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Holy Family Refuge Messages

2017 Message Links by Date


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Come Holy Trinity

December 30, 2017, Our Lady of the Cloud (Quito, Ecuador)

This is God the Father speaking, this is part 2 that goes along with the last message (12-14-17).  My son, I want you to write about something going on in your world.  You have been a farmer for years and you and I know that satan has polluted about everything on earth.  He has brought about changes in all of the crops being raised by crossing them with genes from other plants and pesticides to make them pest resistant, drought resistant, disease resistant and to make them physically stronger.  He also has brought about changes in the size of nearly all of the vegetables and fruits being grown to make them larger for consumers.  They have made many GMO crops that are not even fit to be eaten as you have seen for yourself.  Animals will not eat them unless they are faced with hunger and have nothing else to eat.  You raised them for a couple of years on your farm and saw that animals would not eat them in the fields.  When you raised natural crops in the same fields, animals would eat the natural crops and not touch the GMO crops.  The GMO crops also polluted the natural crops if planted too close together.  I am starting out with this because you know this is true. 


Now, I’m going into things you do not fully understand but know is happening.  Because of satan’s influence, scientists have created both human and animal sperm and egg banks.  All the larger farmers now artificially inseminate almost all of the animals on their farms and are now creating the kinds of animals they want, and they are also choosing the size and color they want in order to process animals more easily by machinery and not by man.


I have given you just a small taste of what is going on in the world and in your country.  The next step that scientists are taking, and have been working on for years, is using sperm and egg banks to cross humans with animals (transhumanism).  Satan’s influence on man has gone too far; There are now many animals walking the face of the earth that are not of God.  They have the spirit of satan in them.  You know this from the four times animals came onto your farm this summer, killed your chickens, and did not even eat them.  There are people walking the face of the earth without souls and these are satan’s soldiers and army.  My son, this is just a taste of what is being done to destroy God’s human race, but I, your God, will have the last word just like I did in in the time of Noah and the flood when man went too far and I flooded the earth and wiped out all but 8 of Noah’s family. 


Wake up, My children, for the door of the ark is about closed in your earth time just like it was in Noah’s time when everyone was laughing at him until the water covered them.  This time, it will be a different natural disaster and will wipe out much of the population except the ones in Mother Mary’s army who are the soldiers of Mary, those who are physically in Her refuges and spiritually in Her heart. 


Believe it, it is true, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.

Come Holy Trinity and Holy Family

December 14, 2017 @ Adoration

My children, you have to all come through the Mother and Her Son to get to the Father, spiritually and physically.  You have to become God the Father’s bride, through the Mother of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church because the Church is the bride and you are Mary’s children from My cross of Calvary when I was about to die and said, “Woman, behold your son” and to John, “Behold your mother.”  I was giving My Mother many sons and daughters to replace Me, Jesus Her Son on earth physically.  I was replacing Her dying Son with many children in the future. 


All souls are conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit through any mother and father that God chooses to do His work whenever their time comes to be put on the earth in the mother’s womb that He chooses in order to do the job He has planned for that soul.  We all have to be conceived by the Holy Spirit through the mother or father who choose to perform the marital act in God’s Will, or in their will, or by force because the Holy Spirit through God has to put a soul in every child of God.  The Holy Spirit is three-in-one and We all act in unity with each other as one person just like when a man and woman get married, they are one person in God if it is a true marriage with God’s blessing; and with each child of God, through the Holy Spirit, they receive the graces necessary to raise and take care of that child or receive help from others. 


Satan is always trying to stop God’s children from being born and doing the work that God has for each and every one of His children.  It takes 3 to make a child of God—a mother, a father, and the Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Most Holy Trinity.  Do not let satan make you think he can make children.  God is the only one who can put a soul into a child and make them children of God through the Holy Spirit.  Satan tries everything he can to mess up God’s creation through many different ways and make them unhuman or animal-like.  Remember, all of God’s children have a soul and have to be conceived through the Power of the Holy Spirit, just like My Mother conceived Me, Jesus, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Anyone created by satan has no soul since they were not conceived through the Power of the Holy Spirit.


We want to tell all of our children on earth that their prayers for the President and Vice President have made a big difference in getting America back on track and taking a lot of satan’s people down—many more will follow.  Please keep praying for them because you are at the place for a big breakthrough with enough prayers. 


Also, pray for all the souls that are still fighting God and helping satan.  Heaven does not want to lose a single child of God and satan is using New Age practices to confuse God’s children and to turn the truth of God into the lies of satan.  This puts much confusion in the minds of God’s children.  The fallen angels and satan were taught the truth when they were in Heaven but when they disobeyed God’s laws and commandments set up for them they were cast out of Heaven to earth.  This is when satan started fighting against the truth of God with lies that he makes up.  Be careful, do not believe anything from satan, especially any of the New Age teachings.  Thanks, My son for writing. 



 Come God the Father with Your words only

December 9, 2017, 3:20 pm—Feast of Our Lady of the Conception [Naples, Italy]

My son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  As I just told you while you were reading about the book of Esther, your country will fall and be on its knees, but by My mercy for your country, it will not be destroyed.  It will have to be chastised and spanked as a good father has to correct his children.


I love America and all the other nations but America was chosen to take care of Mary’s children and to protect all the other nations.  But, the prayers of My people in America have to become more numerous and your country has to ask forgiveness for all the sins of abortion and lust of the flesh.  Then, they must start living by the laws I gave to all nations, the Ten Commandments. 


I will not let your nation be taken over because it is a special country for My Daughter, Jesus’ Mother, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, which is the love between My Son and Me, God the Father.  But all your nations will suffer much until you all die of self and start living for the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family and all of Heaven through the Ten Commandments that I set up for all My children so they could live a holy and happy life here on earth and be in Heaven with Me for all eternity.  Love, the Father of All, the God of all, the King of all of Heaven and earth, and the love of all Heaven and earth.  Thanks, My son, I love you and all My children. 

November 26, 2017, Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Feast Day of Our Lady of the Mountains, Italy (1500)

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mary the Mother of God, My Son wants to speak.


My beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  I know you do not like to write anymore but it is necessary.  My son, you know and I know that the world as you know it is about to crumble.  Satan is pushing his plan now and My Mother is holding it back as long as the Father and I permit Her, but something has to give and it has to give soon.  There will be millions that die.


You know that your friend received a message that major disasters would happen this year.  He is correct—that is what I told him.  The Warning needs to happen as soon as possible, because all the stubborn people of the world will not let go of sin.  So, expect something major with the earth shaking or something hitting your country and taking out all the power which will kill many people. 


There are no answers left for your stubborn people except extreme suffering and death for many.  Pray hard for all the sinful people to make it at least to the bowels of Purgatory.  You already know that many are just making it to the bowels of Purgatory due to the prayers of the remnant army of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please pray hard that the next disaster will wake up many people to save their souls.  Love, Jesus of Love and Mercy. 

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Protector of God’s Words

October 26, 2017, Feast of Our Lady of Victory  [Senlis, France]

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of Love and Mercy.  The time is here and it is now that you will start to see much disaster beyond what has happened in the last few weeks.  Your people in America are very stubborn and hard of heart.  Very few people are changing and your God has got to bring even harder chastisements down upon them. 


This will be a very hard winter for your country.  You and your prayer group have been praying for good weather for several months now but the time has come when all of your country will start to see disaster that will shake your country to the ground.  Pray much for God’s justice is upon you and much of the world.  Sorry, my son, but it has to be.


Your Jesus of Love and Mercy

Come Holy Spirit and St. Michael as Guard and Protector of God’s Words to His Son

September 17, 2017, Feast Day of Our Lady of the Candles, Canary Islands

My beloved son, this is your Jesus of Love and Mercy.  Mother Mary wants to speak to you.


My love My most beautiful son and all My beloved children.  I am here as a Sorrowful Mother begging for prayers to save all My lost children.  I’m asking all of My children to please pray much.  The time is so critical for the souls of My children.  Many are dying and many more will die soon.  Please tell My children to ask, and ask, and ask for graces from My Son and Me, your Mother, for all the graces that are available for Our children in this era of time that is about to be ended. 


I do not want to lose any of Our children so tell them to ask for the Flame of Love from My heart and My Son’s heart.  We are both on fire with love to give to any of Our children just for the asking.  The grace will give you strength to ask forgiveness for all your past sins and to get you back in a state of grace.  Do not delay any longer because many more will die very soon from natural disasters and also from manmade disasters. 


My heart longs for you and bleeds blood of love for each of My children.  I do not want to lose any of you because each of you is a special child to Me.  Please be with Me and Jesus for all eternity in Heaven and not with satan in hell for all eternity.  All I can do is offer you grace and plead for your return.  Love, Mother Mary.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Protector of Heaven’s Words

from Mary, the Mother of God

August 11, 2017, 4:00 pm—Feast of Our Lady of the Way  [St. Charles, Missouri]

My love, My beautiful one and all My most beautiful children, what you and your friend were just talking about on the phone is on track [we talked about the bright star at the birth of Jesus, the eclipse at the death of Jesus, the 8/21/17 eclipse, the Revelation12:1 signs in the sky* culminating on 9/23/17, and the 10/12/17 asteroid].  The signs in the sky that you discussed are all part of the signs of the times you are now in.  God has always given signs from Heaven when something major is about to happen on earth while satan counteracts them with natural disasters which are permitted by God because of man’s disobedience.  As I told you before, a major war is at your doorstep.  Your people have been too lazy and sinful to even see it coming.  As I have told you, it can be lessened some with very much prayer, but there WILL be many deaths from war and also from natural disasters. 


Heaven has been warning you for one hundred years now and Russia has still not been consecrated as I asked the Pope and Bishop to do in 1917.  You will now have to pay the price of disobedience and sins of the flesh in American and all the rest of the world.  Your people think they can live their lives the way they choose, but that will work for just a short time in God’s timing.  In the time of Noah and the Ark they thought the same thing and wanted to live in the flesh and not listen to the Spirit of God.  It did not work then and it will not work this time. 


Your days are limited for peace in the world.  You are about to get into the most bloody conflict that the world has ever seen.  Only the people who go to the refuges will be saved only because of My Son’s power and protection for them.  Be ready for anything from the land, the sea, or the air.  Also, be ready for natural disasters from the earth. 


Pray like you have never prayed before because your life depends on it.  Your disobedience earned it for you by not listening to Heaven and My Son but by playing all of satan’s games of sinful conduct and by killing Our children.  Love, the Mother of God.  Pray, fast, and ask forgiveness, for anyone can be forgiven who asks forgiveness from their God.  Be at peace for you are always safe in God’s hands.  Amen.


*An article on Revelation 12:1 signs:

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