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Children of the Renewal Messages


2015 Message Links by Date

12/27/15,   12/13/15,   12/6/15,  11/22/15,   11/8/15,   11/1/15,   10/25/15,   

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3/15/15-4/19/15,   2/22/15-3/8/15,   1/25/15-2/15/15,   1/1/15-1/18/15

December 27, 2015  Adoration Chapel, Feast of the Holy Family

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love You, believe in You and adore You, my Savior and King.  Happy feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Please bless our family and make us holy as You are holy.  Thank You for Your beautiful examples of holiness.  Thank You for Your ‘yes’ to God the Father.  Lord, thank You for the feast of Christmas and for the opportunity to be with our family.  Please bless those who weren’t able to be with us.


Jesus, I ask for healing graces for (names withheld).  Please heal them.  Restore their health, Lord if it be Your holy Will.  Be with us, Lord.  Console and bless them, Jesus.  Lord, please help (names withheld) with their financial situations.  Thank You for the many blessings You give us, and for Your great mercy.  Help me to be merciful with others.  Help me to grow in faith, hope and love.  I love You, Jesus.  Help me to love You even more.  Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?


“Yes, My child.  The Savior came at a time when the world was cloaked in darkness.  I came to be the light for the world, yet the world did not recognize the light.  Those who saw with the eyes of faith accepted Me and followed Me.  Many rejected Me, but still My light was carried by My faithful ones to the nations.  The world is in a similar darkness now, My child.  In fact, it is more dark now than previously due to the intensity of evil.  I saw this, and it is why I asked My Father if there would be any faith remaining when I came again.  It is up to the Children of Light to spread My love and My light to those living in darkness.  I am counting on you, My Children of Light to spread My Good News to everyone you meet.  You must not waste any time doing so, but make haste.  Souls are at stake.  Be a light in the darkness, My children.  Do not fear repercussions, but speak out in the name of the Lord.  Tell others about Me.  There are many souls; a vast number, who have never heard about Me.  You may find this difficult to believe but it is true.  Share the good news of salvation with them.  Even if they do not receive this information as you would hope, it will still do them well to know.”


“Above everything show love to others, especially to your family members.  This may be where it is most difficult, but this, your families are your mission fields.  Families are in crisis, My children.  This is not new information for you, I realize and yet it is reality and so I must speak of it.  Be peacemakers.  Be love to others.  Be joy.  Bring the Gospel to those around you by being a witness of love and hope.  This is not easy, My children but it is possible.  I will help you.  My Mother and St. Joseph will help you.  Ask for graces to do as I request for this is your mission.”


“You are called to be like Me, and therefore you are called to be lights, to bring the light to the world steeped in sin and darkness.  Be not afraid.  You have nothing to fear, for I am with you.  I bless you and I walk with you as you go about your daily duty.  Ask the saints in Heaven to intercede for you.  Ask the holy angels to help you.  Be confident for I, your Jesus am with you.  There are hurting people all around you, some are in your own families, or are living in your communities, perhaps even next door to you.  Ask Me what you can do to help them.  Pray for them and do small acts of love and kindness.  When you show love, you bring the love of the Gospel to them.” 


“My Mother and St. Joseph performed many, many acts of kindness for others out of love for God.  They were known for their love and generosity.  We had very little (materially) and yet My holy and most pure Mother Mary did not cease to show kindness to others by giving food from our table, fruits, vegetables, breads and also She gave of Herself.  There was nothing She wouldn’t do for others within Her role as wife and Mother to the Son of God.  Be like My Mother.  You do not have to do great, miraculous things, but do the small things, My children.  Whatever you do though, do so with great love.  It is the love with which actions are carried out that makes them great, not the actual deed.  Let Me explain.  If one does an act of kindness for their neighbor who is in need, but carries out the deed with a heavy heart, sighing and moaning all the while, the recipient will feel as though they are a burden to the other.  What could have been an inspirational exchange becomes instead a negative event.  While the one in need may be thankful the task or action was accomplished, they will feel as though they are worth less or in some way diminished as a result of the exchange.  This is not love, My children but a false sense of pride.  The same action carried out with joy and love brings a sense of peace and joy to the recipient.  In this case, there is a feeling of worth.  Their family member or neighbor enjoyed doing something needed, because of their love and due to the value the soul has in the eyes of God.  This is encouraging to the recipient of the good deed and inspires them to be good to others.”


“Some have a fear that if they tend to their neighbors with a joyful attitude, they may be taken advantage of and asked to do more.  This may be the case, My children, however the usual affect is one of gratitude.  Typically, kind acts encourage and inspire others to be kind, generous and loving.  The recipient wants to provide this to others, also and it further encourages acts of kindness.  As more people engage in this spiritual practice of kindness, others will do the same.  On the contrary, when one treats another as a burden, they are less likely to turn to others for help.  They feel isolated and alone.  They will be even more dejected than previously and will withdraw, rather than go outside of themselves to assist others.  This is displeasing to Me, My children.  Do everything with joyful hearts; especially, when something is a sacrifice or a burden.  Do things for others as if you were doing so for Me, for in this way, you are!  It is quite simple, My children and yet it is easy to forget with so many distractions.  Allow this to serve as a reminder to you of the powerful witness a simple act of charity, done with love, can be.”


Thank You, Jesus for reminding me, and Your children of something my parents taught me.  I am grateful for my holy parents who lived what they taught.  (personal reflection omitted).  Thank You for giving me such amazing parents who love You, and who instilled the values of the Gospel in us.


“You are welcome, My child.  (personal message omitted)  All will be well, My child.  Lean on Me.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus.


“My child, during the next few weeks, I urge you to get more rest at night.  Will you do this, please?”


Yes, Lord.  I am sorry I don’t take better care of myself, Jesus.  Please forgive me.


“You are forgiven, My daughter.  I urge you to get more rest for now.  This will be of benefit to you as you undergo these trials and crosses.”


Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.


“My little lamb, you may sit with Me now.  You are excused from writing for today.  We will simply sit together before you leave.  Rest in Me, My little one.  I love you and I love your family.  Know that I am with each one of you every day. “


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  Thank You!


“Be at peace My child.  I give you My peace.  When you are lacking in peace, ask Me to grant you my peace, and I will do so.  There is an endless supply of peace in My Sacred Heart.  I desire to give peace to all of My children.  I willingly give peace to those who request it.  Pray for peace.  Ask Me to fill your hearts with My peace and peace will be yours.  The world lacks peace because it is far from Me.  My children are close to Me and they forget to ask the Prince of Peace to give them peace.  Begin to request this great gift of peace and peace will be yours.  I have an endless supply, for I am peace.”


Yes, Lord.  Thank You, Jesus.  Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords, please fill our hearts with Your peace.  Only You can give us true peace, Jesus.  The world cannot give us peace, Lord.  Give us Your peace and help us carry this peace to others who like us, are so in need of Your peace.  I will sit with You now, Jesus.  Thank You for Your love.


“Thank you for yours, My child.  Thank you for meditating and reflecting on the Nativity and on My infancy.  I reassure you that I am with you.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God.  All praise, honor and glory is Yours, now and forever.  Amen.

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