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Children of the Renewal Messages

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4/15/18, Jesus stated; "My child, make known the prayers I have given you in years past.  It is time, My child. These prayers are needed by My children, and they will be used to open hearts more profoundly to graces for heroic love," (click to open prayers)

December 29, 2019 Adoration Chapel, Feast of the Holy Family

Hello, my dear Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe, hope in You, adore and praise You my Lord, God and King.  Thank You, Jesus for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion.  Thank You for the grace of Confession this past week.  It was such a joy to be able to go to Confession right before Christmas Day.  Thank You for a blessed Christmas, Lord.  Thank You for Your holy birth in Bethlehem those years ago and for being born into my heart each time I receive You in Holy Communion.   So many blessings, Lord!  I am reminded of those who lost loved ones on and before Christmas who must be feeling sad, Lord.  Be with them and help them to feel Your presence close by.  Give them consolation in their time of grief.  Be with all those who are alone and who are suffering, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord that even in the midst of our grieving and our losses, we have hope in the resurrection and in Your Heavenly Kingdom that awaits those who love You.  I lift up to You those who suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s, renal disease, liver problems and auto-immune disorders.  Lord, help those who are recovering from surgery to do so smoothly (names withheld).  Jesus, please heal the broken hearted and those suffering from broken marriages or the imminent death of loved ones.  I especially ask for Your love and peace for the children displaced from their homes and separated from their parents as well as children who are orphaned.  May we, Your children, come to their aid, Jesus and give them much love and stability.


Bless all who are traveling and bring them safely home.  Lord, please prepare our hearts for what is to come.  Help all souls to make progress on the path of holiness and give us the needed graces to grow in love, humility and faith.  May those who are away from the Church find their way home this year.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Jesus, I trust in You!


“My child, thank you for your prayers for your brothers and sisters in need.  Your prayers are close to My heart, My child.  This coming year will be one of many milestones, spiritually and in a physical and tangible way.  I invite all My children to draw especially close to Me in the coming year.  Much change will occur, My little one.  Times will be troubled for many people in parts of the world.  Even when times of chaos occur, I want My children to remain at peace, to continue to pray and to help those in need.  Always keep the Gospel message top of mind when dealing with others.  Serve one another with love and share your material goods with them.  Have faith and trust in Me to provide.  I will not abandon My children who put others first and share what you have so that others may live.  This is living the Gospel message, My children.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Remember the multiplication of the loaves and fishes?  It will be as then, My children so do not be concerned that when one shares food with others, there will not be enough for your own family.  This will not be so.  I will multiply the necessities for life, My Children of Light.  Of this, you can be sure.  If it were not so, My Children of Light would not survive.  Have confidence in Me.  I created this world out of nothing and I can certainly multiply all that is needed.  I will provide, My children.  You must be willing to share, though and do not hoard what you have set aside.  You would not have known to save for winter and darkness had I not sent My messengers to tell you.  Therefore, My generosity and goodness is to be an example for you.  Do as I do.  Sacrifice for others and love one another.  Do not count the cost.  All will be well.  I will provide for My children.  I will protect My children.  The evil one wants to destroy the human race, but I am the author of life and I have the final word, My children. Therefore, do not fear.  Fear is not from Me.  Have courage and be merciful.  I give you My peace and My joy.  I will protect you as I have protected My people throughout the ages.  Yes, there will be martyrs for the Faith as there have always been from the beginning of the Church.  There were even martyrs for the Faith prior to establishing My Church.  (The Israelites)  My people through the ages have given their lives for Me.  I have also given My life for you so that you may be with Me in Heaven one day.  I tell you this so you will not lose hope or be surprised when faithful people are martyred.  Some will come to Heaven right away through their martyrdom and others will be protected in the refuges.  I will protect My people and the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.  My Children of Light, be faithful to Church teachings.  These have been handed down to you from My holy Apostles.  You carry this in your hearts for you, also are responsible for handing these down to your children and grandchildren.  Many people today are ignorant of the Faith.  I ask you all to be armed with the truth and to instill the Faith in others.  You will need to be teachers, catechists when the multitudes come to be presented for Baptism.  Be merciful.  Be gracious and show much love and patience.  You will need to teach them the basics, for their faith will already be enkindled due to the illumination of their consciences.  Many will be afraid.  Assure them of My great love and mercy.  Meet each person where they are.  Some will not be able to absorb much and will need to be given only the basics.  There will be time in the refuges to teach them more.  My Holy Spirit will guide you, My children.  Pray for the gifts of My Holy Spirit.  Pray for graces to love heroically.  All will be given according to each need.  Trust in Me.  I love you.  All will be well.”


Thank You, Jesus!  Lord, please direct us and make the way we should go clear.  You know the intentions of my heart, Jesus.  Give us clarity to make all decisions in alignment with Your Holy Will.  Thank You, Lord!  Jesus, please heal (name withheld) (ailment withheld) and all problems so her headaches and neck pain are eliminated.  Heal all emotional and spiritual wounds in My children and grandchildren.  Please bring all separated family members into the Faith.  I pray this also for My friends and for all those who are outside of the Faith.  I know You will bring many people into the Church, Lord.  I pray this will be so even before the Illumination of Conscience.


“My little lamb, trust in Me.  I will guide you and My son (name withheld) in all you are to do.  Trust in Me and also take action so that all will be in place.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord.


“All will be well, My child.  All will be well.”


Amen, Lord.  Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever!


“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go in peace.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Be joy.”


Thank You, my Jesus.  I love You!


“And I love you.”

December 22, 2019, Adoration Chapel, 4th Sunday of Advent

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, hope in You and adore You, my Lord God and King.  Thank You for Your presence here in this chapel and in all tabernacles of the world, Jesus.  Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion this morning, Lord.  Thank You for countless blessings given to us last week; (personal conversation omitted)


Lord, I bring all who are ill to You, especially my friend (name withheld).  Be with them, Lord and if there is any way within Your Will, for them to be healed, do so.  Be their consolation and peace, Jesus.  I pray especially for those who are unprepared for death.  Prepare them, Lord and may they receive the Sacraments.  Lord, prepare our souls to receive You in our hearts at Christmas and always.  May Your coming at Christmas be a real birth in my heart and may I hold You, the most pure infant Savior in my heart as never before.  Heal me, baby Jesus of all wounds and forgive me of every hurt against my fellow man that I have committed and every sin.  May I never again disappoint You, Jesus but always think of You first, Your love and all You have sacrificed for me so that I could live with You one day in Heaven.  Jesus, please remind me of Your birth into the poverty of this world, in the stable at Bethlehem and help me to die to myself and to all worldly things just as You died for me on the cross.  Jesus, even though there was no room for You in the inns at Bethlehem, make room in my heart always for You.  May my adoration of You, my Redeemer and my God be like that of the shepherds and the angels when they gazed upon You in the manger and in the Blessed Mother’s most holy and pure arms.  Jesus, do not resist me in spite of my sins but purify me with your beautiful innocent kingly gaze.  Cover me also with Your precious blood so that when God the Father looks at me, You are all He sees.  Jesus, I trust in You.  Help me to trust You more and more.  Jesus, I love You.  Help me to love You more and more.  Enlarge my heart Lord so there is always room for You and for all You send my way.  Use me, Jesus to be love and mercy to others.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Come, Jesus, may I be detached from all material goods and ready to leave everything for love of You, as the shepherds left their flocks, their livelihood to find their Baby King and Messiah.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Come.  Savior of the world come to save us from ourselves and our sins yet again.  Jesus, light of all nations, be our light now while the world is in such darkness.  Light the flame of our hearts so that we can burn brightly because of Your love dwelling within us.  May Our Lady’s flame of love catch fire in our hearts and spread throughout the whole world.  Holy Spirit, lover of our souls, beam brightly within us.  Help us to carry Baby Jesus to the world. 


“My child, My child, I, your Savior speak to you now during this time of great darkness.  The world has grown cold, even frigid for it has lost not only the love of God, but even the memory, the recollection of God.  The faith has grown cold.  It is not lost, however.  It is alive in some of My peoples’ hearts.  I come to you now, during this time in history when neighbor hates neighbor, children are against their parents and parents selfishly snuff out the lives of their pre-born babies.  I come to My Children of Light in this time in history when the evil one threatens the very life of human kind on earth.”


God the Father speaks; “I, God the Father, the Creator remind My children that I made the earth out of nothing.  I set the stars in the sky as well as the sun and moon and all the planets and galaxies.  I created all that is good; the earth, the sky, the sea, the grass, the trees, animals and all plant life and human beings made in My image and likeness.  I am the Creator, the Father, and I will protect My children.  You must never fear the evil one, for he has no power over Me and he has none over you unless you give it to him.  Remember, I created all the angels, and those who fell due to their pride were also created (in their goodness) by Me.  Therefore, I am infinitely more powerful.  You have nothing to fear My children.  Only trust.  Trust in Me.”


“The merciful hour is approaching when I will reveal Myself yet again to renew the faith in the One True God.  Then, all will know that I am the Lord God, Creator of all, Eternal Father.  All will know that My Son, Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God who came to save mankind from their sins, to redeem souls and to open the gates of Heaven.  There will be no more room for excuses for all will have full knowledge of Me.  Each soul will have their final choice.  At this time, there will be another great grace given; time for conversion.  A brief time only, but time.  Then, any soul who decides against Me will have decided.  All who choose Me will be renewed in their spirits.  Pray for those who reject Me now, that during the Illumination of their Conscience, they will decide for God.  Pray for them, My children.  They are desperately in need of your prayers.  Entrust all of your loved ones to Me and then do not worry.  Continue to pray, but do not worry.  All will be well, for I AM.”


Jesus speaks; “My little lamb, the Father has spoken and so it will be.  I will provide all that is needed by My children.  Prepare your souls as I have told you through frequenting the Sacraments, participating in Holy Mass, reading Scripture and praying the Most Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Above all, you must trust.  Love one another.  Share all that you have, recognizing everything you possess, you do so because of the mercy and kindness of God.  I have given to you so that you may share with others.  This is necessary so that one who comes to you with nothing will remain with you in love and acceptance.  They will no longer have ‘nothing’ for they will be part of your family and share in all I have prepared for them.”


“You see, My little children, I know each and every soul who will come to you.  I already know their needs and so, you will have what they need and you will share from the blessings I have given to you.  Be generous and recall that I have given to you My very life.  Therefore, share and do not worry that you will have nothing of your own, for what do you own that I have not given to you?  Also, recall the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and do not be concerned that you will not have enough to eat.  Share what you have and it will be multiplied.  If it were not so you would all starve, but this will not happen.  I am God and I can do all things.  You, for your part, live the Gospel message.  Give to one another.  Care for one another.  Be generous.  Be mercy.  Be love.  Remember, whatever you do for the least one, you do for Me.  My holy priest son, (name withheld) explained that I will make room for those who come to you, and this is true.  I revealed this to him.  I will expand to make room, therefore do not turn anyone away who is allowed to come to your homes.  Each one I send will be welcomed, for I sent them.  Keep this in mind, My little Children of Light.  Open the door to them and greet them saying, ‘Come, you are safe now.  We have been waiting for you and you are welcome here.  Come.  Come into this place of safety and refuge for God has sent you to us.  We need you.  We love you.  We welcome you!  This is how you are to greet those who come to you, My children.  Be kind.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  All will be well.  As you welcome others, so will I welcome you when you come to My Kingdom.  Trust in Me all will be well.” 


“My little lamb, read the message My Holy Mother Mary gave you when She told you the cave parable.  This will be a reminder of how you are to be with those who came who are injured, wounded in body, mind and/or soul.   Each person is unique and will have different needs.  You cannot possibly know every need but remember that I do.  I will guide you.  Pray for wisdom and the Light of the Holy Spirit.  Ask My Mother to intercede for you and for each soul who comes to you.  I will give graces to you for love, for wisdom and clarity.  You will know whether someone just needs time and space or if someone needs to speak in order to heal.  You will know when you ask Me for help.  Pray for the saints to guide you and to intercede for you and for the souls who will come to you.”


Jesus, it all seems surreal, though I know it is true.


“Yes, My daughter it does for things appear peaceful on the surface.  You know this is a façade and just below the surface there is much disruption and chaos.  My little lamb, I tell you and all My children to prepare you.  I tell you now as I have for many years so that you can absorb My words now while there is some semblance of peace.  In this way, you will be more prepared, My child.  I invite you and your family to read the messages I have given you over the years.  Refresh your memory while there is time.  Later, the day will come when you will have very little time to read, you will be so busy caring for others.  When there is time, you will need to pray.  Teach others to pray when they are with you, for many will not have learned to pray.  My son, My (name withheld), you will be the head of your household, just as you are now, but then when there are many people, you will remember that you are still the head.  My (name withheld) is the heart.  Be kind, patient and merciful.  Be decisive, but be one who listens, also.  Your leadership skills were given to you for this time.  Be humble and remain united to Me and to your family.  Then, you will be all that I ask of you.  Ask for the guidance of St. Joseph.  Do not forget the saints I have given to you and to your family.  Invoke them often.  Pray before each decision and await My direction.  St. Peter was impetuous, too but he mastered himself for love of God.  Do the same, My (name withheld).  Ask St. Peter to assist you and he will obtain needed graces for you.  The Holy Spirit and St. Joseph will guide you.  My Mother will be with you and your family.  All will be well.  You must learn to imitate Me.  Live as the Holy Family lived.  I urge your family to do so now and by the graces from My Mother it can be so.  Pray for this grace.  Continue to pray the consecration prayer to the Holy Family that you had prayed together.  Pray this each day, My children.  All will be well.  I will protect My children.  You, for your part must pray as I have asked.  That is all, My little one.  Re-read My words and allow them to become like seeds within your heart that take root and one day will grow into mature plants for those who come to you.”


Yes, Jesus.  Thank You, Lord!


“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Go now in peace.  Be love.  Be mercy.  Be joy.”




December 8, 2019, Adoration, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Hello my adorable Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I believe in You, adore You, love You and trust You, my Lord, God and King.


Lord, thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning.  Please comfort and console (name withheld).  Be with her in a special way this Advent and Christmas season.  Heal her wounds.  Heal the wounds of all people who suffer, Lord, especially those who suffer emotional and spiritual pain.  Lord, I lift all of my intentions and those of my friends and family to You and place them at the foot of Your cross.  Give us graces, Lord to do Your Will and to love heroically.  Bring the lost back to Your fold, the Church.  Be with us, Jesus in the coming days and with all who will come to hear (name withheld) speak.  May our hearts, minds and spirits be open to hear all that You want for us.  Give us peace, oh Prince of Peace.  Lord, I’m sorry I was away from Adoration for so long.  I only meant to step out for a few minutes to speak to someone at Your direction.  Thank You for putting (name withheld) in my path.  You made it so easy for me to do Your Will.  Thank You, Lord. 


“My little one, I thank you for following through on My request.  You followed the promptings of My Holy Spirit and I realize it wasn’t easy for you.  It was very important and will aid in the healing of wounds, My little lamb.  Do not be concerned that you were doing My work, though I know you preferred to be with Me.  My (name withheld), I thank you for taking time to speak after Mass.  You comforted and consoled your friend and I was able to work through you to show My child how much I love her.  This is what I ask of My children, that they take the time to listen and minister to one another, to set aside your busy schedules and to put those around you first so that I can work through you.”


“My children, I am counting on you to bring My love to a world so devoid of love.  Souls are literally starving and thirsting for the love of God.  Where will they learn about My great love and mercy if they do not see it and experience it in you, who love and follow Me.  You must open yourselves, your hearts, to your brothers and sisters.  Be aware of those around you, many of whom are suffering.  They often do not appear to be, but they have learned to hide it and to protect themselves from those who will take advantage of their vulnerabilities.  You must engage in conversation with people and take time to be present to them.  When My children are in such a hurry this will not be the case.  Put others above your own schedules.  I will work out your day for you when it is offered for Me and when you are open to those I send to you.  Many times, the children who are My beloved ones, rush by souls I send, not even noticing them.  Children of Light, be aware of people I put upon your path.  It is not a coincidence, My Children of Light when you are near “strangers.”  These are your brothers and sisters.  Are you standing in line at a store or a bank?  Are there people around you waiting for a bus or at an airplane gate?  These are your brothers and sisters.  Treat them so, and speak to them.  This is very respectful.  To acknowledge someone and to be warm and cordial shows others that they are not just numbers or unimportant.  They are not nameless, faceless people as the evil one wants them to believe.  Each person (created by God) has dignity.  Their worth is priceless and they are My children, worthy of inheriting the Kingdom of God, but they must choose Me.  I ask again, My Children of Light how will they know Me if you do not tell them about Me.  If they are not open to hearing about Me, befriend them.  Strike up a conversation and joyfully witness to them the love of God.  Bring My light into the world and fan the flame by unleashing the power of the love of God.  My love is powerful and can win hearts, even the most hardened heart.  My love heals wounds.  My love transforms the worst sinner and brings them to heights of love unimaginable.”


“If you want to enter the Kingdom of God, My children, you must live like a child of God.  Children of loving parents are unashamed of their parents. Children of good parents are open about their family name and to whom they belong.  You, My children must be glad to know that you belong to the Creator and to the King of Heaven and Earth.  Have you ever heard of a child of a queen or king who was ashamed to be of royalty or ashamed to speak of their father or mother?  It is almost unheard of unless the king or queen is ruthless and evil.  Do not be afraid to speak of your heavenly Father.  Be, instead, joyful knowing that I, God, have claimed you.  I have adopted you.  You are Mine and I am yours.  We belong together, share this with others and let them know that I am their Father, also.  All people are My children.  Lead them to the Church, My body on earth, so they can become part of the family of God through the waters of Baptism.  Thousands upon thousands will stream to your parishes to be baptized after the Warning.  Having made a connection with one of My welcoming, loving children will make it easier for them.  Show My love and mercy My little ones.  Be love and mercy so that I can flow through you out to the world to touch souls for Heaven.”


“My child, My child, the time I have spoken to you is drawing nigh.  You are prepared, even though you do not feel you are.  I have prepared you.  The finishing touches will occur with (name withheld) visits.  Look around you at each event and see the souls I send.  Notice them.  You will see them again and you will support and pray for one another.  These are your special friends who will have a strong spiritual connection.  These times are anointed of God.  Live these present days with your eyes and your hearts open.  I will send abundant graces to carry you through these difficult trials ahead.  You do not know everyone I send, but know this; you are brothers and sisters and your mission is to help all I send to you; to serve and to minister to the souls in need.  You will be like spiritual first responders.  I am preparing you and I will also supply many graces.”


“My beloved little lamb, it crossed your mind that you could never really be prepared for what is to come, and this is true.  However, you also know that when there is no way, one is made by Me.  When an opening with a soul is needed, I provide an opening.  When a healing was needed, I healed.  When you faced insurmountable odds, I provided a boost to you to carry you over the obstacles.  I will give you wings to soar like an eagle on torrents of My love.  You will be able to do all that I ask of you.  Your family will be open to all I send and the graces will be provided.  In order for each of your family members to fulfill My mission for them, they must give Me their ‘yeses’.  You must be open to receive people and to help them and to love above all things.  With your ‘yeses’ there are no odds too great that I can’t overcome.  Nothing is impossible for God, but for you it is impossible if you are not working for Me.  I say this, not to chide you, My children, but to remind you that you are being called for an extremely important mission in one of the most difficult times in history.” 


“I do not exaggerate, My children.  I am truth.  What I say is truth.  Therefore, listen and act.  Humble yourselves, for the task I give you would be impossible if I did not give you the graces to accomplish My mission.  So, do not complain, but be joyful for I am calling you.  I am deciding for you.  I invite you to this most important and urgent battle for souls.  I am counting on you.  Accept all that I send, each person, each difficulty and I will provide every means and every resource and grace needed to fulfill this mission.  You and I work together, My children and I am God.  There is nothing too difficult for Me.  When something appears to be difficult or even impossible, remember that I am on your side.  I work with you.  Call upon Me and together we will overcome whatever it is that is challenging to you.  Together, we will succeed in winning and saving souls.  I need you.  Let us begin.” 


“Prepare as I have requested with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and then live reconciliation in your hearts and in your minds.  Do not judge others, only be merciful and loving.  Leave all judging to the only one capable of judging with justice and mercy.  Love others as I have loved you.  Pick up your cross and follow Me, My children.  Walk in the steps of your Jesus who loves mankind so much as to become one with you and to lay down My life for this love.  I love you.  Follow Me and let us begin this important work of love.  It is time, My children.  Prepare yourselves for the days that are coming and do not fear.  Do you not see My hand in preparing you?  Do you not see the many beautiful souls I have surrounded you with to learn from, to pray with and to enjoy spiritual friendships?  Do you not see that I take care of your loved ones and I hold each of you in the palm of My hand?  Do you not know that I go to the ends of the earth to rescue the one lost sheep and carry them home to My Father in Heaven where they will be safe forever?  Yes, My children, there is nothing I would not do for love of you.  Do not be anxious or worried for I, your Jesus, am at your side and I never abandon My children, My friends, for you are Mine and I am yours.  We belong to one another.  We are family.  All will be well.  Pray, seek the Sacraments and be merciful.”


“My little lamb, thank you for your tireless love and for saying yes to each soul I send you.  This practice run that I put you through is a great blessing and an opportunity for souls and it is also a blessing for you and your family.  You will continue to welcome friends and even strangers as your family’s mission begins to be realized through these perilous times.  Though you do not think so, you are prepared.  I am with you.  Things will continue over time to grow dark.  Be My light.  Chaos will ensue. Be My peace.  Hatred will grow in the hearts of those opposed to Me. Be My love.  People will lash out at others vulnerable, and not so vulnerable. Be instruments of healing.  This is the time My children.  You will sense it is the calm before the storm, but remember I can calm the storms in your hearts, just as I calmed the stormy sea for My Apostles.  I am in your boat, so there is nothing to fear.  Be about My Father’s business just as I was when I was lost to My earthly parents.  Have a sense of purpose, the purpose of our Father.  My Mother is there to guide you and direct you.  Listen to Her.  As She told you to listen to Me, I now say, listen to Her. (smiling) All will be well.  My Mother is on one side holding your hand, My little lamb and I am on the other.  My angels surround you.  Do not fear.  I will protect you.  I will provide for you.  Let us begin, My child.” 


Yes, Jesus.  You have my yes from the beginning.  From the time I was a child, I gave it to you.  I fell many times and I disappointed you by my sins but You always forgive me, Jesus and though I fell, I have never left you.  Please never allow my sins or my shortcomings to separate me from You.  Hold me close to Your Sacred Heart; so close Lord that I am enveloped in Your heart and the heart of Your Holy Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception.  Jesus, I entrust My family to You.  Use us as You Will.  Use us as instruments of Your love and mercy.  You have my life, my heart, my work, my love, my very essence, Jesus.  My soul belongs to You.  Use me according to Your Will.  That is what I want, my Jesus, my Savior, my Lord, God and King.  Ruler of my soul, allow me to do Your bidding.  Holy Spirit, lover of my soul, give me Your love, Your mercy, Your peace.  Breathe the breath of the author of life and animate my soul with the power of Your love.  I am all Yours and all that I have is Thine.  Let us begin as You say, Lord.  Lead us on the path You would have us to take.  Amen, Jesus.  Amen.


“Thank you, My little trusting child.  I am with you now in a very powerful way.  You will sense My presence more completely as you face the perils to come.  I am giving graces to you and your family so that you can complete the tasks ahead of you in the coming days with peace and even with joy.  I bless you and My son, and (names withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.  Do not worry, My child.  I will also bless (name withheld) when she gives Me her ‘yes’.  My Mother hears the cry of your motherly heart and She intercedes for your little (name withheld).   Continue to pray and have Masses said for her.  Be love to her and be patient.  All will be well.  I will work through My little (name withheld) and My pure little (name withheld).  He is My little warrior and together we will win many battles for souls.  Trust in Me.  All will be well.  Focus on My promise in the new springtime and we will weather the storms of winter together.  The harshness of winter makes one appreciate Spring all the more.  Bask in this time of blessing during Advent.  Pray, pray, pray and wait for the coming of the Lord at Christmas.  Prepare your hearts.  I am with you and I love you!”


Amen!  Alleluia.  Praise You, Jesus!

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