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Holy Family Refuge Messages

November 22, 2018, Thanksgiving Day

My son, I want the teaching,* that I asked you to read, to be published on the website along with your messages.  My children can receive graces from reading it because it is pertinent for the times in which you are now living.  Love, God the Father.

Click link to access pdf-pages 135-156

*The teaching that God the Father wants everyone to read is entitled “You have everything within you in order to win,” from the book, Love for All My Children, Jesus, Volume 5—Part B.  It was dictated by God the Holy Spirit to The Girl of My Will in Jesus and can be found on pages 135-156 in the pdf found on the ‘Books’ tab of the website or on pages 207-237 in the paperback that can be ordered on the 'Purchases' tab from the website.

Come St. Michael, and St. Joseph to protect Mary’s words from any evil

November 15, 2018

My love, My beautiful one and all My beloved children.  I spoke to you last night because I wanted you to write today.  My Heart and My Son’s Heart are in such sorrow from the sins of Our children and from all the suffering that My God and yours has to put all of you through because of the sins of many of Our children.  As you have been told, your country and the world will be seeing disaster after disaster from now on until the new Era of Peace.  As My Son told you in the last serious message, God will not let My children sin this way any longer without paying a big price for these sins.  God loves all of you too much to stand by any longer and see many go to hell.  He will keep permitting satan to chastise all of My children until they see that satan is just a liar and a thief.  He wants to see everyone suffer and go to hell with him and burn in hell for all eternity.


My children, what God wants is obedience to the Ten Commandments so your feelings and emotions are in obedience with God’s laws, and everyone in the world is happy and loved.  This is the most Holy Family speaking through your Spiritual Mother to all families of all religions in this era of time in which all religions have been led astray.  God is your leader and the good people are still the church.  Do not follow false leaders in any church.  Follow the Ten Commandments and the God who made you.  If the church you go to teaches that sins of the flesh and abortion and homosexuality are on track, leave and go to a holy priest or preacher.  If you can’t find one, follow the Ten Commandments or the Catechism of Saint Pope John Paul II or a good old Holy Bible and you will be in God’s Will.  From your Holy Mother Mary and God the Father of Heaven and Earth and all the Universe.

God the Father wants to speak.


My children, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  I want to warn you that you have a chance yet to still save your country and not be totally taken over--ONLY if the Democrats start supporting the President and Vice-President that I had voted in to save you from the total destruction of your country.  It will happen ONLY if the Democrats quit condemning the President and Vice-President that I, God the Father, put in office to save your country and to clean out all the communists that are trying to control your country and all the churches.  If your Democratic leaders, (I am talking to the top leaders of the Democratic Party) DO NOT stop abortion and choose life, I will destroy your party.  Amen.  God the Father.


Come Holy Spirit to Protect God’s Words

November 10, 2018, Miraculous Cure Through Our Lady of Loreto

My most beloved son this is GOD the Father of Heaven and Earth.  My son, My children are not changing, they still want to live in the sins of the flesh and abortions, and have sinful life styles.  As you have received, and two of your friends that you know, and many others throughout the world who have received messages, My hand has fallen on your country, America, and the whole world.  Expect to see things happen in your world that have not been experienced for a long time.  You will be seeing many storms, fire from the sky, and many other things that will shock many people.  I am permitting many things to happen to change the votes of My children from the death culture to the life culture of God.  You know and I know that most of My children will not give up their sinful life styles without being forced, through pain and sorrow, to listen to their God and not satan and the sins of the flesh.


My Mother and I, have begged and had all the faithful on earth praying to stop abortions and sins of the flesh.  As I have told you many times, 10% of the people are living in My Divine Will and 10% of the people are totally living in satan’s will.  The rest of the 80% are just wandering between God and satan and doing what pleases them.  I cannot have 80% of My children keep playing satan’s games and going to church once a week or not at all and expect to get to Heaven.  I will not let My children act this way any longer.


The deeper the sins of the flesh are in any area, the stronger the chastisements in that area will be.  The big cities and the coastlines are the biggest sin areas.  Expect them all to be hit hard.  I have been permitting some of these areas to be hit by storms, and people start to pray when they see these storms coming and beg their God to stop them.  I have been listening to all My children.  Most of My children will pray for a week until the storm is over and then go back to the same life style.  Those people who are standing on the fence playing satan’s games most of the time and Gods game of prayer once in a while will have to learn a lesson the hard way.  I do not want anyone to lose their soul to satan so I am sending disasters and plagues that will help you to want to pray all the time and not just when you feel like it.  Prayer to God is an everyday thing that all must do to get to Heaven.  Others can pray and get a lot of people to Purgatory but there are not many of the other side left to get everyone to Heaven anymore because there is not much family life left.  People have given up family life so they can commit sins of the flesh at any time and it has broken and torn families apart and has ruined the last two or three generations having taken most of the good priests and religious away.  There are not enough prayer warriors left to defend the world and the Church which is the people of the world.


My son, I have given you warnings for My children for 35 years, this year, and most of them have fallen on deaf ears.  My children say, ‘What can I do?’  You can pray and go to church every weekend and ask your God’s forgiveness for all the sins of the world and sins of the flesh that are destroying all My children, just because of their laziness.  America is the most guilty because they have been given more than any other country and they do not want the burden of children.  They expect people from the poor countries to do their work for nothing while they live a lazy life and get paid wages for little work.  Now I am letting people from the poor countries to come over and make you a poor county to wake you up and teach you to have the children that I wanted to give you but instead you killed them.  Now you see why you will become a third world country, you killed all of your workers.  


The truth is hard to take but it must be said no matter how hard it is.  Accept it with love because it will be easy compared to hell or deep Purgatory—hell for all eternity or Purgatory for many years.  Do not believe that hell does not exist or Purgatory does not exist.  Any priest, religious leader or preacher that tells you that hell does not exist is very close to hell right now and will be there very soon if they do not repent and ask the God who made them for forgiveness before they die.  The God of All, the Maker of All, the Love for All with his beloved Mother Mary.  Amen


The end of this era of time will come very soon.  Please love Me as I love you.  Repent of past sins and start Living for God-NOW!

November 5, 2018, Feast of Our Lady of Damietta [Egypt]

This is Jesus, Son of the Most High God, with My Mother by My side and St. Joseph.  St. Michael is protecting My words from the evil time we are now in.


My beloved son, this is Jesus.  I came to tell you that Father’s message (Canadian priest) was truly from God the Father and goes with two of My messages that I have given to you that My hands were falling on America and the world.  Tell My children that it is very important for them to vote for life and to stop abortion this election.  I am telling you that it is a grave sin to vote for death and for the parties that promote death and I, your Jesus, expect My children to vote for life.  I do not care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you must vote for life this election or you are offending, Me, your Jesus, and Mary, My Mother, and all of Heaven.  Vote for life and for Heaven if you are a Catholic or a Christian.  Your country and your life depend on it. 


You have no idea of what is coming if America does not stop abortion at this time and in this generation.  All hell will take over your country, but those who are in the refuges will be safe—but many will die who are not in them.  Those who are out in the world without My protection in the refuge will live in pure hell.  Also, do not take the chip in the hand or in the forehead.  Love, Jesus. 


This is the severe warning of life or death.  It is here and it is now.  Your Jesus of love and mercy and justice.    

The Most Holy Trinity and Mary the Mother of God and St. Michael and all of Heaven to Protect God’s Words, Feast of the Divine Maternity of Our Lady and Queenship of Mary

October 11, 2018

My most beloved children, this is God the Father speaking to His son with another warning to America and the whole world.  Stop abortion and choose life before God stops you.  My beloved children, I am sick of all the sins of killing Our children and all the sins of the flesh and homosexuality.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for less sins than are being committed in the world today.  The sins of the world and America are so great that I have to permit all the natural disasters to continue to get worse each day in hope that My children will start to wake up before satan destroys all My children because of all your sins. 


You have free will and the sins of the flesh give satan the power to cause all these disasters.  I, God, am in control, but your free will is holding My hand from stopping satan and letting you destroy yourself until you wake up and start worshipping the One Holy Trinity and the One True God from Heaven.  Until then the destruction will continue.  I am a merciful God but My mercy is quickly turning to justice to save My children’s souls from hell for all eternity.  You cannot live worse than animals and expect to enter My Kingdom of Heaven.  Stop now My children and turn around before it’s too late and you lose everything physically and spiritually and destroy your soul for all eternity.  A loving God to a sick world. 


Come Holy Trinity and St. Michael with all of Heaven to Protect God’s Words

September 27, 2018

My beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy and justice.  Your justice has begun in your world.  The evil people led by satan are spending billions of dollars to try and take your country down through all the lies of the news media.  They all are being controlled and told exactly what words to say and not to say.  There are many good people in the news media but they are slaves to what they are allowed to say and still keep their jobs.  Money does not mean anything to the evil leaders because they have control of all of it in one way or another.  They can buy anyone out at any time or take over by killing them, but I your God am still in control of who lives and who dies.  No one dies unless I permit it.  Because of all the sins of the world satan has been given much power, not by their God, but by My children and satan’s animals who have given their lives to satan.  His time is about to run out and God’s grace is starting to run through the world to destroy satan and his power. 


Many of My children will see great disasters to get them to their knees to beg for pardon and then the biggest gift of grace ever given, the Warning, will touch every soul on the face of the earth and they will see their God face to face and see all the love I have for them.  They will then say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Me and then have 40 days to come to their God, if not ready at that time, to decide the fate of their soul for all eternity—Heaven or hell.  The reason I say, “all souls will be judged and see their God,” is because satan has created animal-like people without souls that will not be judged by Me.  They are not My children and they are not human.  They are made through satan’s crossing animals and humans and the fallen angels into his animal-like people without a soul.  My son, this is your God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Thanks for writing. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

September 8, 2018, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My love and My most beautiful one and all My most beautiful children.  My son the intimacy I showed you last night was very profound.  I want to show all My children this intimacy, but they will not listen to their Mother or their God.  Next Saturday is the Feast of the Sorrowful Mother, but My son, this is also your Sorrowful Mother talking to you because so many of My beloved children do not know Me, do not love Me, and will not let Me take them and be their Spiritual Mother.  All of My children need to let their real Spiritual Mother take them into Her so that they can be reborn into the spiritual world with Heaven and all the angels and saints.  Then I can protect them against satan and all the evil demons that have taken over most of the Earth. 


Jesus and I are your real Mother and Father from Heaven.  Your earthly mother and father conceived you and brought you onto the Earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit made you on the sixth day of Creation and kept you within themselves till it was your time to be put on Earth and do the work for Heaven that you were created to do to fulfill God’s mission that He wanted you to do on Earth.  My children, I am so sad on this day, on My birthday, because My children have left My Son and Me and given away the graces We have given them in order to buy the evil from satan and the world.  A lot of our children have left their God and Mother from Heaven and joined the evil forces of satan and his demons.  My God and your God’s hand is falling hard upon the world for the sins of the flesh of Our children and disaster after disaster after disaster will continue to strike the world to try and wake up Our beautiful children before it is too late to save their souls.  A Sorrowful Mother on Her beautiful birthday.  My children do something good for My Son and Me this day and turn My tears of sorrow to tears of joy by praying your Rosary.  Love, love, and more love. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

September 6, 2018, Our Lady of the Fountain [Valenciennes, France]

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy and justice.  My time is close for all My children to see their soul as their God sees it.  Many of My children are not ready for the Warning.  Tell My beloved children I am a God of love and mercy but I am a God of justice.  My children must repent and go to Confession, if Catholic, or come straight to Me, their God, if not Catholic.  Most of My children do not even see their sins now but when I, God, show everyone their sins, they will either deny Me or ask forgiveness during the next 40 days of mercy before My justice will begin. 


Please pray for all My children on the face of the earth.  Some of the people you encounter are satan’s children or in satan’s army, created by satan just like in the time of Noah before the flood.  We are now again in this era of time in the history of the world.  As I have told you before, satan uses the sperm banks of My children and the sperm banks of the animals to create all of his animal-like people to destroy My Kingdom.  His tactics are way above what most all of My children are able to understand.  Satan uses whoever are possessed by the fallen angels that look like humans but are without a soul and are not God’s children.  This is how they can kill and torture My little beautiful children and not even think anything of it.  This is the Holy Trinity telling you this which has to be said so people can understand how these animal-like people of satan can do the things they see happening in the world and cannot believe that people can be that evil.  Please pray, pray, and pray for all of My children that have been possessed and used for the evil of satan. 


The Warning is close and the disasters will keep getting worse until My real children drop to their knees, ask forgiveness and go to Confession.  Love, love, and more love.  An angry God to His sinful children.  Catholics get to Confession now while it is still easy. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

September 1, 2018 First Saturday

This is God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  We have been warning all of Our children about the ‘Warning before the Warning’ for all of Our children.  Mary, your Mother, has been appearing to people for years and I, the Father, and the Holy Spirit have been speaking to our messengers for years to get all of our children ready for the main Warning when every soul on the face of the earth will be taken out of their bodies at the same time and see their God face-to-face with a mini judgement where you will see where you would go if you died at that minute.  You will be taken to that place; it would be Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.  You will feel the joy or pain in whatever place you are taken in hopes that you will repent if you are still living in mortal or deadly sin. 


Your time of warning and grace is about to end before the blessing that I, your God, is about to give all Our children.  Then there will be 40 days for all My children to get out of mortal sin and start living for God and stop living in the sins of satan.  This is when the ones who have been marked on their forehead with a cross will be lead to the protected refuges and the rest will be left in the world full of hell and torture.  My Mother wants to speak.


My most beloved children, God has been letting your Mother come to you for years to try to wake up Her children but most still are not listening.  This will be your last major chance to repent.  Please listen to My Son as He talks to you face-to-face and reveals the whole truth to you and all the love He has for all of His children (in the Warning).  Love the Sorrowful Mother of God with all Our graces from Heaven.  Love, love, and more love. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

August 21, 2018

My most beloved son and daughter, Happy Anniversary from God the Father on your 53rd anniversary.  We wish to give you and your wife and family a special blessing from Heaven to all your family, to your children and grandchildren.  Thanks for all your family does for Heaven and for all of your friends.  Please offer this special blessing to all My children of the world to save their souls.  This is the Most Holy Trinity and all of Heaven giving this blessing to your family and all of My children in the world.  Bless your close friends personally and all of Heaven and I, God the Father, will bless the rest through you on earth.  Your God blesses all people on earth through other souls who give Us permission.  Because of their free will we have to come through people who give their free will to God and are trying to live in God’s Will for Us to use them.  Love from God the Father to all.  I AM who AM. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

August 19, 2018, Fourth Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy.  I came to ask you to intercede for all My Father’s children.  Many are dying now and many more will die soon from more and worse natural disasters.  My children are not ready to die, many are in mortal sin.  A lot of the leaders of God’s church are living in mortal sin and are not even aware of it.  They are teaching false religion and not telling people all the truth, just the truth they want to believe.  Many Catholics are living in mortal sin.  They do not believe in mortal or deadly sin.  It is a mortal or deadly sin to miss Mass on Sunday or Holy Days of Obligation.  If you are in mortal sin and go to Mass, you cannot receive Holy Communion or you commit another mortal sin.  If you do not get to Confession at least once a year, you have committed another mortal sin, unless you are not aware of it. 


All of Heaven is sick in seeing so many Catholics that call themselves Catholic and are just ‘Sunday Catholics’ and work for or with satan the rest of the week.  The only reason for missing Mass on Sunday is for sickness, doing a job you cannot get out of, not having a priest or Mass in your area.  There are more, but this gives you an idea of what I am saying.  Also, the Ten Commandments are for ALL people of ALL religions.  Start reading them and following them.  My children, you are all so sick but a lot of it is caused by the leadership in all the churches.  I am a merciful God but I am also a just God.  If I give you mercy, I give full justice but soon, very soon you will be living in God’s justice and it will be very hard to change. 


I am giving you another warning, but I told you My son I would not give any more warnings but love and mercy keeps warning you because I do not want ANY of My children to live in hell for all eternity.  Please listen My children, you have free will and I will not force you but I will let satan cause many catastrophes in hopes that you will wake up before you have to live in hell for all eternity.  Love, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family with St. Michael’s protection

August 15, 2018, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary, did you want to speak?  Yes, My son.  This is Mary the Mother of God and the Mother of all My children.  Satan is getting very vicious and attacking most of My children.  Many of My children are getting very confused now and being attacked by satan.  Be very loving and peaceful with people now.  They are very upset and disturbed with all that is happening in the world.  My Son wishes to speak.


This is Jesus, Son of Mary.  This is a special day for My Mother as She was taken to Heaven.  Pray much to Her and St. Anne, Her Mother.  Mary has been given much power from the Holy Trinity to crush satan’s head.  My children, all of Heaven needs the prayers of the people on Earth to help My Mother to crush satan’s head.  The devil is very vicious now because his hundred years to take down the Church is over.  The devil is now losing his power and using all the power he has to attack the children of Mary and Her army.  Be faithful to My Mother and pray much on this special day.  Love, Jesus and Mary.



Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael with Your Protection of God’s Words to His Son

May 24, 2018  Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians

My son, it is My Father’s Will that you put a link on your website to point people to the Girl of My Will.  Time is so short now and many of My children are so far from knowing the truth about anything.  I have been speaking to the Girl of My Will in Jesus for a long time and she lives in total Divine Will just like Luisa Piccarreta and My Mother Mary did all Her life. 


The Girl of My Will messages are much more advanced than any on the Children of the Renewal/Holy Family website and it is critical for My children to get this information now.  This is why My Father wants this link to direct as many people as possible to the Girl of My Will in Jesus website as soon as possible.  Love, Jesus.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus Books, CDs, & DVDs (in 9 languages)


The Girl of My Will in Jesus YouTube Videos & Playlists

Come Holy Spirit with all the Angels and Saints and St. Michael

to Protect God the Father’s Words

April 26, 2018 Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano, Italy

My beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  I came to tell the American people that their only chance is through President Trump and Vice President Pence with total support from the American people with very much prayer and Masses.  I, God the Father, gave them to you to clean out the White House from all the evil that has been brought there from your last few Presidents whose only job was to take America down. 


If you do not start praying for your President more, he will not be able to survive all the evil people that are in the White House who have been bought off and threatened by the One World leaders.  I have told you before that Trump and Pence are My leaders chosen by Me to save your Constitution and keep you from being taken over into slavery because of all the sins of abortion and sins of the flesh. 


Your country was given much and I also put Mary overshadowing America in the Statue of Liberty.  The Statue of Liberty represents the Blessed Mother with the power of My love in Her hands held up toward Heaven to bring down the graces and blessings of Heaven to America to save the world.  I, God the Father, gave Mary to America to bring peace through the flame of My love and the flame of Mary’s love from Her heart and Her womb where She carried My Son.  Please honor My Mother and Son who I gave to you and your country, and stop all killing of My children or your country will fall because of your sins.


This is God the Father who is angry with America for the persecution of the leaders who I have chosen and blessed you with.  Amen.

Come Holy Spirit, St. Michael and all of Heaven as Protector and Guard over God’s Word

April 14, 2018 Feast of Our Lady of Guam

My son this is God the Father of the Most Holy Trinity.  As I have told you before, you cannot find any truth in the news.  The media takes the real truth then covers it up with lies from evil people so that those who read it do not know what to think. The news in today’s world is mostly truth and untruth mixed or else it is all lies from both good and bad people who are very confused.  It is much better to read the messages from Heaven from the good people you know personally and you will know more of the real truth about things going on in the world.  Then, discern the messages by praying to the Holy Spirit for the truth in everything. 


As you can see, the people of America have been at war amongst themselves within your country for a long time now.  Now the war is breaking out among several countries.  It is ready to become World War III very soon because people will not trust and pray to their God.  Instead they want to straighten out things by themselves with satan’s help and not with God’s help through prayer.  I have told you that without enough prayers your country would fall from within.  Your country and many other countries all over the world are at the point for this to happen. 


People are too stubborn to die of self and the world because of the coldness of their hearts instead of falling to their knees and begging God to help them through prayer.  My children, I cannot help those who do not want to help themselves, I cannot save those who do not want to be saved, and I cannot pass graces to those who refuse to ask and accept all the blessings and graces I have saved for this time in history.


My children, I tell you again, you are at the same place, in your time, that Noah and his ark were at in his time in history.  He labored for years for Me, his God, to have a place to save My people from the flood, but all they did was laugh at him and call him a crazy old man.  The same is happening in this generation.  I have been calling messengers to build places of refuge that will be safe during all the natural disasters that are happening now and will continue to happen, but most people think little of the messages and condemn and laugh at the people who are doing this hard work for the sake of saving the lives of others.  My son, this is all for now.  God the Father of Heaven and a sick Earth ready to fall—another Roman empire.  Amen.

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