sure that all the world’s prayers and rosaries are many for the rest of this week to fulfill this election and the return of peace to the United States and the world.  God bless you, Mother of Christ.

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