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Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother with Your words and the protection of

St. Michael and all of Heaven, December 26, 2016

My love and My most beautiful children, this is the Mother of God to all of God’s children.  I come to tell you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I come to tell all My children with a sad heart that 2017 will be a sad and rough year. 


As most of you know 1917 was the beginning of Fatima and the beginning of the warning that I gave to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco to pray for the world for all the future disasters that would happen if Russia was not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This had to be done by the Pope and all the bishops to stop the spread of Communism throughout the world.  You can all see that it was not perfectly done and was too late to do what was needed to stop Communism from spreading throughout the world.


Look at your country now, you can see it has been lead by a Communist President for the last 8 years.  You still have a small chance to lessen some of the chastisements by much prayer and penance.  In 1917, at the Fatima apparition site, the sun was falling to the earth after a big rain storm; it was very muddy and everyone thought they were about to die.  God stopped the sun from falling any further and the ground was completely dried instantly.  This was one of the biggest miracles that was permitted at this apparition site.  It was the warning at that time for the people to change their lives and to start worshipping their God and not follow the false gods. 


This year will be similar to 1917 because the planets are aligned the same way as they were 100 years ago.  You will see many warnings and God’s justice this year to help get My children back on the road to God and to stop living in the sins of lust, greed, and power.  This year will be a major repentance year for most of My beloved children who will have to listen to their God to save their souls.  Many will die from events that have never been seen before. 


Please get your life in order because you are now in the 100th church year since Fatima.  Make sure you have extra food, water and heating prepared for these events.  We have told you in the past what things to have ready for these times. 


This is the last message of this worldly year to remind you to prepare and be ready for anything.  May God bless you, your Mother in Christ.

Come Holy Spirit with God’s words to His son with St. Michael as guard and protector

of God’s words, December 9, 2016

My most beloved son this is God the Father of love and mercy.  Thanks for all the souls you and all your prayer group and friends are bringing to their God.  Tell your prayer group and all your beloved friends that I am very pleased with all their work this past year.  I know that all of you have been suffering much because of the work you are doing.  I want to tell you and all your friends that all of your work does not just go across your state but is reaching across all of the world.  My children are forming together because of all the prayers of the prayer groups all over the world and My Mother’s army is getting larger each day. 


I, God the Father, promise you that victory is not far off but there will still be much suffering for My children of America because of all the sins of America.  Tell all My children to not lose heart or lose trust in their God.  I AM God the Father and I have come down to earth to fulfill the mission that Jesus and Mary, My Mother and Son, started over two thousand years ago.  I am very anxious to see this era of time to end and the New Era of Peace to begin. 


This is a Christmas message to all My children.  Satan’s power is running out and his hundred year reign, that he tried to destroy the Catholic Church, is about to end.  Just be patient with your God because I know what I am doing to save the most souls in the long run.  I have always told you that anything that moves fast will not last.  I am leading all My remnant children to the thousand years of peace.  Be patient and pray, pray, pray as My Mother and Son have told you.


The battle is all Mine and My remnant children who follow Me.  I want all of you so please do not deny Me, your real God who made Heaven and earth.  The battle has already been won by My Mother and Son.  I, God the Father, have come down to the earth to finish this battle and take as many of My children with Me to Heaven or to the Era of Peace who will start living in My Will. 


Pray, pray My remnant children for all My lost sheep.  There will be some who will not follow because of hardness of heart just like Judas, one of the Apostles.  But, with your prayers for them We will save the most with all the grace that I have saved for this era of time.  Just keep asking for graces every day and also through the day for you and all of My children all over the world.  You were all created by your Father and you are all brothers of sisters so treat each other as a brother or sister with love and peace.  Love, the God of all.  Merry Christmas 2016. God the Father.  Amen.

Come Holy Trinity and all of Heaven with God the Father’s words to His children,

December 3, 2016

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth.  I come to teach My children about the prophets and messengers of the past and today.  My prophets and messengers are to warn My children of what is going to happen if they do not listen to My warnings.  I have been sending My Mother and Son often the last few years to warn my people of future events if they keep living in satan’s sin.  Their messages are warnings to you of what will happen if My children do not listen and turn back to the Ten Commandments. 


Look at Jonah in the Bible and all the other prophets that came to warn My people.  If the people listened to the prophets, the chastisement could be lessened and changed.  But, if they did not listen to the prophets, all the warnings happened as I said.  I keep warning My children just as a good father on earth keeps warning his children to save their souls.  You cannot live in sin like America and all the world are living in sin very long without paying for it.  Prayer can still lessen some of the effects of what is about to befall America and if the majority of the people would get on their knees and beg My forgiveness and put the Ten Commandments back into everything, some of the natural and physical disasters could be lessened.


I was very happy with your election but you must pray every day for your new leaders and pray hard because satan is like a wild dog cornered and he will do anything to kill and maim My children now.  But remember that I am God the Father and I am in control and satan can do only what I permit because of the sins of My children.  That is what free will permits, My children can save the world or destroy the world by the choices they make with the free will I give to them.  You can take the free will I give to you and throw it back into My face and give it to satan and destroy the world and suffer much, or you can live in My Ten Commandments and give Me and your neighbor love, honesty and peace and save the world and be happy. 


I am no different than a loving father who corrects his children over and over until the day he has to say, ‘enough is enough’ and he takes everything away from the children to teach them a lesson and then they have to say ‘yes’ to their father or ‘no’ to their father or go out and suffer the consequences of the evil world. 


Please, My children change soon and go to Confession as Catholics or get down on your knees before Christmas and ask forgiveness for your sins with a forgiving heart or else pay the price of deep suffering.  And, pray for all sinners because all My children are sinners because of original sin.  Love, love, and more love, God the Father of Heaven and earth.  Thanks, My son for writing.  I love all My children very much. 

12-9-16 HFR
12-3-16 HFR
12-26-16 HFR
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