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Dec 2014


Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His children, 12/31/14

My beloved son and children, this is the Mother of all God’s children.  The coming year, 2015, will be a year like no other in many, many ways.  There will be miracles like never before and also suffering like never before.  Beware, My children that some of the miracles will be from the evil one.  As I told you the other day, My son, the technology is far more advanced than any of My children can believe.  Satan and the one world people can put any kind of pictures in the sky to make My children think it is I.  Be very cautious because many of the things you hear and see will not be of your God. 


This will be the year that all Our remnant children, that we have been training for years, will have to stand up and be counted and show their light of Christ in the darkness of this world of paganism and communism.  I ask all of My children to listen closely to the Holy Spirit for what to do in their life or listen to someone they can trust. 


Your news media can only say what the one world leaders tell them to say or they are fired instantly.  They control about everything now.  The chip is also being put into people’s bodies to control them.  Make sure you do not take the chip this year or ever with your free will.  Graces are available at all times for anyone to ask from My God and your God for them.  Please ask often because you will need to protect yourself from the evil this year that has taken over everything.  Do not put yourself in any places that are not of God because satan is at his strongest now before he falls.  He is fighting like someone would fight if they were drowning in a flood of water with every ounce of strength to take as many souls as possible.  But, remember your God and My God are fighting with all the graces from Heaven.  Satan has no chance against Heaven but he has power over all who give him their free will.  Call on God anytime he attacks you in any way and all of Heaven will come to your rescue. 


My Son wants to tell you that all of the poor souls that were in purgatory before Christmas were taken to Heaven at Christmas.  This was the great gift that I and My Son talked about in past messages.  This was a gift that has never been done before in the history of the world.  Many of Our prayer warriors were praying with Heaven to help My Son and I get the Father to give the world this special grace and blessing.  Many people who had souls that died before Christmas and went to purgatory are now with Us in Heaven helping and praying for you and with you.  Happy New Year, love Mother. 



Come Holy Trinity,  Holy Family, and St Michael as guard and protector of God’s words from His Mother, 12/28/14

My love, My beautiful one, this is Mother Mary coming to tell all My children how much I love them.  They are all Our beautiful children and We want them all next to Us.  Come now, Our children, while you can still come before the gates will close when you cannot get in, just like the unwise virgins who went back to get their oil because they were not prepared.  Soon it will be the same for many of Our children.  Many are dying in the world right now and at this minute.  Thousands die every day and many are not ready.  Do not think the time is not here and it is not happening.  More people are dying each day than ever in the history of the world.  Yes, there are many more people now, but the percent of people dying each day is much higher than ever. 


The evil in the world and all the fighting is causing many more deaths than normal.  Your world is living in a death culture and many are being killed by the government to drop the population as soon as they can.  They are being killed from high technology that very few people even know.  Millions are being killed by abortion.  The time is here for My God and your God’s hand to rock the earth and many nations and people will die.  Be ready to move through the gate of life instantly for that will be all the time that many will have. 


If I told you that you had ten minutes left to be alive, would you be ready to face your maker?  Many die every ten minutes each day.  Are you ready for Heaven, or hell, or purgatory My children?  The wise virgins walked into the gates with Jesus and the unwise virgins ran back for more oil for their lamps.  Are you going to have your lives ready ten minutes from now or are you going to run back for help?  Get on your knees now and ask forgiveness now for it might be your last chance.  Many are about to die in mass numbers and many are dying now in mass numbers that you are not being told.  Be ready.  Love, Mother.



A Birthday Message for the Whole World From the Blessed Mother, 12/23/14

It is I Mary your Mother speaking to you.  I want to write to all My children for Christmas.  This was the highlight of My life when Jesus was born.  You know My sons and daughters when one of your children is born how much of a joy it is to see their little face and body.  They look so little and you can hold some of them in your one hand. 


We were sent to the world to be children of God and the fathers and mothers of all of God’s children.  Some of us are spiritual mothers and fathers to many children and some of us are physical and spiritual mothers and fathers to many children.  We are all mothers and fathers to someone if we grow older in our life on earth.  We all have many spiritual brothers and sisters that we are close to that we treat like a loving sister or a brother.  Most of us have physical brothers and sisters.  Can you not see My children how we are all tied together as One Body in Christ?  Christ as the head and each of you as His children.   This is why we send so many graces down to Our beloved children, to help them save their souls.  You will never understand how deep the love of God and I, Mary, have for each of you no matter what you do in life.  We love each one of you the same with all Our love.  We are united with each one of you in heart, mind, and soul.  Our most intimate desire is for each of you to love us back in the same way.  To each of you who Our darlings and sweethearts and beloved friends, We would give up our lives for any one of you each and every day if that was possible.  That is why Jesus died on the Cross for each of you and He does it over and over at every Mass.  I gave up My life spiritually when He died physically.   By dying of self of all the worldly ways and live just as God asked Me to live.  I wish that all My children would die of self and live for their God of Heaven and earth.  My children I just wanted to tell you each personally how much I love you.  I will send a blessing this Christmas from God bigger and greater than ever was given at Christmas since the world began.  This is your loving Mother with a love you have never experienced.  Love, Mom.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your protection of God’s words with all of Heaven for Christmas.

Your Father will speak. 

My children I bless all of you with a special blessing for Christmas.  I love all of you dearly.  Please pray for all the poor souls in Purgatory that they will be released at Christmas and be with Me in Heaven.  Please pray for all the lost souls on earth.   Please pray for peace in the world before all collapses and falls.  Pray for all your leaders that they  do not set off any major bombs that will trigger a third world war.  My children pray, pray, and pray.     


My children you know and I know that the times I spoke about in Revelations are happening at this very moment.   My children, it is a lot further along than your leaders and news media tell anyone.  Pray like you have never prayed before and be ready to die and have your souls in a state of grace.  You know that this is the time of year that satan wants to do anything he can to disgrace his God and yours, but your God is in control, but I need your prayers and your free will to save you.  Your free will is in your hands and I will not take it away from you without your permission, but the longer you give it to satan, the more you and all your brothers and sisters will suffer.  I am a loving God and also a just God but you control the suffering  or joy and peace that takes place in the world.  Sin causes sorrow in the world.  Holiness and true love causes joy and peace in the world.  It’s up to you My children how much the world must suffer. 


There is much more to be said but it has all been said many times and I told My son I was finished warning you.  Now it is up to your prayers how much you will suffer.  Be ready for the time when you will face Me, your God, with all your good and bad deeds in your life.  Please ask forgiveness for all your sins because I come to you before I come to you face to face so it is much easier for you.  If you need to write them out on paper and then give them to Me, do so.  This is all.  I love all of you dearly, you are all a son or daughter to your God.  You are all loved dearly by Me, your God, and your Mother Mary who brought My Son into the world to save all of your souls.  Please do not let My Mother down and repent for Christmas.  Love, from the Father.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with protection of God’s words, 12/17/14

My most beloved son, I love you and all of My beloved children most dearly.  My children are always confused over God’s words from Heaven.  I’m going to explain some things to help them understand God’s ways better.  God and all of Heaven always speak in the spirit and not in the flesh.  When He speaks of time it is always within the church year, not the calendar year.  Everything spoken in spirit is counterclockwise of the world’s ways.  This is why it is hard to understand.  God’s ways are counterclockwise because He is always fighting against the ways of the world and the ways of satan.


Any battle that is fought is first fought between Heaven and earth just before it can get down to earth.  It is just like when satan thought he could take over Heaven and he fought the good angels and was cast down to earth and into the middle of the earth where hell is.  Now satan is fighting a battle between Heaven and hell, which is earth where all of God’s children live.  It is another battle just like the one in Heaven that he thought he would win but God said ‘NO’ when He came down from Heaven with His Mother Mary to save His children on earth and take earth back. 


The people of earth keep giving satan another chance by their free will by sinning.  They keep going against God’s Ten Commandments and their sin gives satan the power to torment and destroy God’s children.  This goes on over and over, time after time.  My children can you not see that your free will is used wrong?  If used wrong it gives satan the power to torment you and make you suffer because it ties God’s hands.  Then after you suffer so long, you cry to God like you would call on your own father to bail you out of your own mess.  Then God comes as soon as you beg Him to come back and ask His forgiveness and tell Him you are sorry and He fills you back up with graces and makes you well again. 

Then things get easy and people stop praying again and get back down again and never learn the lesson. 


My children, you have got to start passing the first grade, then the second grade, and then the rest of the grades until you get strong enough in Christ to keep fighting your own battles with God’s grace and get away from the mortal and deadly sins and the temptations that lead you to them. 


Everything on earth moves in two directions.  If you want to follow God you have got to keep a hold of God’s right hand.  This way you will not get lost.  You need to go to church on Sundays and rest and pray for strength for the rest of the week or you will fall.  You need to read the Bible and learn God’s Word and the church teachings or you will keep falling and going down the wrong road.  Remember that the spiritual world is just the opposite of the worldly world and the world’s ways.  God’s ways have order and a chain of command, the commandments to follow.  You move from one step to another through your life.  The world tries to teach you their chain of command but it is just backwards because most people live through satan not God.  As an example, take a pyramid and stand it on the ground with two points down for the foundation on the ground and one point up for the hill to climb to God or Heaven.  That’s God’s pyramid.  Now take a pyramid and stick one point into the ground and start climbing up on the inside with nothing to hold onto.  That is satan’s pyramid.  You can try all you want and you will keep digging a bigger hole at the bottom until you fall or dig yourself down to hell.  This is your Jesus of love and mercy.   Please start on a good foundation so you can be in Heaven with Us.  Do not try to always do everything the easy way without any foundation.  It always ends up back where you started and you are in a worse and lower position.  Love, Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and all of Heaven to protect your son as he writes, 12/16/14

My love, my beautiful one, this is Mother Mary.  I give all Our children a special blessing this morning  for strength and obedience to our God and Father.  As My God and your God told you the other day He gave you His last warning for His children.  Our children keep wanting new messages to read, but they read them but do not follow Our instructions to help save their souls. 


The messages are about to stop for many of God’s prophets and the chastisements are increasing each day.  Our children are not changing and they will start suffering more each day.  As I told you the other day they are about ready to bring out a new vaccination for Ebola and they will spread it all over the world.  I have told you not to take any kind of shots now because the one world government is using them to kill many people with all the poison in them.  Do not listen to any of your doctors that push baby shots now because that is what is causing all your children to become sick and cause many mental disorders.  They are trying to dumb down all the people in the world so they can take them over easily.  This also is causing a severe shortage of healthcare people to take care of the people.  Take all natural medicines from people you know and trust and good vitamins and eat food that is good for you.  Most food has been changed and modified by genetic engineering that goes totally against your body.  This is why My children are so sick and disturbed.  Just a little longer and you will be going to the refuges and My God and yours will heal you with the glorious cross in the sky and pure spring water where you will be healthy again. 


The one world government plans to kill My people through sick foods, sick water, and polluted air.  Then, they will come in to try and take over your country.  They will take everything away from you, first your health and then your wealth.  Then they will start riots all over the world to let people kill out each other for them.  Remember that they cannot take away your soul so give it to your God this very day and I and My Son will protect and save you no matter how bad it looks to you.  We are in control so come to My Son and I and We will be your protector from Heaven.  Satan can only do what God permits him to do and that is just whatever it takes to save His children’s souls and wake them up.  This is what the chastisement and tribulation is all about.  It is to get Our children ready for the Era of Peace and the New Jerusalem and the New Garden from Heaven that will be all pure and beautiful.  Love, Mary, the Mother of Jesus. 



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with God’s words only through His Beloved Mother, 12/10/14

My love, My most beautiful one and all My most beautiful children, your Mother is sad and concerned about all My children, especially My lost children.  Please, My children, start listening to the signs of the times.  Can you not see, My children, that all physical things in your world are about to be no more?  Can you not see that your government is not listening to anyone but satan to lead your country?   My children, can you not see that evil is at an all time high in your country?  My children, open up your eyes and heart and look up to Heaven and beg My God and your God for forgiveness and love to take the blindness off your eyes and heart so you can see and feel your God’s love for you again and get your soul in a state of grace before the end of the year, especially before Christmas. 


Everyone is going to die and meet their maker, God the Father.  It could be this very day, are you ready?  As My son has told you the Warning is ready to happen and you must be ready with your soul in a state of grace or you may not survive the Warning if in mortal sin.  The shock of seeing your soul the way God sees it may be too much for you if not in a state of grace.  I do not say this to scare you to death.  I say it to scare you back to life in Christ so you will be ready to meet My loving son face-to-face and see a love that you have never experienced in your life.  My children all I can say is I love all of you with all of My heart and I do not want to lose any of My children to hell for all eternity.  Your loving Mother with all the graces that you ask for to save your soul.  Love, Mother.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, St. Michael, St. Norbert, & St. Pius X to protect and guard My God’s words to His son, 12/6/14, First Saturday

My love, My beautiful one, and all My beloved children I am your Mother.  Call on Me and I will answer you and all your problems.  Call on Our graces and they will be given for the salvation of all Our children.  My Son, Jesus, and I, your Mother from Heaven, have been talking to you for about three hours.  I will try to teach My children with simple words that you can write. 


Satan has always been trying to take over the Catholic Church but in 1917, your Mother had to send a warning to the Fatima children because Russia and the Masons were setting up a plan to destroy the church in America and the whole world.  They knew that America could not be taken down without controlling the Catholic Church so they started to infiltrate the Catholic Church with liberal teaching.   When Vatican II happened they had already infiltrated the Vatican and had a lot of control in Rome. 


After Vatican II the liberal bishops and cardinals started putting liberal teaching in the seminaries.  They would not let the rosary be a main part with the Mass.  As you know in the early 60’s, your brother and two of your brother-in-laws went to be priests and they were from very holy families and parents.  All three of them and many others dropped out and others became priests and then dropped out.  Many of them were told (by their spiritual advisors and families) to stay in the seminary and then teach the truth when they became priests.  Some were strong enough with much prayer from their families. 


Then after Vatican II some of the liberal priests started stripping the churches of the statues and moving the tabernacle from the front and center to many other locations.  This was the fall of the first physical thing that the Catholics started to see.  Many good Catholics fought back and many older priests did not let anyone change the church building. 


Then they told the people that the Latin Mass was going to be taken away and replaced with a Mass that all people could understand and this was the next step in  liberalizing the church to fit the new sinfulness of the people.  Then the rosary was not even accepted in a lot of churches, and you My son went to other churches for prayer groups that still believed in the rosary. 


The reason the Masons wanted to do away with the Latin Mass was because it was universal where anyone that was Catholic could go anywhere in the world.  The Masons knew that after they changed it to any language they could change the Mass to anything they wanted.  When you go from one language to another the words are not the same so little by little they liberalized the Mass.  The Masons did not want to stop the Mass at that time, they just wanted to start controlling the people’s minds and their way of thinking to liberalize them a little at a time like the story of putting a frog in the cooking pan and turning the heat on and then turning it up a little at a time until it killed the frog.  This is what they are doing in the church.  This is why I appeared to the Fatima children because I knew what was happening and that communism was starting to spread throughout the whole world.  If the Pope and bishops would have consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we could have stopped it from Heaven, but Heaven is obedient to the free will of the people and We cannot act if the prophets We choose do not do their job.  Some of the prophets of the past few years did not do their job and that is why there are few priests today in the physical church and the physical church is suffering greatly and so are all the people.  But that time has passed as My Son has told you. 


The next step is the Warning that My Son told you about yesterday and then the rest of the tribulation and purification of My children.  Then the fulfillment of this era of time and the Era of Peace into a new beginning just like after Noah and the Ark, but satan will be crushed by the heel of My foot and cast back into hell for the thousand years of peace. 


My son, I hope this helps My children understand a little about how satan has deceived them and My God and yours is going to save most of the souls who will still listen.  Your loving Mother.  Please pray for all My children, but especially all the faithful who are carrying this battle on their shoulders at this time when so few are praying and listening. 



Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect and guard the words of Jesus and Mary to their son through the loving heart of Jesus’ Mother, 12/5/14

My beloved son and children this is your beloved Jesus of love and mercy with My Mother Mary next to Me.  My children, My Mother and your Mother’s heart is completely united to My heart and the whole Trinity.  We are all One Body in Christ so God the Father created all of us to share in one body with each other if We are willing to live in God’s Divine Will.  He chose My Mother and Our Mother to be the Mother of all the children that He created on earth from the beginning to the end of the world.  My Mother gave God the Father Her fiat or free will to represent the mother’s side of God because God is all, in all, and through all.  Mary represents the motherly side of God and the heart of all His children and God the Father represents the fatherly side of all His children—the Head.  I have told you before that the mother has to be the heart of the family and the father the head of any family or the children will be confused in their walk in life.  This is why so many of Our children are so confused in life today because satan has totally confused the role of parents.  If the father is the head and the mother is the heart, the children will know what is in black and white.  If it is not this way, the children will be all confused in life. 


My God and your God is speaking this to His children just before the Warning so they will hear the real truth from earth before they hear it from their God the Father during the Warning.  I have said all of My children who are Catholic, please go to Confession before Christmas so the Warning is much easier on you.  If you are in a state of grace, and not in mortal sin, the Warning will be the most beautiful time you have experienced on earth.  If you are in mortal or deadly sin, it will be the hardest time you have ever experienced on earth.  To all My Protestant children, I ask you to take some private time by yourself and get down on your knees and confess all the sins that you can to My God and your God, the Father of all.  You have no idea in your human minds the difference this will make in what you experience during the Warning.  Everyone will see their God face to face whether they claim to believe in Him or not.  They will also see where they would go for all eternity if they died at that moment—to Heaven, purgatory, or Hell.  My children I am asking you and begging you to repent and ask forgiveness for your sins.  I will forgive any of My children who ask forgiveness from their heart with a sorrow in their heart.  Your God is all forgiving, but He is also all just.  You cannot be one without the other.  My Father sent John the Baptist to proclaim the coming of Me, your Jesus, and He has sent prophets of today to proclaim the fulfillment of His first coming and the return of His second coming.  Be ready My children for Heaven’s time and earth’s time are about to touch each other and your God does not lie.  You just misunderstand Him at times because you look in the physical and He is speaking in the spiritual.  There is no misunderstanding in this message for the time is about to meet.  Be ready My children, this is a serious message from God the Father.  Love, Jesus and My Mother.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with your protection and guidance

through the pure heart of Mary our Mother, 12/4/14

My most beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy with God the Father at My side.  We know how hard the messages are becoming for you to write but it has to be this way to save Our children.  You know and We know that most people do not understand the difference between the spiritual world and the physical world but We are explaining the best We can to Our son so they can start to learn.  The messages being given are in God’s time and also earthly time and as the Warning gets closer and is ready to happen it then becomes God’s exact time and the earth’s exact time at the same time. 


I know this is hard for some to understand but this is the way it is if you cannot understand the spiritual world.  Everything that God does has to be obeyed from someone in the physical world and given out to the public before God can act in the spiritual world because God the Father has given everyone free will.  An example of this is that the Blessed Virgin Mary had to give God the Father Her fiat, or free will, before I, Jesus, could be put in Her womb to be born and die and open up Heaven again so all My faithful children could get back into Heaven.  When you pray for something be sure that once you pray for it from God, because you open the door for it to happen, whether it is good or bad. 


My children when Mary appeared to the Fatima children, She appeared so that they would give the okay for Mary to be consecrated to Russia so that communism would not be spread over the whole earth.  Mary asked Sister Lucia to tell the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and ask for the first Saturdays with Mass and Confession to save the world.  The Pope was told in the message to do the consecration of Russia with the Pope and all the bishops before communism could spread throughout the whole world.  Because the consecration was never done right, communism was spread everywhere throughout the world.  That is why Vatican II lead the church in the wrong direction.  Many priests and bishops started teaching things in the church and Mass that were never true.  The whole truth was always in the church from the time of Jesus’ first Mass. 


The pope, and bishops, and cardinals job is to be watch guards of the Mass and church teaching and when they get together their job is to make sure everything is still on track with the dogma and teachings of the church, and if not, to correct it.  This is why you are not already in the Era of Peace because the top leadership of the church was disobedient and did not listen to Mary because Heaven sees all the problems of the earth before they happen.  That is why God sent prophets to the earth to correct anything satan is putting in the way to conflict any of the church teachings and they do it way before the conflict happens.  This is the reason so many souls died and suffered because someone or several people did not do their job. 


I am telling you My son and all My children this is to show you how important it is to speak what God is giving you even when you do not totally understand or want to do it.  It has to always be obedience to your God even if you do not understand.  Because of the disobedience of the church since 1917 in Fatima, the Warning has to come soon or satan will destroy the whole earth because I promised I would always protect and save My church I must intervene very, very soon because the Vatican is now run by the masons and the one world government.  The pope no longer has any say so over the church.  You have to just stay with what was taught before Vatican II and trust your God until I your God repurifies the church which is My church in the way I know best.


If New Age starts to be taught in your church building leave and go to another church building with a good priest.  A church is the faithful people and not the leadership.  If you have to go underground until the New Era of Peace with a faithful priest and bishops and cardinals do so.  I will take care of My faithful.  My son, this is why you have been put on earth to stand up for the church and the faithful in this time of crisis with many others.  Keep doing what you are doing and all the others that are aware of the crisis in the church and the entire world.  You are being protected from satan and all the people who do not know better.  They will know soon after the Warning when everyone will see the whole truth and nothing but the truth of My God and your God.  Your Jesus through My Father and Beloved Mother and all of Heaven.  Amen



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family with your words only with St. Michael as guard and protector, 12/3/14

This is your Jesus of love and mercy.  Thanks, My son and children who are trying to save My lost sheep.  They are lost in the wilderness and do not know what to do.  They have been listening to the wolf in sheep’s clothing and he has got them totally lost in the world.  They do not even know which direction Heaven is, many of them.  He has taught them all the desires of the flesh and many of My children have tried all of them and still are not satisfied and are looking for something of truth. 


Our remnant children who know their God have to teach all My lost children and bring them back to their true God as soon as I, your God, illuminate their conscience in the Warning by showing them Heaven, purgatory, and hell, wherever they would go if they died at this moment.  There will be little time after the Warning and satan will be trying to lead them back to him again and many will die.  As I have told you in Revelations, two thirds of the people will die from natural disasters, and the one world people killing them in wars and manmade devices created by men just for the sake of getting rid of My children. 


My children, none of this is fake.  It is all here and it is now.  You have already lost the spiritual war and now the real physical war is happening in your midst.  I have told My son that something would happen before his birthday and it has passed and the spiritual war has been lost and satan now has the reign of all the earth to do what I permit him to do, to chastise the children of the earth except My chosen ones who have been faithful to their God.  They will be protected and sent to the refuges who have been chosen and are listening to the Warning of their God.  Some will choose to fight physically and die as instant martyrs and go straight to Heaven.  Some will not go to the refuges and will be taken to concentration camps and be killed or used as slaves as long as the one world them to abuse and use them.  Many will be killed in the natural disasters and the wars. 


I have warned you months ago  that We were in the last second of God’s time and now it has run out.  Expect the Warning within the next few days (in God’s time because God alone knows the exact moment).  Prepare your souls now before the Warning because it will be hard to find a priest after the Warning.  It will be hard to find about anything without selling your souls to satan with the mark of the beast and lose your souls. 


This is all for now, My son, and We are sorry so few are listening.  All of Heaven is sick of all the sinning of the world, but the New Era of Peace is very close when everyone on earth will be in total joy and happiness like the Garden of Paradise before Adam and Eve sinned.  The New Garden of Paradise that I and My Mother, Mary, came to fulfill is just around the corner.  Love, Jesus, with all of Heaven.  Do not worry, just repent of your sins and pray, and pray, and pray, especially My Mother’s rosary every day, many times.  Amen.



Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words to His son, 11/30/14

My most beloved son, this is Mary the Mother of the Trinity and especially My little Jesus of love and mercy.  My dear children a few more are starting to believe the messages and the seriousness of them. But, most do not believe and continue to persecute My children who do believe.  Most people are like Thomas and he had to put his finger in My son’s side to believe it was really Jesus after the Crucifixion. 


Most people are the same today.  Most people of today just go along with the world to get along and to get any free gifts that the government is giving.  They do not realize that the taxpayers are paying for all the free gifts.  Your government is saying how good it is and how the economy is improving but they fail to say that half of the population is on welfare or some other kind of food programs or something that charities are giving to help the poor people. 


Your economy is very sick and is being propped up by the one world government to make the stock market look good.  They are trying to get everyone to put what money they have left in the stock market and get it higher so when they crash it, there will be few people with any money and then they can take control.  When people are hungry or sick or thirsty, you can lead them most anywhere you want because there is nothing else for them to do.  This is the way the one world government is going to take over the United States of America.  They will come in with things you need and play like they are helping you and then they will take over what little you have left.  This is one of satan’s tricks to get the people under control.  A good example is, if you have ever watched animals or birds when the snow is on and the ground and the water are frozen and they come right up to you because they are weak or sick or starving or thirsty.  You can do anything with them you want.  This is what the one world government is doing with America right now.  They have taken most of the soldiers out of your country to fight wars that should never have started for the past several years.  They stole all the money and silver and gold from those countries when they took them over, and for what?  Because they were trying to stay out of the other countries way and not go along with all their sins and sicknesses.  This is the next step for America because the people are going against the government because they are finally seeing that both parties of the government are the same.  They are both being controlled by the one world government.  They let their parties change every so often so the people think that they will be better off when the next party gets in, but it gets even worse.  The reason for this is because you as a country sold your souls to satan.  You have lost the spiritual war against satan by falling for all his sickness and sin that he fed you the last several years.


The spiritual battle comes first.  After you lose the spiritual battle, then the physical battle comes and will be lost also because God is no longer on your side.  God still loves you and will let you be chastised and suffer very much in hopes that you will learn a lesson and fall on your knees and ask forgiveness so He can still help you to save your soul. 


My children of America all your fancy houses and fancy cars and two jobs in most homes have already taken you to the bottom.  The last thing left to do is for the one world government to cancel all the worthless money that you are using (not backed by anything of value) and return it to the value of the paper that it is printed on.  My children, this is the whole truth about America.  Your loving Mother from Heaven.  Save your souls and forget the money and the houses and the cars because it is all about to be taken away.  It has all been lost, but now it will be taken away.  Love, love, and more love, Mother. 


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