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Children of the Renewal Messages

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December 31, 2017  Adoration Chapel

My Jesus, present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, it is so very good to be here with You.  I missed visiting with You, here in this chapel, Jesus.  Thank You for this blessed Sunday, Lord.  Happy Feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  I love You so very much and pray that You bless our little family by making all of us holy.  May we all be so close to your hearts that your holiness burns in our hearts and we long more and more to be united to You in love and in our wills.  I give You, my will, Lord God.  This is the only thing You have given to me that I fully possess.  I am so glad You have given me something of my very own, Jesus so that I can freely give it back to You.  Lord God, my Father, Jesus, my Savior, Holy Spirit lover of my soul, I freely give You my will.  Please replace the empty space left in me with Your Holy and perfect Will.  Do Your Will in me and through me, Jesus.  I cannot do Your Will, but You can through me if You decide to do so.  Please, Jesus take over my heart so that it belongs completely to You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I believe in You.  Jesus, my whole life belongs only to You.  Guide, guard and direct me, Lord so that my life will be lived only for You.  Jesus, it makes no difference to me what I do going forward, so use me in whatever way You desire.  I don’t know which specific path to take, and there are so many ways to go, Lord.  Lead me on the path that takes me to You in the most direct and expedient way.  Jesus, if the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, then You must lead me.  I do not see the path, Jesus.  You said so Yourself.  And so, Jesus since I cannot see the points, I certainly can’t determine the straight line, so You guide me.  You show me the way, or even leave me in my inability to see and simply lead me where I ought to go.  You know the way, Jesus.  Take my hand and lead me.  I am not afraid to go wherever You take me, Lord.  I only fear going on my own way, without You.  Keep me close by Your precious side, Lord.  With You, there is nothing to fear and I have no hesitations or reservations.  But, if You decide not to take my hand now, Jesus I had better remain waiting for You so I do not wander away like an impudent little child and end up getting lost.  I will wait for You, Jesus and I wait patiently, because You know best, Jesus.  When You decide to take my hand and lead me, Lord I ask only that You let me know it is Your hand leading.  That way, I will be open to Your promptings and I will respond immediately with my ‘yes’.  I so want to give You my immediate and unreserved ‘yes’, my sweet, adorable Jesus.  Until then I am very happy to be with You waiting.  Whether I walk, run, sit or stand, it makes no difference as long as You are with me, Jesus.


Lord, it is once again the end of another year and the beginning of a new year, 2018.  Jesus, we stand at the precipice, unable to see even one step ahead.  I consecrate my entire being to You, Jesus and every step I take today and in the coming year.  I want to walk straight ahead, following You, Lord, every step of the way.  Thank You, Jesus for the graces You give in the reception of each Holy Communion and each Confession/Reconciliation.  Thank You, Lord for Your presence in every Tabernacle in the world.  Jesus, You are amazing!  You ascended into Heaven, but You already planned to establish a way to remain with us, so we would not be abandoned.  Lord, You consider everything to our spiritual advantage, out of Your great love and mercy.  Oh, Jesus!  How precious You are!  How adorable is Your Holy Will!  Thank You for the Eucharist, Jesus, for Your presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in every Eucharist.  I love You, Jesus!  Help me to love You more.  I trust in You, Jesus!  Help me to trust You more.


Lord, please care for each and every person in need of Your love, especially those who have not yet experienced Your love.  Console the sick and the dying and be with those who are having surgery this week.  Guide the surgeons’ hands and help the people having surgery to have the best possible outcome.  Jesus, be with those who are dying today and this evening.  Take them to Your Kingdom and give them true contrition for their sins when they present themselves to You.  Please, Jesus take all the Holy Souls in Purgatory into Heaven to be with You now.  Purify them quickly and completely so they can attend the heavenly banquet with beautiful pure, white garments.  Clothe them in purity and in Your light Jesus, so that when God gazes at them, He will see Your beautiful, perfect image.  Lord, I forgive anyone who has offended me, but I pray that You will forgive me for all of my sins and for anything I have done to offend You and any one of my brothers and sisters I may have offended.  I love You, Jesus.  Give me graces to love heroically. 


“My child, it is very pleasing to Me that you are here.  Thank you for coming to adore Me.  My heart is longing to give abundantly to My children and I await them patiently.  In Adoration, I delight to give My children streams and streams of graces from which they can refresh themselves.  I am living water.  I am life giving water.  Those who choose to drink from the streams of grace that flow from My Sacred, Merciful Heart, will be filled with many gifts, too numerous to comprehend in this life.  Have complete confidence in Me, My Children of Light, for in this confidence, you become more receptive to what I aim to give you.  Your open hearts are beautiful to Me.  Give Me your open, trusting hearts, My children and I will make them new.  You, My Children of the Renewal, must be renewed now, in this day, ahead of time.  You will then be able to point the way to others.  You must be the littlest children.  By being very small in the world, you will be very large spiritually and can serve your brothers and sisters more completely and in truth and love.  Do I speak in mysterious ways?  It may appear so, but open your hearts to Me and you will see that what I say is quite simple.  I will give you an example and you will understand.  See that, in a family, there are often many children.  The older children who are good and holy siblings will often entertain their younger siblings by getting down on the floor to play with them.  They do not play complicated and difficult games with little ones, but instead play with the little ones’ toys.  They lower themselves, becoming small, so that the littlest of children can relate to them.  The youngest ones feel special, because their older sisters and brothers love them so much that they stoop down and come into their presence.  They feel loved and respected by their older siblings.  The little ones grow more and more in their admiration and love of their older siblings.  They begin to imitate their sisters’ and brothers’ virtues.  These little ones are inspired by their older siblings’ holiness, but this is so because of the love with which they are shown.  It is through the actions and love that these little ones learn about their own self-worth and dignity in the family of God.  It is not enough to have virtuous siblings.  These older children make a more positive impact on their younger siblings by their willingness to lower themselves, or to get down on their level, so to speak and through their patience, their mercy, their gentleness and their guidance, they demonstrate the love of Jesus and the love of the Holy Family.  This is what I intend for My Children of Light.”


“I give you this example to explain how you are to be in the world.  The people of this age are dying of loneliness and lack of love. They have been neglected spiritually, in that they have not been taught the beauty of the Faith, the beauty of God’s love, the beauty of God’s family and their place in this family.  They are starving as they have not been nourished by the truths of the one true Faith.  My Children of Light, you are the older siblings because you have been educated in the Faith and you know Me and follow Me.  Therefore, you show love.  You show and instruct your younger brothers and sisters who do not know Me, do not love Me.  You do this by being like Me, like My Holy Mother Mary and My foster father, St. Joseph.  Be loving, patient, older siblings who take time for the little ones (little in their knowledge of God).  You will do this through your loving service to mankind.  You will to this through your loving, patient example and by teaching (always in the spirit of truth, love and mercy) the sacred truth of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, which is My Church.  Bring souls into the Family of God by being conduits of grace, My children.  Look around you.  There are people everywhere, who are hurting and in need of Me, their Savior.  You must bring Me to them.  I am counting on you, My Children of Light to bear Me to the world, for if you do not, who will?”


“It is not enough for you to love Me, you must live out this love.  You must put your light on the lamp stand for all to see.  Please, do not keep your light hidden, for the world will then remain in darkness.  I come to bring light.  I came to bring light.  My holy Apostles spread the Gospel and took My Gospel to the world.  They established the Faith in every known part of the world and gave their lives to spread my Kingdom of love and mercy.  My children, it did not end there, as you know.  Many more were not called upon to shed their blood, but still gave everything they could to further My Kingdom.  In this Age of Disobedience, My Children of Light see the signs of the times and are afraid to speak out and to live lives engaging in the culture.  Do not be afraid, My children.  I have given you every means of protection, Sacraments, prayers, devotions, and My Very Self in the Eucharist.  I give you the Sacraments where graces abound.  You have My Holy Sacred Word and the Holy Sacred Mass, My children.  I am with you in every way needed, and yet many bury their talents and hide their lights from the very souls who are in desperate need.  Be light, be mercy, be love, My children.  Bring Me to a darkened world.  Your brothers and sisters need you.  I need you.  You are My hands and feet and more importantly you are My heart.  You must love the ones who are deemed to be ‘unlovable’.  Show them the great joy that awaits them upon their pilgrimage to Me.  I stand waiting for them with open arms.  I will embrace all who come to Me with a desire for forgiveness.  My mercy will flood their souls and they will know for the first time, true forgiveness and unconditional love.  I will renew their weary spirits and they will drink from the living stream of mercy that flows from My Sacred Heart.  Do not fear the One who loves you, My rejected, unloved children.  You have been rejected by people who should have loved you.  You have been mistreated and many of My children have been abused, but I will love you.  I will accept you.  I will forgive you and I will heal all of your wounds.  I will love you as you were intended to be loved.  Come to Me, My little children who have not yet experienced the love of God and allow your God to show you true love.  Allow Me to give you true peace.  Allow Me to pour My light into your wounded, beautiful heart and to renew your strength.  I will show you your purpose in life, to love and to be loved by God.  Come, your inheritance awaits you.  My Kingdom is your inheritance, but you will not want to enter it without love of God, so come to Me now and I will teach you all about love.  We belong to one another, but it is up to you to choose for I respect you and therefore do not force Myself upon you.  You must freely choose.  I invite you to choose life and love.  I invite you to choose truth, beauty and goodness.  To do nothing is to choose the opposite, My adversary.  My heart longs to show you My love.  All of Heaven is praying for you.”


“My Children of Light, this is where you come in and you are an extension of Heaven.  You are the church militant.  You continue to struggle against the darkness.  The struggle is to bring Me to a world in darkness.  You are in the battle for souls.  I give you every weapon and every protection, but you are on the front lines.  A soldier does not win battles by remaining in hiding.  That would be absurd.  Soldiers must be actively engaged in battle to overcome the enemy.  This battle is a spiritual battle.  Your weapons?  The rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Holy Mass.  You are fortified and renewed by the Sacraments, and the Holy Mass both renews you and helps to reconcile the world to the Father due to the Sacrifice on Calvary being represented to the Father.  Your participation in the Mass is of the utmost importance, for there your prayers and sacrifices are offered in union with Mine.  You receive graces and when you go out, you take these graces to the world.  You are nourished by My body and blood and then you take My love to the world by and through your loving service to others.  Your prayers renew your heart and soul and I continue to nourish you so that you can bring My peace, My love, My mercy to souls day after day.  You do this in your own homes and also in the workplace, schools, hospitals, prisons and everywhere you go.  Give My love to others.  Pray for them.  Visit the sick, the elderly and minister to the souls who are in need everywhere around you.  Your neighbors are everywhere, My children.  Pray to be open to My Will and My Holy Spirit will guide you.  Do not be afraid for I am with you.”


“My child, I love you.  I am pleased by your prayers and by your surrender to Me.  I will guide you.  Continue to trust in Me.  You are growing stronger, little by little and recovering from the bearing of many crosses.  In your littleness and in your weakness, your spirit is becoming strong.  You do not see this, but you are beginning to detect that soon the time will come for you to enter into another phase of growth, another segment in your journey.  In the meantime, draw close to Me in prayer.  I keep you close to Me in these days for I love to be near you in this time of waiting.  My child, do not wish it away.  You will look back on this time and recall with tenderness, the quiet, everyday moments you have had in prayer.  You are being given this time to refresh and renew your spirit and to be a gift by your presence to your family.  Later, you will be very busy about My active plans but for now be with Me.  Wait with Me.  Console Me, My little lamb.  I do not have many children who are able to console My Heart.  Be this for Me awhile longer.  This is a sweet, beautiful time.  Do not be concerned about anything for I am providing for you as a good Father and I will do so tomorrow, also.  For today, rest with Me.  This is My gift to you and your gift to Me.  I love you, My little one.  Thank you for loving Me.”


Jesus, it breaks my heart when you say this.  You deserve all of my love and you deserve the love of everyone for You are God, our Savior.  You are love and all love is You.  I thank You for loving me.  I am small and so undeserving of Your love.  You are perfect, Holy, all knowing, all merciful.  You are truth and justice.  You created the universe out of nothing, set the stars, the sun and the moon in the sky.  You created man, out of love, in Your image and likeness and we show ingratitude to You by our sins.  I often sin against You, though I know and love You.  How much that must offend You, Lord when one who knows and loves You, sins against You.  You take me back every time, Jesus.  You forgive me and love me, time and time again.  Your patience and mercy are infinite, Jesus.  I do not deserve Your kindness and yet You shower me with Your love.  Jesus, there is nothing I can give You, but I want to give You what I am, myself, flawed and wounded as I am.  You, accept this as if it was a beautiful, perfect gift.  Your love amazes me, Jesus.  Your mercy and love amaze me.  Thank You for Your precious love, my adorable Savior.  Help me to love You as best I can, Jesus.  Hold me close to Your Sacred Heart Jesus.  Give me a heart like Your Holy Mother Mary so that I can begin to love You as She loves You. 


Be with me, Lord throughout each day.  I never want to be separated from You.


“I love you, My little one.  I am with you.  Go in My peace and in My joy.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Prepare yourself through prayer each day My child for the mission I have for you and your family needs much preparation.  The best preparation is prayer, sacrifice and the Holy Mass.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen!  Alleluia! 



December 17, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I adore You, praise and thank You, my Lord and my God.  Jesus, thank You for the opportunity to be here with You today.  Thank You for the meeting with (personal dialogue omitted).  He asked me to pray for his soul, so I give this request to You, Jesus.  Lord, You are so good to me.  You intervene in mysterious ways, and though I don’t always know why or what You are up to, I know it is for my good and/or for the good of souls.  Praise You, Jesus!  Thank You for the many times and ways in which You bless me. 


Lord, I pray for (name withheld).  Please bless all who are unemployed and underemployed at this time.  Lord, it is very difficult right now.  The stock market continues to go up but more and more people are out of work and we hear reports of various companies planning to have mass layoffs and downsizing.  Something isn’t right when the economy is reported to be going strong, but companies are facing mass reductions in their workforce.  Help us, Lord to focus on You, to trust in You and to remain at peace in the face of such adversity.  I know this world is passing, Lord but people do need to provide for their families so help them Jesus.  Lord, please help (personal dialogue omitted).  Jesus, there are many people who are in need of prayers and Your guidance, intervention and healing.  You know who they are, Lord.  I lift them up to You and ask for Your Will to be done in their lives.  Praise You, Lord for being the Way, the Truth and the Life!  I love You, Jesus my Savior.


“My child I hear your prayers.  Trust in Me, My little one.  All will be well.  My daughter you are correct that your meeting with My son (name withheld) was no coincidence, but was part of My plan.  Thank You for taking the time to speak with him and even more importantly, to listen to him.” 


I struggled with this, Lord because I knew You were here and it was time for me to be here with You in Adoration.


“Yes, My child and you prayed for My direction and asked for My Will to be done in you.  Therefore, I was free to use you to minister to My son, (name withheld).  You were also open to My grace because of your cooperation with My Will.  Holy meetings occur between My children and My Spirit is free to work in the hearts and souls of the Children of Light.  Receptivity to My Will, an openness to the working of My Spirit enable an exchange of grace between God and man.  I desire this to occur between all of My children.  Thank You for being available, My little one, even though it was your plan to be in Adoration sooner.”


Jesus, I thank You for Your presence in my life.  Help me to say ‘yes’ to You in each moment of the day. 


“My child, you are seeking direction for the next step in your journey.  Continue to pray and trust in Me.  I will guide you.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  Lord, the world seems surreal to me.  I am going through the motions of what needs to be done to prepare for the family birthdays and for Your great feast day of Christmas, but there is something that is looming.  I am at a loss to describe this, Jesus.  There is a hidden reality and things are not what they seem.  I have known this (or thought this) for quite some time, but I am experiencing this again in my heart.  It’s happened before but it’s happening again.  Jesus, I don’t know what this means or even how to describe what I am experiencing, but things in the world are not what they seem.


“My little lamb, your soul is sensitive and able to discern the times.  You are experiencing a deeper truth that cannot be seen on the surface.  Outwardly, life continues for people in the western world much the same as it has in years past.  People hurry from one event to the next, to work, to sporting events, to social events and souls go from one task to the next with very little thought given to the state of their souls, the needs of those around them, and the priorities of prayer, Sacraments and Mass.  People have more free time now than ever before in history and yet they are busier than ever.  There is time to pray and attend Mass, but it is not placed as a priority and so My children are busy about many unnecessary things.  Prepare your hearts, My children for My coming.  Prepare for the celebration of My birth.  Ready your hearts, My children.  This is a time for preparation.  Prepare well, My children.”


Thank You, Lord.  Help us to prepare in the best way possible, Jesus by going to Confession and Holy Mass.  Thank You for our good and holy priests, Lord.  Bless and protect them, sweet Savior.


“My little lamb, you are still in a period of preparation that also involves waiting, watching and praying.  Be at peace.  You are in My Will, but you are also anticipating what will come next.  The training you are considering is within My plan for you.  You may investigate this and find what will work best for you and your family.  You do not need My permission for this, but you have been asking and seeking My Will for you and therefore you may feel free now to pursue these plans.  I am with you and will guard and direct you.”


Thank You, Jesus.  I am relieved to know that it is within Your Will.  Sometimes I feel ambivalent about taking action, whereas in the past, I simply decided to do something, asked for Your help and then plunged into the next step before knowing for sure it was what You wanted me to do.  Now, I get an idea and I wait, pray and wait some more.  I feel undecided and restless and begin to be tempted to forge ahead.  I wonder if I am just finding excuses to do nothing (which in my mind is taking the easy way out), or if I am truly going to receive specific direction.  Sometimes, Jesus it seems like I am wasting time that I could be using more productively.  Help me to know more clearly, Lord what it is You want from me.  I want only to do Your Will, but it isn’t always clear, Jesus.


“Yes, My child.  I realize this struggle you face.  It is in the struggle and the acquiescence to do My Will, that you receive graces.  This goes against what you have learned in the culture, and it is in this time of trusting and waiting, praying and seeking that I do a great deal of work in the souls of My children.  You allow Me to mold you and fashion you.  It does seem uncomfortable, because you are learning a different way to make decisions and to live in My Will.  Change is often uncomfortable, My child.  You allow Me to take you to a new step in your journey of life and the mission I have for you, but you do not clearly see the path.  Therein lies the challenge, My child and this is why I remind you to trust in Me; for I know the way.  This path for you is very clear to Me.  Trust that you are being productive in the way I choose for you.  Sometimes, the hidden times in one’s life are the most productive times spiritually speaking.  This time of waiting serves to renew one’s spirit and to grow in ways that only I see, which serve to prepare you for what is to come.  This time in your life is My Will for you, My child.  Be at peace.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.”


Thank You for Your reassurance, Lord that I am on the right track and that I am doing what You want me to do.  I think I’m being lazy sometimes, by not working right now.


“My child, are you?  Are you lying about each day resting and having others wait on you even though you are perfectly well?  No, you are not.  You are accomplishing much by being present for your family and tending to their needs.  This is not laziness, My child.  I know you would not consider this for even a moment about others who do not have employment, but choose to serve their families.  You judge yourself more harshly than others, My child.  I understand what you mean, though and this is because of what you have had to do for most of your life.  Therefore; you see, this is only a change in what you are accustomed to doing (working).  I am providing for you, am I not?”


Yes, Lord.  You have provided for us and I trust You will, but I also know I need to do my part and cooperate with Your plan.  Help me to remain on track and walking with You, Jesus.  Do not allow me to stray from You, or from Your Will.  You are the only one who can help me with this, Jesus.  I know the storm is brewing, Lord.  I trust You to prepare my family and me for the storm that is on the horizon and to lead us to the place You want us to be, preferably before that time comes.  Guide us. Direct us.  Lead us, Jesus.  Jesus, I trust in You.  I trust in Your mercy and in Your love.  Give me the graces to love heroically, Lord.


“My child, you are growing in love.  This is occurring little by little.  Just two years ago, you would not have been present to My son (name withheld) as you were today.  You would have talked with him out of politeness, but you would not have been truly present to him and to My grace in that moment.   You may not be able to fully grasp the truth in this My child, but you were open to My Spirit and even prayed to do My Will.  You were open to the mystery of what I might be doing and working in the soul of My child.  This is growth, My daughter.  These are important lessons for you and are needed for what is to come.  I will continue to work in you in this way, My little lamb.  This is a sweet, receptivity to My spiritual action in your life and in the lives of others.”


It seems so ordinary, Jesus yet I do understand what You are saying.   I did have the temptation to excuse myself, but decided to wait to see what You wanted from me before attempting to exit.  Thank You for Your gentle prompting, Holy Spirit.  You are all love!


“My child, it is time for you to go now.  Others need you and My (name withheld) is uncomfortable.  He has been very faithful to Me and I thank him for his faithfulness.  He is My beloved son.”


Thank You, Lord.  I am sorry our time together was short today.  I love You.  Praise You, Jesus my Lord and my Savior. 


“I love you and I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Be at peace, My child.  Be aware of My presence this week and during this holy season of My birth; My coming among mankind.  This is a special time to remember the great gift of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to all of creation for the good of Our children.  The Father loved His children so very much so that it grieved Him to allow His children to remain separated from Him due to their sins and so, He sent Me during that great moment in the history of mankind, to the town of Bethlehem where the Lord was born among man.  I became the life, the bread for the world.  Ponder and reflect, My child on this great mystery of love.  Go in My peace, and with My blessing.  I am with you and I hold you closely to My Sacred Heart, My little one.”


Thank You, my precious, adorable Jesus.  Amen.  Alleluia! 



December 10, 2017  Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  It is so good to be here with You today.  I love You, my Jesus.  I praise You and adore You.  Lord, thank You for the beautiful pilgrimage.  There were many blessings and graces, probably many I don’t even know about, but reflecting on the blessed meetings we had fills my soul with light and joy.  You are wonderful, Lord Jesus.  Thank You for the people who were on pilgrimage and for those who came before and for those who followed our group.  Keep all of them safe, dear Jesus.  Bless each one and also all family members unable to journey with us.  Give them graces for their sacrifices, Lord and for covering for us at home so we could go.  Thank You for safe travels.  Please bless those who led our group and who were involved with planning the amazing retreat.  Bless and protect the priests and (location withheld) and also those who participated in the retreat and provided the Sacraments to us.  Praise You, Lord for good and holy priests!  Please send more priests and religious, Jesus.  May all who are called to the religious and consecrated life, answer Your loving invitation with open and generous hearts.  Bless and protect all of our shepherds and our Holy Father.


Lord, I pray for all those who are ill and for the prayer intentions of those who asked me to pray for them.  Please heal (names withheld).  (Name withheld) has prayed for this for a long time, Jesus.  She is so faithful to You and loves You very deeply.  Help her, Lord.  Jesus, I entrust my friend (name withheld) to You and if it is Your Holy Will please heal her.  I pray also for (names withheld).  Heal them, Jesus.  Console them and grant them Your peace.  Keep them close to Your Sacred Heart.  Jesus, I ask for the gift of faith for (names withheld).  Give them graces for faith and conversion.  Please bring those who are away from the Church back to full communion; especially (names withheld).  May all those outside of the Church also come to know the fullness of the faith.  Thank You, Lord for the gift of Your Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and for the many, many graces that come through the Church and to the world.  Thank You for Your Holy Mother, Mary and for Her beautiful love that comes from Her Immaculate Heart.  Thank You for sharing Your Mother with us, Jesus.  Lord, You withhold nothing from us, Your children.  Remove all obstacles from my heart, Jesus so that I may love You fully and completely.  Praise You, my Jesus, now and forever!  I love You, Lord God my Savior! 


Jesus, it was good to see (name withheld).  She seems to be suffering.  Help her, Lord.  She is very faithful to come here at her beautiful age.  It must be difficult for her to have to rely on others to drive her everywhere.  Please comfort her, Lord.  Bless her, Lord.  I love her, Jesus.  You must love her very much! 


(Personal conversation omitted.)


“My little one, all that transpired was for the good of your soul.  I did not cause this, but I allowed it for your growth.  Put it behind you, My child.  There is nothing more you can do and all will be well.  You experienced the pain of rejection by someone you thought was your friend.  I, too experienced this, My little lamb.  You searched for a reason for this, but you did not find one.  My child, some things are not within your control.  You do not always cause ill feelings in another and you often cannot resolve them.  This doesn’t satisfy you, My daughter, I know for it does not seem logical to you.  However, many wounds are present in souls that only I know about.  Sometimes the soul who is wounded doesn’t even understand the extent of their own wounds.  They are able to help others but do not know how to help themselves and often do not recognize the depth of their own injuries.  Others can trigger memories for them of a time or a person who injured them, without even realizing it.  It is good to examine one’s actions to determine if there was something done inadvertently, but once you have done so and have brought it to Me, leave these burdens with Me.  I am the only One who can resolve issues of the heart and soul.”


Thank You, Lord.  I didn’t do a good job of leaving this with You.  I recognize this.  It’s easier to do with a one-time event.  I struggle with the frequent or repeated times more than those that happen only on occasion.  I need to work on letting go, Jesus rather than agonizing over the root cause and resolution.  Thank You for this important lesson, Jesus.  You often say we should bring all concerns to You, Lord.  I guess it’s easier for me to bring my burdens to You that aren’t so hurtful.  I don’t understand that, Lord.  Please help me to see why this is.


“My child, you will understand when you examine the type of wound this caused in you.  Your heart is sensitive, My child, as you know and therefore wounds of the heart are more painful.  Meditate on the wounds to My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother when you are hurting.  This will be a good remedy for you, My little lamb.”


Thank You, Jesus.


“My child, I am pleased that you saw the beauty in the events that occurred on your pilgrimage.”


Yes, Jesus.  I did see such grace-filled moments.  Thank You for the meeting with (name withheld) and for her beautiful soul.  What a gift she was to me and to the other women.  Thank You for arranging this, and for sending her to me at that moment when (name withheld) was so heavy on my heart.  I offered her to You, Lord and then You consoled me with the meeting with (name withheld).  You are so generous and loving, Lord.  Thank You!  Keep her safe, Lord and continue to shower her with love and peace.  May our paths cross again someday, Jesus according to Your Will.


“My child, you are welcome.  I am pleased you made so many connections as the time with her unfolded.  I thank you for befriending her and drawing her in with your kindness.  You cooperated with Me, My little one and you were open to the actions of My Spirit.  This enabled Me to continue acting within your soul and hers and to eventually draw the others close to her, as well.  This was no chance meeting, My child, as you know.  I am most pleased by the demonstration and extension of love that emanated from My daughters.  This love shown by all of you enabled healing to take root.  This is what I want all of My children to do; to be channels of My grace and conduits of love.  You gave and received love during this encounter and this is My plan at work in My holy people.  This is My Will for all of My children.  Oh, the peace that can reign in the hearts of My children who are open to My love.  This is My Will for the world, My little lamb.  You see, in this simple, yet beautiful encounter, an example of what I desire to take place throughout the entire world.  If all will love in this way, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart would triumph soon.  My own children though do not take the time to speak to one another, to show loving concern for the ‘stranger’ in their midst, and are too busy about the tasks in each day to notice those around them.  To love is to look outside of oneself and to extend warmth, a smile, some concern for others.  Be merciful, be kind, be loving, My children.  Bring My light to all you meet.  It is very simple.  It begins often with a smile, or a wave, or even brief conversation with another.  It is simple, yet so often overlooked.  My child, you took an interest in another and she extended herself to assist strangers.  This opened both of you to receive My graces.  You see, My little one?”


Yes, Jesus.  It really seemed natural and so easy to do, Lord.  I think we often try to do this with others, Lord but perhaps they are not always receptive to us.  Jesus, Your grace abounds in (location withheld).  I have witnessed this on several occasions especially with people from other countries.  I recall last year, the beautiful encounters with an Italian woman and a Polish woman.  Truly, a beautiful experience with two people with whom I could not even communicate!  You break every boundary and obstacle, Jesus with Your great love.  Thank You, Lord!


“Yes, My child.  Words can be very beneficial, but are not even needed when My Spirit is present and working at the level of the heart.  If words had been needed, I would have provided these to you in spite of the language barriers.  You are learning, My child that My way of love is desperately needed in this time of darkness.  Souls are desperately in need of love.  You see what occurs in souls when they are not fully open to love, and there is a stark contrast.  You see, My child even with souls who know Me and follow Me, there are times when they are not open to My Will, to My love for various reasons known only to Me.  In these cases, you must give all to Me and simply pray.  Pray, but do not worry.  Only pray.”


Yes, Jesus.  I will work on this.  Thank You, Lord for the valuable lessons You teach me.


“My child, growing is often painful.  Recall the ‘growing pains’ you experienced in your knees and legs when you were a child and still growing physically?  Growing spiritually is also sometimes painful because I challenge your soul where there are weak points, in order that you will grow stronger.  I do this out of love, My child and you are open and malleable.”


Ok, Jesus.  Thank You.  If You say so, I believe it.  I didn’t feel malleable at the time, only hurt and confused.  Regardless, all according to Your Will, Jesus.  Lord, please prepare My heart for Your coming this Christmas.  Help me to focus on Your birth and to wait in joyful hope during this Advent Season.  I am concerned for (name withheld) health, Lord.  Please open the hearts and minds of the physicians so they can be guided by Your Holy Spirit in the best approach in providing him with care.  I entrust this situation to You, My Jesus.  It is in Your capable hands.  I love him, Lord.  It is difficult to see him suffer and I feel I am not adequately helping him.  Guide me, Jesus.  Direct me, or direct him; whichever is best.  Thank You for loving us, Jesus.  I am glad I can bring all of my concerns to You, Lord knowing You really care even about our small concerns, as well as our large concerns.  You are good and gracious, God.  I love You and I praise Your Holy Name.


“My child, My little one I love you.  I love My son (name withheld).  I love your entire family and I love all of My children.  I long to draw all close to My Sacred Heart that burns with the fire of My intense love for mankind, for each and every soul created in My image and likeness.  I want to know each person intimately as dear friends, brothers, sisters, children, and as the Savior of the world.  I want each child of Mine to know Me in this way.  Come closer to My heart, dearest Children of the Light.  One day, the darkness will be lifted by My piercing love and the earth will be illuminated by My light.  Then you will be My Children of the Renewal, the time when the earth will be purified and cleansed of evil.  You, who love and follow Me will see this time of great joy, simplicity, beauty and peace.  This era of the Age of Disobedience will soon come to a close and the dawn of the New Springtime will begin.  Pray, My children for souls to come to know My love, to accept My love, to repent and to begin to really live.  This is My desire—that none will perish in the eternal fires of hell.  This is My desire, that all will come to know My love and to walk in My light so to inherit the Kingdom I have prepared for each one of My children. 

You all have been given the great gift of free will, My children and so, out of respect you are free to choose Me or to choose the adversary of mankind.  I urge you, I plead with you, to choose Me, the One who loves you.  I urge you to choose life and love.  My children, you were made for love, so do not listen to the evil one who whispers to you that you are not worthy.  You are not to listen to the father of lies, but to the One who created you by love and for love.  I whisper words of love to you, words of encouragement and hope.  Listen only to these words of love (comment:  The words Jesus speaks to our hearts to encourage us.)  Reject all other words that seek to condemn you.  These words come from one who rejected the love and is jealous of the love.  He is in misery and wants all souls to be as miserable as he is.  You have a ‘saying’ that ‘misery loves company’ and in this is wisdom.  It applies to My adversary and yours, so do not listen to him.  He lies to your beautiful souls so that you believe that you are unworthy and therefore do not come to Me.  My children, you who feel unworthy, this is not of Me.  I am mercy itself.  I am all love.  I long to embrace you, My child who feels unworthy.  You are worthy of My love because I have already paid the price for your sins.  You have already been redeemed, through My sacrifice on the cross at Calvary and so come quickly to Me.  You have only to receive My love, My forgiveness, and we will begin anew.  Your souls will be refreshed in My love and I will give you the gift of My peace.  You will begin the healing process and you will feel lighter than air, due to the heavy weight that I will lift from you.  Come, My weary children in need of My mercy.  I long to give this to you, but I love you so much that I do not force you or coerce you.  I respect and love you.  Come to Me and allow Me the opportunity to show you My unconditional love.  All will be well.  Let us begin.”


Thank You for Your deep love, Jesus.  Thank You for the mercy that emanates from Your Beautiful Divine Heart.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help me to trust You more.  You are trustworthy, Jesus but my heart is too small to love You and trust You as You deserve to be loved.  Enlarge my heart, sweet Jesus so that I can love You more.  I give you my will, Jesus.  Replace it with Your perfect Will.  Help all who have been wounded by sin, either their own or by the sins of others, to come close to Your merciful heart.  Heal them, Jesus of the wounds caused by a lack of love in others.  Jesus, when hearts are healed, they are so very beautiful.  The person who has suffered much, becomes the most beautiful of all and they are able to love in a pure way, unlike those who have never experienced suffering.  Oh, Jesus pour out graces for conversion and healing on the most unloved, so they can know and experience the love of God and then take Your love to others who are hurting. 


“Thank you, My little lamb.  Your prayers are precious to Me.  This is My desire for My wounded children and I invite the Children of Light to be love to those in need.  Take My love to others.  Often, they will be more open to your love and then later their hearts become open to Me.  This is My plan but I need the Children of Light to cooperate with My plan.  Live the Gospel, My children.  Live Me.”


“In these urgent times, My children are called to pray more.  Spend more time with Me in prayer, for prayer will refresh your spirits, will provide protection for you and will help the souls of your families, friends, and souls you do not know, yet.  This prayer is an act of love between us; between God and His people.  Prayer is the vehicle for grace and prayer provides the fuel for acts of love and mercy.  Without prayer, it is impossible for you to be open channels of grace, for you are closed to Me when you refuse to pray.  Pray, therefore My children.  For those of you who already pray, I urge you to pray more.  Grow in your prayer, My children.  Do not become satisfied with the time and routine of your prayer, but seek ways to grow in prayer.  Ask Me to show you what I would like you to do, or how you can find more time to pray and I will direct you.  I am the Lord of all things, including time.  Together, we will determine the best solution for your lack of time.  I love you and I await you.  Draw ever near to Me, My children during this special time of grace.”


“My little lamb, I am with you.  I am with My son (name withheld).  I assure you of this.  Be at peace.  Trust in Me.  I will direct your steps.  I love you and I will never abandon you.  I love My daughter (name withheld) and My son (name withheld).  Be at peace, My child.  All will be well.  I am working in souls, you will see.”


Thank You, my Lord and my God and my all! 


“You are welcome, My child.  I want you to have confidence in My words and to be assured that your soul is growing in the spiritual life of the Trinity, the heart of love.  All will be well, My little lamb.  Trust in Me, no matter what you experience, no matter the discord, the atmosphere, the lack of peace in the world.  Focus on Me.  Trust in Me.  In My Heart, you will find peace.  I am your refuge and your strength.  Remain in Me, My child and I will show you the way you are to go.  Trust is what is needed.  I give you My peace and My love.” 


Thank You, Jesus.  I love You.


“And I love you.  Go in My peace and in My joy.  I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”


Amen.  Alleluia! 

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