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Holy Family Refuge Messages

April 12, 2018  Feast of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, Patroness of Cuba

My beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  I AM your God and I AM the God of all of Heaven and Earth and all that ever was or ever will be.  I want to repeat some major things that are causing many of My young children to die.  No one should give the flu shots and vaccinations to these small young children.  Children should NEVER get vaccinations or flu shots at a young age.  This just causes more sickness, weakened immune systems, and is causing autism and many other brain damage problems in children along with many more medical conditions in their bodies. 


All the flu shots do is bring a new flu into your country each year and even contaminate the unvaccinated who are around those who have recently taken the flu shot.  Most people who get near a person the first few days after they have had the shot, become sick to a lesser degree.  This flu epidemic is happening because the one world people want to kill and make sick the people of the world and to make the pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.  It was just a plague started by the top elite to get rid of many people in the world.


I, God have told you for many years now not to take the flu shot because it contains stronger flu strains each year.  I have also told you that each year you take the flu shot, your immune system becomes weaker.  You watched your mother-in-law and your best friend die because of the flu shot.  They both came down with pneumonia each time they took the flu shot and after about the third year, they both died from pneumonia.  My son, this shot is just one thing they are giving to take the lives of My children. 


Listen to what I am saying to My children in the messages.  The top elite are trying to kill and maim all of My children.  Love, God the Father. 

Holy Thursday, March 26, 2018 Feast of the Apparition of Our Lady to St. Bonet [France]

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  I AM WHO AM—all of everything.  My son, I am going to repeat some of the things I have told you before.  Remember when you asked Me who to vote for before the election of your President?  I told you during your prayer group to vote for Trump because he was the only who could break through all the evil in the White House.  I then told you he would be the horse that would pull the cart with Pence holding the reigns controlling the bit in Trump’s mouth to lead him in the right direction.  Trump and Pence were chosen from Heaven to help save America through the hands of God the Father and all of Heaven and that it would take many prayers from America and the people from all nations. (see 11/9/16 message)


Satan knew that Trump would win so he had his evil people fix all the election polls the same way he did in the last two presidential elections.  He thought all would be fine but when the election results started coming in, he could not believe what went wrong.  This is why all the media and the evil leaders who bought them off went so crazy. 


I, God the Father, sent angels to all the polls to remove all the cheating that the evil people had been doing to take America down, and to give the country one more chance for a true vote of the American people.  The evil leaders were changing votes, allowing illegal immigrants to vote, and also allowing people to vote without valid IDs.  Now, the evil ones are telling every lie possible about Trump and Pence and are now spending billions of dollars to buy people off to start riots all over the country since Trump won the election.


This is the last chance for your country to take back its freedom from satan and all the evil leaders of the world.  I am begging all the people of America and the world to pray for Trump and Pence every day so that all the evil people and evil demons who are controlling your country and the world will be stopped by Heaven and all the angels.


Prayer is the only thing that will win this battle with MY hand doing the work through Heaven with the prayers of all the people.  Please start supporting your leaders.  I gave you Trump and Pence and you need to pray that all the evil demons will be cast back to the foot of the cross by Easter so that God the Father’s work can continue according to His Divine Will—the whole world depends on it.  Love, God the Father. 

Come Holy Spirit with Your Words through the Father’s Love from His Son

March 24, 2018 Feast of Our Lady of the Flowering Thorn (France)

My most beloved children, all of Heaven wants to thank all of you who came to the Flame of Love prayer group yesterday.  There was much grace during the 3 o’clock prayer group.  Tell your speaker and My daughter that I was very pleased with her.  The Holy Spirit was directing the whole prayer group. 


My son as I have told you and many of My messengers, there will be much suffering for the children of America.  They have let the world down in their leadership. 


The Popes and Bishops have let the world down in not fulfilling their Church obligation in consecrating Russia in the way Mary asked when She asked for it.  You are now in hard times with Communism running rampant all over the world. 


My Father is a loving Father and a just Father but to be loving you also have to be just and have spiritual laws for children to know the difference between right and wrong and how to live their lives in love.  The Ten Commandments are the laws for everyone on the face of the earth:

  1. I am the Lord thy God, thou shall not have strange gods before me.

  2. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

  3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day. (This is a day of rest, prayer, going to church, and helping those in need.)

  4. Honor thy father and mother. (Be obedient and respectful to them if they ask you to help them in any way that is not sinful.)

  5. Thou shall not kill. (Do not take the life of an unborn or anyone unless it is for saving the life of another or in self-defense.)

  6. Thou shall not commit adultery. (You cannot have any sexual relationships with anyone except in a valid marriage performed in a church or it is a mortal sin if you have full knowledge and deliberate consent.)

  7. Thou shall not steal. (You cannot take anything that is not your property without permission of the one or group that owns what you are taking.)

  8. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. (You cannot intentionally deceive another by speaking a falsehood or by attacking the character of another in any way.)

  9. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, husband, or children. (You cannot desire anyone other than your spouse or do something to another that is not for the good of God but only to fulfill your desires or your wants.)

  10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods. (You cannot desire, destroy, steal, misuse or damage the property of another.)


My son, these are God the Father’s laws for every person, place, and thing on the face of the earth.Until people start living the laws of Heaven, your earth will continue to be taken down with more and more destruction every day. You are now in the middle of Revelations and it will continue until the end of Revelations when there will just be a protected remnant faithful left on earth to enter into the New Jerusalem in the New Era of Peace.  It will be no different than when the earth was destroyed by the flood in Noah’s time but it will happen in a different way.  Your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  These are words of My Father in Heaven through His Son Jesus to My son on earth.  BELIEVE, YOUR ETERNITY DEPENDS ON IT—HEAVEN OR HELL.


Come Holy Spirit—Tsunami Warning

March 7, 2018  Our Lady of the Star, Portugal

This is your Jesus of love and mercy.


“Was the dream last night from you, Jesus?”


Yes, My son, it was a warning for My children. 


“Last night I had a dream and vision of being in a low area somewhere in the world with a church down at the bottom of a hill.  Jesus kept telling me that I had to get the people up to the top of the hill.  He kept telling me to get the people up by the big trees at the top of the hill.  There were people walking around in the valley with many houses and a big church.  Jesus said to tell the people to get out of the valley and up by the big trees at the top of the hill.  He kept saying it over and over in a strong voice.  I kept trying to get the people to move up the hill, but some of them just kept walking around and would not listen.”


My son, this is Jesus, the vision was to alert people that a major tsunami will strike in your country, America, and millions will die.  This warning is to tell people to get their souls in a state of grace and get away from any low-lying areas that are next to oceans and the Ring of Fire that can cause major tsunamis.  I have told people many times not to live close to the ocean because with a major earthquake you could see tsunamis reach hundreds of feet high.  I am warning My people that if major earthquakes happen anywhere in water near them to be ready to move out quick.  Your Jesus of love and mercy. 

 February 24, 2018: Plague in Rome ends after Pope St. Gregory the Great

leads a procession with a painting of Our Lady by Saint Luke (Year of 591)

My son, this is Jesus of love and mercy.  The title of Our Lady’s feast day of February 24th of the plague in Rome ties with the flu epidemic that is going on in the world today.  You will continue to see diseases getting worse all over the world.  As I have told My children, sin brings sickness.  Major sins that are committed in your country and the world today will bring many plagues, many natural disasters of every kind, and will bring the worst disasters your country has ever seen.  Be ready for the worst and have your soul in a state of grace and as pure as it has ever been in your life.


It is going to take a lot from your God and very little from the sins of the flesh to endure the trials coming and that are happening behind closed doors now as we are writing.  If you knew what the 10% of the most evil people are doing now with a lot of your children, you would not be able to stand it.  These people are not just the rough people on the street, they are mostly the top leaders in your country who are making the most money. 


I have told you many times My son, that 10% of the people are the worst evil people in the world and totally possessed by satan and another 10% of the people are the most holy people on earth.  The other 80% of the people ride the fence going one way or the other in whatever way they choose in order to feel the best.  They have all kinds of gods, but not the one Holy God of Heaven.  As I have told you before, people live for God alone, or for God and self, or for God and satan and self, or for satan and self, or they live for satan only.  The 10% on the bottom live for satan only and the 10% on the top live for God only.  This may sound harsh, but this is true in today’s world. 


My children choose God and Heaven or be a slave of satan and choose hell.  My children, I forgive and forget if you beg forgiveness with your heart no matter what you have done.  Satan never forgives and he never forgets and he tortures you till death here on earth and for all eternity if you follow him.  Your Jesus of love and mercy. 

February 11, 2018 Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes, France

My beloved son, this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Your country needs lots of mercy now, but to receive lots of mercy, your country and your world have to ask for it and stop sinning and start living the Ten Commandments.  I told you awhile back that the doors of the ark were closing in your time on earth just as they were in Noah’s time on earth because of the sins of the flesh.  Then you read in the Holy Love messages that I told them on the 10th of January the doors of the ark in Noah’s time had been closed.  As of February 11th, they have been closed for 31 days.  That gives you 9 more days before the water covered the earth in Noah’s time.  This should wake up the people on earth who are asleep.  I told you in one of your latest messages that My hand was falling down toward earth more each day and that the further it fell the more natural disasters and worse disasters you would see until the people of the earth started praying more and started following the Ten Commandments. 


The President and Vice President are listening but your Congress and Senate are doing little but fighting each other most of the time.  I told you, your time as a country and world was running out as you see it and know it, and you would start living as a 3rd world countries.  Very little has changed as far as the sins of the flesh but there are more prayers being said now, but they are mostly coming from the same people.  There has to be much more prayer from more people or you will see many more disasters and much more damage and loss of life until the majority of the people are on their knees praying.  You could be going to the refuges soon if more prayers are not said and more people will be in danger of losing their lives due to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. 


I am telling you what is happening in your world at this time in history.  I am telling you what happened in Noah’s time in history as I told him, but very few listened until it was too late.  They wanted everything they desired when they wanted it and lost everything they had.  I am telling you that you are very close to the same situation that Noah was in during his time on earth.  Are you going to continue to keep making the same decisions and following satan and lose Heaven for all eternity for a few pleasures of the flesh that will take you to hell?  Or, will you change your life from sickness and sin to joy and love of God in Heaven?  The choice is yours My children.  I gave you free will so you would not have to live as a slave but you have chosen slavery for the sake of satan that will lead you to hell for all eternity if you do not change very soon.


My children wonder why I repeat things over and over so many times.  This is how you learn, by doing things over and over and seeing things over and over.  Do you not see how satan gets you to be his slave and addicted to the sins of the flesh?  He shows you the sins of the flesh in movies, on television, and in songs.  By hearing and seeing evil, you become very evil after a short time.  But, by being around a good person or a group of good people you become a good person by watching good movies or good shows, by listening to good music, or by going to church. 


Everything satan does comes from God because satan learned from God.  Satan just takes everything good and turns it around.  He puts evil words instead of good words and evil and lust pictures instead of good pictures.  It is as simple as that to be good or evil.  It is as simple as that between a good and an evil person.  You cannot be around evil people all the time without a lot of prayer and graces from God to stay good.  You cannot be around good people all the time and not become like them.  Watch how people react when they are talking to each other.  They will go along with what others are saying instead of standing up for their own beliefs.  When people work and pray with a lot of good people they learn to stand up for Christ instead of allowing others to remain ignorant in their sinful ways.  Love, your Jesus of love and mercy. 

January 26, 2018 Come Holy Trinity and the Most Holy Family

My most beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Tell My children to prepare for the next natural disasters that are getting close—there will be some major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Please pray for all who will die.  My hand is falling on America a little at a time.  The further it falls to earth, the more damage that will happen with each event.  I am a merciful Father and I give My children time to repent, but the longer you stay in the will of satan and the world, the worse the disasters will get until they will destroy almost everything you have. 


Look at just the few disasters that have been permitted by your God:  Texas; Puerto Rico; Florida; the fires, floods, crop damage, and earthquakes in California; a major earthquake in Alaska; extreme rains, storms, and snow, as well as wind, cold, and hail in most of America.  You are still living in the sins of abortion and same sex unions—it is not marriage. 


You are going to have to stop and listen to Me, your God, or pay the price of losing everything, and end up in deep purgatory or hell for all eternity.  My hand is heavy on America and if more people do not change their lives from sin and sickness to the love of God, things will get worse than anything that your mind can even comprehend.  This is the Most Holy Trinity and the Most Holy Family and all of Heaven crying for your return to your God of Love and Mercy.  Love, all of Heaven.  Amen. 



January 22, 2018  A special blessing from God the Father through His Most Holy Trinity

I give this special blessing to all who wish to pray it.  It is a special blessing spiritually and physically for the serious times you are now in.  It passes through Me, God the Father, for the love I have for My Son and My children through the love of the Holy Spirit, then through St. Joachim and St. Anne, the parents of Mary, then through St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother. 


This special blessing is for generational graces and healings for your family.  If you don’t have much time to pray you will need to pray a 9-day novena by saying the Our Father 3 times for the Trinity, the Hail Mary 3 times for the Blessed Mother, and the Glory Be 3 times in honor of the Most Holy Trinity.  If you have more time to pray, you can say a Rosary each day for 9 days or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day for 9 days.


These prayers go through your grandfather and grandmother, your father and mother, for their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  This blessing is to break curses from the past four generations.  Love, Father.

January 10, 2018—The Most Holy Trinity

My beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  What you and your friend just talked about is true and We are all here with you as you write (the Trinity, Mary, St. Joseph, and Mary’s parents, Sts. Joachim and Anne).  Mary conceived Jesus through the Power of the Holy Spirit, and Her mother, St. Anne, conceived Mary through the Power of the Holy Spirit to be the grandmother of My Son, Jesus. 


One more step to look at is St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist who was the forerunner of Jesus Christ.  She also conceived through the Power of the Holy Spirit since John the Baptist had an important job like Mary and St. Anne.  St. John was sent from Heaven to tell of the coming of My Son, Jesus, and to baptize Him. 


There were also others that were conceived through the Power of the Holy Spirit back through the centuries:  Adam, Eve, Noah, and Moses.   Adam was created from the dust of the earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit and Eve was created from Adam’s rib through the Power of the Holy Spirit. 


These are things that many people in the past and present have thought about but have not been confirmed in any way.  My son, do not doubt about what I am telling you.  It is from God the Father. 


*The new picture (link below) that I want you to draw and have painted is a picture of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph with St. Anne and St. Joachim, along with the Holy Trinity—God the Father, Son, and Holy SpiritThe love between the Father and the Son created the Holy Spirit, just like mothers and fathers on earth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, help create all of God’s little children in the image of Christ to love and serve Me.  Love, God the Father of Heaven and earth.

*Click to open the finished picture that was painted at the request of God the Father.

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